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    Another daily driver thread: E34 525i

    Might be able to find some of those parts used at the local salvage yard.
  2. NEW OLD STOCK BMW 3.0CS 3.0CSL E9 Coupe M30 Sliding roof Seal. H54130 - BMW (54-12-1-801-431) $100 OBO #5 on the diagram shown
  3. I have 1 tire. Good shape, low miles. (X1) 265/35r18 federal 595 RS-R Name your price and it’s yours.
  4. I have an extra set of trailing arms and rear subframe for an E36 M3. $20 for all of it. SOLD Pictures so you can see what it is.
  5. Jdesign

    ‘91 E30

    No Dillys needed!
  6. Jdesign

    New build! E90 M3

  7. Jdesign

    ‘91 E30

    Fill it with dildos and send it back.
  8. I was hoping to see the engine in the play house, but I guess dreamers will be dreamers. Nice hustle on getting all that stuff done.
  9. Jdesign

    Custom Shift Boots

    Awesome! How much do you sell them for? Do you make matching ebrake boots too?
  10. Jdesign

    chit chat thread

    LOL I went and looked at it yesterday. I passed this car for a couple months as it sat in front of a business on my daily commute. Condition is 6/10. The worst is that the entire car was resprayed and the passenger side quarter has some bondo cracking under the paint. Otherwise that the interior has a lot of little broken parts, the fuel pump is wired to a switch very hackasuarusly, and the suspension is shot. It does have a brand new top on it and runs and drives though. Sadly the guy wont take less than $1k and I promised myself I wont bring home more projects till all of my cars run and drive.
  11. Jdesign

    Back from the dead or something.

    Waiting for full limiter burnout.
  12. Jdesign

    E46 Things

  13. Jdesign

    E46 Things

  14. Jdesign

    So, what are you listening to?

    I feel the same way about "trap" and its use. It that case its just someone reposting it on their Soundcloud page and its not the actual artists name.
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  16. Jdesign

    Gran Turismo sport

    SAME. Im trying to change that though.
  17. Jdesign

    Back from the dead or something.

    Best of luck sir! Great progress to you!
  18. Dang Brucie! Tell me how you really feel. I moved this car 5 feet forward this weekend, . . . then back again. I needed access to the tire machine. Don't worry, its time is coming. I didn't intend on having it on the road this year, but I will admit I am behind schedule on what I wanted to complete. I have 2 bins and trunk full of new parts, I am just approaching things in a systematic order vs. my normal "everything a little here and there."