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  1. This makes no sense, the logo on the car in the pic doesn’t look like the logo above it, it just looks like they replaced the black to make it clear.
  2. Car looks great, you got the juice now, welcome.
  3. damnboy037

    E46 Things

    Would this fit a s50b32? BTW it’s $8554 now
  4. I haven’t had much time for this game this year, but it’s very addicting and very, very competitive when you constantly get top 20 qualifying times on the daily races (basically competing with drivers who go to the regional/world finals). GT Sport is easily the best game so far, the matchmaking is spot on. I racked up 95 wins out of 485 while using the D pad for steering and Cross/Square for throttle/brake. I really wish I had a wheel when I first got this game. I still remember playing the 1st Gran Turismo back in 97, I used to walk (I was 14, didn’t have a bike) to the nearest Target just to play the demo, it was what got me into motorsports. I don’t think I would have my M3s if it weren’t for the GT series.
  5. Is this the same Andy who works at Kummrow?
  6. None of this is for sale anymore, I’m keeping my m3
  7. I’ll have to check & take pics for you
  8. I’m sure they are, I’ll send you more pictures tomorrow. @doug4448 email sent, sorry for sending it late.
  9. Maybe, I remembered DC had this a few years ago, but Congress refused to fund it.
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