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  1. Very Nice E34 https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/cto/d/wheeling-1989-bmw-535i-automatic-clean/7259665805.html
  2. I have a bunch of parts remaining that will be going on eBay. The prices are all OBO. I have pictures of everything listed, just let me know what you are interested in and I will post a picture if its not already shown below.. e46 corner lights e36 owners manual e36 fog lights BMW OEM E36 OBC 18 Button On Board Computer Unit M3 318 320 323 325 328 E36 amplifier e36 interior light set M3 TIRE PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR BMW OEM E46 HARMAN KARDON 6"X9" e46 Ignition coil (qty 9 @ $10) e46 ignition coil (qty 4 @ $15) e46 Ignition coil (qty 9 @ $10) bmw coil (qty 16 @ $16) bmw e36/46 idle control valve (qty 6 @ $20) BMW M52TU Throttle Body Yellow Sticker (qty 2 @ $100) BMW E39/E46/E60/E61/E83/E85 Throttle Body (2 @ $100) bmw e36 throttle body (qty 2 @ 40) e46 alternator m52 oil filter housing m52tu vanos unit dual m50 vanos unit single Engine Belt Tensioner bmw alt belt tensioner Tial BOV e46 bmw m3 headliner e36 m3 side skirts right hand e46 bmw m52 valve cover 2001-2006 BMW 325i COUPE 2.5L CYLINDER HEAD VALVE COVER OEM 156673 BMW M50 OBDI Plastic Valve Cover Cylinder Head Panel Trim E34 E36 1991-1995 OEM BMW OEM E36 E38 E39 Z3 FUEL RAIL COVER INJECTORS TRIM PANEL 13541740160 BMW OEM FUEL INJECTOR RAIL TRIM COVER E39 E46 E60 E61 E65 X3 E83 E36 Z3 1707404 2001 BMW Z3 E36/7 ROADSTER #151 2.5i ENGINE MOTOR INTAKE MANIFOLD COVER TRIM e36 m3 side skirts M50 trigger and dampner pulley E46 M3 H&R 33355 HA Sway Bars FRONT / REAR Eibach "e36" sway bar kit FRONT / REAR 1999-2006 BMW M54 M52 Cylinder Head 2.5L 2.8L 3.0L E46 E39 E60 E83 E85
  3. I have too much shit and shouldn't even be looking. I sadly know what you mean.
  4. Clean E28! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/815150202553264/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  5. Im aware of the DMV 5 day pass, but I'm a risk taker and snow slop seems easier. Besides I'm mostly driving back roads anyways with an occasional stop at the Starbucks for a white gurl frappe.
  6. Most common is "COOL!....what the the hell is it?"
  7. White knuckle riot in the snow. Traction is limited with these old mud tires, and a welded diff makes almost any throttle input spin the tires. I will be sure to post here when I end up stuck in a ditch 🀣.
  8. Im such a sucker for a nice finny. A BMW powered one is even more awesome. 😍
  9. Thanks! Its so nice I'm afraid to screw the hangers into it.
  10. I got this epic BMW key to hold my keys! This will be perfect to replace the Chinesium plastic one I have currently. Thanks Santa! For scale the roundel looks to be the size for a hood emblem.
  11. The looks I get are hilarious. I will daily it as much as I can, although its kind a pain in the ass getting in and out of a fixed back race seat. Maneuvering around the target parking lot is also very obnoxious.
  12. Welp I removed the steppers and just fixed the doors into my desired location. I officially have heat. I can still control the temp and all the vents so it might just stay this way. Driving it around nice and toasty.
  13. *COUGH [Don't ban me] COUGH* Im cross posting this here as well. Due to having too many projects, I am selling my 1998 Lexus GS400. This GS400 features a VVTI 1UZ V8, Wald VIP body kit, Ksport Airtech Air Suspension kit, a fully upgraded stereo with TV's, and 20" staggered wheels. The car is in excellent shape with no rust and a little over 165,000 miles. Being completely transparent, the car was in a front end collision around 2010 before I acquired it and it has a REBUILT TITLE. I created a list of the specific features and specs below. I am asking $4800 OBO -Aftermarket- -Ksport Airtech 10099 air management $3500 -Dual VIAIR 380cc compressors -KSport 5 gallon tank -KSport Lexus specific bag overs with 32 way adjustable dampening -20x11 R 20x9 F staggered 526 XXR wheels $1000 -Wald VIP Fiberglass Rep body kit $800 -Shaved side reflectors -HID headlights -LED tail lights $200 -ES350 wood sport steering wheel $100 -Custom center console for Air gauge and switches -Pioneer Double din touchscreen 7" DVD $100 -7” NESA TV Headrests $100 -4x 6” 300w door speakers with crossovers $100 -JL Audio 1200 300/4 watt amp $300 -Bazzooka 700W /1 Amp -10” Sony Xplod 1200 sub leather-enclosure $100 If you do the math this car has over $6500 in aftermarket parts and you can easily part it out for more than I am asking. There are a few flaws which include; the rear view mirror needs a clip to mount it to the windshield, there is no lock cylinder in the trunk, and the LED taillights and steering wheel trigger the dash lights. The check engine light is not on and the car drives great. I am willing to consider trades for a prius, insight, BMW M3, or a small plow truck. I am asking $4800 OBO
  14. Post the actual codes please. How long was the swap performed? Did it ever run good prior to the swap?
  15. YUP that's exactly what's going on. Ive watched the linkage and it all seems to move as its intended to. At this point im not sure what's the best (cheapest) option. I might just replace the steppers with manual levers or something stupid. I just want to fix it quick and easy.
  16. Replaced the heater valve and flushed the heater core last night. It really needed it. It took a few buckets to finally get some clear water. After all this work, it seems like the heat is much better, but the flap door for the dash vents must be the issue. I get strong defrost and floor air, but not mid level. It sounds like the air is hitting something rather than flowing through. Might have to pull the dash apart. One last thing is I painted the wheels. It’s been bothering me because they looked so trashy. I must say the black isn’t dirty enough yet, but it looks a lot better.
  17. Im still chasing the heat issue. Originally I replaced the cabin filter which had 10lbs of leaves and debris smashed into it. That somewhat fixed the heat, but I still have weak heat to the dash vents. I have a new heater valve in hopes that fixes my problem. The other thing it might be is the heater core which I plan to flush when I do the valve.
  18. Surprisingly it drives straight and true with no noticeable shaking. I got it up to 90+ and it was fine. The painful part is that although it’s lifted, the suspension is very stiff and the race seat that’s in it is not comfortable for long journeys as half the padding is missing. Better seats would make it much more enjoyable to drive.
  19. I havent posted on this site in awhile but I did manage to go out and about with this thing. It drives really well surprisingly with the big wheels and welded diff. I even managed to (painfully) drive it to Milwaukee and back. I will need to add some clearance to the rear quarters yet again as it rubs when the suspension is compressed hard in the rear. I would also like to add that it still does massive burnouts with the big wheels.
  20. I second this motion. Its crazy to think how much development and change has happened just to get where we are today. Oddly new cars do very little for me, which I am unsure if its me getting old, or its just the industry morphing into something that I no longer find appealing.
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