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  1. KaiserRolls

    1990 e30

    I’ll preemptively pour one out for your driveline
  2. KaiserRolls

    1990 e30

    Jeeeeeeeesus that “launch control” is useless hahah. Seems like a riot
  3. Oh for sure, I just was more concerned if you had the revised pins lol
  4. Don’t the revised detent pins come with press in sleeves/bushings?? As long as the bore isn’t too mangled I wouldn’t be worried about it as the new detent will have a sleeve to ride in
  5. White block, I see you like to live dangerously lol
  6. So since the car was down over the weekend, I ended up codriving my buddy’s turbo miata. ended up taking 2nd in XS-B and raw timing 8th/143 cars. I’ve driven turbo Miatas before but this was my first experience in one with a true manual rack (slower ratio than powered racks), so my hand work was a bag of shit. The car is an absolute rocket though. He ended up 1st in XS-B and 4th/143 for raw time. http://fvscc.com/results/2020_Summer/Event4_raw.htm As much as I hate driving other people’s cars, it was really nice to just show up and rip around. Trying to break that habit though lol for this run the tires had some temp in them and were about 6/7psi higher than what we like to run, hence the oversteer IMG_2598.mov
  7. $15 later, outlet is fixed and had the rad pressure tested for peace of mind. Should be good to slap back in the car
  8. It’s not too bad of a job, use some picks/screwdrivers/needle nose pliers and take your time
  9. Can confirm that Joes tools work great
  10. I’d have to fill out their online forms, send mine in, they’d either fix it or send out a new one after they inspect it. For the timeline I’m on, I’d rather not sit on my thumb waiting for a replacement that shows up in the same condition when they drop ship it from mainland China.
  11. Not sure what the distance is from bottom of the frame to floor, but could always toss in some drawers underneath too so you aren’t giving up that space to collect garage scraps https://www.mcmaster.com/storage-drawers/drawers-for-workbenches-6/
  12. Adjustable feet on those would be really nice. If you don’t plan on moving them I think that would be the ticket.
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