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  1. I have the front 1/2 to complete this. E36 M3 control arms and brake calipers as well I believe.
  2. @B C's poem is still my all time favorite thread haha, figured it should be shared again. Glad you liked the art car book! I'd like a copy for myself.
  3. The mild winter weather got me motivation to order parts from @patsbimmer1 last week and now winter weather has kicked back in since delivery 🙄. Ordered 540i rear calipers with brackets this time, ECS SS braided lines as the FCP kit I bought doesn't include the hoses for the rear calipers??. Also got both idler pulleys and a new V belt just in case as nobody stocks these locally. Yes this is all simple stuff as long as I can presumably get the ABS pump bled once the parts are on. The bigger task is really getting the car out from the middle of my storage unit.
  4. Your compression ignition engine has a pre ignition chamber in the head which requires heat to ignite the fuel, hence the job of the glow plugs on colder days. Anything below 35 degrees the motor probably won’t be able to generate enough mechanical heat to get the job done on its own. As Pat said usually it’s all just tied into the ignition system. Did the E28 have a glow plug controller?
  5. Welcome! Post up some pics of the wagon. Did you buy the car locally?
  6. My gifts from @P_Roloff arrived Thursday. Vol 1 Issues 2 & 3 of BMW's mobile tradition magazine from 2003 which will fit in great with my Brochure collection. Also got a OBC LED conversion kit and a sweet IMSA poster!
  7. YoungCR

    E46 Things

    That engine bay is marvelous. Great work.
  8. oh man! Thats gonna turn into a part time job.
  9. My gift went out today, my apologies but it should arrive Thursday
  10. That reminds me I have a Alpine E34... Nice score!
  11. Local to @GunMetalGrey https://www.ezdealsauto.com/mobile/mdetails.aspx?vid=36078354
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