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  1. The pinstripe that's missing on the passenger fender would bug the hell out of me. Add that to the hood that needs paint, I don't know if I'd pay half of his asking price. I didn't even see the 207,000 miles the first time I looked. I will say that it looks excellent otherwise if it's truly rust free, all that maintenance is really nice. I wonder why the head gasket was done though?
  2. P_Roloff

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Can't wait to see it on the road, great progress!
  3. P_Roloff

    Badger Bimmers Anual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    My guess would be that they didn’t want to compete with automotion? I know the last few years it was on the same weekend.
  4. P_Roloff

    Badger Bimmers Anual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    I’ll be there! I always look forward to this. If anyone wants to drive over from Madison together, let me know.
  5. P_Roloff

    chit chat thread

    Guess this answers our questions about BavAuto...
  6. P_Roloff

    chit chat thread

    This is good info, noted for future reference.
  7. I should really go get those style 5’s, they’d look great on the e34 refinished.
  8. P_Roloff

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Curious to see how it sounds, let us know.
  9. P_Roloff

    New guy from New London

    Welcome! We’re all big fans of wagons around here, can’t wait to see pics!
  10. P_Roloff

    chit chat thread

    There's a reason my member title is what it is. You don't want to do it, trust me.
  11. P_Roloff

    i bought another e30

    Option 1 sounds about right (at least the second part). sigh.
  12. P_Roloff

    i bought another e30

    What happened to the m20?
  13. P_Roloff

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    I will echo that all the carbon is not my thing, but it looks comfy and beefy. Might look better with piano black interior trim or something. I sure as hell wouldn't turn that deal down though, for the equivalent of $200 that's a good deal IMO. Interested to hear what it feels like when actually driving, let us know what you think when you get it on the road.
  14. P_Roloff

    WTB: E46 325i

    What about an e46 330i/ci? What’s the desire to own the 325i over a 330i?
  15. P_Roloff

    Chris’ e34 extravaganza

    Really excited to see where this goes. Cool pickup!