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  2. I have a bunch of parts remaining that will be going on eBay. The prices are all OBO. I have pictures of everything listed, just let me know what you are interested in and I will post a picture if its not already shown below.. e46 corner lights e36 owners manual e36 fog lights BMW OEM E36 OBC 18 Button On Board Computer Unit M3 318 320 323 325 328 E36 amplifier e36 interior light set M3 TIRE PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR BMW OEM E46 HARMAN KARDON 6"X9" e46 Ignition coil (qty 9 @ $10) e46 ignition coil (qty 4 @ $15) e46 Ignition coil (qty 9 @ $10) bmw coil (qty 16 @ $16) bmw e36/46 idle control valve (qty 6 @ $20) BMW M52TU Throttle Body Yellow Sticker (qty 2 @ $100) BMW E39/E46/E60/E61/E83/E85 Throttle Body (2 @ $100) bmw e36 throttle body (qty 2 @ 40) e46 alternator m52 oil filter housing m52tu vanos unit dual m50 vanos unit single Engine Belt Tensioner bmw alt belt tensioner Tial BOV e46 bmw m3 headliner e36 m3 side skirts right hand e46 bmw m52 valve cover 2001-2006 BMW 325i COUPE 2.5L CYLINDER HEAD VALVE COVER OEM 156673 BMW M50 OBDI Plastic Valve Cover Cylinder Head Panel Trim E34 E36 1991-1995 OEM BMW OEM E36 E38 E39 Z3 FUEL RAIL COVER INJECTORS TRIM PANEL 13541740160 BMW OEM FUEL INJECTOR RAIL TRIM COVER E39 E46 E60 E61 E65 X3 E83 E36 Z3 1707404 2001 BMW Z3 E36/7 ROADSTER #151 2.5i ENGINE MOTOR INTAKE MANIFOLD COVER TRIM e36 m3 side skirts M50 trigger and dampner pulley E46 M3 H&R 33355 HA Sway Bars FRONT / REAR Eibach "e36" sway bar kit FRONT / REAR 1999-2006 BMW M54 M52 Cylinder Head 2.5L 2.8L 3.0L E46 E39 E60 E83 E85
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  4. I like where this is going 😎
  5. Alright I'm going to start thinking out loud here. So what I was looking at while working on an airbox is the tight radius elbow that leads into the throttle body on my car. The bimmerworld elbow is used to adapt to the 3.5" MAF but seems to have a tighter radius than stock. Bends are bad for airflow, and I currently have a tight radius 90 before the throttle body, then a 90 after the filter. Total of 180° of bends. The E36 chassis needs this bend due to the strut tower location and them being close together, but the strut towers are further back and apart in an E30, and the throttle body is almost entirely forward of it. Random google pic instead of going to my car. Step 1: New throttle body. I recently stumbled upon someone who put an M60 throttle body (80mm) on an S52. Turns out many years ago Treehouse racing actually made a kit to do this, but I have never seen this or heard about it, and it looks like not many were ever made. The throttle body uses the same TPS, but everything else is different. I picked up one on ebay for $60 shipped. This is the same engine that my MAF is from. I will be making an adapter that will allow me to bolt this up to my engine, and I will be opening up the hole in the manifold to capitalize on the swap. I will need to make a bracket for the throttle cable as well. Step 2: Remove 90° bend at throttle body. If I move my coolant expansion tank to the passenger side of the car (plenty of space) I can get away with running (1) 45° elbow at the throttle body, and keep the rest straight with maybe a small bend to accommodate the filter. Taking 135° of bends out of my intake tubing should help, especially with eliminating the tight radius bend before the throttle body. What I'd like to do is swap this stuff while it's on the dyno and see actual results. The biggest downside is going to be drivability; currently I barely have to breathe on the throttle pedal to cruise, and this swap will amplify that issue. I will make a different throttle arm if I have enough pedal travel to do so. I don't think this swap ever caught on because it is likely very pointless on a relatively stock engine, but we're far from that in this thread!
  6. I like this, interested to see!
  7. Started making an airbox, ended up going down a rabbit hole, will update more later once parts arrive. I believe I'm going for the highest power NA S52
  8. Last week
  9. Appreciate it. I think just going OEM+/restoration for this car. I'd love to see it on CSL style wheels but @Rekpoint says Apex or nothin. CF airbox is definitely in this cars future, unsure if I can afford the CSL one but we'll see 😁
  10. Thank you! Happy with it for the low cost anyways
  11. You out of anyone should know its gonna look sick slammed on Apex ARC8’s
  12. He plans on slamming it to the ground.
  13. Eh Didn't last long. Congrats on the new wheels @basedspider
  14. First time ive seen an idea like that. Not bad! Any planS to track it/stance it/drift it/install a CF airbox?
  15. Like I've always said. Its ALWAYS in the small details like this.
  16. Really wanted to salvage the original steering wheel since the leather is in decent shape. Tried my best to "refresh" the stitching with some felt fabric markers. Probably didn't match color exactly but I think it came out alright, here's a before/after Edit: I did wipe off the excess dye from the leather with alcohol afterwards
  17. Copying and pasting from my FB post. Sorry Apex owners, Apexs have their time and place! Here are a set of BBS rc303s. They are the REAL Apex ARC-8 5x120 lug pattern 18x8.5 +38 These will look good on ANY bmw you put them on e36,e46,e92 ETC. Orginal BBS finish failed and they were sprayed silver with minimal prep work. I was planning on getting them redone but I scored a set of wheels I've wanted since I was 16. Tires should also probably be replace. With that being said there is no curb rash and they are ready to be refinished! Wheels are Located in Eau Claire Wisconsin. I live in Menomonie WI. If you come from MN I can bring them and meet you in Menomonie with a deposit. If you come from Southern Wisconsin I can meet you at my storage unit in Eau Claire. Price is firm $1300 Can also ship at buyer expense.
  18. Interesting, I didn’t know that. I’ll definitely take you up on that though, I’d be very interested to see the differences and if a little splicing wouldn’t work. There’s probably some other random e34 parts from your stash that you have that I would buy too. If you end up with that setup, let me know what you think of it!
  19. I had to do some digging but that's the info on E32 seats I have. I never did rewire that seat and it did get scrapped with the car because I couldn't remove it. I still have the passenger seat from the '89 750i if you want to rip that apart or do wiring experiments on. If you break things I have more e34 seats too 🙄 The current 540i has BC Racing coil overs. Ben didn't mention what rates he bought in his thread. I haven't gotten around to raising/adjusting them to my liking because they can be harsher. I think h&r/Billy sports is what I'm gonna get for the 530i.
  20. It fit but was tight for the stock ones, but the replacements were tighter and I didn't feel like risking a tear in the boot. Thank you, depending on the way things go I will let you know!
  21. my wrench always fit those flats on the sway bar arms. but i know that different brands have different thicknesses. if you need a modified 22mm (7/8") wrench for the bolts on the upper control arms, let me know Ill ship mine to you. like your modified tool, after modifying it for the e34 i've never used it again
  22. From what I’ve read, the seats are identical on e32s and e34s down to the mounting slots and harness, so it should just be as simple as bolting the mechanism into the back of the seat and plugging in the motor and switch. My seats are in pretty good shape so I don’t plan on replacing them unless I come across a screaming deal for a full black, blue or red interior to swap out. Do you remember off the top of your head what springs/shocks are on the 540i/6 that you brought to the last fall meet?
  23. Are you swapping seats or can you actually get the parts to add lumbar into the e34 seats? Our lists are pretty similar 🙄
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