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  1. When do the cars come out of hibernation? I see rain early next week but I can imagine they will spray the roads with Salt/cheese brine/chemtrails afterwards though. maybe not this saturday, but next? Hope so.
  2. 1) Are you going to install the Mk60 ABS unit from the M3? 2) You will want to spend the $25 or whatever on this program called ECUWorx so you can customize your settings and adjust your throttle mapping. Refer to the linked post here: The S54 is one of the earlier adaptations of throttle by wire. It is a good system, but the stock throttle mapping drives me batty. Normal mode/komfort mode throttle response is dead off the line and very flat, sometimes making you feel like you may stall the car if you are trying to get off the line very gradually. The rest of the normal mode throttle mapping is good and seems linear/natural enough. Stock sport mode throttle mapping is insanity. Way too aggressive off the line and makes you accidentally slip the clutch if you aren't used to it/have been driving in normal mode for a while. The other reason I dont like the stock sport mode throttle mapping is it is so dead and flat near WOT, so when you are racing a Nissan Kicks SV for pink slips, teasing them along at 80% throttle and go for the WOT kill, you dont get 20% more throttle/power and can be disappointing. I have experimented a bit with the throttle mapping and tweaked it to something much more natural and enjoyable. Some people even tune it so WOT in normal mode is only 70-80% WOT as sort of an "eco mode" and then get 100% WOT only when sport mode is on. Fun idea, but ive had some hairball left turns where ive needed full steam ahead and need all of the beans in an instant. What I ended up with turned out to be nearly identical to the throttle mapping on the Evolve tune. Since the MSS54 has dynamic timing advance, most tunes for the S54 wont do much more than adjust throttle mapping, remove top speed limiter, and will delete certain features that you ask them to. Some, like evolve will optimize the vanos maps a bit which is worthwhile, but a lot of the perceived gains are through throttle mapping, which is why ECUWorx is a badass little program.
  3. B C

    E46 Things

    Pulled the car out of the garage for a rinse and re-installed the spoiler because it is very tricky to get the placement correct. I wasn’t satisfied with my first two attempts but it’s all good now. I was able to try out the new parkIng brake components and can now finally hold the car on a hill in neutral! A functioning park brake is underrated.
  4. Scuffing Oil-Dri into the concrete with your foot does an amazing job of removing stains as well as wearing out your shoes.
  5. They do it to keep people fixated/talking about the rear to distract them from the front end?
  6. Not local, but the new E46 hot spot since m3forum.net died is nam3forum.com may be helpful for shippable items and odds/ends
  7. No snail power yet, but this 02 ute is interesting
  8. B C

    BANGL 2021

    Must be on an exterior surface visible for public ridicule
  9. B C

    BANGL 2021

    Bingo rules. 5 in a row. BINGO.... BANGL....
  10. B C

    BANGL 2021

    I had to think carefully. You were the only one that came to mind as far as M5 owners. @TehRaydarlover may still have his but he has been AWOL. OP updated with clearer rules
  11. B C

    BANGL 2021

    You must be having an outrageously busy day then: 👀
  12. B C

    BANGL 2021

    From today forward, play BANGL and win a prize! Rules: -Game begins 2/17/2021, activities must take place after this date. -activities SHOULD be completed with a BMW but once someone achieves BANGL and submits evidence in this thread, we will vote. -evidence should be photographic, but if it isnt, it will be subject to scrutiny by the community come validation time. -Knocking on Chris’ door is an acceptable substitute in the event he tampers with his doorbell
  13. Santa Monica BMW 2007. Someone go ahead and make a pick
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