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  1. Thanks. I had the concrete guys recess a pit in the floor for it. The arms still sit above the floor for easier swing out, so not fully flush. But definitely better than when I had it just siting on garage floor.
  2. Part of me wishes I got a maxjax lift instead of my scissor lift, due to it being in the way of jobs that are directly under the car. But then the space savings around the car of the scissor lift is the plus side. Either way, not having to deal with Jack stands and such makes any style lift well worth it.
  3. So I've been having a rougher idle on the touring the past few weeks. I installed BMW Scanner and INPA on my spare laptop and connected it up. Cleared all the adaptations and scanned it for codes. These are what I pulled Error Code 106 - Control Vanos Mechanicall Outlet Blocked or Jammed Error Code 8 - Air Flow Meter Error Code 106 could if been a few different things, cam sensor, vanos seals, vanos solenoids, etc. I decided to start swapping parts off the Z3 coupe to diagnose the problem. Started with the exhaust side cam position sensor. Swapped the part, cleared adaptations and Error codes, fired it up. Luckily first try was a success! Cam sensor cleared the Error Code 106. For Error Code 8, I was going to swap MAFs, but unfortunately the 2.8L Z3 coupe MAF is the same size as the B25 MAF, not the B30 MAF. Decided to just go ahead a buy a new MAF off FCP Euro while purchasing tue new cam sensor and oring. Hopefully this is it and daily driving commences. After this, still gotta full up the AC system and good to go. 👍
  4. Touring makes it look so tiny and the touring isn't even big 😂
  5. It's the little things that count. Front center jack pad for xi models. Mine was missing since I got the car. Finally got around to ordering a new one.
  6. After more failed attempts at coding the B25 DME (kept having issues with connecting and finding the dme in the software), it was time to turn to plan b. Thanks to @m42b32 for having an extra MS43 DME and being able to flash it with everything I needed. Joe ended up putting the stock B30 tune, EWS delete and SAI delete on it and it worked like a charm. After a couple startups to see how things were going, the engine started running extremely rough and wouldn't idle. @B C ended up stopping over with his computer. We checked fuel injectors, good. Checked coilpacks, good. Nothing was obvious from the outside, so we plugged the computer in to check error codes. After translating a few we narrowed it down to the DISA valve. Turns out the plug wasn't fully seated on the connector. Plugged it in and purred like a kitten. Sweet! Torqued down axle nuts and crank bolt, bled the clutch a million different ways until it finally got all the air out, dropped it on the ZHP wheels and took it for a short "around the block" drive. All seems pretty good. Time to throw the front end back on, hood, fill AC install airbox and start daily it. 👍
  7. The coupe club has grown! Looks great, man!
  8. My shitty s10 pickup is registered in Jefferson and I keep/drive it in Brookfield/Milwaukee all the time. 🤷‍♂️
  9. 330i front brakes installed
  10. Like it never happened... Still have to seam seal and undercoat the underside, but I'm very happy with it. Shifts through all gears like it should. I have to get a new black leather shift boot instead of the grey one I found at the u-pull. Also, once this whole project is wrapped up, this thing is getting a full interior detail for sure. Yikes!!!
  11. Well I'll call that a success. Ended up cutting the dash console piece in one spot to make room. This spot will allow everything to bolt back together and never be seen. This extra space allowed me to cut back the carpet inside shifter area. I made a template of the inside hump piece and traced it on the car to prep for cutting. I then proceeded to cut it out carefully with a dremel, not to hit any of the wiring or catch something on fire. Fits great and shifting feels exactly as it should now! 👍 Now I just have to get some panelbond, seam sealer and rivets to attach it permanently and put all the interior back together.
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