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  1. Oh this is good! Please dont disappear like 97.24% of people who post "new member" posts> There is 1 other active F80 owner on here. He has a similar name. Maybe you guys could have a sleepover. Hi @suspenceful
  2. B C

    Plate Blockers

    better effort than a thumb
  3. The people who dont move over are watching tik tok videos. Seems like replacing the fuel tank is a rite of passage when owning a midwest e30. Report back on how the valve adjustment helps! Seems like valve adjustments either provide no noticable benefit, or they make all the difference and the idle/drivability improve and cure some ailments that werent expected
  4. B C

    E46 Things

    159,004 miles 1,600 miles enjoyed YTD, 5,000 since acquired. I got the car parked and in the air last night in preparation for Blackhawk on the 15th. The inspection, bleeding, and brake pad swap shouldn't take long but 2020 has been such a bastion of good fortune /s and I figured I better get a head start on things as my next few weekends are jam packed with other plans.
  5. Looking for an E46 M3 Getrag 420G transmission with lower miles. SMG or 6MT doesn’t matter. Rebuilds/synchro replacements are not a thing on these transmissions and I’m desiring an improvement in shift quality. They are notoriously notchy (see European Car magazine excerpt below) but wouldn't mind trying throwing in a lower mileage unit to see how it feels. Certainly couldn’t hurt.
  6. B C

    ‘91 E30

    Glad those dust covers are still available. The one that was on there did not spring into shape very well/was easily bent because it was so corroded
  7. Immodium will fix that right up
  8. You are probably already familiar with it as you are much more knowledgable about cameras, and video editing, but the Track Addict app and Race Render software are fun and can make for some valuable additions to video footage. http://racerender.com/TrackAddict/Features.html the Bluetooth OBD2 dongle I use on mine doesn’t really have an adequate sample rate but its the cheapest one and was really only made for diagnostics (Carista). Anyways, it syncs with gopro cameras which is cool
  9. Kudos on getting out and enjoying your car. Did you drive with stability control on or off? ( I didnt get a chance to watch the whole video yet. There was 1 crash at my last visit to Blackhawk farms by a guy in an F80 that switched stability control off. The immense torque of those cars seems challenging to control. If M-Dynamic mode is still a think its probably a good way to go especially as it provides understeer correction as well, not just oversteer. On my E46 I didn't detect any stability control intervention with the more lenient ZCP/CSL "M-Track mode" on.
  10. Which of the many engine offerings does this specimen have?
  11. I just noticed it says “BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH”. Be advised
  12. Interesting. I siphoned and refilled my reservoir over the weekend and it doesn't feel quite right. Could just be a tiny bit of air that needs to work itself out, but I am using Maxlife ATF. I like the Maxlife because the seal conditioners really seem to help reduce leaks in past experiences but if the “air”/lack of smoothness doesnt resolve itself I may try non-synthetic ATF Atlas seems cool 👍🏼
  13. That's a better place to test the refreshed diff.
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