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  1. Interesting, I didn’t know that. I’ll definitely take you up on that though, I’d be very interested to see the differences and if a little splicing wouldn’t work. There’s probably some other random e34 parts from your stash that you have that I would buy too. If you end up with that setup, let me know what you think of it!
  2. It fit but was tight for the stock ones, but the replacements were tighter and I didn't feel like risking a tear in the boot. Thank you, depending on the way things go I will let you know!
  3. From what I’ve read, the seats are identical on e32s and e34s down to the mounting slots and harness, so it should just be as simple as bolting the mechanism into the back of the seat and plugging in the motor and switch. My seats are in pretty good shape so I don’t plan on replacing them unless I come across a screaming deal for a full black, blue or red interior to swap out. Do you remember off the top of your head what springs/shocks are on the 540i/6 that you brought to the last fall meet?
  4. Obligatory 2 week after I did the work post: Replaced front sway bar end links, which solved the main clunking noise in the front end but left a smaller one that is (I think) isolated to the right side. Going to inspect the upper and lower control arms the next time I’m home, I’m thinking the uppers are the likely culprit. Yuck. Double yuck. Ended up just cutting the upper nuts off, way easier than grinding up a wrench to get into the tiny little recess to hold them. Speaking of: Going to put this into the pile of tools I’ll probably never use again, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of. Much better. I wasn’t originally thinking this car was going to stick around past this spring, but it’s beginning to look more and more like it will. There’s a few maintenance items I plan to take care of if it does: - Replace the seals on the VANOS unit and install the anti-rattle kit. I already acquired a spare unit that I’ll rebuild beforehand to make it a quicker, easier job. - Identify and repair whatever is clunking on the front end. I may just end up doing a full refresh of the bushings and steering, I’m undecided. If I hang onto it, it’ll stick around for another 4-5 years at least so it may just be worth it to do it now and enjoy the better suspension for longer. - Shifter refresh - Drivers rear window regulator replacement - Cooling system check? It had the water pump and I believe the radiator replaced preventatively by the P.O. but I’m not sure if anything else has been changed. - Paint the front bumper - Replace both roundels - Door brake reinforcement. This will happen regardless of whether the car stays or goes - Repair headliner - Swap out the general module under the rear seat with a known working one to see if it solves the cold weather issues with central locking and flashing interior lights - Replace rear seat belt trim pieces, and fix the front seat belt height adjusters - New tan floormats to replace the black/red ones it has now Potential upgrades and projects: - Lowering springs and upgraded dampers: I’d like to retain as comfortable of a ride as I can while eliminating some of the front wheel gap and giving a slightly sportier ride. Since I’ll likely replace shocks and struts anyways I can do it while I’m in there as well. Any recommendations? I’m leaning towards eibach springs and Koni sports, but am open to suggestions. I’ve heard that the bilstein sports are pretty harsh for a daily driver, and the h&r springs are also on the harsh side. - Add E32 adjustable lumbar supports - Rear fog lights - Add the ski bag pass through - When it comes time to do brakes, upgrade to f30 335i/340i fronts (4-piston aluminum brembos, 340mm rotor) and buy the spacer kit for it, and swap to e34 540i/M5 rear caliper and rotors. This would require 17’s at minimum which sucks for winter tire options, but big brakes are sweet. It’d be a great excuse to auto cross the car some as well.
  5. That looks like an absolute riot. The way it built speed... 115 at the end of the pull? Friggin awesome. If this car ever makes it’s way back to Wisconsin, I want to see it.
  6. I think you should post a video of this. You know, for scientific purposes.
  7. I’m definitely open to flying to get a car, but right now, so early in the search, it’d have to be the perfect car to do it. I really also want to test drive as much as I can to really decide what I want before hopping in a plane to go see a car. Thank you, I definitely will!
  8. You just want us to have matching cars, don’t you! 😂 I definitely would go check that e91 out if it wasn’t all the way in Minneapolis. That would be great. My only two “real” gripes were the ride and the sound, so I would imagine your car solves both of them. I do remember enjoying the handling/ride quality the one time I rode in it on the way to road America, and the performance exhaust sounded pretty great too.
  9. I thought his was an automatic? But I’m with you, a manual 128i with sport or m sport is on the list. They’re just hard to find from what I’ve seen. I’ve no more than a handful of m sports in the last 6 months or so of casual searching, but maybe it’s just bad luck. N20’s scare me with the timing chain stuff, but a 30i car with whatever the new b series engine is seems to have cured that from my limited research. I’d probably just stick to a 128i though if going that route. 540i/6 would be cool, but dealing with a 20+ y/o car and all their associated quirks is one of the things I’d like to get away from with this vehicle purchase. Otherwise I’d just get a cheap beater economy car and an old BMW and have a car for fun and a car for everything else. I’m probably not going to be able to do that for the next few years though, hence the upgrade to one vehicle that is a little more adept at being both fun and usable without needing “old” car attention. I love the e34, but it’s now 26 years old, and will need more wrenching time than I’d like to commit if wanted to daily it and keep it nice for the next 5 or so years. I can handle occasional downtime because my roommate will be working at the same place so we can carpool if I’m fixing something, but the continuous work is what I’m attempting to get away from.
  10. Good to know, I figured. I'll have to keep a lookout for a sport or m-sport RWD car (in better condition) to test next, since the AWD cars regardless of package never got the better suspension. Sounds like I should at least try a 335i sport/m-sport and see what I think? E46 M3 would be awesome, but not practical for a longer-term daily driver IMO. I appreciate your input, if you have any suggestions for other cars to look at around the ~15k price bracket I'm all ears. I'd prefer a BMW I think, but if this experience has taught me anything it's that preconceived notions about other brands are often pretty misleading. I really wish the E90/92 M3's were a bit cheaper, but I have no real desire to subject myself to the horrors of a tired, beat up example to get one in my price range. Good point there. I would love a manual e91 and I think that a RWD 6spd e91 sport/m-sport would probably check all the boxes and be a really enjoyable daily, but I don't have the budget to do it. Prices on those have exploded to the point where they're almost not feasible for actually daily driving them. I would be really interested in trying a m-sport manual e90 in both n52 and n55 flavors, and maybe a n55 535i m-sport as well. A manual x3 sounds interesting, but the need for a SUV isn't there for me. I dislike the higher seating position, and they just don't handle the same way a car does. I'm also a single guy without pets, so hauling around a family or animals isn't a concern. Utility is always nice, but for right now a decent trunk and a roof rack can handle pretty much anything I'll need to shuttle around. Like with Pat, if you (or anyone else here, for that matter) have any suggestions for cars to test I'd appreciate it. I'm just starting the vehicle search and will need something for the end of May, so I've got plenty of time to check stuff out and wait for hard to find stuff pop up. I'm realizing now that I probably should just have done this in the General Off-Topic sub-forum, oh well.
  11. Agreed, picks are the unsung heroes of diy maintenance. Stick a magnet on it and you can use it to pick up small bolts and nuts too. My old set has most of the tips broken off by now so this was perfect timing.
  12. So I went and test drove a 2011 328xi wagon today, and while I enjoyed the overall interior/exterior look and seat comfort (sport seats in saddle brown) I was left feeling a bit cold in terms of the ride. I wasn’t really impressed with the body control even compared to the e34, and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience driving both standard and sport suspension e90’s and if they had any thoughts on how much of a difference it made. I’m also wondering how much worn suspension components may have had to do with it, the car had 100k miles and I believe everything was original. Any comments on shock/bushing life on these cars? Side note: I also took a drive in a 2011 S5 at a nearby dealer while I was in the area, and holy smokes. I don’t know what I was expecting, but that car exceeded pretty much every expectation I had with the exception of the light steering and a few low-quality buttons. The brakes stood out to me most of all, they’re definitely filling launchers. It had a very nice interior also, great power, nice sound, and in my eyes it looked drop dead gorgeous. Scares me though as far as running costs.
  13. I held off on opening my gift until I delivered mine, but I finally got to open it today. Got a handy Milwaukee pick set, some really sweet (and mint) dealer sales brochures for the e30 and e34, and of course, stroopwafels. Thanks @m42b32!
  14. Welcome! I'm pretty sure I've seen your e36 a time or two, glad you joined the forum!
  15. I ordered my gift over a week and half ago, and while it was projected to arrive today, it looks like the tracking number provided through eBay isn’t even active yet on the USPS site 🙃 I apologize in advance, one of you is going to get a belated gift. I’ll be tossing in some stroopwafels as an apology. I will be messaging the seller to see what the deal is tonight.
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