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  1. I almost got kicked out of the car at lunch today for making fun of Guns 'n Roses. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facts nearly lost to history: Two of Jefferson Airplane's biggest hits, "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love" were actually songs that Grace Slick "carried with her" (aka lifted) from her previous band The Great Society.
  2. Our UPS driver at work likes to do music trivia with our materials team. On tuesday he played "it's my life" by talk talk on his phone and gave them a multiple choice to guess who it was by. Our materials team isn't so musically inclined, so no one got it right. The he asked "What 90's band covered this song". Somehow, I managed to pull this one out of my ass. Even though I've heard both versions, I don't think I've ever realized that the No Doubt version was a cover... Unrelated? I've recently been digging into some early punk/goth stuff. Like the dance/ska tunes shown above, it's often dominated melodically by the bass line as opposed to the guitar parts...
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to check on the battery. It cranked for a long time, but has always seemed a little sluggish.
  4. Already tried that actually. Anyways... False alarm. With a fresh charge on the battery, the car sputtered to life in a big cloud of smoke this morning. Somehow over the course of my messing around with it it got flooded pretty badly. After the car started the IAT sensor went back to reading normally. I'm still going to try to pick up a spare MAF just in case.
  5. Pulled the car into underground parking Sunday night, no issues. Tried to start the car Monday morning. Popped once like it was going to start, then nothing. On subsequent attempts it would occasionally would pop once right when it starts cranking, but that's it. Pulled plugs and they weren't wet. Verified spark. Tried to verify fuel pressure without hosing fuel all over the basement. Pump was getting voltage, but wasn't making noise or vibrating, so was assumed to be bad. Replaced fuel pump. Still no start. Not a single pop or sputter. Pulled plugs again and they're soaked. Dried them out with a torch. Now while cranking it will fire here and there if the pedal is to the floor, but won't start. Plugged in OBD scanner to verify that I'm getting a sane signal from the MAF, which I am. However I'm getting intake air temperature of 200F or more. IAT sensor appears to be working when tested with an ohm meter and a hair dryer. I tried disconnecting the IAT sensor, and replacing it with various size resistors, but the OBD still says 180-210F. Bad wiring? Or Is it getting this data from the MAF? Any other ideas? What am I missing here? Seems very strange that it would run with no issues one day, and then be a useless turd the next day...
  6. Nice festoon lighting. If worshiping at the church of the flaming bushing isn't your style, and you're not in a rush to get started, I could send you the subframe bushing puller that I made:
  7. Mine have been on for a couple weeks. Felt a bit weird putting them on because it was 60+ degrees that weekend, but it turned out to be the right move.
  8. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    I don't think vintage CD players will ever really be a thing given that CD is still the mainstream physical medium for music distribution. Besides that they're all made of plastic which has a tendency to get brittle as it ages, so they're difficult to keep running after 20 or 30 years. Analog output is required in my case because my amp doesn't have digital in. Digital interconnects are nice, but the signal degradation that happens on a 3ft interconnect cable is pretty negligible. Unless the NAD starts behaving nicely, I'll probably be getting a new CD player.
  9. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Shop life is tking a different turn this year... I bought this thing off ebay back in the early 2000s to replace my 1980s Magnavox CD player. The backlight was burnt out, so I got a killer deal on it. I think I payed something like 20-30 dollars for it + shipping. I wasn't expecting much of a difference, because digital is digital. A CD player is a CD player right? Wrong. This thing made way more of a difference than any other component I've ever added to my audio system. Fast forward to now. The loading mechanism on this thing crapped out about 5 years ago and I've been getting by just fine without it. The NAD has been relegated to collecting dust in my storage unit. Recently I've been working on building an audio amp to get myself back in the swing of things since my career trajectory has me pointed towards electrical engineering. I haven't finished that project yet, but when I do get it it done I want to make sure I have a good source to drive it from to make sure it sounds good. So...naturally, I've dug the NAD out of storage. Turns out it just needs some cleaning and a fresh coat of grease and possibly a new belt to fix the loading mechanism. However... What I wasn't expecting, again, somehow, Is just how damn good this thing sounds. I hate to start spouting adjectives, because as an engineering-minded person I feel like the audiophile world is full of subjectivism and pseudoscience, but damn. Compared to playing CDs on a PS3, this thing is next level, despite being 25 years old. The separation between the different voices and instruments is the biggest difference to me. Everything seems to be presented in front of a inky curtain of blackness. I attribute this to a lack of noise and low distortion, but currently, I don't have the tools to measure this. Another thing I'm working on...
  10. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    I bagged them up and they are in my bedroom closet. Safe and sound.
  11. HipMF

    Shop Life 2.0

    Went up to storage to grab some stuff I needed/put snows on the compact/winterize the e21. I've been wondering for a while how the e21 would look on 13s now that the suspension and flares are "done". I find it quite novel. I could see going back to them if I even manage to keep the car running long enough to wear out the RS4s.
  12. Thanks @straight6pwr I think I've used the exposure compensation before. I know I've read the section of the manual about the AE button, but it sounded too complicated to me. I usually just look at the shutter speed in the viewfinder while in aperture priority, then switch to manual and adjust it from there. I can see the advantage of letting the camera get it dialed versus the guess and check method though, so I may have to give those features another try.
  13. What have you tried so far? This is a fairly common problem on these cars. Mine did it randomly every month or two. The interweb says that the brake switch on the pedal is the most likely cause.
  14. HipMF

    ‘91 E30

    All those driven wheels though...
  15. Where is that? It looks quite dry.
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