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  1. Had a great time again this year!! Saw a lot of new cars and met a few new folks! Although, I could do without the 90+ degree weather and the two hour drive home in a car with no A/C…but totally worth it… At least my wife was comfortable in her vert with the A/C that works exceptionally well 🤨 Got the bugs all washed off this morning! ‘Till next time!
  2. BMW E30 suspension from my ‘86 325es. Front struts with knuckles & hubs, lowering springs, and bilstein shocks. Cosmetically not pretty, but work great. Unknown brand of springs. Just upgraded to coil overs, this setup rides nice and gives the car a nice stance. Pickup in Waupaca. $150 obo Picture of my car on this setup is attached. Thanks! -Timmer
  3. Almost spring update! Took advantage of the warm weather this weekend and tackled the suspension upgrade... Fortune Auto coilovers (thanks @KaiserRolls), new control arms, lollipops, poly bushings, and end links. Should be a huge improvement over the 35 year old suspension bits. Unfortunately, my original Racing Dynamics strut bar doesn’t fit because the adjustment knob on the coilovers hits the center support. I’ll put it on the wife’s convertible, and figure out which one to purchase for my car. Hopefully this weather will continue and I’ll get her on the road soon!
  4. Anyone up for a summer road trip to South Carolina for the “World’s Largest BMW parade” Guinness Records attempt? I’m seriously thinking about it just as an excuse to make a long drive with the bimmer and get out of town for a bit...the big question is which one do I take?? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Probably one with working A/C!! https://theultimateparade.com -Timmer
  5. Winter update! Is it spring yet?? Thanks to @KaiserRolls for hooking me up and giving me a project to help pass the time! This should help bring the old girl to the next level! Once I tear into her, I’ll post some pics of the 35 year old suspension parts coming out... -Timmer
  6. Does anyone have an M Tech II steering wheel for an E30 they are willing to part with? My buddy is looking for one for his car. Size doesn't matter. Let me know what you got!! Thanks! -Timmer
  7. OMG, so tempting!!! Curious if I can get this to work with my OBD II S52? Guessing I would need some additional tuning on my 413 dme?
  8. Sweet! Yeah that will work since I only need the buckles... I’ll shoot ya a message. Thanks!
  9. I’d say they’re still an inch or two too high, but it works for me... I wouldn’t want to be much taller or bigger since the steering wheel isn’t adjustable. Comparing it with my E30, there isn’t too much difference. Way more comfortable than the original seats though!
  10. Took a staycation since both of our trips to Canada had to be cancelled.... had some time to rip out the interior, installed new carpet and the seats. Had to fab up some brackets to account for the uneven floor of the E21. Not perfect, but much better! Lots of work left to do... -Tim
  11. Need two of these if you have any!! I put E30 sport seats in my E21 and the clips are too short on the early models for the buckle... Thanks!
  12. It was great to finally catch up with everyone again! I couldn’t believe how many people showed up... No mechanical disasters this year either, made the 250 miles round trip without a hiccup. Air conditioning would have been nice though! Guess that’s the next project. -Tim
  13. Comparison photos, 17” Konig vs 16” BBS.... what does everyone think? I think if I had shadowline trim, the Konig’s would look better...
  14. I’ll take a pic with the BBS wheel and take it to a vote! Yep, Zinno... although the respray is a touch darker
  15. Looking forward to the E30 picnic! The old girl just got back from the paint shop after having the rear valance and side skirts fitted. Valance is DTM. Expense, terrible fit, horrendous finish, but enough sanding, refining, and a good paint job, it turned out pretty good! I wish there was more options for the diving board cars. Side skirts are from a Ford Taurus, trimmed and fitted. Really happy with the outcome, and super easy. I also fitted a set of Konig Lace wheels I refinished in a gunmetal metallic paint. No entirely sold on the look, I think I prefer the BBS
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