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  1. How is the height of the seats? I put e30 sport seats in my previous e21 and they sat too high. I had to cut out both stock seat mounts and weld in two new ones that ran from rocker to trans tunnel to make the seat height where I wanted it.
  2. I am not too sure about that, but want to say no. The Z3M had different suspension than the non-M obviously, but other than that I am not certain there was another option.
  3. Yes! Once I pull the trigger on some sway bars...
  4. That is a good question honestly. I had a bit of trouble with that and had to press it back down from inside the car, lol. I can only assume that once all the sound deadening and trim is back installed that it helps hold the plate down? 🤷‍♂️ Only time will tell I guess.
  5. Since BMW used red locktite on the strut bolts from factory and these are definitely original struts, lots of pb blaster and a torch were needed to remove the lower strut bolts. I eventually got it all done and went for a cruise. Feels good! Sun didn't help the pics. Rear seems like a good height especially for just guessing on the adjuster position. Front can maybe come down just a tad still. All in all, I am very happy with it. Still have to install the interior back together, but again, waiting for the paint/dye to show up.
  6. I looked into split system for heat and cool, but just couldn't afford something like that right now. I got this 12k btu window unit used for $100 which is more my speed, lol. And I'm not sold on them. They do a great job for a normal garage that people just park in or use for storage. But for a garage that is used as a shop/working on stuff, not so much. Ill be replacing them with 6 high lumen strip lights eventually.
  7. Rears are done. started on the front passenger side. After some struggle with balljoint, got the control arm replaced with new poly offset bushing. Couldn't find my stupid 18mm socket or wrench, so waiting till tomorrow to install coilover. Then on to driver side. Also, had to install a window ac unit because why not!
  8. for the rears? The Rogue Engineering reverse mount plates act as reinforcement plates while also allowing the nuts to be accessed from wheel well
  9. Picked up a set of H&R coilovers
  10. Started tearing into the coilover install today. The coupe requires to take pretty much the entire rear interior out to access the rear strut mounting nuts. I went through this with my e46 touring, so I had an idea of what was involved. Took about an hour to have it looking like this... Got it up in the air and got the rear struts and springs out. Struts were original and both were completely blown and leaking. I'll take more pics tomorrow when I continue. Also, while I have the interior trim removed, the carpet pieces will be getting the SEM black dye treatment and the plastic bits will be getting the Colorbond bmw black trim paint treatment.
  11. A girlfriend I had in high school drove a white tempo. Brings back memories.....
  12. Only thing I have seen is grinding the concrete with floor sander that has diamond scuff abrasive on it. This will prep it for the new coating.
  13. Measuring the BBS logo, its about 3-3/16" or roughly 80mm. So, if thats the same as yours it may work. You can have it and try it out if you want.
  14. I just opened my print file back up. Says that it used 32.09 meters (or approximately 95 grams) of filament to print. The filament spool I am using cost me $23 for 1kg. We all know that 1kg equals 1000 grams. So dividing $23 by 1000 grams gives you 0.02 cents per gram. Multiple that by the 95 grams and it cost me $2.19 to print this wrench. I'd say this juice was worth the squeeze for sure!
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