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  3. Update : This car fricken rips, couldn't have had a more fun time in the mountains. Here is a photo dump from last weeks trip.
  4. This is explains a lot because the Black Label Lighting is a Custom Offsets only brand. This thing is so fucking cool. I'm not a big one for graphics but the lower black piece and the mountain scene around the back wheels is really fitting for this car. I love it.
  5. I was squeezing 50 out of it on my way down. I had it in eco mode, was coasting a lot, and was very light on the throttle. Once I hit some rain, I gave up and started laying into it. In the mountains on and off road I got a solid 37-38 using the throttle as an on and of switch šŸ˜† Yes. The original owner that modified it worked at Fitment Industries. he sold it to the owner I purchased it from in Neenah. Sewer caps* (honestly they are centerline 849 PANGEA's) fitting for the lift and tires.
  6. gilber33

    3.73 LSD

    Anyone have one? Drive to Green Bay today doing 70 with the tach at 3500. Thinking Iā€™d like to swap out the 4.1 for a 3.73. Thanks!
  7. Was this car up in Appleton? I feel like I have seen it before, but maybe I am just imagining things.
  8. What did you get for fuel mileage? This is crazy awesome.
  9. I updated the post. It has spacers and Bilstein's.
  10. That's awesome! How is it lifted?
  11. Some cars just have a weird way of finding me. I was not looking for an F30, but then again, I am always looking for cars to buy and sell. After buying a 2008 Tahoe hybrid on a whim to tow my boat, I came across a listing for a unique Alpine white over Saddle brown fully loaded 2014 BMW 328D Xdrive that was lifted, deleted, and tuned. The listing stated that the owner was looking for a truck or Tahoe to trade. I messaged him thinking how dumb I would be to get rid of all of my tow vehicles (after just selling my other Tahoe), but at the same time smart because of the value difference and the possibility of finally retiring my civic hybrid of 327k miles. Fast forward a week later and I am a proud owner of another diesel BMW, and what better way to really prove a new cars "worth" other than to take it on a 3K mile road trip through the smoky mountain's. I did some preparation, fixed some things, and fully inspected the car before I left, but safe to say I made it there and back without an issue. I was thoroughly impressed by the cars capability by not only climbing up the side of a mountain with a bunch of heavily modded trucks, but keeping up with some other newer BMWs on the tail of the dragon. For now, Im not really sure what the future may hold for the car, but I plan on keeping it for awhile. I have some thoughts in my head of lowering it back down, but for now, Im just going to do some preventative maintenance and fix some of the odds and ends that it needs. This thread will probably be more of a log for me to keep track of such. Here is what is done to the car: Center Line Wheels 18x8 +35 (1 of 1) TOYO TIRES 225/55/18 Open Country Black Label Lighting 30" Single Row Light Bar D.H. VinylWorx Graphics Buzzken - 328d DPF/SCR delete JR Auto Stage 3 Tune Rising Tuning lift & level kit black kidneys trunk spoiler
  12. I made it to Helen, and was planning on driving back up Saturday morning. I checked the weather and it was 20 degrees colder and called for thunderstorms so I decided against going. It looks like the weatherman was wrong again. Oh well, I will make sure I attending next year. Please share all the photos you can!
  13. Anything to keep it interesting. I cant wait till he finally logs in again and has 847 notifications about the most random stuff on his build thread. So what did you guys do this weekend?
  14. Bump on this, This weekend. Saturday, May 28th, 2022 10am-3pm Kiwanis Village Park Pewaukee, WI 53072
  15. Yeah. Not something I've tried before. This was the only other one out of 20-something that was I even close to nailing. The Le Man's prototype about to devour some actually vintage 2-liter cars is amusing to me.
  16. We'll, this is definitely going to be a yearly event for us! The drive isn't bad and certainly part of the adventure. The people and cars were amazing.... Even participated installing a turbo in a 2002 I the hotel parking lot the night before the show.
  17. We shot another video at work. I haven't really done much with the car this year other than drive it every chance I can and fix the lip every few weeks from rogue squirrels attracted to the sweet sweet tone of a V8. Twice these little buggers have jumped in front of me on the same road. Good news, I'm getting OK at repairing carbon fiber.
  18. Looks like plenty of room for a lift on the future, congrats!
  19. Project garage build starts NOW. Fantastic size. Just needs to be finished!
  20. Big update for me - we bought a house! Was lucky enough to find myself a 4 car garage. The garage needs insulation, drywall and a shit ton of love but the bones look great. Huge thank you to @Rekpointfor helping with the move! Also got a new Husky tool chest I really dig so far. Quality is pretty good for the money, definitely no snap on, but perfect for me. Has drawer liners, soft close drawers, power etc.
  21. Thank you!! This setup virtually eliminated all rasp. I installed each component one at a time and the resonated X pipe seems to be the main contributor to the tone / rasp elimination!
  22. I've got this up on Craigslist but just in case anyone might be interested, or knows someone who might be, I'm listing here. Description: OMP 6-point harness with camlock, used for only one race season (2021), FIA tag valid through December 2025. Harness consists of: 3" clip-in pull-up lap belts, 2" clip-in sub belts with attached camlock, 2" shoulder belts (KEY these are for use with HANS only) can be set up for clip-in or wrap around mounting. Shoulder belts expand from 2" to 3" at the camlock attaching point. All mounting bolts and clips that came with are included. Asking $175 obo on CL. Reason for selling is that the pull-up lap belt adjusters didn't work well with my seat in the e30 cockpit. Replaced them with a new pull-down RaceQuip set.
  23. Saw this, pricey but maybe room to negotiate with the seller? https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/oconomowoc-bmw-e30-seats-door-cards/7486733891.html
  24. That was a professional mess šŸ™„
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