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  3. I bumped the price down to $8950 to get into the next buyers bracket in terms of pricing. Price is still OBO but we are closing in on the price I am trying to hit! Plenty of out of state interest with one guy instate that is interested.
  4. I got soaked today but it was worth it. Good racing was had.
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  6. Some photos from the weekend. Rented a 70-200 2.8L III. Was fun to use some nice glass. Definitely going to be doing this for all the major events. The gulley washer made for interesting track conditions, also some great pictures. You know the drill, click for higher resolution.
  7. Nothing a little hammer couldn't fix.
  8. Saw my first singer at RA this weekend!
  9. Able to get back to wrenching on the ZHP this weekend. We found a little surprise at the alignment last fall. Drivers side lower trailing arm was a wee bit bent. New versus old in the picture. Replaced both sides. Access to the inner bolt on drivers side is certainly a pain. Joys of unbolting and shifting the diff to get to it. Passenger side is easy.
  10. How dare you not use diet doc 360!
  11. Last week
  12. It is pretty light for what it is, just buy a bunch of brake clean to prep/clean the area-the adhesive is pretty sensitive to grease
  13. My storage unit neighbor has the 1993 740i 6speed conversion that's been around here before.
  14. Added to my list. I know the E28 rubber/foam firewall insulation is NLA, I'm sure its lighter over oem too.
  15. Cruised around a bit tonight. Coolant temps seemed slightly cooler, probably more related to ambient temps than any ducting also tossed the new PS pump in and bled the system, which ultimately cured the whine new grommets showed up for the fender trim pieces, the DS was basically falling out and the trim is NLA all fluids are fresh and the car is ready to go the mountains (hopefully) in an attempt to keep the Miata cabin cool we added a turbo heat shield. Used DEI Floor and tunnel ii adhesive heat shield in the inside of the turbo shield and some reflective tape on the exterior. Also lined the entire firewall behind the down pipe and trans tunnel with the stuff only posting Miata content because that DEI heat shield stuff is awesome, an aftermarket product that actually works worth a crap. If your floor/tunnel gets too hot, I’d recommend this stuff.
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    E46 Things

    Replaced a bummy headlight bulb that didn’t like to work a full shift with a new pair of 4300K Philips. They are A little brighter than what was in there. Im guessing what was in there was a 5000K Budget HID special which were fine up until they weren’t. I got screwed on my way home from work. I keep a plug kit and inflator in my trunk emergency kit. Today it did its job The trans has been treating me really well and shifting nice. It has to be from bleeding the clutch before the track day. I think the possible slave cyl. leak may be allowing air in more easily than normal. Thats 2 strikes for the clutch slave cylinder so I will address that next.
  17. I’ve been driving it to work for the past couple weeks and the power steering seems to be fine. I bought one of those home alignment kits with the plates and tape measures and got pretty close to a good alignment. Needs some real minor adjustment. But all in all, it’s been very enjoyable! The night mode on the new iPhone seems to work pretty okay. Have some condensation in one of the headlights, so I’ll have to pull that out and reseal it. Save that for this winter or something. We also have some basement walls at our house!
  18. New PS pump is in, just need to slap the pulley and serp belt back on. Decided to make some ducting for the radiator. started by adding adhesive backed foam in between the core support and the rad, trying to block all the openings I could. you can see how wide open everything is in front of/on the sides the radiator then moved on to dr. Pepper box templates. transferred to some thin aluminum sheet there were existing holes in the core support that I had to enlarge a bit to use 1/4-20 rivnuts here’s the basic idea - it needed a bit more trimming to clear a wire harness holes drilled and installed. I added aluminum foil tape to the corners to better secure the 3 pieces together. Also used some adhesive backed foam in certain areas to eliminate vibration fairly well-hidden once the grilles and valence plastic pieces are back in i was not having any issues with the cooling system, I just got bored. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to try & it might be beneficial once I start bringing this to more hpde type events
  19. I used a Nikon D850 for these photos. Oooo enticing
  20. I'll trade you my ps3 and games with one controller.
  21. Yup, manual 535is. I’m gonna check today to see if it has a LSD, might make it worth it for a partout or something. Drivers side front fender is gone, as is the front bumper, grilles, valance, etc. Hood is a little bent up as well. Interior is mostly gone, all the seats and door cards are missing with the exception of the rear seat bottom. Apparently it was the victim of a pretty stupid move by the previous owner, who tried to tow it around his yard or something with his pickup. Left it in gear with the ignition on, and it bump-started itself and hit a small tree, resulting in the damage. Radiator was fine though and doesn’t look like it was hit hard enough to do real damage. I guess the intention was to convert it to a track car, but it never got finished. I’ll keep you in the loop for sure!
  22. What did you use to take pictures of this?
  23. Very likely. Native photos app doesn't have very advanced editing software, but it does a good enough job for the time being just to get a better look out of the images. I edit all of these in like 2-3 minutes.
  24. All of them turned out awesome. I see some hued shadow levels, like a purple or blue tint to them.
  25. Canon T3i, @suspenceful's Sigma 10-20mm(all the pictures were taken on this), and I am just doing level adjustments in the native Apple photos app.
  26. Great shots all around. These ones especially remind me of what I love about events at RA. There are things you see there that just seem natural at the time, but if you saw them anywhere else, you'd pretty much lose your shit. What camera/lens are you you using for the wide-angle shots? Any post-processing?
  27. Sounds like a car I would be interested in (manual?), but the title issue isn't something I'd want to deal with either. Keep me in mind if you decide to dig into this more. You can keep the wheels if you want them. 😉
  28. Throw a half cage on it and a few ratchet straps and I think it would handle it decent. The canoe might be longer then the whole car though.
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