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  1. I'd take 2 but I am up near Wausau.
  2. Fun fact. I was chatting with the driver of the Warsteiner E30 M3. He bought that car in high school for $4500, it had been in a minor accident which he repaired. He said it has 300k miles. What a great weekend!
  3. That's what she said.
  4. Check the side clearance and inspect for anything that would cause lower output flow. Also check the relief valve spring, I doubt that is the issue though because typical idling pressure is very low anyway. Did you have an oil pressure gauge?
  5. It converted itself to 2 stroke! Keeps the skeeters away.
  6. In for feedback on Griot's ceramic stuff.
  7. I'll be there all weekend, already bought my ticket.
  8. Call me lame but the 15's look perfect.
  9. Nice, there was a 20x12 building similar at our house we bought. You need to have a good base to set it on. Ours is on dirt and has some rot damage and the doors don't close right because of shifting. A compacted gravel base should be just the thing.
  10. I always browse with the unread content button so I can see any new posts.
  11. He might get it from a sucker. All those cooling parts replaced and now a "head gasket". I'd put money on it having a cracked head... I wouldn't pay more than a grand and that is if it isn't rusty underneath. "Odometer stopped today" sure it did...
  12. jc43089

    E46 Things

    Hot diggety that looks good.
  13. That's called the oil-dri dance.
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