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  1. m42b32

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    I'll grab some after work!
  2. m42b32

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Agreed! I was pretty excited when I came across it, it's a surprisingly convenient spot for it. Only issue I've found so far is I might smack it with a helmet on, but it would take 5 seconds to swap out if needed so it's no big deal.
  3. m42b32

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Finally making progress again! Life got in the way in the form of an unexpected move thanks to a LOT of water, illness, the holidays, and obviously some laziness.... I ended up realizing that any OEM BMW quick connect fuel line was both too expensive and wouldn't fit very well with the route I needed it to take. I was able to get some quality AN/adapter fittings and hose for the same cost and the fit is perfect. On the fuel rail I have a 5/16" SAE quick connect to 6AN hose adapter, connected to some nylon braided 6AN hose, a 90 degree 6AN hose end, to another 6AN male to 5/16" SAE female quick connect adapter on the FPR housing. While the fuel rail was out I installed new viton o-rings and filters on the injectors I think the bottom o-rings were a little large (or possibly because it was 20F in the garage) as it was a HUGE struggle to reinstall the injectors into the manifold. I ended up having to do them one at a time into the manifold, and then install the fuel rail/clips afterwards... I also installed a Chase Bays power steering high pressure line. This was much easier and cleaner than trying to adapt a factory line.
  4. m42b32

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    80.5k Minor updates and improvements for daily life! There was no place to keep a pair of sunglasses, so I added a euro-market glasses holder that replaces the oh sh!t handle on the driver's side Added some front and rear OEM rubber floor mats to keep the salt out of the carpets And I also realized it was missing some fairly critical badging so I got that sorted too
  5. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    If that's the same Jordan Sarette that does the insanely high quality e30 builds on r3vlimited I can't wait to see what happens with it!
  6. I've got some 16x8 et23 style 4's waiting for a coat of paint and some sticky rubber! Those would look pretty nice though
  7. I was wondering if that IX with front end damage on Craigslist was yours?
  8. m42b32

    Shop Life 2.0

    That looks great!!
  9. m42b32

    Secret Santa 2018!

    It was delicious!!
  10. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/i-e28-with-s38b35-swap/6774696024.html If that's a real deal metric mechanic s38 it seems like a pretty good deal
  11. m42b32

    Secret Santa 2018!

    My secret santa gift was hand delivered by the man (@straight6pwr) himself on Saturday! A super delicious chocolate/peanut butter pie topped with a 1:64 scale Joachim Winkelhock ripping a sweet* drift in his E30 M3 DTM car! The car has amazing detail for it's size too! Thanks Dan!! *heh
  12. m42b32

    WTB: E46 M3

    I like this!
  13. I've seen this car around, it looks super clean. Seems like a decent deal for that price