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  1. I do the same thing with my 3d printer. Its definitely satisfying and addicting when things you create/draw yourself actually end up working like they should, lol.
  2. Thanks to @Rekpoint for the deal on the e36 racing dynamics strut brace. Got it installed this morning on the coupe. Needed just a bit of clearancing on underside of hood and for the strut tower ground lug. Otherwise fits great!
  3. More than happy to help! Was a tight fit to get the mig gun in there, but got the job done. Welding upside down is never the easiest thing either, lol.
  4. Thanks man! Paint is a little rough around the edges, but that will eventually be sorted out. Runs great, so thats all that matters right now, lol.
  5. Haha yes! Seemed like we were in that pattern for a bit with our old cars, huh?
  6. All clean and ready to rip!
  7. Took another crack at it with the extractor but heating it first with a torch. As I was turning the extractor with the tap handle, the entire threaded insert broke loose and fell inside the frame rail. 😳😡 Leaving me with an empty hole, a few different ideas came to mind. To keep damage to the frame rail to a minimal, I opted with opening up the hole just enough to snugly tap in a threaded coupling. Ground off the finish and applied a layer of jb weld to possibly help things hold from inside. Left it about 1/16" out from frame in order for the welds to have more surface area to mend
  8. Engine and trans are going to metal scrap yard this week if it's not gone by tomorrow. I need it out of garage ASAP.
  9. Would be a messy weld as it isn't flush with frame surface. Welding on your back in a tight space isn't the easiest either, lol.
  10. Ran into a snag with the broken control arm bolt stuck in the car frame from one's the previous owners. Have tried drilling it out and using extractor with no luck. Next step is heating with propane torch and quenching with wd40 to see if that breaks it free with extractor. If not, guess it's drilling out to bigger size, retapping, enlarging hole on control arm mount and bolting it in with bigger bolt.
  11. Hey guys. I have the M54B25 out of my e46 325xi touring for sale. Had 183k when pulled. Was having a misfire and sourced a vacuum leak down at boot to IACV as the possible culprit. Otherwise ran good still. I'm swapping in M54B30 with 5spd in the touring so don't need it. Comes with awd auto trans that slips from 3rd to 4th sometimes and a bucket of spare parts including intake manifold, transfer case, driveshaft, etc. Will let it go cheap to someone here just to get it out of the garage!!!!! Make an offer. PM me here or TEXT me at 4143131124.
  12. E46 car cover https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/440169907214106/?ref=facebook_story_share E46 M3 wheels https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/911878592963468/?ref=facebook_story_share
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