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    Shop Life 2.0

    Back to work after taking a little break. After much digging, this was the best I could come up with for an intercooler that fits nicely where I want it to go. Would be nice if it was a little bit wider, but it will be good enough for now. While I was trying to figure out how to mount it and how to get air ducted to it nicely, I realized that now would be the best time to build a skidplate-like device to protect the oil pan. Not much actual progress since it's been more staring at it and head-scratching, but at least I have a plan now. I should probably be putting the engine back together, but fabrication projects are more fun... Looks really tight in this picture, but there's 1/2" - 3/4" of space in front of, and behind the intercooler.
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    Id kill for this https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/seattle-1993-bmw-m3-eurospec-e36/6782821858.html
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    An E36 Investigation

    Per request Got the front bumper off and disassembled so I can fix the white paint on absolutely everything lol.
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    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    New bumper came in today 🤗 And I opted to not do what every non M e46 owner does and get a M bumper lolol Quick mock up because i was excited. The bash bar and rad support are not on the car.
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    Full E30 Comfort interior

    FYI those reading in future these ended up selling (at just below my asking price to account for fix). It was full disclosure buyer knew everything and needed the set for their project. They needed it when I was selling, right place right time right price everybody’s happy
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    chit chat thread

    As far as on-topic updates go, my OBC temp read-out was more accurate today than it's ever been, because it's said -40F as long as I've had the car (no sensor hooked up)
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    1989 E30 325i Progress

    The car has a floor in the trunk again! $9 for some paneling at menards anf $19 for the roll of carpet. Still need to cut the piece for the back of the trunk and then cut a piece of carpet for it. But huge improvement.
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    chit chat thread

    Idk y, I thought this was funny
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    first off, who the hell cuts the bulkhead at the rear seats?! its structural! oh yeah, that's right, homer glen guy would. he thinks he knows everything about e30s that car is way too crusty for 7k. the sunroof delete is taped on.
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    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Vanos time is here! After getting the top, front covers off it does look like the PO did do the timing chain and guides. Engine looks relatively clean which makes me all warm and fuzzy on the insides. Will be replacing the vanos units, vanos solenoids, chain tensioners and spark plugs.
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    chit chat thread

    It'll be Miller Park till I die. I want nothing to do with AMFAM after they screwed me over on an accident 20 years ago.
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    There are issues here but again not a surprise. In addition to structural issues, the bulkhead removal raises a safety issue with the battery placement in spare tire well. The battery needs to be fully enclosed in a battery box for the safety of the driver. Any decent organization would fail the car in tech. Hoping the jumper cables were just to start and not a permanent fixture (still, running the cables through the car rather than removing the truck lid raises other questions, maybe "quicker'?) The tape over the top of the sunroof panel might be OK if the panel is welded or riveted to the roof skin. Looks like the latter. My panel has welded on brackets that are bolted to my cage, and has seam sealer and gorilla tape over the seams to keep out the water when it rains. I'm assuming the rear trunk clips are because of the gutted bulkhead but if you want weight reduction it would be much better to remove the front hood assembly and use clips there. Similarly replace the front comfort seat and slider which weighs a lot and offers no support at all for autox or track. The coil relocated to the top of the passenger fender well could be OK as long as the bracket is bolted through so the coil doesn't come loose. Coil coming loose and banging against the exhaust headers can fry the car's electrics. Heater core is pulled which is fine, but given Wisconsin you'd want some setup to deal with defogging the windshield. Taped over hole to the left in the passenger floorboard could be to get access to trans fill hole to run a fill hose? Useful if the case. If you could pick this up for $3-4k, there is potential. The suspension bits are a plus. Go through it thoroughly to make sure everything is OK mechanical and electrical. Get it up on a lift to check structure and rust. There's been some repainted stuff out of Homer Glenn covering some poor body conditions. You'd also want much more detail on who did the stroker rebuild and how well it was done. Battery box or weld in a new bulkhead depending on who you plan to run with, cage it or add a roll bar at minimum, pick up a used race seat, harnesses, etc., and you could have a fun toy. By that time / price point though there are other things you could have bought.
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    I have not, I need to get the beauty cover trimmed and in place first. I have although tested out the installation process of this snap ring and it now haunts me in my sleep. Thank you for this. Oil cooler lines will be hooked up as soon as I have it mounted with the intercooler on the front. I do like how you made it so it mounts right on the bottom of the intercooler, makes it quite easy.
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    Man this brings back memories. Putting motor in or removing, turbo on or not. Option Number A: Leave turbo off, attach turbo in car, make custom wrenches and use crows foot wrenches to tighten it down as best as you can before your knuckles are at the bone. Option Number B: Leave turbo on, torque bolts well while out of car, hate yourself for leaving it on while lowering it into the engine bay. Option Letter 3: Take sawzall to that damn core support that is always getting in the way... I'm glad to see the clock marks were still visible on the cold side of the turbo, did you throw that snap ring in there? I see you already trimmed your alternator cooling duct, good work. Those lines will wrap quite snugly over the alternator, but it looks dope as hell once it's in there. - Put the front hose on first, then the one towards the rear of the engine. Fully tighten the first one before going to the second. I look forward to hearing this thing absolutely roasting the stock wheels wrapped in old snow tires
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    I can see the no modifications is going well 😂
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    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Made an exciting discovery that I can't believe I never thought of before. I've been wanting to get projectors in the low beams on my headlights, after doing some research i found that the OEM stuff can be transferred between housings and all the housings are the same with the same slots and markings for holes whether it was a halogen housing or not. It just so happens I still have both of the xenon headlights from my 330i along with one of the ones with a broken housing. I started by taking apart the broken one for investigative purposes. Things looked good like they would work! Stock halogen coupe headlight before: Took this existing light completely apart and deep cleaned it (it came with my car so it had 200k plus of road shit that I couldn't completely scrub put before). I dont have a before photo but here it is all cleaned up. I cleaned up the rest of the parts then drilled a hole for the igniter wires to come our of the housing which then connect to the ballast. The ballast slid right into the coupe housing just like on the original pre-facelift sedan headlights. (No photo but you get the point). Once the igniter was secured in and all the wires were ran I cleaned up the projectors and the reflective housings. Installed them into the coupe housing and put the shroud into the housing. Now that I know it works I have to do the other headlight but I was extremely happy to find I had basically all the parts to do this. Next up is to order some new lenses to get rid of the nasty faded ones, I tried to polish them out but new ones are cheap enough.
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    chit chat thread

    Good highlights, and that changes the feels for sure. I still think it should be named Brewers stadium or something similar though. On another Note, I know your all in the market for a 1996 MOMSTER truck dodge caravan with a 318 Chrysler V8 so dont be shy to show up at my shop with $300 and a trailer to take it home on. 🤣
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    Tire Mounting - Where?

    Hello all. Just had a set of rare-ish Lotus wheels straightened/welded/powdercoated. Spent some decent money on them. Need to mount a new set of tires on them. I'm looking for a place, closer to West bend/Washington Co area that is confident in mounting low pro tires on high end wheels. Big Bear tire is where I would normally go, but they are quite a drive, and would like to find someplace closer. Finding just any old place is not tough, finding a place that has confidence with these kind of wheels/tires is what is difficult. I don;t want a place that says 'Well, we can try.....' Thanks for any suggestions.
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    chit chat thread

    If they use their whole f*n name Ill be even more upset. there is a petition. please sign if you care about such things. https://www.change.org/p/miller-coors-and-keep-miller-park-as-the-official-name-for-the-home-of-the-milwaukee-brewers
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    chit chat thread

    e21 mini-dump for anyone who "can't make it to work" because of the "snowpocalypse" King of Lean Expressions I make while I'm jumping cars AND German AF
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    An E36 Investigation

    Story time! I'm laying in bed being lazy on a Sunday, browsing on Facebook. I see someone had posted an ad for a white E36 from craigslist, and I had just told myself not to buy more cars, so I shoot the guy a message 25 min after he posted the ad. The car looked clean, and the interior was cool, that's about all I knew about it. I told myself if the dude wasn't free that day I wouldn't bother, and then he texted me back saying he was free. Cool. I pick up Mike and we go look at it after pulling money from the ATM (ATM dance game) and I intentionally pulled less than he was asking, because I shouldn't be buying more cars. We show up and look at it and find things to be questionable, but largely very clean. The ad said it ran, but he could not get it running for us. This whole time the guys phone is blowing up with messages and such and he was getting annoyed, it was obvious he had owned it for quite some time and never had it working, and he had finally decided he wanted it out of his driveway. He looked at me and said "Well, make me an offer and lets make this happen". I told him that I would need to get a trailer, and didn't have access to one right then and there, so I proposed giving him half the money now and the other half when I picked it up, and I would take the title. We quickly realized that wouldn't work out safely for both of us, and he just agreed to pull the ad and take my word to show up the next day. I had offered him a large percentage less than he had it posted for and he was fine with that. I ended up being able to grab a trailer same day and went and grabbed it, he helped us get it on the trailer and load it full of the many boxes of parts that came with it. Just like that he had more space in his driveway. Taking it off the trailer was amusing, because the thing felt the full force of the early 2000's car scene. Fully chrome headlights, clear corner markers, chrome inserts in the grilles (wrong grilles) and fully white painted trim. It was a sight for sore eyes. (sorry for the poor pictures, it was quite dark out) In his ad he stated that this car was 1 of 150 ever made, which I largely passed off because I don't know E36 things and it felt like a sale tactic. I knew it had a cool interior and a motor swap. Mike alluded to the fact that the car was more special than I realized, and pointed out the BMW Motorsports door handles which I hadn't noticed while looking the car over. Shortly thereafter I ran the VIN to look at the options and posted the results here. It was a fun day of realizing what I had stumbled across without ever realizing it. Fast forward quite a ways and we come to this weekend, the first time I have truly put forth any effort into working on it. I checked for fuel pressure this weekend, because when the guy was trying to start it there would be an occasional pop or other noise, so something was happening. Fuel pressure checked out and the car had tried to run during the test, so without connecting the MAF I gave the key a turn and my surprise it fired up and ran butter smooth. Super weird. Plugged the MAF in while it was running and it stumbled for a second then continued to run smooth. The good news is that the motor is completely silent and is one of the healthiest sounding motors I've heard in awhile. I shut it off and tried to start it again, nothing. Unplugged the MAF, tried to start it again, nothing. Confusing. At this point Mike pointed out (once again) all the points for major vacuum leaks and I knew pulling the manifold off would be required to address what was going on with this OBD1 conversion. I found a handful of odd things, and tons of major sources of vacuum leaks. I also identified what motor is in it, and am frankly quite confused by it. The car was advertised as being S52 swapped, and the motor is indeed OBD2 with the M power cover, but upon further review I find it is an M52. I tried to peek at the back of the head to read the vin tag, but instead found a different type of paper tag. Just legible enough. So either the guy that bought the engine was duped (unlikely given this tag) so when he sold it it was sold as an S52 with no quick easy way to check. The block has the 2.8 stamp on it for displacement so I'm certain that it is indeed an M52. Which brings me to the question, why the heck would you swap an M52 into a sub 100k mile car? It's an incremental power gain, and a fair bit of work. Anyway, someone did a bunch of dumb stuff to it and swapped parts around, so I plan to get all of that sorted out (small details) and get things like the seat sliders working again. The trunk needs some alignment help, and the car overall needs a bit of a cleaning. I've got new headlights, will be ordering new grilles, and am on the lookout for stock corner markers to bring this back to its original glory days. Until next time!
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    i've been driving e30s for over a decade and when I drive mine I still grin like a fricken teenager who's just touched his first pair of boobs. i wish my second car could also be an e30. if you could snort e30s, I would. long live e30s.