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  1. patsbimmer1

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    I saw a really nice condition Grey one last Sunday and tried to impress him with my xc70 and moose stickers. I was ignored.
  2. patsbimmer1

    $3800 -- 2000 Ducati ST4 F/S or Trade

    I'll come pick it up Sunday then!
  3. patsbimmer1

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Congrats! I was getting nervous when I checked in at 21 hours left and it was around $4k iirc. I'm curious where you came up with your valuation of 10cents/mile. And $4/hr... Dude, I don't know if you need a hug or something but your time's worth more than that!
  4. I didn't say I was against this but "Wow, that looks like something a stripper might wear" was the first thing that came to my mind. Strippers and cocaine... continue.
  5. That steering wheel looks like it was designed and made by a stripper.
  6. I have a brand new OEM BMW Motorsport golfball shift knob for sale. My buddy bought it for his Mini and it didnt fit. Prefer local pick up and arrange drop off in the Milwaukee/Madison/Racine area. $70 Lemme know if you have any questions
  7. patsbimmer1

    $3800 -- 2000 Ducati ST4 F/S or Trade

    Trade for my ps3+games and two controllers. Offer won't last long!
  8. The engine is bullet proof, the headgasket on the other hand. That not so much. Duhhhhh.
  9. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    I'm that weird BMW owner that likes old BMW's and has never wanted an e30. Apparently I have some immunity built in to my body so if someone would like to reverse engineer this to get a cure i'm willing to give up some blood.
  10. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    How much are you hoping to walk away with? Also, I love the WIBimmers call out in the comments!
  11. patsbimmer1

    WTB: E46 M3

    I know the guy selling this at Brown Deer sales and he's actually a member on here. Good guy, would purchase from him! @Gustavo
  12. patsbimmer1

    New Member

    Just PM me and I can get you some pricing!
  13. patsbimmer1

    Secret Santa 2018!

    The 2nd half of my gift should have shown up for @wasnt m3
  14. patsbimmer1

    New Member

    Welcome! Pic's! If you are looking for any parts don't hesitate to reach out to me. I have a wholesale account with ECS and would be happy to help out!
  15. patsbimmer1

    chit chat thread

    Well this is fucking stupid... 2019 Ford Ranger will require the LF wheel removed in order to access the oil filter. A service procedure obtained by TTAC states that, after removing the left front wheel, a technician or owner must then remove an access panel secured by nine push-pin retainers. From there, one removes the filter with an end cap tool. To actually drain the oil, which of course you’ll accomplish before attacking that filter, you’ll first need to unbolt the power steering control module underbody shield. Four bolts hold that on.