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  1. It was weird, I browsed the whole site, then when I viewed this thread, the style changed. I like it!! Looks good. As for CL style classifieds? I'd vote no, especially with the added cost. -I prefer a simple forum post type ad. It seems to keep the info and pics in an easy to read format -Most members don't post things FS here. I see so many things on FB marketplace that should/could be here but aren't. Not sure why....exposure? -I dislike when I click on a tab/forum and the format changes from everything else on the site. Just a preference. -It forces the seller to be
  2. I still like forums over the FB or other social media formats. I like reading better than watching vids too. Yes, I'm old. The 2 other forums I visit regularly are lotus talk and lambo talk. Both have recently switched over to a newer type format (identical, just rebranded for each). It works well and didn't take too long to figure out. So, if you want to retain the forum thing, see what thy did if you need something more modern. All in all, I always think this site works well and I enjoy the browsing experience.
  3. Looking to get some suspension members coated (full disclosure, not BMW). They are all steel. They will need to be blasted, but are not rusty. I was initially thinking to have them Nickel plated, but have come across Cadmium, seems pretty neat. Thoughts on a good coating (not interested in powdercoat) and then any suggestions on a (semi) local place to have them done. Hoping for a decent turn-around and not having to ship. Thanks!
  4. Gotta try a little bit here, right? But no, I don't take my surströmming at all. lololol
  5. A C4??? Dude.....that's like the surströmming of the corvettes! Kidding....kinda. Definitely a nicer corvette than I have. Will you need to get some jorts and faded polos or do you have those?
  6. Do you have any account other than instagram?

    BANGL 2021

    I'd be glad if I could drive my M5, lol. What if it's a fake M badge on a real M?
  8. Building up to a full pull up is very hard, even for strong people. You really need to set up some sort of assistance. Not sure if you are doing this at home or at a gym, but you need to lighten your body, you can do that with a counterweight pull up machine, or a big band around your feet connected to the bar, or you can even find a lower pull up bar where you can put your feet on the ground to get some weight off. Essentially you want to be able to go through the whole pull-up motion at a lighter weight to strengthen the muscles. Just like any other weightlifting exercise. You wouldn't
  9. Rock climbing always seemed fun and terrifying. Always seemed that the guys who did well on American Ninja Warrior were good at rock climbing. Tons of grip and hand strength needed. I've only done the fake rock stuff, like in the dells or other places with the different shaped hand holds. The absolute worst part for me is letting go of the wall at the top and letting the pulley assembly lower you back down. There is that split second of freefall. Hate it.
  10. I like the idea of the 4 post on an angle. I'll just have to take a sedative every time I go into the area with it not being square to anything, lol. Where you put the pallet racking makes sense, however I wanted to keep that wall relatively clear for a future overhead door.....although it wouldn't be and end of world scenario if that ever happened. Thank you!
  11. I changed some things around. I moved the toolbox to the back wall. Close to the lift, but not in front of it. I added some of the extreme racking. Assume it would be a bench with storage below and then storage up high. I added what I call 'roller benches' I'm thinking they could be made with extreme racking or lumber, and essentially be heavy duty benches with large lock-able casters. Then I could move them to a particular project in a different area if needed. I added some additional racking that could be benches along the north wall (as the pic is oriented). There w
  12. Thank you so much for the input! Here is a pic of the 4 post: I'll agree 100%, where I have it right now is not ideal for getting cars on and off of it, or under it. I has to use my tire dollies to slide the vehicles into place. It was the most convenient place for it at the time. Other points to address: Pallet racking - It was just a good/cheap way to get tall cheap storage. I have it set up with shelves. No intention to have a fork truck and pallet storage. Tool box - Where it is is just a convenient spot as well. I like the idea of it being near one of th
  13. I've come to realize most of you here are much smarter and more experienced with me. So I thought I'd see if I could get your input on my garage layout. Been working on it over the years and I'm about to start finishing the walls and kinda 'finalize' how it will work. I wanted to get others opinion on what you'd do. Here is the current set-up: The office bathroom is there, can't be moved. Same with the floor drain, Air compressor and wash tub.....well, I suppose since the plumbing isn't done, the washtub could move, but not very far. The 2 post lift is installed, b
  14. This may have been posted.....high miles, but not many out there for sale. https://www.gasmotorcars.com/vdp/17139040/Used-2000-BMW-M-Coupe-Clownshoe-for-sale-in-Marietta-GA-30060
  15. It is a dry stack stone. Used indoors, it doesn't need grout to be a façade. However I did add the mesh to the wall (you can see it in the one pic with the window) to ensure good adhesion. Supposedly I didn't need to do this, but it made me nervous just sticking it to the drywall.
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