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  1. I'll check that, one of them might be now that I think about it. Thanks!
  2. Replaced the resistor tonight, fan works on all speeds. Success! Except, for some reason, it runs even when the fan speed is set to 0. It sounds like there is a slight speed difference from 1 to 0, makes me think it’s a short somewhere rather than a bad switch or something. Anybody had a similar experience? I think for now I’ll just pull the fuse during the summer when I don’t use the heater to prevent excess wear on the motor, I don’t particularly care to dig through the wiring harness to fix it.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I'll make sure to do that. Where'd you buy the replacements from?
  4. I know where someone could get an e28 m30 with a manual trans for $500 if the head on the 6 is cracked...
  5. Good to know. Will do. Did the complete replacement get it working correctly again, or did you have issues?
  6. I noticed that after I posted haha, he reacted with the laughing emoji and I was responding to that.
  7. You think I'm kidding! Heater season is the best. Extra incentive to stay off the interstate and take the twisties, too.
  8. Yeah, I'm hoping the gear repair works. I've heard some horror stories on the main forums about similar problems to yours, broken motors, new gears stripping after a few miles, etc. I love actually having an odometer though, so I think I'd just go find a used working cluster, change the mileage to match mine, and run with it. Something about seeing the miles tick away... SI board is way less important, but would be cool to have working.
  9. Odometer: 200,407 Didn't post an update when I put the car back together, but got it back on the road two weekends ago. LOT of air in the lines, took two full bleedings and a few hours to get it all out and even still, I think there might be a small bubble somewhere so I'll give it one more go-round next weekend when I'm back home again. Might have to invest in a power bleeder. Picked up a good condition used blower motor about a month ago from a 70k mile Z3 and tossed that in at the same time, aaaand of course it only works on high. Me being me, I didn't even think about grabbing the resistor out of the Z3. New one is getting here tomorrow and will go in next weekend as well. It also appears that I have a habit of jinxing myself, because when I took the car for a shakedown after the brake repair, the odometer decided it was done odometering. Guess that's what I get for posting a picture of the 200k mile mark lol. I did approximately 200 miles that weekend and will continue to record approximate mileage until it gets fixed. If I have time next weekend, I'll pull the cluster to see which gear stripped and get it on order, and check the SI board battery type as well. My SI lights have never worked and I'm assuming that's the reason, but I'm no expert. Anyone else here ever deal with the battery replacement and have advice or tips? I do plan on having Batteries Plus do the actual replacement so I don't risk damage to the batteries or the board.
  10. Congrats, I love the spec! Just in time for peak convertible season.
  11. This was going to be my question, what did you guys think of the rally? Worth doing it? Where did the rally route run?
  12. Spotted these two in my apartment parking garage last week, M2 competition and a 991 Carrera 4S.
  13. 81,0xx miles Maintenance time! Finally got around to taking a look at a noise from the motor that has been increasing in volume lately, sounded like a pulley bearing on the way out. Made like a high pitched whine/grinding noise and was worse when the car was cold. Once warmed up, it quieted down reasonably well. Started by removing both tensioner pulleys and the idler pulley, removing the seals, and repacking them with some high temp grease. They were all pretty dry and crusty and that definitely quieted things down, but didn’t completely eliminate the noise. Because the new pulleys are so cheap, I just ordered new ones rather than trying to stretch the life of the ones on the car, just not worth the risk to me. I then looked at the alternator, which upon inspection had bad bearings (spun like there was no grease in them anymore and were a bit crunchy sounding). Attempted to replace just the bearings but couldn’t get a few fasteners off and just said screw it and bought a reman unit from O’Reillys. Lifetime warranty on the unit, so even if it’s not amazing I’m fine with replacing it every few years for free. Finally, I have a new set of front sway bar links on the way to address a front end clunk that started a few months ago. On a different note, I’m ready to begin priming and painting the m-systems after stripping and media blasting all the old paint off. I was told by the seller that they had been previously stripped and painted, but it seemed that only one of the wheels had received that treatment; the other three had what looked to be the OEM paint underneath the rattle can paint. No matter, it was all coming off anyways. After some discussion and deliberation, I decided against my original plan of polishing out the lips and will instead stick to paint for the whole wheel. With that said, any thoughts on a color for the lip? I can’t decide between a bright, almost “polished aluminum” type paint to give the look of polished wheels, or if I should just stick to the stock OEM BMW silver paint. Stock paint will likely be easier to sell, but I do really like the polished lip look. Any opinions?
  14. If you have leftover scraps when you’re done, I’d buy them off of you. Might be cool to make a few dual layer masks with this pattern on the outside, seeing as their use likely won’t go away anytime soon.
  15. Yeah, seems odd that someone would go though the trouble of making replica momos in a style like this, but who knows. Tempted to run back down there and ask the guy if I can pull a wheel to check to specs or markings just for giggles. I’m really intrigued by these, even if they are fake I’d like to know more about them. Also gives me a chance to see what lowering springs and suspension work it has...
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