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  1. This ad is the best and I wanna give you monies because of it but I literally don't have any uses for these parts 🤷‍♂️
  2. I really like these and It's pretty rare that I like newer aftermarket wheels.
  3. That interior looks new besides the headliner. Had a friend in highschool that had a black/black svx. Matt and I saw a Vehicross on a used car lot off Atwood Ave a few months back too.
  4. https://www.rammount.com RAM is basically the standard for mounting devices in semis. I have the universal x-grip with a screw in dash mount but I'm gonna try the windshield mount and get the specific iPhone cradle I need. The X-grip rubber feet need replacement after 3 years as they've worn through inside out from the metal brace but I'd guess with less nvh in a car they would last longer. The best part is you can build a custom solution for anything with different size/length components.
  5. Kinda surprised I haven't seen one of these swaps before. E36 tourings still seem under the radar for US importing to me. https://carsandbids.com/auctions/9WZBP0ed/1995-bmw-318i-touring?fbclid=IwAR0ok9R3TW3rCU-wYkkNQ77_cB2bSRQLl4l76PxFYf64cVWu_hJwwhRP2Y4
  6. This flowchart hasways been my fav for diagnosis. https://www.e30zone.net/e30wiki/index.php/Engines_Troubleshoot
  7. Thanks for reviving the thread, car looks great!
  8. No need to apologise, that's what the forum is for! Take plenty of OC rally pics again. I hope to do that someday as well.
  9. Looks great, wheel liners especially. Ive always felt that should've been a factory thing especially in snow climates.
  10. That is a thing of beauty right there. *In 4 induction noise burnout videos*
  11. I've always wondered this as well. Dealing with used oil is always a pain.
  12. This message sponsored by Fitment Inc.
  13. Soo ahhh $63k??!? That blew the average selling price of $15k out of the water.
  14. Finally pulled this out of storage last thursday as I wanted to get some miles on it for the year and the A/C is out on the 530i which I wanted for a weekend trip to Madison. Swapped on the 16" Style 5's as I'm gonna take the 17" wheels down to the Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist in Sun Prairie to get the barrels straightened back out on at least 2 of them. I didn't see anybody local up in the fox valley if anybody happens to have suggestions. Car ran great down to Madison but while I was down there sometime after sitting in belt line construction traffic for minute I went to go again and it wouldn't rev past 3100 rpm. Check engine light would flash along with a few other lights only when hitting that "limit". It was pinging bad as well. Changed the spark plugs as last time I had similar detonation on one of the M60's new plugs solved it. It ran better but ignition timing is still off and still can't rev. I was able to limp the car home though as it ran fine between 2500-3krpm's so just kept it in 5th till home. My best guess is the crank position sensor is faulty with a quick read through the Bentley but I haven't had time to diagnose yet. @P_Roloff and I have also been playing a game of forget the parts. He ordered door stay reinforcement plates for each of us and once I have those I'll start the door and fender swap project. The car needs to be sorted before winter so I'll update the to-do list as well.
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