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  1. Same experience looking for an F250 XLT diesel in velocity blue. I came across a couple where the “market adjustments” were astronomical as well. I’m holding out for a bit since my F150 still does what i need it to.
  2. Take that damn air dam off the truck! Otherwise it looks great!
  3. I've always wondered how barn finds come to be... and here we are lol. Earl's kids will finish this some day.
  4. Other than you knowing it's there that shouldn't hurt anything.
  5. Well that seems like poor oversight
  6. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-turner-motorsport-parts/turner-e9x-e90-e91-e92-aluminum-skid-plate-milled-finish/028534tms01-01kt/
  7. They are! There is a left and right wheel set.
  8. The ZCP is an all time great but I wanted to try something new for a bit. That and they need some refinishing so this is a good substitute for now.
  9. Thanks! I was cautious about going with anything that wasn't the OEM ZCP wheel because I love that design so much. Artisa is one of our wheel companies at work and knowing the guys who designed and engineered it made me feel good about putting them on my car. They meet or exceed the most recent SAE J2530 standards. Those tests are performed independently by SAE so we can't self certify. Knowing this, when the opportunity popped up for me to have the first set made for an M car and one of the first BMW sets made at all I was thrilled! Especially this design! I also forgot to mention, this wheel/tire combo is about a 1lb lighter per corner for a wheel that's a .5" wider with the same size tires!
  10. I don't so much mind the interior pieces but the exterior bits are fucking terrible. Now, holy grail being the factory 4.4l engine, adjustable dampers, titanium exhaust and lightweight pieces.
  11. The holy grail of e90 M3's! Euro GTS engine which is bumped up to 4.4l rated at 450whp. OE CFRP pieces throughout, OE CF bucket seats, OE titanium exhaust and more! These were a euro special and only 67 built! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2012-bmw-m3-crt-lightweight/
  12. Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy few weeks for me. We've had a lot going on at work and at home lately! I got my wheels hand delivered by @SteelBlue last week and promptly got them installed! They are Artisa Elder's running 19x9.5 et35 and 19x10.5 et25 with Yokohama Advan Sport+ in 255/35r19 and 275/35r19. The wheels are .5" wider than my stock ZCP wheels. The offsets make them slightly more aggressive than the ZCP wheels but not as aggressive as I wanted so I'm running the same 12.5mm rear and 15mm front spacers I had on the ZCP wheels which makes it about a half inch wider than the old set up. The picture makes it look like the rear is cambered in but it's a weird angle in the picture. I have a set of ST XTA +3 coilovers on the way to replace the OEM 93k mile struts/shocks. The goal isn't to lower the car more just refresh the current set up and dial in the ride and handling.
  13. I'm throwing this out there. Engine to chassis ground strap. I've had these corrode or loosen causing an intermittent no start. Run a jumper cable from the battery negative to a ground on the engine and see if it starts. If yes, replace your engine to chassis ground. If no, ignore me.
  14. Don't worry, it's a $325 option on a new truck!
  15. I'll actually be up that way in September I believe with my family!
  16. I wish we had Scheels down here. I loved Scheels.
  17. Both companies meet or exceed load certifications that are voluntary in the U.S. and Rotiform specifically makes a line of motorsport quality wheels. So other than being heavy and having nthe perception of being "fake" wheels I don't see an issue with either. It all boils down to purpose. Street use? Both are perfectly safe for any street loads. Track use? Maybe go with a lighter weight option.
  18. New wheels, tires and suspension loading...
  19. I would love to see how FCP makes this possible on their books. I'm sure it's a small percentage that actually uses it but fuck, they've gotta make the money back somewhere.
  20. Nice! I've got a MaxJax on my wish list. Eventually I need to just bite the bullet and buy one. Was it difficult to convert from the ceiling mount to wall mount?
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