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  2. Believe it or not, the coding changes shouldn't be that bad. Bimmergeeks protool can change the vehicle order and then appropriately code every subsequent module to match.
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  4. I need to not get too far ahead of myself and actually finish the e30 manual swap, but I feel like it’s a good prep for one on this. I was shocked at how well laid out everything was once the belly pan came off, I think mechanically the swap shouldn’t be bad at all. The DME coding looks like a challenge, but I’ll figure it out.
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  6. I'm stoked to see this car getting the love it deserves! I like this.
  7. That's definitely understandable... good luck with the sale and don't let anyone beat you up on the price, its a super nice car and worth your asking price all day in my opinion. Especially with those seats and wheels.
  8. Yeahhhhh. I have a major shift in family priorities right now. And I've seen too many pictures of e30s in accidents lately and it was getting hard to be comfortable with putting my three girls in there. It's not fun for me if they can't be a part of it. It was fun though. It was a cool car to build. Met lots of cool people. Excited to see what's next.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1286471485579167/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks 😢
  10. 126,006 Summer mode engaged! Installed the only aesthetic mod I had planned, LED angel eyes. I didn’t like how the original halogen ones didn’t match the xenon low beams or the license plate/under door courtesy lights, I’m liking the LED much better. Not perfect in terms of color but pretty close and for the price I’m happy. Installed a new cupholder trim piece, only like $20 from FCP. Worth it. Headlight 2K clear is on the way, that’s next on the list. I also have the M3 arms sitting in a box along with 3 cans of Pentosin, as well as the stuff for the diff service. Going to check the front left wheel bearing while I’m in there for the arms, that’s the only corner that is warmer than the others but it doesn’t behave quite like a dragging caliper. Oil arrived as well. Just need to get the e34 VANOS buttoned up so I have something to drive if stuff goes sideways, then the e91 will get its attention. Been loving this so far though! Utility is unbeatable, the n52 w/ M performance exhaust is a peach and sounds perfect, and the look speaks for itself. However, if anyone ever sees a n52 manual parts car, please let me know…
  11. Turd. Ultimate ego-machine. Might handle well on a track, but likely un-inspiring in normal driving. But I'm a wierdo that likes cars that are less than 3000 lbs and make you feel like you're in danger driving at normal highway speeds.
  12. The rear looks a little crunched down like the X4/X6. Rear quarters slope upward a bit too high for my liking and rear window looks tiny. Despite those (unavoidable) criticisms I still think it looks great. GT look. Doubt it would sell well here in the US unfortunately and I'm sure that will be one of the biggest reasons it never sees production, would love to see it go on sale regardless though.
  13. The lip spoiler fit like a glove, it’s pretty aggressive, I would love to do the M Performance CF trunk and Wing, but that’s a good bit of money (one day). I have the Adro front lip and side skirts on hold until my hip gets better (shit fuckin hurts), hoping by July or August (MRI was done today)
  14. Another fantastic update. The dealership that has my car just reached out yesterday saying BMW had sent them a replacement EWS module. 1 week later the new module showed up and after they installed it the car is still completely dead stick. Keys and EWS have no communication whatsoever. They now have to reorder the original kit including ews/locks/keys/ignition that took them almost 2 months to receive in the first place. Lets just hope I will get to drive it a couple times before it ends up stored again next winter lmao
  15. Looks great man! They are popular wheels for a reason
  16. What are your thoughts on this? https://www.topgear.com/car-news/first-look/new-bmw-concept-touring-coupe-glorious-z4-based-breadvan I personally found the proportions to be a bit odd, but styling wise it actually looks pretty good IMO. Discuss..
  17. Yeah I see it pop up all the time on my feed. I find it hilarious. If you want to trade that you are going to have to seek a car to trade. Also posting it in a place where everyone knows what it is, is not going to help you trade it. On the plus side, at this rate the value as been going up, so eventually it might go away.
  18. That LS fire-up on the engine stand is priceless. Nicely done!
  19. I'd be interested in the exhaust and guibo! 👍
  20. Earlier
  21. Nicer pic of the setup once the suspension settled a bit
  22. Bought a new wheel setup finally! Sorry to disappoint they're just arc 8s. Just hard to argue the price and weight factor of these things. Apex ARC 8 18x9.5 +22 Continental ExtremeContact Sport 265/35/18 Edit: I noticed the contis have a much more rounded side profile than the more square PS4S. Doesn’t look quite as good as the PS IMO, but makes clearance a bit easier.
  23. Damn.....clicked to see updates on the OG 135. Is that still a thing?
  24. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChicagoE30Trade/permalink/2492428137577624/?sale_post_id=2492428137577624 Still looking to trade that 318is from 2 picnics ago now
  25. I can't believe how well it fits! I also got some new tools courtesy of Sonic Tools...
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