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  1. If the 6 side one will fit E34/E38 center caps I'd take it
  2. Welcome! Car looks great, love the last pic.
  3. Iā€™m gonna skip out, I gotta lot of bathroom remodel work to do yet.
  4. I saw somebody towing a Chris Craft on 29 out by Abbotsford the other day. That is the dream for sure.
  5. I mean they are nice when they work šŸ™„
  6. TLDR the last 2 minutes are golden
  7. Good to see @merl's E28 out and about. E30 sounds great.
  8. It looks like a new garage correct? Have you looked into having the concrete polished and sealed instead? It doesn't look as fancy but it won't scratch off.
  9. I'm working in Green Bay until the end of the month, I could grab those for you.
  10. love it!! Can't wait to see this beauty in person.
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