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  1. HipMF

    E30 Picnic 2018

    Nice! Appletown crew made it home safely, despite a few finger-tight fasteners that got overlooked... Was a good meet, as always. Thanks to Badger Bimmers for hosting.
  2. HipMF

    Joined the Club Today

    Better you than me? Good luck. I'd suggest getting the car running and driving as quickly as possible, and worry about everything else later. Obviously the rest of "the club" has been there and knows the dangers of mission creep and subsequently getting overwhelmed/loosing motivation. Plus, you're in my spot dude. 😄
  3. HipMF

    So, what are you listening to?

    Saw these guys last night. Great show. False Pleasure [EP] by Coordinated Suicides
  4. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    Option 1, but Surfin' Bird.
  5. Nice looking TI for $1800... Desirable color combo too. Almost flip-able based on some of the ridiculous prices I've seen... https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/1995-bmw-318ti/6589707471.html
  6. HipMF

    E34 Partout

    Can you swap ring gears and put it in your current case? I'll give you $100 if no one else wants it.
  7. HipMF

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Ben is still confused at the moment, but when he get it, it will be like:
  8. HipMF

    Fender Flare Welting

    Maybe a craft store, or upholstery shop? Horse tack supplier? Good luck with that one..
  9. HipMF

    E34 Partout

    Not likely, but that would definitely be worth saving if it was. Selling the ECU (assuming it's an m50 car...)? Not sure what I'm going to do with my e34, but I'd feel better about selling it if the fuel pump didn't cut out occasionally for no apparent reason...
  10. HipMF

    1991 E30 M52, Yes im serious.

    That was really bad. Also, I was just hoping to buy the car now and sell it back to him in a couple years when he comes to his senses (with a few dollars tacked on for "storage fees"...)
  11. HipMF

    1991 E30 M52, Yes im serious.

    considering it... ad on rev makes no mention of heli-coils...
  12. HipMF

    E30 Picnic 2018

    Way to be optimistic! I did put a few more miles on my car. 90% sure it will make it there and back, and if not, it will be a good story.
  13. The 90's were a bad time for car culture... 20 years from now all these stanced cars will elicit same the disgust, groans and "what were they thinking?" comments. I guess we were all young once though. Imitation and jumping on the bandwagon doesn't get you far. If you lack actual inspiration it's better to build your car towards some functional objective and let the form follow suit. God dammit, I sound old!
  14. HipMF

    So, what are you listening to?

    It's 2018 and I just discovered PJ Harvey.
  15. 95 Lexus SC300 Viper swap - $4000 "Still needs a few things to run." 🤣 http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/pts/d/95-lexus-sc300-viper-swap/6575210836.html
  16. HipMF

    Plate Blockers

  17. HipMF

    E30 Picnic 2018

    I'm planning on being there in a BMW of some sort... I've got maybe 4 or 5 miles on the e21 since re-assembly. Will hopefully have everything mostly safe and road-legal next weekend so I can put some shakedown miles on it. Next choice would be the compact. If that breaks down, I still have the e34, but the reg-o is expired... Currently the plan would be to roll down with the Appleton crew (if there is one...) and then meet up with the MKE crew for the final cruise to the meet. Edit: If there's anyone else that's interested in meeting up in Appleton for the cruise down, let me know. Our shop is right off 41(close to a Kwik Trip, and 3 miles away from e85😀) so it's as good a meeting place as any...
  18. HipMF

    Lifted E30 V2

    This past weekend I tried to get a video of the sweet smoke-rings that this thing blows. There was a lot of smoke, but no smoke-rings. Troubleshooting that I saw involved re-bleeding the fuel system and not much else. Waiting on the sage wisdom of a diesel elder... 18 days and 14 hours remaining until e30 picnic begins...
  19. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    FYI: SpeedyMetals (despite their amazing jingle) has completely lost their minds. Was going to order some stuff, but I can literally buy it at fleet farm/home depot/etc for the same price (or less?! o_O) . Very disappointed...
  20. Speaking of e12s... damn. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/1977-bmw-530i-4speed-e12/6544087032.html
  21. That's an unusual color. Too bad about the damage... https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/6564161245.html
  22. HipMF

    chit chat thread

    Unless you made 7 and sold the other 6 for $90 each...
  23. HipMF

    What is your ideal build?

    Pretty much this: The guy actually put a feeler out for the car on facebook a couple years ago for $20k... https://www.facebook.com/groups/E21Legion/permalink/10154473400971757/?sale_post_id=10154473400971757
  24. HipMF

    Lifted E30 V2

    Is this Dave Matthews?