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  1. Nice, there was a 20x12 building similar at our house we bought. You need to have a good base to set it on. Ours is on dirt and has some rot damage and the doors don't close right because of shifting. A compacted gravel base should be just the thing.
  2. I always browse with the unread content button so I can see any new posts.
  3. He might get it from a sucker. All those cooling parts replaced and now a "head gasket". I'd put money on it having a cracked head... I wouldn't pay more than a grand and that is if it isn't rusty underneath. "Odometer stopped today" sure it did...
  4. jc43089

    E46 Things

    Hot diggety that looks good.
  5. That's called the oil-dri dance.
  6. This, I don't have and will not make an instagram account.
  7. That gauge cluster add on with the digital gauges is neat. I haven't seen one of those before.
  8. jc43089

    E46 Things

    Make sure the drain tubes are PM'd
  9. jc43089

    E46 Things

    You may want to check out your roof condition if that much snow is entering your garage...
  10. jc43089

    1990 e30

    16" contour reps clear e46 330 brakes. I have test fitted that combo. Clearance is about 1/8"
  11. Could you buy 12' an cut in half?
  12. Not exactly, that's only to operate for 5 days. "6. If you need to use the vehicle for more than 5 days you will need to re-register the vehicle under the regular registration provisions"
  13. With the hobbyist plates you aren't supposed to drive in January, although keep them covered with road slop and snow spray and you should be fine. 😛
  14. Those thread inserts are excellent. We used them at the Hormel shop frequently when threaded holes were needed in plastic or UHMW parts so that the threads wouldn't tear out. They are much better than a helicoil for things that get disassembled frequently, like a drain plug. Now it will be stronger than new. Please torque to 150 ft/lbs for science.
  15. The flaps are operated by stepper motors. On my '93 I have had issues with intermittently the mid level ones won't open. The sound changes to a sound like the fan is blocked and whistling. I haven't tried fixing it though, but I imagine either the stepper has an issue or linkage is sticking.
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