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  1. I havent posted on this site in awhile but I did manage to go out and about with this thing. It drives really well surprisingly with the big wheels and welded diff. I even managed to (painfully) drive it to Milwaukee and back. I will need to add some clearance to the rear quarters yet again as it rubs when the suspension is compressed hard in the rear. I would also like to add that it still does massive burnouts with the big wheels.
  2. Maybe time for a hint... LOL
  3. I second this motion. Its crazy to think how much development and change has happened just to get where we are today. Oddly new cars do very little for me, which I am unsure if its me getting old, or its just the industry morphing into something that I no longer find appealing.
  4. Make sure to take a Aluminum magnet to check the material. 😏
  5. No idea what those are, although I don't think they are fake. Vintage MOMO wheels had the embossed logo like that. Look at MOMO GTP or magnesium wheels. I spent more time that I should admit searching. I assume they are some type of competition wheel by the style of them. Sizing on the other hand likely would not make them worth much unless they are made from something that is not aluminum (Magnesium or titanium).
  6. I heard they printed that on his coffin on one side and a picture of him on the other.
  7. Lovely Gran Coupe, Welcome!
  8. Thats a sweet E30 sedan. Welcome!
  9. Epic pictures, Welcome!
  10. Plate biker achievement unlocked
  11. breathtaking. Im jelly.
  12. Valve adjustment will make a huge improvement, although I will note that I remember my last M20 fighting me and the valves would slowly go back to their happy place which would make the engine sound a lot less happy if you will.
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