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  1. Not bad for a wisconsin car...? Also, would not buy. @GunMetalGrey You should be looking at e21s for that m21 powered e21 swap. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2289864687980995/
  2. I saw the VW listed elsewhere. I think he was only asking like $5500 for the car without the jet engine.
  3. Realistically though, a nice square body would be more practical for doing actual truck things. They exist here, but are either made of rust or gold.
  4. FYI, Datsun 620s still exist where you live. Not that an m21 would fit in there... Just that you should find one for me because none exist here.
  5. Stop that. Should really buy a truck, but have been considering another e34 or maybe an e28.
  6. Everyone talking about Valentine's Day when it's only the 137th of October... Wörm Dirges by Fleshpress
  7. Odd mix of signs as well. One says "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere", and the other one says "hippies use side door"...
  8. Funny shit. An old friend of mine used to live on 62nd, just off Lincoln... I don't remember seeing any black holes...
  9. This is for an e21. My engine is mounted really low, but I probably have about 4 inches of hood clearance, and that's to the intake, not the valve cover. I don't see any issues with rotating the trans, other than what Brian mentioned. Nothing worth losing sleep over.
  10. ☝️ This is why I keep coming back to this site.
  11. This is more or less what I was thinking. A year or two down the road a guy picks up an air tool figuring, "oh, I have a compressor, this will be perfect.", then realizes what he actually has is basically a 12v tire inflator pump with an 8-gallon tank on it. </rant>
  12. Bike pump? Compressed air is better than no compressed air, but I would apply the harbor freight rule here. Are you going to use it more than once? Then get a decent one. An air compressor takes up too much space to have one that's not quite good enough for what you need it for, but it still works so you keep hanging on to it forever... One of those cigarette lighter tire infiltrators should be good enough to find a boost leak, and then you can just throw it in the trunk...
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