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  1. 2001 BMW 330XI WBAAV53491JS96095 180,025 Miles Silver Gray Metallic / Black Leather Clean Title Originally bought toward the end of 2018 and planned to use as a daily driver to keep the miles off my 335i. I’ve since picked up an E92 to replace this as my daily and want to downsize the amount of cars sitting in my driveway. Car is in decent condition given the age and miles. It’s the automatic AWD model, so it’s great in the snow. Actually had a day a year ago where the snow was up to the hood and it kept going. It has heated seats, Harmon Kardon sound, and the bi-xenon headlights. Miles won’t change much as the car just stays parked in the driveway and isn’t being used at the moment. It’s been pretty well cared for during my ownership. I have a decent stack of maintenance records totaling over $2500 that have been done in the last 5-7k miles. Recent maintenance: Radiator Valve cover gasket, Crank case ventilation hose, Rear control arm bushings, Front sway bar end links, Pressure hose, Spark plugs, Emissions hose, Passenger headlight bi-xenon bulb, Tail light wiring assembly, Front pads & rotors, Front passenger axle, Oil & filter change and set of 4 used tires. Obviously given the age and price range the car isn’t perfect. Below is everything wrong with the car to my knowledge. Known Issues: Surface rust starting in common areas (under license plate, top of rear fenders), Air conditioning doesn't blow cold, Front windows slow/weak to rise, Tie rods are starting to get slightly loose, Sun roof inner shade isn’t fully secure and rattles a bit, Driver door lock sticks sometimes, and License plate lights are corroded and do not function. FB Marketplace Link Feel free to message me on FB or text me if you're interested. I may forget to check direct replies to this thread! Jake 715-456-9865 $2,850 OBO
  2. Ayy I recognize that 135 any day. Love your build, always watching your YT vids. Anyways I appreciate the compliment, right back at ya, that new bumper is so sick!
  3. I’m always trying to find some new local friends, hit me up any time I’d love to do some car photos or something!
  4. Agreed the ZF-8 is INCREDIBLE! I absolutely love it. But kinda the same boat I’m in, holding off on anything crazy while it’s under warranty. Think my next thing is going to be those LCI tail lights. Can’t wait to see what you do with it though & congrats on the beautiful whip!
  5. Man this is gorgeous! I’m jealous you get the B58 and the LCI lights. Any modification plans right off the bat?
  6. Not a big golfer, unless you consider frisbee golfing lol. But I absolutely love the red, flew all the way to NC for it haha. And thanks for the welcome!
  7. Some think it’s a bit boring but I love the white with black accent look. Thank you!
  8. Thanks man! Sad I just am finding out about this site now lol
  9. Yep just the OEM M Performance aero kit stuff. I really like it but thinking about getting slightly more aggressive carbon skirts. Appreciate it though man!
  10. Hey guys, I'm Jake, from the Eau Claire area! I'm pretty new to BMWs in general, but picked up this 335i last year @35k miles. It's Alpine white with coral red interior, pretty much bone stock, just slapped some HRE FF01s on it along with some BC BR coilovers. Supe r pumped to begin the modding process here once the warranty expires. Let me know if you guys have any questions!
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