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  1. timmer

    Badger Bimmers Anual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    Can’t wait!! Just woke both E30’s up from their winter slumber today!
  2. timmer

    ISO E21 Tan interior bits

    I’m open to anything at this point.... right now I’m rocking some sweet seat covers! The seats will need a total rebuild; I’ll have to talk with an upholstery guy...
  3. timmer

    Ummm.... So I took a chance.

    Perfect, I’ll give it a try! Is this something any dealer can do? The closest one is Bergstrom in Appleton for me.... Thanks!
  4. timmer

    Ummm.... So I took a chance.

    A little progress update as a result of not having keys... Did I mention how fun it is to navigate a non-running car into a garage with the steering locked and the front wheels at a slight angle? A wheeled floor jack under the rear end ultimately saved the day! Got the ignition lock cylinder removed with a little persuading with the drill. Now to see if I can have new keys made to fit, or if I have to get new lock cylinders for the whole car... Meanwhile, the trunk is locked. I’d like to see what surprises are in there!! Anyone know of a way to get in? -Timmer
  5. timmer

    ISO E21 Tan interior bits

    Looking for front and rear seats in tan if anyone has anything... I’m hoping to save the carpet and door cards, but may need those also. I’ll start a list, lol. Thanks! -Tim
  6. timmer

    Ummm.... So I took a chance.

    It made it home...
  7. timmer

    Ummm.... So I took a chance.

    So I just got done peeking st the car, and so far, so good! Interior is super crusty, no keys, paint is shot, brakes are froze... all thing that probably should be expected. Hopefully not too hard to remedy. On the plus side; everything seems complete, no rust/rot that I saw, and the rental storage lessee is the owner listed on the registration from 1993 that was in the glovebox. The marks on the bodywork are little pieces of tape. ?? According to the property manager, the car was running was parked decades ago. oh boy.... -Tim
  8. So, I need another BMW since 4 isn’t enough. The story starts when my wife’s boss lets her know about a storage unit auction that has an old BMW in it, and sends her a link to the website. So I check it out and find a 1982 320i; looks to be fairly straight, but hard to tell since the video and pictures were taken with a playschool “my first camera”. I ran a carfax, and the last entry was in Virginia in 1996 for an emissions test, with no major issues. As it sits there is no title, but it isn’t to difficult to get one as the car is considered abandoned. The current bid was at $61, so I figured I would watch it and see where it goes. As of 9:00pm last night, the auction ended, and I am now the owner of the storage unit contents for the sum of $252. I guess we’ll see where this goes! https://bid13.com/storage-auctions/wi/appleton/stor-it-storage-appleton-nordale-drive/unit-4005 -Tim
  9. timmer

    ....and so it begins, project Turtle Farts.

    Well, the wifey wasn’t too thrilled about her Mazda CX-5, so we decided to replace it with an F30 and officially became an all BMW family! 😬. We had talked about another E70, but felt we didn’t need another SUV. 2015 328i x-drive, nicely equipped, just off lease with 38k miles. Pretty happy with it. Back on topic with “project turtle farts”; I’m over ready for spring and am planning on what the car needs next. I am thinking it needs proper suspension and am looking at coil overs... Fitment industries in Appleton carries Silvers brand, but I want to check out BC and other options. Hopefully we can also sort out the annoying clunk/rattle when I drive over bumps.😒 -Timmer
  10. timmer

    ....and so it begins, project Turtle Farts.

    Thanks! No, I decided not to heat it now, but the trusses are set up for a ceiling if I decide to do it later... My main garage is heated, so if I need to do any work during the winter, I can always put things in there.
  11. timmer

    ....and so it begins, project Turtle Farts.

    Thanks! It’s 40’ wide by 32’ deep. 1280 soft. The door is 20x10
  12. timmer

    ....and so it begins, project Turtle Farts.

    It’s a few months late, but the cars finally have their new home.... in a few weeks, the wife and I will be moving in to our new home as well. Pretty excited to have a place to wrench on the cars somewhere other than the small garage at the duplex we’ve been renting for the last year! Now that there is more room; I’ll have to plan a wibimmers get-together, cookout, and cruise this summer! We have some nice roads around here, and I can make sure the fuzz don’t give us any trouble, lol! 😉 -Tim
  13. timmer

    Cracked dashboard

    i It’s a VDO
  14. timmer

    Cracked dashboard

    Free to a good home... ’86 325es cluster, mostly works (sold), and complete dash including 4 cracks. If anyone wants them, their yours! I just can’t bring myself to throw out parts, but my wife is sick of tripping over them in the basement.... she always wins, it’s not fair.
  15. timmer

    ECU mounting brackets (E30)

    👍 thanks!