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  1. They’re my go-to for the e30 too, pretty much the only manufacturer that has 20W-50 that’s easy to find. Didn’t they change to Mobil more recently? Also: proof of snowmobile pics. I regret my decision somewhat, because as fun as it was to bash snowdrifts to and from and friends place there is a ton of snow in the engine bay at the moment. Guess it’s a tomorrow problem?
  2. 127,930 Oil change, Castrol 5W-40 Euro full synthetic. Didn’t realize this stuff is BMW LL01 certified, which is cool. $35 a jug at the local O’Reillys, which is more than palatable considering it’s an old beater and you could probably fill a M50 with canola oil and be fine. But hey, never hurts to use the nice stuff. Ordered a (replacement) replacement VANOS seal from Beisan, once that comes in and gets installed in the new VANOS unit I’ll tackle the valve cover gasket. I don’t want to talk about how long the parts for that have been sitting on the shelf 😂 I always forget how this thing is just a Bavarian snowmobile when it gets slippery out there, solid traction and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Further confirmation that FWD is not for me.
  3. Looks like @straight6pwr’s old car is up for sale! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1989-bmw-325i-165/?fbclid=IwAR2DXsSEdDoLRlEGWAXA-JBDeWAPgbIN2HfF3dcZFTIWWjd8TjPoTnnO8qk
  4. First batch of parts has arrived! Hoping to find time this weekend or next to get the shocks installed, oil changed, and serpentine belt/pulley/tensioner replaced. It’ll go in fairly soon for the wheels to be re-balanced, and it’ll be aligned in the spring when I’m done replacing some other suspension bits. At this point, planning for: - Front shocks - Front upper and lower control arms (replacing with the TRW M3 parts) - Rear subframe bushing inserts. I know full bushing replacement is ideal but I don’t care to jump in that far just yet. - Any other rear bushings the shop notes as torched. Anyone who has done rear end work on an e90, are there any bushings or ball joints in particular that tend to go earlier than others? Ideally I’d like to not have to replace everything at oncoming the entire car, so if I can do a few things on the rear and the whole front this year, and other rear bushings later, that would be ideal.
  5. 119,390 First parts ordered. Taking care of the oil change, serpentine belt, and rear shocks (including the mount kit) with this batch of parts. Damping when the car is loaded is… not quite what I want to keep things from going flying, so I’m going to take care of the rear shocks sooner than I initially planned and then doing front struts this spring/summer when it’s warmer. Ordered the Continental kit for the serpentine and OE M Sport Sachs dampers for the rear. I’m going to need to pick up a good E-Torx set for maintenance on this car, any recommendations?
  6. Thanks Joe! I’m excited to see where it’ll take me, there’s already a few road trips planned for it this summer!
  7. You didn’t really think that this car was leaving the state with how much we all love it, did you? 119,270 It probably needs no introduction to any of you, and I’m ecstatic to have it joining the fleet. The e34 will get some much needed TLC and likely be heading down the road to a new owner within the next year and daily duties will be supplanted by this. No big plans other than to do some minor aesthetic mods and general maintenance, and hopefully many many more comfortable and fun miles! Hopefully it won’t even realize that it changed stablemates, going from a white e30 to a… white e30 😂 My general list of plans, for no real reference other than my own: Maintenance: - Serpentine belt and tensioner: Due for another (about 4yrs old) so this is the first order of business along with an oil change. - Front control arms: Not shot yet, but I’d rather get ahead of them and sharpen up the front end some. Likely going to install the M3 arms while I’m at it. Summer project. - Shocks/struts: Originals, going to put original sport pack Sachs dampers in to freshen the ride up. Certainly not bad at all currently but I’m a sucker for fresh OEM suspension. Also a summer project. - Trans filter change/fluid change and diff fluid change. Probably going to have a shop do the trans, I’ll likely handle the diff. Not in a huge hurry on these. Upgrades and such: - LED angel eyes - Color-matched reflector covers for the front bumper - Not an upgrade, but the headlights are a bit foggy and I’d like to clear them up if I can. It’s the little things! That’s really it for now, Joe has been a great caretaker of the car through his ownership and I’m excited to keep this car in the area. The 16 year newer tech is a very welcome change!
  8. Congrats on the new Ferd Joe! Having seen it in person, the color and overall looks are even better than the photos, which is saying something. Now that you officially posted about it though I think there’s a requirement for photos of it hard parked with one wheel on a big ass snowdrift 😂
  9. Old car stuff strikes again: 127,700 Things that have cropped up in the last few months: - Drivers rear door lock actuator completely stopped working. Replaced with a used unit this fall that I had sitting around and that fixed it for awhile, but it’s now completely dead. Probably going to have to yank the whole door panel off which really sucks. - Wiper arm linkage bushings are borked. Rattles like a maraca over bumps especially under braking. I ordered a bushing set from a guy in Germany and they’ll arrive shortly, at which point I need to steel myself enough to tear out the linkage, blower motor assembly, etc. - Odd thunk (almost sounds like metal sheet flexing and releasing?) becoming more apparent and common. Happens on large rear end motions (bumps, driveways, worse when heavily loaded). Going to get under it next time I change oil to see if anything obvious is amiss. - Trans is annoyingly stiff when cold, doesn’t love going into gear until warm, and still isn’t as good as it used to be. Wondering if the shop didn’t completely get all the air out when they did master and slave in the summer. - Rough idle on cold start, likely the VANOS actuator. Poor low end power as well so I just need to get the spare actuator I have finished up and installed. - Sunroof is rattling slightly. Not bad, but annoying enough. I’ve heard replacing the seal usually solves it, so I’ll pull it in the spring, check the clips and plastic bits and replace the seal. The joys of old cars! I’ve been so busy that it’s hard to fix stuff immediately and it’s deciding to be a pain all at once apparently. Planning to address a lot of it within the next few weeks hopefully and the rest will be addressed once it’s a bit warmer.
  10. Man, it’s been a bit since I posted on this. Mostly because I haven’t touched it since last post really 😬 I swore I’d never let a project sit but here I am. Two weekends ago I finished bending all the rear hardlines after I kinked one of the short ones last spring and got frustrated and stopped working on it (I also got stupid busy, but hey). Fuel system can now go back in, subframe after that, and then the car can come back down and get re-situated for the manual swap! I decided to go engine-out for that one since the oil pan gasket needs replacement, the timing belt is due, and 80% of everything else is already disconnected. Excited to hopefully make more progress this winter spring when I have time, I’d like to get it done before June so I can enjoy it and shake it down before a planned Blue Ridge parkway road trip this fall. Hoping that once the rear end is back together things will progress more quickly.
  11. Dammit, here I was hoping someone reposted these for sale. much sad.
  12. They were close out items, they did a buy tow get two to get rid of remaining inventory and I would bet they sold them all out. Hubcentric rings aren’t hard to get so I’ll just use that and chalk it up as a cost of cheap things.
  13. 126,650 No notable service performed, finally got around to checking the centerbore diameter of the MOMO’s I had on the car this summer and sure enough, the ID is definitely larger than 72.56. My guess is 74.1mm e39 fitment, so I’ll be buying a set of hubcentric rings for next year. Quite frustrating considering I purchased them new and chose the correct size, oh well. Definitely explains the persistent vibration!
  14. My guess is that generally, since more powerful motors are needed for increased power (there could be a possibility of milking more out of the existing ones with software tweaks, but brushless motor “tuning” is not a simple thing) and finding an e-motor that actually works with the existing control system and physically fits is going to be a huge challenge, they just said to hell with it and left it alone. Generally speaking, power upgrades with EV’s is going to be much harder than with IC’s.
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