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  1. I buy it online or usually pick it up at the car swap meets throughout the year if I know I will be needing it. Shipping is super quick online too btw.
  2. I use KBS Coatings and I LOVE IT.
  3. I can make the prancing moose sticker in any color you want! 👍
  4. Was wondering when this would happen. Pretty awesome!
  5. If the hazard switch is anything like the e21, it will break the moment you look at it and never quite work properly EVER
  6. I currently daily a 2013 Sportster Forty-Eight and am also building a custom cafe Moto Guzzi (hipmf's old bike) with full custom monoshock rear end and gsxr front forks. It's a lot farther along at this point, just haven't taken many pictures.
  7. I will need a piece cut from 1/4" aluminum plate at some point in the future. Will be in touch when I get there.
  8. Bike is complete to the point he wants to go with it. Runs and sounds great! It's currently for sale now. If anyone is interested or knows someone who is, send me a PM.
  9. UPDATE: There is no update. 👍
  10. sounds like having a tinting company remove it may be worth it.....
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