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  1. Sorry boys. Late to the party but here's a link. Pretty satisfied after only one use. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078RJT13X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_2EY7ZHJNV9EY3RCJCHPS?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Its time for an UPDATE! Holy shit has the past month been a stressful but rewarding in the end, so thats why I have been slacking on updates here haha For starters the street tuning went well. There's still some touch ups the tuner wants to make which I'm fine with but the car rips pretty well! 20210526_200253.mp4 Here is the completed version for now. I made some delete panels for the rear diffuser, it turned out good enough lol. And with the tune being safe to drift on that meant it was time for some testing at DD80 at USAIR. The
  3. It is wild thats for sure. When I was into Hondas Street tuning was never the answer it seemed like, but I'm super pleased so far with the way this is going. Will update everyone once it's complete!
  4. UPDATE. Sorry for the lack of updates. This last 2 weeks have been a super hard push to get the car done for an event on the 30th for testing. That being said there is a long story to get into about the tune, but first... I finished wrapping everything but the modded rear diffuser along with spending a Saturday morning putting down some gtequnick HALO ceramic coat for wrap. Super hyped on the way this thing is looking with bigger lips and all one color! I also forgot to mention that I had the trunk worked on, a friend was able to make it ALOT nicer than it was with lo
  5. Thanks Jason! Honestly not exactly what I originally had planned but it definitely came into its own and has room for improvement too haha
  6. @m42b32 @Rekpoint Its a ender 3 pro. Honestly I just watched some YouTube videos, read some stuff online and ayed with quick prints to see how they changed. I am still really trying to dial in what I'm doing, and it is with PLA. Hoping to eventually start trying my had at ABS once I get the car done for the season.
  7. Small UPDATE The whole no dome light thing has been bothering me ever since the first attempt at Sam designing and 3D printing a housing didn't work out and fell to the wayside respectively. So now that I have my own printer I recreated the housing and added some holes for threaded inserts to be able to use some roll bar mounts. Here it is with the mounts bolted up. It's not super great looking but it works. Definitely could stand to have some fine tuning done. And here it is mounted in the car. I have some ideas on how to improve it but for now this works.
  8. UPDATE Got the fuel pump hanger out of the car and replaced the stock fuel pump. Original. And here is the DW200 mounted with the rally road fuel pump sleeve. The install kit and sleeve made for a really nice install. I also was able to get my steering tires swapped to the new steering wheels along with some tires mounted for the rears. New rear fitment is exciting as well haha AND FINALLY! I changed the oil and filter, filled up the power steering and then went for first start up! Everything seems to be
  9. Short update. Still trying to find time to get the fuel pump and fluids in the car for start up. But I have made some more progress. One of my pairs of lips came in so I split and replaced the lips on some of my Weds Kranze Cerebus 2s. They went from 18x8 to 18x10.5. My plan is to make all the rears 10.5s. I also got my rear bumper and the right side fender back from being repaired. And finally something I have been working on that I am really excited about, I did not think I'd be drawing and printing this so soon but here is the custom
  10. Update The 3D printed front main installation tool worked! Lined up to be pulled in. Pulled into place. All I used was a ratchet and slowly tightened the bolt. Super pumped that worked out! And here is photos of the 3 block off plugs I made for the original engine harness pass through, original booster vacuum pass through and one more that I forget what it did haha. Now with the front main reinstalled I put the cooling system together for the final time, bolted up the bash bar and radiator support and sucked some coolant into it.
  11. Small update with a few random things. Got the parts in to remove the oem headlight ballast and igniter. On the left is the new ballast and igniter, on the right is the oem ballast and igniter. I was able to mount the entire set up in the headlight housing which saves alot of room! And then I added a plug which comes out of the headlight and plugs into the original chassis harness. I also ordered a 3d printer and started teaching myself to draw things, which has always been a struggle for me to wrap.my head around. But! Slo
  12. I installed the sprayer awhile ago but the idea is to spray down the tires after a run to cool them. The cooler the tires stay the longer they last. 👍
  13. UPDATE! Finished up the charger to oil filter housing bracket mods. Then painted it along with the power steering resiviour bracket. Also got in the upper radiator hose adapter from ICT billet. and installed. I also got in my clamps, the manifold vacuum fitting, the line for those fittings, and a section of 3/8 silicone hose plus my German Auto Solutions coolant cap came in. Drilled and tapped the manifold for this DOT push loc fitting and then routed the hose from the
  14. Final weekend update. Got what I'm planning to be a temporary gauge mount in, the gauge didn't quite fit so I had to make an adapter out of abs plastic to allow it to press fit in. Here it is with the gauge installed. And in the car where I believe it will be mounted, again the plan is for this to be temporary as I have an idea brewing. Thus $10 mount is definitely a bit tacky, but it will work for now as it needs to. I also got in the ICT Billet 3/4 to 1" adapter union to make the diverter valve hosing work. This is a nice
  15. UPDATE Got the engine harness installed. Looks like a mess in the photo but I'm pretty satisfied with it. My AEM wideband came in as well. I was a little worried about where and how I planned to install the sensor but I figured out that I can just install the sensor in the rear of sensor location since I only have the primary ones installed. To do this I had to chop down the sensor bung and then I chased the threads and installed the sensor. Before. After. Once I had the header back installed I route
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