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  1. Says the guy who missed out on the free BMW UDE AutoX event because he didn’t want to drive 50 min…
  2. No kidding, I would absolutely take you up on that offer?! If I'm ever down that way I'll have to make sure I bring the E46 for you to test drive
  3. Never driven the E9X M3. I'm scared to because I know I'll buy one as soon as I try it. Once I get my own house with a garage that will be the first addition. Idk if it's sacrilegious but I think the DCT version would be neat
  4. Sounds about right, I think we all have that shelf full of stuff we bought 6 months ago that we're just mustering up the ambition to install
  5. I think so too. I see these in a similar light to the E46 ZHP. Won’t be throwing anyone back in their seat, but make a great companion daily to the big brother M3.
  6. Subframe and diff support sanded, treated, re-finished and revshift bushings installed!
  7. Agreed, definitely a nifty little motor! N52s are virtually unkillable. They might piss oil like a geyser but man they are reliable. During my search I did come across one with the M Performance kit, but it was pre-LCI, auto and silver. Think I'll be happy with this spec though!
  8. Up until last week I had 3 cars, '15 F30 335i, '08 E92 328i, '02 E46 M3. I sold the 335 and 328 last week in an effort to "downsize". Ever since I had the idea to downsize I've been searching for the perfect daily to my M3. For me that means the following recipe: 4 doors, safe, RWD, 6MT, NA. I want to be able to haul our two dogs around, but still be a fun spirited driving machine (E92 wasn't cutting it with the cramped backseat). I set out to find a run of the mill E90 328i. Didn't really care too much about spec, until I saw a super cool M Sport one pop up for sale. Sadly it had hail
  9. Finally the day has come! Pulled the trigger on tackling the subframe reinforcement as preventative maintenance. This is a project far beyond my skill level, so thank you to Austin Nelson for all his help. Decided I might as well replace just about everything nearby while the subframe is out. Here's a breakdown of what is getting replaced: - TMS Subframe reinforcement plates - Revshift 90A subframe bushings - Revshift 90A differential bushings - TMS sealed monoball RTABs - OE differential axle seals - OE differential input shaft seal - OE differential cen
  10. Was trying to get an ECS order high enough to get free shipping, so decided to scoop an LED interior kit. Figured this would be a tasteful upgrade in the lighting department
  11. Took @B C advice and downloaded ECUWorx and modified my M3 a bit this afternoon. Most notably disabled top speed limiter, enabled shift lights (flashes all segments at 7.5k RPM) and re-calibrated the warmup light sequence to more reasonable temps that doesn't promote WOT at 140F on those poor RBs. Below is a before / after on what I changed. I wrote up a blog post on how to use the software step by step here if anyone is interested: https://www.pynacl.com/blog/tune-your-e46-m3-yourself. Thanks Brian for your work in discovering and learning to use this software! Stock: Final:
  12. Titan trim sucks. Such cheap build quality it shouldn't have even been an option on these cars. Mine was peeling/bubbling on every panel like you see in the photo below. I took all the pieces out, sanded them down with 200/600 grit, then primered and re-painted. Took me two tries because for whatever reason, if you don't use primer, paint has a strange reaction to the bare material and it'll bubble instantly. I ended up using Dupli-color "Storm Gray", which I believe is a GM color. Closest match I could and honestly would be hard to tell the difference. Seems like factory has a bit more warmer
  13. I ended up doing what I think is the wrong thing and used Redline ATF lol. It feels pretty good to me, but I’ll have to checkout the MT-LV next time i swap it. Also if you’re seriously interested I’m ready to sell it! Doesn’t get driven enough to keep it, think I’ve driven it 3 times this year
  14. Pedals always seemed silly to me, mostly because i'd never tried anything different than factory ones. After getting to feel some Turner ones that were on @B C M3, I caved and bought some. Also I'm in desperate need of an interior deep clean please don't internet bully me
  15. Beautiful car, perfectly maintained and tastefully modified by some very like-minded, particular people. You were so apprehensive about bailing on that E36 dream and going another route. The whole time I was saying that this is the better car in every way (ITBs, flared fenders, that S54, come on!). Do you believe me now?! Congrats @Rekpoint and great to meet you @B C! Your clutch/pedal setup made me realize how boo boo mine was, went home and ordered a turner pedal set, rogue engineering stainless clutch line and doing the CDV delete. Dang you costing me $!
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