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  1. Well....it's technically purple, but I was being nice, lol. Makes sense. Just hate to see it when my friends put such effort into things and then just let it go without any time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Not to say you won't enjoy the next thing, but..... Good luck with the sale!! If you make a FB forsale post, tag me and I'lll share it in the M5 group. A lot of those guys like X5's as dailys.
  2. Beautiful X5. Too bad it's blue. Why selling though? You went on 2 nationwide trips to find this thing. it's literally perfect? You can't tell me you didn't realize this was bigger than a 3 series when you bought it.

    chit chat thread

    How many times did County Stadium change names? Zero. They ripped it down and built a new one, it was called Miller Park. If AmFam want's to rip down miller park and build AmFam Park, fine. That would be cool. Buildings of this caliber are defining landmarks of a city. It seems wrong to change the name, maybe it was improperly named to begin will. Maybe 'Brewers Stadium by Miller' would have been better. For me, it's not even Nostalgia, it just seems wrong. No better than taking a corner stone off a building.

    Tire Mounting - Where?

    Hello all. Just had a set of rare-ish Lotus wheels straightened/welded/powdercoated. Spent some decent money on them. Need to mount a new set of tires on them. I'm looking for a place, closer to West bend/Washington Co area that is confident in mounting low pro tires on high end wheels. Big Bear tire is where I would normally go, but they are quite a drive, and would like to find someplace closer. Finding just any old place is not tough, finding a place that has confidence with these kind of wheels/tires is what is difficult. I don;t want a place that says 'Well, we can try.....' Thanks for any suggestions.

    chit chat thread

    I'd like to know the details as well, but I'd guess that miller either lowballed or offered less and AmFam came in with a higher bid that miller wouldn't match/beat. I hate when they rename buildings that are basically landmarks.

    chit chat thread

    We all do. It's like some sort of side effect you get from BMW ownership. You buy any BMW at any time and after a while all of a sudden this weird feeling starts creeping over you, something you just can't explain. It can go on for years before you finally identify it as 'I want an e30'.
  7. It's available at most liquor stores. Anytime there is a party with a Ryan, i bring it so we can all uncomfortably drink Ryan's Cream.

    Secret Santa 2018!

    Received my quite awesome gift a bit ago. An original Autoweek with the M5 release article in it. Super cool. 2 keychains, a cankoozy thing and an ever useful roll of tape! Thank you Secret Santa!!

    Stories from Retail Auto Service

    I will read new posts in this thread with excitement.
  10. REKIII

    chit chat thread

    Hory Sheet!
  11. REKIII

    Four Post lift?

    Yeah, not really sure what her deal is with it. Has a lot of rust, she's always been a volkswagen fan. I just hope I don;t have it much longer than this winter.
  12. REKIII

    Four Post lift?

    Not possible by 1 guy? Pfft.