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  1. Just wait till you see the m-performance accessories they offer. yikes.
  2. I did reach out to them, they said the crack might be too bad to repair unfortunately. Once I get the tire taken off they can make a final judgement but they did say it's usually worse on the inside so I'm not too optimistic. I was planning to get it pulled off this week and follow up with them.
  3. As long as any damage doesn't protrude and deform the sleeve inward it shouldn't really matter as far as I'm aware
  4. Very interested in these, but couldn't find much info. Do you need to use different output flanges in the differential too?
  5. I'd definitely find a way to incorporate elevator bolts if you want to build something nice out of metal, that way you can dial it in perfectly and if you ever need/want to move it you an re-adjust. The garage journal website gets me excited to build up my garage over the winter.
  6. My first choice would be to have it welded (depending on cost), I reached out to one place but would love a recommendation! I'll text you!
  7. Thats very helpful because I am leaning towards some 19" ARC-8's (or maybe EC-7's) if I do end up needing new wheels
  8. 101.5k Lame. One of the rear wheels cracked bad enough to give me a flat tire yesterday. Apparently 19" style 225M and 313's have a reputation for fatigue cracks on the barrels. It cracked right alongside a previous repair (you can sort of see the weld just to the right), so it was probably only a matter of time. I'm having a very hard time trying to find a not cracked replacement so it might be time to start looking for some new wheels... Good news: A rear contour fits perfectly on the rear of an e91. The tires are different heights so I'm going to avoid driving it like that, but at least I can move it around not on a flat.
  9. Awesome!! That will be an excellent daily (not that it isn't already). I'm happy to help if you need any M54/ms43 assistance!
  10. How stretchy is it out of curiosity? I've been thinking of re-doing a few things in my car and last time I did a headliner I used a not stretchy suede and it was a huge pain.
  11. Bump, a bunch of new things added! Feel free to ask about things too, I have a lot of small e30 parts like trim, wire pigtails, glass, etc.
  12. Out in PA near Lancaster, I can't remember the shop exactly but it was recommended by a friend out there, would be quite the drive! I never had anything done by them so I can't comment on that part, just called them looking for parts and they seemed very knowledgeable.
  13. SAABcentral.com is a pretty useful forum that has a lot of 900 content! I had a '91 900 for a bit a few years back (not in this area unfortunately so I don't know of anyone local), I miss looking at and driving that car but I really don't really miss the endless hunting for parts...
  14. That's a great idea! Definitely interested to see how it looks.
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