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  1. Pulled the car into underground parking Sunday night, no issues. Tried to start the car Monday morning. Popped once like it was going to start, then nothing. On subsequent attempts it would occasionally would pop once right when it starts cranking, but that's it. Pulled plugs and they weren't wet. Verified spark. Tried to verify fuel pressure without hosing fuel all over the basement. Pump was getting voltage, but wasn't making noise or vibrating, so was assumed to be bad. Replaced fuel pump. Still no start. Not a single pop or sputter. Pulled plugs again and they're soaked. Dried them out with a torch. Now while cranking it will fire here and there if the pedal is to the floor, but won't start. Plugged in OBD scanner to verify that I'm getting a sane signal from the MAF, which I am. However I'm getting intake air temperature of 200F or more. IAT sensor appears to be working when tested with an ohm meter and a hair dryer. I tried disconnecting the IAT sensor, and replacing it with various size resistors, but the OBD still says 180-210F. Bad wiring? Or Is it getting this data from the MAF? Any other ideas? What am I missing here? Seems very strange that it would run with no issues one day, and then be a useless turd the next day...
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