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  1. Thank you, both. Daylight savings has forced me to walk before work, because it's frigging dark after work. I guess my disposition happens to be better in the morning... It turns out it's easier to take pictures when you don't have a days worth of stress hanging over you.
  2. Too cold to bike, so I've been on foot, camera in-hand;
  3. #1 track from 1972 according to Billboard, followed by what DJ Spotify thought I wanted when I type "first tim" Good morning.
  4. Rust free E36 coupe downtown.
  5. Welcome to here BTW. I can't seem to find the sauce, but it was m6x powered...
  6. Back when I was perusing the e21 section of bimmerforums, there was this guy TheNeek and Mr. Belvedere... He also did a Bavaria... You asked...
  7. I did a couple motorcycle seats years ago. It's not rocket science, but it takes time and patience.
  8. Stumbled on an orange Gremlin, and not a moment too soon.
  9. Notice a bunch of "beef" popping up in the graffiti on my way downtown a while back. Finally got around to taking a walk to check it out. Near as I can tell, "4AL" put up a bunch of stuff, but it's all been covered up, or otherwise disrespected by the locals. Didn't really see any kind of retaliation, but I may not even know what I'm talking about. Also discovered this ancient Meter And whatever this is:
  10. 535is at the farmer's market
  11. Unwanted music, spooky edition. 'tis the season.
  12. HipMF


    I went mountain biking for the first time in ~5 years this past weekend. A ton of fun, but I question whether it's even worth investing in a new bike at my age. They are not cheap... In other news... Woo! Aww. Rolled over 1000 miles, but no fireworks or prizes. Nothing much else to report. Haven't had any more issues. Bike is sill holding together and is still fun to ride.
  13. HipMF


    So, the honeymoon period has worn off with my free bike (I also picked up a bunch of dead laptop batteries thinking I'd Maguiver it into a free e-bike...). The moment of truth came when my BMXer turned reluctant mountainbiker ass tried to pull some body-bike seperation shit to transition from a road to a sidewalk (two opposing 90s within an arms span). The bike and I both survived unscathed, but the bike felt like it was about to turn itself into origami underneath me. Not sure if it's the road wheels, or if that what people call "liveliness" when they talk about steel frames. Regardless, I wasn't into it. The bike will be going to my friend at work Buna who is moving away this fall. He's in his 50's and cheap AF (1st generation American from Cambodia who hasn't been on a bike in 30+ years), so I'm pretty stoked about it. I think it will be a great fit for him.
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