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  1. KaiserRolls

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    @GunMetalGrey graduated from Hand drawn cocks into beautifully crafted wooden cocks
  2. Wait is that the one that jumped some train tracks and blew them through the towers?? I think I remember that on wcec hahaha
  3. KaiserRolls

    2018 AutoX Events

  4. KaiserRolls

    The Saga Continues...

    Lol. Going to replace passenger front and drivers side rear
  5. KaiserRolls

    The Saga Continues...

    @snapsby said he replaced 2/4, also I’m interested if my trouble shooting skills are shit. If I replace it and it still makes noise I’ll replace more lol
  6. KaiserRolls

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    If I need patio furniture moved I know who I’m calling. Great looking car joe
  7. KaiserRolls

    My New Daily Driver...

    Cool! Must be an odd change of pace! please don’t call these trucks
  8. KaiserRolls

    The Saga Continues...

    Alright so I always assumed it was passenger rear because that wheel/hub has a tiny touch of play in it - but driving to work this morning and doing some zig zagging I believe it is the front passengers side howling I will still be replacing the left rear anyways because the play bothers me.
  9. KaiserRolls

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    My vote is ignition switch as well
  10. KaiserRolls

    The Saga Continues...

    Ordered rear wheel bearing/lock plate/snap ring. Left rear is starting to howl, noticed when I had my windows up on the way to work this morning. Time to bust out the slide hammer and hate myself
  11. KaiserRolls

    The Saga Continues...

    @snap I need to get down to mke so you can experience the fun also, for the 1-2 shift issues I had during the first autox, I just shifted sooner and slower. Seemed to work fine, still annoyed that you can’t ramrod it home. Had the car on re71r and tossed my corbeau in it. Night and day difference. I am going to be rebleeding the brakes and removing some fluid in the process as the reservoir is weeping from the cap
  12. KaiserRolls

    Joined the Club Today

    +2 to cutting it off
  13. KaiserRolls

    2018 AutoX Events

    Also can confirm that corner was well-done/overcooked