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  1. Update : This car fricken rips, couldn't have had a more fun time in the mountains. Here is a photo dump from last weeks trip.
  2. Update! Finally got the new Yokohama Advan V601’s mounted on the e88’s. Finally decided on 255/35 after lots of debating on what size tire to run. They fit fantastic, have to install new rear bumper brackets that I ordered with more adjustability to widen the rear bumper a tad and I should be good to go. Very happy with the new setup, falling in love with this car again. Probably going to have some stuff resprayed on it in the very near future after a long winter of daily driving.
  3. Andddddddd got bored of the TE37'S. Going to put them in the closet for a few months. E88 time! Going to go down from pictured tire size (255/40/18) to 245/40/18 PS4S and should be golden! Never in my life did I think a year and a half ago when I bought this ZHP as a daily it would someday be S54 swapped with a set of TE's and E88's LOL Oh well, this car has been the most fun and surprising project of my life.
  4. Starting to finally tie things together on this and getting ready to have it sent to fabrication! Placing my order on a Tweak'd custom harness by the end of this week once I figure a few last small details out. I really like their harness vs the wiring speciliates for a couple reasons but the one thing I think is really cool is their quick disconnect bulkhead. Not only does it look awesome but it makes removing the motor if I ever have to super easy. Other things I have changed include powder coating some engine bay stuff to match the wheels and cage vs going full polished. I think this will look really good and make the car feel more "together/complete" Once I have the harness installed and everything done being polished and powder coated I will update with pictures and send off to get the titanium bits handled!
  5. @patsbimmer1Honestly no idea, not enough. Just pretty much a stock JZX110. With the turbo and E85 I should be able to make a decent amount more than that, I just dont see that necessary at the moment, but it will be nice to have the option to turn it up if I want. Sound Performance will be tuning the car and they are gonna put a boost "knob" in the car
  6. Starting to get going on this car this winter again finally. The plan is to go standalone/wiring specialties harness/Precision 6262/custom manifold etc. I already have most of the parts purchased within the past two weeks, just waiting on some E85 stuff that is BO. I will update as stuff comes in/gets done! The plan with the 6262 is to make ~450 HP. I want something that I can still take on the backroads and enjoy, and I feel like 450 will be perfect for that.
  7. UPDATE. The Daytona m3 still exists. Just have been busy with the ZHP. Have recently been driving this car a ton, and forgot how much of a blast it is. Brain storming what to do with out this winter. So far the winter goal is going to be able to safely make 500WHP and reinforce things such as the diff and all that so I don't spend half the summer replacing parts.
  8. As @Rekpointsaid, I have yet to see a car I liked these on. But they look so good on your car. I am very excited to see this in person!
  9. I also fully installed the Karbonious Air box over the weekend and got it tuned by HTE. The install was very easy straight forward. The most time consuming part was wiring in the new MAP sensor, but even that was not bad. Overall, this is my new favorite mod on the car. This thing sounds INSANE. I watched so many videos before installing this over the years and nothing captures the sound properly. It sounds like the motor is sitting right next to you. I love it. The only cons I have noticed so far is a torque loss between 3-4500 RPMS. I have a dyno session Monday and this might get fixed, I am not sure. Even if it is not, it is very minor, and there is for sure a lot more top end power. Surprisingly, my gas mileage (as long as im not beating on it) is about the same as well. I got 31 MPG on the way to Final Bout over the weekend which is awesome with the $55 a gallon for premium right now. This car has evolved so much in the year I have owned it and is quickly becoming my favorite car I have owned. IMG_7098.MOV
  10. Spent a full 8 hours taking out my saggy oem black headliner and replacing it with some suede! Removed all the old adhesive and foam for a fe w hours. It was terrible, but very worth it. I ended up getting a few small creases in spots that are pretty hidden but it is so much better than what I had. Wrap job is a 8.5/10 but I am 10/10 happy with it.
  11. THE BEAST HAS LANDED. So awesome that IND had the Karbonious box in stock. Luckily grabbed the last one! SO EXCITED FOR ALL THE NOISE!
  12. @RekpointSteering wheel controls all work perfectly even with the apple CarPlay! I also got the plug in for it so it reads accurate oil and coolant temps and studs. If I ever boost the car it has a built in boost gauge and all that too. Yes retains OBC. I would not go any other way than Dynavin
  13. FINALLY pulled the trigger and bought a Dynavin for the E46. This was a mod that I always put off because of the expensive $900+ price tag, but finally I pulled the trigger and did it. It was so worth it! It makes daily driving the car so much better. The quality of the unit is amazing. The Applecar play is super fast and the touchscreen is easy to use. The steering wheel controls all still work, and the radio looks like it could have come in the car from the factory. I also ordered a brand new OEM tray to relocate the AC controls rather than using their bracket they make. (also bought a new OEM tray/coin collector to make the center console area completely brand new looking!
  14. Acquired a very clean drivers seat and a new OEM black M steering wheel trim. Both installed! Didn't take any pictures. My drivers seat wasn't torn or anything, was just starting to show some age. Excited to see some crazy BMW's at Road America this weekend! Will be out and about in Elkhart Lake in the ZHP
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