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  1. I’ve really fallen behind on updating here. But non-BMW related I finally got my boat in the water this season, and then proceeded to ruin the valve train. Looks like I shut it off before I really hurt it, but it’s still annoying. Peep the rockers, pushrods, and the valve that lost its keepers 🫤
  2. The "i" at the end of the model name (Ex:325i) used to indicate fuel injected models in BMW's naming convention has finally been removed and will now only appear in front of the model names (ex: i8) to represent electrification. In my opinion its kind of crazy that the "i" has lasted as long as it has and that this is a good change. I still think that the naming nomenclator of BMW models is somewhat confusing once the marketing team got involved, but this is probably a step in the right direction to simplification. https://www.carscoops.com/2024/04/bmw-will-transition-to-using-i-designation-only-on-electric-vehicles/
  3. That's quite the drive for me. I may or may not make the trip, but I am marking my calendar.
  4. Interesting wheels on that thing. Fun to see another Bavaria on here. @ADDvanced Picked one up last year, but his looks to be a much bigger project than yours. Congrats on your purchase, and keep us posted on your progress!
  5. Not much chitter chatter in this chitter chatter thread...
  6. One of the wheels might be an updated version, a spare, or sourced from a different casting facility. I'm not quite sure which BMW's were all offered with style 44's, but if there were multiple models offered with the same wheel, they might have a different place that sources the same style wheels. The other reason could be casting improvements or a lack of material in a region that was producing wheels and they switched suppliers. Either way, I find it hard to believe there would be a "replica" of a style 44 as its not a highly desirable wheel. I could also be very wrong as well, who knows.
  7. Well thank you, I love it and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Honestly it’s shocking how well you timed it because I had an EF shirt that was very similar that I’ve had since high school. I recently tossed it away because the entire print was worn off the shirt and it was tattered with holes and oil stains. Hopefully I can keep this one a decade or more, just like the last!
  8. I assume all those cars on the poster were / are yours?
  9. Welcome! looks like a clean and fun project!
  10. I did, I was super confused as it wasn’t BMW related and thought it was a gift from someone else🤣 (the shirt not the puppy) Thanks Santa Pat!
  11. Same here. More like secret new years at this point. Sorry my secret receivers.
  12. You will have to leave it to him @ADDvanced to share the info. I think its cooler than the Bavaria IMO.
  13. The only input I can provide is that I have driven both platforms, but not combined. LOL From what the internet says it seems like a pretty straightforward swap. GL!
  14. I know he got a windshield and some other parts, but I think he's been distracted with his jaguar recently.
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