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  1. Woodman's Friday afternoon in Appleton I saw a mint Alpine E39 M5 with a Dinan badge.
  2. Updated the forum today, got some layout changes and new features! @REKIII I set up the home page now for additional layout options. The fluid layout as shown here is pretty similar to the Xenforo home page style you like on Lotus/Lambo Talk. You can choose which forums you are interested in viewing and how you want to sort the topics. Default is by newest posting. This is similar to the Unread Content feed. My favorite update is on desktop/tablet screens each thread now has statistics displayed which popular posts, users and photos. Unfortunately the mobile app s
  3. YoungCR

    E46 Things

    Yikes! zee Germans took lightweight to the extreme on E46 chassis metal
  4. not to encourage stereotypes but a Subaru as well
  5. Also curious if you ordered pre-built or not. My shed has the floor rotted out from just being on dirt, but the walls and roof are in good shape so I think I'm just gonna rebuild it.
  6. Seems like a good price for condition/mileage. Just needs a manual swap.
  7. 🔥🔥🔥 That stance is perfect, this car looks great.
  8. Sport or comfort? I have two pairs of comfort seats both with torn up driver upholstery. Black cloth and tan vinyl
  9. I texted Jeff to let him know, he's not on here much anymore. The OP was dealing with a OBDI car with EWS, it's simpler as you can just swap out the ecu/dme for a earlier version. I'm not sure how the delete works on OBDII cars.
  10. I have a few thoughts but I'm interested in everybody's opinions on how our community here can grow as well. Personally I know I don't get to post as much as I'd like because my car projects have been on the back burner for a while. I think the core group of us has also phased into different life priorities as well i.e. graduating college, starting careers, buying houses, starting families, etc. My 2021 goal is to work on cars more as I've forgotten how much I enjoy it and its therapeutic working on them for me at least. More small but frequent meets/cruises should be on the ticket as well.
  11. Tonight was BMW night at the Verona Rd AutoZone. Another (cleaner) E39 pulled in as I was leaving.
  12. Love that both those cars are Jameson's height
  13. Interesting that the offset is different since the x1 is e90 based. Can you still get those wheels new?
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