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  1. Recently rolled past 201,000 miles. I haven’t been driving this as much as I should, but I haven’t been keeping it at my apartment and time to drive it is not as available as I’d like. About a month ago I installed the lowering springs and sport shocks I picked up from @timmer at the e30 picnic (thanks again!), and I’m really digging the new height and ride. Definitely firm, but not overly harsh or bouncy and very go-kart like. It’s a blast and so responsive, but I’ve been struggling with how low the oil pan now sits (truthfully, most of the reason I haven’t driven it much) so I
  2. Finally got around to an oil change and a wash this past weekend, mileage sits at 93,3xx. Changed oil with Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic. I threw some fresh exhaust hanger rubber mount donut things on at the same time since the last ones I bought shredded themselves in about a year and a half. Fresh rear pitman arms/dog bones and front upper control arms are sitting in the garage waiting to be installed when I get the chance. So, probably October.
  3. Had a wild @TehRaydarlover sighting on 94 westbound near oconomowoc in his gorgeous e39 M5, what a perfect color spec.
  4. It sounds like we’re going to just head out at 9 and go straight to the picnic if that works for you guys. I’ll understand if you want to head early and get some gourmet burritos 😂
  5. It verks! Back to ticking away the miles. The check light in the cluster along with the ABS light both work now too, which is cool. Only took a decade 🙄. Put a little over a hundred miles on it today while heading up to Devil’s lake to hike, did about 10 miles there in a little over four hours. It was an absolutely perfect day for it too. In other news, my brother picked up a 1970 Honda CL100 for $20 last year, and has been getting it running and back into streetable shape when he has the time for it. Tonight he got around to pulling the piston and cylinder, and f
  6. Pulled the car out of storage today, it started right on the first turn of the key like always. I ordered the Garagistic odometer gear set this winter and decided to take care of that right away to get an accurate mileage tally for this year. No pics of the removal, but I snapped a few of the busted gears and various inner workings. It looks like someone fried an idiot light and soldered a jumper from the light adjacent to it at some point, but it’s the brake lining light that isn’t working so I’m not going to take the time to fix it. Broken bulb that someone just left in there:
  7. I used some permatex gasket sealer on the barbs and it seems to be holding up well. I pulled the barbs out then just put a solid amount of sealant on them toward the flange of the barb, pressed them on, and let them set and they seem to be pretty much sealed up and in there solid. Check your charcoal canister hose too to make sure it’s hooked up to the intake manifold, it’s way the hell underneath the manifold and at least on my car did not have a hose clamp, so if it came off or was left disconnected that could be your issue too. When the head was off my e30 last, I forgot to hook that vacuum
  8. I am also in for Qdoba diarr- I mean, burritos, before the picnic if the Madison peeps are okay with leaving a bit earlier. Maybe this time me and Joe won't get lost on the way lol.
  9. I’ll be driving in from Madison if anyone wants to caravan there together. I know @vbhargava is planning on going as well, I was thinking we rendezvous at the park and ride on Highway N off the interstate and drive in together.
  10. It is! When it joined our fleet a few years ago, it had 59k and had been owned by the same family for most of its life. Maintenance history was great, but the aesthetics of the car left (and still leave) a bit to be desired. The nose has been resprayed at some point and it was done poorly and there's chips and scratches all over it, but the bones seem to be pretty solid. Unfortunately, it only took 3 winters to start to get a bit rusty, the door bottoms are already going Forgot to add that the idler pulleys were replaced a few weeks ago as well.
  11. 89,3xx miles. Checking thing off the list slowly but surely. The new door brake and door reinforcement plates arrived a few weeks ago and will go on whenever I feel like welding the plate in, both roundels were replaced, driver's front regulator was replaced, general module was replaced, and I put a Z3 shifter in last night. l'm a big fan of the shorter throws and feel, it'll be interesting to see how notchy it feels when it gets cold again though. Next on the list is rear sway bar links, a few new moulding pieces to replace the ones that are rusting and falling off, and lumbar for t
  12. Realized I never welcomed you here, so welcome! I grew up on the east side and still come back most weekends, so hopefully I'll see you around. Always good to have more cars in the Alpine club!
  13. Man, I hope not. Would be a crappy start to ski season. In all seriousness though, these boats are built specifically as multi-engine towboats, so they’re pretty well reinforced and don’t have any problems taking the load as long as they’re kept up and aren’t rotted out. The transom itself is probably 4ish inches thick and has half inch aluminum plates reinforcing it on either side as well. A demonstration of what they’re actually capable of pulling: 80 person pyramid: Barefoot line (pulled at probably 42ish mph): Fun fact: I’m almost positive both of th
  14. 😂 I’ll pass it along to the board. There’s actually concern about these being pretty loud already, they’re not known for being the quietest outboard around. It’s pretty wild to see them pulling 30-40+ people off of the dock, then going and pulling barefoot pyramids at 40+ mph (the team has two 900hp triple rigs like this). The power makes them crazy versatile. My favorite though is when you end up with this pulling a single 8 y/o around on a ski trainer or something, it’s hilarious.
  15. My day (partially) consisted of helping rig a similar boat, and I got to stare at these for awhile while doing so: Yum. 6’1” human for reference. I’m very excited to see how triple V8s sound at full honk.
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