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  1. Make sure to take a Aluminum magnet to check the material. 😏
  2. No idea what those are, although I don't think they are fake. Vintage MOMO wheels had the embossed logo like that. Look at MOMO GTP or magnesium wheels. I spent more time that I should admit searching. I assume they are some type of competition wheel by the style of them. Sizing on the other hand likely would not make them worth much unless they are made from something that is not aluminum (Magnesium or titanium).
  3. I heard they printed that on his coffin on one side and a picture of him on the other.
  4. Lovely Gran Coupe, Welcome!
  5. Thats a sweet E30 sedan. Welcome!
  6. Epic pictures, Welcome!
  7. Plate biker achievement unlocked
  8. breathtaking. Im jelly.
  9. Valve adjustment will make a huge improvement, although I will note that I remember my last M20 fighting me and the valves would slowly go back to their happy place which would make the engine sound a lot less happy if you will.
  10. The salesmen tossed my Dad the keys and we shared 20 of the most memorable minutes together driving up and down Highway 100 with the sunroof open and the..... orange dash lights glowing,
  11. I have experience with a few surfaces and here is my input: Tiles Pros more absorbant to impacts, comfortable to stand/walk on you can take them with you when you relocate you can replace ones that fail fairly easy temperature - They are much better to lay on that concrete can use right after install Cons Liquids can leak through and stain or stink (gear lube) the surface underneath making it hard to clean up spills most expensive noise can be an issue depending on the underlayment fitting around corners and mounting machines to the floor can be a challenge Floor coating (paint) Pros very strong easy to install easy to clean up spills fairly inexpensive mounting equipment to the floor is easy Cons color chips need to be added for traction which can make it hard to find nuts/bolts and small hardware tends to be very slick when wet you cant take it with when you relocate you have to allow it to cure before parking or putting anything on it still cold when laying on it Concrete polish/sealing Pros very strong easy to clean up spills fairly inexpensive not as slick as paint depending on sealant used mounting equipment to the floor is easy Cons general install requires stages for a good finish you cant take it with when you relocate you have to allow it to cure before parking or putting anything on it still cold when laying on it --- With that said my input is tiles are the best if its a home garage. You can always take them with you when you leave too. So the price is not as bad if you consider that you will have them for a very long time. If its a shop, coatings are normally the better answer because of clean-ability, ability to mount lifts and other equipment, and less set up time.
  12. Wrong thread, that belongs here: https://www.wibimmers.com/board/index.php?/topic/5267-plate-blockers/&tab=comments#comment-90914
  13. UPDATED the list. I hope to ADD more soon. All offers are welcome!!!
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