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  1. He won’t hear it over the Ed Sheeran he listens to
  2. What a nice guy @wasnt m3 are you planning on selling it lol
  3. So uh, do you have a spare ZF now? And are you planning on selling it to me lol
  4. Will the replacement shocks need to be revalved for the spring rates? Or are they an off the shelf setup
  5. I can tell how excited you are
  6. Those 200tw RS4s will be roached after getting cold cycled
  7. i think I have an e21 booster on my car @B C could probably confirm lol. Also have a 7 series master
  8. Thought about doing this to the e30, but I hate paying the government more money. One time fee collector plates are the way
  9. Dyno day got cancelled lol
  10. https://www.amazon.com/SPAL-30130012-Replacement-Rubber-Shroud/dp/B019XDLULW rubber flaps for radiator shroud pass throughs might be the right “weight/thickness”
  11. More pics from USAIR. dyno day this Saturday, interested to see what this car makes before plopping the s52 in it
  12. USAIR event was today. took 8th/120 in raw time and 2nd in class course was identical to the one in the spring - the start and finish were in the same spots lol. In the spring I drove the evo and went 61.2, this event I went 62.0 - super happy with how this car is setup now
  13. I saw those selector joint things when they had the first release. Passed because garagistic lol
  14. Eau Claire? SR33, highway C (Mindoro cut) ?
  15. It’s like the big rental van companies putting metal cages around the cat....because the cutting tools only work to remove the cats and not the metal cages lol
  16. Found some more pics from the event
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