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  1. patsbimmer1

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Isn't there a lego mod for the rear fogs? I thought I saw something about installing a lego behind the dead panel to enable the rears since they were prewired.
  2. patsbimmer1

    Fall colors meet/cruise

    Muskies. You said you're going fishing for Muskies. I've got a buddy that makes and sells custom Musky lures called Muskies Anonymous Custom Lures and he hasn't shut up for about 2 months now waiting for the water to chill.
  3. patsbimmer1

    Fall colors meet/cruise

    I'll be around.
  4. patsbimmer1

    M2 Balloon Stunt

    So I looked into this and the laser is what's doing the popping. I guess this was previously set by a human who popped all of these balloons in a straight line with a laser. BMW wanted to prove the cars agility by popping balloons in the shape of an M... because there isn't a better way to show this by doing things like winning races, setting lap times, etc. I suppose that wouldn't garner as much attention as balloons and lasers. I do appreciate that they tried their hardest to cover up the engine noises so as to not subject us to that atrocity.
  5. patsbimmer1

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    I'm pretty confident that everything smaller than a 7 uses a 12x1.50 so the e46 and e39 should have the same wheel bolts. Maybe different lengths but same bolt.
  6. patsbimmer1

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    We use deep spiral sockets at work to remove these. They work well as long as you apply gradual torque with a breaker bar and NOT an impact gun. I think we buy them from Ken Tool.
  7. patsbimmer1

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    I've always liked the ZHP. If these prices get more reasonable some day i'd love one as a track car. Nice buy!
  8. patsbimmer1

    E46 Front license plate mounting options

    I'd run without it as that's what i've been doing for years now. Unless you're driving around past 12am you've got nothing to worry about. You're only getting pulled over for no front plate because police are bored or they're looking for a reason to talk to you.
  9. patsbimmer1

    M2 Balloon Stunt

    Am I missing something? What'd popping the balloons? Is that lazer activating something?
  10. European Super Touring in the 90's was nuts! It's probably one of my favorite racing era's!
  11. I see more e36 GTR in it than 190e evo. That car certainly is interesting. I'd love a euro e36 some day!
  12. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    I agree with you, I LOVE the LSB e46. It's a car I had hanging on my wall as a kid. I still want an e46 some day but the e9x just fits my life a lot better right now.
  13. I'm coming up on Friday to hang out but Saturday I have my wedding anniversary plans and couldn't convince her that dinner at The Paddock Club.
  14. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    That's a great track option, the e9x is a great all around option.
  15. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    I didn't say you're not!