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9 hours ago, jc43089 said:

Check this out, '49 ford shell onto an E92 chassis.




*shakes head*

not approved.

I also, for better or worse, have been a part of car culture, not since I was 15, but basically since birth. I remember my dad carrying me around on his solders at Iola back in the 80's. My dad unfortunately, is a born-and-bred suburban redneck muscle car guy. I've grown beyond that, and have gone through a lot of "phases" of interest in a lot of the different sub-cultures that exist within car culture. The shoebox Ford is a cultural icon. When it deputed it was a radically new compared to the previous year. Such a radical styling change would be almost unimaginable today.





Gone were the protruding fenders, and with it, any memory of the old pre-war, horse-and-buggy days. Technology had advanced. This was a new era. That didn't last long though. The 40's turned into 50's, and the shoebox Ford went from being radically modern, to dated and downright boring in less than a decade.



This was a pivotal time in history, because it was the formative years for the baby boomer generation. The same way that my dad, who was a teenager in the mid to late 70s, continues to think that souped-up pre-oil-crisis muscle cars are the best cars that have ever been made, boomers grew up in a era where the 1950s "lead-sled" customs were starting to give way to the 1960 hot-rods. They were just getting their drivers licensees around this time. For them, the shoebox Ford was about as modern of a car that they could afford, but the same as today had dreams of customizing it, and there was no shortage of examples out there to look to for inspiration.




What welding a shoebox Ford body onto an e92 has to do with any of this is beyond me. At no point was the shoebox Ford ever a performance platform. Reminds me more of the kits you could get to put a shoebox frontend on a 90s t-bird:


Learn history. #respectyourelders

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*I posted this in the wrong thread*


I'm by no means a vintage Ferrari aficionado, but I feel like the 365 is like the 944 of Ferrari's. Aside from the obvious with the motor being in the front, they're both departures from the normal designs.

In race trim, they look sick.

Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 Magnesium Wheels | Ultraseal Slough

1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione For Sale | Car And Classic

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