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    Sounds like that car belongs here more than most of our cars. Someone bring 'ol girl home.
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    I definitely saw a few peasants standing in their yards frowning as you or @rampelsauce screamed drove past. (sorry I couldn't tell whos car the sound was coming from) 🤭🤣 But I agree, there were certainly some parts that made me feel uncomfortably old and responsible young again.
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    wasnt m3

    1995 BMW 325is Build Log

    *My roommate Jacob and I. Haha, welcome back!
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    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Not much new with the car as of now. Replaced the left axle again before DD76. Which was due to my own dumbassery, the outer joint was leaking grease from me using a persuader tonget it in the hub against my better judgement, and the cup bent allowing the grease to escape. Anywayssss. The event went well, my first few runs I thought I heard a clunking in the rear end but it was inconsistent and ended up being my 2x4 e-brake and a beer cap 🤷‍♂️😂 Also @Sam_Holzmann and I finally touched tips, which was bound to happen with how close we get to eachother. Luckily there was no major damage. My bumper ejecto-ed as designed (3 small zip ties with the intent to break under pressure and then my bash bar bent in a bit. Which was easily bent back. @Jdesign was in Sam's car when it happened even 😂 Here's a pic of the "damage" the bash bar was already bent back before this pic. And a full rack of burnt tires from both sam and i. And a few pics from media!
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    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Nobody said you couldn't add some style to your auto-x runs! (Photo credit: Austin Boynton)
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    B C

    E46 Things

    Yes I didnt notice this right away either. I remember him waving but figured it was just at a corner worker he knew. The instructor was great. Hope to bump into him again in the future. The amount of 70+ year olds out on track was promising. Makes me feel like there may be plenty of time left in life to play
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    1995 BMW 325is Build Log

    Making my annual new e36 post. The last few I had were very shortlived, i usually just ended up being distracted by one of my other projects. Dont plan on letting that happen to this one, Im starting to think that I finally found the best e36 for me. So, context. Me and my roommate Jacob were messing around looking on craigslist for a car that he could drive in the winter. During that search, we found 2 E36s. I found a really nice 1995 BMW 325is, and he found a pretty good priced 1995 BMW 318i and they were both down in Chicago. We got a ride from a friend that was going to work in Ohio, and we picked up both of them. Definitely happy to be back in an E36, and I am very excited to see whats in store for my latest entry!
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    My wife said she saw a few people waving as we drove by with all of their fingers on their hands, not just one! I definitely drove conservatively and well within my and the cars limitations through the whole route. I've lived in that area most of my life and learned to drive and ride on those roads and i'm well aware of what they can do to you if you're not paying attention or how quickly direction can change when there's oncoming traffic. I was glad to be towards the back of the pack so I could hold my own pace without holding anyone up.
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    don't worry, Zach's TI was drowning yours out. ironic how the guy who welds for a living has the only unwelded exhaust in the group. 😂
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    I had a great time, perfect day. Go ahead and unfriend me on Facebook, but the first sector was too fast through the residential bits for my comfort. I always anticipate a cyclist or pedestrian around those blind corners with no shoulder. /unpopularopinion
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    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    What's up with that Aspen white head gasket machine in the backdrop?
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    This was fun! It was my wife's first cruise and she said "I thought it would be more leisurely" lol. Thanks for hosting TJ!
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    I had a blast, it was great seeing everyone. I was surprised the big coupe kept up with the crowd with some of those high paced routes. See y'all next year
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    You sound like a volunteer 😂
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    New guy - F30 335i

    Hey guys, I'm Jake, from the Eau Claire area! I'm pretty new to BMWs in general, but picked up this 335i last year @35k miles. It's Alpine white with coral red interior, pretty much bone stock, just slapped some HRE FF01s on it along with some BC BR coilovers. Supe r pumped to begin the modding process here once the warranty expires. Let me know if you guys have any questions!
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    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Sounds like the car has chosen it's passion in life... Don't fight the car, join @Tkuhn and @Earl in their slidey events. Let your car live it's BEST LIFE!
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    Running Thread of the Daily: 325XI

    Popped in some used OEM xenon headlights! I've been wanting these for awhile and picked them up for a good price. They plugged right it and fired up. No coding needed as of yet!
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    chit chat thread

    Having owned a house built pre-1890 and now being in a house built in 1988 I can say that I much prefer my current home but there's something to be said about a house that's over 100 years old and for it's age our last home was in great condition but I had my fair share of 130 year old home issues and they were not cheap because the homes are so "unique" at that age. Outside of a custom home my skepticism line is pretty firmly placed in the late 90's early 2000's and newer for build quality. I've seen too many "new" homes that were absolute trash or had friends replacing roofs, window's and frames, etc. in houses less than 20 years old.
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    Correct, it takes some pushing to get the slave to sit flush on the back of the trans
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    ‘91 E30

    Got it out running and driving. Need to fix some oil leaks, get the exhaust modified, get an alignment, finish wiring up gauges. To do list is much shorter, getting down to the “nice-to-haves” just in time to fold the mirrors up for 2020
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    ‘91 E30

    It is a BMW so if it didn't it must be empty.
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    1995 BMW 325is Build Log

    That makes so much more sense lol
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    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    great news!
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    wasnt m3

    Official Sighting Thread

    I94 west this evening, lightly modded e46 touring with zhp front bumper. Good looking car.
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    Yup, I'll be leaving from Oshkosh
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    chit chat thread

    I always love coming across this video every now and then. It's also where my PF pic is from.
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    ‘91 E30

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    Running Thread of the Daily: 325XI

    Oh Wisconsin, I love just about everything about you except the salt on your roads...
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    ‘91 E30

    That's scary! Shit like this is why I'll never get under a car until I've got jack stands in place.
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    ‘91 E30

    Glad to see no one was damaged in the process!
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    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    This is for an e36 but they aren't much different. I have Eibach springs on my coupe and find them very streetable but firmer and slightly lower than stock but not so much that I have trouble in winter. For reference I am 30 years old, I know streetable means different things to different people .
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    chit chat thread

    @HipMF Mike - there a couple ways you could handle this faster than guessing exposures in manual mode. 1. with exposure compensation in Aperature Mode Set your aperture like you normally would, most likely wide open in dark conditions. take your shot. use the exposure compensation to dial in more or less exposure. it is a +/- button near your shutter button. hold it and rotating the dial should change the cameras automatic compensation. (range from -5 to +5) turn it down to darken the photo, up to brighten. the camera will change the shutter speed accordingly, and possibly the ISO depending on your camera settings to achieve the different exposures. don't forget to set it back to 0 after your all done with your session. I shoot this way 99% of the time. the automatic exposure on nikon is good for even light conditions, but not as good for contrasting or artistic lighting. 2. with exposure locking in Aperature Mode That AE-L/AF-L has a couple of features. AE-L (auto exposure lock) is the one you want to set the button to here. It also has settings for how you want the 'press' to function. Set it to AE-Lock and 'Toggle'. What this will accomplish is when you point your focus point at something in your view and press the AE-L button once it will set the exposure based on the brightness of the area you selected. Normally, the camera is attempting to expose everything in the scene properly, so it picks an average. For example, in your light pole photo you can point the focus point at the ground, press the AE-L button, then recompose your framing and it will expose based on the ground, not the bright light. the darker the scene, the harder it will be to get this right, but it can work. The best scenario for when this is useful is like a parking garage with sunlight shining in where you have very dark areas of shadow and very bright areas of daylight. you can force the exposure on the dark area of the bright area depending on your preference. hope this helps!
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    the car looks right at home. nice work!
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    1995 Jayco Eagle 8 Pop Up - $1200

    Sorry gentleman, this has been sold! My experience selling a cheap camper compared to cheap cars is far different. I don't know which is worse. Cheap cars bring out the worst people while a cheap camper brought out people with, what i thought, were exceedingly high expectations for a camper at this price range. Mind you, this thing is in mint condition but people looking to spend $1000 and they want A/C, heat, tv's, stereo's, etc. Oh well, it went to a really nice young family!
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    B C


    Have you had one? If not I recommend that you stroop to this level. They are exquisite
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    Which part? The part I made is getting wrapped, the shifter itself will stay as is with probably a white knob to match the letters on the seats and steering wheel. The aluminum should match the lips of the wheels
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    94 530i random warning codes

    Thanks for the replies. The only thing l have done was changing the ccm, since that was what l read on just about every forum post about the issue. Problem occured for the first time just a couple days ago. It’s hard to search for this because most of the threads/results are how to fix the individual codes. I’ll have to get out the ol multimeter. As for loose connection from hitting a bump this is also very possible. Seems to only go crazy with loads of codes when driving on a less than ideal road. As for the brake pedal switch l don’t think that is the case because the circuit code didn’t show up until all of the others did as well, and the brake lights are working fine along with everything else it says is wrong. However since it’s the only persistent code, and I’ve read that it comes on even when the lights do work when testing, whos to say they do every time. it’s possible that one is a real issue. Thanks again!
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    Wish I had gotten a chance to chat at the show, cars looked great!
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    Sorry I missed you Sunday but the car looked great!
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    B C

    E46 Things

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    ‘91 E30

    Still leaking oil, but driving. should be getting the vc grommets today in the mail exhaust went ok. It’s routed a bit goofy and isn’t tucked up as high as it could be, but it’s enough clearance for now and for $80 I can’t complain. This will be something in the future I will have modified to fit up against the car.
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    I don’t have night vision, headlight suffices
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    Your 3 Car Garage

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    So went to remove trans yesterday. Had a hell of a time with the 1JZ starter. Was not fun to reach. Got it off and the problem was just what I expected. A worn pivot pin. After spending all day in the rain removing the trans and putting it back in I was nearing completion.. installing the slave ready to be done. Pressed the clutch and the slave blew it’s been piston and rod into the trans. Had to take it off and put it back on again. Hopefully today the slave will decide to line up properly
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    B C

    New build! E90 M3

    I bet the centercaps were a great conversation piece. This is one of the only applications of a Borla muffler that sounds really good to me. I have usually preferred Magnaflow in the past, but that was also back in the 4 cylinder days
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    both of us still end up driving the whole distance... and he would get the fun part of the drive twice, and I get shitty flat smelly minnesota and dakota twice.
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    Your 3 Car Garage

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    The shaft. 🤭 It just doesn't seem like there is any other raw aluminum in the interior.
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