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  1. Thanks! It's perfect size for my Google Pixel 6 too. Holds it in place nicely
  2. Alright, alright. I forgot to take pics of the finished bracket, but here is one of the test print before doing it for real in black ABS. I then bought the DIY wireless phone charger kit from ECS Tuning to make it an easy install. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-inbay-parts/wireless-charging-retrofit-kit-3-coil/240000-10-1~iby/ And here it is installed.
  3. Completed the heated steering wheel retrofit. All 100% stock parts. It really cranks out the heat when first turning it on. Then settles after that to a very comfortable temp. I'm very impressed. I also installed a wireless phone charger in place of the ashtray in front of shifter. 3D printed an adapter that mounts to stock screw locations and uses a universal wireless charging pad from ecstuning. Works great!
  4. The Ultimate Grocery Getter Machine!
  5. Speeds may have been a factor as well 😬
  6. Can't end the driving season without a little carnage. Had a run in with a fat squirrel while out on my last drive before winter storage. Bent and broke the front splitter I made. Was slapping the bumper the whole ride home. Give me something to do over winter I suppose. Car has been washed, gassed up with stabil and in it's spot for the long hibernation. Mirrors are tucked, it's official!
  7. Yes, comfortability is a big part of tinted windows. Not looking to limo tint it out. Just something to help with privacy and blocking sun.
  8. Thanks! I had my fun with it. It had 200k on the body, rust spots forming and figured it was time for something different. For what I sold it for, I can't complain. Lol I just can't do it man!
  9. So, I recently sold my M54B30 5spd swapped E46 touring xi and was on the hunt for a new daily. I was adamant about getting another touring, but it's definitely slim pickings out there unless you wanna pay some crazy prices. I found a 2008 328xi E90 for sale with relatively low miles (103k) for a decent price at a dealer. Did my bargaining thing and got them to come down to my price. This basically made it a straight over trade for what I sold the touring for. Plus it's 6 years newer and 100k miles less. 2008 E90 328xi - Deep Green Metallic over Beige Came with aftermarket wheels and snow tires, so naturally had to swap them out for some BMW Individual wheels for the meantime. The color caught my eye the most as you don't see many green BMWs anymore. It's also very hard to capture in photos. I need to take some better ones of the exterior and interior. So far I am very happy with it. The tight steering and smoothness of the engine when accelerating is really nice. First things I would like to do are getting the xDelete app to make it rwd when the AWD isn't really necessary. Getting some tint on the windows as I hate being in a fish bowl. And installing a Bluetooth audio setup that integrates the steering wheel controls as I don't have the iDrive or navigation. Something that feels factory.
  10. That's awesome about the excursion. We had a diesel excursion 7.3L when I was in high school and I loved driving that thing. I piled 10+ friends in that thing and went on road trips during the summers. Was great! My dad sold it when diesel was incredibly expensive years ago and now wishes he still had it.
  11. That's definitely some good info, thanks! I was planning on going to see these three this weekend. Any insight always helps. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/5490729274374093/ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1303804813527857/ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/699095657848007/
  12. Today a new owner got the opportunity to grab this touring and hopefully enjoy it as much as I have. This car was very enjoyable after the B30 and manual swap. It definitely didn't hurt the value either. Time for something new as a daily tho. Currently in the market for something different. Thinking either an e91 Touring or even a Mini Countryman S to have some boost back in my life while still being able to haul things. Any other suggestions are welcomed.
  13. Sorry man, these have been gone for awhile. I can keep an eye out for ya.
  14. Nice! I was actually looking at that one too, lol. Great buy!!
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