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  1. She's finally home! Sorry for the shitty pictures I was just too excited to take any decent ones. I asked them to leave my lip off so I can line that up how I want it so I still need to do that. I could not say enough good things about the work Radix did! I can't tell there was any work done other than there's no more rock chips on the front end! I took the kids for a rip on the way back home and they just giggled and giggled when I'd run through some gears with the windows open! It feels so good to be back in this car. Now to get my coilovers installed!
  2. Order when you can afford to get it. If it's made of any commodity it will eventually become a problem.
  3. You mean already impacting? I work directly with the automotive aftermarket suppliers in the suspension, accessories, electronics, lugs, performance parts, etc categories and everyone is already falling behind and it's not looking to get better for 2022. If it is made out of copper, aluminum, steel or relies on being shipped into the country then it will continue to struggle.
  4. I can't imagine this thing will be for sale long. Nice job on this project!
  5. Thief's thieving? Better ask the OEM's to add items that will inevitably raise the cost of vehicles and replacement parts. Where the fuck is the common sense? Makes too much sense to root cause the problem and focus on reducing theft when we can just make the consumer pay more for a deterrent that will be defeatedly sooner than later.
  6. Watch out with that, SEAM3N courtesy of me got two kids once upon a time.
  7. Oh no! Maximum number is 6 characters! Now I need a new plate name!
  8. Damn, looks like i'll be refreshing for awhile. I thought it was 10/1 for some reason.
  9. I'm still waiting for the mirror and fender liner to show up. BMW had an ETA of last Thursday but they still haven't arrived. In the meantime why not stock pile parts to install! I'm extremely excited for these ST XTA+3 coilovers. They are 3 way adjustable, height adjustable and come with camber plates. They're adjustable rebound and high and low speed compression. The benefit of this level of adjustability is a more dynamic ride that will lead to higher comfort and better handling. These are made by KW. These are not outsourced to one of the the Taiwanese factories other coilovers are made at. There are slight differences in the finish on these and the warranty compared to KW but the important stuff is high quality.
  10. I'm patiently reloading the DMV site waiting for it to be available.
  11. He was so excited! He's already addicted to fishing and after this he kept yelling "I LOVE FISHING!". I also taught him how to kayak that weekend and he proclaimed he's an expert and wants a kayak for fishing. I see what you did there...
  12. In all fairness her uncle remembered me but the guy at the front desk, who I had met multiple times, did not remember me lol
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