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  1. Thanks, I appreciate that perspective. I’ll try thinking of it that way next time and see how my brain likes it. That or i’ll start making right turns from the thru-lane just to feel like I have the right of way. 😎
  2. I dont normally like yellow cars but those 850 turbos in yellow with gray wheels definitely do the trick for me. cool snag!
  3. I don't claim to be an elite driver who could host professional coaching sessions for the next generation of prospective Drivers Ed instructors. I just drive the roads and try not to get in anyone's way. Can someone please explain how to navigate 2 stupid and contradictary intersection scenarios encountered in Wisconsin? 1) Controlled 4-way intersection with right turn yield sign 2) Controlled 4-way intersection with right turn stop sign I could be either car, the Limerock Orange car turning right on a green light (with yield sign) or the Yas Marina b
  4. Im going to be changing to rubber soon. Was just curious if you had urethane and how the diff whine was. What a great car!
  5. What are you running for diff mounts? Stock, or urethane?
  6. Cool story! explain the steam cleaned undercarriage? Is it particularly oily? Or are you about to park it over some mirrors at a car show?
  7. B C

    E46 Things

    Philips 4300K out Morimoto 6000K in because I need to signal to the world that I am a hot boi street racer. This is what they look like when they are on This is what they look like when they are off
  8. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/big-bend-1995-bmw-touring-wagon/7318508016.html
  9. Finish line is in sight
  10. Always a bad time when your nuts start spinning unexpectedly.
  11. The F30 looks so good. Is the electric steering as much of a buzzkill as the automotive journalists make it out to be? Does the car seem near impossible to work on? Probably not so much with the 4cyl
  12. I got my kids onto bikes with hand brakes and derailleurs as soon as I could so they could become little shreddies on the MTB trails. With how quickly they grow it is hard to justify getting them each a $400 Trek so I’ve tried to find the best department store bikes and upgraded things to make them a bit safer and more trailworthy. Looks like he has a great bike! Time to try out Minooka
  13. If you ever have grandkids, show them these photos. You will be their hero until they realize it was not only gasoline powered, but a V8, and they will forever blame you for everything. 65.8 lbs… Try running helium in the tires?
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