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    Auto 328i Daily Build Log

    Sweet, Looks Alright. Power Steering!
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    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    I already have an E46 thread but this feels like it's going to be worth a separate post. I want a dedicated thread where I can post information about the swap as it happens and document everything. I've been talking about a swap with E-fab Motorsports for a couple months now, knowing that a V10 in an E46 would be a dream to park next to my S65. Research has been done, and other shops who have done these swaps have been contacted for information. We know what the budget should be, and I'll be working with E-fab such that this car can hopefully be used to help promote Eric's business in the Chicago area and potentially beyond. He's done a lot of good work for me this past year and we've developed a good relationship, he's able to fabricate and has a great wiring tech so I feel like this is a sound partnership for the swap. Some key points of consideration: 1) stock e46 M3 steering rack can be used with an S85 from a 08+ car because in 2008 BMW moved the CAS module out of the M5 steering column. This is enormously helpful because it allows the swap to go on without any suspension modification or steering modification 2) The engine fits with no modification required to the oil pan, and stock S85 headers also fit although it is tight. 3) Fabrication requirements are limited mainly to custom engine mount brackets, some subframe modification, and making a driveshaft/shifter assembly. A couple odds and ends need to also be fabricated like custom power steering lines which is about 400 bucks, and some custom coolant hard lines to the block 4) A 6MT from an E9x M3 can be used in this swap as it bolts right up to the S85 block Most of this basic info has been procured from Epic who has done a couple of these swaps, and they also provide a flash tune for the ECU for this swap (since the car will still use the stock E46 ECU). Now, on to the real exciting news - Steve at Blunt Tech posted a 2008 M5 on R3V a few days ago with only 33k miles on it, totaled due to side impact (see photos). He sent a video of the car starting right up and mechanically it is all good. Other than being an SMG, it's a perfect donor. It was only $7k which I am sure I can recoup most of by selling the Dinan exhaust, rear end, low mileage SMG, suspension, wheels, and probably the currently ruined interior to a tracksuit-wearing russian with a 530i (E-fab made up the part about the russian but I'm taking credit anyway). The car has been acquired as of now. Sometime over the next month I'll likely be down there in the shop helping Eric part out the shit I want to sell. The actual swap work will likely begin in January/February and hopefully be done by April. Before anyone asks the inevitable question of "what are you gonna do with your S54 engine/trans/harness?" - I don't know for sure yet, but the current ideas are this: 1) Eric at Efab needs an engine for his E36 so we may be working out a deal for the labor on this swap by giving him my S54 parts so he can build his E36 2) Buy an E30, do an S54 swap and rejoin the cool kid E30 crew so I don't feel out of place when rolling with TJ, or more than likely flip it on BaT for double my money and make a $10k profit which would make my entire S85 swap....basically free lol 3) Sell it as a swap kit to a person in need who I don't deem to be a shitfuck. For posterity, I have to post 1 pic of the E46 as it currently is. Pics of the M5 donor are below:
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    Thanks Snap!! I had a chance to put a few miles on today, and all I can say is wow! With the schrick cams, it’s pretty docile around town under 4,000 rpms, and very streetable. Over 4K it is a beast and is hunting for traction. I couldn’t be happier! Too bad I have to put her under wraps soon... can’t wait for the E30 picnic!
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    Remember how it was nice out like 10 days ago?!?
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    She’s all buttoned up! Added uuc short shifter, new subframe bushings, and exhaust is installed... time to get her home!!! Too bad she will be going right into storage... Spring can’t come fast enough!
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    Secret Santa 2018!

    Secret Santa Time !!! PM/text me your address if you are interested in participating and you will be added to the list. General guideline for gifts is ~$20 or more if you choose. Gifts can be sent or opened at any time but its more magical when the presents are opened or revealed on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day or the day after, which is Boxing day if you are a bloody right-hand-driving Brit. If for some reason you get assigned the same person you got in a previous year, just say so. I deleted my records, actually, I could probably check the old thread. PARTICIPANTATIONS: ----------------------------------------- 1) Snapsquatch 2) Ramp El Sauce 3) P_Roloff 4) M54B18 5) Earl C)Boris3 D)Rekpoint E)Some guy named Chris, acts like he runs the place 9) REKIII 11( Hallway 12) WasntM3 13)Bassboy3313 14) JDesign 10+5)
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    Just a little compare and contrast
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    Shop Life 2.0

    I envy your craftsmanship but you're also crazy!
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    Joined the Club Today

    Not technically first start. @GunMetalGrey working magic to @HipMF's ominous tones music
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    I hate this. I full on spent wayyy to much because of this damn holiday.
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    Are you keeping your BMW "forever"?

    I would never sell my E30
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    Are you keeping your BMW "forever"?

    I’m on track for keeping it forever, just not driving it 🙄
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    Ha! 'For the last time' Sure.... You do realize we've all been paying attention. In a week, or month we'll see a new update something like this: 'So, I thought I was done with the passenger seat when I assembled it last time. When I was in there, I noticed a pan head screw that looked just.....well, wrong. So, in my free time between picking out Ascots and dinner flatware I researched which screws BMW really used inside the seat, you see, this screw was unique to the passenger seat in 318ti's and varied by VIN number so it wasn't something I could just get anywhere. After extensive research and some rough translated phone calls to retired BMW assembly workers (time difference was tough to schedule calls) I found out that the screw in my seat was not factory! The photo evidence just couldn't be denied! I was disgusted, and couldn't sleep. The next morning I called the dealer to order. They said I couldn't order it......I explained who I was and what I was doing and they said they still could't get it for me. Now what? I wasn't finished. I decided to take the screw I had (the dirty non-factory one) and the pictures of the actual screw I had collected from my new german friends and drew up a schematic to have one made. I had a local machine shop turn it for me, took it to the heat treating place we use at work to get it hardened to the proper spec, then sent it off to the zinc plater for the proper gold coloring. After all this, I re-assembled the seat for the last time....again.....I think......and finally got a good nights sleep.'
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    From Green Bay!

    Hey it's 17 year old me. I couldn't have been more lucky to have a M3 at 16 years old, weird to think I took it to high school everyday for 3 years, moved out and went to college with it and took it everywhere. Enjoyed every mile of the 30,000 I put on it. I should be studying for finance but instead I'm in my feels 😞👌 Day 1, March 2013, the car looked like an abomination. I remember wanting to return the car to oem, and scrubbing the turn signals with acetone that night to de-tint them. 2014 early 2015 ft. @Rekpoint current wheels fall 2016 Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018 ft. @SteelBlue Fall 2018 Summer 2019 coming out hot RIP
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    An E36 Investigation

    Leave the s52. Like everyone else said an m50 may be original but wouldnt add any value to it where the s52 adds value and driving pleasure.
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    I thought it would be a good idea to try to hold another WIBimmers winter driving event. I talked to one guy and he said "meeting up for an ice race would be a ball!" So if you're anything like Joe, let me know. We can make this the official thread and make updates as we work out details. Have an idea? Post it! Want to reminisce about past winter meets? Post pictures of Ryan getting stuck.
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    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    Picked up a really clean E9x 6MT just now on ebay. 56k miles on it at $1800 shipped is maybe 100-200 bucks overpriced but it obviously includes the knick knacks like shift linkage, etc. as opposed to being just a bare transmission. May need to end up fabricating a custom shift linkage anyway but I'd rather have the stock parts with the transmission if I can, so this makes sense I think.
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    An E36 Investigation

    I think that you should see if its an easy fix first. If its more cost effective fix then leave it. Technically its an improvement, and I doubt it will hurt resale as you wont be putting a "numbers matching" motor in anyways.
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    Joined the Club Today

    Used the torch, stronger 3 jaw, and a 3lb sledge with a piece of bar to slam the thing off. It was quite stuck!
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    The Saga Continues...

    Ended up replacing the PS front, fixed and now it’s in storage Should be able to get done what I need to get done in the shop space. Time will tell
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    1984 BMW R100 Cafe Racer Project

    front tires are put 'backwards' compared to rear tires for the braking characteristics. braking is essentially putting a backwards rotational force on the tire, and the front tire does most of the work for braking on a motorcycle. hydroplaning a bike is less common than a car, so water evacuation at speed is less important than safer braking. more common scenario: its wet out and you need to slow your bike in a hurry without washing out. less common scenario: its wet out and you're ripped on coke and buzzing along the highway at 150mph and you need your bike to not hydroplane.
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    Back from the dead or something.

    You smell correctly. Since the M3 chassis is totes f'd in the b, the S52 and S52 accessories will be going into the compact. But first, I will be winter beating the hell out of the M3.
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    chit chat thread

    Some day... Now that the GF officially passed her big medical test thingy she wants to go test drive cars. So far it's between an M2, Audi TTS, and possibly a used Cayman if we can find one CPO in her price range. Needless to say I'm pretty pumped!
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    Just because I never posted this.