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  1. P_Roloff

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    That may very well be that only the u.s. got the manual, I don’t honestly know much about the e6x cars other than the e61 m5 existed at all lol.
  2. P_Roloff

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Congrats! Looks like an awesome car, I’ve always loved the e91’s!
  3. P_Roloff

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    Not so fast. They did make an e60 M5 touring, although we never got it here in the states and I’ve seen conflicting info on whether or not you could get them with a manual. I’d have a really tough time deciding between the e61 and e34, a v10/6spd wagon sounds pretty fun, but so does a s38.
  4. P_Roloff

    Joined the Club Today

    There’s two things coming off of an e30 cruise control actuator, the cable itself that runs to the throttle body, and the wiring which runs through the firewall as you said. It has its own hole in the firewall, so all you have to do is disconnect the plug underneath the kick panel, shove the grommet back through, disconnect the cable at the throttle body, unbolt the actuator and you’re set!
  5. Thanks snap, this was an amazing first time at RA. I also vote that this should become a tradition.
  6. P_Roloff

    Official Sighting Thread

    I wish. I was at work all day.
  7. P_Roloff

    1988 735i $1300

    Any pics of the interior?
  8. My question is why he needs to pull and rebuild a 150k mile m50 at all. I’m guessing along with the brakes, the suspension needs some love too, making this quite a pricey proposition to get the car right again. I also would much rather have your e36.
  9. If anyone wants to drive from the Madison area as a group, let me know!
  10. P_Roloff

    Alpine E30 Convertible Running Log

    I see you have the headlight trim rings there-do you like the look painted black? I’m on the fence on whether to keep the silver or go black.
  11. P_Roloff

    Alpine E30 Convertible Running Log

    Body shop supply on greenway crossing, the SEM trim black matches the black trim and stuff on our cars almost exactly.
  12. P_Roloff

    Alpine E30 Convertible Running Log

    Yeah, I really liked it. What I liked even more is that the auto body supply shop off Fish Hatchery Rd. that I bought this stuff from has a whole rack of different SEM paints, and they’re cheaper than on Amazon or anywhere else I could find.
  13. P_Roloff

    Alpine E30 Convertible Running Log

    Another small update. The faded and worn rockers have bugged me for as long as I can remember, so I finally decided to tackle refinishing them. I did a bit of research on what to use, and finally decided to just use SEM trim black over something like bedliner or a rubberized undercoating. I wasn’t really sure what lengths I should go to for prep work (i.e. whether I need an adhesion promoter, primer, or something else) so I just scuffed with 400 grit per the can instructions and went over it quite a few times with a degreaser. I guess we’ll see how well it holds up. In case anyone was wondering, the black spots above the rockers are POR-15 that was used around 5 years ago when the trim strips were pulled off and rust was found underneath. I just wire wheeled the rust off and coated it, it’s covered by the trim so I figured it didn’t matter much. It does look gross with the trim off though, I’ll take some pics tomorrow with the trim reinstalled. Pics:
  14. P_Roloff

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    I’m loving this, car is gonna look amazing. Can’t wait to see it fully wrapped!
  15. P_Roloff

    chit chat thread

    Rained extremely hard in Madison last night, apparently park street was under a foot or two of water w/ around 20 cars disabled in it. It also hailed marble sized stones, it took me a minute to figure out what the hell was bouncing off my window and making so much noise haha.