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  1. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    Finally picked up a 35mm f1.8 lens. Huge difference. Gave a reason to walk around aimlessly on a Wednesday night, so that was fun. Also trying to learn a little about composition and all that other fancy-pants stuff.
  2. HipMF

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    After washing: Scrubbing, Prep-All, and Simple Green all failed to take it off. Aggressive clay barring worked.
  3. HipMF

    2018 AutoX Events

    agreed. The M3 sounded sweet. Thanks for the tips. The last time I used the camera was at a show that I went to, so I had the ISO jacked up to 800 and autofocus set to AF-S. I just forgot to change it before I started snapping away. Noob mistake. Live and learn... Racing to the Bottom EP by RIBBONHEAD
  4. HipMF

    2018 AutoX Events

    Had to post this here, because it's cool, AND because I think it really illustrates what it's like to drive this car. After braking hard and hucking the car into a corner it's pretty neutral. The car rotates well, but both ends of the car feel like they have about the same grip (ie both sliding the same amount 🤣). If you're patient and wait for the exit, and then ease into the throttle gently as the grip returns, you can keep the car nice and composed. If you're less saintly, you get into the throttle too early, or too aggressively. The car tells you you've done it wrong by stepping out the rear just a little. I learned long ago that at this point, letting off or countersteering to stop the slide causes the car to regain traction suddenly, and you're left scrambling (with no power steering) to keep the car pointed in the right direction. So, you basically have no choice but to steer the car with the throttle. Less throttle, less rotation. More throttle, more rotation. Stepping out the rear like this in a car with 140 crank horsepower probably isn't the fastest way around the track, but it's a helluva lot of fun. 👍
  5. HipMF

    2018 AutoX Events

    Pics! I had some settings jacked up on my camera and didn't realize it. Also Fox Valley is less lax about just letting you walk around on the track to take pictures. Still managed to get a couple fun shots though. King of Lean e46. Mitch, driving that one guy's old car Mitch over-cooking a corner. Doing it properly this time. Austin? Dan. Brooke. And some inspiration For Matt Y, if he even comes around here... Good times.
  6. HipMF

    2018 AutoX Events

    Dan was trying to get a friendly wager going today. I don't think I can beat Mitch, but I'm pretty confident I won't be the slowest BMW, despite a lack of cylinders... it should be interesting...
  7. HipMF

    2018 AutoX Events

    Getting on the waitlist paid off. I'll be there too.
  8. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    It's a great day to be mildly hungover and lay in bed until 10. Bloody Mary would be super legit right now...
  9. Cheap, light, durable. Pick two. Probably not an ideal choice for a daily. I'm not really expecting to have any issues, but you hear stories...
  10. Winter mode: [ Off ] Now that it's July, I finally broke down and bought some actual summer tires and wheel so I can stop rolling around on worn-out snows. Installed the Bilstein Sports and lowering springs that I picked up from the junk yard for $90 a few years ago. Not as much drop as I was hoping for, but it's good enough for a daily. Ride is decent. Feels a little more connected to the road but without being too harsh.
  11. HipMF

    2018 AutoX Events

    Pics from today's autox: I stood in the same place the whole first heat, and then had responsibilities my other off-heat, but I managed to get a couple good shots. This guy actually had pretty clean runs most of the day, but gave me my best cone-slaying pics early in the first heat: Good times. Very happy with my car and driving for the day. Looking forward to the next one.
  12. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    I hardly spent any time shopping around so I'm not a great resource. The only thing I miss about my old point-and-shoot is the huge zoom range that it had (24-300mm). My DSLR came with a 18-55mm lens, which I think is pretty standard. You'll need a longer lens if you want to get a close-up of anything that's more that 20 or 30 feet away. For reference 50mm is considered the "standard" length where the perspective is most natural. Below that things start to have a wide-angle or fish-eye look, and above that things start to look overly "flat". Edit: This example shows the perspective difference more clearly because the size of the frame is kept the same. Everything in photography seems to be a trade-off... You can't seem to change anything without changing something else.
  13. HipMF

    So, what are you listening to?

    Just thought I'd say "hello" again. Hashtag - Grindcore, Noise, Abstract, Avantgarde, Drone, Experimental For the record, I bought this back in the day for the Pizurlaun "side", and it's fantastic. All of tracks can be found on the youtube if you search "Piz Urlaun". Check the views. So hipster.
  14. HipMF

    So, what are you listening to?

    Somewhat obscure metalcore band from the heydays of the genre. I've always been the type to listen to complete albums beginning-to-end, and this one is a good one IMO. Music is all about intervals. Beats and tempo are intervals in time. Notes are intervals in pitch. The thing that really impresses me is when a band is able to create an interval of emotion that carries the listener along with them. It's impressive to be able to really dial-in and perfect the expression of a single emotion, but to be able to create transitions and segues that are relatable to the audience and can take you from one place to another and back again that really makes for an interesting and meaningful listening experience.