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  2. Not saying it isn't the case, but I haven't seen much at all for rust out here, and I've been on coast lines for work and seen stuff rolling around with similar vintage and minimal rust. That being said, that's an impressive amount of rust. Must've carried around salt in the bed (and on the hood?) on rainy days
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  4. I guess I'm pleased with the comparable lack of rust on my similar vintage Toyota...
  5. Im thoroughly impressed.... https://oregoncoast.craigslist.org/cto/7077307514.html
  6. Couple parts from my E30 I know longer need. Getrag 260 transmission. Solid trans overall. Output and selector rod seals have been replaced. Comes with slave cylinder that has about 10,000 miles on it. Ran redline MT-90 fluid in it and shifts into every gear smoothly. $150 obo M20 reman'd driveshaft. Was purchased from Driveshaft Specialists out of Texas last Spring. Has roughly around 5,000 miles on it. Everything still feels tight (U joints, center support, etc.). Comes with Fairly new guibo. Purchased it for $400, looking to get $250 obo Condor E30 24 valve G260 trans swap brace. $40 obo E30 Control arm brackets with 90a center revshift poly bushings. $25 obo Let me know what you need!
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  8. I think the Z4 is way better looking than the Z3, I was never a fan of the Z3. But, in the nature of full disclosure, I'm a really ugly dude, so there's that.
  9. Honestly, no. While I agree the front end isn't exactly the most stunning thing out there, the rest of the is IMO pretty well proportioned and good looking (at least in coupe form). You also get a more modern motor, and in the case of the 3.0i, you get the 255hp version of the n52 with the three stage intake. Mix in a 6-speed and some rarity - I believe I read that under a thousand manual coupes came to the U.S. - and you have the recipe for a pretty good drivers car. It’s also not like the z3 is universally considered to have a “pretty” front end; I think they’re both fine and I generally prioritize feel and driving performance over subjective styling.
  10. Im going to be honest, I think they are both kinda ugly. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Looks like whoever makes those clear early model tail light lenses in Brazil has started producing late model versions: Clear: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E30-88-92-FACELIFT-325I-316I-318IS-CLEAR-TAILLIGHT-LENSES-CABRIO-COUPE-M42/133343494307?hash=item1f0be440a3:g:GXoAAOSwqNxd3vqs Smoked: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E30-88-92-FACELIFT-325I-316I-318I-SMOKED-TAILLIGHT-LENSES-CABRIO-COUPE-SEDAN/133266844251?hash=item1f0752aa5b:g:4BgAAOSwt8Jd9TFF Looks like a way to get much closer to a genuine MHW look than just tinting stock tails
  12. be honest - is the only reason you'd ever consider a z4 coupe is because z3 coupes are astronomically priced? the front end of a z4 ranks up there as a top-5 ugliest BMW front ends.
  13. Spartan locker installed in the LC rear axle. I should have done that years ago. Incredibly more grip, I have Treadwright Mud tires with "Kedge Grip" the walnut shells and glass in the rubber which help immensely on packed snow and ice. It should be pretty unstoppable in the woods now. My mother-in-law has a '17 4Runner TRD, I keep telling my father-in-law he needs to get rid of the highway tires and put some real tires on it. The new tech in the 4Runner is pretty cool, dynamic sway bars, etc. But it's also so nice that driving it through the woods would be psychologically painful, whereas I can't discern new scratches and dents from what was there before on my LC.
  14. It seems to be around there for most of the 6 cylinder z’s I’ve seen, especially with a manual. Even the four bangers are going for more than one might think they would. I’d be hard pressed to got for a z3 when a z4 with a n52 isn’t that much more. That may just be due to my current obsession with the z4 3.0si coupes right now though.
  15. the crazy thing isn’t either of those, but rather the missed opportunity to list it as a VW JETTA
  16. Sounds more like a parts car than a project car unfortunately... walking away was very much the right call there
  17. Neat Z3. Is the market really this high for these? https://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/cto/d/warren-2001-bmw-z3-25i-roadster/7080071281.html
  18. S A M E. Everywhere I looked, there was a half assed repair. What really pushed me away though, was the fact that the rear wheel arches were COMPLETELY rotted away, and instead of fixing them correctly, someone just slapped some flares and cans worth of bondo over all the rust. You could see daylight coming through almost anywhere you looked. It was really bad.
  19. Not bad for a wisconsin car...? Also, would not buy. @GunMetalGrey You should be looking at e21s for that m21 powered e21 swap. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2289864687980995/
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