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  1. That seems like a really good deal if it's what they say.

    chit chat thread

    Ha! Sponsorship. Then you'd be a corporate goon, exactly the opposite of what you want to be!

    chit chat thread

    Phew, glad there are still some of you not settled down!!

    chit chat thread

    You guys are all getting old, buying houses and such. For years I've envied your ability to pack-up and move anywhere, not being tied down, now you're all domesticated and stuff. Who will I live vicariously through??

    chit chat thread

    Just go to a dealership and buy an $80 trim piece or some other random, overpriced BMW part. It basically defines the ownership experience.

    chit chat thread

    With the new tariffs, steel price has gotten dumb.

    Garage Life Motoring

    I just bought a bunch of stuff from ECS, if I send you the invoice, can I get a reimbursement for the amount you would have saved me? No, I'm kidding, but this is good to know! thanks for offering this.

    Selling tip

    The guy is pretty funny, he had several items for sale and all had her holding them in goofy poses. She's got a sense of humor at least. She'll be laughing as she freezes your village.

    Selling tip

    So, I bought a Ti Exhaust for the Lotus, which I've been looking for, for awhile. But, not to sellers, find a hot female friend to take the pics with. Very good attention getter.
  10. REKIII

    chit chat thread

    I've owned a few cars with rebuilt titles. Usually banks will finance 50% of the value, I mean of a non-rebuilt version. They insure exactly the same way, however I'm not sure how the payout would work as I've never re-totaled a rebuilt car. I do know the rates and such are the same though. Pretty much it's un-eventful other than a sucky resale. But it allows you to get into a car much nicer than you typically could afford. This assumes the rebuild was done well. The best examples are stolen cars. If your car gets stolen and the ins pays out, when it's found it's instantly marked totaled (unless you want it) and it goes to ins auction. Someone buys it, literally does nothing to the car, gets it inspected and it magically has a rebuilt title. A perfect car with a shitty title.
  11. A guy I work with has one. I wish they came in manual. Fun cars. This one is a great color combo.
  12. Bitchstone or Bitchstone Light Not sure why 'light' just seems to flow.
  13. Pre 2009 were still all Lamborghini That is worth almost nothing. If you were to remove it, you'd be lucky to get $20K for it, and then the buyer would still have to figure out tuning. Like I said, given the right circumstances, it could be good for someone.
  14. This won't be a good deal. $65K and reserve not yet met. Salvage titles are a cancer worse than miles on a lambo. It is a pre 2009 which makes it less desirable, arguably the worst color available. If you could do your own body work and wanted to keep it forever it could be a good deal, that is assuming there are no other issues. These cars are retarded expensive to fix, and they are hard to sell even with pristine history's.
  15. Thanks for the update!