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  1. I think we're on year 3 almost exactly now...
  2. I had Bilstein on my 335i and I really liked them. The Bilstein's are very nice it's just a matter of spending almost $2k on coilovers vs B8 struts/shocks with my H&R springs.
  3. Silverchair, Glassjaw and this were the trifecta of what I learned about after listening to emo and screamo in the early 2000's. I now have to accept that Neon Ballroom is 22 years old and my brain can't handle that.
  4. I drove the car every day last week and nobody has given me the finger once yet! I have some DCT maintenance stuff on hand to change that fluid out, some bushings on order and some exterior parts on order so far. The oil plug repair is holding strong with no signs of any leaking so I feel safe to say that's fixed. I need to do new struts/shocks but still deciding on coilovers vs OEM+ Bilstein set up with my H&R springs.
  5. One of my vendors recently turned me on to these guys and it's been my go to work music the past week.
  6. I fucking love habaneros! Some of the best tacos around!
  7. I wanted to buy a pre-cut just for the sake of building it myself to be honest but I'm in a similar boat where I've got so many other things going that building a shed just doesn't fit into my schedule, especially when I've already gotta take a day to build the foundation. Also, the price. It's $4k and for something similar from Home Depot it would cos the same or more.
  8. I ordered it pre-built from Proven Power and it's built and delivered by Premier Portable Buildings. It was $4k with tax and delivered which was about the same as the pre cut kits I was looking at. I'll build the crushed gravel base which should cost about $500 or less. They're fully customizable but I went fairly basic. This will be garden and pool stuff along with whatever else doesn't need to be in my second garage. I'm excited to get my own space back and get the chance to make it more of my ideal garage space.
  9. In today's episode of WIbuildings... I ordered a shed yesterday! 10x14 lofted barn with 2 4' lofts and about 10' 6" from the floor to ceiling center. It should be delivered in 3-5 weeks. I'm going to drop it on a crushed stone base in a 4x4 pressure treated perimeter. I'm excited to reclaim my back garage and make that more of a useable space instead of storage!
  10. Forum over Facebook. Facebook is useful to create an event. Forums are a great place to share knowledge and builds in a structure that can be easily searched and is readable.
  11. Yea this was hospitality parking and these two women got out and immediately went upstairs to a private room in the hospitality building. They looked like they had no interest in being there other than being seen with the cars lol.
  12. And he's maybe 4ft tall. These cars are as big as I expected them to be but they're all performance, no interior space lol. They are not for the claustrophobic.
  13. 12 hours of Sebring was great and we saw a Pagani Huayra and Bugatti Veyron in person!
  14. Isn't that where @DrLeadFoot lives?
  15. I'm heading to Florida next Friday and managed to score some tickets to the 12 hours of Sebring from Michelin!
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