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  1. https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/madison-bmw-sport-utility-35d/7529194958.html
  2. Maintenance Update! This car was overdue for some general service. I placed an order to do the 150k service interval. Iโ€™m taking full advantage of the FCP lifetime fluids and parts. I am doing a complete fluid flush and brake service. Here is a list of what I ordered; BMW 5W-30 Oil Change Kit BMW Coolant/Antifreeze (2 Gallon) BMW G1 Hypoid Differential Fluid (500mL) x2 BMW G2 Hypoid Differential Fluid (500mL) x2 BMW GA8HP45Z GA8HP70Z Automatic Transmission Service Kit BMW Zimmermann Brake Kit DOT 4 TYP 200 Brake Fluid (2 Liter) BMW Air Filter BMW Cabin Air Filter BMW Fuel Filter BMW Jack Pad I did realize that the rear trailing arm is missing a rock guard. and the rear diff vibration damper is failing. I will have to order these as well. BMW Vibration Absorber (40Hz) - Genuine BMW 33316798890 BMW LEFT CONTROL ARM COVER 6796137
  3. Sold for $3k! Iโ€™m sure after fees it was $6k, but still a great deal!
  4. I wish it was a wagon. GLWS! I will pass it along.
  5. That's the opposite of what I would do. I just want to see it done, or progress made. One bolt a month it might have been done by now. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  6. I considered moving earls car up and down on the lift just to say it "moved" . . . . I decided it was too much work.
  7. Its still around! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/madison/?hoisted_items=198202655768399
  8. I am. I was a little worried by the identical car ending two days after mine, but it seems like that didn't impact my auction much at all. I watched that one end today and none of the bidders were the same individuals that were bidding on my auction, which I found odd. The winner is actually a local guy, so Im sure we will see the car around.
  9. This was great. glad to catch up with most of you. Hopefully we set up a cruise again sometime this year too!
  10. They are pretty close together, but the picture makes it look even closer. I would say the pedals are very similar in feel and size to a 911 of that era having the floor mounted pivot point.
  11. The auction is LIVE! Bidding ends Tuesday, May 31 at 1:45pm Pacific time! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bmw-2002-59/
  12. I was squeezing 50 out of it on my way down. I had it in eco mode, was coasting a lot, and was very light on the throttle. Once I hit some rain, I gave up and started laying into it. In the mountains on and off road I got a solid 37-38 using the throttle as an on and of switch ๐Ÿ˜† Yes. The original owner that modified it worked at Fitment Industries. he sold it to the owner I purchased it from in Neenah. Sewer caps* (honestly they are centerline 849 PANGEA's) fitting for the lift and tires.
  13. I updated the post. It has spacers and Bilstein's.
  14. Some cars just have a weird way of finding me. I was not looking for an F30, but then again, I am always looking for cars to buy and sell. After buying a 2008 Tahoe hybrid on a whim to tow my boat, I came across a listing for a unique Alpine white over Saddle brown fully loaded 2014 BMW 328D Xdrive that was lifted, deleted, and tuned. The listing stated that the owner was looking for a truck or Tahoe to trade. I messaged him thinking how dumb I would be to get rid of all of my tow vehicles (after just selling my other Tahoe), but at the same time smart because of the value difference and the possibility of finally retiring my civic hybrid of 327k miles. Fast forward a week later and I am a proud owner of another diesel BMW, and what better way to really prove a new cars "worth" other than to take it on a 3K mile road trip through the smoky mountain's. I did some preparation, fixed some things, and fully inspected the car before I left, but safe to say I made it there and back without an issue. I was thoroughly impressed by the cars capability by not only climbing up the side of a mountain with a bunch of heavily modded trucks, but keeping up with some other newer BMWs on the tail of the dragon. For now, Im not really sure what the future may hold for the car, but I plan on keeping it for awhile. I have some thoughts in my head of lowering it back down, but for now, Im just going to do some preventative maintenance and fix some of the odds and ends that it needs. This thread will probably be more of a log for me to keep track of such. Here is what is done to the car: Center Line Wheels 18x8 +35 (1 of 1) TOYO TIRES 225/55/18 Open Country Black Label Lighting 30" Single Row Light Bar D.H. VinylWorx Graphics Buzzken - 328d DPF/SCR delete JR Auto Stage 3 Tune Rising Tuning lift & level kit black kidneys trunk spoiler
  15. I made it to Helen, and was planning on driving back up Saturday morning. I checked the weather and it was 20 degrees colder and called for thunderstorms so I decided against going. It looks like the weatherman was wrong again. Oh well, I will make sure I attending next year. Please share all the photos you can!
  16. Anything to keep it interesting. I cant wait till he finally logs in again and has 847 notifications about the most random stuff on his build thread. So what did you guys do this weekend?
  17. Yeah that makes way more sense. I didn't even think of that ๐Ÿ˜‚
  18. Awesome. Im actually going to go to Alpine Vag Fair which is just south of there in Helen, GA. Might have to make a detour along the way for a day!
  19. I have one of those. My big gripe is that it takes a good 20-25mins to suck all the oil out and you have to continuously pump it to keep it pressurized even if there are no air leaks.
  20. I basically lied when I got my plates. They wont know, and shit, 5 years from now, the car could be completely different.
  21. I have to use one of those extractors to change the oil on my boat and I hate it. LOL In other news, I still want a diesel X5.
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