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  1. I like where this is going 😎
  2. I had to do some digging but that's the info on E32 seats I have. I never did rewire that seat and it did get scrapped with the car because I couldn't remove it. I still have the passenger seat from the '89 750i if you want to rip that apart or do wiring experiments on. If you break things I have more e34 seats too 🙄 The current 540i has BC Racing coil overs. Ben didn't mention what rates he bought in his thread. I haven't gotten around to raising/adjusting them to my liking because they can be harsher. I think h&r/Billy sports is what I'm gonna get for the 530i.
  3. Are you swapping seats or can you actually get the parts to add lumbar into the e34 seats? Our lists are pretty similar 🙄
  4. Bury that tach! It wouldn't be a project car without ups and downs, this seems worth the trouble.
  5. No fear the government gives you a work around first hand. https://wisconsindot.gov/Documents/formdocs/mv2750.pdf
  6. Glad you like them! I was pretty stoked when I found it was a poster too.
  7. Digging the 3 spokes on the E46, nice fleet!
  8. YoungCR

    E46 Things

    Do it for Dale
  9. I've been very interested in those head units for cars I don't have 🙄 seems like a great way to modernize the car while appearing stock. What was your complaint with the poly Rtabs?
  10. How dare they disgrace the holy crab manifold
  11. Agreed! You could sell those...
  12. Opened up my box this morning to find one of @B C's famous christmas renditions Do you Hear What I Hear? Said the girl friend of the 5er driver, do you see what I see? Right there on the dash, 5er driver, do you see what I see? A light, a light, flashing in the night With a noise that gives you a fright With a noise that gives you a fright Said the brother of the 5er driver, do you hear what I hear? Clanking from the front, both could hear, Yes I hear what you hear A knock, a knock, coming from the block You have got to be kidding me please You have got to be kidding me please Said the 5-er driver to his brother, do you know what I know? In your drain pan there's a shiny thing, do you know what I know? It's wild, it's wild the filter's not that old But the drain pan is all filled with gold But the drain pan is all filled with gold Said Blackstone to the 5er driver, Listen to what I say Pray for luck, because we think you're fucked, There is copper every-where! There is copper every-where! The oil, the oil, it really isn't right That five twenty Is much much too light That five twenty is much much too light Enclosed was a Official BMW safety vest kit for when I inevitably get stranded by German reliablility and some hot sauce! Thanks Brian!
  13. https://goo.gl/maps/BWzU8ykhkQEqiK2U8 Highway 60 East of Phoenix leads to some cool areas, I've done this drive twice now all the way to Albuquerque, NM.
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