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  1. Also I forgot to add that I did refresh the brakes, the nastiest part of the car. The car is completely rust free, but these brakes were nasty. Was going to go with some 135i brakes, but ended up just doing stop-tech rotors/refinishing ZHP calipers for now. Maybe next year! The entire front end of the car, along with the rear bumper also got resprayed before I left. The car had a decent amount of rock chips that always drove me insane & the back bumper got bumped downtown last winter.
  2. Helen was amazing! I cannot wait to go back next year. The car did run into a few issues. With the 90 degree/high humidity weather, the car would get hot at idle. Came to find out that the M3's have a puller fan in front of the radiator that plays a huge roll in keeping the car cool at idle. So I will be installing that in the next few days. I will also be ditching the fan clutch and going back to the OEM ZHP electric fan. Other than that, the car handles absolutely amazing in the mountains and had no problem keeping up with my friends 997 C4S! We got to shred the backroads with a
  3. New OEM mounts, I have urethane on some things like H&R strut bar. Wanted to keep a nice comfy ride on this thing
  4. All check engine lights are officially clear! Exhaust is finished, ended up using full m3 exhaust into the ZHP muffler. In order for the m3 exhaust to properly clear the trans mounts, part of it had to be heated up and bent, but all worked out perfectly. Some detailing/paint/brake work and then we are off to Sowo in Helen, GA for some mountain backroads!
  5. Made some small improvements today. Got the tune setup to delete the Evap control circuit codes and realized I never plugged in my ambient air sensor. Got that plugged in and I finally have no check engine light. I also actually know what temperature it is outside now so thats nice. (Showed 128 degrees before constantly) The one thing I am not going to run temporarily is a washer fluid reservoir because I never ever use my washer fluid and it's one less thing in the engine bay. I got rid of this light by putting a resistor on the plug. Getting the AC charged and muffler put on Frid
  6. Took the car for a drive, everything is fixed and driving amazing! Just need a muffler setup welded on and we're done! (also have to finish some coding to remove the DSC and engine light due to steering angle sensor which is to be removed) Love this thing.
  7. Thanks man! There were definitely a lot of parts involved and research.
  8. Update: o2's were backwards, flipped them and no check engine lights or anything. Motor runs great. Power is amazing Bad news: Driveshaft CV joint couldn't hang and decided to take a poop. Oh well, at least the motor is all good. CV joint replacement time!
  9. And thats a wrap! (Almost) The car runs and drives, after 5 hard working days! Things swapped were, S54 (OBVI), m3 fuel tank with pumps/lines, m3 cooling system, m3 DME, etc etc. If anyone has any questions about the swap, please feel free to ask, I would love to help. It was very hard gathering all of the things needed to make this work and I want to help spread the word on whats all necessary. the last problem I have to sort out is an o2 issue. I believe I have the ordering wrong, and am going to look into that tonight as the car is getting misfires on 1-3 and lean/rich code
  10. I also just received my M3 check panel in the mail. This will retain the speaker and heated seats buttons but give me the M3 “Sport” button which I was told is very important to how the car feels.
  11. Finally making some progress on this! Getting everything read to ship out to Shawn Robertson in Atlanta tomorrow. I’ll be shipping him a laptop and my S54 DME to get it all coded up. He will also be removing the SMG box on the cluster and converting it to a 6 speed cluster and adding the rear door lights! I have gotten a lot of parts over the past few weeks and have nearly everything. I decided to go with the OEM headers, and an OEM section 1 and 2 to keep the car quiet. I personally do not like the rasp of S54s. I’m going to be running a brand new OEM S54 cooling system, a
  12. Everything found in IL! Thanks
  13. I am looking for two things for the E46 M3! - Check panel (heated seats/sport button/speaker button) - Section 2 of exhaust Let me know if you have either! Thanks!
  14. Fuel pump as well! Sorry forgot to add that! I’m very excited as well
  15. Back in August I picked up a very clean example of a ZHP in Georgia! I have wanted one of these cars for years, as I always thought it would be the perfect daily driver. Still very simple and reliable, but not too old where it still feels modern. The E46 Truly is an amazing chassis! Driving it home from Georgia, I had to take a proper detour and test out all the new bushings the previous owner had just replaced at the Tail of the Dragon. I instantly fell in love with the car! Here are some pictures I have taken since ownership! Things I have done already before starting this thread -
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