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  1. Glad mine are teenagers. Being old and feeble has some benefits - older kids. I HATED the baby/toddler stage. I know it was all me, but that doesn't change the facts, lol. 2 is all we could handle, any more and they would out number us. I'm not sure how you guys with 3+ survive. Also, pro-tip - Keep expectations of you VERY low. If I didn't claim residence at my house, I would have been a full fledged absentee father. Refusing to change diapers, feed, bathe will pay dividends down the road, no running them to soccer practice, no going to dance recitals, no going to parent teacher conferences. All actions have rewards. Also, one last thing.....every single day gets better than the previous, even if it doesn't seem like it, something is better......until you have the 2nd, or 3rd, etc......then all hell breaks loose again.
  2. @Jdesign might have some of your needed bits. He seems to have a warehouse of parts/cars, etc.
  3. Yellow Cosmoline? What is that. Sorry, newb question.
  4. The bed levelers are basically a time saver. Messing around with manually leveling the bed can be a pain. I'm in no rush to get rid of these, though I have reached out to creality if they will take them in exchange for spare parts or something for my ender 5. I don't have high hopes though.
  5. PETG is definitely a pain. PLA is the easiest and most forgiving material to print with....it is also one of the worst for making useable things ad it is not super hard, not very temp stable and not UV protected at all. ABS is a little better, but smells horribly when printing and doesn't hold size very well. The cool thing is that there are a ton of people out there who have tried a ton of different things, so no one is reinventing the wheel at this point. Also, if you are interested in a bed leveler, I have an extra available, the Creality BL touch. I also have an Ender-3 Silent Motherboard. They were gifts from other relatives for my daughter.....they were not paying attention to what I was getting.
  6. Ha! That is funny. Seems the cupholder itself functions fine, but they put sensitive Airbag electronics directly underneath that can't get wet. Poor design. Good Thing I'm too poor to ever own a modern BMW.
  7. Creality makes good stuff. I got my daughter an Ender 5 for her B-day in october and she's been printing all kinds of stuff with it. Regarding software, like GMG, I have SolidWorks, through work, so I'm not too familiar with the cheap/free stuff. The educational SW license you can get with an EAA membership, is the best deal out there. We did that for my son. Plus you get the magazine which is neat. Make sure to research the different materials available, all kinds of neat stuff is out there now, some good, some bad. All have pros and cons.
  8. Super jelly of all these plates. All my cars are black and I've always wanted a black plate. Just can't bring myself to get these. I'll continue to live vicariously through these posts.
  9. Pretty sure an Imola Z8 would be the next to join the fleet.
  10. I hope prices keep going up, though I'll never sell mine, so it doesn't REALLY matter, haha. not sure if you do the FB thing, but there is a really good e39 M5 group with a lot of activity. I was banned from it, so it must be good! Shady Hasan, a guy out in CA runs it. He is really good with these cars too. Working on developing a lot of updates, NLA parts etc. His website is https://speedhavenracing.com/
  11. Before you order the wheels, look into the squared option....rears on all 4 corners. They look pretty good on the front and get rid of a bit of the understeer. Congrats on the car, looks amazing. I still can't believe what the e39's are going for these days, M5 or otherwise.
  12. Agreed on the interiors. Ford is way ahead. Looked and looked for an F250 Lariat Black edition Diesel and couldn't find one, dealers that had them wouldn't deal on my truck, dealers that didn't were offering me the moon for it....so weird. So, I found a Sierra and made a deal. Very weird, but I made out OK. Your coworkers truck looks great! Ask him if he's interested in a RPG bumpstop kit, or fender liners, or mudflaps, or 2" drop shackles or Cobb Tuner. All new in box (except the cobb, I'd have to see if it can be sold or if it's permanently married to my old truck). I have some parts to get rid of..... hahaha.
  13. I'm getting all jelly with your ford mods. Recently sold my Gen2 Raptor and picked up a Sierra. What a different world. Huge pile of mods to do to it to 'make it mine' Should be fun, but I do miss the Ford. Love the color of yours, great choice on the wheels!!!
  14. I'm posting the worst FS ad ever, just to drum up some interest. This is one of those cars that someone with genuine interest will look past my shortcomings as an ad poster and request additional info. I'm posting this for my Uncle who owns the car and did all the restoration. He is ridiculously picky about the level of perfection that he puts into cars and has helped with other isetta restorations. I don't know the year, or any other 'normal' details. I do know that this car sat in my Grandpas barn (non-animal barn) since probably before I was born, then we moved it to my dads shop (dry and heated) then it went to my uncle in the early 90's. I would venture to say that this will be one of the most perfect restorations you will see. He is asking $45K. At a concours type auction it would probably get low to mid 50's If you or someone you know is genuinely interested, I can get you in contact with him.
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