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  1. YoungCR

    Joined the Club Today

    Always thought this car would look good with smoked headlights 👍🏼 keep it up!
  2. YoungCR

    chit chat thread

    Those look great! Also curious how they will hold up. @jc43089 congrats on the new place! Having a lift will spoil you for life
  3. YoungCR

    M52 swap old f-150?

    Cooling system and transmission I think would be the week points too. Maybe a stronger clutch as well?
  4. YoungCR

    Lifted E30 V2

    Agreed. Any noticible performance gain?
  5. YoungCR

    Joined the Club Today

    I've made one with a small pistol pump oil can with good success. I think that's worth a shot as it will be way more air tight than my setup.
  6. YoungCR

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Just for ideas these are the phases we've gone through on my brother's 540i's. Phase 1: Dinan Muffler (stock but gutted) sounded more or less stock. Phase 2: Cut off the Dinan Muffler. Sounded great, loud enough at idle but perfect for cruising. About 1/2 throttle it was just right and no drones at all. Just the cats and resonators Phase 3: No resonators, straight pipes. Sounded like a tractor and it droned. Absurdly loud at WOT lol. Phase 4: Full Super Sprint catback w/ resonator and muffler. Slightly louder than stock but not by much. Opens up a little more WOT. Phase 5: trying to go back to phase 2. Either unbolting the muffler and replacing or gutting the cats. TLDR I'd recommend performance resonators somewhere. 3 Muffflers might be overkill. Electric cut outs would enable best of both worlds too.
  7. When cookies are not present, the forum counts it as a new device even if on a previously used hardware and IP address. Chrome and Firefox privacy modes ignore "always allowed cookies" settings for each new session, which causes a new device record for every new Incognito session. Unfortunately the emails are a global setting and not a user setting, so I've replaced the emails with Two Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator. This is a user opt-in setting for those wishing to have additional security. The following actions will prompt 2FA if enabled. Changing password The user will also need to re-enter their current password. Changing email address The user will also need to re-enter their password. Managing Authorized Devices Logging into the front-end from a new device Updating two-factor authentication setup The user will also need to re-enter their password. You can turn on Google Authenticator here: https://www.wibimmers.com/board/index.php?/settings/account-security/ Google Authenticator Play Store Link Google Authenticator App Store Link
  8. YoungCR

    BMW’s can be your best friend at times ..

    22x34 is still a good size! You can always add on down the road too. Don't be shy with updates.
  9. YoungCR

    BMW’s can be your best friend at times ..

    What are the plans for the new garage?
  10. YoungCR

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Hey look its Bill! Will the 540i exhaust bolt up or are the downpipes bigger on the S62?
  11. YoungCR

    New member from Milwaukee area

    Southern car? Your paint looks great! I won't be at the picnic this year but I highly recommend you attend if you can. Great way to meet a few other forum members.
  12. YoungCR

    New member from Milwaukee area

    Nice ride! What are the details on the build?
  13. I only get those when I use a new device or sometimes a new network. I didn't have emails when I'd use a VPN for privacy. I'll take a look at the system settings when I get home tonight. Anybody else having this issue?
  14. YoungCR

    Official Sighting Thread

    Good to know other E28's still exist