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  1. Saw @damnboy037 near hwy100 and grange yesterday making me want an M2 even more. Slightly bothered that you didn't notice me in the gray minivan 😶 /s
  2. Very nicely done! Im in for the detailing party
  3. Also check the lobes for wear. They can be purchased new
  4. I definitely know what its like to have this little guy on red when its 90 out 😄
  5. I know I say this a lot, but we have a really great group and I always look forward to the picnic. I have made a lot of really great friends through this hobby. I was most inspired by the blue e92 335i automatic, open diff, with brakes, suspension (stock sways), and “FBO” mods which according to the owner, has 7000 track miles and ran a personal best 2:37 at RA.
  6. Auto to Manual coding in NCSExpert: All credit to 50sKid on youtube for the information. He had some trial and error in his video but I consolidated the correct required steps for future reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiBr1h9j0bU NCS Expert 1) File>Load Profile>Expert mode (or Factory Coding, depends on which version of NCSExpert you have) 2) Go to “F1 VIN/ZCS FA”>”F3 ZCS/FA f.ECU” (reads vehicle order from module) 3) Select E46 Chassis 4) Select AKMB 5) Select “F2 Enter FA”, ignore incorrect VIN, click OK
  7. Very disappointed in your intestinal fortitude
  8. We dont need to be that early, I have VTEC. See you at Qdoba at 9:00a
  9. Breakfast burritos are still only served at the Tosa Qdoba. Well worth the detour if you are in need of sustinance.
  10. You are doing it right
  11. Absolutely do it! They are cool people and it will give you insight as to why they can charge what they charge. FWIW, the rarer stuff is in an offsite storage warehouse.
  12. Which trans oil did you use? I tried Redline MTL, Redline D4 ATF, Pentosin MTF-2 (supposedly OE spec fluid), and Bimmerworld’s recommendation Redline MT-LV. MT-LV was the best experience followed by Pentosin MTF-2 as a close 2nd. Life gets better after removing the CDV Sell me your F30
  13. Curiously, thats just how trucks are from the factory. Helps show what’s original and what’s not????
  14. B C

    E46 Things

    All kidding aside, I have a long list of cars that I want, but what you want and what you need are two different things. There are a few non-car-related goals i’m aiming for that influenced my decision to sell and once the dust settles i’ll see where i’m at and what makes sense at that point.
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