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  1. Just realized 5/19 is a Wednesday. Highly unlikely I’ll make that.
  2. Are the BFR self-ran events fairly well organized?
  3. KaiserRolls

    1990 e30

    My guess is heat, helps protect the sensor probably
  4. Has been fine for me in a side mounted fixed back seat with poly mounts all over lol here’s a chart to get it into something relatable for us Americans for what it’s worth, HR race springs are 315 lbs/in F and 570 lbs/in R. the fortunes are stiffer spring rate in the front and about the same in the rear (when compared to HR race). They were valved to match the spring rate when ordered
  5. looking for an e30 front ashtray without the tray part, but still with a spot for 12v. similar to this, but without the full tray - or without the tray all together Plan is to use that area to mount my bias adjuster
  6. Sure do. They’re still on the car actually lol
  7. I propose a title change “BMW man races to double park in a handicap stall”
  8. Crazy right? I would think something ran by the government would have a 100% success rate
  9. all jokes aside I’m sure with the current climate + the holidays they are slammed. Over Black Friday I had some packages that showed up 2 weeks later than the original delivery date, I just stopped looking at the tracking and looked forward to the surprise delivery lol.
  10. “Same” as in they are all interchangeable right i always thought the stitching was different on sport seats between verts & m3 vs everything else
  11. Are e30m3 and vert seats the same?
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