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  1. Welcome! That is so awesome!! Would love to see more, looks like an extremely clean car too
  2. I'm using an 0w40 synthetic to take advantage of quick flowing oil during cold starts and adequate viscosity where temperatures get higher. Will probably switch to 5w50 in the summer since I prefer to have the windows open vs run the AC.
  3. m42b32


    Forgot to post up this one: I picked up this 2011 specialized P.2 dirt jump bike with some upgrades a few years ago for goofing around when I lived downtown. I don't really ride it much anymore but I figure I'll hang onto it if the local clubs ever build the pump tracks they've been talking about at the local trails.
  4. m42b32


    I'm looking to put up a rack like this in my basement, I need to come up with something better than 'bikes all over the place'. It's hard to tell, is that something off the shelf or just some 2x4s and hooks from the hardware store? I'd like something that I can slide the hooks back and forth to pack bikes together when I'm not riding them.
  5. That's such a bummer on the drywall, so many joints to tape... hopefully its all going smoothly! Mine is going pretty well all things considered! We finally finished our Kitchen remodel and it came out great, though I didn't do a majority of the work on it, just the demo, flooring, and some painting. Its nice to have a stove again haha. In the rest of the house we've put down about 1100sq*ft of flooring, re-trimmed most of the house, painted the windows and remaining existing trim white (from dark oak), painted most of the ceilings and walls, replaced every outlet/switch and replaced or refinished the ceiling fans and light fixtures, and re-doing the stairway from carpet to wood. That's "phase 1", and I'd say it's about 95% done, no longer feels like we are living in a construction zone which is awesome. Next up is the master bathroom (likely hiring that one out), half bath, dining room, and laundry room... THEN I can start on the basement lol. Feels like I am moving slowly, but between constant backorders of cabinets/appliances/materials this past year and not being a professional I've accepted that this is going to take somewhere between another year and the rest of my life. Welcome to WIBASEMENTS, coming soon to HGTV!
  6. That looks fantastic!! Gets me excited to start working on my basement eventually
  7. I barely touched my cars this year and didn't auto-x at all (I signed up for 3 and had to cancel on all of them), though I did drive the e30 quite a bit. Buying a house and renovating almost the entire thing has been the main culprit for the lack of car things though, it's been all consuming...
  8. I like this, interested to see!
  9. Duh! I'm a bit biased but space gray looks fantastic even when its super dirty, and an e91 msport is rare in any configuration. In my opinion, travelling for the right car (not necessarily that one) is worth it as it opens up lots more options, I went to New Mexico for mine for example. Though that's not as easy with the pandemic at the moment... just shoot me a text if/when you want to! Could help you decide if an e91 is ultimately what you want or not!
  10. You're welcome! Glad you like it! I was trying to think of the most useful tool I always forget about and a nice set of picks is definitely the answer. I picked (heh) up the same set of those Milwaukee ones not too long ago and they're amazing, have yet to damage one unlike my old craftsman set that have been destroyed, enjoy!
  11. Its got a bit higher mileage than you were looking for, but this 2012 rwd/m-sport is still available https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/292893695235206/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined My 2 cents on an e91: From what I've read while I was searching (I haven't driven an xdrive to confirm this), the xdrive cars handle noticeably worse than their RWD counterparts. You are welcome to take mine for a spin to compare while the other one is still fresh in your mind, it's rwd/sport/auto with 102k and basically stock (aside from the exhaust and a euro intake) for reference. It still has the original suspension and on soft snow tires so its probably not the best example ever, but gives you a decent idea. With decent summer tires, I think the rwd/sport combo handles really well and is also surprisingly comfortable for long drives. I've had zero regrets with it so far, typical BMW issues aside. The extra space and practicality of the wagon is worth the price premium and weight tradeoff in my opinion.
  12. Hey Guys, unfortunately the crack on my rear 225M is too bad to safely repair and I've had zero luck finding a replacement without buying a new one from the dealer. If anyone comes across a clean/reasonably priced set of staggered (19x8.5 and 19x9) style 351M wheels from an F10 Msport in the Milwaukee area let me know, looking to buy a set before the spring. They look fantastic on E91's in my opinion.
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