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  1. Got some more work done to the M50. I got the trans, clutch and flywheel off of it, and took off the harness and all the old vacuum and coolant hoses. Then threw it up on a stand so I could work on it without throwing my back out. As of right now I have the manifold nuts and studs soaking in penetrating oil and the rest of the engine soaking in deagreaser. Also got the E28 out of storage and did hopefully its last oil change to the M20!
  2. Throw me an offer! It didn't leak at all and I also have that bmp strut bar I'm wanting to sell.
  3. debating whether or not to pick up some cheap headers for all the noise!
  4. nope. gonna fab up a whole custom setup that will hopefully run out the center like my current setup.
  5. I don't quite understand what you are saying Kaiser???
  6. Some form of an LS or LT will be going into the bmw at some point in time. the m50 is just to make up in the lacking of power dept... May do an m50b30 setup this year or just a quick dirty regasket and mild rebuild to not have it down for long...
  7. Well Im back with some updates! Its been forever since ive been on here but I still have the e28 and have done the all black interior and pretty much just been enjoying it for the beautiful classic toy that it is! Also kicked the van to the curb and bought another much faster toy! But back to the e28. heres some interior shots finally! I did the door cards and rear speaker deck in black suede and it turned out awesome! Moar e28 porn! And for the best part! M50 donor car!!!! Gonna be tearing into it soon! And just recently went out to visit my pride and joys... Cannot wait for spring to be here!!!
  8. I just don't know how well it would hold up on the door pulls and such but it's worth a try I guess...
  9. Lost your number with my last phone... Text me snap...
  10. Well I'm Back!!! Lots of updates now and more to come... First off, I ordered a ton of parts for the e28... OE air filter PCV breather hose New intake elbow Spark Plugs Cap and Rotor Lower Control Arms Thrust Arms All new say bar links Rear subframe mounts Center Link Inner and outer tie rods New Idler arm with bushing While I was waiting on parts to show up I stripped the beige carpet out that weighed a ton in the and have been cleaning any bits of rust in the floor (Gotta say I'm impressed for a 31 year old WI car!) All in the pursuit of weight reduction YO! I'm putting black carpet in from MKOEPP That will save me close to 50lbs and itll get me closer to a full black interior! (Anyone have black e28 door cards???) And I painted all the lower dash sections black to match the dash as well. ADD kicked in YO While still waiting on steering parts, this happened... Couldn't ask for better fitment
  11. Finally fought off the alzeimers and remembered ur password???
  12. Just started Wisconsin BMWs on facebook! No drama here and post up all the WI BIMMERS links you want!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/776747502374998/776762505706831/?notif_t=like
  13. Not thexactly case here gonna be working 4 on 4 off!!!
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