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  1. Does anyone have experience doing PLC programming, or setting up Micrologix controllers/Panelview displays? I no longer have a controls engineer at work and I have to get a machine programmed and debugged before Friday. I have never done this before and have managed to get the program loaded onto the controller and am now trying to load the display program to the Panelview, then get the comms setup. I have had many small miracles take place and with a measure of good luck, I may succeed tomorrow. In case I run into some dead ends, does anyone have experience that I may be able to lean on regarding loading and setup? Contractors/tech support has been hard to find and to receive Rockwell/AB tech support means renewing a 3 year service contract for $4000 that will very likely never be used again.
  2. Is a ball-bearing turbo worth the added cost? or Is a quality name brand journal bearing single scroll turbo good enough? Is a split pulse/twin scroll turbo a "must-have" feature even though it requires two wastegates? https://turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/journal_bearings_vs_ball_bearings "Turbo Response – When driving a vehicle with the cartridge ball bearing turbocharger, you will find exceptionally crisp and strong throttle response. Garrett Ball Bearing turbochargers spool up 15% faster than traditional journal bearings. This produces an improved response that can be converted to quicker 0-60 mph speed. In fact, some professional drivers of Garrett ball-bearing turbocharged engines report that they feel like they are driving a big, normally aspirated engine. Tests run on CART turbos have shown that ball-bearings have up to half of the power consumption of traditional bearings. The result is faster time to boost which translates into better drivability and acceleration. On-engine performance is also better in the steady-state for the Garrett Cartridge Ball Bearing"
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