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  1. I bet you guys are a real show to have together in person lol!
  2. Well boy do I have a treat for you then lol. The DCT is phenomenal. Next time you're in the area you can take it for a drive!
  3. Welcome to the greatest chassis BMW has ever made. I have no bias whatsoever...
  4. Is that the color those exhaust manifolds are supposed to be?!?!
  5. This past weekend we had 2 of my wife's friends stay at the house with their kids and husbands. On Saturday the girls went to get their nails done and go to a beer garden in Waukesha and they took the M3. When they got back my wife said her friends need to drive the car but were "afraid" so I spent the rest of the day egging them on. On Sunday one of the girls was ready so I threw her in the drivers seat and we went for a drive. She eventually fell in love with it and spent the rest of the weekend asking to drive it anywhere so we put a few more miles on it. Her other friend drove it but
  6. I need reviews!
  7. My M3 is registered in Waukesha county and kept in Walworth county. Easy enough to change via the DOT website nowadays. In the past you had to do it in person and it was annoying to explain why your car was kept in a neighboring county.
  8. What kind of slob owned this thing before that let dirt build up behind the tail lights!?!?
  9. Not since the iconic V12 LMR has BMW been in top tier endurance racing but that changes for 2023 with the LMDh class! I can't wait to see this car in action!
  10. I was 100% correct about the chorizo.
  11. I'm coming up from North Prairie and coming through Waukesha so depending on where the burritos are I'd be up to get together in the morning. I haven't had diarrhea in awhile.
  12. I built my first garden fence! I also did half lap for the first time to build the gate and I'm pretty pleased with that new knowledge.
  13. I see air ride and 16" stepped lip Work Equips with some 325i calipers and rotors to clear the new wheels in the future and I like it!
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