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  2. Its time for an UPDATE! Holy shit has the past month been a stressful but rewarding in the end, so thats why I have been slacking on updates here haha For starters the street tuning went well. There's still some touch ups the tuner wants to make which I'm fine with but the car rips pretty well! 20210526_200253.mp4 Here is the completed version for now. I made some delete panels for the rear diffuser, it turned out good enough lol. And with the tune being safe to drift on that meant it was time for some testing at DD80 at USAIR. The
  3. What kind of slob owned this thing before that let dirt build up behind the tail lights!?!?
  4. We are 80% full for our June 28th track day at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL. On-line registration is available for all MVP track events at: On-Line Registration: http://www.mvptracktime.com/id92.html Feff
  5. Outta here with that weak sauce! Cool find on the stock tails, I didn't remember those.
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  7. Guess my priorities are in the wrong order. But when I find deals. The deals get shipped directly to my house. I am a huge amber butthurt, So the tail lights and the side markers of the car kinda bothered me as they weren't ORANGE enough for me, Last week I was doing my weekly scrapyard search and a car caught my eyes... OEM AMBER LED TAILS???? Gave the scrap yard a call, for a measly $150 shipped they were mine. Well they showed up today in pretty good condition. Gave them a polish and a ceramic coat and they look nearly as good as new! While the tails wer
  8. Last week
  9. It looks like I cut the passenger side a bit short as the muffler fell down and was hanging by the brackets. Anyone know of a longer clamp or other solution that’d keep it attached without having it welded?
  10. Took @B C advice and downloaded ECUWorx and modified my M3 a bit this afternoon. Most notably disabled top speed limiter, enabled shift lights (flashes all segments at 7.5k RPM) and re-calibrated the warmup light sequence to more reasonable temps that doesn't promote WOT at 140F on those poor RBs. Below is a before / after on what I changed. I wrote up a blog post on how to use the software step by step here if anyone is interested: https://www.pynacl.com/blog/tune-your-e46-m3-yourself. Thanks Brian for your work in discovering and learning to use this software! Stock: Final:
  11. Well I'll call that a success. Ended up cutting the dash console piece in one spot to make room. This spot will allow everything to bolt back together and never be seen. This extra space allowed me to cut back the carpet inside shifter area. I made a template of the inside hump piece and traced it on the car to prep for cutting. I then proceeded to cut it out carefully with a dremel, not to hit any of the wiring or catch something on fire. Fits great and shifting feels exactly as it should now! 👍 Now I just have to get some panelbond, s
  12. This is my assumption based on everything I've read, seen and experienced through this process... All preface lift e46 xit's, regardless of auto or manual, had the raised tunnel since bmw based all chassis' off of being manual even if they became auto's on the assembly line. Then, for some unknown reason, the facelift xit's that were manual got the raised tunnel and auto's got the flat tunnel due to shifter assembly. Again this is just my speculation with what I've seen and experienced.
  13. Interesting. So did all the xi's have the raised tunnel then?
  14. It does look good but I like the aluminum trim as well
  15. Very cool! Nice that they are expanding while most pulled back their programs. Hopefully others will follow.
  16. Prepping for surgery. Cut out the raised trans tunnel section for shifter from a 330xi at wallys u-pull in Oshkosh this morning.
  17. I have this box of parts I don’t want. It has a good working coil, a red and orange turn signal, condor engine mounts, garagistic poly transmission mounts, oem rubber mounts, and an e46 washer pump (I believe). I a man of simple pleasures and I figure this is all worth at least a 12 pack of beer? It’s available in Cedarburg during all the time or Menomonee Falls during the day.
  18. Titan trim sucks. Such cheap build quality it shouldn't have even been an option on these cars. Mine was peeling/bubbling on every panel like you see in the photo below. I took all the pieces out, sanded them down with 200/600 grit, then primered and re-painted. Took me two tries because for whatever reason, if you don't use primer, paint has a strange reaction to the bare material and it'll bubble instantly. I ended up using Dupli-color "Storm Gray", which I believe is a GM color. Closest match I could and honestly would be hard to tell the difference. Seems like factory has a bit more warmer
  19. Not since the iconic V12 LMR has BMW been in top tier endurance racing but that changes for 2023 with the LMDh class! I can't wait to see this car in action!
  20. After all the work last summer the car needed an alignment and KMR did a great job. Looking forward to getting out and testing it on the backroads soon.
  21. It did for awhile, then it went missing right around when I got it. It's in my amazon cart haha. I question if the horrid old clutch in there didn't help the situation any, as it would chatter like a mother. Previous dude also speculated that it was ticking shortly after assembly, but not as bad.
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  23. Also check the lobes for wear. They can be purchased new
  24. That's what she said.
  25. Check the side clearance and inspect for anything that would cause lower output flow. Also check the relief valve spring, I doubt that is the issue though because typical idling pressure is very low anyway. Did you have an oil pressure gauge?
  26. Anyone knows who still does the walnut blasting for not too much $$$. 2008 535i E60 N54
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