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  1. What are your thoughts on this? https://www.topgear.com/car-news/first-look/new-bmw-concept-touring-coupe-glorious-z4-based-breadvan I personally found the proportions to be a bit odd, but styling wise it actually looks pretty good IMO. Discuss..
  2. Yeah I see it pop up all the time on my feed. I find it hilarious. If you want to trade that you are going to have to seek a car to trade. Also posting it in a place where everyone knows what it is, is not going to help you trade it. On the plus side, at this rate the value as been going up, so eventually it might go away.
  3. Same! Good deal on some BMW projects https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/cto/d/palatine-2001-bmw-z3/7619840436.html Also I could be wrong but this seems really cheap for am X3M https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/cto/d/saint-paul-2015-bmw-x3m-xdrive35i-sport/7619608265.html AND THIS MUST BE FAKE...also I message him, waiting on a reply https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/cto/d/chicago-1995-bmw-m3/7619487322.html
  4. Crazy! You lucked out on this one, usually when a car is not stolen for parts its typically found trashed, crashed, and never the same.
  5. I went a little backwards a few days ago and tore out most of the interior. I was hesitant but it kind of needed to be done sooner or later. I really want to pull the carpet, but that might be too far at this stage. The plan was to hunt down the factory speaker wires and remove them due to the car having premium sound, and upgrade to standard +/- speaker wire that all heads to the back seat of the car. I managed to remove everything needed and cleaned up unused wires for who knows what previously. I ordered a full Infiniti reference component set to replace all the speakers and tweeters. Man I had no idea the factory tweeter housings were so expensive for what they are ($150 a side!?) I carefully removed the old tweeter which was glued in really well and mocked up the new ones. Sadly as I was about to trim the housing my rotary tool died, so I ordered a new one and didn't get to finish last night. I moved onto the head unit area which I think I mentioned before, but I will not be running a head unit, as my amp connects directly to my phone. So I ordered a single din storage tray/ dual cup holder combo to fit in its place. This was the only one I could find that I knew would fit and wasn't overly complicated. I wasn't please with the quality as it felt cheap and the trays pulled out loosely and uneven as there are no guides/ slides for the drawers. I fixed this by adding felt to the inside edges of the drawers which completely changed the feeling of them. This made such a huge difference. I also added some green felt inside the drawer to class it up a bit. That's all for now until I finish the tweeters and get the amp mounted. I plan on building an enclosure in the void between the rear seat and the trunk for a sub eventually, but for now this is a huge improvement.
  6. SPORT MINDED!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/624376986169600/?mibextid=6ojiHh
  7. @Partiallypurple any specific reason you went with the Siless sound deadening over any other brands?
  8. Thanks! Its hard for me to keep looking at everything in a "temporary" sense as I just want to get it all built, but at the same time I'm so distracted by such minimal details. I really just want to be at the testing / finalizing phase so I can tear it all back apart for the 3 P's; paint, powdercoat, and plating.
  9. P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N Yeah so I didn't really work on the harness. BUT! I have accomplished some other things. I had Tim come by and 3D scan my engine bay which was a pretty neat ordeal. I wanted to get a CAD file of my engine bay and hardtop for reference files to allow me to create models for reinforcing my firewall, filler panels to give the bay more symmetry, and the hardtop to build a jig for the Lexan. Tim also traded in his F90 M5 Comp for a G20 M340 and he wanted to swap grills right away. So for fun, this is what 7th gen 3series grills look like on a second gen 3series E30. Anyways I also got around to ordering and installing some more parts. I finally finished up relocating the fuel lines because of the steering shaft / starter interference. I unfortunately think I will end up redoing these lines because they are still factory 8mm -5/16 hardlines up until they get to the bottom of the firewall where I adapted them to braided -6AN that goes to the fuel rail and regulator. I think that once I get the car running again and start tuning I will add more fuel and boost, and the 8mm factory lines will limit my flowrate. But for now, its good till I cross that bridge. (Sorry I have no pictures of this)^^ I also ordered everything needed for the remote oil cooler. I got a Chase Bays thermostatic oil cooler wedge plate, HKS filter, -10 fittings (x2 45's| x2 60's), way too much -10 braided line, and I had a cooler that Chubs made a few years ago. I was debating on the line routing, but after I made the lines, it seems like both options I was considering will work if I need to move the lines up in the future. Option 1 Option 2 The result And I also painted the far edge of the oil cooler as I didn't want the offset of the cooler to throw off the factory look of the car through the kidneys. Also not shown, I installed a new oil pan as the one I had was dented since I got it. With that, I also started to reroute my dipstick as it is one of the biggest sys sores in the engine bay IMO. I got about 90% done making a new dipstick, and wasn't sold on how it looked, so I ordered a Lokar locking flexible billet dipstick that I will mount down near the cooler oil filter and out of the way. Besides that, I feel pretty good and the oil system is all buttoned back up! My next task is going to install the stereo and get that out of the way. I have everything besides drivers and I want to get all the chassis side of the wiring complete before( warning: procrastination excuse) I move onto the engine harness.
  10. WTF really? guy wont spill the beans huh.
  11. Wasn’t expecting that https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1299202143977516/?mibextid=6ojiHh
  12. 600hp 135i? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/161514330066511/?mibextid=6ojiHh
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