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  1. Awesome! And thanks. I was on my way to LKQ for some parts. Ride height and dampening feel great in this thing! That was probably its last hoorah for the year tho, lol.
  2. Well, plans have changed and the swap is being pushed off till spring/summer 2021. A lot going on with work and life in general, that adding the stress of finishing a swap in a single week on my winter daily driver would suck. And thats if everything goes extremely smooth, which we all know never happens. Ha! To be continued....
  3. Haha yes it is. Didnt get around to installing a central heater with thermostat yet, so the ole propane tank mounted heater will do for now. works relatively nice if close by.
  4. I ended up ordering (renting?) the kit off amazon last night due to 2 day shipping. Should have it tomorrow.
  5. Or does it have something to do with jurisdiction reasons? Idk. Thats crazy tho
  6. Anyone local to Milwaukee have the timing special tool kit for the M52, M52TU, M54 with dual vanos I could rent or borrow? Needed ASAP if possible. Thanks
  7. I second this ^^^^^ And don't forget the most crucial part of storing your bmw over winter ...... fold in the mirrors.
  8. Correct. I just want to knock down any high spots that may have happened. Otherwise the new bushing can get deformed and the detent can stick again. Better safe than sorry, you know?
  9. The first one was a bitch and a half. Made the mistake of not splitting the bushing completely down the seam. it came loose from the bore, but I was unable to pull it out due to the lower half not being folded in enough. It fell down into the trans, thought I was screwed. Eventually got it out tho. Second one came out super easy after learning from the first one. Now to just get some small files to clean up the bore walls. Then I can get the new ones in and finish up the trans work.
  10. Just grabbed the drifts from Joe. Should definitely help with installing the new bushings. Just have to get creative to remove the detents and old bushings....
  11. Mcmaster also has a decent selection of adjustable casters. May find something that works there....
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