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  1. I'm looking forward to this, should be a good time!!
  2. m42b32

    A 1997 e36 M3 that I shouldn't have bought :/

    Nice!! Looks like it will be a fun project, get it running nice and daily it!
  3. m42b32

    Another daily driver thread: E34 525i

    Considering the condition, mileage, and lack of rust I'd say that's not a bad deal!
  4. Didn't know they were pulling that much, good to know!
  5. m42b32

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Yup! That's basically what I'm doing with mine, except instead of modifying the dead panel to function as a button I found a euro switch with a rear fog button for like $8 from the same place I'm getting the intake box from. The switch is the wrong one for a car with xenons/rain sensor/etc. and doesn't have the aluminum trim on the knob, so I'm going to swap over the rear fog button (and the white piece behind it that people substitute with a lego/wire nut/etc) into my original switch.
  6. Its a cool car, but 30k seems pretty high up there to me
  7. m42b32

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    76k Why do I even try to tell myself this lie... Got a deal on some AFE catless midpipes (ceramic coated too) to turn up the BMW performance exhaust a bit, and have a euro-market air intake box and European headlight switch (enables rear fogs, for maximum euro-ness) on the way from eastern Europe. Looking forward to digging into this! I'll also be taking this to the RA autocross on the 23rd, should be a good time
  8. m42b32

    Fall colors meet/cruise

    The 6th works for me! I'm in! Definitely interested in a post-cruise bonfire/hangout as well
  9. m42b32

    1999 M3 daily driver running log

    Nothing thankfully haha, I was commenting on the fact that I no longer have a BMW with a manual transmission to drive (at the moment) since the wagon is auto. Hopefully withdrawal doesn't set in too quickly...
  10. m42b32

    1999 M3 daily driver running log

    Sold the car Saturday morning, got what I wanted for it but definitely going to miss it. Currently don't have a functioning manual BMW to drive, so its time to buckle down and get the e30 done so I can start driving it as soon as the snow melts in the spring!
  11. Car is sold, bought by a nice guy in the area who is planning to do all the bodywork and get it nicely cleaned up, glad it went to a good home
  12. The S42 is arguably my favorite bmw engine! Jump to 0:40 to skip the intro, after that is some glorious engine sounds!
  13. @wasnt m3 I really appreciate the offer, you guys are awesome, unfortunately storage is only half the problem, the other half being financial like Rich said. I definitely agree with the 'never sell an M car' philosophy because the good ones are only getting more expensive and harder to find. Apparently my car is one of 62, and if it were rust free it would be incredibly stupid of me to sell it... unfortunately, it has been a WI car all its life, has seen a number of winters, and although it is in excellent mechanical condition the rust isn't going anywhere easily. While it's always possible to go through and repair things back to new, it's just sadly not something I see myself doing in the next 5+ years.
  14. I was wondering the same thing! I re-read the description and here is a comment on that in the little blurb on its history at the bottom: "The FIA - ST all new regulations would be based on 4 or 5 door saloon cars with 4 cylinders and 2.0 liter engines with a minimum production run of 20,000 units per year. Though the mechanical components would be relatively free of restrictions, the bodywork would be based on the road cars in its material and design."
  15. http://www.artandrevs.com/car.php?id=568 The stuff of dreams!!