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  1. I might have unintentionally turned a colleague on to Suzuki Burgmans.
  2. HipMF


    I did a 48(!) mile mini-adventure over to DeForest this morning to explore the fancy-pants bike path they have over there. The battery was still hanging on when I got back, but I'm pretty sure it was just about done. I'm obviously pedaling a fair amount, but my legs feel a lot fresher than they would if I tried something like that on my mountain bike. I've racked up about 270 miles on this thing over the past couple weeks. Mostly going to work and shopping trips, but a couple joy rides obviously. The small wheels make the bike really agile and nimble, but the ride quality definitely suffers. I tend to cruise at around 12 mph, and only really put the hammer down when there nice smooth pavement. Overall, I really like this thing. It's been a lot of fun to cruise around on and suits my needs really well. I did have some quality issues out-of-the-box though. UPS had obviously had their way with it. The battery was just laying loose in the bottom of the box. On my 2nd ride, I had it pop off of the bike and go skidding across the asphalt. The source of the problem turned out to be some loose hardware in the battery holder. That's fixed, but I still have a few wraps of electrical tape on there as cheap insurance. Looks a bit janky. There's also a tolerance issue between the front sprocket and crank spider which made getting the chain tension dialed in pretty difficult. Nothing too major IMO, but it would be nice not to have to deal with these kind of things on a brand new bike. I've heard that Propella's customer service is good, so I could probably go back to them, but so far I haven't bothered.
  3. HipMF


    I haven't run it dead yet, but it should be about 25 miles. Range depends a lot on how much effort you put in to pedaling and how fast you want to go. My longest round trip so far was 20 miles and the battery indicator was still at 80% (skeptical of that...), but I was putt-putting along at 12ish mph. Top speed on the motor is 16-18 mph.
  4. HipMF


    I bought an small e-bike, primarily for commuting to work without getting all sweaty. I needed something small, because I live on the 2nd floor and have no desire to haul an 80 pound bike up and down the stairs. My commute is 4 miles. Traffic is intense.
  5. Yeah. Not something I've tried before. This was the only other one out of 20-something that was I even close to nailing. The Le Man's prototype about to devour some actually vintage 2-liter cars is amusing to me.
  6. Wasn't really feeling it today, but still managed to get a couple decent photos. I was surprised by how hard it is to get those panning shots.
  7. I`ve spent a fair amount of time and brake pads getting the fuel dialed. I suspect the heat issue is due to inadequate timing, but you really need a dyno to tune the timing at lower loads. Also (aside from the PCV...) need to get a weaker wastegate spring and wire/plumb some boost control, but this thread is supposed to be about why Earl hasn't touched his project, not about mine... #vintage2023
  8. Buying a car out-of-state... Any advice? I've been casually looking for a 1st gen (2003-2012) Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon for a while now. The world being what it is, prices are all over the place. The trucks I've seen are either $2-4k rust buckets, or decent condition, but $12K. Hardly any middle ground to be found. Maybe it's me, but I can't bring myself to pay 5 digits for a decade-or-two old, base model rust belt vehicle. How does one go about buying a vehicle out-of-state? Is it even worth the hassle for something in the $6-10k range?
  9. First good evening rainstorm to top off a hot and humid day. Hope yall weren't inside with the AC on. Weak shot from my balcony, but it's better than nothing.
  10. Colors. (Tried to edit, but couldn't figure out which one of screens was lying to me, so I just cropped the jpeg from the camera.)
  11. I have considered that. Last time I took it for a long drive (highway miles) in hot weather, it was on the verge of overheating. Not sure if that means the 318is radiator is inadequate, or if it's tune related. Regardless, at a minimum I would need to get the PCV situation figured out before I would feel like I could put it on a dyno without it being an embarrassment. But yeah, there's also that issue of trusting other people enough to let them touch my stuff and violating my DIY ethic... Besides that, there are high-level artistic reasons for letting it stall. The progress on the car is meant to parallel my progress in life, but the car has gotten a bit ahead of me. There's work I need to do in other areas before I can really focus on the car again.
  12. I had to move my car because they were power washing the underground parking area. First time it's moved in many months. Much feels. Should really get that thing sorted so I could actually start using/enjoying it. It's a pretty neat car.
  13. Knew I recognized that baseline...
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