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  1. m42b32

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    I'm stoked to find out too haha. I hope it retains some of the 318 'balance', but even if it doesn't it should still be an absolute riot. Me too!
  2. m42b32

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Yup, It's definitely far from ideal but I couldn't find any 1/2" power steering hoses with a sharp 90 to eliminate using a fitting for the return. The feed is the stock e46 hose so no fittings/etc needed to make the turn thankfully. That fitting in the return is super tight in the hose so I'm not too worried about it leaking anytime soon, but checking it regularly would definitely be a good idea
  3. m42b32

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Making moves! I got the power steering return sorted out with a 1/2" stainless steel elbow, 1/2" trans cooler line, and the original steel section of the m42 return line. To get clearance from between the hose and the alternator I had to space the power steering bracket up about 1/4" as well. I am deleting the CCV and replacing it with a catch can system, so I got the CCV connections modified to adapt them to some PCV/fuel vapor hose. I found a car with a recently replaced CCV in the junk yard and got the fittings that connect to the valve cover and vacuum distribution manifold (removed the rest of the hose). I tapped the valve cover fitting to 3/8"-18 NPT and used an aluminum 1/2" barb adapter fitting. On the vacuum distribution block I tapped the outer fitting to 1/4"-18 NPT and used an aluminum 3/8" barb adapter fitting. Both are lightly torqued into the plastic with some RTV to ensure an airtight seal. The hoses will route over to the passenger side where the catch can will be mounted next to the coolant expansion tank. I also got the vacuum distribution manifold reinstalled with the catch can return hose routed underneath the intake. Lots of hoses to attempt to organize neatly... Also in this picture I have new intake boots installed as well as a used (but hopefully good) MAF. A while back I modified the gas pedal mount from an E46 to fit the e30 chassis by cutting off the piece that clips onto the floor and bonding the base of an e30 gas pedal in it's place. I used a supposedly very strong 48 hour 2-part epoxy, but it turns out that it didn't take to the plastic well and it broke off when I bumped the pedal. I re-attached it with some Loctite super-duper-super-glue and now it's not going anywhere. I got the pedal remounted and looking like it belongs there. Current state of the interior for your entertainment: It was at this point I realized there wasn't anything stopping me from connecting the battery and doing some initial wiring/electronics checks. Battery connected and nothing blew up, turned the key to the on position (with fuel pump relay removed), and everything functioned as expected. I figured why not and bumped the key and the starter engaged and turned over the engine! The engine was probably pretty dry so I turned it over with the starter for a while to get oil circulating. After a minute or so it really quieted down and turned over smoothly. I realized that nothing was really stopping me from attempting a first start so I reinstalled the fuel pump relay, primed the pump a few times until I heard it load up evenly, and turned the key (actual first start footage): It fired right up! It actually startled me because I wasn't expecting it to light off on all 6 right away like that. I ended up having two fuel leaks, one by the fuel filter and one at the other end of the feed, both just needed the clamps to be tightened a bit more (Running 3.5 bar, vs. 3.0 with the M42). Of course with the leaks stopped I had to check it again to verify, and also see if the drive-by-wire gas pedal was working (RIP headphone users): It does! Open headers are loud haha. The engine had no coolant so I only ran it for a few seconds each time, but I am so pumped it fired right up without any major issues! Now I really can't wait to get it on the road. There is a ton left to do, but this is super motivating.
  4. m42b32

    Badger Bimmers Anual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    I'm not upset with the 3 week extension on build season compared to previous years, If all goes well I'll be there in the E30!
  5. Heading south is definitely your best bet for rust free
  6. I love that color. If I had the space I would be pretty tempted by that...
  7. m42b32

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    For some reason I thought you were using a ZF, good to know though!
  8. m42b32

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Did you have them put the e30 CSB on the e36 driveshaft?
  9. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    I was watching Doug DeMuro's review of the McLaren F1 and noticed something familiar.... looks like I can call the e36 window switch retrofit in my e30 a McLaren F1 window switch retrofit. Neat.
  10. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    Especially now that people all check reviews online before going somewhere. All you have to do is leave one bad review and their business could take a serious hit...
  11. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    @andyhundley might know?
  12. As rare as any other 318is... I did a quick google and 41,234 were made worldwide in 1990 and 1991, about 16k of those were U.S. spec.
  13. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    I learned that that's a dangerous game to play around here
  14. m42b32

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    This! I had some pretty awful tint on my old M3 (turning purple, way too dark, bubbling all over the rear window). I used a handheld garment steamer since that was what was available, a larger device would definitely be recommended. Left over glue can be removed with ammonia, though make sure to do it in a VERY well ventilated area or you will end up feeling like garbage. I definitely don't want to do that job ever again...