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  1. Very clean E34 touring. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/470710047341063/
  2. In typical Marketplace fashion this sold in a matter of hours. $14k for an E30 touring with a M47 6speed diesel swap It was just too cool not to share
  3. I have a spot in SP too. keep your eyes peeled. ;D
  4. I’m in Cottage Grove, are you further East than that? Lol if you see some idiot in a lifted E36 be sure to wave 👋🏼
  5. Drove this most of the winter. Heat worked great, traction was sketchy, but it was a blast. The light bar was the only thing that didn’t survive. The brackets were made from ACM, and I thought they would have been stronger but the cold made them brittle and it came down on the windshield one morning. So now I mounted it to the bumper with metal brackets. It will be more usable here anyways, as before snow, rain, and dust would blind my sight with it on. Now I won’t be able to run into random shopping carts and road cones without risking damage but oh well. 😕 I also had to t
  6. You are really cranking away on this. Its looking great! that gauge pod is awesome.
  7. Jdesign

    BANGL 2021

    Does the alignment count if you did it yourself?
  8. I can take a look tomorrow for you if I remember.
  9. Hopefully not bought from Chicago.
  10. Welcome! I hope to see you around in the Madison area. Im on the east side.
  11. I’ve personally seen this car in person. It’s very well done, but I still for the life of me do not understand the rear doors. This is lovely, and I hate red cars.
  12. DAMN IT. I would have bought that if I saw it sooner. Its sold.
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