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  1. Here’s a Sasquatch quality photo of a 4dr S54 in the wild. Hey there @Partiallypurple
  2. You are doing a lot of good things! Nice work! I enjoy the updates. Post a sound clip in the spring once its back on the road
  3. yes, you will get gear rattle in any gearbox when you have a lightweight single mass flywheel. It is an inevitability. Multiplate clutches make their own weird noises. Manual transmissions always have and always will be just a little bit clunky in certain conditions. I was always curious to see if Redline shockproof oil would cushion the gears and reduce the noise. Ultimately its the same reason why it’s stupid to run a solid flex disk or “guibo” which the entire damn world spells incorrectly and I will never forgive them. Lets all agree to call it a flex disk and never say anything that rhymes with guido. Engine power output is in pulses and the deceleration between pulses opens up the gear lash. This is less prominent with a heavier flywheel as there is less deceleration between pulses. It’s happening in every gearbox, just less noticable/audible. The dual mass flywheel eliminates this. Embrace the fact that its manual. Dont expect perfection. Install a really good shifter, freshen up everything you can, and make the experience of rowing gears as magical as it can be.
  4. I had an m20 flywheel lightened, resurfaced, and balanced by C&S in Butler. it wasnt cheap, but machining the ring off the back of the flywheel gets you somewhere close to 13 lb. You will have gear rattle in neutral but it revs nice
  5. Was it the taller shorter haired gentleman at the far left counter?
  6. I have seen this car posted for sale multiple times over the last 10 years starting out looking mint with 70k on it. The previous owner seems to have let it go mechanically/cosmetically. It was for sale 3 weeks ago for $1700, not running, in oconomowoc I believe. It has been cleaned up a lot for this current ad
  7. I wish you great success in your transition to fatherhood. If things go sideways you can always go out for milk.
  8. You did a really nice job with this car and i’m glad you got out and enjoyed it while you owned it. See you over on siennachat forums. My username there is “goldfishcrackercarpetstain99”
  9. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/delafield-2003-mini-cooper-project-car/7384702080.html not a runner: Could be a nightmare of a project or it could be a chance to do the “while you’re in there” stuff and come out the other side with a reasonably reliable car.
  10. Very much appreciate the invitation👍👍 Sounds amazing! I have 3 soccer games that day so I will need to do some coordinating in order for it to work.
  11. Saw @damnboy037 near hwy100 and grange yesterday making me want an M2 even more. Slightly bothered that you didn't notice me in the gray minivan 😶 /s
  12. Very nicely done! Im in for the detailing party
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