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  1. I have a decent momo hub for an e36 if anyone is interested in this wheel, A part cracked during shipping. But its still usable! It would be cheap!
  2. Here is a dump of a bunch of photos, Snapsquatch and Pat stole the show I guess.
  3. Ill be dumping a bunch of photos here tonight/tomorrow
  4. you can FB pay me. Or ill just knock on your door one of these times.
  5. Fall meet bump. Going to have a car full of parts. I have a bunch of stuff still. X brace and ZHP Steering rack!
  6. When you going to let me take this beautiful beast to class?
  7. Damn retarded camshafts
  8. I think my brothers e30 is running the same skid plate. Did it weld onto the frame rails?
  9. E36 broke today. Going to make a dash to fix it. Probably will be in an x3
  10. Took some getting used to. I'm not used to looking down and seeing such a large bulge. Damn. I wish I could look down and see a slightly smaller bulge.
  11. It would probably start working 😅
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