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  1. The ground control RSM's are one of the favorite parts I've purchased for the black car
  2. That rear bumper doesn't look familiar
  3. Accepting offers boys and girls. Low ball me please lol. I'm sick of seeing these in my living room
  4. I've shot one of these and wouldn't mind owning one=) Speaking of shooting, I'm going to die while dailying the drift car if it snows=(
  5. Oddly enough I feel the exact opposite of this. I cannot see any of the modern BMW engine lasting reliably much past 200k. I wouldn't even bat an eye at buying an m/s5x car with 200k+ on it and knowing it'd be reliable.
  6. What I'm saying is getting lost in translation. It won't handle terribly at all or have any sort of understeer conditions. I obviously cannot explain what I mean properly so I'll just give up and let you guys enjoy your 24v swaps lol
  7. The weight reduction doesn't really help with this issue though. If anything it slightly compounds it since the car ends up even more unbalanced. The big thing is that the new motor is not much heavier at all in comparison to the m44. It's just that the front of it hangs past the strut towers, and that's what takes away from the feel. This is why you have the assumed "crazy" E30 318 owners that swear up and down that their car handles better than any 325 that they have driven.
  8. There is a small trade off with the added power. You end up losing a little bit of the go kart feel that you may have grown to love. It happens because the weight is not pushed in front of the strut towers instead of being "behind" them. With the extra power you yourself probably won't notice, especially with not having driven the car as is for a bit
  9. Rampelsauce delivered the package: One BMW tote bag One e36 front end cookie cutter Seven packages of BMW all weather mat "feet" Two WiBimmers can coozies Four WiBimmers iron on patches Eleven WiBimmers "handout" cards
  10. If you mount a set of seatbelts I would definitely be down for a combo=)
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