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  1. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    You'll have to enlighten me; what's an EBC?
  2. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Finally pulled the car out and replaced the wastegate controller. The new "7psi" wastegate was still hitting boost cut at 10psi. In hindsight, this isn't hard to believe, because the the size of the wastegate and lever ratio of the actuator affects the end result, and the controller isn't specific to my application. Looking at the logs, it looked like the wastegate was trying to open around 10 psi, so I bumped up the fuel and raised the boost cut to .8 bar (11.76psi). No more boost cut. Did a bunch of ripping around and it seems to be holding it just fine. When I chose the injectors, I wanted to prevent myself from turning up the boost beyond ~250hp. Currently hitting 85% duty cycle at redline, so it looks like I did a good job there, although I'm still running extra safe AFRs (11.5:1 at peak boost) and guesswork timing, so I'm probably nowhere near that target. Even so the car is significantly faster than it ever has been and is quite amusing. 2nd gear pull:
  3. HipMF

    What does BMW stand for?

    "it means what you want it to mean". Well said.
  4. HipMF

    What does BMW stand for?

    Better Move Woman
  5. HipMF

    Motorcycle thread?

    Nice to see I'm not the only honda fanboy on here. Found a nice, low mileage crf230l on CL that I'm considering. These things are so small: Price is a little high, but that's why they're called bad decisions.... Edit: Re-posting the sounds, because I think the picture above really clarifies how dumb this idea is. Also, the hassle of modifying the frame and the ugliness of a radiator has me reconsidering whether or not this is really a good idea. But on the 3rd hand going from 18hp to 30hp.... Can't decide whether this is the right amount of stupid, or too much stupid.
  6. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Plot twist: We "bought out" a small engineering firm, and now have a new engineering manager and 3 new engineers. This probably sounds like it would hurt my chances of getting a job, but I'm not too worried. I think I've gotten my message across to my boss and HR, and they'll be helping me get over there. Half of my machine programming responsibilities I've already off-loaded onto a guy we hired a couple months ago. We're also hiring another guy that wants to take over the the rest of the machine programming and maintenance that I'm currently doing. After that the only thing left on my plate (asside from keeping tabs on those two guy to make sure they're not blowing things up or starting them on fire), will be building fixtures, so I'll have plenty of time on my hands to take on some more interesting things.
  7. HipMF

    Motorcycle thread?

    Trying to save up some money to solve my lack-of-shop-space issue permanently. Currently spending my weekends making delirious garnachas... Given the lack of space to do car stuff, I'm considering going back to bikes, since I could probably pull it off at work/my apartment. Thinking about reviving an old idea I had of taking a 250 "dual-sport" bike, making it into a street-tacker, then strapping a ninja 250 engine to it. Given my fabrication skills, this is something I think I could pull off without a large outlay of cash, and fits within my theme of taking things that no one is really passionate about and turning them into something that is just fast enough and sketchy enough to scare the bejeezus out of you. Basically a scaled down version of this: but it sounds like this: Or maybe I'll just keep cooking/find another hobby...
  8. HipMF

    ISO e36 M3 BBK

    Maybe I'm old, or maybe just logical, but here are my top 2 reasons for upgrading brakes: 1.) You've significantly increased the horsepower of the vehicle, and you drive in a manner that involves repeated full power accelerations and decelerations, which causes the stock brakes to overheat, resulting in brake fade. 2.) Everyone else is doing it.
  9. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    WIBoomers PSA. Maybe I'm late to the party, but it turns out I've been eating tacos wrong my whole life. I read about this technique in the Diana Kennedy book I'm going through, but couldn't quite visualize it based on the description. Did a quick search and found this demonstration (starts at 2:21, but I found the whole video entertaining):
  10. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    I'm fine with this. I understand why people hate it (looks like every Mercury Sable or or Buick Park Avenue that you you've ever seen), but I think it looks good on e30s. Maybe less so on an e36s... Bronzit + dove interior + turbo = maximum sleeper status
  11. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Pro-Active is in Sun Prairie. Oddly, Jason and I rarely seem to cross paths despite working blocks apart, although he did spot me pulling into Woodmans recently. We're an electronics company, but our management likes to toss us curve balls on a regular basis. Most of the mechanical stuff that I've done are things that are used in-house, particularly test fixtures for circuit boards. I call these things "prototypes" because they're all one-offs, and built on a tight budget. This is my latest creation: We charged our customer a mere $8k for this thing, and it was my project from beginning to end. It's a "functional test", which means that as long as the board does what it's supposed to, it's considered good-to-go. The customer supplied some circuit boards and schematics, and I had to figure out the rest. I do all the design work myself, using out-dated software, since it's what I know and costs nothing: I also machine the parts myself on a CNC router table that I bought off craigslist and sold to the company after I convinced the VP that it was something we needed. The picture shows the new table that I made (old table can be seen at far right; the PO used drywall screws to hold parts down to the table, I came up with a slightly better system). One of the guys in the engineering department is a "mechanical guy", who thankfully has Solidworks and some ability to use it. The other two that are left are software guys. It's a little sad that I'll have to pass the torch with the mechanical stuff, but being able to get back into electronics hardware is a great opportunity for me, since I feel that's really where my biggest aptitude is. Depending on who/when they hire for the manager position, I may have to take on more manger duties than I'd like to, but as I said before, the bar has been set pretty low, so even though I don't have any managing experience, I'm confident I can do a better job than the out-going manager.
  12. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    It's a small contract manufacturer for electronics called pro-active engineering. We are already subbing out some work to some of our customers who we do manufacturing for. I also learned recently that we've subbed design work out overseas as well. I would be starting at an entry level position. The other position they need to fill is the "manager" position. It probably sounds ridiculously cocky, but I'm fairly sure that I'll be running the department in a couple years. I've seen what goes on over there, and the bar has been set pretty low...
  13. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Currently between shop spaces, so nothing relevant to report. Taking advantage of the extra free time to focus on other things... like "authentic" Mexican cooking. Picked up a copy of "The Cuisines of Mexico" by Diana Kennedy who lived in Mexico off-and-on and was considered an authority on Mexican food back in the 70s. I feel like my Mexican game was already pretty strong, but I'm starting over with the basics. I made frijoles de olla (beans cooked in a pot) yesterday so that I'd have leftovers to make frijoles refritos (refried beans) today. Both turned out well. Also: Last week at work two people got fired from our engineering department (literally half the department). I have a meeting set up Thursday to discuss possibly leaving manufacturing and joining the engineering team. 👍
  14. HipMF

    Motorcycle thread?

    Nice! I've been meaning to ask if you ever did anything with it. Looks like you've been busy.