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  1. 94.5k In the spring this car will need new pads and rotors so I am going to upgrade to 335i brakes. Why am I doing this on a daily driver that doesn't need it? The rotors somehow cost the same and the pad selection is much better, front calipers are aluminum so they're basically the same weight and don't rust, the calipers were cheap, I think the 328 brakes look tiny behind my summer wheels, and most importantly I can't leave anything alone. I found a guy parting out a few newer BMW's down near the IL border and snagged the calipers/carriers and front dust shields off a wrecked 335i vert he had. It wasn't too fun pulling them off in the snow, but getting everything I needed in one trip for fairly cheap made it worth it. The plan is to rebuild/paint the calipers over the winter, and then install everything once I don't need to run the snow tires anymore (as 16's will no longer fit).
  2. Oh! My bad! Find a street parked Mini (the actually small original kind)
  3. I did some looking and I think they are LM081 and LM082, which would mean 5x114.3 Not that I have 2k to spend on wheels, but those would look extra nice on the e91
  4. Found some on Angel's Crest in CA!
  5. Sorry! I haven't had a chance to get to my garage yet... I was out of town again this weekend. I will try to take a look Wednesday after work!
  6. Cheap e34 540i 6-speed! A bit rough though https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/franklin-park-e34-540i-speed-manual/7046247783.html
  7. Those look almost as orange as the construction barrel, I'm inclined to say yes...
  8. No colored wheels or ///Motorways but I did find a daytona violet design edition e30 touring!
  9. Good to know! Id rather not spend $80 replacing something I dont even use...
  10. 93.5k Oil changed. It has also developed a significant washer fluid leak at the very front left corner of the car. I am assuming its leaking from the headlight washer but have yet to investigate further.
  11. Nice car!! I think the e91 LCI tourings are some of the best looking BMW's in recent years, though I am a little biased haha. So happy with mine, you'll love it!
  12. I might have the set from my car (sensors worked as far as I know), Ill be able to check after the new year if you dont have some by then
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