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  1. Did you sell the e90 to glen yet lol
  2. That last shot is really cool
  3. Have fun. Indiana bent my skid plate lol
  4. Dyno tunes have their place for sure. Street tuning and dialing in drivability is awesome though
  5. Just got back from the area a few days ago. Weather was perfect!
  6. That is the exact part for the rear T lol, wanted a m10 bubble flare fitting, figured that would be the easiest to find 😁
  7. OEM lines don’t show up pre bent, at least for the long run to the rear brakes on my old red e30 I ran chase bays line for the main rear run, it was quick and easy my current car I went the copper nickel route and re did all the front line and flared stuff. Also super easy to work with
  8. I didn’t even know you had a second e30 lol
  9. Hardlines are finished Next up is s52 stuff I think
  10. Drivers side front brake line good to go, passenger line will be the longest run from the T might even be able to use the stock brake line metal clip things with a little finesse
  11. Master to bias line done for rear brakes
  12. Interior stuff is all done, remote Knob used the area for the fog lights (which Are being removed for the OEM “delete” panels) hoping I won’t have to touch interior stuff anymore for this chapter (wideband is already routed, just not connected to anything) made a quick “bracket” for the bias adjuster out of some scrap 3/4” alum square tubing. removed the factory heat shield for the exhaust (firewall area, still running the one in the tunnel) as it was pretty disgusting and had seen better days. Eventually I’ll add some DEI stuff if needed. Also removed the factory sound deadening thing from the firewall/tunnel. After removing the flanged plastic nuts the stuff basically fell apart as I removed it. It was also gross. Have seen rot behind these before on other cars, but luckily this car has never seen winter. Removed all the studs with an angle grinder as well. should have a lot more room to access trans stuff now if I need to. next up is to finish making hardlines to go from master to bias valve and master to front brakes. Once that’s done I can start on the engine stuff
  13. Dropping it out of the bottom Is the way to go ABS pump is already gone, as well as all the front brake lines. Working on getting the bias adjuster mounted and remote cable ran. quick bend of the rear line gets the angle right for the cable to run to an already existing grommet in the firewall next to the main fuse box harness
  14. I keep seeing your posts in r3v, I really hope this takes off! that plug and play option is super tempting
  15. Edit: ignore me on the diff studs I see them now lol Any plans to replace the clutches in the diff while it’s out?
  16. Almost ready to drop the m52. Need to remove: Fuel lines, heater core hoses & front suspension (to make it easier to manage on a jack)
  17. The longer you look at it, the worse it gets
  18. I don’t know anything about headlights but I know I can’t see shit at night. really cool stuff man
  19. Dang you removed all the seasoning
  20. Best part was showing up to his place, beating on the m3 and then leaving with the engine all in the same morning 😁
  21. All those accolades and none of them have the nickname of hallway #number1inmybook
  22. Borrowed from the same factory they made mosin nagants at
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