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  1. Not exactly, that's only to operate for 5 days. "6. If you need to use the vehicle for more than 5 days you will need to re-register the vehicle under the regular registration provisions"
  2. With the hobbyist plates you aren't supposed to drive in January, although keep them covered with road slop and snow spray and you should be fine. 😛
  3. Those thread inserts are excellent. We used them at the Hormel shop frequently when threaded holes were needed in plastic or UHMW parts so that the threads wouldn't tear out. They are much better than a helicoil for things that get disassembled frequently, like a drain plug. Now it will be stronger than new. Please torque to 150 ft/lbs for science.
  4. The flaps are operated by stepper motors. On my '93 I have had issues with intermittently the mid level ones won't open. The sound changes to a sound like the fan is blocked and whistling. I haven't tried fixing it though, but I imagine either the stepper has an issue or linkage is sticking.
  5. I owned an '89 Camaro RS with a TBI 305. Awful. Especially with the 700r4 and 2.73 gears. My Geo Prizm was faster... Thanks for the stories!
  6. Some 16" wheels will fit and some won't. I have test fitted 16" Contour reps and they do fit over e46 330 brakes. Not sure what others do.
  7. To continue shark week. I did most of the work on this car. Should be a good auction. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1979-bmw-633csi-3/ I would drive it across the country, everything that is crusty from age like fuel hoses, brake hoses, cooling system is all brand new. And the engine was rebuilt less removing the rotating assembly so no oil leaks and perfect running. The head is a later euro head with the more durable design of the cooling jacket. The original one was cracked. All of the modifications were done when it was new, the Alpina build sheet shows the options. Pretty rare piece and I am excited to see what it goes for. @YoungCR do you remember what that euro car was that the cylinder head came from? I though Ben Finley got it from you. It needed a euro head because of the L-jet distributor is different than the later style M30 distributor.
  8. Ya, it's right there in the picture Attached to a propane tank.
  9. Seems hard to use the trunk with the wire holding the exhaust up attached to the spoiler... Well he says it just needs some cosmetic work to be in tip top shape. I can only imagine what the interior looks like...
  10. Octane doesn't mean anything. At the little station in town by me I can get 87 with no ethanol. Kwik Trip around this area has 91 without ethanol and the pump handle is red.
  11. Assistant to the regional manager
  12. I don't know if you usually use E10 fuel but if you can run it low and fill up with non ethanol fuel it is much better. It doesn't deteriorate rapidly like ethanol fuel does.
  13. Interesting stuff. On the V70R I had I had an issue where clutch engagement suddenly became jerky. What I found was that the clutch did not have a simple switch, it was a linear potentiometer so that the ECU could determine clutch pedal position. The potentiometer failed and the ECU must change its response rate during clutch engagement to assist smoothness and was no longer doing that. Those had a Bosch Motronic ME7 ECU. The way I figured the issue out was that shortly after it became jerky the cruise would not set either so that got me looking at ECU values for the brake switch and clutch sensor. Not exactly the same thing but another example of the electronic throttle body response being different during different conditions.
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