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  1. Honestly, Im impressed no one else already had the user name M3sedan. Im even more impressed that the guy that does, does not have an M3.
  2. This doesn't have fold down rear seats. BUT I believe it was addressed. I also believe the whole rear sub frame is from an M3, but I have not checked.
  3. I would find a used replacement, or opt for a flaming river U joint.
  4. Is that scotch-weld stuff the same as panel bond?
  5. Same, You should be able to just clean them to revive them
  6. Middleton has been growing like mad in the last few years. I have no idea who this man is, but I feel like I will run into him sooner or later being so close! That spoiler looks great! Compliments the car perfectly!
  7. I am helping a friend sell his 1999 BMW 328is E46 with a JDM 1JZ GTE non-vvti swap. This e46 is silver over dove grey interior and is in running and driving condition. It was tuned last year and made 450hp to the wheels using Haltech engine management. The car is for sale due to a growing family, and the need or a more practical sedan. I created a list of parts installed on the car below, although I’m sure there is more there that I overlooked. Asking $14,000 OBO - or best offer. SOLD! Trades are welcome, but highly unlikely. MOTOR -1jzgte non-vvti -Cylinder head was hot tanked, decked, and gone through at Waukesha Engines -New valve guide seals -BC Racing adjustable cam gears -Stage 2 BC Racing 264 CAMS -ARP head studs -Tomei head gasket -driftmotion stainless big single top mount exhaust manifold with modified T3 flange -Polishes turbonetics T66 turbo -stainless oil feed line -3AN -stainless return line -10AN -Driftmotion 46mm wastegate -Tial Q Sport blow off valve -AEM electronic boost controller -Bosch 1000cc high impedance injectors -Stainless fuel lines AN -6 -driftmotion high flow fuel rail -Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator with gauge -Walbro 400LPH in-tank fuel pump -Greddy timing belt -New 2jz water pump -New timing belt idler pulley and tensioner -driftmotion Aluminum alternator pulley -driftmotion Aluminum PS pulley -driftmotion Aluminum waterpump pulley -AC Delete kit -Nozzs clear timing gear cover -Remote aluminum oil catch can w/ breather -Aluminum 2.5 core Moshimoto radiator -Braided -16AN coolant lines -Aluminum 3” 24x12” intercooler -3” Aluminum intercooler piping -3” full custom stainless exhaust -Oil cooler wedge plate -Braided oil cooler lines -10AN -8x11 custom oil cooler -custom tubular front end -HALTECH Sport 2000 ECU -custom wire harness -New coilpacks -new pigtails -tuned at CS Motorsports on 93octane 450RWHP TRANSMISSION -R154 5speed -ACT extreme 6puck(rated 600+ft/lb) -lightweight flywheel (11.5lbs) -ARP flywheel bolts -Custom 2pc driveshaft -E46 M3 differential with finned cover BRAKES -Front Stoptech slotted rotors -Front Stoptech pads -Rear M3 Stoptech slotted rotors -Rear Stoptech pads SUSPENSION -Jom adjustable coilovers -New sway bar links -Adjustable rear lower control arms -M3 rear differential WHEELS -17x9.5 Et20 ESR SR05 graphite with machined lip -New Noble NS2 215/40R17 Tires EXTERIOR -M3 style front bumber w quick latch -M3 hood power bulge w quick latch -M3 style lights with halos -M3 style fog lights -smoked side markers -smoked corner lights -smoked red and white taillights -CSL Carbon front lip -Carbon front kidney grills -Carbon hood vent -CSL carbon trunk INTERIOR -Sport steering wheel with audio controls -cold weather package -5speed Ball Shiftknob -Custom 3 gauge mount in access tray -AEM digital wideband gauge -Aftermarket water temperature gauge -Aftermarket boost gauge As you can see in the pictures, there are some flaws. The hood and bumper are black, there is some rust starting in the corners of the rear arches, and the seats and interior have some wear as shown. This is the perfect weekend drift car, just add some nice fixback seats.
  8. Cher edited the rear view of my car on a whim. Other than that, I have yet to start working on this again, but it is getting closer to the top of the list!
  10. Maybe a Vixen 21 TD or a Bertone Freeclimber??!?!
  11. Thats a lot of coin for an E36 vert. If you really want a nice well sorted one I know of one for sale for less..
  12. Sorry BREH. But I plan on using this thread to cross list on FB an the more patterns you add, the better the odds of them selling. 😎
  13. Im cleaning out my shop trying to make more room, and reduce all the nonsense I have gathered. AT the same time, my friend decided to the do the same and I am selling all of his "extras" as well. Make me an offer on any of this stuff, Im more flexible the more you buy. --WHEELS-- SOLD (x4) 5x120 or 5x4.75 OZ racing 15x7 ET40- 205/65R15-(x2) 205/65R15 -(x2) SOLD (x4) 5x120 or 5x4.75 Style 13 15x7 ET47- 205/60R15 All in good shape minus one tire is corded SOLD (x4) 5x120 or 5x4.75 Style 55 16x7 ET 46 Center Bore: 72.5 -TIRES- 225/50r16 Tires are all great SOLD (x4) 5x120 or 5x4.75 Style 43 16x7 ET47 - 205/55R15 - All tires are all mis-matched, ONE is brand new (x4) 5x120 or 5x4.75 Mille Miglia 16x8 ET15 - I have tires and will mount and balance if needed (x4) 5x112 AMG Aero Style 3 18x8.5 ET44 - 255/40R19 Blizzak one tire missing (x2) 5x120 or 5x4.75 Style 41 15x7 ET47- No tires (x2) 5x120 or 5x4.75 Borbet Type H 16x7.5 ET20 no tires SOLD (x1) 5x120 or 5x4.75 Style 67 17x7.5 ET41 - 225/45R17 - Tire seems new (x4) 5x120 or 5x4.75 Style 32 15x7 ET47- 205/60R15- Blizzaks (x4) 4x100 BMW bottle caps powdercoated satin black, worn tires but hold air ---TIRES--- $20 each -245/35R20 -265/35R18 -235/45R17 - - ---E36--- -Glass M3 fog lights not cracked -Ebay yellow M3 fog lights NEW -Early model kidnets -passenger air bag -Factory steering wheel and air bag -ABS module -OBC panel -Fuse box cover -M3 rear brake calipers -M3 coupe side skirts (Dakar yellow) - - - ---E46--- -Competition Steering Wheel Without Multifunction Controls in Alcantara with ///M color stitching. -M3 Black rear interior side panels with aluminum spun arm rest trim -M3 black rear seats -M3 Sunroof and complete cassette in good working shape -M3 black headliner - - - - - Let me know what you are interested in and I can give you a price. I will be revisiting this list and adding IMAGES and more parts as I go through the remaining crates of parts I have.
  14. HUGE project. Seller knows how bad the car is, but hides it in the listing. I drove over 2 hours to see this car. Its really bad, and if you go back a few pages in this thread, I have pictures of the inside and under it, and it closer resembles the car below than a BMW 2002.
  15. Lots of sample text shifters out there, glad im not alone.
  16. I have yet to actually adjust the lower control arms, which is funny, because before there was negative camber (only like 1-2 degrees) but that just shows you how much the geometry changes in the travel of the suspension. Im also afraid that as I add camber it might make my rubbing/ interference issue with 31" tires worse. Fingers crossed for "self clearancing" videos.
  17. So an update here is long overdue. With working from home I have had more time to work on projects at the shop but this one has got the most attention because it has been stuck on the lift. Lifting it wasn't as easy as I was expecting it to go, but it wasn't because of lifting it in general. It was more because I kept running into issues I wasn't anticipating. The steering actually worked out once the car was back on the ground, so luckily, all I needed to do up front was hammer the wheel wells back and remove the front bumper brackets. Then I ran into the axle stubs of the diff being too small. I should have known but I completely overlooked this and had to source stubs. Found some locally and the guy actually gave me a whole M3 diff for $40. Once the axles were in, and everything was in place, I went to install the brakes. Being an idiot, I forgot I had M3 brakes in a box, and I bought another set from @Sam_Holzmann Before that, I also learned that E46 brakes are not the same as the internet says. THE HARD WAY. Luckily I sold them right away and broke even. the brake shoes for the parking brake on the M3 stuff is bigger, and there is a casting tab that the shoes ride on not allowing non-M rotors to fit on the hubs. Although the caliper is the same, and the pads are the same, the carriers and spacing is also different. Another issue I ran into was the Fuel tank leak. the vent hose that goes to the expansion tank was ripped and I had to replace it. Now on the TI's and other BMW's there is an access panel. This car for some reason, does not have that, so I have to fish the hoses back through using a piece of wire and a lot of swearing. No lie, this alone took a good 4 hours. AND yes I know its not fuel hose, but I used what I had. Fumes are really only the main thing that pass through it anyways Another hiccup was the length needed for the rear shocks. Needing the extra height, I was able to find some coilover sleeves for the springs in a bin of spare parts, but that caused the length of the shocks to be way too short. I thought about how all these cheap CHYNAH coilovers use the same bodies and remembered that I had a set of brand new coilovers in a binn for the Lexus. Well suck me sideways, they worked, and added just enough length. Finally I set the car on the ground and ran into one last issue. The spacing of the tires to the mounting points of the swing arm just were not working. I cut away the rockers, and the quarters as much as I could, but it just wasn't enough. I ordered some 2" spacers and they gave me just enough clearance... and by just enough, I mean 1-2mm. Im hoping I can adjust everything a touch more so that it doesn't hit while driving, but I havent got to that step yet. I was able to seam seal the trunk after I welded in the new floors. I was also able to repurpose this access cover inside the car to cover the vent hole in the trunk that was missing. it almost looks like its was meant to be LOL. The car is on the ground now and everything is together. I still need to bleed the brakes and fix the radiator, but then it should be back in business.
  18. Found a thing today. Its like search tempest for Marketplace. Its doing very bad things to me. https://searchworldmarketplace.com/United-States E34 6psd 540 in alpine $4k https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2840617185991945/ 08 6spd M3 $12K https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/242996340156136/ I kept looking but its just giving me anxiety. lol
  19. I know this car. I also put in money as part of a raffle to win it. They have yet to fill the raffle but its close. Maybe 5-10 spots left out of 100?
  20. Where's @KaiserRolls I believe he said it snowed by him 🤣 I agree. I saw a bunch of cars on the freeway cruising together yesterday.
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