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  1. jc43089

    Ummm.... So I took a chance.

    And you got a sweet Roadmaster bike!
  2. jc43089

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Yea I saw that too, really a great price for a buyer. Yea it is a lot but the hours and parts dollars put into it...
  3. jc43089

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Yea, did you watch the videos. Fair warning, fresh pants needed.
  4. jc43089

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Sorry I forgot you were a previous P2R owner. Yes I agree it is crazy what people will pay, especially the wagon tax for VRs. It just does not have the driving dynamics of a BMW and did not feel as satisfying to drive. That's just my opinion though. The guy who bought it had previously bought a ls427 swapped e39, he said it was extremely well done but was more of a race car than a street car and he didn't care for it. He is in his 70's. Link to his previous car, I would daily it... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1999-bmw-528it/
  5. jc43089

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    The reason there are ones into 5 figures and also ones for 2 grand on facebook is that the parts are expensive. A cheap one will cost a fortune to get back to stage 0. Also many are modified which I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. Parts cost example One strut (electronic Monroe's) $350 Brake caliper $400 PCV rebuild kit $400 AWD hydraulic pump $350 I could go on but you get the idea... And if you aren't working on it yourself factor in the labor. Can you even reduce it? I think only the R had that button, it's the leftmost one below the HVAC controls. I wonder if it is possible to see what module that is wired to and install a button? They all use the same ECU and modules. I helped someone add features to his Duramax 2500 truck like high idle switch and exhaust braking just by adding wiring to the ecu, it was already programmed for it. Do you have VIDA?
  6. jc43089

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Yea, although if you read the whole description I put about 4 grand in parts plus my labor into it in the last year. I doubt you would find a more reliable one even if it only had 25k miles on it. They are getting old enough that deterioration from age is a problem not just miles. All of the seals I replaced were hard and either weeping or leaking. Things that really surprised me were hard brittle o rings on the oil tubing inside the pan. All it takes is a little suction leak to start getting air in the oil and wreck a lot of stuff.
  7. jc43089

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Well it took a while because of schedule and weather but the buyer is flying in today to drive it home. I pick him up at the local airport at 2:15. He bought a set of all season tires for the second set of wheels and shipped them to me so I could get them installed. I had a shop install them and do a road force balance. I brought them home and... even the thin stick on weights hit the calipers. So I had to take them back and have them put the weights as close to the spokes as possible to clear the brakes. Now they are good, installed them last night and took it for a last drive to make sure it is all good. It's fun in the snow with the AWD working, even with traction/stability control on it will oversteer a surprising amount before it straightens you out. Pressing the DSTC button once reduces the DSTC function. You have to "press the DSTC button 5 times at a steady rate" to turn it off completely. Only a Volvo engineer would do that...
  8. jc43089

    chit chat thread

    We got 14 inches up near Wausau on Tuesday. I love slideways weather!
  9. jc43089

    Turbo stroker cammed e30

    Got any more pics of the cluster? Looks interesting.
  10. jc43089

    chit chat thread

    Well the e36 wouldn't start. I have the battery charger on it and a heat lamp under the engine. I really should just get an oil pan heater...
  11. jc43089

    chit chat thread

    I didn't try starting my e36 today. I did start my Sienna and it puked a bunch of oil out around the oil filter for about 30 seconds and sounded really angry that I woke it up. It wouldn't shift into gear until I let it warm up for several minutes. I like this being a teacher thing, cancelled Monday, Wednesday, Thursday this week. I was super helpful because one of our gilts had piglets on Sunday afternoon so I have been able to care for the animals better with the frigid temps. She is doing great and the piglets seem to be doing good buried in the straw bedding. Tomorrow I will see how the BMW does when I have to go do some work for my father in law.
  12. jc43089

    chit chat thread

    I don't even have a radio in my e36. The HiFi volume is controlled by the right pedal.
  13. jc43089

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Looks good! Any progress is good. Especially with the cold weather.
  14. jc43089

    chit chat thread

    Must have way too much time on his hands...