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  2. Fitting is perfect, only thing that is missing is the front lip, maybe next year. I should be getting the rear spoiler next week. I also got new rubber for next year, I’m hoping to get a dedicated wheel setup for the future.
  3. I opened that expecting a fake article, that thing looks so weird. I can’t believe this is the direction they want to keep taking. Gross.
  4. Nice job on the bumper, looks much better
  5. This came in today, still waiting on the TMS duck tail
  6. https://sportscar365.com/imsa/iwsc/bmw-confirms-full-season-gtp-lineup-reveals-livery/ Interesting that BMW is still continuing to develop the V8 in the racing program but man I just couldn't help but laugh at those nostrils. Its like all the voices about the M3 were screaming into a void.
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  8. https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/madison-bmw-sport-utility-35d/7529194958.html
  9. Not a BMW but from the same site as the X6... Sign me up for this! https://www.equipmentfacts.com/listings/trucks/auctions/215428901/1900-ford-f3
  10. I know it’s been pretty quiet around here but just figured I should post an update in case someone needs to get ahold of me. I’ll will still try my best to check the site daily but as usual if somebody needs my attention, pm or preferably text me. Im starting a coding Bootcamp this week for the next 6months as a beginning to finally transitioning to a new career. 15hrs a week on top of the time suck that is driving a truck is gonna be a lot but the payoff will be worth it. Looking forward to gaining back a better quality of life and to start building some of these dream projects I’ve been accumulating for “some day”. I’ll be at the badger bimmers door county rally next weekend, that’s the last social event I plan on doing for the year. Didn’t find time to work on the e34’s even this year, but if anyone wants to join I have an open seat in the x5.
  11. Our company made a deal to employees on house brand wheels too good to pass up on so, so I bought a set for winter. But after seeing how it looks, maybe I should have done them for summer. I really like the black on silver more than I thought. Anovia Titans, 18x8.5 x 18x9.5 +35mm. Michelin Pilot Sport Aplin’s, 225/40 and 255/35. How the currently sits. Style 193’s on Michelin PS4S’s, 225/40R18 and 255/35R18. ST coil overs this coming spring more than likely, factory suspension is starting to feel a little loose.
  12. Maintenance Update! This car was overdue for some general service. I placed an order to do the 150k service interval. I’m taking full advantage of the FCP lifetime fluids and parts. I am doing a complete fluid flush and brake service. Here is a list of what I ordered; BMW 5W-30 Oil Change Kit BMW Coolant/Antifreeze (2 Gallon) BMW G1 Hypoid Differential Fluid (500mL) x2 BMW G2 Hypoid Differential Fluid (500mL) x2 BMW GA8HP45Z GA8HP70Z Automatic Transmission Service Kit BMW Zimmermann Brake Kit DOT 4 TYP 200 Brake Fluid (2 Liter) BMW Air Filter BMW Cabin Air Filter BMW Fuel Filter BMW Jack Pad I did realize that the rear trailing arm is missing a rock guard. and the rear diff vibration damper is failing. I will have to order these as well. BMW Vibration Absorber (40Hz) - Genuine BMW 33316798890 BMW LEFT CONTROL ARM COVER 6796137
  13. Sold for $3k! I’m sure after fees it was $6k, but still a great deal!
  14. We used a hex socket, a wrench and another wrench for more leverage.
  15. Ohhh yeah. I bought the special wrench tool for those after reading about how tight it is. Which made it an entirely non-issue.
  16. We took that for a bit! But most of the time was spent on backroads. It was about a 5 hour drive from Minneapolis to the pizza place north of Winona.
  17. It's been a long time since I posted on here but want to give the local community a chance before I start shipping. Car lacks drivetrain but I may have some old M42 remnants. I have a decent collection of parts I'd like to try selling locally before shipping. I've listed some key pieces below but let me know if there are parts you're looking for. Corbeau GTS II seat pair and E30 seat brackets, used one season - $900 Depo smoked crosshair headlights, Brand new- $225 Motometer Gauge cluster - hasn't been used for 4 years. Was functional other than ODO. Chips for 318is and 325e - $250 Early model Sport steering wheel, Missing leather wrap - $100 Late model bumpers with euro trim (deletes side markers, All OEM) - $1800 IS spoiler (OEM) - $200 Mtech 1 spoiler (aftermarket, Garagistic) - $200 IS side skirts (OEM) $325 Pop-out window Set, latches aged but work- $350 2.79 LSD diff - $500 Let me know if you have questions.
  18. Took the X5 on a trip up north to Mille Lacs Lake for the weekend. Being able to toss all our crap in the ski box and have the whole back open for the dogs was awesome. Only put about 1k on it, but loving it so far.
  19. I think the worst part for us was just getting a tool on that fill plug. We had quite the interesting contraption to get it lol
  20. https://www.equipmentfacts.com/listings/trucks/auctions/216322117/2008-bmw-x6 Abandoned X6 at a government auction. Very amusing that it’s noted with a coolant leak.
  21. Dang @Rekpoint came to visit me in Minneapolis this weekend too! It's a beautiful drive if you take highway 10 / highway 35 southeast and just cruise along the Mississippi River. We usually go from St. Paul down to Pepin and back, such a scenic route. Not sure if you took a similar route, but looks like it was a blast!
  22. Update on the 318ti. My girlfriends car was down for the count for a couple weeks so I let her borrow it and she put almost 1k miles on it. The oil leak I found is coming from the timing covers and oil is just pouring out, to the point it destroyed her parents driveway every time she parked it lol. Sold my mercedes and ordered all the parts to re-gasket the timing cover, replace the water pump, and replace the sway bar end links and bushings at the same time since the drivers side bushing is completely junk. Also remembered that I had these wheels from my E46 just chilling on my shelf at home. Threw them on the car and it looks 10x better.
  23. HipMF


    I went mountain biking for the first time in ~5 years this past weekend. A ton of fun, but I question whether it's even worth investing in a new bike at my age. They are not cheap... In other news... Woo! Aww. Rolled over 1000 miles, but no fireworks or prizes. Nothing much else to report. Haven't had any more issues. Bike is sill holding together and is still fun to ride.
  24. Visited a friend in Minneapolis this past weekend and one of the days we drove the course of the 2020 OC Rally down to Suncrest Gardens pizza farm through western WI. All in about 1k miles over the weekend. I’ve done about 3500 miles on the car this summer with really no issues. On the X5 I replaced spark plugs, coil packs, air filter, intake duct, and fuel vent tube. Running awesome. 🤌🏻
  25. I thought that one wasn’t bad. I bought a long piece of really flexible tubing for my fluid extractor so I could stuff it down the fill hole. Worked really well.
  26. That transfer case was horrible to do.
  27. X5 was on 145k with original drivetrain fluids, so with the help of @Rekpointwe changed oil, front diff, rear diff, and transfer case. Fluids actually looked surprisingly clean for the mileage, but nice little peace of mind. Still have trans to do, but saved that for another day because it looks like a damn pain.
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