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  1. A yellow burnout? Assuming this was a gender reveal.....is that for gender neutral babies?
  2. Manual F10 M5 would be a great daily driver. So rare though.
  3. Once I get my lotus rolling again (maybe next year, maybe 2025) I'll see if you want to do it. It's black so it shows everything. Thanks!
  4. How are you with fiberglass? What is 'just outside of milwaukee'?
  5. Yes. For sure. I'll even put that in writing and sign a waiver of care if it would make you feel better.
  6. We have a few nurses on staff and some close doctor friends. They have all explained in various degrees how the lockdowns and separations are all great, but in the end we will all get it or all be exposed. The rate of mutation and the lack of consistent antibodies means a vaccine is impossible with the current technologies we have. They explained that all these things we are doing is definitely flattening the curve, but even they chuckle at the doom and gloom positive case count the media salivates over every day. One said, 'you have no idea how many people are being tested...' insinuating that it would actually be odd if the case count didn't go up. The craziest thing is that all of these people (over 10 personal acquaintances) do not regularly wear masks in public. At this point, I have no idea what to think. I still stand firm that shutting our economy down is far worse than whatever the virus will bring.
  7. I've been debating on this topic for awhile now. I was totally on board with the epoxy leaning towards professional install just to make sure it was done right with a high quality product, but it does seem like there are a lot of quality DIY options. But......The use of epoxy still scares me. I've seen it damaged from weld spatter, tire chirping, dropping heavy things on it, etc. It seems like repairing epoxy is, at best, a band-aide and very visible. Racedeck or other similar snap tile is expensive, noisy, and doesn't handle jackstands, etc well. Not to mention the disgusting underside that becomes a reality after a few years. I understand that my take-aways aren't the same for everyone and a quality debate could be made of any of them. But.....I researched another idea and really like it. Armstrong VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile). Basically the stuff Targets and Walmarts use on their floor. It's relatively cheap, needs little prep, easy to install and very hardy. It can be waxed (high end commercial waxes work best) and if you do damage a tile beyond what wax will fix, you can replace that tile. There are a lot of different colors and patterns you can use and they are readily available. Another huge advantage is that you can do a section of your garage, then move stuff onto that section and do another section. You don't have to completely clear out a space for days while the install happens. Just another thought to consider.
  8. I used to, before I got old and fat. It's still delicious.
  9. People mockingly fake heart attacks all the time - Thousands die from hear disease every year People mock bad drivers and car accidents, - thousands die in car crashes every year People make fun of fat people and diabetes - see first line Humor is humor. If you can only make fun of pure innocent things, life gets REALLY boring.
  10. It is MY responsibility to protect MYSELF from idiots. Not the government. I HATE that the government made a law requiring seatbelts, I ALWAYS wear them, to protect myself, not to be protected by the government. If I'M at risk then I don't go to places where I could be exposed. This is all MY responsibility. I do not need, not want the government to do it for me. That is the difference here. Same thing with the people at the salon, people who are sick or think they are sick are asked not to come. If they are showing symptoms and come anyway, they are asked to leave. Staff is wearing masks and in some cases face shields, clients are required to wear face masks. If a staff member feels to uncomfortable with the situation, they are not coming in. This isn't racket science. This is personal responsibility, and part of that responsibility is understanding that there are idiots out there and doing what you need to, to mitigate risk. If I was 97, asthmatic, and was going through Chemo, my risk would be a lot different than if I was 27, and healthy. Sure, bad things can happen to anyone, but it's about managing risk as you see fit for yourself. As soon as the government tries to manage my risk for me, it's a no-go.
  11. People are missing the point of why the order was reversed. IT WAS ILLEGAL. Put something else in place, fine. But if you give up freedoms for a small amount of security, you are already done for. We have checks and balances in place for this exact reason. I'm not going to be heading to a bar anytime soon, but I'm glad that I can decide that. If you are so fucking worried about what everyone else does, get a job as a policeman or teacher or something. My wife's spa is fully reopening Monday. There is a long list of new internal regulations that she is implementing (on her own, not per any ordinances). People will be asked ot comply or not come. The funny thing is, all hair stylists and nail techs are trained in disease control, sterilization, etc. They literally have to take a 4 credit course every year or two on hygiene to stay up to date. They are trained more than any other profession on how to keep clients and themselves safe, yet they've been shut down the longest. It just goes to show you that the people who determined the shut down had no idea of reality.
  12. We have been finishing up a few projects but everything has been crickets for future projects. Companies are very afraid to lay out dollars for development with such uncertainty. I'm very fearful of what will happen with my group if things don't start looking good. We can weather a storm for awhile, but not forever. 2019 was rough, so we were playing catch up, and 2020 was looking awesome until we got kicked in the teeth by the shutdown.
  13. That guy is hilarious. While it might not further the conversation here (we all seem to be pretty level headed in this discussion, with the exception of me), it definitely makes for some much needed laughter. Also, satire, while often mean, can sometimes open the eyes of someone with tunnel vision. We all get it in various parts of our lives. If you can't laugh at some aspect of a situation, then we really have lost all hope.
  14. You see it as different priorities (so you can make me look bad and stand on your tower and look down at me) I see it as taking away things/ways of life, by forces which have no right to do so. 'Money and cars'? Where did that even come from? I want the economy rolling, people to be productive, things being made, enjoyment being had. In your very narrow minded view, if we attempt that, it is guaranteed death, so you are happy oppressing millions. A. Yes, they do. I'm not disrespecting them. If I wanted that life, I'd move there. I don't want that life, so I stay here. A government force doing everything they can to make this country into that is not fair to any of us. B. That is exactly what an economic collapse is. I mean, literal definition. Can we recover? Sure! But every single day that these measures are kept in place adds months to that recovery time. We are not talking years, we are talking decades of hardship, poverty, starvation, and just general stagnation of progress. C. The passion derives from having no control. It's like sitting there holding your breath knowing someone is going to kick you in the balls, but not knowing when. There is no end game. It just keeps going, nothing to prepare for, nothing to plan for. It's the ultimate feeling of helplessness. You can't DO anything. So, yeah, I understand getting trolled, that's OK. The trolls feel that's all they have power to do, like buy toilet paper or whatever. I don't blame people for having different opinions. I don't blame people for wildly hating me for mine. I've spent almost 40 years of my life being generally disliked by the majority of people I interact with, and that is all on me, I get it. Not saying it as a pity party, just trying to convey the way in which I operate. I'm not going to change my views or opinions to facilitate anyone.
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