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  1. This unlawful execution is bringing out the worst in everybody, a few riots should not dismiss the black lives matter movement the same way a few bad/corrupt police departments should not call for all law enforcement to be shut down.
  2. You are arguing with me on assumptions. I did not say corporations have immunity, how can they be treated as people? I would love to see Walmart locations get shut down if they don’t enforce the social distancing put in place, the same applies to a small businesses. We wouldn’t have to shut down anything if we were smarter as a society (country for that matter) and if China were more transparent on what was going on over there (they made the WHO look bad by lying to them about it). Good thing you brought up other fatalities to compare to, have any of them overwhelmed hospitals the way this virus did in some areas? Suddenly it’s not a good idea to start comparing, especially if we hadn’t done anything about this back in March. Make no mistake, I would go to that protest also, I’m sick of staying at home. I want to go back to the gym and enjoy the company after I finish my shift, I’m sick of going to my empty gym room in my basement. Like I said before, there are laws with worse consequences that don’t lead to deaths, compare that.
  3. Not missing anything, I said if she ends up infecting and killing someone. Don’t assume my logic applies to to corporations the same way. You have to understand that this is a state law set by the government, dumber laws that are harmless have worse consequences. People who whine about the economy and getting back to work are the real chumps.
  4. If this goes against everything this country was created for and she (the woman who opened her business) ends up infecting & killing someone, then she should get charged with murder. You can’t have it both ways, while thinking you are not privileged.
  5. I went to city hall in Greenfield to vote, which is a quarter mile away from my house, only go find out I needed to vote at Whitnall HS. I don’t understand why it went on as scheduled. 4/20 goes on all month this year
  6. I plan on getting a vacation house built over there at the end of the decade, by that time I should have enough properties here to not worry about working for someone else for income.
  7. This makes no sense, the logo on the car in the pic doesn’t look like the logo above it, it just looks like they replaced the black to make it clear.
  8. Car looks great, you got the juice now, welcome.
  9. damnboy037

    E46 Things

    Would this fit a s50b32? BTW it’s $8554 now
  10. I haven’t had much time for this game this year, but it’s very addicting and very, very competitive when you constantly get top 20 qualifying times on the daily races (basically competing with drivers who go to the regional/world finals). GT Sport is easily the best game so far, the matchmaking is spot on. I racked up 95 wins out of 485 while using the D pad for steering and Cross/Square for throttle/brake. I really wish I had a wheel when I first got this game. I still remember playing the 1st Gran Turismo back in 97, I used to walk (I was 14, didn’t have a bike) to the nearest Target just to play the demo, it was what got me into motorsports. I don’t think I would have my M3s if it weren’t for the GT series.
  11. Is this the same Andy who works at Kummrow?
  12. None of this is for sale anymore, I’m keeping my m3
  13. I’ll have to check & take pics for you
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