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  1. patsbimmer1

    An E36 Investigation

    Headlights are the same but the grills are different like you already said.
  2. patsbimmer1

    An E36 Investigation

    And now that i'm looking at these part numbers this stuff is cool! Some of it's NLA but some still available. Is this an LTW or a 94 M technic car?
  3. patsbimmer1

    An E36 Investigation

    So this is what I found http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=BF99-EUR---E36-BMW-M3&diagId=91_0126 . Anything I can see that has this option was an international competition model or the GT model M3. It appears to be some carbon interior bits. A little more info. https://e36-talk.com/forum/index.php?thread/82508-s779a-carbon-line-carbon-line-was-ist-das/
  4. patsbimmer1

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    I'm used to having the unpopular opinion lol. Neither the e28 nor the e60 is pretty but the e60 at least has some muscular architecture to it. The stanceworks and the motul e28's look cool but a stock e28 m5 just looks meh.
  5. patsbimmer1

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    No argument there! The e60 sounds WAAAAY better! Looks uninspiring and the smg thats found in most of them is terrible. The e60 is better in every measurable way but i'd pick an e39 every time for no good reason at all. I'm in the minority when i say the e60 isn't the worst m5 though. It's ugly but I think the e28 is uglier. For the cost of ownership of the s38 i'd buy an s85 and delight in a screaming v10.
  6. I dont think it's been very quiet since rumours started about the new 8 series about two years ago prices have been steadily climbing. Add to that a renewed nostalgia and a fascination with 80's and early 90's cars and it gets us here.
  7. Wow, that price just keeps going up! I really missed the boat on my sale price I guess!
  8. patsbimmer1

    2018 holiday sales, promo codes, etc.

    If there's anything from ECS you could shoot me the cart and I can give you a price.
  9. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    It looked fine but failed internally. I bought one on ebay for shits and giggles and it was also dead. I had no voltage at the connector and when 12v was applied to the pump it worked and no communication to my scan tool so i determined the DEM failed and was proven right. I have an Autel MS906 scan tool so I can communicate with all that shenannigans. I had it rebuilt by BBA Reman for $225 as opposed to Xemodex for $400+. They were cheaper and located in the states. I had it back in the same week it was shipped and spoke to real people. It was a great experience. It has a 5 cyl turbo... does that count?
  10. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    Hahaha @straight6pwr! She really is a sweet girl. I haven't asked her about it yet but I doubt if she knew she damaged it that she'd try and hide it from me. There was no other damage other than the bent control arm. I have an alignment check from when I bought the car where rear toe is perfect then my wife drives it to and from LaCrosse then my SIL get's it for a week immediately after that and it was all jacked up. Between the two of them something happened to it. Oh well. I had to drop the driveshaft and pop out the input flange to get the filter out! I couldn't for the life of me get the two bolts out and the driveshaft was stuck to the input flange. It was a real pain in the ass! I ended up having the DEM rebuilt during this time to. I haven't really pushed this thing hard in corners since the suspension is so squishy so I haven't experienced the rear hopping out on me. The travel on this thing is insane though! I'd love to get a lift on it and some knobbier tires than the SRX's I have on it but for this winter it'll do fine.
  11. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    So I let my sister in law borrow my wagon for a week then it sat on jack stands for 2 weeks or so as I worked on replacing the AOC filter. I noticed my steering wheel was crooked and it was darty afterwards which was odd since i never touched the suspension so I took it in for an alignment. Toe was absolutely fucked front and rear and we ended up finding the rear control arm wwas bent severely. Nothing a come-a-long can't fix...
  12. patsbimmer1

    Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    Looks slow. Needs more moar.
  13. patsbimmer1

    Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    What did you find with the brakes?
  14. patsbimmer1

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    I'm late to the party here but that interior is gorgeous!
  15. I'll see if they make a retrofit kit for my e90 or maybe I can throw it in the wagon! lol