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  1. Earl

    WTB: E46 M3

    Sad but true
  2. Earl

    I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    This chassis is too far gone to ever see a proper fix unfortunately lol
  3. Earl

    I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    But in person the paint doesn't look anything like it does in the pics. Just paint over rust looks super half ass to me haha
  4. Earl

    Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Whaaaaa.....then what?
  5. Earl

    Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Any plans for this over the winter?
  6. Earl

    I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    Nah. Covering rust with paint has always looked worse to me than embracing the rust. With how much paint fade and clear coat peel this car has, it definitely fits the aesthetic
  7. I never put two and two together Jason lol
  8. Earl

    WTB E36 M3 Shifter

    I have the Ruff shifter if you want=)
  9. I had ordered ten of these earlier this year and one of the buyers backed out, leaving me with this one. The shift lever fits most 5 speed BMW's from e30's to current models that use this shift lever design. The upper half is fully height adjustable and features the factory style notch and groove to accept OE style shift knobs. It also features M12x1.5 threads to accommodate most aftermarket shift knobs. The pivot ball is made from brass plated mild steel and is also fully height adjustable. It is able to be threaded into position and locked in place via set screw. The selector rod attachment point features a needle bearing for smoother and more precise movement. The kit also includes a hex key for the pivot ball adjustment, lubricant for the pivot ball, and a washer for the selector rod. I was originally selling these for $175 plus shipping but will let this one go for $150