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  1. patsbimmer1

    1990 e30

    Well that is awesome. A buddy of mine has had them on his procharged S197 mustang and it's quite possibly the greatest thing ever. Everyone should have cutouts.
  2. I'm not defending the looks because they're just downright miserable and I'd like to slap whichever group of bean counters thought THIS was the best design. I will also say that the difference I see in your statement is that looks are subjective while performance is objective. There will be people who sit and argue that it's not that bad looking and of course they'll be wrong but at the end of the day if it performs phenomenal from behind the wheel then that becomes fact and the looks become a great debate. It also becomes less of a debate when someone figures out how to fix that mug. Our beloved non-M e30's also look like Honda Accords of the same generation yet everybody swoons over the performance potential of them. I can't knock someone for buying something because of its performance although in that same breathe I know the vast majority of these new M cars are sold for status and not outright performance when new.
  3. What's truly terrible is that grill will be all anyone can talk about regardless of how well it performs and based on what the S58 is doing in the X3/X4 comp this is going to be an excellent car. I do like that they're offering actual colors and the carbon seats in the M4 look badass. I'd say it won't be long until someone "fixes" the front end. I heard a podcast and I believe it was the owner of Vorsteiner who said something would be out sooner than later.
  4. I feel pretty safe saying this now... SOLD! I'm hoping it ends up on the forum so I can see the progress!
  5. That's not yellow, it's a pumpkin spice burnout.
  6. I did my first autocross event on Sunday with FVSCC and MSCC at Road America on the kart track. My initial impression as a newcomer was that it was confusing. There wasn't really anyone directing people, you just kinda had to know what to do or figure it out. Thankfully I had some grizzled veterans in @RamenNoobles, @KaiserRolls and @inazupra to help me throughout the day. Without them it would have been a lot more intimidating to be there in the morning. Overall it was a great day, I had a lot of fun and finally got to meet @MPW3RLee in person! I took my son with and he had a great time as well! He loved watching the Gridlife cars on track and for some reason is obsessed with corvettes lately so the plethora of generations all day had him jacked up. The driving style was different than what I've experienced at track days. It felt like there was less finesse and more forcing the car where you want it to go. I was nervous about remembering the track after I walked it but once I got out there everything just makes sense as far as cone placement goes. I kept the car in MDM with the M DSC on for almost every run and i'm glad I did as I had very little grip out back on the course. I can still slide the car a bit in MDM but it prevented me from just lighting up the back tires on the uphill section. I took it off for my second to last run per the request of some spectators who requested that I "fucking launch it" at the start. The starting grid worker looked at me and said "OK, launch it" and so I obliged and left the start line with my foot buried and the back tires singing. That was good for adding about 2 seconds to my lap. I started the day with a 54.6 lap time and ended at 50.7 and I definitely have room left to improve on that. I was happy to see continuous improvement each lap and that's all I was looking for on the day. The car performed flawless as I'd expect. Brakes worked, oil never got much above normal operating temp, no weird noises, etc. Overall, any day driving hard is a good day and i'll definitely mix more auto x into my seasons along side my track days.
  7. You said bung...😂🤣
  8. Cozy little ankle breakers. I was more of an Etnies guy.
  9. I knocked out another trim piece today and it was the large one that expands almost the entire dash. I figured out that i needed to use a lot more fabric to make the corners work better and got into a nice rhythm of glue/fit/hold. I'm a lot happier with this piece and overall I absolutely love the scheme of it. It pops with enough color without being over the top. 3 more pieces to go!
  10. Fuck, that's cheaper than I expected. I might need to do this.
  11. I just came here to say that I love driving this car. Sometimes I think about selling it for a dream type project or a "real" sports car but this thing just makes me smile. It's so easy to control the back end, it's extremely stable at highway speeds and the noises.... THE NOISES! I don't think a car has ever kept my attention at a fairly stock level for so long.
  12. Well that's awesome. How much was that display?
  13. M Registry says 577 manuals were made. After driving an f10 non-M I don't know that I'd want one in an f10 M5 in a manual. It's such a big car that I don't know I'd enjoy it.
  14. I love the F10 M5. I wish that engine was more reliable or at least less expensive to repair.
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