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    Stories from Retail Auto Service

    I will read new posts in this thread with excitement.

    chit chat thread

    Hory Sheet!

    Four Post lift?

    Yeah, not really sure what her deal is with it. Has a lot of rust, she's always been a volkswagen fan. I just hope I don;t have it much longer than this winter.

    Four Post lift?

    Not possible by 1 guy? Pfft.

    Four Post lift?

    Some ebay seller. Contacted him for a shipping quote and completed the transaction. Pretty painless! Awesome! I appreciate the offer. Thank you!

    Four Post lift?

    Wow....awesome fitment, and definitely important factors to consider. I'm pretty lucky, my shed has open trusses and the point where they meet the wall is 12'. I decided I couldn't afford a bendpak, so I got a triumph. Probably some rebranded chinese junk, but it had good reviews, came with the casters and drip trays, and had decent freight cost. Hopefully getting it by the end of the week. Then a giant shed reorganization will commence. I will attempt a 1 person assembly like I did with my 2 post. Not sure of how successful that will be. haha

    BMW E30 Convertible Pan Roof

    I think if you were to cut up a hardtop to do the fishbowl mod, you'd want a nice one so it was straight and sound. It would be hard taking a sawzall to it though.

    Four Post lift?

    Nice. I'll look into those. Looks to be about 500 more than others, but the plug in is interesting. Others I've read about plugs into standard 110, but reviews said unless it was a 30amp circuit the breaker would blow. Thanks!

    Four Post lift?

    Looking for suggestions on a four post lift. Wouldn't mid a good used one. Needs to have a caster kit so i can move it. What are typical power requirements? I don't need a huge one as it would probably to get the lotus up off the ground in the winter and put another car or stuff under it. Right now, the M5, the lotus, and my aunts Cabrio are taking up a lot of room. Would be nice to stack two of them. Good/bad brands? Oh....as a note, I have a 2 post, so I don't need another....although that could happen someday. Thanks!
  10. Ha! 'For the last time' Sure.... You do realize we've all been paying attention. In a week, or month we'll see a new update something like this: 'So, I thought I was done with the passenger seat when I assembled it last time. When I was in there, I noticed a pan head screw that looked just.....well, wrong. So, in my free time between picking out Ascots and dinner flatware I researched which screws BMW really used inside the seat, you see, this screw was unique to the passenger seat in 318ti's and varied by VIN number so it wasn't something I could just get anywhere. After extensive research and some rough translated phone calls to retired BMW assembly workers (time difference was tough to schedule calls) I found out that the screw in my seat was not factory! The photo evidence just couldn't be denied! I was disgusted, and couldn't sleep. The next morning I called the dealer to order. They said I couldn't order it......I explained who I was and what I was doing and they said they still could't get it for me. Now what? I wasn't finished. I decided to take the screw I had (the dirty non-factory one) and the pictures of the actual screw I had collected from my new german friends and drew up a schematic to have one made. I had a local machine shop turn it for me, took it to the heat treating place we use at work to get it hardened to the proper spec, then sent it off to the zinc plater for the proper gold coloring. After all this, I re-assembled the seat for the last time....again.....I think......and finally got a good nights sleep.'
  11. REKIII

    Back from the dead or something.

    Does getting an M3 count as a mod to the red car? I'm confused.
  12. REKIII

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    I've found that to be common as well....other manufacturers having spec make their stuff. That's how a spec ended up in the M5. I just avoid them like the plague now. It seems that it is a low standard of quality that bites them (and the customer) in the ass. They'll say a .378" step height, which you'll do, but their pressure plate or disk was out of spec (kinda a pun, lol) and it won't work. Hopefully, if the motive is multi-disk they have put it together and checked everything.