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  1. Thanks. It was an inexpensive menards product. I cut it on a chop saw with a masonry blade. I used 'omnigrip' from home depot to put it on the wall. No grout. A pretty nice and easy install considering I had never done it before.
  2. Did a ton of work ourselves which saved a lot. We had a major and 2 smaller vacations canceled so we had a little boost to the budget which was nice. Wife uses her fancy wide angle lens to take the pics so it looks bigger than it is.
  3. Oh....here was the bathroom. Just needed a good cleaning at the end.
  4. These are some neat projects. We finally finished out basement as well. Bought the house 7 years ago. Basement was sorta finished, but just very white-box-ish. So after a couple years we added a bathroom, then demo'd the rest, then it sat until the end of last year. Finally got moving and finished it. Basically how it started last year....we have pics of what it looked like when we moved in somewhere. The whole ceiling was dropped and had conduit everywhere. In these pics, the ceiling is gone and I relocated all the wires into the joist like they were supposed to be. Here I have a bunch of the bar framed in and the plumbing pretty much done. Had to dig a sumpcrock into the floor then route everything overhead. I hired someone to do the framing but did the electric and plumbing, just to keep the project moving. Ran a second zone of HVAC too. Opened up the stairwell and added stair lights. Exercise was staying the exercise room so it became a temporary home to a lot of crap It was not fun getting things down the stairs, but having it opened helped A LOT The movie room stayed the movie room but we had to fix the back wall (left side in pic) and the ceiling got insulated and painted black. I hired out the drywall too. Movie room sucessfully blacked out Decided to add some stone walls: The wifes design pallet It was a long wait on the cabinets, but they started to roll in. Tin/copper ceiling was tricky Then added more stone and more tin: Then the big wait was for the counter tops. So we finished a bunch of the other stuff Finally the tops came in so we could finish the back-bar....more stone and cabinets. Haha Movie room got furnished Appliances Crown to finish off the ceiling Finish work on the stairs Then....the coolest part. We unpackaged everything we had been storing for 7 years from our old house. Got it all organized. Installed my lights and shelves in the towers. We are still working on some things. Decorations. I want to build a bar sign for between the 2 towers. It was a fun/stressful/rewarding/expensive project.
  5. Does the price seem reasonable becasue it is a 130, not a 135? Very odd ad.
  6. Build volume is always a key factor in who you pic. Also, material selection and if you are using a dual head for soluable or break-away support. Lets get some detes men.
  7. With or without the hard plastic covers? lol. Very nice car, glws
  8. I think Lambeau WAS a lot MORE ugly than it is now. Therefore, the general consensus is that it looks good* *better than before Soldier field is effed over by it's location and being in Chicago. So many restrictions due to historical landmark, land/building locked etc. etc. All the new fancy multi trillion dollar stadiums don't have those restrictions. To compare the 2 is pretty tough. I work with a bears fan as well. He hasn't been in a good mood lately. I'm a passive Packers fan. This year hasn't been of much interest to me with the pandemic restrictions and the pandering to social issues. Keep up with wins and losses is about it. Haven't watched a game this season yet.
  9. A yellow burnout? Assuming this was a gender reveal.....is that for gender neutral babies?
  10. Manual F10 M5 would be a great daily driver. So rare though.
  11. Once I get my lotus rolling again (maybe next year, maybe 2025) I'll see if you want to do it. It's black so it shows everything. Thanks!
  12. How are you with fiberglass? What is 'just outside of milwaukee'?
  13. Yes. For sure. I'll even put that in writing and sign a waiver of care if it would make you feel better.
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