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  1. The suspension starts to take a nose dive around 75k so I'd say at 100k it's definitely in need of a refresh. The sport suspension is better than the standard but in my opinion it was never night and day different for me. Noticeable but it doesn't make it an M car. Driving an S5 right after doesn't do the e91 any favors since these are two different animals. A 335i m sport or e46 m3 are better comparisons. The V8 in the S5 is nice and sounds great once it's opened up. They don't have the same issues as the earlier 4.2 in the b6/b7. By the B8 chassis the S cars basically became a spicier version of a normal car while the RS cars were direct M competition so consumables aren't that bad as far as price goes. With that said the S car is probably still going to cost more than an e91. Also, you're still dealing with a German V8 so you still need to have some healthy fear of financial disaster at any moment. The e91 is a great daily utilitarian vehicle but the n52 isn't going to add any thrill to your daily commute while the V8 in the S car will definitely add some excitement. You could make the e91 a great handling great looking car but it'd never compare to the S5 overall.
  2. I'm a solid maybe for this event.
  3. Very well ran in my limited opinion.
  4. They'd have to catch you more than 5 times in the month of January. I guess it depends on how close the FBI guy following Jason around is paying attention to this end of days war wagon.
  5. Bout fucking time. Welcome!
  6. Android auto and Apple Carplay are worth it. I'm tempted to update my HU in the M3 just to have that. It's so nice to have in my truck!
  7. Chance as a whole has been on repeat for me but the way the beat builds in intensity and the strain in his voice as the story hits it's peak just gets me.
  8. "Handicapped boy struggles to spell cripple on internet. Forum community takes him in to fulfill social diversity engagement requirements."
  9. I did learn something today and that is that private couriers like FedEx and UPS can refuse customers and this time of year they'll often turn off certain clients. Those clients then have to find another means and often it's USPS who CANNOT legally refuse a reasonable and lawful delivery request.
  10. I like it! I did that intentionally for the video. Really wanted to go full stereotype lol.
  11. Some of the guys at work did a quick edit of my car for me from a different video we shot. I fucked the definition quality some how but you get the idea.
  12. Still waiting on an item to show up as well. USPS is by far the worst in terms of package handling this year. They were bad and increased volume only exacerbates the problem.
  13. I think one of my gifts showed up already and I'm deciding if i'm done gathering gifts at home to send out.
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