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  1. Nice find! Hope you get it running without too much hassle.
  2. Found this gem at a farm auction. Took it home for 450$ after fees and all that good stuff. Trailered it home, because it cranks but wouldn't start. I think the no start even with starting fluid is due to a janky security system, halo rings and tail lights were flashing all crazy like when the key is turned on. Cranked it onto the trailer with the starter so that seems pretty strong... It has Bilsteins and some blue springs that have been cut and reattached together with some zip ties, seems legit. It's a good thing I brought my wooden ramps to use with the trailer ramps, it still scraped a little on the exhaust. Hopefully I have some time to work on it soon, first is to do a compression test and then figure out what's up with the sketchy electrical stuff to see it I can get it running. Backup plan is to put my other m50 in and drive it for a while. I should probably remove the cop attracting stickers, I would rather not have my car sniffed every time a cop catches sight of me. Another nice surprise was the 272k on the odometer when I turned it on, it's been around the block a few times.
  3. I am posting to keep myself motivated, I have a lot of stuff I would like to do over the winter so I need to keep at it to be ready by spring. To Do: Pull engine Drop subframes, gas tank etc Weld in chassis reinforcments Rocker rust repair Redo undercoating on bottom Remove broken ABS Install M54B30 intake cam Install E46 330 front brakes And then put it all back together. Here's what I am starting with Mileage parked 11/10/13 DS front rocker DS rear rocker DS rocker and door PS front rocker PS rear rocker PS rear wheel arch Cams, just using the intake Brakes, 325mm oil bottle for reference
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