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  1. The face he makes just before "Daddy, I drive it?"
  2. I'm not even so much upset that it's fwd based AWD and transverse but it's so fucking ugly! The M sport seats look nice but that exterior is fucking miserable. It's based on the Mini Cooper platform which really is a good platform so im going on a limb and saying it'll probably drive well. We also need to remember this is only for the 2 GC, the upcoming 2 coupe *most likely* won't be based on this platform. Can fit... Is that thing running and driving yet?
  3. My wife said she saw a few people waving as we drove by with all of their fingers on their hands, not just one! I definitely drove conservatively and well within my and the cars limitations through the whole route. I've lived in that area most of my life and learned to drive and ride on those roads and i'm well aware of what they can do to you if you're not paying attention or how quickly direction can change when there's oncoming traffic. I was glad to be towards the back of the pack so I could hold my own pace without holding anyone up.
  4. This was fun! It was my wife's first cruise and she said "I thought it would be more leisurely" lol. Thanks for hosting TJ!
  5. Go play on your sim rig. You had the chance to find out who owns it.
  6. That makes so much more sense lol
  7. I thought the only 6spd was in the m3? How is it a 6spd 325is?
  8. Also, http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/03/made-in-france-power-from-britain-body-by-porsche/ Maybe it really is 330hp.
  9. The website is shit of the company who built it in France but I found this video that appears to be taken on a phone made circa 1999. It does not look or sound like 330hp.
  10. I love everything about this! https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/milwaukee-2005-porsche-cayenne-turbo/6990992024.html
  11. I want to hate this but the fact that they didn't put an LS in and instead put a Bentley Mulsanne engine in it puts it on my hate to love list. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/south-milwaukee-hot-rod-porsche-911/7001320030.html
  12. I would be surprised if you didn't think this was the best winter car you've ever had. I think this has the Haldex AWD and if it does it is such a joy in the snow!
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