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  1. 350mm wheel barely used because I barely use my car $150 shipped or make an offer (you won’t hurt my feelings) i think these sell for like $209 new(?) somebody correct me if I’m wrong
  2. Still leaks PS fluid, but most of everything else is buttoned up
  3. Yep when you shift into 6th, the revs just increase. It almost feels like 4th.
  4. Looking forward to see you at ice racing this year!
  5. Correct. Plus I just got the handbrake mounted to the rig lol
  6. Did you get $50 worth of stale cookies and room temp coffee when you dropped the car off? D e l i g h t
  7. FB pay? I can barely use PayPal. But if you do have a rear window switch from the sedan that isn’t all covered in dick-beater grime, I will buy it from you for a price that seems reasonable
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