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  1. Stop that. It was great seeing you and Bens car.
  2. I definitely saw a few peasants standing in their yards frowning as you or @rampelsauce screamed drove past. (sorry I couldn't tell whos car the sound was coming from) 🤭🤣 But I agree, there were certainly some parts that made me feel uncomfortably old and responsible young again.
  3. I had a blast, it was great seeing everyone. I was surprised the big coupe kept up with the crowd with some of those high paced routes. See y'all next year
  4. Ewww. I assume they are storing it at the milorganite plant in Milwaukee. Why else would it be in Wisconsin.
  5. You keep saying this, are you afraid we forgot where you live? Are you going to make it with that little amount of fuel? -------------- If anyone wants to carpool / caravan / convoy from the Madison area, a few of us are meeting at my shop prior. PM ME IF YOU NEED THE ADDRESS. 😄
  6. WOAH.. that brings me back. So oddly, my very first car had a very similar set of those Circa 2004. The guy I bought it from was best friends with the owner of LINK motorsports back in the day. He got a bunch of free parts for the car that was sitting on the shelf. Sadly, this also meant the car was a pile of mismatched parts. Red seats, blue harnesses, red faded to brown steering wheel, etc. I ended up selling my pedals to some kid years ago, nowhere NEAR as clean as those. Congrats on your find!
  7. That second one was posted awhile back. its a good deal for a track car.
  8. Sounds like that car belongs here more than most of our cars. Someone bring 'ol girl home.
  9. Doesnt look like it. Also there were no markings or scuffs deep enough that went through the wrap that it would have been caused by the bumper. It was the most gentle "bump" from inside the car. My best guess is that the back is actually the wrap "burned" from the friction causing it to turn black.
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