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  1. You’ll have to show me how to rebuild the switches, glad it helped solve the problem.
  2. YoungCR

    chit chat thread

    It has 4 lug wheels so anything and everything has already been stripped. Why bother swapping suspension for that scrap pile.
  3. YoungCR

    Another daily driver thread: E34 525i

    I’ll brag for you, this car is a solid 5 footer. Interior was 9.5/10 and 9/10 outside.
  4. YoungCR

    Another daily driver thread: E34 525i

    The sunroof motor cover will be the hardest to find. They are all flimsy.
  5. YoungCR

    Official Sighting Thread

    Atacama Yellow Z4 on 29 heading east towards Plymouth today.
  6. YoungCR

    Official Sighting Thread

    Spotted a grey Alpina B6 around De Pere yesterday and today I saw a techno E36 M3 sedan
  7. YoungCR

    Name Change

    Windows 10 is closer to windows XP imo, first release I've liked since. So basically a Facebook group
  8. YoungCR

    Back from the dead or something.

    What did you do for the exhaust?
  9. YoungCR

    Tossed a different set of wheels on the 240 today...

    I envy your workmanship! New motor for more power?
  10. YoungCR

    ‘91 E30

    The one time I actually make it into town...
  11. YoungCR

    Awesome car videos!

    Interesting info on ECU repairs, neat how they have all those test cars
  12. YoungCR

    Shop Life 2.0

    Iola is a cool show! I'd like to get back there some year.