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  1. New clamp for PS gets here Monday. One day late of the autox πŸ˜‘
  2. Just seeing if there’s any interest in my current Coilover setup. -fortune auto 500s -8k/10k rates -maybe 2500 miles on this setup -already welded to knuckles, por15’d -would include hubs (stud conversion not included) & tools for adjusting ride height brand new these are like $1300 (Unwelded), was thinking I’d like $1400 for Wibimmers people since these are already welded to the knuckle and include hubs i can get pics, these are still currently on the car. They honestly ride pretty nicely for what they are, I just want to upgrade.
  3. Can also used closed loop boost control to make the spool less of a an instant tire destroyer. Looks good Mike
  4. Still gonna run the larger spacer for peace of mind lol
  5. Ok so I said screw it and lightly drove it anyways
  6. So if anyone is curious, The RT660 is quite wide, the 200tw class battle is out of control lol these are on a 8.5” wheel and aren’t the slightest bit stretched, could honestly probably put them on a 9” and almost be square Due to the added chonk, i had to order a different sized spacer for the fronts because I was assuming an rs4-ish sized tire Spacers Get here Friday & I’ll take some pics then
  7. ^ We had to do this on the Miata for the EBC in tuner studio when setting up closed loop boost control. Also when finding the min/max for the IAC for closed loop idle.
  8. Ahh gotcha. Been struggling to find quality stuff in larger sizes
  9. Have been driving the car for a bit, pump still makes a noticeable whine. No leaks (hooray) from the PS system, but now I have a loud pump. Checked chase bays troubleshooting guide: the clamp I was sent is as tight as I can get it, so now I’m wondering if I have a clamp that is too large. I have to get them the PN off the clamp (which is facing the block and not easy to see) so they can figure out if what they sent me is correct. πŸ˜’ In other news my spacers show up tomorrow and I get wheels mounted on Wednesday. I bought a fender roller just in case lol
  10. Where did you order your clear vinyl from?
  11. Looks great Dave. All this time I was expecting a bass boat, silly me
  12. This is probably my favorite shot of the trip, dangling some of the 275s off the asphalt
  13. Oh yea, he’s my favorite seller
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