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  1. Clever oil cooler mounting. What is the plan for the tune? Remote dyno tune or an off the shelf tune?
  2. B C

    1990 e30

    Good man! Cutouts are very under-utilized. loud is not always good.
  3. Upon further review it has been decided that gray cars emitting yellow smoke make for better donuts than yellow cars emitting gray smoke.
  4. Thats a healthy M50B57 swap Wait, are those tires smoking yellow? What kind of gender reveal video did I just witness!?!?
  5. B C

    E46 Things

    I wanted to see what the exhaust actually sounds like since induction and other cool mechanical engine noises make it hard to hear: I didn’t do it for Dale, I did it for science. Is the sound intoxicating? No. is it raspy? Yes. is it all bad? No. I find the sound to be unique and interesting. It is exotic in the way Joe Exotic is. I am content and have no plans to make it louder. If I heard it all the time I might change my mind about it.
  6. Flatbed driver
  7. B C

    1990 e30

    Um, I built a car like that in Forza once ......
  8. I wish I could have seen the launch. Hopefully someone somewhere got it on video
  9. Good time to tack weld the oil pump nut!
  10. DC’s are so cozy
  11. Its challenging to find silver paint that looks natural on a surface which we normally expect to be machined or chrome plated. personally I would try to avoid silvers that have a high metal fleck and definitely clearcoat it. OEM BMW silver would be my pick
  12. You will probably be running E85 then?
  13. *e92boost has entered the chat* impressive! anxious to find out what it dynos when its done. Stock cams?
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