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  1. https://sportscar365.com/imsa/iwsc/bmw-confirms-full-season-gtp-lineup-reveals-livery/ Interesting that BMW is still continuing to develop the V8 in the racing program but man I just couldn't help but laugh at those nostrils. Its like all the voices about the M3 were screaming into a void.
  2. I know it’s been pretty quiet around here but just figured I should post an update in case someone needs to get ahold of me. I’ll will still try my best to check the site daily but as usual if somebody needs my attention, pm or preferably text me. Im starting a coding Bootcamp this week for the next 6months as a beginning to finally transitioning to a new career. 15hrs a week on top of the time suck that is driving a truck is gonna be a lot but the payoff will be worth it. Looking forward to gaining back a better quality of life and to start building some of these dream projects I’ve been accumulating for “some day”. I’ll be at the badger bimmers door county rally next weekend, that’s the last social event I plan on doing for the year. Didn’t find time to work on the e34’s even this year, but if anyone wants to join I have an open seat in the x5.
  3. https://www.equipmentfacts.com/listings/trucks/auctions/216322117/2008-bmw-x6 Abandoned X6 at a government auction. Very amusing that it’s noted with a coolant leak.
  4. personally I always get "warm white" LED's when I can, I can't stand bright white either
  5. Congrats! We all have X5’s now, It’s like the newer twin to mine.
  6. Original clutch? I’d be prepared to have them replace it, it’s at that mileage now. When the clutch went out on my 530i it would just go straight to the floor too and it really didn’t feel like it was going out before that.
  7. This is the same one Eastwood sells and I highly recommend it, perfect flares every time. There are few other brands listed on amazon with the same thing a well and available with prime shipping but I got the K Tool years ago. K Tool International Brake Line Flaring Tool, 45 Degree Set. Single, Double, and Bubble Flares, Vise-Mounted, T-Handle Screw Clamp
  8. Congrats! I got plenty of grills and headlights. condition isn’t great but I have a full blue interior.
  9. Spotted in Wautoma! It’s been so long since I’ve seen a 528e in the wild.
  10. YoungCR


    What’s the battery range like?
  11. Very cool! Never thought I’d see Dibond used on a car lol. Did the paint hold well to the edge?
  12. Glad mine had the hitch already! Curious to hear about the delete job. How many miles on yours?
  13. Always nice when a good deal walks into your life! You should be able to hit 27-30mpg easy, I remember my e36 318 getting around that when I wasn’t beating the living hell out of it. Similar fuel economy to the eta’s without the torque 😔
  14. Always inspiring to see these diy paint set ups. Can’t wait to see the final results!
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