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  1. Welcome to here! I echo what @B C said, please stick around! We need more modern BMW representation around here. Car looks great, is it an auto or manual?
  2. Congrats! Sounds like a fun place to work!
  3. Sounds good, might be a fun challenge! Just send me a PM whenever.
  4. If you can find dimensions, I can probably throw a part file together for you this evening if you wanted.
  5. Was that including shipping? And no, I believe all the 325i’s have the same tank. Which one did you get? When I priced it out it came to a good bit more than that if I remember right.
  6. Will do! The last time I did it, it made a big difference since the lash was set too tight and the car wasn’t idling as well, but I also lost a bit of power. More of a checkup than anything else to make sure nothing is up.
  7. 199,390 miles: Ran over a bolt or something on the beltline in Madison today and got a flat, it's too far to the outside of the tread to get a plug so I have a pair of RT615k+'s arriving Tuesday from tire rack. I know I should probably replace the whole set instead of having tires with different amounts of wear on the front and rear, but it never gets autox'd or driven in the rain or anything so I'm not gonna worry about it too much and save the money. I'll also be swapping the good takeoff tire to the spare wheel, it has an original 30 y/o Michelin MVX marked with "Made in West Germany" on it now, it was not a fun experience driving on it and wondering if it was going to randomly let go. I would also like to add that if you have the ability to move over for a car stopped on the side of the highway and you don't do it, you are a shitty person. I was shocked at how many people did not. In other news, I'm going to finally get to the valve adjustment tonight if it cools off at all, this is the perfect opportunity. I'm unsure what I'm going to do about the fuel tank, I discovered that it's rusting at the welded seam above the filler neck and that's where I'm thinking it's leaking from. I really don't want to pay for the new tank, but not being able to fill the car above half is frustrating, inconvenient and isn't doing the fuel pump any favors. I highly doubt any sort of JB-Weld fix is going to take care of it, but do I have anything to lose? Stay tuned to see if I ever get off my lazy, broke ass and fix it!
  8. Looks great! I hope to see the car when you move down to Madison!
  9. @Jdesign can probably weigh in on the tiles...
  10. I second that. It’s not worth the risk of blowing the motor if it lets go. Also, might want to get to that fan clutch before it grenades, I’ve seen some gnarly pictures of ones where the fan let go, not pretty.
  11. Great, thanks for the advice. Appreciate it!
  12. It definitely was! The one my grandpa caught was about an inch shorter but probably a half pound to a pound heavier, it was an absolute tank. I caught a 22 incher on the last day, never thought I would consider that small haha. Three of the four filets from my dad and grandpas fish fed five adults with leftovers! Yeah, that’s kinda what I figure it’s going to take to totally get rid of. It’s not horrible by any means, just a little surprising if you haven’t experienced it before or don’t know to expect it. There’s a bit of slop that can be felt in the steering so the first check will be the steering box itself, and I’ll do the adjustment on it. I’ll see if anything is visibly worn or loose and go from there I guess. And yeah, it definitely was! I can’t wait to go back. I’ll definitely do this when the pilots get mounted, thanks for the advice!
  13. Yes, they were mounted backwards I finally (I know, dumb on my part) but I swapped them to the correct direction and it only had an effect on road noise.
  14. Yeah, I did read that. Slightly narrower (225/45r17) pilot super sports are going on to replace the old Yokohama’s, I’m hoping that makes a difference too.
  15. I haven’t been very good about updates, but a few things have happened since the last post, thought I might as well update for record keeping purposes. Finally took care of the rear license plate mounting situation, the P.O. had it attached using two mismatched self-tapping screws, one of which had been overtightened and stripped the plastic grommet out. Ordered four new grommets and screws from FCP, and voila, no more annoying rattle when closing the trunk. It’s the little things. I also got the m-systems bolted up and took some pictures, even with old tires the increase in handling sharpness and overall grip was miles better than before. Unfortunately, the car also developed a tendency to tramline that I wasn’t really expecting. Tightening the steering column nut helped some, but I think some adjustment of the steering box or replacement of some parts may be necessary to get rid of the problem, or at least reduce it. Input from other e34 owners would be greatly appreciated on this one. The lower profile tires also exacerbated a noise that I believe to be caused by the sway bar links, those will be replaced as soon as the parts show up. Also want to give a shoutout to @Jdesign for his help dismounting the tires and ensuring the wheels are true, they’re now ready for refinishing and I’m happy to report they’re as straight as an arrow. I’m finishing up a prototype design for a 3D printed center cap as I type this, and will share results after I test it. I was also lucky enough to spend 5 days in northern Minnesota just after school ended with some family, I’ll probably post some more photos but this was one of the fish my dad caught on the second night, a 27” walleye. The wild part was that wasn’t even the biggest one caught that day in our group, it was quite an experience.
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