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  1. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing this one in person sometime!
  2. In the process of finishing out an area of my basement as well.
  3. Welcome! Looks like saab wheels on the touring, no?
  4. Mine is 200mm cube build surface. I use mostly PLA and PETG. In process of building an enclosure to experiment with ABS and ASA. Single head extruder with breakaway supports.
  5. You're welcome Rich! It was a fun one to make for sure!
  6. I guess I will start it off! Thank you to my secret santa for the awesome authentic German Z3 Coupe brochure and the classic bass guitar tuner keychain. Glad to see someone interpreting my username correctly! 😂
  7. Received a package yesterday as well. My gift will be at my recipients house today at some point.
  8. Although I am not a fan of the Road Glide fairing (I prefer the batwing, just personal preference), that's a damn nice looking bike! I have debated selling my Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight and getting a new Fat Bob with the 114 engine. I test rode one and it fucking moves.
  9. Been working on the color change for rear interior pieces. So far not too bad.
  10. Awesome! And thanks. I was on my way to LKQ for some parts. Ride height and dampening feel great in this thing! That was probably its last hoorah for the year tho, lol.
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