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  1. You busted me! Jk mine still isn't done yet... Where did you find another rwd 2nd gen sienna?
  2. I'm working as an electrical contractor now and supplies are a big issue. Simple stuff like breaker panels, meter pedestals, breakers, etc. And if you can get it the prices have gone up by 50% just this year on many things. Construction is really busy right now so it is probably due to both supply issues and increased demand.
  3. I think I've got that reserved. Four kids and one on the way. Bring it!
  4. If they could somehow get near the Wausau area I would take 2. 6'er for Gilber and 6'er for transporter for each.
  5. Not sure, I would guess poor results but maybe it would work.
  6. Seam sealer will not sand. it It is soft and turns to melted shreds and smears if you use a wire wheel on it too. It's very difficult to remove. It's about like working with the undercoating. After my experience messing with it I would recommend leaving it alone lol.
  7. But it's measured in smiles/gallon...
  8. That X3 stamping in the B pillar. Sharp.
  9. .... Is this dial up or what?...
  10. I'd take 2 but I am up near Wausau.
  11. Fun fact. I was chatting with the driver of the Warsteiner E30 M3. He bought that car in high school for $4500, it had been in a minor accident which he repaired. He said it has 300k miles. What a great weekend!
  12. Check the side clearance and inspect for anything that would cause lower output flow. Also check the relief valve spring, I doubt that is the issue though because typical idling pressure is very low anyway. Did you have an oil pressure gauge?
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