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  1. Thanks For Looking
  2. Can vouch for this car being a well sorted clean vehicle. I also can provide the service records on the vehicle dating back to 2010 to the future buyer.
  3. What repair did you have done? What was the reason behind the increase in cost? EDIT: Nvm I read that they misquoted you.
  4. 99% of the cars there are glorified winter beaters so it doesnt matter if they see snow or not.
  5. You can buy all of this stuff new from the dealer and isnt very much money at all.
  6. I meant to chime in here last week about the Shelby club running Saturday.
  7. I sold the car to my neighbor over a year ago. In his possession, the radiator popped and he drove it with the temp gauge pegged in the red until it shut off. I got the car back and sold it for parts to some guy from the Fon du lac Area? I heard he swapped the motor and turbo'd it (Rowley might have done it?) but dont have any info on that part. Car drove nice when i had it pre motor meltdown. I added a Turner Motorsports rear subframe reinforcement kit that isnt listed in the ad. Sorry i cant be more help.
  8. I volunteer myself for bitch seat You'll have to fight Amy for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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