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  2. Thanks. Always wanted a 24v swapped E30!
  3. HELLO!! @Earl Edit : shit. no zf. nvm
  4. Yesterday
  5. Find someone pumping gas into a BMW.
  6. Once again not having storage spaces saves me. Sigh.
  7. A few RR's that a BMW pictured. sadly I cant get closer, So here is another And then I tried to find a Morgan Aero 8, but even the factory doesnt have any outside...
  8. I found a Rolls-Royce Camargue which is sadly not BMW powered but only 531 were ever made, and who knows how many even made it to the US. That is all... Still hunting...
  9. I have an oil free compressor that I have had since 2003. Works great to this day.
  10. Maybe remnants of assembly lube
  11. I believe RIT dye requires full submerging of the carpet. Which probably won’t work with the foam backIng the e30 has
  12. That honestly just looks like condensation in the oil, but that could be the reflections too. Just run a really nice filter.
  13. Oh it also has some VDO gauges and an innovate wideband (not sure if I have the sensor portion)
  14. Clutch slave cylinder (I broke it on accident), definitely should drain the gas (been sitting for A few years now) probably fuel pump/filter at the same time if you wanted. Bleed brakes, add the regular fluids and such. I believe it needs one valve cover stud. I have the stock injectors, but they have been in a plastic baggy for about a year and a half now.When I broke the axle it was running great lol - it’s only been ran a few times in the last few years, when I stored it I put some marvel mystery oil in it and turned it over. if I think of anything else I’ll add it.
  15. I assume the SEM stuff is better, but has anyone had experience with using this: You can buy it just about anywhere is and is super cheap. I have used red over white in the past and it worked well for the purpose, and it seems there are quite a few guys online that have used it with good results.
  16. Rent a storage unit and I’ll tow it to you
  17. This is really quite tempting. What is missing for it to be a driver other than wheels and a steering wheel (plus a healthy amount of reassembly)?
  18. The sale of this should help make room for your Evo purchase for autox next year. GLWS
  19. Shift linkage should be a UUC DSSR if it came off the black car Yes to E90 drop hats. I should buy this
  20. I use Royal Purple HPS 5w-30. However it already had 272k on it when I acquired it so I am probably wasting my money. Or did you mean the 2 stroke oil? That is some blue stuff from the hardware store. It says "go fast or be last" on the jug so it must be good. Love it.
  21. Kind of tossing this around lately. My red coupe is just sitting in storage and I think I’d like to sell it. I’ve thought about parting it out, but I don’t have the time/patience to deal with that. here’s the details (list is sporadic) Mishimoto radiator/silicone hoses Condor solid engine mounts Garagistic weld in subframe reinforcements (F&R) Both subframes stripped and POR-15’d Every bushing has been replaced with poly New Lemforder control arms New rear wheel bearings Hawk HT-10 front pads Hawk street race rear pads Brembo blank rotors Porsche 944 brake booster E36 rack New inner and outer e36 tie rods Chase bays ABS delete/proportioning valve Chase bays full brakeline kit 2.93 LSD Getrag 260 Trans brace for g260 when used with 24v swap E21 cupped trans mounts Zhp shift knob UUC DSSR shift linkage FX racing lightweight flywheel FX racing stage 2 clutch Stainless braided clutch master line HR race springs Bilstein sport shocks E90 drop hats (I think? @B C can you confirm) S50B30 (1995 m3 donor) Random new longtube headers E36(ish) exhaust Most gaskets replaced New knock sensors New VANOS feed line Beisan VANOS repair/anti rattle New crank position sensor ARP head studs JE cutring headgasket Head decked & pressure tested Red or silver label 413 ECU w/sssquid tuning chip Plastic bumpers Red46 skid plate ST sway bars front and rear Turner motorsports rear sway bar trunk reinforcements newish aftermarket black carpet (fit is so-so) dash is decent and IIRC only has a few small cracks above the glove box momo hub adapter for steering wheel shell isn’t super perfect by any means. Typical e30 rust, was a MN car for some of its life. Has 2 new front fenders. photos in storage unit are current (Tan seats) - (I’m sorry I know the photos suck) I can get more pics if interested. Bring your own wheels. I’ll probably keep the sparco steering wheel. Trans/driveshaft/radiator are in the trunk. Intake manifold side of engine bay is partially disassembled from when I removed the trans. if you guys have any questions at all please let me know. $2500 for WIBimmers folks
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