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  1. I've been delinquent, sorry Chris! Chris hand delivered my gift the day before Christmas (in the dense fog no less), very appreciated and the gift is awesome!! Super excited to get this hanging up in the house and the stickers will go very nicely on the workbench cabinets I'm putting up in the garage!
  2. I have an ozone machine if you want to borrow it. My brother used it to get cigarette smoke smell out of his XJ and it worked amazingly, haven't had a whiff of it since. You could put it in the car with the air running. I did replace the cabin air filter sometime in 2022 with an oem one but worth a check anyway.
  3. I have always thought the BMW Motorsport 'golfball' shift knob would be a cool OEM addition to my e30, but they were NLA from BMW for a while and very hard to find. They apparently made another run of them a few years ago and ECS (https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-motorsport-parts/bmw-motorsport-golf-ball-shift-knob/25118277905~geb/) has them available for like $120 a piece, which is ridiculous for pretty much a little rubber ball. They also list this incorrect part number, 25118277905, which if you search for it comes up as an error on real-oem. They are pretty commonly found in BMW race cars, including the WTCC cars: I did some digging and found that BMW actually issued a new part number for the new run of golfball knobs: 25008322191. The actual part number of the old knob, according to real-oem is 25112483255, which was ended in 2008. I called BMW of Milwaukee North to order something else, and figured I'd check to see if it was even possible to order this part number and what it costs. Turns out you can! And, its only about $65 after the CCA discount. ECS is making a pretty nice profit off these things... There was one left in Florida (dibs), but they can still be ordered from Germany. I googled the part number I found to make sure I didn't end up with some random part before I ordered it, and this part number is indeed the golfball knob (not my photo): Just figured I'd pass this info along to anyone who would be interested or wanted one. I'm a sucker for less common OEM parts, and being able to order one for less than the price of a ZHP knob is just a bonus.
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