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  1. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Firmiliar sight here. Got pretty much everything disconnected to pull the engine and trans out. Planning to check things over along with replace the clutch. Found out I'll need to replace an axle as one of the boots is starting to seap grease. Also need a new driveshaft because the damn u-joint has some play in it. Wish these u-joints were serviceable 😑
  2. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    UPDATE. Rolled the front fenders and rear quarters a bit, I never rolled them before and I wanted to get a little out of them. Not worth showing photos they are just rolled fenders lol. But I got the rear panels put back together and installed. And I am hyped to have rear panels back in the car. Also got a start on making a rear seat delete panel. Made up a good ole cardboard template. Gotta pick up some plastic to cut out but that's it for now.
  3. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    SMALL UPDATE. My awesome girlfriend got me this HoldFast usa steering wheel that I've wanted for awhile. I've also been wanting to get rear door panels back in the car, never really liked the fully stripped look and honestly never felt like dealing with it last summer lol. But with that being said I messed around and found the perfect way to fit the rear panels with my harness bar! was able to use a hole saw to create a round section on the bottom and then my badass new m12 milwaukee dremel to cut the straights 😁 These panels were the ones that came with the car so I did the same as the front panels. Removed the arm rests and used interior paint to make them black. Kinda hack... I'm aware. But I didnt want to cut into my pristine black panels I got with the M stuff. Plus since the fronts were sprayed black they will match better. I'll save the other black panels for when a cage is put in the car in the future sometime. And since it was 40 degrees and January I decided to back her out of the garage to sweep up while I had the chance. I have mostly everything off the car as I am getting ready for the color change.
  4. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    @wasnt m3 @Jdesign Jason wins haha I'll spill the beans to you boys here. It will be white, at least that is the plan.
  5. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Thank you sir! Should look even better with the planned color change this winter.
  6. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Finally test fitted the clear tails 😁
  7. Tkuhn

    M/S50 manifold

    Still available? Where are you located??
  8. Tkuhn

    I have the Beauty, so here's the Beast

    Atleast show the people pics from Rio bash my guy
  9. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    To quote all of you. Number one I would only do the fenders if I did "fake m" rear overs, also the vents would be shaved. Also the musk kit gets me going soooo bad haha but its insanely wide (65mm over stock M) and with wide fenders comes wide wheels and wide wheels mean needing power to spin those wide wheels. Which I'd love to do but I dont want the car to be down multiple summers due to being built or budget problems lol I'd rather be in the seat. Musk and a few others have made fake m rear overs and that's what I'd be looking at. A few other companies made their own wide body kits but again much to wide for me right now. I know about ththe hard motorsport flares but I'm not a flare guy, although the price is nice so if I needed just rears due to wanting to run front M fenders (for track width reasons) I'd consider them only for the bang for the buck. But again we are back to cutting up a clean car. Which I must say I dont mind but I also dont see the need to yet and would feel a little bad haha It's really just a big round about circle that ends me back at DONT DO IT. Lol
  10. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Aightttt nerds, with winter upon us that only means one thing. It's time to re-vamp and upgrade some things! First things first mid summer I moved back to west bend and luckily the place I'm at now has a garage with enough space for myself. So I moved out of my shop and into the new garage, which was one hell of a process. After moving everything first up was putting plastic up to try and hold in some heat along with adding lights. Then getting my bench set up and as much organized as I could. It's mostly set up now. On to the fun stuff though. I picked up some rare BNIB all clear tails 😁 Haven't slapped them on the car yet, but I'm excited about them. Also snagged up a few things from an M part out for extremelyyy cheap! OEM M hood, M skirts, a left side fender (still undecided on my plan fender wise but I couldn't pass it up), front and rear door panels with piano black trim, and 2 door seals (which I didnt need but I know the cost of them if I do end up needing them). Got the hood and the passenger sideskirt on with the help of @Earl to get a glimpse of what it looked like. And DAMN did it change the way the car looked way more than we thought. The car was stupidddd dirty from the last drift event so I put it up on stands, pulled the wheels and bumpers and pressure washed the whole car the day before it snowed. Yes it was dark and yes the water was freezing in places lol. Also test fitted the M fender. Not sure how I feel about it yet since I dont necessarily want to do M rears yet. For multiple reasons. One being I dont want to spend the money to go wider with wheels, and another being this car is so damn clean I feel bad hacking the rear up so soon since I would most likely do rivet on rear M overs. But for fun here's a pic so I can hear your opinions. That's it for now boys, but doing alot of thinking on what direction other things will go.
  11. Tkuhn

    16x7 stock e46 wheels

    5 total, the tires are junk but could be used to roll a shell around on. 16x7 +47. 5x120 $60 for all 5 picked up in west bend
  12. Tkuhn

    chit chat thread

    Yessir! That whole build was kinda under wraps while I was doing the wiring because it was half wrapped and he wanted the color to be a surprise. That was one hell of a wiring project tho. I dont have many pictures left but this is the chassis harness. Completely removed the OEM stuff and only ran the essentials. Running lights, blinkers, brake lights, headlights. Blinkers worked off a stripped down OEM switch, brakes off the normal brake switch and everything else off the longacre switch panel. Which included a one speed wiper function as well.
  13. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Another boring update for now. Season closer was awesome! Saturday was dry and Sunday was wet all day but still had a great time and the car didnt skip a beat again :) Here's a few photos till the next update!
  14. Tkuhn

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Random update: Not much to report. Got some new drift spares and the car has been great even after yet another 2 day event of straight beating on the car! New drift spares are enkeis from an Evo X. 18x8.5 +38, good specs for bow but definatly want to get some 3 piece spares over this winter.
  15. Tkuhn

    E46 sedan headliner

    E46 sedan headliner Great condition, no sags. Pickup only. Currently located in eden wi, just south of fond du lac. Make an offer, need gone!