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  1. From what I can think, its to assist with removing/installing it onto the wheel if there is any corrosion. Since it threads onto the wheel and doesn't clip on like usual. You would use a socket from back side.
  2. And just like that, goes from 3D printed plastic to machined aluminum. ๐Ÿ˜ I was about to call up some machine shops, but ended up finding a company called Bimmertune out of Lithuania. They already sold the custom centercaps for BBS RC wheels at a very nice price. Free shipping was incredibly fast as well. Some new domed BBS center cap stickers are on their way as well. I also picked up a throttle body adapter plate from them while I was at it. It's to mount the M52TUB28 throttle body to an M54B30 manifold. I have the B30 manifold on the shelf already and hear it's great gains up top without affecting the low end torque for the TUB engines. That will be a project for when I feel very confident, lol.
  3. Took some measurements of the OEM center caps and drew something up in TinkerCAD. Getting the threads correct was the hardest part. Nice thing about McMaster-Carr is that they have the CAD files for every part they sell. Once I figured out the thread pitch I found a bolt on McMaster that matched and pulled it into TinkerCAD. Worked like a charm and fits perfectly! Now I'll be able to run these wheels with the Motorsport Hardware stud kit installed. Gotta figure out if I want to get these wheels refinished this winter too ๐Ÿค”
  4. I havent tried it yet, but have been curious about it. That and TPU rubber filament too.
  5. Latest gadget I made with my printer... Christmas gift for my niece. Lights have settings to interact with music or color change in different patterns. Astronaut was printed in 8 different pieces to make printing and assembly easier. Then adhered together with super glue.
  6. Figured I would get the car on the lift and prepped for work this winter. Had to do some multiple up-downs with the jack and lift in order to get the tallest lift feet under it. These are needed for when I install the dssr since they give the most clearance between the lift surface and underside of car for exhaust removal and such. Also decided to take the wheels off and throw the Motorsport Hardware 78mm stud kit on too. The studs are too long to reuse the oem BBS screw-on center caps, but that's not a problem. I have something planned for different center caps that involves the 3d printer for mock up and test fitting. Stay tuned!
  7. I have a printer and use tinkercad most of the time. It's super simple to use for basic things, but lacks any enhanced tools. Fusion 360 seems to be a go to for most 3d printing folks. I'm sure with your knowledge of sketchup, you shouldn't have a hard time with any software you decide to use.
  8. Test fitting the new shift knob for next year. Joined the motorsport golf ball shifter club!
  9. Just know that heim joint sway links can be noisy. So if that doesn't bother you, go for it! I have them on my Z3 Coupe and will be switching them out for some adjustable ball joint style sway links to quiet things down. Just an FYI
  10. It's already accounted for, lol. @wasnt m3 was nice enough to lend me his spare ZF to rebuild before I did the clutch job. So now my old one gets rebuilt and given back.
  11. Can anyone local here use a brand new UUC DSSR for their car? I bought it by mistake and would rather sell locally than deal with trying to return. Never used. Would like to get my money back for it, so asking $140. Would save you shipping cost. Let me know!
  12. Job is done and very well worth it! Didn't get a whole lot of pics, but got a few. First drive home makes me not want to put it in garage for winter yet. Lol. Revs like a son of a bitch and shifting is very smooth with new detents. I did screw up and bought the wrong DSSR. The one I got was for the e36, thinking it was the same. Well, the Z3 shift arm is almost twice as long as the e36. Had to reuse the stock arm for now and will be ordering the correct one to swap in over winter. All-in-all I'm very happy with the result and will be tough to take it easy next spring to break-in the clutch correctly.
  13. Tomorrow is clutch day! Taking the Z to a friend's shop to use his 2-post lift to knock it out before the salt flies. Finished up installing parts on the spare transmission. It got all new detents, new slave cylinder, SS braided clutch line, shift fork pin & spring, shift rod joint, UUC DSSR, shift bushings and Redline MT-LV fluid. Will be doing the rear main seal, JB racing lightweight flywheel, M3 pressure plate & spring hub clutch disc with new throwout bearing and pilot bearing as well.
  14. Yup! M3 clutch & pressure plate with a jb racing lightweight flywheel. Along with a DSSR and all new shifter parts and detents.
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