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  1. So I figured since I took some quick snow shots on my phone why not make a thread about me and my car. I needed a DD after my Celica Supra blew her top, and my buddy had this 95 BMW 318ti that he was using. I asked if he would sell it and he told me "To you, of course, $2200." I immediately took out a loan to build credit and picked her up. 146,000ish miles on a rust free body. The bad was the two front fenders were nicely bombed black to match the car since they were brand new. The hatch is still unlocked due to the latch being sold. There was no hood because my buddy was working on the car and took a drive after, not latching the second latch. Flew up on the highway and shattered the windshield. Had a new windshield installed and a while after I boguth the car, my main man Justin Slomski (bromance) and I went to Gibsons pick and pull and snatched a black hood for $50. The only things I've done are cleaned the hell out of the car, slammed her on Rokkor coilovers, installed a Kamotors Intake, DDM Tuning Euro headlights w/city lights (city lights ftw) and some preventative maintenance (someone needs to help me easily find my leak BTW). I also dyed my front bumper solid black because I hate the OBD1 half grey gross scheme. I have to paint the back bumper yet and put on my LS bumper. All and all the car has been good to me. Slowly but surely it'll get better and better. Though it is not my pride and joy, it works as a DD. The 86 Mitsubishi Starion ESi-R will always be my favorite car and the one I care for the most. Sorry guys. But when I'm driving her, my lovely GF will surely be enjoying driving the trunk impaired and I will bring her with to meets with me driving the Starion. Here are some pictures I took today being a goof. Enjoy! Needs moar clean soon. Winter would dirty it so it doesn't pay now=) Needs some mudflaps now and Stromung exhaust. Borbet Type A's in spring hopefully=)
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