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  1. I had a similar gig when I was going to tech school. They're super handy to have, but yeah, pretty spendy. Thankfully we have one at work that I can use.
  2. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Craptastic header mock-up v0.2 complete The PVC didn't work out as well as I thought it would. I couldn't get it to bend tight enough without kinking, or get a consistent radius bends. Regardless, I was able to figure out how to route things. There's not a lot of room on that side of the engine, but I was at least able to verify that I will be able to build something that will fit in the chassis. Still need to get flanges made, but I'm hoping to be able to start round 1 of header fab next weekend.
  3. HipMF

    m20 flywheels and clutches

    I saw those, and the price seems astonishingly low considering the work that must go into making them. It's still an option, but I was actually worried it would be too light and cause trans rattle at idle. Not the worst problem to have, but I'd still like to avoid it if possible.
  4. HipMF

    m20 flywheels and clutches

    That thread is 70 pages long 😒 I would just look up the part number for the flywheel on realoem, but I'd have to know what year/model to look at, and there is a lot of conflicting information about which cars were single-mass... Also, finish your car. Thanks.
  5. HipMF

    Head studs/bolts

    ARP vs grade 12.9 SHCS Go! (paging @snap)
  6. I thought this would be simple, but the internet can't seem to come to a consensus about this one. Looking for a single-mass m20 flywheel and clutch. ECS Tuning and Pelican Parts both can't seem to decide what part number is what, or which one comes from which application. Don't really care if it's OEM or aftermarket, but I'm looking for light-ish flywheel and clutch to hold ~250 ft-lbs that will give stock-ish feel without rattle. Please help.
  7. Woooow. Surprised I'm not the only one who remembers that. Also, friggin lasers. Too bad it can't cut metal. Just zipping out some cardboard to verify dimensions.
  8. repost. I kind of want it though to practice tuning on. Sure not paying $2k for that rust bucket though...
  9. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    Just put a sidecar on it quick.
  10. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    BFG Sport Comp 2s (Ultra High-Performance Summer) were getting it done this morning. Not enough accumulation on the road for hooning, but there were some icy spots that were a bit sketchy. May be getting new snows sooner rather than later.
  11. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    This could be an option, but I like to fab stuff, so I'll probably make my own. Also gives me the flexibility to mount the turbo where I want it (currently undecided).
  12. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    I'm assuming it will have to be custom, but I need to look into what others have done. I've heard you can take an M5x manifold and lop two cylinders off, but I'd still have to change the flange to run the Mitsubishi turbo.
  13. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Well, hello there. Not much do report. Did some moch-ups, tore down the old engine, and eye'd up the driveline. I want to take a 2nd look at it, but it looks like everything is pretty straight right now, so I may not be able to lift the engine up like I wanted to. I also didn't really want to do a top-mount, but it looks like the only place that makes sense in terms of packaging. Starting to have feelings of inadequacy related to the size of my turbo...
  14. My shopping list for the turbo project keeps getting longer, but I always opt-out from receiving marketing-related messages. Where the deals at? I read in another thread that Garagistic has a black Friday sale, so that's a start. I can't be the only one buying car parts this winter...