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  1. None of this is for sale anymore, I’m keeping my m3
  2. I sent you a PM!

  3. I’ll have to check & take pics for you
  4. I’m sure they are, I’ll send you more pictures tomorrow. @doug4448 email sent, sorry for sending it late.
  5. Maybe, I remembered DC had this a few years ago, but Congress refused to fund it.
  6. Everyone in Milwaukee county, please vote.
  7. I have a limited slip differential (4 bolt flange, 2.93) that I was planning on installing on my m3. Asking $400
  8. BMW Motorsport shift knob $25 E36 airbox $50 or make offer
  9. Still can’t find it, I know it’s around
  10. I always thought that only the real ones were stamped with “Motorsport” on the face of the wheel (until today when I took the pic up close) here are more shots
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