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  2. I do the same thing with my 3d printer. Its definitely satisfying and addicting when things you create/draw yourself actually end up working like they should, lol.
  3. Small update with a few random things. Got the parts in to remove the oem headlight ballast and igniter. On the left is the new ballast and igniter, on the right is the oem ballast and igniter. I was able to mount the entire set up in the headlight housing which saves alot of room! And then I added a plug which comes out of the headlight and plugs into the original chassis harness. I also ordered a 3d printer and started teaching myself to draw things, which has always been a struggle for me to wrap.my head around. But! Slo
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  5. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/mequon-1983-bmw-e21-320i/7304372857.html
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  7. I think we're on year 3 almost exactly now...
  8. I'll post some more stuff soon. I have the full intake upgrade kit (from the 330i) plus lots of boxes of goodies from Turner and FCP. I haven't taken a good picture of my car just yet but I'm working on that, front bumper isn't great cosmetically.
  9. I had Bilstein on my 335i and I really liked them. The Bilstein's are very nice it's just a matter of spending almost $2k on coilovers vs B8 struts/shocks with my H&R springs.
  10. Silverchair, Glassjaw and this were the trifecta of what I learned about after listening to emo and screamo in the early 2000's. I now have to accept that Neon Ballroom is 22 years old and my brain can't handle that.
  11. Made friends with a bat today at david dudly (above) and didn't even think to take a picture. It was just sunning itself on one of the holds I wanted to use. Took until my 3rd or 4th time through before it realized I was there and crawled back into it's crack. No bees, please! Tentatively planning a guided trip to Devil's Lake sometime early/mid summer. I have one co-worker who's on board already. Let me know if struggle is your game. The more, the merrier.
  12. Do kids these days even know what emo is? that baggy-ass Thrasher sweater...
  13. I agree on the classifieds style. I like the forum style format but that could be just what I'm used to. I find it useful to be able to ask/answer questions and have everyone see it. I usually post everything car related I sell on wibimmers since forum people tend to be much more reasonable/reliable than the average person on marketplace.
  14. The Bilstein PSS_ setups look like a great Ron Popeill set it and forget it solution but they have very poor corrosion resistance from what I have seen. great pic!
  15. I drove the car every day last week and nobody has given me the finger once yet! I have some DCT maintenance stuff on hand to change that fluid out, some bushings on order and some exterior parts on order so far. The oil plug repair is holding strong with no signs of any leaking so I feel safe to say that's fixed. I need to do new struts/shocks but still deciding on coilovers vs OEM+ Bilstein set up with my H&R springs.
  16. I like the guitar. The band name made me think of Italian Spiderman so there’s points for that as well.
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    E46 Things

    Back to daily duty
  18. One of my vendors recently turned me on to these guys and it's been my go to work music the past week.
  19. We are just about 1/2 full for June 28th at Autobahn Country Club.Feff
  20. It was weird, I browsed the whole site, then when I viewed this thread, the style changed. I like it!! Looks good. As for CL style classifieds? I'd vote no, especially with the added cost. -I prefer a simple forum post type ad. It seems to keep the info and pics in an easy to read format -Most members don't post things FS here. I see so many things on FB marketplace that should/could be here but aren't. Not sure why....exposure? -I dislike when I click on a tab/forum and the format changes from everything else on the site. Just a preference. -It forces the seller to be
  21. Looks right in place!
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  23. First time I log back in after weeks and it looks different. my boomer is intensifying edit - thanks for all you do Mr Young
  24. Thanks to @Rekpoint for the deal on the e36 racing dynamics strut brace. Got it installed this morning on the coupe. Needed just a bit of clearancing on underside of hood and for the strut tower ground lug. Otherwise fits great!
  25. I fucking love habaneros! Some of the best tacos around!
  26. Woodman's Friday afternoon in Appleton I saw a mint Alpine E39 M5 with a Dinan badge.
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