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  1. Out of curiosity, is this an SULEV spec car? Should say on the underside of the hood like this
  2. I have a rougher shape 328i with a 6 speed, also same interior, and I'd guess that yours has gotta be worth $5000-7000. Higher end with the driveshaft repaired. These things seem to be holding value or slightly increasing as people realize what a sweet daily they are. Non-turbo straight six, maintenance is cheap and they're fun to drive. If it were me, I'd sell it as-is and let the new buyer know of the evidence you found and leave it up to them to determine how serious it is.
  3. PVC wing was on back order but I got a screaming deal on these sick maxpeedingrods coilovers. They sound fast.
  4. Totally agree with what you and @P_Roloff said that it’s so hard to find a great sound that won’t rattle peoples brains around you. I’m going to just keep experimenting until I get it just right. For me it’s a weekend spirited driving toy, so a lil too loud is okay, long as I’m not upsetting the neighbors. If I tweak anything from that video clip, it’d be a larger muffler to bring the volume down. From what I’ve read a majority of the rasp can be eliminated further up the exhaust and the muffler is more of a volume control device, but I might not be correct on that. But I promise not to rice t
  5. Same!! Here's a couple clips of my end goal: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-7AvknDxzI/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B-qiBpGj2zJ/ The setup is fabspeed headers, stock section 1, resonated x pipe and a top speed muffler. Never even knew the S54 could sound like this, but JEESH
  6. That’s right! I bought a Viton one a few months ago and totally forgot I even had it! I’ll add that to the checklist while I’m in there
  7. So jacked I nabbed this plate! "E46 M3" was taken, but this was up for grabs
  8. Did trans fluid change, oil change, cabin air filter and intake filter change and took it out for a quick shakedown this weekend. Of course found more broken stuff. Ordered UUC trans mounts and all new bushings/gaskets for the shifter carrier to go with the UUC EVO 3 when I install it. Rotors seemed a bit warped too with heavy braking, dang.
  9. Picked up a new set of Fabspeed headers. Genuinely haven't had the time to install them yet, but really hoping within the next couple weeks they should be going on. Now just to find a nice section 1 and muffler to compliment them.
  10. @Rekpoint Found me a super good deal on a UUC EVO 3 and DSSR kit off marketplace. Super excited to try this out because it was originally an expense I normally couldn't justify.
  11. Paint matched reflectors wooooo
  12. Found a set of used OEM LED tails. Luckily my LCM was v3.0.1, so I'm able to just code them to the car as-is. Just needed some OEM wiring adapters to make them work.
  13. Found my first moist surprise. Went to go disconnect the battery to start installing my headers, and my flashlight caught a little reflection. Turns out the passenger tail light lens was slightly detached, allowing water in Thank god it didn't rust through the metal and I was able to wire wheel, clean, naval jelly rust dissolve and rust converter it. Finally I tried adding some etching primer to try to match the factory finish best I could. Probably not perfect but helps me sleep at night.
  14. Girlfriend thought I was playing a prank saying I have to replace my mirror fluid. Cursed with the infamous dimming mirror delaminating and evaporating/leaking. Decided to take the DIY approach rather than send it off to save a few bucks. Ended up being a super easy 30 min project and looks brand new
  15. Honestly me neither, another solid tip from @Rekpoint!
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