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  1. This is explains a lot because the Black Label Lighting is a Custom Offsets only brand. This thing is so fucking cool. I'm not a big one for graphics but the lower black piece and the mountain scene around the back wheels is really fitting for this car. I love it.
  2. We shot another video at work. I haven't really done much with the car this year other than drive it every chance I can and fix the lip every few weeks from rogue squirrels attracted to the sweet sweet tone of a V8. Twice these little buggers have jumped in front of me on the same road. Good news, I'm getting OK at repairing carbon fiber.
  3. Spotted this in Barcelona last week! The guy had a big smile after I snapped the picture and gave him a thumbs up.
  4. Every X5 is built in Spartanburg, SC including the diesel and M's.
  5. Not gonna say I'm disappointed but when I saw e9x in the web address I thought it had an S65 in it. That thing has to be a beast to drive.
  6. For our first kid I built the crib about 12 hours before my wife woke me up to tell me we needed to go to the hospital.
  7. From the name I expected something far more aggressive but this was a surprise. It gives me a Chicano Batman vibe. I like it.
  8. One of the guys I work with is selling an e70 35d. I know the injectors were replaced recently but other than that I couldn't tell you the condition or how much but I'll ask him for an ad.
  9. Now you can rev to the moon with no fears! ALL THE RPM's!!!!
  10. God damn that is clean. I love the e39 Msport and I've always had a soft spot for the 530i. The m54 in that body does something for me.
  11. I didn't know this was a thing until Brooke said something Saturday. It makes it even better.
  12. Yea, I actually like the design just not on that car. Put it on a racecar and people would lose their minds with excitement. It just needs to lose the exploding butthole.
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