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  1. Charging infrastructure - Sorta. I have a friend down in Chicago with a Model 3. He made a road trip to Maine. The Tesla software maps your course (you can add whatever you want to it like google maps) and it will figure out where and when you need to stop for a charge. It will adjust based on the energy usage of your car, say you are hot-footing it, or it's inclement whether, it will recalculate for less range. Is it as ideal and care free as the current Petrol netowrk? No. But the gas station network had about 100 years to develop. There are still signs out west that say XXX miles until next fuel station, so watch your range. Range anxiety is still big, but for 95% of drivers, if the car has a 300+ mile range, it's not really that big of a deal. This is also coming from the opinion that you wouldn't own only electric vehicles. Environmental impact? I really don't know. My interest in electric does not come from the angle of having any concern over the environment. That's probably bad, just being honest.
  2. I think there are 3 distinct truck guy markets. There is the work truck guys. They buy the truck for work and use them for work. Depending on their personal taste, this can be a stripper W/T silverado, or a fulley decked out 3500HD Denali, but in the end, they are all used for work. How much Tesla breaks in here is questionable. The utility will have to be proven. Then there are the hick/lifted truck/nut sack on the hitch guys. They want something that will roll coal and be loud. These guys will not be buying Cybertrucks. And in group 3 is where I fall. Guys that drive trucks because they have a need for a truck but don't use it as a tuck all the time. Or they just need to compensate for their lack of masculinity and/or small penis so they drive a truck. These are the buyers that will be most likely to be interested in a Cybertruck.
  3. It's very possible it is just a stunt of some sort, but the deposits are 100% refundable. So, while they actually so have my money, allegedly I can get it back. Even if it is a funding opportunity and they end up refunding all of us, oh well, poor way to try to get new customers. What they found was that the highest percentage of people putting in deposits were from areas that have the least current Tesla presence which mean they have really opened up an untapped market, not simply current Model S owners who want a truck. In the end, no one really knows, maybe no even Musk. He is the worlds best at over promising. I don't even want to say under-delivering, as he usually delivers just not in a timely manner. It is at least interesting. I had zero excitement about the Model 3 and the Model Y.
  4. That's good to hear. I haven't owned anything new enough to try out electric power assist yet. Someday before I die it would be great to figure out a rack set up for the M5. Stupid steering box with 37 linkages is stupid.
  5. What are the thoughts on the new Cybertruck? I like it, and I think I can honestly say I like it not just because I want to like it. Sure there are weird things and undefined or TBD features, but I think overall it is super cool. If it was available today, I'd be trading the Raptor in. I have my pre-order in for the tri-motor in 2022, so I definitely have time to see how it evolves.
  6. I know it's probably not the point of this build, but it seems from a lot of reviews that the electric power steering, whether full drive by wire or electric motor assist is really disliked for the disconnected feel.
  7. Thank you! I knew I should have looked at this thread before I called. I got similar info, including the warning on size. The crappy part ended up being that the thing I'm getting is from overseas, so what the $500 covers is also all the import paperwork/duties/tariffs etc. If I walked into the fedex place, I'd have to act as my own importer or hire one. So...the $500 to my door becomes a much better deal. That all being said I'm really glad I even know this is an option now, and I appreciate the help. This could help out with domestic stuff a lot.
  8. I was told FedEx. I'll have to see if there is a customer service line I can call or something. Knowing that have docks and lifts is a huge plus. Thanks!
  9. Anyone done this? I'm looking to purchase a large(er) piece of equipment and I have the option to save about $500 if I get it delivered to the 'nearest airport' assuming MKE. Anyone done this? $500 is not an insubstantial savings, but I don't know what the logistics are. Will they fork it onto the back of my truck? I'm only about 40 mins from the airport, so it's a quick drive. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. Nothing wrong with that. Will be a cool project any which way.
  11. You seem to have access to all kinds of cool toys, will you be utilizing a 3D scanner for this project?
  12. REKIII


    Yes. They are delicious. Warm them up a bit to bring out the true goodness. Available from in multiple forms on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=stroopwafel&crid=J3ZDTNWS5OII&sprefix=stroop%2Caps%2C177&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_6
  13. Check into New Prospective https://npseniorliving.com/communities/west-bend/ It is right across the street from my office. Really nice place. They have underground parking for residents. Getting a second spot is just a matter of paying for it. Luxury elderly living with parking!!
  14. Dude.....language. Had to have a meeting with HR after watching the vid. Awesome wheel/tire combo though. Totally worth it.
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