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  1. Took the X5 on a trip up north to Mille Lacs Lake for the weekend. Being able to toss all our crap in the ski box and have the whole back open for the dogs was awesome. Only put about 1k on it, but loving it so far.
  2. I think the worst part for us was just getting a tool on that fill plug. We had quite the interesting contraption to get it lol
  3. Dang @Rekpoint came to visit me in Minneapolis this weekend too! It's a beautiful drive if you take highway 10 / highway 35 southeast and just cruise along the Mississippi River. We usually go from St. Paul down to Pepin and back, such a scenic route. Not sure if you took a similar route, but looks like it was a blast!
  4. X5 was on 145k with original drivetrain fluids, so with the help of @Rekpointwe changed oil, front diff, rear diff, and transfer case. Fluids actually looked surprisingly clean for the mileage, but nice little peace of mind. Still have trans to do, but saved that for another day because it looks like a damn pain.
  5. Really prefer the look of the all aluminum silver key fob casing, so I swapped the circuit board into a new casing. It’s a bit tricky to get the physical key cut on these, so just reused the bottom section for now.
  6. Seeing something similar with mine, but it’s on accel up hill at low RPM. Hoping fresh fluids in the diffs / trans / transfer case help things.
  7. Small change - I swapped all the interior lights to LED a while back and just never really liked it. Feel like it modernized the car in a way that didn’t feel right. I’m an idiot and threw away all the original bulbs, so I recently had to go through realoem and gather each bulb part number to buy them through FCP. Feel like the standard bulbs just fit the car better and pair nicely against the cinnamon interior. Heres a few crappy pics of LED vs standard
  8. I've got the same list to do on my F15! So annoying the diffs / transfer case only have fill plugs so you have to suck the old fluid out with a vacuum pump. My X5 has 145k on it with original fluids, so I'm especially nervous how the fluids will look (trans especially).
  9. Lol! @Rekpoint would probably offer $4k with a straight face. For now I'm planning on keeping the E90 too and storing it over winter again this year. It's a fun little summer daily and can't bring myself to part with it.
  10. I believe the X5 35i uses the N55. From my research + owning an N55 335 recently I'd say they are pretty stout into the higher mileage. Most of the issues involve the common oil leaks - valve cover, oil filter housing (can drip onto belt and be sucked into the motor if it slips off, real bad stuff), and oil pan gasket. N55s also use an inferior oil pan design than the N54 or the V2 N55 used in the M2s (https://www.2addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1763724) where at high lateral Gs it can starve the motor of oil and run into rod bearing wear. Probably not super likely on a big X5 though... Otherwise I've read the transfer cases and two diffs hold up pretty dang well! I'm planning on doing what I think is this X5s first fluid changes, so I can report back how that goes. Most of the F15 X5 issues seem to be with the 35d and it's silly emissions components.
  11. Lol! Definitely was inspired a bit by the first thread I saw from @YoungCR and his E70! I’m planning on fully deleting the EGR + DPF and tuning sometime soon (I’ve heard that can put these N57s into the 600wtq range). I just know with this mileage the carbon build up is going to be insane from the emissions components. Say a prayer for me lol
  12. I decided I wanted a bigger daily driver to haul odds and ends + the dogs. The E90 is great but just doesn’t cut it size-wise. Originally set out to find an E70 X5 35d with the beautiful M57. I’d been searching for a while when suddenly saw an F15 35d pup up at a similar price point. It’s a bit high mileage at 145k, but overall pretty good shape. Came with plenty of maintenance records and some nice extras: Yakima roof rack with Thule wind deflector, thule ski box, remote start, OEM hidden hitch. Sadly not an M Sport, but I really think the Imperial Blue on Terra interior makes up for it. I’m equally pumped and nervous to dabble into the diesel engines!
  13. Man that is a gorgeous interior, what is that option called? I'm picking up an F15 35d this weekend (sadly not M Sport), so pumped!
  14. Noticed a little spot of oil on my garage floor after not driving the car for a bit. At first I thought it was coming from the oil drain plug, but a closer look made me suspect the center oil pan gasket. Sucks I didn’t choose to replace it while the rod bearings were done recently - feels bad dropping fresh oil. Also deep cleaned my reinforcement plate while it was off and it looks pretty darn good!
  15. Not exactly car related but I knocked out the first step of the garage build - insulating the walls. Such a pain in the ass removing the shelving system the previous owner had. Half was built with nails, at least 1000 of them. After getting all shelving removed, I went with R15 in the walls and eyeing up R38 for the ceiling. My plan is to just finish insulation and vapor barrier this summer and drywall / paint next.
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