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  1. YoungCR

    E30 Bi-Xenon Kits? Headlight upgrades?

    I'm guessing they are hosted on google photos? It seems that hotlinking images is not allowed, you'll have to upload them on here. The garbled text is the image ALT tag, but I tried copying the URL you used and I just get a ⛔ as the replacement still.
  2. YoungCR

    chit chat thread

    E30 vert is my only desire and it’s lower on the list. E28 sedans and e24 coupes are the top 👍🏼 GLWS John! Excited to see/hear how the BaT process works 2nd hand.
  3. YoungCR

    The E46 M3 Journal

    And that’s why they call you doctor, nice job!
  4. YoungCR

    m30b35 longblock

    Approx mileage?
  5. YoungCR

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Glad you replaced the torx bolts on the intake manifolds, I've had a few of those strip and they suck to cut out. Man what is up with the tailgates on these cars, yours looked perfect. Is there just no primer inside them?
  6. YoungCR

    chit chat thread

    Customer will still expect it to be done in 15min 😂
  7. Ughh why are those calipers so expensive! You could buy a brand new 540i powerstop calipers/brackets and decent rotors/pads from Rock Auto for $130-$140. Same setup I bought for my e34 bolts right up, no cores on the calipers.
  8. YoungCR

    New Member

    Welcome to here! Post up some pics when you get a chance.
  9. The BTTF E24 looks better than that thing 🤮
  10. YoungCR

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    Side note: When you do visit the Detroit area, set aside a day for the Henry Ford Museum and find a Bagger Dave’s restaurant for an incredible burger. I haven’t gotten to visit the city myself yet but have traveled through the area a few times.
  11. YoungCR

    Secret Santa 2018!

    12/14 have been posted by my count
  12. YoungCR

    chit chat thread

    Nicely done! I've thought about doing the same but I tend to hoard...
  13. YoungCR

    chit chat thread

    Wasn't on auto-renew but I issued a new one this morning.
  14. YoungCR

    chit chat thread

    First post! Happy New Year everybody