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  1. Fuel pump as well! Sorry forgot to add that! I’m very excited as well
  2. Back in August I picked up a very clean example of a ZHP in Georgia! I have wanted one of these cars for years, as I always thought it would be the perfect daily driver. Still very simple and reliable, but not too old where it still feels modern. The E46 Truly is an amazing chassis! Driving it home from Georgia, I had to take a proper detour and test out all the new bushings the previous owner had just replaced at the Tail of the Dragon. I instantly fell in love with the car! Here are some pictures I have taken since ownership! Things I have done already before starting this thread -Quick paint correction (1 step, the paint was actually in great shape) -PPF all the piano black trim -New ZHP knob (stopped in Atlanta to get one from dealer an hour into ownership) -Coco mats -Coby new alcantara steering wheel/e brake handle/arm wrest -Future Classic window sticker (the car is 1 of 36, just like my E36 ) -Future Classic wheel spacer kit -Rewrap rear and front alcantara pillars -New headlight lenses -BC racing Coilovers -AC Schnitzer Type II wheels 18x8.5 et13 wheels overnighted from Japan -Refinished ACS wheels in BMW Stoneington Grey -Nitto Neo-Gen tires -AC Schnitzer Polished/Brushed Door sill plates Yesterday I went to Chicago and pulled a 65k mile S54 from a crashed ZCP M3. I also grabbed the OEM M3 strut bar, the DME, the cluster, the window switch (to prevent tamper dot), the full wiring harness, and a bunch of other stuff. I am so excited for this. I have always dreamt of owning an S54 powered sedan. This car has been altered and modified in so many more ways already than I ever imagined when I bought it. I still plan to daily drive this car with the S54 in it; as I should! Things I plan to get within next week or so for the S54 swap -Headers (The people with the M3 wouldn't let me take the catalytic converters, and chopped them off the motor once I got it out of the car. I have yet to decide which ones to go with, as I don't want the S54 rasp) -Full exhaust -Rod Bearings/VANOS rebuild -check panel with sport button/heated seats -New OEM motor Mounts -Get this BABY put in and running! -I also have new bumper brackets sitting around, but I'm waiting to install those when I take the front clip off for the motor swap! I will probably be posting the ZHP motor for sale soon if anyone is interested! If not, I will find something to do with it!
  3. I was the same way. The quality on them is insane, they weigh like 10 pounds a piece lol And they don’t show dirt as much as normal mats. So it always looks clean 🤓
  4. Thanks man! The coco mats are quite honestly my favorite mod on the car LOL
  5. Sourced some ACS door sill plates to match the mirrors. (All 4 doors, just didn’t take any more pics) Mirrors and rear windshield wing next!
  6. I wrapped the pillars and stuff. The stuff I paid for was steering wheel/ebrake handle/arm wrest. But even the arm wrest I had to install/glue on
  7. Coby wheel. Think for all of the stuff it was like $425 + a $250 deposit. You send your old wheel once you get new one. Quality is better than oem
  8. Haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been having my fun modding the ZHP the past few months. Brand new alcantara steering wheel/new ZHP knob/alcantara wrapped pillars (since oem black was peeling)/acs type 2/bc coilovers/etc etc!
  9. Actually the BMW genius (guy who shows ppl how to use the tech in the new cars) and a couple salesman offered it to me, I was just there for ZHP parts. They loved the car, one of them has an e36 m3.
  10. Random photo dump warning. I've been messing around with the Sony mirrorless a lot cruising around in the M3. Here are some photos i've gotten recently.
  11. Is this still available? If so text me, 414-861-8801. Very interested
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