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  1. The very first year I owned my BMW in 2007 I joined BMWCCA. I couldn't see the value. From the BMW side they just pushed the new models (which I get) and the Badger Bimmers seemed unwelcoming at best. Maybe things have changed?


    Hi Leon! Definitely the furthest away local guy here! Pics of the X5?

    CNC Plasma

    Sure is. It looks like you have the piece already....

    chit chat thread

    I think the Audi and Lexus Grilles are much nicer. The kidney grille concept/design just doesn't fit the gigantic proportions.
  5. I see what is happening. Do we call him Jake, or Brian? You decide.

    Ceramic Coating

    I have considered that on the truck...... Jeep is wife-mobile, she won't like that.

    Back from the dead or something.

    Pretty sure I drove past your place a couple weekends ago. Port, right? Went to Beanies for my moms b-day.

    chit chat thread

    Yes....but obviously the life of my winters is more valuable to me.

    Ceramic Coating

    Looking to get the Jeep Ceramic coated. I was going to go get a quote from CMG in cedarburg. Seems a bit high priced but the lifetime warranty is intriguing. Anyone have other suggestions?
  10. REKIII

    chit chat thread

    Yes. Yes I am. I'm not nearly as well off as most of you here, so saving the tread and driving a bit slower in the unlikely event of a storm looks pretty good to me.
  11. REKIII

    chit chat thread

    Well....50° is when winter tires start to get REALLY squishy and wear very fast. So....based on the forecast, you can either drive like a Grandma and still have bad wear, or you can risk maybe 1 or 2 days of crappy driving on your summers, on the outside chance we get a measurable snow fall.
  12. I think it looks pretty cool. Been waffling on Steering wheels for the M and the lotus. Completely different cars, but the wheels still have similarity. Good deal on the barter too, not that you had to justify it in any way.
  13. I shared it to the M5 groups (a lot of them want or have X5's as dailys). The general consensus on price wasn't good. I think you have kind of a unicorn which will require a unicorn buyer. The biggest complaint was that you aren't too far from X5M's. Granted mileage and condition are not comparable, but a good point. Do I think you are asking too much? No. Do I think it will be a hard sell? Yes.
  14. REKIII

    WCEC Season Opener - West bend

    That's what 2 of my 3 are. Just hope the salt is off the road!