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  1. In non-absurd news, I got some new headphones today (Sony MDR-7506). I don't usually buy many sony products, but thought I'd give 'em a whirl. The department I work in now (my title officially changed to "electrical engineer" last week, whatever that's worth...) is super quiet 90% of the time, but we have one guy who (amongst other annoyances), feels the need to speak three times louder than normal when he's excited about something. I needed something to help me maintain sanity when he gets in to a 45-minute conversation with the 70-year-old maintenance guy about custom-built RFID garage door openers/the best snowblower ever built (throws snow 60+ feet!)/chainsaws that cut concrete/Edison batteries (it's a conspiracy!)/etc. So i needed a closed-back headphone to replace my old go-to Grado SR-60e's. Despite reviews to the contrary, I find the bass to be excessive, although I agree with the reviews that the treble is accentuated. Lately I've been digging into some dark techno stuff, and they work great for that, but overall I prefer my old grados. Much "smoother" sounding IMO, but I wouldn't fault anyone for preferring one over the other.
  2. also, what's the plural of kolsch?
  3. I don't have a basement, but I have the internet. Why is the internet? I don't even.
  4. The brochures are nice, but a good set set of picks is super nice to have around too. Definitely a tool that you wouldn't necessarily think to buy, but comes in handy more often than you would guess.
  5. I want that. Currently creating a word doc titled "sweet lemons" where I list all of things that could be wrong with it and why it's probably a bad idea to even go look at it.
  6. triggered made the mistake of clicking on a suggested video; worst photoshop ever (amongst other things...)
  7. I was secretly hoping to cause some domestic conflict w/ whether this wood or wood not be allowed to to be hung up, but you having a shop took a little of the fun out of it. Regardless, it's always fun to use the cnc at work for projects where tolerances don't matter. The key part is soft maple and the handle is "Peruvian Walnut", where "Peruvian" means imported and "Walnut" means brown; aka imported brown wood.
  8. Definitely an option. Could take that out to 191. Or this:
  9. I emailed them, but they haven't gotten back to me. I'll give them a call after the holidays, but I'm leaning more towards just renting a dual sport/adventure touring bike and putt-putting around Arizona for a few days. Not as much fun, but ~1/4 the cost.
  10. Third Coast music scene was 🔥🔥 back in the 90s
  11. Anyone interested is stepping out for a bit come Feb/Mar? It's easier to get good pricing if you have a group.. http://admo-tours.info/off-road/ This is one of the more difficult tours as far as I can tell... costs ~$1k/day all inclusive
  12. Got my gift shipped out this morning. Hope you enjoy novelty. Finally opened my gift. A sweet poster from BMW CCA: This race was a little before my time, but thanks to the interwebs we're able to enjoy it anyway. Anything with Steve Evans announcing certainly takes me back. Can't wait until next year to get out to some races to smell race fuel and enjoy the sunshine.
  13. HipMF


    I spent my formative years on a BMX bike. Was very reluctant to transition to mountain bikes, but finally bought one in 2000. Diamondback x2. Not my pic, but this was the bike: Destroyed the wheels straight away. Upgraded those. It was never a great bike, but I kept the cycles of abuse and repair going. Did some Wisconsin trails back in the day. Mostly Baird Creek in Green Bay. Ended up at the shop for a while... Ben before he went pro: The rear suspension was pretty trashed, and I'm out of shape, so I switched out the frame for an early 2000s Gary Fischer Marlin hardtail. Still the original fork, handlebars, crank arms, rear derailleur, brakes... that's about it. Mostly a city bike these days. Brian: I've been to Camrock a couple of times, but I don't get why people seem to like it so much. Quarry Ridge is more fun IMO.
  14. Attempting to undermine democracy. Thankfully the courts have been throwing things out as fast as they come. The thing that disheartened me about this particular case was that a significant portion of congress-critters had signed on to it. I'm further disheartened by the fact the electorate that put those congress-critters in place is probably angry that they're not doing more to undermine the election. Sorry to say that all of the things we're experiencing in 2020 were predicted way back in the mid 50's. We're a society who's way of life is dependent on fossil fuels. Everything we buy takes energy to make, and that energy comes from fossil fuels. When the price of fuel goes up, the price of everything we buy goes up with it. Because fossil fuels are a finite resource, the production of them will naturally follow a bell-shaped curve. The more we use them, the higher demand and production goes. The highest point on the bell curve is when production hits it's peak, and if the curve is symmetrical, that's also when 50% of the resource has been consumed. We're not there yet. We're at the point where the 2nd derivative goes from positive to negative. Growth (aka the slope) is is still positive, but the change in grown has gone from positive to negative. Fooled by the explosive and amazing growth of the past couple hundred years, we figure there's nowhere to go but up. Well, no, not actually. Things will continue to get better, but not in way that they did in the past. Importantly, the people that will be affected first and most severely will be the people on the margins. The Arab Spring is conjectured to have been started by a rise in food prices. Nitrogen fertilizers are produced using natural gas. Tractors run on diesel. When the price of fuel goes up, the price of food goes up. When people who are accustomed to a particular lifestyle find that they can't afford to live that lifestyle anymore, they get angry and the target of their anger often happens to be their government. This is exactly what is happening now with the "rural" and "uneducated" parts of America. They are being squeezed by stagnant incomes, fewer opportunities and rising costs and are lashing out.
  15. In lighter news... Did rear brakes today. Passenger side went smooth. Drivers side had at least 1/4" more pad left than the other side which seemed odd, but whatever... Then I couldn't get the new pads to fit in the caliper. Spent a good 20 minutes trying and was starting to wonder if I'm actually mentally handicapped and everyone has just been too nice to say anything. The jury is still out on that, but the conclusion that I've come to is that the drivers-side caliper has been replaced and is the wrong caliper for a '94.
  16. Lookin' at you 7th district... https://www.texastribune.org/2020/12/11/texas-lawsuit-supreme-court-election-results/ I know politics is a sensitive subject and that some people are going to get their undies in a bundle, but seriously. Please stop. As an older person, I'd love to get on board with conservatives, but your political party is currently full of wack jobs. Elections aren't decided by the courts or the legislature, they're decided by voters. If you change that, then it's not democracy.
  17. Motorcycle guys used to call them "bird strainers" back in the day. The engineer in me feels they'd function better on inlet side of the stack where air velocity would be lower though... https://www.mcmaster.com/mesh/stainless-steel-wire-cloth-9/ Browsing around a bit, it looks like the "open area" on a mesh like that is maybe 50-60%? All the effort of going through the swap is going to be a bit disappointing if you're limited to the equivalent of 50-60% throttle opening.
  18. Honored that after all of these months, they still haven't forgotten about me. ECSTuning = clutch. Looking forward to having a mechanically sound vehicle. Hopefully it will live up to the expectations that I have for a 25 year old POS daily driver.
  19. Already received a package. Waiting at least until I get my gift shipped out before I open it.
  20. Huzzah! Is the pandemic over yet? ;_;
  21. I don't know if I'd trust a bidder named "aimbot", lol.
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