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  1. They've always been done around Thanksgiving but we can start sooner next year if you'd like. I think we're all gonna have to be pretty flexible on shipping deadlines this year but ordering sooner is best too.
  2. Time to get the ball rolling again. Assignments will be on 11/25! Secret Santa Time !!! PM/text me your address if you are interested in participating and you will be added to the list. General guideline for gifts is ~$20 or more if you choose. Gifts can be sent or opened at any time but its more magical when the presents are opened or revealed on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day If for some reason you get assigned the same person you got in a previous year, just say so. PARTICIPANTATIONS: ----------------------------------------- Wasn't M3 YoungCR Boris3 P_Roloff m42b32 Patsbimmer1 Jdesign MattY
  3. Is that just a universal fuse box?
  4. You wouldn’t know your car has an amazing exhaust too 🤷‍♂️ Nice shots though, car looks so dialed in
  5. Got the same setup I believe on the 540i. It makes my rebuilt stock shifter on the 530i feel like a soup ladle. It’ll be worth the pain come spring!
  6. Met up with @P_Roloff last week for a parts sale. These guys make pretty decent stuffed crust pizza.
  7. Oh that’s way cool you can get rid of the disclaimer.
  8. B-e-a-u-T-I-f-u-l
  9. @andyhundley and I worked at a Toyota dealership when the frame recalls were being done on the tundras and Tacoma's, that was wild. Full frame replacement on 10-15 year old trucks. Excitied to see what you do with this!
  10. Imola dream team, Assemble!!!! Congrats and welcome to the 5er owners club. Stock wheels are my vote as well.
  11. It's been too long since the coffee table was showcased
  12. What's the discount for wrongful advertising? 😡 Looks like a good example though
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