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  1. Not a BMW but from the same site as the X6... Sign me up for this! https://www.equipmentfacts.com/listings/trucks/auctions/215428901/1900-ford-f3
  2. We got my wife into a new(used) bike recently to replace her 20+ old Ross mountain bike that her mom bought used before she went to college. Needless to say, big upgrade for her. She's put a few miles on it with and without pulling our bike trailer on gravel trails and it's a huge difference for her. Roughly 20lbs lighter than her old bike with an actual functioning front shock AND disc brakes. It's got me itching to replace my 2001 GT Aggressor 1.0...
  3. Is the shaking at all speeds? If it's most prevalent in the 55-60 mph range that sounds like a wheel/tire issue. When they balanced them did they road force them? There are imbalances that can be fixed using a road force balance then re-orientating the tire on the wheel. If you had a bent control arm/tie rod or most other suspension components you're gonna get a crooked steering wheel or a pull when you loosen your grip on the wheel. Those components directly impact your alignment so there would be another drivability symptom.
  4. Is the center bore on the wheel the same as the stock e34? If not, buy a set of hub rings.
  5. I think that looks fine. I am not a fan of forged/chopped carbon fiber. It looks messy, chaotic and incomplete to me.
  6. This is a simple math question. Do you owe any money on the car? If yes, does selling it for $6k get you out of the loan or are you underwater? If you can't get out of the loan free and clear then repair it and keep it another few years. Negative equity is a vicious cycle. Do you plan on keeping it? If not do you plan on financing your next vehicle? If yes and you're not underwater then $3k is about a years worth of payments after putting $6k down (after selling) on a $15k vehicle. Rough math. If you don't owe anything and plan to keep the car for more than a year then $3k is just the cost of ownership and less than a car payment over 12+ months. I would shop around for quotes on replacement. Where are you located?
  7. Ok, so I spoke too soon. I'm not 100% sure what I hit but when I was driving home from Appleton last night I heard a loud flapping noise so I pulled over at a Kwik Trip and was surprised to find out most of my front lip was missing. I'm not 100% sure but I'm fairly confident it was not another squirrel. I was right though, the spot that I just fixed held up! 🤣 I don't think I can fix this one so the car is naked for the time being.
  8. No joke, I've hit at least 3 squirrels/chipmunks and my lip continues to take a beating but thankfully I've gotten pretty OK at fixing carbon pieces. It's not perfect but it's a solid 5 footer. I could have spent more time sanding the resin after it hardened to get it to conform to the curve upwards better but I figured if anything I just added some stiffness to an area that's bound to get hit again. Here's how it started: Here's how it went:
  9. I'm two e90's into my life and I'm convinced it's the best mix of technology, tactile feedback, comfort, performance and usability. It just all makes sense and the performance is so usable.
  10. What a huge difference cleaning that carpet made!
  11. This is explains a lot because the Black Label Lighting is a Custom Offsets only brand. This thing is so fucking cool. I'm not a big one for graphics but the lower black piece and the mountain scene around the back wheels is really fitting for this car. I love it.
  12. We shot another video at work. I haven't really done much with the car this year other than drive it every chance I can and fix the lip every few weeks from rogue squirrels attracted to the sweet sweet tone of a V8. Twice these little buggers have jumped in front of me on the same road. Good news, I'm getting OK at repairing carbon fiber.
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