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  1. If you want to go the full re-upholstery route, Ace Auto Trim in West Bend does good work. They are old school. Not even a website.
  2. The wording that got us was in the social distancing. It said something to the effect of 6 feet of space or more, and if closer is required, limit it to less than 10 mins. The whole spa is designed around services with a therapist/nailtech/stylist physically touching a client for 30-90 mins. it would be easy to limit the nail room and salon to no more than 10 people but the touching is impossible to get away from. My wife has cancelled literally 100's of appts over the next few weeks. Most clients completely understood, some even said, "well, I really trust your cleaning procedures, are you sure I can't come in?" It came down to liability. We'd be going directly against the government order/recommendation if someone were to get it and trace it back to us, we'd be liable, or at least have a battle on our hands. Too bad that grant is for businesses less than 20 employees only. That might work for mine if the economy doesn't recover, we only have 6 people here. We are looking into loan offerings from SBA. Long terms, low interest rates. Hopefully we can make that work. I agree we can get through this, lets just hope there is something left at the end to make it worth it.
  3. We had to close my wife's spa last night. No curbside pick-up or work from home options for them. 55 people laid-off. What a kick in the gut. So many appts cancelled. Hopefully it's for the best, hopefully the business will come back. Hopefully we can pay the rent. Absolutely insane.
  4. Based on how the world is devolving, you better get this thing on the road sooner than later. 😮
  5. I think the hope for everyone is that this is short lived. Wife and I own 2 businesses, mine can function completely fine with quarantine and internet. That's IF I still have work to do. Economy plays a part in that. My wifes business might be dead in the water. We're all just holding our breath. School Districts are starting to announce 4 week closures. My kids are old enough to stay home alone, but this will effect A LOT of people. This is definitely history in the making every day.
  6. Boo. But it's how all the logo styles are going now. Lotus recently did the same thing too. It's to get all depth out of the logo. Ironically, the same constructive criticism that was given to my C2S logo in the Off topic thread.
  7. Sorry for posting links to this other website again, but good deal or no? These things are getting harder to find and seeming to increase in value. https://www.lotustalk.com/threads/1999-bmw-m-coupe-n-atlanta-ga.475231/
  8. I think the Z4 is way better looking than the Z3, I was never a fan of the Z3. But, in the nature of full disclosure, I'm a really ugly dude, so there's that.
  9. This is a hard one. I am really not brand loyal. I get ideas about what I like and then pursue them, sometimes with success, sometimes not. I will say, that I rarely cross direct competitor lines, for example, I really like BMW (obviously) but have never cared for Merc or Audi, or really even VW or porsche. In my mind those are the most direct competitors to BMW. I don't know if it's because I'm a BMW guy or not. My current stable is a BMW, Lotus, Ford, and Jeep. In the past I've had a GMC, Toyota, Honda.... So....yeah, not too brand loyal. I like a car for what the car is, I won't buy a vehicle just because I like the company that makes it.
  10. Oh, and congrats on the sale. The process seemed OK as I've read a lot of horror stories from BaT. Glad yours went good. It helped a ton that the seller and buyer were decent people it seems.
  11. It seems like it is this way because it is so cutthroat. No one wants' to pay another $800+ for a car they just got a good deal on. Then you have the drivers/owners wanting to optimize their load. The combo of those 2 things couple with potentially crappy people on both ends (drivers and sellers) that bad shit is bound to happen. It seems that people I know that spend $1500+ on enclosed carriers never have issues. I'm to the point where if a plane ticket and gas/hotel is even remotely close to a high end transport I'll just go get it myself.
  12. Not sure where this guy has this advertised. In Fremont Michigan. Don't know M3 values enough to know if what he says is true about being the cheapest. But, not super far away, possibly a good deal, and the best color. https://www.lotustalk.com/threads/1997-bmw-m3-sedan-5-speed-m3-4-5-5900.474808/
  13. Thanks, I will definitely keep that in mind.
  14. That is a pretty slick concept. Thank you for the idea!!
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