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  1. m42b32

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    I have a hoist but no leveler, wouldn't be hard to get one though. The other issue I have that I just realized is that the garage door opens over the engine bay so I can't hoist things super high, maybe not the best layout for this... that may force a bottom entry. How steep of an angle are we talking? Like more than 45 degrees?
  2. m42b32

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Dropped off the oil pan to have the baffle welded in this morning. Once I get that back, it can be bolted in, and the engine will come off the stand for good (hopefully). I have a gripforce stage 2 clutch (sprung hub) and chromoly lightweight flywheel ready to install, and then the transmission can be mated up with the engine and the whole shebang can go in the car! For those of you 24v people, is it easier to install the engine and trans from the top or to remove the subframe and install from underneath?
  3. Wow, the forum is really taking off. Might be a good idea to rent out the entire greater Milwaukee area so there is enough parking
  4. m42b32

    Joined the Club Today

    The garagistic part looks like a 'meh' solution to replacing that bushing, but I'm biased and have had nothing but trouble with their products. Turner makes an excellent piece that includes a stainless version of the bracket. It's quite a bit more expensive but this is what I would probably buy if I was doing that job, plus it's the same cost as just buying the OEM one: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-turner-motorsport-parts/shifter-bushing-assembly/021011tms01a/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIydis9KLi2wIVWbnACh2A4Ay-EAQYAiABEgIgnPD_BwE
  5. m42b32

    Joined the Club Today

    I just bought that exact kit, havent taken it out of the box yet though. I think @AsparagusMike and @KaiserRolls have gripforce setups too, so maybe they can weigh in? I've heard good things considering the price point, just make sure to buy a better quality pilot bearing and throwout bearing because the ones in the kit are apparently trash
  6. m42b32

    E21 Project Thread - Part 2

    Looks awesome!! I love the livery choice too. Making those quarter panel cuts would be scary...
  7. m42b32

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

  8. m42b32

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    Definitely the gray to match the fronts if you're going to paint them
  9. m42b32

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    I think it all boils down to the fact that 'best' is completely relative. A us-spec e36 m3 (in good shape, up to date on maintenance, etc) is simple, reliable, and cheaper to maintain than any other m3 of the same condition. This makes it the best for what I want in a fun daily driver, but it doesn't make it better to someone looking for the best in overall performance or build quality. In my opinion: the e30 M3 looks better than all the other m3's, the e9x m3 definitely sounds better than all the other m3's, want something for the track: e46, investment/classic sports car: e30, comfortable daily driver that also rips: e9x, live for the sound of a shaken up tin can full of bees: f80.... but a lot of people may disagree with these. It just depends where your priorities are, your tastes, and what you plan to do with it. As far as one generation being better than others from an engineering standpoint, it makes sense that each generation is 'better' than the previous. No car is going to be technologically worse than its predecessor, bmw's ///marketing department would never let that happen. Generally, 0-60, track times, power, fuel economy, emissions, etc. will all be the same as before or lower, with the sum of everything being an improvement on paper.
  10. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    They're pretty much tractors, and handle/ride exactly like you'd expect a tractor to handle at 60mph haha. I think they're actually pretty awesome though, in the way that they're super capable off-road right out of the box, super simple to work on, look pretty good, and are really reliable (unless you have a 97+, then it's only a matter of time till you crack the head). They're no different than a non-m e30 in terms of rarity/cool factor but just to a different crowd, and just like e30's the majority are beat up, rusted, and ready for the junkyard, so a clean low miles one is fairly desirable. My girlfriend had one for 8 years and I drove it a lot, I'd buy one again... but with that being said, you'd have to be smoking something strong to spend 12k on one!
  11. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    12k for a Cherokee?!? People really don't do their research before bidding on there...
  12. m42b32

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    So... LS swap?
  13. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    Hey that's on Corcoran! I see that spot every day and I never thought to get a picture there, it amazes me how you can take a spot like that and end up with something so awesome to look at. Someday I'd like to learn how to take decent pictures, but for now I'll just torture you all with out of focus and badly framed shots of random car stuff taken with a potato.
  14. m42b32

    I'm back with another E36

    Nice! I used to own a 1992 e36 318is, it was my first BMW and first car, absolutely loved that thing. It was slow enough that I couldn't really hurt myself or get into trouble, but still fun to drive and got awesome gas mileage. I was regularly averaging 32+ mpg, which was helpful when I was a broke high school kid. I'd daily one again in a heartbeat. Definitely fix that fuel leak before you drive it anywhere, if its making it to the ground that's a pretty serious leak. First places I'd look is the fuel lines running between the chassis hard lines and the engine fuel rail. BOTH my e30 and e36 with m42's ruptured hoses in that area.
  15. m42b32

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    More things done! Installed the clutch slave and related brackets so I could make the hard line that connects the slave to the flex hose Also installed a stainless steel pivot pin, retainer spring, and a new clutch fork. Throw-out bearing and pilot bearing will be here this week, along with an FX stage 2 clutch kit with the chromoly lightweight flywheel from Gripforce (Ebay 20% off sale came in clutch...heh). Going to pull all this apart to clean/grease everything, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I also replaced the leaking shift shaft input seal, this job was sooo much easier with the trans outside the car. The M54 doesn't have a great place to mount the e30 coolant temp sensor for the cluster, so I shaved off one of the coolant temp sensor locations from the lower radiator hose and will be tapping it to accept the e30 sensor (along with some JB weld for good measure). Because it is plastic, I had to add a grounding wire to the housing of the coolant temp sensor by drilling a hole through one of the edges and soldering a wire into the hole. The other end of the wire is a ring lug that will be grounded to one of the studs holding the vanos assembly to the head. I need to re-solder the connection as it didn't bond to the brass, but it should work well once that's re-done. I got the fuel system as far as I can till the engine is installed. I'm using an S54 fuel pressure regulator housing with the 3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator from a 530i. I used an M12x1.5 to 5/16" barb to adapt the FPR housing to the pair of fuel lines at the frame rail in the e30 engine bay: The charcoal canister from my car is in great shape so I am going to attempt to retain it to avoid having the car smell like gas and be ever so slightly environmentally friendly. I used the fuel rail hose clip from the M42 to secure the FPR housing in place and orient the outlet towards the engine. Access to the brake bias valve isn't great, but I routed everything in a way that I should still be able to get my hand down there and turn the knob with the engine installed.