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  1. Damn, that looks fantastic!
  2. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2407389-Diagnosing-the-Symptoms-of-a-Bad-Engine-Ground ^ Another quick thing to check out if you haven't already. I'd imagine any high resistance connections between the battery and distribution block could cause similar issues as well, as you wouldn't be getting the full battery voltage anywhere beyond that point.
  3. Possibly a grounding issue? I have a bad ground on my temp gauges at the moment and they bounce around quite a bit. I'd take a look at the engine ground strap. Not sure if that would cause it to die, but with the gauges bouncing around that is my first thought.
  4. New ride height looks perfect! Speaking from experience, the farter away from the city you can be the better. You'll find much bigger options for a lot less money if you can be out of the Milwaukee metro area. Small shop spaces like two car garages and such where wrenching is allowed are out there but it takes some searching. I found all three of my rental garages through craigslist, so that or marketplace is probably the best bet (if you can wade through all the crap on there).
  5. I wouldn't say unkillable, they're still a BMW after all lol! I'd say you made the right choice, LCI is the way to go in my opinion over pre and the black headliner on an Msport is a big bonus too
  6. Love it! A manual n52 would be the perfect daily driver. Arguably the most reliable modern BMW.
  7. A few pictures from this weekend, weather was perfect!
  8. That looks amazing! Those seats are perfect in an e30
  9. From the DMV website: "Vehicles kept in the following seven counties of southeastern Wisconsin are subject to emissions testing: Sheboygan, Washington, Ozaukee, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha"
  10. That looks awesome! 18's?
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/505457490575470?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A90b7355d-2ad6-4f7f-a22b-c0b58322c3ec Pretty clean e21 project
  12. 158.7k I've been having some odd noises coming from the steering while turning the wheel towards full lock while parking, so I pulled the front struts to re-grease the strut mounts to see if that helps at all. While I was in there I removed the fixed camber plates and added e90 drop hats. I had always heard they were a direct drop in, but once the whole stack with the top mount and various washers were installed there wasn't full thread engagement on the top nut. I ground down the tapered washer piece on the top hat to reduce the thickness and end up with a flat mounting surface like the factory mount, but I forgot to take a picture. This is the part I'm referring to, I shaved it down by about half. It is a steel insert and still had more thickness left than the original e30 top hat so it should still be more than strong enough. With the added drop hats and removed fixed camber plates (add another 5mm or so to the front ride height), the stance is so much better. It could still be a bit lower all around, but for now this is perfect. All cleaned up for the picnic! The z3 rack is now leaking quite a bit from both sides, so I am going to give rebuilding it (or a core if I can find one) a shot at some point in the near future. I found this thread: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2153710-DIY-How-to-rebuild-your-Z3-short-ratio-rack-and-pinion. And this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9drVXzCOuM) that are quite helpful. Seems like a tedious job but not impossible to do at home. Saving here for reference. I changed the oil a few weeks ago too.
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