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  1. To continue shark week. I did most of the work on this car. Should be a good auction. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1979-bmw-633csi-3/ I would drive it across the country, everything that is crusty from age like fuel hoses, brake hoses, cooling system is all brand new. And the engine was rebuilt less removing the rotating assembly so no oil leaks and perfect running. The head is a later euro head with the more durable design of the cooling jacket. The original one was cracked. All of the modifications were done when it was new, the Alpina build sheet shows the options. Pretty rare piece and I am excited to see what it goes for. @YoungCR do you remember what that euro car was that the cylinder head came from? I though Ben Finley got it from you. It needed a euro head because of the L-jet distributor is different than the later style M30 distributor.
  2. Ya, it's right there in the picture Attached to a propane tank.
  3. Seems hard to use the trunk with the wire holding the exhaust up attached to the spoiler... Well he says it just needs some cosmetic work to be in tip top shape. I can only imagine what the interior looks like...
  4. Octane doesn't mean anything. At the little station in town by me I can get 87 with no ethanol. Kwik Trip around this area has 91 without ethanol and the pump handle is red.
  5. Assistant to the regional manager
  6. I don't know if you usually use E10 fuel but if you can run it low and fill up with non ethanol fuel it is much better. It doesn't deteriorate rapidly like ethanol fuel does.
  7. Interesting stuff. On the V70R I had I had an issue where clutch engagement suddenly became jerky. What I found was that the clutch did not have a simple switch, it was a linear potentiometer so that the ECU could determine clutch pedal position. The potentiometer failed and the ECU must change its response rate during clutch engagement to assist smoothness and was no longer doing that. Those had a Bosch Motronic ME7 ECU. The way I figured the issue out was that shortly after it became jerky the cruise would not set either so that got me looking at ECU values for the brake switch and clutch sensor. Not exactly the same thing but another example of the electronic throttle body response being different during different conditions.
  8. Is the temp sensor m12x1.5 thread? If so you could use an e36 temp switch which is available in an 80c. That is what I have in my e36 and it works great. I have an Autometer gauge and the fan turns on around 210F at the cylinder head temp port. I have a Spal 16" and it brings the temp down pretty quick and shuts off. Pics here.
  9. The sensor is sensing the cold side of the radiator which is essentially the coolant supplied to the engine. I've had great results with an 80/88c low speed/ high speed switch on multiple e36s but on an e30 I tried it on it seemed late to turn on and the e30 fan isn't as good as e36 aux fan (spal should be better though). I was uncomfortable and reinstalled the mechanical fan. I didn't have a real temp gauge though so I am not sure what the temp really was.
  10. What data is showing that the mask mandate is working?
  11. On the bright side Dane county deaths are very low!
  12. I think everyone is overthinking the fluid type. I've used Redline power steering fluid for a long time in many BMWs and other cars with no issues. It is a high end synthetic, but is also labeled only for power steering so maybe different additives? The pump won't last long without fluid, they are a rotary vane pump. I would recommend finding a ZF pump and rebuilding it before you install it. I've done one and it isn't hard, then you won't have to deal with more leaks later.
  13. How does this compare to the number of tests being done? It looks alarming but it needs to be overlaid with how many tests are being done, otherwise it is useless. Also death numbers would be helpful. According to DHS it does not appear that deaths in Dane county are rising at all thankfully. DHS
  14. They changed the campsite process this year it appears. Now you just list your top 3 choices. Last year it used to be you picked off of a map. Maybe they are they trying to leave gaps between occupied campsites? I'll be outside of turn 8 away from the party zone 🙂 Two kids coming this year, they grow up fast. It will be my oldest daughters 4th year.
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