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  1. Rear diff and trans flush. Then it's off to the market for a new owner!
  2. https://bid13.com/storage-auctions/wi/appleton/stor-it-storage-appleton-evergreen-drive/unit-b1 $667.00 isnt a bad buy. Congrats to "Datbimmerguy" I guess? LOL
  3. Ughhhhh. These turn signals are driving me insane. There is a reason why BMW's get a bad rep for not using them, they use to be impossible to diagnose. I didn't take any pictures of this, but I pulled the stalk out and tested it and cleaned it. It works fine. From here I looked at the wiring diagram and I am getting power to the hazards and to the stalk, the next thing in the path is the cluster..... This is the result. They did not design this dash to come apart easily. I needed to pull the HVAC unit anyways due to one of the controls being stiff. Once I got all 78 parts out I started looking at the cluster. I was hoping for a bad ground but found nothing. Instead I was distracted and noticed the odometer gears were on their way out. I must not have noticed it skipping, but the drive gear and secondary gears were missing teeth. The double E2 and E3 gears were both really really soft as well. Now after I discovered this, I counted the teeth and went online to find replacements only to find something interesting. I recounted, yup thats how many teeth are on my drive gear; 13. After thinking and being really confused I noticed that someone must have swapped gears already in the past. I have a 13(E1), 12/48(E2), and 19/48(E3). E1-The E1gear is always a 12 tooth gear. Somehow mine has 13, maybe there is a gap in the gear on purpose, but it looks like a tooth is missing. E2- The E2 is always a black gear with a 12/48 ratio E3- From my research it seems that all E24's only have two different E3 gears; 17/48 or 19/48. There are other models (both BMW and Mercedes) that use variations of the E3 gear ranging from 12-19, but they always have a 48 tooth outer gear. I ordered gears and will have to wait to put this all back together. Side tracked a bit, but I was exhausted from hunting down the turn signal issue and this needed attention anyways I guess.
  4. Wrong thread? Unless it's a white convertible with a three headed dragon on the hood?
  5. That thing is Beyond EPIC. I would buy and 3 wolf moon shirt just to drive it.
  6. Jdesign

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    Looks like an epic good time. I need to make it out there again soon!
  7. Jdesign

    ‘91 E30

    I love the name of your video.
  8. https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/cto/d/san-diego-1989-bmw-e30-325i-touring/6910921836.html
  9. 302 cobra swapped E36 M3 for $5k. Thats a good deal IMO. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/fond-du-lac-1997-bmw-m3-302-swap-coupe/6914445493.html
  10. Rebuilt titled vert for $18k. PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
  11. Jdesign

    The little V8 that could: 530i Daily Log

    What style bleeder are you using?
  12. Jdesign

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Love the pics, the last one is great. Family truckster is an epic truckster.
  13. Jdesign

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Im here just waiting for sound clip.......😍