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    The Saga Continues...

    Over the last few months snap had been kicking around the idea of selling his car. Occasionally he would text me and tell me he was serious, naturally I told him to go fly a kite there’s no way he could sell it. However as his texts kept getting more and more serious, so did my interest. As some of you know I sold my first black e30 to stew and I text him basically yearly to buy it back. He always tells me to pound sand which is fair lol. For the last 5 years or so I have been on-and-off looking for a rust free e30, which is annoying. Don’t get me wrong I love my red car and it serves its purpose, but I can only get so many tetanus boosters before my eyes explode Anyways, In an effort to keep the car off the next BMW Facebook page of mouth breathers, I drove done to New Germany with Brooke on June 2 and made the decision to “diversify” my car collection. Upon arriving I was immediately sold. Snap has cared well for the car over the last 8 years and it shows. The paint may be worn and shows its age, but aren’t we all after so many years. What’s important to me is that pretty much every nut/bolt has been touched and mechanically the car is in awesome shape. We took it around for a quick test drive and that sealed the deal even further. Car pulls nicely and is geared fairly tall (for what I’m use to) and it cruises nicely. The drive back home went as expected, although I puckered a few times as the 3” exhaust was hanging fairly low
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    '88 E30

    Some on here already know, but I figured I'd make it WI BIMMERS official (is that a thing?) and add some pictures of the car. I ended up selling my '89 E30 to Jake (StewCrew on here) on a Thursday (10th) the at about 7 at night. 4 hours later my buddies showed up after driving 270 miles. We planned to leave at about 9am for Mankato, where the 88 was. (5.5 hour drive one way) We got out to his car at 9am, to find that the rear passenger window had been smashed. (awesome) I thought that pretty much sealed the deal of not going to Mankato, especially because it was his younger sister's car and all that. Turns out the thieves just wanted to learn Algebra. They stole her backpack and and Algebra book...... leaving a GoPro Hero 3 in the console and Oakleys in the visor (education comes first i guess?) Took us all of 30 minutes to clean up the glass, quickly taped up a shitty garbage bag to the window, and left town about 45ish minutes late. 6 hours of plastic garbage bag flapping in the window is enough to make anyone go insane. But yea, made it to Mankato around 3:30, bought the car, 45 minutes later I was on the road - to drive another 5.5 hours back to Milwaukee and work at 8am the next morning. I was so tired when I got back to Milwaukee, I kind of accidentally let the car boil over in the parking garage On to the important stuff. Its a bastard car: 88 E30 with late model bumpers, started life as an eta an M50 out of a 94 e36, g250 transmission and a 2.93 rear end. Raceland headers with complimentary exhaust leak (headers into stock e30 mid section, hopefully change that soon) E36 rack The hood is flat black primer and it also has hood pins - lol love it. There are no e-brake - no cables - (for convenience) Tach stops at like 6k. M50 with dinan chip goes to 6800. it's fun to watch the tach go full derp mode. the only thing that keeps one from completely removing the hood (besides hood pins) is that the washer fluid line is hooked up so you cant completely remove the hood unless you want to get drenched in fluid. the interior is in surprisingly great shape. there are some rust spots on the car, which i could give two poo's about (save big money) dents, dings, etc, but i dont mind a'tall. This is going to be a dd from here on out. shittypicsoritdidnthappen? ^ washer fluid line still attached for safety ^ 24v for snap holy cow video? - what an all-inclusive internet experience! just to get a feel for how it sounds, with a nice exhaust leak. https://vimeo.com/76930838
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    '88 E30

    Mirrors are folded in on this one too lol
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    The Saga Continues...

    Ended up replacing the PS front, fixed and now it’s in storage Should be able to get done what I need to get done in the shop space. Time will tell
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    1984 BMW R100 Cafe Racer Project

    Cafes are way cooler to look at than ride
  6. KaiserRolls

    Should we attempt a winter Autocross event?

    RA has a winter autox series, FVSCC does some ice stuff & DCTC usually has a decent event can confirm they are cold
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    E46 M3 S85 swap thread

    Came here for s54 reasons
  8. KaiserRolls

    2018 AutoX Events

    Tell her to change it
  9. KaiserRolls

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Just got caught up on this. Great work Joe
  10. KaiserRolls

    2018 AutoX Events

    Gf and I were undecided, event is full anyways unless you want to work - probably won’t be attending
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    New guy

  12. I’m surprised those were the only photos he had for an ad.
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    Sup Ty, I’ll buy you some slaps for it
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    Fall colors meet/cruise Saturday, October 6th, 2018

    More of a drive, running is for chumps
  15. KaiserRolls

    Fall colors meet/cruise Saturday, October 6th, 2018

    Might stop by later, will be down in IL most of the morning. Won’t be in a bmw though
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    My 1997 M3 (That I'm not going to part out anymore)

    Eau Claire? Thats where I exist at
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    M2 Balloon Stunt

    Who in the absolute fuck is the target for that ad? Retired clowns?
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    Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    It’s a shitty club don’t join