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  1. I'd drive cars. Whatever tool fits the job. BMW'S have always fit the fun tool and Nissan's before that. I can't think of anything at the moment that I'd replace my BMW with at this moment that fits all of my needs BUT if BMW didn't exist I'd have a Chevy SS or a Mercedes E63 or C63. Maybe a b7 RS4. The r32 gtr would be a good choice too.
  2. I like this every time it's updated
  3. What exactly makes the container high intensity? Does it yell motivational slurs at before it sends the fluid?
  4. Welcome! Those M235i's are nice drivers. You got a good one!
  5. The sale of this should help make room for your Evo purchase for autox next year. GLWS
  6. I'm happy to be wrong in this instance!
  7. Nice job! Looks better than 80% of the businesses I work with.
  8. Not snow tires... Those are done in a production run with units forecasted then that's it, no more until the next season.
  9. Many cars I have had no qualms about cutting, slicing, etc. but this car I just couldn't bring myself to say "fuck it". I did have the fabric scissors sitting next to me just in case but i'm glad I was able to do it without ruining the original leather.
  10. I took a moment today to knock out the DCT boot today from Coby Wheel. It's not exactly as simple as the parking brake boot was and I reached out to Coby Wheel for some direction which he provided quickly. Part of the instructions included cutting my old leather boot off... which I wasn't really thrilled about. I was fully prepared to do this when I started the project but later figured out I didn't need to. First step was removing the shift decal and face plate from the knob. I used a small blade screwdriver to pry the decal off then used a torx to take the screw out holding the face plate. After this I removed the leather boot from the frame using a flat blade screwdriver. Now, this is where you would normally cut the leather boot off of the base of the shift knob then ziptie the new one on. I decided to try and slide the leather boot through the alcantara one and have the new alcantara rest on top of the leather boot. I did this in order to easily revert back to stock without having to buy a new knob/boot assembly. Once I had that done there is a piece of boot that you can slide under the face plate and sandwich in order to have a more seamless look. Here it is with the face plate resting on top and the alcantara boot resting over the leather boot. To be honest, once I got to this point I was actually disappointed about the fitment. It looked really frumpy. I decided to put it in the car and see if being on the shift lever helped. I used some double sided tape to install the decal and popped her in. I'm much happier with it installed! It's still more bunched up than the leather boot was but I don't mind it at all. I'm really happy with the boot and it was a quick 30~ min DIY that's completely reversible.
  11. I have a few plans for the car over the next few months and it's starting on the interior right now. For Christmas I received the Colby Wheel parking brake boot and DCT boot. Over the weekend I was able to install the parking brake boot and I'm happy with the look. If like to get the interior a little brightened up without exploding with color and I think this helps. The DCT boot is a little more labor intensive so I'll be doing it this week.
  12. Does this car have a switch to manually operate the glow plugs? I've only ever seen them initiated by the ignition switch.
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