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  1. There is now! Just picked these up from a local tire shop they had sitting in the back in a box from the early 90’s. They used to be a MOMO distributor back in the day. Super neat score that’ll match the Recaro Momo Special and fit the period correct theme I’m going for. Also the cage is currently polished/cleared. I can’t find any other pictures or anything on these pedals
  2. Which part? The part I made is getting wrapped, the shifter itself will stay as is with probably a white knob to match the letters on the seats and steering wheel. The aluminum should match the lips of the wheels
  3. Well a whole new clutch setup later and throwout bearing and we are finally back up and running! Spent the day deep cleaning all the interior panels, deciding what was good enough to keep and what had to go! Also made a shift boot/cage for the CAE. Going to wrap it in alcanatara suede but the brushed aluminum isn’t bad till I park the car for winter soon.
  4. ISO MINTY E36 COUPE DOOR PANELS. Preferred black vinyl but will take leather if perfect
  5. New clip, didn’t make sure the fork was aligned properly to be honest. Kind of stupid of myself. Didn’t have any problems with the last slave on my other e36 so I figure it was as easy as screwing on and making sure it’s tight. Going to make sure everything is perfect before I even look at that clutch pedal this time
  6. Finishing it up today after work. Fingers crossed everything will go well 🤞
  7. So went to remove trans yesterday. Had a hell of a time with the 1JZ starter. Was not fun to reach. Got it off and the problem was just what I expected. A worn pivot pin. After spending all day in the rain removing the trans and putting it back in I was nearing completion.. installing the slave ready to be done. Pressed the clutch and the slave blew it’s been piston and rod into the trans. Had to take it off and put it back on again. Hopefully today the slave will decide to line up properly
  8. Also I guess it’s important that the car moves too. Stainless pivot pin came as well today. Trans coming out Saturday and hopefully it will be ready to hit the road with the shifter installed and all my clutch issues fixed by Sunday night
  9. Well this thing is beautiful.... Cannot wait to money shift and blow my motor. Jk, super excited. Quality is amazing, I’ve been wanting one of these for a very long time. I’m really trying to not cut any corners in this interior. The cockpit of the car is where you spend all of your time, and it’s very important that it’s done right. It’s all about the driving experience! I feel that so many people overlook the interior of a car and only focus on the exterior. I want to love driving my car as much as I love looking at it
  10. This ones only 50% bmw and I still have to have to have the tow truck on speed dial
  11. Smelt clutch driving the car around yesterday. Hit boost a few times, and nothing felt out of the ordinary. Clutch release point was perfect as always, so I was confused. Ended up losing the pedal randomly going about 10 mph when I tried to shift to second. Pedal stick to the floor and I have to pull it back up. No pressure. Can’t put car in gear with the car running. Opened bleed screw on the slave and pressed pedal and fluid shot out. (Master seems fine, still connected to pedal, no leaks) Took slave off and checked the pressure on the rod. Rod is super hard to push in, nothing like my other bad slave in my 323 from last winter. Clamped it shut and tried pressing the pedal and the pedal was rock solid. No leaks on the slave. (Assuming slave is not a problem) Tried pushing fork in with screwdriver and it still has pressure but is sitting high up out of place. I’m assuming the clutch pivot pin is completely worn out of failed in someway. Going to take tranny out next weekend. Still confused on why I got the clutch smell, and I find it weird for my clutch to feel fantastic and then to lose my pedal randomly. In good news my new part should be here this week and you have to lower the tranny for it so I can knock two stones out in one day. Hope it’s just the pivot pin, ordering a stainless one today from bimmerworld.
  12. I had the cage made by Structure Fab and Design in West Allis and they did an amazing job. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs any metal work done 👍🏼
  13. N54 would be very cool no doubt. 1jz sounds beautiful though
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