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  1. Bassboy3313

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    I remember closing the garage door part way to get the engine hoist high enough when doing mine and brians engines. Food for thought.
  2. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Thanks. They shouldn't be needed for this stuff, so you're good. No rush
  3. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Passenger side done. Now to make a template and get cracking on the drivers side.
  4. Bassboy3313

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Man! This brings back memories. I installed actual neon tube underglow on my Hyundai Tiburon back in high school. Was the talk of the town.
  5. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    It's not as bad as you'd think. Once the first cut is done and there's no turning back, it becomes easier, lol.
  6. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Getting boring not being able to post pics of the car due to keeping the theme a secret. So, I say screw it. Some of you may recognize the livery design and possibly some may not. Either way, this is where the car stands as of today. Started with the rear flare modifications today. I first marked where the top of the flare will sit, then marked a line below that for where the body will be cut. Took the sawzall and cut about an inch below this line through both the inner and outer skin. I then used my air cut-off wheel and cut just the outer skin at the correct line. This left an inner skin lip that I pie cut. Using a welders vise grips, I bent the pie cut pieces one-by-one up to the outer skin until they touched and flatten the underside with a hammer. I felt this was the safest/easiest way to reattach the skins back together. Next step is to weld the two skins together where they meet, cut off the excess outer skin lip, grind it smooth, weld up any gaps that remain, grind, and primer. I will then take cardboard to make a template to use on the other side and repeat. Once this is all done the remainder of the car gets wrapped. 😃
  7. Bassboy3313

    I'm back with another E36

    make it 4.20 ..... BAZINGA!!!!
  8. Bassboy3313

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    Gotta change that thread title since neither of these are the BEST.
  9. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Thanks! This will mostly be a street car, but planning on attending some track days here and there.
  10. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Depending on how the inner and outer skins separate once cut, my plan of attack was to leave the inner a hair longer, pie cut it and bend up to meet outer skin. Then burn them in together. Any and all pics you have of this process would be great! If you don't mind sharing.
  11. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Been real busy so far this year with work and other stuff, but slowly getting more progress done. I have the a, b & c pillars wrapped on both sides along with a few other areas. I am ordering more vinyl today to finish the doors and roof. Then i have to cut the rear arches, weld, modify the flares and get them fitted. Then I can order the remaining vinyl for the quarters and rear.
  12. Bassboy3313

    E30 M52

    I hear the new owner can be a dick at times.... idk.
  13. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Thanks guys! I got the passenger side and rear epoxy primered yesterday as well. It still definitely has its flaws, but I am building this car to drive, not to trailer. So I am fine with it.
  14. Bassboy3313

    I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    Awesome pics!!
  15. Bassboy3313

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    One step closer