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  1. I think its and active with an M sport package right? Super cool color and interior imo.
  2. $0-20k is mostly non-M cars $20k+ is M cars or specialty models (alpina/dinan turbo, Etc.)
  3. Its actual not far off.... Most of those M6 or M635's sell for 25-30K and that one has pretty low miles and is well documented.
  4. Jdesign

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Take a picture of it and show it to us. I have a whole box of keys. Most of the time I just take a shitty socket and hammer it over the lug. I have had a 97% success rate with doing so.
  5. Jdesign

    1999 M3 daily driver running log

    What happened to the wagon?
  6. Jdesign

    Fancy Stancy 325is

    clip-clopping clippitiy clooop Sweiggity-swoop swoop swoop swootpity PooP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IUqC59EuEY
  7. Jdesign

    M2 Balloon Stunt

    I love HATE marketing people. I feel like I just lost some brain cells. So do you guys think they missed one balloon, or were they aiming for the well rounded amount of 79? LOLOL
  8. That E46 seems like a good deal This seems expensive for an auto E30, no? I didnt know about the S42 either. One of those in an E30 would be glorious. "The S42 engine was a 2.0L touring car engine with a 86.5mm bore and around a 85mm stroke, which shared the same block as the street going M42. Unlike the common M42, the S42 had a more sophisticated engine management system, and had individual throttle bodies. The S42 unfortunately did not share the same valvetrain as the M42, and is a solid lifter valvetrain (possibily from the S50Euro) fully capable of over 9000rpm, but was limited to a 8500rpm redline, as dictated by touring car rules. It was mounted upright in the bay, not slanted, and ran on a full dry sump oiling system. The pistons had a static compression ratio of around 12:1, and running on pump gas, the S42 made around 280hp (and up to around 310hp later in it's life). " http://archive.is/ejiKc
  9. Jdesign

    1999 M3 daily driver running log

    Replacement in mind?
  10. Jdesign

    School me on e34’s

    Por-15 is nice for untreated or rusty surfaces. Undercoat any areas that seam "thin" would be ideal. There is a product called "Bosheild T-9" that I use on undercarriages and I swear by it. Its similar to a wax sealant. You can find it online or at boat supply stores. https://boeshield.com/why-boeshield/ Otherwise that car is in stunning condition, I doubt it will bring many, if any, surprises.
  11. Maybe im an idiot, but I didnt see a date or time?
  12. Jdesign

    chit chat thread

    It counts about the same as my achievement.