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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/E30/comments/88932d/tips_for_removing_driveshaft_dampener/
  2. Ditch that tumor of a damper
  3. KaiserRolls

    Name Change

    More like a bulletin board, but online
  4. KaiserRolls

    Craigslist Challenge

    Motorweek says 13.9 at 101 edit* time was for a coupe Also this ad has a 99% chance of being a scam
  5. KaiserRolls

    Craigslist Challenge

    Supposedly 14.3 for this pile which I heavily doubt
  6. KaiserRolls

    Craigslist Challenge

    Acura car supposedly 15.1ish according to some dude on the web
  7. KaiserRolls

    Name Change

    I’m starting a petition to have @YoungCR change the name of the site to WIboomers. The site will be one sticky about how to navigate a coke freestyle machine.
  8. KaiserRolls

    ‘91 E30

    ECS is the butt of a lot of jokes usually, but ordering through @patsbimmer1 is the way to do it. He had the second piece overnighted and I didn’t have to deal with any mouthbreathers. If you need to order through ECS, hit up Pat.
  9. KaiserRolls

    ‘91 E30

    The other half is supposed to arrive today. Will update on if it’s the correct one lol
  10. KaiserRolls

    ‘91 E30

    Yep, 3 cyl conversion - I hope it saved them money on shipping lol
  11. KaiserRolls

    ‘91 E30

    ECS at it again
  12. KaiserRolls

    WTB: e36 M3 obd2 manual trans engine harness

  13. KaiserRolls

    WTB* : 2003 e46 wagon Hitch

    Looks like 2 reviewers used this on an e46. Most likely sedans. Not sure if there’s a difference. https://www.amazon.com/CURT-11174-Class-Trailer-Hitch/dp/B003PIIGZU @wasnt m3 did you have a hitch on your old wagon?
  14. KaiserRolls

    New build! E90 M3

    The Germans sure do have a way with letters
  15. KaiserRolls

    ‘91 E30

    Bummerworld 3” arrived. TMS shorty headers get here Saturday