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  1. We were actually just at Blue Mounds a couple weeks ago! Very nice park with a couple parks for the kids. Hiking is good and pretty easy. If it's warm enough, the pool is VERY nice. There is no fishing though, which was a bummer for me. We'll definitely be going again. We went to Harrington last year and it's cool to be that close to Lake Michigan and the beach is very nice. Nice shower area too. There's a raccoon issue there so keep garbage closed up. The lake they have that is a filled in quarry is pretty. I didn't catch any fish though. To be honest I don't remember much else to do there.
  2. Wow! What a transformation! I'm still traumatized from replacing the floors in our last camper, no way I'd have the stomach for a project like this. Very nice job and the good news is you put it back together 1000X better than they originally built it. Pre-kids, I would have never thought of owning a camper. Two kids and a dog later and we're on our 3rd camper. From a pop-up to 26' TT and now our 31' TT with a slide out. We did 6 trips this year with the kids and what makes it all worth it is when I was sitting outside my sons classroom for his 1:1 with his new teacher last week and when he was asked, "what did you do this summer?" the first thing he said was "We went camping so many times!". Lemme know if you need any camp location suggestions!
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