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  1. Valve adjustment will make a huge improvement, although I will note that I remember my last M20 fighting me and the valves would slowly go back to their happy place which would make the engine sound a lot less happy if you will.
  2. The salesmen tossed my Dad the keys and we shared 20 of the most memorable minutes together driving up and down Highway 100 with the sunroof open and the..... orange dash lights glowing,
  3. I have experience with a few surfaces and here is my input: Tiles Pros more absorbant to impacts, comfortable to stand/walk on you can take them with you when you relocate you can replace ones that fail fairly easy temperature - They are much better to lay on that concrete can use right after install Cons Liquids can leak through and stain or stink (gear lube) the surface underneath making it hard to clean up spills most expensive noise can be an issue depending on the underlayment fitting around corners and mounting machines to the floor can be a challenge Floor coating (paint) Pros very strong easy to install easy to clean up spills fairly inexpensive mounting equipment to the floor is easy Cons color chips need to be added for traction which can make it hard to find nuts/bolts and small hardware tends to be very slick when wet you cant take it with when you relocate you have to allow it to cure before parking or putting anything on it still cold when laying on it Concrete polish/sealing Pros very strong easy to clean up spills fairly inexpensive not as slick as paint depending on sealant used mounting equipment to the floor is easy Cons general install requires stages for a good finish you cant take it with when you relocate you have to allow it to cure before parking or putting anything on it still cold when laying on it --- With that said my input is tiles are the best if its a home garage. You can always take them with you when you leave too. So the price is not as bad if you consider that you will have them for a very long time. If its a shop, coatings are normally the better answer because of clean-ability, ability to mount lifts and other equipment, and less set up time.
  4. Wrong thread, that belongs here: https://www.wibimmers.com/board/index.php?/topic/5267-plate-blockers/&tab=comments#comment-90914
  5. UPDATED the list. I hope to ADD more soon. All offers are welcome!!!
  6. A Maserati is not an Adult matter.. I think @wasnt m3 has access, dont quote me on that though.
  7. Honestly, Im impressed no one else already had the user name M3sedan. Im even more impressed that the guy that does, does not have an M3.
  8. This doesn't have fold down rear seats. BUT I believe it was addressed. I also believe the whole rear sub frame is from an M3, but I have not checked.
  9. I would find a used replacement, or opt for a flaming river U joint.
  10. Is that scotch-weld stuff the same as panel bond?
  11. Same, You should be able to just clean them to revive them
  12. Middleton has been growing like mad in the last few years. I have no idea who this man is, but I feel like I will run into him sooner or later being so close! That spoiler looks great! Compliments the car perfectly!
  13. I am helping a friend sell his 1999 BMW 328is E46 with a JDM 1JZ GTE non-vvti swap. This e46 is silver over dove grey interior and is in running and driving condition. It was tuned last year and made 450hp to the wheels using Haltech engine management. The car is for sale due to a growing family, and the need or a more practical sedan. I created a list of parts installed on the car below, although I’m sure there is more there that I overlooked. Asking $14,000 OBO - or best offer. SOLD! Trades are welcome, but highly unlikely. MOTOR -1jzgte non-vvti -Cylinder head was hot tanked, decked, and gone through at Waukesha Engines -New valve guide seals -BC Racing adjustable cam gears -Stage 2 BC Racing 264 CAMS -ARP head studs -Tomei head gasket -driftmotion stainless big single top mount exhaust manifold with modified T3 flange -Polishes turbonetics T66 turbo -stainless oil feed line -3AN -stainless return line -10AN -Driftmotion 46mm wastegate -Tial Q Sport blow off valve -AEM electronic boost controller -Bosch 1000cc high impedance injectors -Stainless fuel lines AN -6 -driftmotion high flow fuel rail -Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator with gauge -Walbro 400LPH in-tank fuel pump -Greddy timing belt -New 2jz water pump -New timing belt idler pulley and tensioner -driftmotion Aluminum alternator pulley -driftmotion Aluminum PS pulley -driftmotion Aluminum waterpump pulley -AC Delete kit -Nozzs clear timing gear cover -Remote aluminum oil catch can w/ breather -Aluminum 2.5 core Moshimoto radiator -Braided -16AN coolant lines -Aluminum 3” 24x12” intercooler -3” Aluminum intercooler piping -3” full custom stainless exhaust -Oil cooler wedge plate -Braided oil cooler lines -10AN -8x11 custom oil cooler -custom tubular front end -HALTECH Sport 2000 ECU -custom wire harness -New coilpacks -new pigtails -tuned at CS Motorsports on 93octane 450RWHP TRANSMISSION -R154 5speed -ACT extreme 6puck(rated 600+ft/lb) -lightweight flywheel (11.5lbs) -ARP flywheel bolts -Custom 2pc driveshaft -E46 M3 differential with finned cover BRAKES -Front Stoptech slotted rotors -Front Stoptech pads -Rear M3 Stoptech slotted rotors -Rear Stoptech pads SUSPENSION -Jom adjustable coilovers -New sway bar links -Adjustable rear lower control arms -M3 rear differential WHEELS -17x9.5 Et20 ESR SR05 graphite with machined lip -New Noble NS2 215/40R17 Tires EXTERIOR -M3 style front bumber w quick latch -M3 hood power bulge w quick latch -M3 style lights with halos -M3 style fog lights -smoked side markers -smoked corner lights -smoked red and white taillights -CSL Carbon front lip -Carbon front kidney grills -Carbon hood vent -CSL carbon trunk INTERIOR -Sport steering wheel with audio controls -cold weather package -5speed Ball Shiftknob -Custom 3 gauge mount in access tray -AEM digital wideband gauge -Aftermarket water temperature gauge -Aftermarket boost gauge As you can see in the pictures, there are some flaws. The hood and bumper are black, there is some rust starting in the corners of the rear arches, and the seats and interior have some wear as shown. This is the perfect weekend drift car, just add some nice fixback seats.
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