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    Just to be clear, I don't want people to think that there's going to be some sort of crazy party that's going to get out of hand. Just a casual hangout and for those that have to drive aways, you can stay here the night. @Ryan..., bring whatever you want. Just you showing up to an event seems like an unachievable feat.
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    FALL UPDATE I’ve finally made the decision with the drivetrain, and the 2.7i is our the door, and S52 is in... 😀 I found a nice, refreshed/bulletproofed S52 and ZF 5-speed for sale in Belvidere Illinois, and the car is heading down today to have its heart transplant... The S52 is built nice with Schrick 264/256 cams, 3.5” MAF, 24# flow matched injectors, 93 octane tune with 7,200k redline, full obd2, ews/emissions delete, and a host of other goodness. Stay tuned for build pics! -Tim
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    Lifted E30 V2

    Donor, meet your transplant patient. So it's looking like everything was successful at this point, I took it up and down the road the shop is on a couple of times, and it was quite enjoyable. The new motor feels much healthier, and the turbo sounds just as good It could use a valve adjustment, but that isn't anything major. It looks so tiny next to the truck, but the side steps on the truck are 12.25" off the ground, and the rocker pinch weld is at 12.13" off the ground, and I am very pleased by this! I'm surprised at how much the tires are still rubbing the chassis after doing the "body lift", so it looks like the 3lb sledge will need to fix that. Next is to finish buttoning things back up and get it road worthy! Until next time!
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    That means I will have an E30 there. since, you know, the title is still in my name 😀
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    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    @MPW3RLee came in clutch with the socket for the lugs, which are indeed identical to what I had on my red e30. Out with the old On with the new! I've always wanted a set of style 32's, but never had a car for them. These were completely unnecessary but it seemed like the right thing to do! I also grabbed a set of stockers from @DrLeadFoot that I will end up using for snow tires It was idling rough yesterday, but still doesn't show a CEL. I feel like someone may have pulled the bulb.... I plan to scan it to see what codes are lurking and see if I can't quickly narrow down the issue. I will say that driving it yesterday was amusing, it pulls stronger than I remember and sounds good to boot! Now to make it less of a rolling death trap! Until next time!
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    TJ is probably too kind. He asked if I would help, so after I got done watching a bunch of M3 videos on Friday night because I have no M cars right now and miss the sounds of the S65, I stayed up till 2:30 planning a route. amazingly there were no dead ends and only a couple of roads that were Wisconsin-ish i.e. crumbling. The route has the usual Kettle roads including 3 passes through Waterville Rd because I love Waterville, and some new roads that TJ and I haven't done before. Basically we will be starting from Dousman, heading south a bit, then coming back up and west through Dousman, down to Eagle, east to Mukwonago and then northwest-ish until we get back to Dousman. There is a good mix of some curvy roads (some new ones that we discovered which are really nice), some very long straight backroads where people can 60 roll/rage crash into trees, and a handful of county highways that we need to unfortunately be on sometimes to connect everything together. There are a couple of designated "catch-up" spots in case we get separated but most of the route should be conducive to keeping everyone together. There's only one place to really watch out for police and that is when we are on Hwy LO and ES going through Muktown because for whatever reason cops are incredibly anal there about any sort of speeding.
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    Lifted E30 V2

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    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    76.6k Got some time to play on the wagon for a bit tonight, installed the goodies I had shipped over from Lithuania! First up was the headlight switch. The top one is the one I bought with the rear fog button, the bottom is my original switch with the silver accent on the switch that I wanted to retain. Took only a few minutes to pull them both apart and swap the rear fog button and related parts over to my switch: I installed the switch and noticed that the rear fog button was not back-lit, so I pulled it back out, took them apart again to find out why. Turns out the US spec headlight PCB has the buttons for the rear fog, but the board is missing the LED that provides the back lighting (US board above, euro below). The PCB of the euro switch is for a car without auto-leveling/xenon lights so I couldn't just swap boards unfortunately. I didn't want to potentially ruin things by getting fancy with a soldering iron, so I accepted the lack of a lit button for now. With the switch reinstalled, they work! Pretty neat little mod for added euro-cool-points. Normal tail lights: Rear fogs turned on: The indicator on the dash (yellow fog light icon) works as well. It amazes me that just changing the switch enables all this. I also installed the n52 euro air intake box. The standard box has a smallish panel filter and a restrictive charcoal filter. Additionally, the entire box must be removed to access the filter. The euro box has a cylindrical filter with much more filter area, a larger intake box volume, and no charcoal filter, so it provides a minor performance increase, looks way better, and allows you to access the filter by simply removing the lid. Install is really simple, I just had to swap over the US spec MAF and the mounting grommet things. Original US spec intake box: Euro box fitted without the lid (I have a new filter arriving tomorrow) Install complete: I've only driven about 10 miles with it installed, there is a little bit more intake noise and the car seems to be a bit more rev-happy. Not sure if there is an actual performance improvement or just a post-mod placebo effect, but for how cheap I got the parts I'm happy with it!
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    wasnt m3

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Your car looks at home at RA. Pic from the hawk.
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    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Got this out for the autocross at RA on Sunday, had a blast!! It handles pretty well considering it's on worn/mismatched tires... some 18's with wider front rubber and matching tires front/rear should do a lot to counter the massive amounts of understeer I was experiencing (the slippery slope of motorsport is real). Ended up in 6th of 8 in D street, and 77th out of 128 overall, not bad!
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    I will be hosting this year's wibimmers fall meet/cruise. The details are as follows: Saturday, October 6th, 2018 2:00 PM W360S2367 State Road 67 Dousman, WI 53118 The meet will begin at 2 PM, with the cruise portion starting at 3:15 and ending back at the starting point at roughly 4:45 PM Jordan was kind enough to plot out an excellent hour and a half long cruise through the south Kettle Moraine area, he will be providing a printout for everyone as well. Once we are back from the cruise, expect some grilling, hanging out, pictures, bonfire, etc. Anyone who cares to camp or spend the night is free to do so, there is plenty of space. Hoping at least a few of you are willing to spend the night out here as we are planning on making it out to the final cars and coffee in Lake Mills. Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns. Thanks, TJ
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    https://madison.craigslist.org/wto/d/20-bmw-rims-and-tires/6697852672.html Does anyone else see a problem, or is that just me?
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    A few days after my parents not letting me buy @m42b32 e36 m3 (They want me in something newer) A 1997 e36 m3 sedan popped up on CL Had engine problems Only an hour away so I took a look. After spending 4hrs looking at it (Literately) I determined it had no spark it cranks and such. After consulting some friends.. Thanks @wasnt m3 @KaiserRolls @ChrisO I figured it be worth it. Worst comes to worst sell it for what I paid.. Here are some basic facts about it 220k miles with 160k mile motorish and manual swap K&N CAI light weight clutch + flywheel max-speeding rods coils ds2s Black interior Also has a muffler delete A bit of rust. It was owned by a guy who had a bunch of friends into e36s but didn't know too much about them himself. Nice guy tho Had to pay off his loan and get a release. I plan on fixing the problems and selling it as a drift car or something. So hopefully I didn't buy myself into a hole or anything LMAO Here are some pics. More tomorrow!
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    Back from the dead or something.

    Well, earl sold me a bumper. I installed said bumper today. Wow I need lowering springs. It's an AC Schnitzer replica bumper. Looks pretty okay. Could use some paint.
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    Zach powdercoated just about everything in this engine bay: IMG_2107 by Tom Elmendorf, on Flickr
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    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    After a few very busy months this summer, I was able to get a few nights of working on this after work over the last two or three weeks. Things are finally moving again! I removed the m42 coil pack mounting brackets from the strut tower and inner fender. I also cleaned up some surface rust on the washer tank mount and primed all the bare metal. Had a bit of a mishap on the inner fender and ended up popping two holes where the welds were. I plugged the holes with some flat steel plugs. Because I deleted ABS I also plugged the holes where the wheel speed sensors passed through on both sides. I like these metal plugs because you can fold the ears flat on the back and lock them into place, they sit flush, and can be removed any time you want the hole back. I also sprayed a coat of undercoating on the backs to seal everything up. With the engine bay ready to go, I got to work on prepping the engine. Pilot bearing installed, Gripforce chromoly flywheel cleaned, installed with loctite and torqued to spec: There was a lot of conflicting information on which way to install the Gripforce stage 2 (sprung hub) clutch disk, but this orientation seemed to be the majority of responses. Hopefully that's correct... Pressure plate installed with loctite and torqued. Got everything sorted on the transmission side as well with a new clutch fork, quality throwout bearing, and a steel pivot pin from an e39 540i. I didn't have a furniture dolly to roll the engine under the car with the transmission attached, and didn't have enough room to hoist the engine into the car with the garage door open, so I had to take a bit of a convoluted route... Here is a bit of a DIY if you're in this exact scenario with the same tools: Step one: Hoist engine into the bay from the side with the garage door closed Step two: Lower the engine as low as it can go without sitting on the arms of the hoist, support weight with engine support bar Step three: Open garage door, rotate hoist to front of car and lower engine all the way through the bay onto the floor: Step four: Move transmission underneath the car and struggle to mate it up with the engine, succeeding eventually: Step five: Realize you're an idiot and forgot to grease the clutch splines, pull it apart and apply light coat of moly grease. I have never done a clutch on my own (last time I helped with one was at least 5 or 6 years ago at my old job)... everything I read said use a very light coat to avoid having grease flung into the clutch. Hopefully this is enough. Step six: Reinstall transmission, install starter, realize it's after midnight, leave it at that and go to bed. Step seven: Return about a week later, full of energy, and lift engine into place and reinstall front subframe underneath engine. I had to remove one of the plastic clips holding the passenger front brake line to the firewall as well as a wire harness mount from the back of the head to get the engine to sit back far enough. I also had a bit of a fight with the condor swap mounts to get things to line up properly. They didn't seem to sit flat despite putting them in various different orientations. I ended up finding a note on a forum post somewhere from them stating to leave everything loose, and tighten down the bottom nuts on the engine mounts one turn at a time (alternating sides) to center the engine, then trans mounts, and then top nuts on the engine mounts. I got the trans mount installed loosely to keep everything straight, and then went through and tightened everything down per their instructions. I did have one of the engine mount bolts start to spin, but it's tight and not going anywhere so it should be fine. If I do need to get it off, there is more than enough resistance for an impact to zip it off. And with that, it's in!! Supported by it's own mounts for the first time:
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    Centercap logos showed up. Giggggity. The gold lettering looks messed up, but I promise its not, just bad images. I will need to machine a spacer so that they sit flush with the hex head. I did this with my style 19's and it worked out great for example; (left front is spaced out compared to the other 3)
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    I like this picture, I figure I'd post it up here
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    Eau Claire? Thats where I exist at
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    Little update, I'm currently at school and finally got the car registered and drive it occasionally. The rtab bolt hole cracks I welded, and I have reinforcement plates that will go in this winter or spring. I gently drive the car to class or just around town a few days a week. Other then that it sits in my garage, but it's a blast and it's a very solid feeling car with the new BC's and poly rtab bushings on it. Here is a day before I left for school, I had just gotten a fresh alignment so I threw my Fikse Mach V's on I had about 1/2" of front wheel gap and -2.5 degrees of camber so I figured I might get some slight rubbing on corners and such. My old M3 had a way more agressive fitment with the rays then this, and I never had problems. about 15 feet down my street I hit a bump while slightly turned and the fender hit the tire and literally bit a chunk out of the sidewall despite being mildly rolled. The Rivals are so soft that my fender is undamaged, but I guess I need a new tire and a pull on the front fenders 😐 I know, another stellar update here's some pics from some of my drives in Eau Claire back on DS2's/ a LTW wheel 😂 My friend Evan and I took a trip to Mondovi for no reason one weekend, and I got a burger at Mondovi family restaurant. WIBIMMERS food reviews: Don't go to Mondovi family restaurant. When I was in high school we got better food