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  1. In my personal opinion with the rust its priced way to high. But what do I know.
  2. HELLO!! @Earl Edit : shit. no zf. nvm
  3. How easy was posting the car up on BAT? My dad and I are selling our 318ti in the spring and plan on posting it up there after we get it detailed and such.
  4. 7,400 We playing by jeopardy rules?
  5. Looks like @Earl and we have wondered where the black car has been all this time.
  6. Had the same thing happen to me! Nice it has an SSL cert. Big man points right there.
  7. That feeling in your stomach when you ruin a perfectly good part and can never go back to stock again Looks great though! But that feeling though :"D
  8. I 100% agree. If you are not looking good doing it. It shouldn't be done!
  9. Looks like they did a decent job for a drift car! See.. if you weren't in Wisconsin where there is an off season for drifting you probably would have left it!
  10. Bump on the S52. Feel free to make me an offer as I need to make room for my snowblower. The snowblower needs a new gearbox and the s52 is in the way of getting it in the garage!
  11. Thats the tattoo of the methhead chick on FB right?
  12. That is true. My twins had rust bubbles on the hatch.
  13. Thats a good possibility too. If it makes you feel any better in Wisconsin to get issued a rebuilt title you need to go through an inspection.
  14. My twin brother had one. They are cool but unfortunately FWD. His had a pulley reduction and a few other go fast bits too. Just dont forget. If it had a an accident in 2005 when it was 2 years old the accident was bad. Unlike if it was totaled a few months ago. Old cars get totaled out for nothing. New ones its usually a bigger hit.
  15. Rekpoint

    E46 Things

    God damn stroopwafels.
  16. Rekpoint

    E46 Things

    High performance wheels need to be replaced every 5 years. For the safety of the driver and passenger. It was about that time.
  17. Rekpoint

    E46 Things

    But honey! Its only the Christmas gifts that are coming in the mail!
  18. Thanks Pat!!!!! 1997 dealership brochure and an e36 m3 bottle opener! Totally rad!
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