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  1. Agreed on the interiors. Ford is way ahead. Looked and looked for an F250 Lariat Black edition Diesel and couldn't find one, dealers that had them wouldn't deal on my truck, dealers that didn't were offering me the moon for it....so weird. So, I found a Sierra and made a deal. Very weird, but I made out OK. Your coworkers truck looks great! Ask him if he's interested in a RPG bumpstop kit, or fender liners, or mudflaps, or 2" drop shackles or Cobb Tuner. All new in box (except the cobb, I'd have to see if it can be sold or if it's permanently married to my old truck). I have some parts to get rid of..... hahaha.
  2. I'm getting all jelly with your ford mods. Recently sold my Gen2 Raptor and picked up a Sierra. What a different world. Huge pile of mods to do to it to 'make it mine' Should be fun, but I do miss the Ford. Love the color of yours, great choice on the wheels!!!
  3. I'm posting the worst FS ad ever, just to drum up some interest. This is one of those cars that someone with genuine interest will look past my shortcomings as an ad poster and request additional info. I'm posting this for my Uncle who owns the car and did all the restoration. He is ridiculously picky about the level of perfection that he puts into cars and has helped with other isetta restorations. I don't know the year, or any other 'normal' details. I do know that this car sat in my Grandpas barn (non-animal barn) since probably before I was born, then we moved it to my dads shop (dry and heated) then it went to my uncle in the early 90's. I would venture to say that this will be one of the most perfect restorations you will see. He is asking $45K. At a concours type auction it would probably get low to mid 50's If you or someone you know is genuinely interested, I can get you in contact with him.
  4. That thing looks super cool AND amazing. You need to go full Dan Bilzerian in that last pic and take the shirt off. There are Lady wibimmer members too.....I think....well....probably not. But if Ramplesauce comes back he'll like it.
  5. Now this guy gets the true meaning of scale BMW models. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-87-BMW-325i-E30-Cabrio-H0-Motorbrand-LED-12V-Feuer-Laser-Cut-Patina-Top-18/402782748722
  6. So...those doors are real? From factory? Not chopped? So many questions......
  7. Most of these rules are unfair. They are formed under the guise of protecting people, and usually with good intentions. Most are usually formed because someone abused the lack of rules and created some sort of eyesore for neighbors. I get all those points. The evil libertarian in me says people should be able to do whatever they want on their property, but I also understand that a disturbingly large percentage of the population don't have a considerate bone in their body and have to have those rules to keep them from putting a nuclear disposal site in their back yard. I'm just glad I have 5 acres in a township that pretty much doesn't care about anything, and neighbors that are all very considerate to each other. Good luck trying to figure out what to do.
  8. It was weird, I browsed the whole site, then when I viewed this thread, the style changed. I like it!! Looks good. As for CL style classifieds? I'd vote no, especially with the added cost. -I prefer a simple forum post type ad. It seems to keep the info and pics in an easy to read format -Most members don't post things FS here. I see so many things on FB marketplace that should/could be here but aren't. Not sure why....exposure? -I dislike when I click on a tab/forum and the format changes from everything else on the site. Just a preference. -It forces the seller to be a bit diligent in their post. Organize info and pics correctly. It adds legitimacy to the ad. All that being said, I'd still browse the classified forums if you changed to that style. Thank you for the hard work.
  9. I still like forums over the FB or other social media formats. I like reading better than watching vids too. Yes, I'm old. The 2 other forums I visit regularly are lotus talk and lambo talk. Both have recently switched over to a newer type format (identical, just rebranded for each). It works well and didn't take too long to figure out. So, if you want to retain the forum thing, see what thy did if you need something more modern. All in all, I always think this site works well and I enjoy the browsing experience.
  10. Looking to get some suspension members coated (full disclosure, not BMW). They are all steel. They will need to be blasted, but are not rusty. I was initially thinking to have them Nickel plated, but have come across Cadmium, seems pretty neat. Thoughts on a good coating (not interested in powdercoat) and then any suggestions on a (semi) local place to have them done. Hoping for a decent turn-around and not having to ship. Thanks!
  11. Gotta try a little bit here, right? But no, I don't take my surströmming at all. lololol
  12. A C4??? Dude.....that's like the surströmming of the corvettes! Kidding....kinda. Definitely a nicer corvette than I have. Will you need to get some jorts and faded polos or do you have those?
  13. Do you have any account other than instagram?
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