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  1. jc43089

    E30 M52

    I think you know what would happen, you would crack just like your cylinder head.
  2. jc43089

    1999 M3 daily driver running log

    Seems good to me! I assume you mean the doors lock and then unlock right away? My coupe does this as well. I don't have a key fob, it does the lock and immediately unlock if I push the rod down. If I push it down a second time they all stay down. I just don't lock it, I think it has something to do with the limit switches for the door being closed. Do your windows drop when you open the door? Mine do not.
  3. jc43089

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Everything has been running good, passed 200k yesterday on my way home from work.
  4. jc43089

    chit chat thread

    This reminds me, I had a 5 song EP of weird Christmas rock music playing for over 2 hours in the car one time before my wife noticed. I could hardly keep from laughing every time the CD started over
  5. At least he used MS paint to block his plate...
  6. jc43089

    WTB E36 Hitch or a BMW with a hitch.

    You would probably be best to make something custom, those only sandwich through the spare tire well floor. My thought would be to sandwich the floor and also support it from the bumper mounts to add some tongue weight capacity.
  7. My 3/93 has o- rings, my 2/94 has crush washers. Both M50 vanos engines. I am OCD and had to leave it the way it came. I wish I wasn't...
  8. jc43089

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Wow, looks awesome!
  9. I have a pack of o-rings for that, too late now. I replaced mine last Saturday. I don't know if only early cars had the o-ring seals. My 2/94 has crush washer plugs, I think the same ones as the vanos access plugs. The o-rings came in a pack of 25 so 11.5 more people can have a pair if they want them.
  10. jc43089

    Lifted E30 V2

    Cummins engine stands up straight and would be way too tall. 30.7" tall. Also 800ish pounds would make the handling somewhat non optimized.
  11. jc43089

    E30 M52

    That's how you know it's good. They must be sourcing Uro parts. Where is the pcv hose that goes on that nipple?
  12. jc43089

    E30 M52

    Yes low voltage will cause a high temp reading on short sweep gauges. I discovered that the reason the gauge on mine went sky high while my wife was driving it was because I hooked the gauge ground pin to the dimmer circuit instead of steady ground. It was fine when she left because she didn't have the lights on. When she came home it was dark and she turned the lights on so the dimmer raises the voltage on the ground side and the voltage powering the gauge was reduced. You could swing the gauge up and down by moving the illumination dimmer roller.
  13. jc43089

    E30 M52

    There is no head/head gasket problem. You worry too much. The obvious telltale sign is rough running or missing for a short time after a cold start. The cooling system pressure pushes coolant back into whatever cylinder has the problem and keeps it from firing. I have done a head gasket on a Saturday before. The Saturday a week before I got married, I still hear about that...
  14. jc43089

    E30 M52

    Sounds perfect. More burnouts, less worrying.
  15. jc43089

    E30 M52

    Just giver. I don't think you have a problem. I had a mild panic attack last night. I just hooked up a temp gauge in my e36 and my wife took it to go shopping and she called me on the way back and said she stopped and shut if off because the gauge said 250, the highest reading it shows, I told her just drive home thinking the gauge must be not working right. She said it showed 250 all the way home on the highway and then dropped back to 200 right before she got home. Weird.