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  3. Same experience looking for an F250 XLT diesel in velocity blue. I came across a couple where the “market adjustments” were astronomical as well. I’m holding out for a bit since my F150 still does what i need it to.
  4. Agreed on the interiors. Ford is way ahead. Looked and looked for an F250 Lariat Black edition Diesel and couldn't find one, dealers that had them wouldn't deal on my truck, dealers that didn't were offering me the moon for it....so weird. So, I found a Sierra and made a deal. Very weird, but I made out OK. Your coworkers truck looks great! Ask him if he's interested in a RPG bumpstop kit, or fender liners, or mudflaps, or 2" drop shackles or Cobb Tuner. All new in box (except the cobb, I'd have to see if it can be sold or if it's permanently married to my old truck). I have some parts to get rid of..... hahaha.
  5. Damn, that looks fantastic!
  6. I’m intereseted in attending.
  7. My work in progress. Ps4, crappy thrustmaster t150 at the moment, full surround built into rig, play GT sport. Can't wait for 7. Ignore my equally work in progress basement and butt butt inprogress pupperino.
  8. If I'm in town I'll be there with a considerably quieter car.
  9. Yesterday
  10. You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about?
  11. A couple small fixes The drivers side headlight had its vertical adjustments backwards, Lee noted the SMC is the module responsible for these things, and that module helped me google my way through finding out the reset through ProTools (possible best $150 license I've ever bought). After a recode the headlight went right where it should and all motor directions are correct. Drivers mirror was drifting around between drives which was annoying. Found a thread linking this issue to corroded pins in the mirror motor connector, so I pulled it all apart, cleaned up the contacts, and applied a smidge of dielectric grease before reinstalling. It seems 99% of people have had success with this, so I hope I keep the trend going! The driveway situation, before I put the truck in front of the 128 and E30
  12. Gen 2 raptor is the dream for an unnecessary daily driver. Not a huge fan of the newer GM interiors, think the Ford ones are better. Funny enough a co worker has pretty much Raptor I want, in the same color as well.
  13. Also, Some stuff to look forward to. I have a list of things that need to be purchased/done next spring. They go as follows from most important (More likely to be done to less) New Thermostat, Add an electric fan controller, + install OEM AUX fan Chrome Kidneys/Fender grills, Front bumper repair/respray, CSL 1x1 CF rear diffuser. New Wheels + tires (Between 3 brands. Undecided. BBS, FIKSE or Rays) New M3 floormats+trunk mat New nappa colby wheel, Bluebus bluetooth audio, F10 M5 LED ZHP knob Genuine CSL trunk lid (If price goes down more or I find a deal)
  14. Well, That was a fail. As probably seen on @pynacls build thread. He gifted me an Eisenmann Race muffler with 86mm Le Mans tips on the promise that if I ever go with another muffler setup, I gift it back. (That is Now on record for everyone to see) Turns out my stock muffler was welded to the section 3. Good thing we have a parts car to swap section 3 + the muffler right? Wrong. I undid 16 bolts to disconnect my section 3. Thanks @i_love_carsfor replacing those bolts as they came undone really easy. At this point Jake and I think to ourselves, This is going way too easy, we should check the parts car. Well turns out the section 3 bolts were both heavily rusty and rounded. So I had to put my car together and cry myself to sleep. Since the muffler was stuck on the parts car, I decide to repair the drivers side tip that was dented in the accident. I did alot of research and decided a tailpipe expander would be perfect for the job. I purchased one before I came and decided to give it the old college try. Ill let pictures speak for itself but I think its pretty much there. Just a hammer tap left and it is 99% back to normal. Will be paying a buddy to help me swap them at an Audi dealership with a lift.. The weekend wasn't all a loss because Pynacl and I went to the Imola Motorsports open house, He won a hat and I won the grand prize of a $500 2 year ceramic coating. (Will have it done this next spring.) I almost didn't win because I was too busy complaining that I wasn't winning ran up half way though them redrawing the number LOL. Today since this weekend didn't go as planned I decided to install some bits and pieces I've had laying around for months. First was the Never Done M3 badge sticker. The old one was very faded and peeled off without a heatgun with ease. 2nd thing I did was replaced the side markers with OEM E38 amber side markers as the M3 and E38s share the same markers. In the pictures you can see the before and after a plastic polish and before and after install. The car officially has 100% oem ambers. Yes, I am an amber butthurt, amber the world.
  15. I'm getting all jelly with your ford mods. Recently sold my Gen2 Raptor and picked up a Sierra. What a different world. Huge pile of mods to do to it to 'make it mine' Should be fun, but I do miss the Ford. Love the color of yours, great choice on the wheels!!!
  16. Last week
  17. I plan to keep it. Train keeps rolling with the modifications. This one both functional and aesthetic. @patsbimmer1 has me able to actually see properly at night time now with these Alpharex LUXX LED protector headlights. I swapped the halogen bulbs for some LED ones in the stock housings when I first got the truck. Albeit an improvement, it was incremental. These headlights actually have a defined cut off point and do a great job illuminating the road. After driving my moms new Acadia that had good headlights, I’ve needed that for my own vehicle. I think the black housings, projector “eyes”, and DRL planks fit the truck well without looking overly aftermarket. I was very much against having to use an additional wire harness for the DRLs as I want to have as minimal intrusions to the actual functioning parts of the vehicle and to not have a rats nest under the hood. Think the tuck job came out well and was able to make a couple small notches in the fuse box for the trigger wire to run through that still allows the box to seal properly.
  18. Finished drilling out like a million plastic rivet heads and reassembled the inserts into my door cards! Probably not the best solution but I resecured them using short self tappers (3/4”) and fender washers (20mm). Fit and finish is perfect, super jazzed how the swap turned out.
  19. I didn’t get rid of it yet, but I’ll have to check the condition of those in the morning when it’s light out. I honestly can’t remember if those are in good shape or not
  20. did you get rid of the donor car yet? If not, do you think the person buying it would be ok if I took a couple bits? My imola M3 needs a new passenger rocker panel and side mirror caps.
  21. Saved the door cards for last since they were going to be the most involved. The previous owner cut the door cards for some janky ass aftermarket speakers, and used what looks like wood glue and Joann Fabrics clearance shelf felt to put it back together. So it wasn't going to be as simple as swapping door cards. The good news is the damage was exclusively the door card, and not the cinnamon insert. I was able to use a 1/2" drill to drill out the 25 or so plastic welds holding the pieces together and get the cinnamon off in perfect shape. Now I just have to do this a few more times and swap all the panels, then use some very short self tappers/glue to re-secure them in my good condition door cards.
  22. Ah yes, instagram likes, my primary concern!
  23. It seems most of the european car sites use the Powertrain brand of rebuilt driveshafts - Pelican, FCP, Partsgeek, Autohaus AZ, etc. Pelican had it in stock and their overnight was similar to FCP, FCP was one business day out to ship it, and I have a 5%/10% off code that I can use on all my orders at FCP so they were a little bit cheaper. BUT NOW, I talked to FCP this morning and it's shipping out today instead of yesterday like it was supposed to, which means it MIGHT get here tomorrow but more likely Monday. And I leave early Wednesday morning. Not what I wanted to be doing right before I was supposed to leave.
  24. I think you have to keep the white E30 now with having this. Think of the Instagram likes!
  25. The perfect rev match downshift with three pedals is a thing of glory, and I manage to get them perfect about half the time hahah. Drivers side audio sound a tad bit like tin. Played with it and found the drivers side underseat sub to be dead. Unbolted the seat and took the cover off for the speaker and was greeted by a non stock low range speaker. 9v test proved it was dead, so will need to replace that. Other than that so far so good
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