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  1. Doesn't matter your age, we're all part of the ________ generation Liars put it another way: "They threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top". Label it, pretend you know everything about it, and go on with your life. "Everybody in, his or her own life, needs a hobby; fills the void that work and rent creates... we can win..."/s
  2. https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/sun-prairie-right-hand-drive-525tds/7326587659.html
  3. Content no one asked for. AKA, the fossil fuel bubble, AKA, the ultimate hockey-stick graph. AKA, even the greeks didn't see this on coming.
  4. Thanks for relaying the story. One of the first questions our guide went around and asked everyone in the group was "Is rock climbing safe?". It's not safe, but neither is driving a car. If you take it seriously and mitigate the risks where you can you can tip the odds in your favor, but if you wanted to be safe you'd just stay home. That's not much of a life though, so you have to find a balance point somewhere. Everyone has a different comfort level with risk. At the end of the day if luck's not on your side, you're screwed either way. I'm not trying to promote risk-taking or stupidity
  5. Speaking of hanging onto a wall for a long time... I was already pretty restless last year and thinking of traveling Mexico. Still not sure what I'm doing with my life. Been reading Kerouac and looking at my old travel thread. I don't hate my job or my life as much as I did back then, but at the same time it's felt like a crime spending my days inside sitting on my ass in front of a computer, especially now that the weather is nice. May need to make a break for it again... Probably nothing as big or exciting as my last jaunt, but the farther you get from your life, the more pers
  6. I don't know about the humidity, but the rain that we got definitely left the rock wet and there was some water seeping out throughout the day. There was a guy (not from our group) that spent, literally, and I'm not exaggerating or being hyperbolic here, like 45 minutes to an hour lead-climbing a moderately difficult climb next to what we were climbing. He couldn't figure out where or how to place gear because the rock was wet and slippery. I have no idea how someone can just sit there hanging on to a wall for that long...
  7. I got stuck on a detour on the way to Devil's Lake on Saturday. Cruising down highway 12 at 65. Couldn't decide whether or not it was my turn coming up. It was. Decided I could still make it and jammed on the brakes hard. Let off and chucked the e34 hard into the right-hander. The rear end dutifully followed the front around the corner, despite my continued provocation. Pretty boring. Did my first day of real climbing outdoors. The people I was with were better climbers than I am, so I didn't get the relaxing day of easy climbs that I was hoping for. I managed to get up a few climbs. Fell
  8. Haven't been paying much attention to car news, but heard that Hyundai was coming out with a new "mini truck". So disappointed: The bed fit's half a mountain bike... at an angle... I looked it up and the bed of a Subaru Brat was 2 inches wider and 8 inches longer. This is not a truck, it's a hatchback with part of the roof missing.
  9. My dad (not exactly an upstanding citizen...) had the same issue, but just built the shed right behind the garage and nailed a 2x4 between them and called it one building. Last time I was back in the old neighborhood both the garage and shed were still standing. I'm not recommending that approach, but a "lean-to" or "carport" might be an option though.
  10. Signed up to get my outdoor climbing cherry popped at an "open climb" day at Devil's Lake, because I have no friends and suck at making new friends. Next Saturday, 7:30 am, $145/ head. https://www.devilslakeclimbingguides.com/trips/guided-climbing#opengroup
  11. Made friends with a bat today at david dudly (above) and didn't even think to take a picture. It was just sunning itself on one of the holds I wanted to use. Took until my 3rd or 4th time through before it realized I was there and crawled back into it's crack. No bees, please! Tentatively planning a guided trip to Devil's Lake sometime early/mid summer. I have one co-worker who's on board already. Let me know if struggle is your game. The more, the merrier.
  12. Do kids these days even know what emo is? that baggy-ass Thrasher sweater...
  13. Found a climbing spot right in Madison, about 4 miles from the capitol. Unlike the gym, there was no one here and no masks required. Very nice. Mostly just did some traversing since I don't have any ropes or actual climbing gear. I might have to do something about that so I can give this crack a try.
  14. GAY I literally LOLed because I'm a child.
  15. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Tossed the battery back in this. Fired up and idled like I'd just driven it yesterday, even though it's been sitting in underground parking since October. Then, as one does, I decided to take it out for a beat run around the neighborhood on old gas and expired plates. Someday I will learn to act right and behave like an adult. Today was not that day. Other than that, no progress. Maybe bumping this thread will help get me motivated to do something with this. Unfortunately, there are other things higher on my priority list at the moment. Notably, fixing the compact and possibly moving
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