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  1. 131,050 Well, my time with this car has come to an end. What a wonderful car and one I’ll truly miss, but it was time. It sat nearly all summer and was just getting to be a pain to maintain on top of the truck, e30, and e91. It went to a local guy who was looking for a neat older car to learn to wrench on, so I think it’ll suit him well. It remains the quietest, most solidly built car I’ve ever owned, it was seriously a tank. Hung the tail out in the snow pretty impressively too. Replaced the blower motor before I sold it, and sent two sets of wheels and most of my e34 spares along as well. I’m excited to have the space back, one less project, and to be able to focus more on the E91 and E30. I still have the MOMO Heritage 6’s and the m-systems, if anyone was wondering haha. MOMO’s will be listed as soon as I wash them, and the M-Systems will hopefully get their restoration completed once the e30 is back on the road. Farewell to the E34 club, it’s been a good ride!
  2. I love that you drive it through this, how does it handle snow? Yeah, that was an experience. I nearly buried my truck trying to help some poor fella who butmried his civic on shitty tires in a 18” snowdrift on Capitol in Brookfield. I then went home, unburied the E34, and proceeded to rip big slides through the business park for an hour. Good times.
  3. SOLD WIBimmers Price: $4500 Snow got you stuck? Don’t want to rust out your nice car/truck? Want an affordable fun car? This might be the car for you! It’s a 1995 BMW 525i with a 5-speed manual, 130,xxx miles. Purchased by my dad in 2018, I purchased it in 2021. Only selling because I bought @m42b32’s E91 and don’t drive this anymore. This car has an extensive maintenance history, please see the end of the ad for a full list. Lots of work in the last two years. I also have a few options for wheels and tires. The paint/body on this car is fair for its age, it’s not show car quality but doesn’t have any clear coat failure evident; mostly scratches, dings, chips and a few small dents. Rust is present on the door bottoms; the rest of the car is pretty clean. Couple small spots on the underside but nothing wild. Wasn’t driven in the snow often before it came to WI (lived in Jersey from new to ~2017). Nose of the car was repainted at one point I believe. Issues include small windshield crack, A/C stopped working this summer, drivers rear window and lock actuator not working, couple small tears in drivers seat bottom, slight stitching pull on the top of the rear seatback, and drivers door brake removed due to it tearing the bolts holding it to the door out (common e34 issue, not due to hitting something with it). Blower motor just went but will be replaced before sale. I have a full booklet of maintenance history going back to the early 2000’s, and have roughly 80 images of various points on the car as well - just ask if you have any questions at all. Things I’d probably recommend eventually would be shifter refresh, rear shocks, diff oil change, and eventually rear subframe bushings; they were all always on the list but I never got to them. Definitely doesn’t need them anytime in the near future but I’m picky about my shit. All my spares will be included for the asking price; mostly interior switchgear and trim bits. WIBimmers asking price w/ spare parts and no extra wheels: $4500 OBO. No trades unless @wasnt m3 wants to swap for his clownshoe… Current wheels: Car will come on stock 15”x7” bottlecap wheels and 205/65R15 Continental VikingContact winter tires; these are superb in the snow. I’ve driven through 20”+ drifts and foot high unplowed streets without issue. Date codes are I believe from 2021; tons of tread left. Maybe 12k miles on them? Purchased in late 2021 Extra wheel options include: - Full square set of 17x8.5” MOMO Heritage 6 wheels in satin black; purchased new by me in 2022. Good tread on the 235/45R17 Michelin Pilot A/S 3+’s that are mounted, I want to say date codes show 2018 or 2019 but not positive. I’d ask an additional $800 for the set with the car or $1000 separate for you guys. Retail price when they were still available was roughly $325/wheel. Neat wheels, and in good condition with only a few bucks here and there. No rash or bends. I also have a set of stock 15x7” style 5 basket weaves with two good and two trash tires, $100 extra for those. I’ll throw them in for free if you have a set of wheels and tires that hold air and fit a e28 well enough to roll it onto a trailer. Final wheel set option is a partially complete and partially refinished set of style 20/21 M-Systems. I have four forged wheels, 3X complete turbine covers in good used condition, and 4 caps - I’m missing only a left side cover and fan to complete the set. Wheels have been stripped/blasted to bare metal, checked to ensure they’re perfectly straight and true, and the lips polished out; a few lips need some final finish polishing but they’re generally very close to ready for paint. TBD on asking, I’d like to finish them myself and sell them but if you’re serious and interested, shoot me a message and I’ll send photos/details. . Completed Maintenance and Upgrades This likely isn’t an exhaustive list and doesn’t include a lot of the little trim bits, clips and minor stuff done over the years, but these are the heavy hitters: General: OEM BMW roof rails will be included with the car Chrome door trim has been “shadowlined” with vinyl trim tape; easily removable if you prefer the chrome look Interior/Exterior/Electrical: General module New sunroof button panel Auxiliary audio input wired into CD changer; completely reversible (I made a custom wiring harness) and exiting below stability control button Drivers front window regulator New midsection door trim Trunk shocks New battery last winter Various side trim pieces replaced - all with genuine BMW pieces Blower motor replaced and fuse de-rated to 20A to fix common wire melting issue - no evidence of problems with this car Rear headrests added from an E32; rare to find on US model E34’s I have a E32 rear motorized sunblind kit that I can include; it’ll require cutting to fit but would be an awesome upgrade Steering and Suspension: Upper and lower front control arms replaced in fall of 2021 - used E31 and M5 arms (spherical/solid rubber) for improved handling and longevity. All Lemforder components. Front shocks, shock mounts, and all related hardware replaced in fall of 2021 with OEM Sachs/lemorder components Front sway bar links changed in 2020 I have a set of new Lemforder tie rods to go with the car as well; I never got around to installing them Brakes: All new OEM pads and rotors last year all the way around Both front calipers replaced (and slide pins regreased before install) New front soft brake lines Hardlines all look good Engine/Driveline: New clutch master and slave last year Z3 shift lever - shorter throw. I believe I have the original still and can include it. ZHP shift knob Giubo replaced last year; CSB was fine but I have a spare I didn’t install that I’ll include with the car Transmission shift shaft and output shaft seals replaced this summer - major job Alternator replaced last winter with an OEM Bosch unit Serpentine belt, tensioner, and pulleys replaced in 2021 VANOS seals replaced this summer; valve cover gasket replaced at the same time New serpentine belt, a/c belt, pulleys, and tensioners in summer of 2021 Metal impeller water pump installed in 2017-ish
  4. Great notes - looks like this car is a 528e, so M20? He’d want a kit from a 528e. I’ll second the single piece clutch line, I bought one from ChaseBays but it’s effectively the same as what @YoungCR did. The only other upgrade I might add would be a single mass flywheel conversion, and then get it lightened by Ireland engineering - they offer a resurface and lightening for about $210, very reasonable. Not sure what your goals are but it’ll make it rev faster, easier to heel-toe, and more fun, at the expense of a bit of forgiveness in stalling. Definitely start a build thread!
  5. Welcome! I’m actually in the middle of a 5-speed swap on my m20 powered e30, so a pretty similar swap! I’d recommend getting the swap parts from one single car so you can be sure that stuff will fit; I had a driveshaft issue with mine because I bought a new replacement without realizing it didn’t fit my transmission output flange. Otherwise, just do the “while you’re in there” stuff and let us know if you have issues! Glad to have another m20 on the forum!
  6. Not sure if Santa missed the chimney this year over here haha, I’ll keep my eyes peeled!
  7. Hey all - realized that I bought a early G260 with the larger output flange, and bought a brand new later model 325i driveshaft with the smaller giubo, and am long past the return window. I’d like to try swapping on a late model smaller flange (some have had success, some haven’t) before dropping coin on another transmission, although if anyone has a good one of those I might be interested. If you have a 325i trans sitting around with a bad synchro or similar, this would be perfect - I’d be willing to buy the whole transmission. For reference: the eta cars all came with the larger giubo, while the i cars got the smaller one. Thanks!
  8. 134,6xx Coolant leak saga is over - took it into Kummrow as the leak started to get worse and I never was able to figure out exactly what was leaking - turns out the radiator itself was leaking. Apparently, the Behr e9x radiators commonly fail at the crimps on the driver’s side end tank near the bottom - I can’t remember the exact % they said their supplier has taken back under warranty, but it was a lot. Anyways, got it replaced with a Genuine BMW one, that should hopefully solve it permanently. Hope this knowledge saves some of the other e9x guys here some pain, this is one of those cases where the OE supplier part just doesn’t cut it.
  9. Replaced the passenger side door pull - it was all nasty like most of them are and left sticky black stuff on your hand when you pulled it. Not ideal. I bought the Amazon special version, as much as I want the OEM look I couldn’t bring myself to spend $100ish on a new door pull that’d break down in the exact same way in a few years. The black plastic definitely looks cheaper on the outer cover, so maybe I’ll get an OEM replacement for that, but the inner feels fine and it all mounted solidly. This version uses screws instead of the heat-staked originals.
  10. 133,400 Changed the oil in the rear differential. I used full synthetic liqui moly 75w-90 and a couple transfer pumps to get it done. Old oil was in quite good shape, I don’t recall seeing records of it being changed but it looks like it was. Still, the new stuff is way lighter in color and it’s good peace of mind. I only got about 3/4 of a quart out so I’ll maybe do it again in 10-20,000 miles once it’s all mixed in. I also noticed some coolant under the car the other day, so while it was on the lift I pulled the belly pan and took a peek. It seems like there’s two leaks: - One appeared to be a loose hose clamp on the water pump; I tightened it and will re-check in a few weeks. - The other seems to be either a leak at the seam of the radiator on the drivers side, or the o-ring on the upper rad hose. It kinda looks like it’s spraying, but I wonder if it’s wind blowing it off of the radiator as it leaks and spreading it all over the underside. I’m going to swap the o-ring this week sometime and see if that fixes it, and if it doesn’t I’ll get a new rad. I’m considering a full aluminum replacement to bulletproof it, but we’ll see. This one should be under warranty still but if it failed this fast I’m not sure if I want to put the same thing back in.
  11. Just found this tonight: Looks like BMW finally put out a recall for the VANOS bolts issue. I wonder if it’s anything more/different compared to the service this car already had? From what I remember the bolts were replaced with steel ones? Sounds like the same. Also a good reminder to get the car in for the PCV heater recall as well.
  12. Yeah, the cabin filter was something of a last resort if nothing else fixes it. I’ll definitely take you up on that, I’ve heard great things about those!
  13. Smell is still there. I’m going to try it again I think (maybe spraying some down the hvac air intake as well) to see if that helps. It’s definitely better, it’s almost gone once the hvac has run for a few seconds, but it definitely still there. The blower motor had the same smell as the air I’ve been getting out of it, so I’m wondering if the smell and gunk is in the ducting too. I haven’t replaced the cabin air filters either, so might do that. They’re almost external though so it’d be a bit odd if that was the culprit. What product did you use, if you don’t mind me asking?
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