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  1. Last week
  2. That looks really nice! I've fallen into the classic MTB rabbit hole and am building up a 1990 Diamondback Ascent EX to cruise around on. Old mountain bike paint jobs are the best.
  3. Awesome! Great to see this car again
  4. I haven't shared this here, but last year I bought @industrialsized's green e36 from him after it had been sitting for a number of years. Some of the OGs here may remember this car from some WIBimmers gatherings long ago. Took some work to get it running again, but I'm now starting to drive it more often while making improvements and tweaks to match my preferences. Also, as of late I've created a YouTube channel chronicling my garage tinkerings. Just posted a video on the e36 yesterday; check it out:
  5. Finally got around to getting the Adro front lip fitted, looks nearly complete.
  6. Earlier
  7. It's looking so happy! Nice work!
  8. All ready for the spring picnic! Running reliably now, new wheels and tires fitted....
  9. Always good to see an e21 again!
  10. Pest control πŸ˜‚ Hell yeah, nice work! I just heard about this on the TST podcast the other day https://rileysrebuilds.myshopify.com/
  11. Sorry to hear on the job situation but glad to see this car out in the daylight.
  12. Food is available for purchase, here is the menu... Thanks!!
  13. She lives!!!! Surprisingly, she started right up, with lots of smoke from the cylinders soaking, lol. She runs great when cold and the chokes are closed. I suspect a vacuum leak in the HVAC controls so I'll start by disconnecting all the vacuum lines, plugging the ports, and adding them back one by one to find the culprit. I'd still like to find someone good with carbs to go through them, I'm sure they need it New radiator should be here tomorrow, so a quick drain and install, she should be good to go! I'm really hoping to have her at the spring picnic this weekend! PXL_20240506_214615547.TS.mp4
  14. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    New company, same problems... Still sitting on this. Practically a barn-find at this point. It's underground parking power-washing time again, so I had to move it. The old battery was beyond junk, so I bought a new one. Started right up. Parked right outside my door, so now I'm forced to sit and look at it for a couple days...
  15. not much excitement in my neck of the woods, just been working.
  16. Very cool and can’t wait to hear that M30 sing 😎
  17. ""F" your gravel bike" -1991 Bridgestone Catalog
  18. I rebuilt my mountain bike again this spring. I got a clean 1991 Bridgestone frame from the Brazen Dropouts swap meet. Lugged steel, Tange tubing. I think the only original parts now are the brakes, rear derailer and shifter. Mostly use it for commuting and riding around Pheasant Branch, although I did take it to Cam Rock a few weeks ago. I don't miss my suspension fork as much as I thought I would, but my wheels don't come off the ground as often as the used to either...
  19. For sure! Funny, I watched his video shortly after buying it searching for info on reviving the car... Awesome to see he's a member here! I see he bought the car from Ralph, and I remember seeing that car when I was picking up parts for our E21. Small world! I got a lot of work done on the car the last couple weeks. Just waiting for a couple parts from FCP and she should be running soon! Updates soon....
  20. The "i" at the end of the model name (Ex:325i) used to indicate fuel injected models in BMW's naming convention has finally been removed and will now only appear in front of the model names (ex: i8) to represent electrification. In my opinion its kind of crazy that the "i" has lasted as long as it has and that this is a good change. I still think that the naming nomenclator of BMW models is somewhat confusing once the marketing team got involved, but this is probably a step in the right direction to simplification. https://www.carscoops.com/2024/04/bmw-will-transition-to-using-i-designation-only-on-electric-vehicles/
  21. Got the car out a few weeks ago! The steering rack seal leaks have reached a point of being a real problem, but if you ignore that and keep the reservoir full its still a blast to drive! Went to the Pegasus cars and coffee and had a great time last weekend, was great seeing some of you there.
  22. That's quite the drive for me. I may or may not make the trip, but I am marking my calendar.
  23. Interesting wheels on that thing. Fun to see another Bavaria on here. @ADDvanced Picked one up last year, but his looks to be a much bigger project than yours. Congrats on your purchase, and keep us posted on your progress!
  24. I have a really hard time walking by a nice classic BMW in need of resurrection. Here is "Emery". She's a 1974 Bavaria 3.0s that has been parked as part of a collection since 1984. We've have been wanting a 2002, but finding nice ones without taking out a second mortgage is near impossible. Cruising FB marketplace, we found this Bavaria and decided take a peek at it. The first time I saw a Bavaria was at the Vintage in 2022, and there only was 3 of them. So, here she is!! I'm working though getting her running again after sleeping for the better part of 40 years. I've been going through everything; drained the fluids, and inspected the cylinder bores. I have some wiring issues to clean up, and have replaced the starter so far, but she will be ready to start up soon! New tires are on order for a set of basketweaves that will be going on her to replace the '80s Keystone wheels. I Make poor financial decisions, lol. The Shop is officially full!
  25. Two weeks away!!!! See ya there πŸ˜‰
  26. Not much chitter chatter in this chitter chatter thread...
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