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  1. Does anyone have an M Tech II steering wheel for an E30 they are willing to part with? My buddy is looking for one for his car. Size doesn't matter. Let me know what you got!! Thanks! -Timmer
  2. OMG, so tempting!!! Curious if I can get this to work with my OBD II S52? Guessing I would need some additional tuning on my 413 dme?
  3. Sweet! Yeah that will work since I only need the buckles... I’ll shoot ya a message. Thanks!
  4. I’d say they’re still an inch or two too high, but it works for me... I wouldn’t want to be much taller or bigger since the steering wheel isn’t adjustable. Comparing it with my E30, there isn’t too much difference. Way more comfortable than the original seats though!
  5. Took a staycation since both of our trips to Canada had to be cancelled.... had some time to rip out the interior, installed new carpet and the seats. Had to fab up some brackets to account for the uneven floor of the E21. Not perfect, but much better! Lots of work left to do... -Tim
  6. Need two of these if you have any!! I put E30 sport seats in my E21 and the clips are too short on the early models for the buckle... Thanks!
  7. It was great to finally catch up with everyone again! I couldn’t believe how many people showed up... No mechanical disasters this year either, made the 250 miles round trip without a hiccup. Air conditioning would have been nice though! Guess that’s the next project. -Tim
  8. Comparison photos, 17” Konig vs 16” BBS.... what does everyone think? I think if I had shadowline trim, the Konig’s would look better...
  9. I’ll take a pic with the BBS wheel and take it to a vote! Yep, Zinno... although the respray is a touch darker
  10. Looking forward to the E30 picnic! The old girl just got back from the paint shop after having the rear valance and side skirts fitted. Valance is DTM. Expense, terrible fit, horrendous finish, but enough sanding, refining, and a good paint job, it turned out pretty good! I wish there was more options for the diving board cars. Side skirts are from a Ford Taurus, trimmed and fitted. Really happy with the outcome, and super easy. I also fitted a set of Konig Lace wheels I refinished in a gunmetal metallic paint. No entirely sold on the look, I think I prefer the BBS wheels a bit more Overall, I think this exactly how I wanted the car to come together...subtle with a touch of attitude. See ya at the picnic! -Timmer
  11. Staggered wheel/tire setup with ACT 17x7.5 rims 4x100 bolt pattern ET38 offset. 215/40 and 235/45 Kenda Z rated tires. Great condition, low miles! A little dirty from sitting in storage. These are hard to find, period correct German made wheels, not cheap knockoffs! Unfortunately the center caps are long gone, and I’ve tried for years to find replacements. Be a great addition to your BMW, or other car. I’ll entertain offers!! $375 Thanks for looking! -Timmer
  12. Thanks! The cams are good all around.... low end torque suffers a bit, but doesn’t affect drivability at all. The engine really wakes up above 4,000 rpms when the cams and vanos are working together 😁
  13. Thanks! They are 16’s. I have a set of 17” ACT wheels also that look good, but the BBS’s are my favorite... BC, ITB’s would be awesome! Mark did the dyno tuning when the previous owner built the motor. As it sat before the BBTB, it put down 274hp at the wheels on 93 octane. The ZF320 mates well with the 2.92 rear end too; nice easy revs on the highway with plenty of snap. You’ll have to take it for a spin next time we get together!
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