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  1. 158.7k I've been having some odd noises coming from the steering while turning the wheel towards full lock while parking, so I pulled the front struts to re-grease the strut mounts to see if that helps at all. While I was in there I removed the fixed camber plates and added e90 drop hats. I had always heard they were a direct drop in, but once the whole stack with the top mount and various washers were installed there wasn't full thread engagement on the top nut. I ground down the tapered washer piece on the top hat to reduce the thickness and end up with a flat mounting surface li
  2. See you all there!
  3. I love this color combo. Great price too! GLWS
  4. Except the doors, they don't fit in the car lol. But I live nearby so would be easy to pick up.
  5. Bump. I can bring any of this stuff to the picnic.
  6. Conveniently the picnic and the Qdoba are 20 minutes apart on capitol so no getting lost this time, just head west till you smell burning oil! I'm thinking meet at the Qdoba around 8:45-9am, with the plan to head over to the picnic around 9:40!
  7. @B C is probably the expert on this topic, but last time I had it (before the picnic 2 years ago haha) the one on Capitol/124th in Tosa was the only one in the area that did breakfast
  8. I live really close to Pewaukee, but I'd drive the wrong way initially if any Milwaukee area people are interested in meeting up for some Qdoba breakfast burritos and then cruising to to the picnic as a group.
  9. Make sure you triple step a 13" face so you end up with wheels that are 80% lip! Also, @B C I think you accidentally have your facebook marketplace location set to the Eau Claire area
  10. m42b32

    E46 Things

    More MTB's, got it! I'll support the trade-off in that instance
  11. Couldn't agree more!
  12. I'm hoping to make it up for Saturday at minimum, but thinking about camping Friday-Sunday since it's always a fantastic time.
  13. Lets just make it a wibimmers "I want to sound like @KaiserRolls" group buy
  14. I'm very excited that the wibimmers alpine white 24v coupe club is growing! The underside looks super clean.
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