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    chit chat thread

    @Jdesign the forecast i found online looked a little different
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    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Delivery Day!
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    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Making moves! I got the power steering return sorted out with a 1/2" stainless steel elbow, 1/2" trans cooler line, and the original steel section of the m42 return line. To get clearance from between the hose and the alternator I had to space the power steering bracket up about 1/4" as well. I am deleting the CCV and replacing it with a catch can system, so I got the CCV connections modified to adapt them to some PCV/fuel vapor hose. I found a car with a recently replaced CCV in the junk yard and got the fittings that connect to the valve cover and vacuum distribution manifold (removed the rest of the hose). I tapped the valve cover fitting to 3/8"-18 NPT and used an aluminum 1/2" barb adapter fitting. On the vacuum distribution block I tapped the outer fitting to 1/4"-18 NPT and used an aluminum 3/8" barb adapter fitting. Both are lightly torqued into the plastic with some RTV to ensure an airtight seal. The hoses will route over to the passenger side where the catch can will be mounted next to the coolant expansion tank. I also got the vacuum distribution manifold reinstalled with the catch can return hose routed underneath the intake. Lots of hoses to attempt to organize neatly... Also in this picture I have new intake boots installed as well as a used (but hopefully good) MAF. A while back I modified the gas pedal mount from an E46 to fit the e30 chassis by cutting off the piece that clips onto the floor and bonding the base of an e30 gas pedal in it's place. I used a supposedly very strong 48 hour 2-part epoxy, but it turns out that it didn't take to the plastic well and it broke off when I bumped the pedal. I re-attached it with some Loctite super-duper-super-glue and now it's not going anywhere. I got the pedal remounted and looking like it belongs there. Current state of the interior for your entertainment: It was at this point I realized there wasn't anything stopping me from connecting the battery and doing some initial wiring/electronics checks. Battery connected and nothing blew up, turned the key to the on position (with fuel pump relay removed), and everything functioned as expected. I figured why not and bumped the key and the starter engaged and turned over the engine! The engine was probably pretty dry so I turned it over with the starter for a while to get oil circulating. After a minute or so it really quieted down and turned over smoothly. I realized that nothing was really stopping me from attempting a first start so I reinstalled the fuel pump relay, primed the pump a few times until I heard it load up evenly, and turned the key (actual first start footage): It fired right up! It actually startled me because I wasn't expecting it to light off on all 6 right away like that. I ended up having two fuel leaks, one by the fuel filter and one at the other end of the feed, both just needed the clamps to be tightened a bit more (Running 3.5 bar, vs. 3.0 with the M42). Of course with the leaks stopped I had to check it again to verify, and also see if the drive-by-wire gas pedal was working (RIP headphone users): It does! Open headers are loud haha. The engine had no coolant so I only ran it for a few seconds each time, but I am so pumped it fired right up without any major issues! Now I really can't wait to get it on the road. There is a ton left to do, but this is super motivating.
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    UPDATE Installed the Hold Fast steering wheel my girlfriend got me for christmas. Wrapped and installed the rear roof extension. And I am soooo hypeddd to share this with you guys, first might I add! Quite a few more loose ends to tie up but soooo excited to see this thing on the ground!
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    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Back on the ground! Need oil and more coolant. And gotta put a couple bits and pieces here and there back together.
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    It's on the ground!!
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    B C

    Powerball winner in New Berlin

    I cannot confirm nor deny any such winnings, but let's just say i'm now shopping E90's instead of E46's and leave it at that.
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    Picture contest - April 2019

    We all know most of our cars are in storage or in pieces, so I picked something that most likely you will be able to photograph. Your Side Mirror. Sounds lame right? Well it could be, but it doesn't have to be. Get those creative juices flowing. Rules: 1.The photo must showcase the side mirror of your BMW. No, a picture showing the entire car that you can see the mirror in doesn't count. I will be the judge on whether the photo conforms to this rule or not. 2.Submissions must be sent to me by April 30th. I will collect submissions and post a poll for voting. The winner shall receive a WIBIMMERS patch, which can be sewed onto things such as the floor mat of your datsun or your Nickleback hoodie.
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    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Back to summer mode! I forgot just how much better it looks on the 19's! I still need to get the bike rack on, but I'd like to find a way to mount it using the T slot in the cross bars so I can use the sunroof this summer.
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    so i had replaced my sunroof crank back when I bought the car 2 years ago. the new one already is having ED issues... the handle will not stay up in the detent, so it just sits like this. i bought a new one in the mean time, which sits properly in its home. i decided to figure out what was actually happening. well, there are two ball detents on the sides of the handle in the mechanism. they ride along a channel, then hit a detent at each end. I figured the balls or spring were worn out already, but what I found is that the actually metal frame has been stretched open by the force of the spring over time. the green lines show how the frame has stretched open (slightly exagerated). anyways, this causes the balls not to hold in the detents. a quick squeeze with a vise grips put them back straight, but i suppose in a year or so they'll just stretch back. sad, since this probably isnt permanently fixable and is only due to crappy quality of the metal (pot-metal). i guess it would be possible to put a spring with less pressure and test how that goes. next up, windshield replacement. the replacement was from a parts car and is in better (not perfect) condition than mine. i may buy a brand new one in the future, but i didnt want to break it on my first attempt. turns out, if you break your windshield installing it than you're just an idiot and i didn't need to worry. replacement glass: You'll need a Lisle 47000 lockstrip tool and plastic pry tool to accomplish this. first step is to remove your wiper blades. then, just pull out the old lockstrip: comes out easy, just start at the ends in the bottom middle of the windshield: if your lockstrip is old, it my break or fall to pieces. mine stayed together. next step is to push out the original windshield. start at the top corners and just push from inside the car. it pops right out. here's your chance to clean out those bugs and dirt chucks that have been lodged in the front corner of your dash for 15 years: also a good opportunity for me to test fit this dash cover for a future project: onto installing the new windshield. start by sliding it in to the seal at the bottom. check both sides and make sure you have it centered in the opening. set in place: next, work up the sides of the seal with the plastic pry tool. from the inside of the car, just push the seal over the glass. it pushes on real easy, just beware not to stab a hole in the seal from pushing too hard. work back and forth on the top corners, then finish with the top middle. lastly, is the pain in the ass part. installing the lockstrip. i chose to reuse the old one since nothing was wrong with it and if i messed it up i could just use the new one i bought. this takes some practice to get right. first, apply some soapy water on the seal to help the tool slide. starting from the center bottom, insert the tool into the seal so that it spreads it open. insert the end of the lockstrip then start sliding the tool down the seal while pushing the lockstrip into the opening. getting the speed, pressure, and angle of the tool is a dance. it took me about 10 times starting over just to get the feel for how to do it. even after all that, i was still scratching the lockstrip and missing parts as i went. the tool will pop out. to get it started again, the best method i found was to stick the tool back in the seal and apply extra pressure with the pry tool directly where the lockstrip passes through the lockstrip tool as shown below. you will be left with a section of the lockstrip which is not engaged, but i was able to gently flip the seal over the edge with a small, dull screwdriver. overall, i think it took me 5 min to get the new windshield in place and an hour of fiddling to get the lockstrip in. lastly for the night, i installed the replacement injectors from the rebuild supplier. they sent new ones free of charge. I tested these all with a 9v battery before install and they all were clicking open properly this time. this time, the car started up and ran great. the winter list is dwindling: 5.wire aux fan properly, currently running with an on/off override switch and no temp control. 6.detail interior 7.detail undercarriage and I've added a couple new items: 8. add black trim to carpet edges along footwells, then secure them to car better. the edge of the carpet likes to pop out from under the door sill trim. 9.shadowline window trim
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    An E36 Investigation

    Things have been amassing near this stationary object, but at least trim is not white? Got the intake stuff back on last night, with new hoses, boots, and a stock airbox. Mucho better. Connected the battery, and even though the low fuel light has been on since I bought it, it coughed right to life. Runs butter smooth! Gotta get some fuel in it before trying to run it again though, cant imagine I'm doing the fuel system any favors. This has been new motivation to get it back on the ground and take it for a little drive to see how the rest feels!
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    Shop Life 2.0

    Test fit some new parts. It's becoming obvious that this engine was never designed for coil-on-plug. Most people who do this use the "round" Bremi M52 coils, which barely fit and are kind of ugly IMO. I decided to try these VW coils because they look nice, and I had some evidence that they would at least fit in the spark plug wells decently. Still not a lot of room for connectors/wiring, but I think they will work fine. Also hanging out in this picture is the 3.5" to 2.5" 90° silicone elbow on the stock throttle body. The M42 has a oblong, dual-butterfly throttle body, so I was really happy to find a fitting that not only fits well, but also adapts down to 2.5" without additional fittings. This should really help keep the charge piping nice and tidy. After that, I spent most of the day Saturday getting everything put together with the stock engine harness so that I could fire the engine up to make sure everything is working properly before trying to get it working with the standalone. I hate firing up a dry engine, so I spent a fair bit of time DIY-ing an ad-hoc pressure vessel to push oil into the engine through a fitting on the oil filter housing. Ben thought that I was "doing myself a disservice" here because this was going to push the assembly lube out of the bearings and wasn't going to fill the lifters anyway. Once I did get around to firing up the engine though it fired right up, and was nice and quiet, so I feel like it was worthwhile. Initial scary noises included a gear selector rod hanging down and getting bounced around by the giubo and some loose bolts on the water pump pulley. Other than that, it idled and ran fine. No leaks or other major problems, so I'm pretty happy. Next step will be getting a harness made for the standalone.
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    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Ne'er a truer word spoken. Amen, father Boris.
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    chit chat thread

    You really like jinxing things don't you.
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    B C

    chit chat thread

    'grats on your new well deserved member title
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    B C

    Chris’ e34 extravaganza

    Par for the wibimmers course
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    New build! E90 M3

    With the baby coming this month and due this week I've been busy at work trying to get things wrapped up before I go on leave along with trying to get projects done around the house and get a few of my own customers cars done at home so I haven't had much time to really do anything with this other than stare at it and more recently, drive it. I got it out of storage on March 17th and since then I've put on 300ish miles hitting back roads to run errands. I have a few boxes of parts either at my house or on order that need to get installed that includes: Rod Bearings/Motor Mounts H&R Sport Springs Spacers (15mm front/12.5mm rear) Pad Wear Sensor I still want to order a front lip for the car and get the GTS DCT tune done this summer. With the baby coming and the maintenance i'm doing this summer I don't know that I'll be able to get any track time but I plan on driving the hell out of this thing! And if anyone was wondering, it will hold two car seats. My seat didn't need to move forward and the passenger seat was left where my wife keeps it. .
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    chit chat thread

    This guy has some great videos.
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    1989 E30 325i Progress

    All depends on your intended use of the car. Year round daily, only out when the sun is shining, show stopper, future BaT retirement fund, etc. All are worthwhile pursuits. But if you're thinking about the car as a daily with all the bumps, dings, and bruises that'll throw at it, once you let go of "perfect" you can actually relax a bit and focus on the the things that make it fun to drive and actually be out there driving it.
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    wasnt m3

    Official Vanity Plate Thread

    Seems legit.
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    B C

    chit chat thread

    ive been hakt!
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    chit chat thread

    I bought an H&K VP9 for no reason other than I wanted one. Much excitement to go shoot it. That is all.
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    chit chat thread

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    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    The box is coming on Friday!! I have 2 closings (11AM & 4PM) on that day so we will see how lucky I can get in terms of timing. The forklift driver leaves at 3 from where I'm getting it shipped to so I should be able make it work! SO PUMPED!!!!
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    I made it to the picnic last year with my running and driving M52 Swap. That means I’m off the hook for being expected to show up in a BMW for a couple more years.... right? its on my calendar!