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    Fall colors meet/cruise

    Sure is
  2. KaiserRolls

    Fall colors meet/cruise

    Easy enough
  3. KaiserRolls

    Fall colors meet/cruise

  4. KaiserRolls

    M2 Balloon Stunt

    Who in the absolute fuck is the target for that ad? Retired clowns?
  5. KaiserRolls

    Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    It’s a shitty club don’t join
  6. I think RA autox is the 23.... hmmmmm
  7. KaiserRolls

    2018 AutoX Events

  8. KaiserRolls

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

  9. KaiserRolls

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    I just meant out of the 200tw tires, why the rs4 over a 615k+ etc etc. I’ll be really interested to see how they last on track! Please let us know!!
  10. KaiserRolls

    ILC gets an E46 Mfwee

    How did you end up at the RS4?
  11. KaiserRolls

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    VR belongs in the dumpster. Good move
  12. KaiserRolls

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    @GunMetalGrey graduated from Hand drawn cocks into beautifully crafted wooden cocks
  13. Wait is that the one that jumped some train tracks and blew them through the towers?? I think I remember that on wcec hahaha
  14. KaiserRolls

    2018 AutoX Events

  15. KaiserRolls

    The Saga Continues...

    Over the last few months snap had been kicking around the idea of selling his car. Occasionally he would text me and tell me he was serious, naturally I told him to go fly a kite there’s no way he could sell it. However as his texts kept getting more and more serious, so did my interest. As some of you know I sold my first black e30 to stew and I text him basically yearly to buy it back. He always tells me to pound sand which is fair lol. For the last 5 years or so I have been on-and-off looking for a rust free e30, which is annoying. Don’t get me wrong I love my red car and it serves its purpose, but I can only get so many tetanus boosters before my eyes explode Anyways, In an effort to keep the car off the next BMW Facebook page of mouth breathers, I drove done to New Germany with Brooke on June 2 and made the decision to “diversify” my car collection. Upon arriving I was immediately sold. Snap has cared well for the car over the last 8 years and it shows. The paint may be worn and shows its age, but aren’t we all after so many years. What’s important to me is that pretty much every nut/bolt has been touched and mechanically the car is in awesome shape. We took it around for a quick test drive and that sealed the deal even further. Car pulls nicely and is geared fairly tall (for what I’m use to) and it cruises nicely. The drive back home went as expected, although I puckered a few times as the 3” exhaust was hanging fairly low
  16. KaiserRolls

    The Saga Continues...

    Lol. Going to replace passenger front and drivers side rear
  17. KaiserRolls

    The Saga Continues...

    @snapsby said he replaced 2/4, also I’m interested if my trouble shooting skills are shit. If I replace it and it still makes noise I’ll replace more lol
  18. KaiserRolls

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    If I need patio furniture moved I know who I’m calling. Great looking car joe
  19. KaiserRolls

    My New Daily Driver...

    Cool! Must be an odd change of pace! please don’t call these trucks