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  1. Thanks. Always wanted a 24v swapped E30!
  2. Shift linkage should be a UUC DSSR if it came off the black car Yes to E90 drop hats. I should buy this
  3. Looking forward to seeing this!
  4. yep, thought it would break $7,000 for sure. Nice job though, you did well on it
  5. Because stock 335i brakes are great and unless someone is behind you, there is no such thing is being able to stop too fast
  6. Option 1: post this up on www.bobistheoilguy.com and walk away with PTSD Option 2: use a high quality oil filter and send a sample in to Blackstone during your next oil change.
  7. B C

    New Website

    Clever symbolism ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
  8. B C

    New Website

    Text has nowhere to hide in the 3D realm
  9. B C

    New Website

    Ooooh yes, this.. now THIS is what we need. 3D Fonts
  10. B C

    E46 Things

    My fingers are frozen from installing these spinnybois tonight. Replaced the hardware because oxidized hardware does not belong on sexy new underdrive pulleys
  11. No Wheel of Fortune rules here. Just closest, so donโ€™t get all โ€œOne Dollar, Bob!โ€ on me All guesses need to be in no later than 2 minutes before auction closes
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