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  1. patsbimmer1

    E46 Things

    Wet bad, dry good...
  2. patsbimmer1

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Are you going to go with all black fabric at some point to?
  3. patsbimmer1

    2003 Volvo XC70 "Mooserarri" WI PRICE $3900

    I even took the time to explain to him the significance of the Mooserarri symbol and he still disgraced the badge!
  4. patsbimmer1

    2003 Volvo XC70 "Mooserarri" WI PRICE $3900

    The son of a bitch took the Mooserarri stickers off before he even left the driveway...
  5. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    I know! There's also about 300 trucker hats that he accumulated over the years that i'm trying to acquire to sell. I'm not a big hat guy but I now some of these people would love!
  6. patsbimmer1

    E46 Things

    I've got a slim plastic tote that fits in my trunk that I use for tools and such if you'd like to borrow it. I'm guessing it'd fit in your car the same as mine. I'd also be happy to let you take some of my tools if you wanted. It's always nice to have the stuff there "just in case".
  7. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    My aunt's sister in law is selling her house and cleaning out all of her dad's stuff from when he owned a service station and in the process I scored some near perfect metal cabinets for free!
  8. Guys, My wife and I are looking to upgrade to a larger camper so this gem is up for sale! It's truly been a wonderful camper for us and I wouldn't hesitate to put it through another season regardless of what the weather has to throw at it. We bought it from the original owner and since then have used it regularly every year. Sick of tenting it at Road America? BAM! This thing is perfect! Wife/girlfriend found out you bought another e30 that doesn't run? BAM! Place to sleep next to your e30! Seriously, though this thing has been awesome. The only reason we're getting rid of it is because it's just too small for us and all of the shit that comes along with having two kids. It's about 1090lbs so with all of your junk in it figure about 1500lbs loaded. That makes it light enough for anything to tow it comfortably. It has a stove that can be used inside or outside and a new fridge. We're also including two memory foam mattress toppers that have only been used once. WIBIMMERS PRICE $1200
  9. patsbimmer1

    Partiallypurplevisuallyviolet - Daytona M3 Build Thread

    I can't wait for updates and hope to see it around town!
  10. patsbimmer1

    2003 Volvo XC70 "Mooserarri" WI PRICE $3900

    Sale Pending! A guy drove from Wausau to look at it, gave me a hefty deposit and plans on picking it up next weekend.
  11. patsbimmer1

    New member!

    @Partiallypurple were you at Pick n Save in Mukwonago tonight after 7?
  12. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    That makes sense regarding the suspension. So this is the actual truck. The tires a really nice but I think the wheels and wheel lights fall into the "Concrete Cowboy" or "Mall Crawler" category. To each their own, he's driving a brand new raptor with $6k in wheels and tires and i'm driving around in a used F150 and an 8 year old BMW.
  13. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    I bet they would really love the 22" Asanti wheels then lol.
  14. patsbimmer1

    New member!

    Welcome! I've seen you around, I moved back to the area last summer in North Prairie and grew up in Mukwonago. That Daytona is a great car. I was a little upset Chubs sold it but I'm glad it went to a good home!