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  1. HipMF

    Name Change

    I've never used the search much because I'm used to just navigating to what I need. Now that they've moved everything, I can't find it anymore, so I'll have to start doing this more. I already use win+r to start a lot of programs though. I even have a folder in my path with .bat files in it that I use to start my most commonly used programs. (browser, ERP, CAM software, etc) I stopped putting anything that I need on the desktop because it's always covered with windows. The desktop to me seems like a relic from a time before multi-tasking. The only time you ever see it is when everything else is closed.
  2. HipMF

    Name Change

    Too close to home. We're migrating to windows 10 at work, and I feel like I need to take a class or something.
  3. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Overboost protection works. Turns out the wastegate actuator that I ordered was the 1-bar unit, not the 8 psi version. Whoops. Turbo makes the car go faster. It's fun. That is all.
  4. HipMF

    So, what are you listening to?

    Admittedly, I made a roll eyes at the words "trap nation". Did a listen and it weren't so bad. Good example of a vocal makes better of a song despite it's trappings (har har). Here's anuder Juan (soz, into is long). bonus BMW water pump iconography.
  5. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Feel free to stop by. I'm usually there mid-day Thursday through early Saturday. I spend most of my time at their swap spot, napping/sobering up/day drinking, just SE of the tower. Occasionally I actually walk some swap...
  6. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Oil leak turned out to be a missing o-ring on the cam position sensor, so that was an easy fix. Went out to do some tuning and the O2 controller promptly shat itself. Reading full lean 100% of the time. The status LEDs indicates that it's stuck in warm up mode. Tried a different sensor but got the same results. Sensor does not heat up; I'm assuming the controller (AEM Yu-Gi-Oh) is DOA. Would take it apart to troubleshoot, but the case is heat-staked together. Maybe it's because my background is in electronics manufacturing, but I'm always surprised by how shitty the quality/yield is on aftermarket automotive stuff. 😕 Since I couldn't really do any driving/tuning without a wideband, I pulled the engine harness again to fix some stuff I boogered together at the 11th hour. Also re-torqued the head studs. Glad I did, because I was able to get ~1/16th turn on most of them. After missing the picnic, my next goal was to be able to get the car to Iola (next weekend) to show the guys I hang out with up there. Still plausible I guess, but not the position I was hoping to be in as far as drivability goes...
  7. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Thanks. The intercooler is mostly below the radiator. The plan is to extend the front valance down and build some ducting to bring fresh air from the front of the car, under the radiator. Here's a pic from a couple pages back:
  8. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    The car made it's first boosty noises this weekend. The s.w.a.g. method that I used to build the timing and fuel tables worked well and the car seems to be running great. However, I'm getting some stray voltage on the chassis start/run bus which is causing the engine to continue running after the key is turned off. Also have a small oil leak that I haven't located yet, but appears to be coming from the lower engine area. 😑 I haven't driven it much yet other than some test runs up and down the dead-end road in front of the shop, but it's been quite amusing so far.
  9. novel https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/d/madison-jdm-2jz-gte-toyota-aristo-4/6906703009.html
  10. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    No burnout vids, but this car did run yesterday. Haven't really had the time or the headspace to put together any decent posts. Took a while to get the trigger settings figured out, and I had two wires swapped on 3 out of 4 coils. After fixing that it fired up without much trouble. It's strange to think about, but aside from not being tuned and some janky vacuum plumbing, it's pretty much a functional car at this point. Hopefully the clutch works....
  11. misplaced passion, lol. I have a folder on my PC at home called "short bus" for things like this.
  12. HipMF

    Official Vanity Plate Thread

    Spotted Charlie Parker near Fox River Mall. Wouldn't have guessed that he would drive a Kia, or be alive for that matter.... Expertly cropped to keep the TransCameroBird in frame. He's in the right lane because he's heading back to Menasha.
  13. HipMF

    So, what are you listening to?

    I guess I'll throw in a chaser this time in case you need something to wash the bad taste out of your mouth.
  14. HipMF

    So, what are you listening to?

    Was going to stop shitposting here, but you really set me up for this one.
  15. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    I thought about doing that, but you'll probably have do something with the oil pan as it will sit lower on the driver's side which puts it even lower (already the lowest point on the car). Also means the pickup isn't the lowest point in the pan, which isn't ideal. I'd probably fabricate a custom lower oil pan if I went that route, depending on how far you plan to rotate it.