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  1. Saw a silver z8 on the Stoughton Rd. frontage road the other day at Habanero’s, I nearly snapped my neck on the double take. It was unfortunately already gone by the time I was able to wrap back around to it.
  2. Agreed, the time needed to organize seems to limit the frequency of large gatherings to only a few times a year, at least for a group of this size. I'm thinking that may point to larger events that someone else has already planned (read: C&C) being part of the solution, because all we have to do is show up or meet somewhere close by and drive there. @B C isn't there already something of a scrolly format under the activity tab? It does have like/reaction activity in it I guess. I'll echo the thanks the others have given, first to @YoungCR for continuing to keep the site maintained
  3. Take all these opinions with a grain of salt, but I personally love the forum format. The few Facebook car groups I’m in are generally just repeated questions and bickering, the forum format really seems to tone down both of those and promote a little more thoughtful discussion and many informative posts. Live chat would be cool, it’d be fun to have some more casual conversation sometimes. More meets/cruises/gatherings would definitely help bring more people in, I think (that was how I found out about this site, at cars and coffee). I like seeing what everyone else is doing, but I also re
  4. I know regular E30's have been increasing in price, but seriously? Is anyone actually buying these for this kind of money? An auto m20 sedan with mediocre body, comfort seats, needing a head gasket and a full suspension refresh seems like a MAX $1500-$2000 car to me. Am I really just behind the times or is this guy delusional for thinking he'll get this? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/888261211908144?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A6c39e34a-bcf4-42fe-a79d-d51b723abe86
  5. Interesting. Any reason (cost?) to not just go with a pair of replacements and run sans spacers/equal spacers? Looks great though, I’ve always though that e90’s and wagons in particular seem to have really sunken wheels from the factory.
  6. Euro M535i in green over tan, someone go save it! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/878227896290911/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A0be11bae-4388-4ec0-a27f-8996dfbd1a82
  7. Stumbled onto this one (and this channel) tonight. Some of the voiceovers are a little off, but the cinematography is pretty impressive. Talk about a beautiful car, too. And in the spirit of Sabine, I figured I'd share this too. When asked if the 'ring was the best track she'd ever been on, she said "Road America is not bad too. Very good track." Talk about a loss in the motorsports community.
  8. I haven't looked at powertrain stuff much specifically, but a guy I went to school with bought a used I8 and has had a ton of issues with the a/c compressor. Apparently they use the a/c loop to cool the batteries, and the compressor is either under-specced for the application or just a bad design/part, and they prematurely grind themselves to bits and throw metal into the whole a/c loop. He had his replaced once, and within a few hundred miles the new one was already making a ton of noise again too (mind you, this car is like 3-4 years old with 16,000ish miles I want to say). Seems like an exp
  9. Qdoba breakfast burrito? Perhaps before the e30 picnic again...
  10. I'll be there! Excited to see what the new location is like!
  11. Definitely was that car, I remember seeing the silver skirts. I saw it go by in the other direction in the dark, only caught that is was a e34 with m sport bumpers.
  12. Saw what looked to be a e34 M5 heading eastbound on 12 in whitewater tonight, looked like it was on m-parallels?
  13. Yeah, my dad is in residential construction and he said the other night prices have gone up around 70% for framing lumber for him compared to pre-pandemic cost. It's obviously factored into bids now, but the price increase when he had houses in progress sure sucked.
  14. P_Roloff

    BANGL 2021

    I think "drive a M5" would be the barrier to me completing it this summer. Any volunteers?
  15. P_Roloff

    BANGL 2021

    Zip-tie kidneys to the front too, that'll really confuse the truck guys.
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