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  1. Outta here with that weak sauce! Cool find on the stock tails, I didn't remember those.
  2. Interesting. So did all the xi's have the raised tunnel then?
  3. It does look good but I like the aluminum trim as well
  4. Very cool! Nice that they are expanding while most pulled back their programs. Hopefully others will follow.
  5. I'll have to leave at 6:30am to meet y'all for breakfast. Anybody else from the fox valley planning on making the trip?
  6. @i_love_cars any ideas? Reference to thread for his xi shifter install.
  7. Very nice! Excited to see the journey continue.
  8. Why would you do white centers for the seats 🙄 good price for the condition/miles though
  9. Does the humidity affect the climbing? Just curious if the rocks sweat at all or if the sun bakes that away.
  10. I'm doing the whole nascar weekend before for a bachelor party, so I'll likely wont be doing this whole weekend but I could come day drink saturday?
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