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    Well, I was going to share this yesterday, but I bought it instead. 🤭
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    chit chat thread

    Got my temp gun back from @Jdesign along with this masterpiece of modern art, had to share haha
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    Been busy enjoying the car for the summer, but found some time tonight after work to finally tuck the bumpers... Still have a bit of work to do getting the front valance right up against the bumper to fill the gap, but I’m happy with it for now! -Tim
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    I made a graph of my car so far.
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    The Whistling Grocery Getter

    I finally got around to doing something good for my X5 instead of the E30’s. Removed are the EGR, DPF, and SCR system. Added AArodriguez race pipe, Buzzken Downpipe, and Malone stage 2.5 tune, and new summer shoes. In the end, good for 380hp/620tq. Guys at legend auto in Appleton did a fantastic job, highly recommend! The X5 pulls like a train, and gets way better MPGs! Did 350 miles this week and averaged 28.2 mpg with a few instances where my foot was heavy. LOTS of turbo noises coming through, turning a lot of heads. I’ve fallen in love all over again.... the hardest part is deciding what car to drive now!! -Tim EEF3098C-345A-42FE-8648-83443CCDC709.MOV
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    I did a thing I promised myself I wouldn't do. BUY ANOTHER BMW. But I did, and here it is. Luckily, to soften the blown on my time and wallet, this was a joint purchase with a friend of mine who is also a car fanatic. The details are as follows: 1971 early model (1970) BMW 2002 roundie in malagna over tobacco interior. The car is pretty much stock besides a dealer added AC system and an aftermarket head unit. The plan is simple, clean, clean some more, and fix the mechanicals that need fixing.
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    Motorcycle thread?

    I currently daily a 2013 Sportster Forty-Eight and am also building a custom cafe Moto Guzzi (hipmf's old bike) with full custom monoshock rear end and gsxr front forks. It's a lot farther along at this point, just haven't taken many pictures.
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    B C

    OEM ZHP Weighted Knob - $50obo

    "Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To buy the shift knob you always wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip?" - ///Minem
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    chit chat thread

    I thought you would get a chuckle out of that. I felt like I had to do something for your thoughtful courtesy of lending me the most important tool in ones toolbox.
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    E46 Things

    Upon further review I decided to apply a second layer of orange film to the lights since in some light settings they looked too yellow. I like to experiment and feel like the cold shift quality could be improved so I am trying out some Redline D4 ATF. and after checking @gilber33 ‘s build thread I noticed some ramps that would be very helpful for using the jack points so I picked them up for $38 off Amazon. I broke the cardinal rule of oil changes by not loosening the fill plug before the drain plug and then struggled for some hours to get the fill plug off. This happened because the E46 M3/E39 M5 fill and drain plugs (according to many internet posts sharing similar tragedies) require a hell of a lot of torque to remove. I had the wrench slip and get the ball rolling down the path of roundness. I estimate about 120 ft-lb of torque to remove the bolt. I tried many methods but the Sears Damaged Bolt extractor kit was the saving grace. Buy a set while you still can. This tool has saved me on so many occasions. http://www.searshometownstores.com/product/Craftsman-52166-10-pc-Damaged-BoltNut-Remover-Set?store=&preview=3894&isClearanceItem=F&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=1o1&utm_campaign-SC Shopping&scid=scplp39919909&sc_intid=39919909&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8MSGhIDZ4wIVyrzACh1sBwBoEAQYASABEgK_w_D_BwE It took many hours to get it to perform for me because there is barely any hammer space so a mini sledge driving it on at a 45 degree angle is as good as I could get. The right combination of luck and cursing helped too. So glad to have that behind me now.
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    E46 Things

    Clear->Amber because you always want what you dont have, and it will match the front amber turn signals better. Thanks to @wasnt m3 for the idea
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    "454 horsepower and 732 lb-ft of torque"
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    chit chat thread

    Ask the seller to perform a stomp test to see if any trouble codes are stored.
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    you need the correct washer fluid tank or you're going to fail in the concours judging
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    Another daily driver thread: E34 525i

    I’ll brag for you, this car is a solid 5 footer. Interior was 9.5/10 and 9/10 outside.
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    chit chat thread

    Anyone dream of buying an E30 M3? This may be your chance. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273836662007?ul_noapp=true
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    E46 Things

    After installing the front strut tower reinforcement plates and rotating the tires a few weeks ago I wasn’t certain I set the caster back to where it was before and I saw some slight cupping on the inner edge of the front tires. The car has driven and tracked just fine down the road but I figured i’d get the toe and caster checked. This was my first experience at Big Bear and they were awesome! Jason showed me a few things that could be improved, checked and removed the preload from the front sway bar, and was just a great guy to tolerate all my questions and curiosity. I had the toe set a little less aggressively and camber reduced just a smidgen. The stability and feel is even better than before and the less aggressive toe will help with tire wear since it is not a dedicated track car.
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    E46 Things

    This update feels like something you might read on priuschat.com or F30post.com: I figured out how to connect my phone to the car’s bluetooth ok, now we have announced that exciting mod here is something slightly cooler: ///M-Track Mode! (The 3/4 arrow, to the left of the butterfly mode symbol) I found some good instructions online for coding MTM, spent some random free time researching how to code and use the software and today I finally felt comfortable enough to risk bricking my modules and tried it out. MTM was offered on the CSL and ZCP cars and is a more lenient stability control system that lets you slide but not spin. Pressing the DSC button enters MTM, holding it for 5 seconds turns DSC fully off. I will try it out at Blackhawk in September!
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    chit chat thread

    I was starting to get a bit of separation anxiety... but that definitely made up for it!
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    Joined the Club Today

    tried some keyboard engineering. looks like the cylinder size of the e30 could possibly be longer? the fluid input location is closer to the pedal on the e30, if the online photos of the two part numbers are accurate. although the 'throw' on a clutch pedal is fairly long, the engagement range between on/off is rather small, so i suppose I could see this making a difference.
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    E46 Things

    Just a wrap. Finished the dash trim. The door armrests are going to be a challenge. I had enough trouble with the minimal curves on the dash trim
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    chit chat thread

    Hard Pass. It looks like it might have previously been in an accident...
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    It's all back together, and I drove it. OATOA engine feels happy. Only 15 miles in, but so far things are good. I'm running with engine break-in oil, keeping RPM varied <4k and throttle input <60%. Plan is to keep putting around in it like that, change the oil after 50 miles for another batch of break-in oil, and then change that batch of oil out at around 500 miles.