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  1. m42b32

    m20 flywheels and clutches

    For flywheels, RHD engineering makes what looks like a really nice steel flywheel for a good price. I believe @MattY has an M20 specific one he is going to put in his car so he could give some feedback on quality. They make one for the M42 that allows you to keep the stock starter and uses an M20 clutch disk/pressure plate. http://racehead.com.au/products-page/engine-components/bmw-light-flywheel-m50-m52-m42-m44/
  2. m42b32

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Didn't have the tool for the oil filter cap on the wagon so I gave up on that and worked on this all Saturday afternoon instead. The M42 wire harness cover holds the harness really high up in the engine bay and interferes with my Mason Engineering strut brace that I would really like to retain, so I came up with this to manage all the harnesses: It's a piece of 1/4" steel rod formed to the contours of the HVAC cover with a few nuts welded to it. It mounts to the attachment points of the old M42 cover base and provides a really sturdy place to secure all the harnesses. You can also see in that picture that I sorted out the heater hoses at the firewall. The upper return hose is a trimmed Gates 28468 (5/8" hose with a sharp 90 bend at one end). It is nearly touching the manifold so I added a piece of braided harness cover at the contact point to prevent abrasion of the hose. That hose will tee into the return line from the head before going to the expansion tank. With the heater hoses and wiring sorted the next thing to do is install the intake manifold! Its a tight fit and there are a few connectors underneath that are an absolute PITA, but its on and doesn't foul anything so I'm calling that a win. The wire harnesses are nicely secured and look nice and tidy above the manifold. There is still some arranging to do where they pass through the firewall, but I will finish that once I have the harness made for the water temp/oil temp/ oil pressure gauge senders. I also had to remove the charcoal canister, I wanted to try and make that fit but unfortunately it would've completely blocked access to the rear brake bias valve, so back out it went. I may look into mounting a canister from a newer car somewhere else, but for now I will just vent it with a filter. I'm getting to the point where I can reasonably quantify the remaining tasks needed to start the car in a list, which is exciting. If it all goes reasonably well, I'm hoping for a first start before the end of January. Here's what I have left on the engine: - Find appropriate length fuel line to connect fuel rail to FPR at frame rail, connect vacuum line to FPR. Add filter for vent line. - Finish gauge sender harness - Re-tap upper radiator hose adapter to M14x1.5 for e30 cluster temp sensor, add second 1/8-27 NPT port for VDO gauge sender. - Find and mount coolant expansion tank, route remaining heater hoses. - Figure out upper/lower radiator hoses. Add coolant. - Source power steering high pressure line, mount reservoir in e46 location, sort out feed/return. Add fluid. - Install intake boots, source MAF. - Source/install headers and O2 sensors - Brake booster vacuum line and check valve - Install catch can/pcv and route hoses - Add oil (I should really do this asap so I don't forget) As far as making it to the picnic: - Re-mount gas pedal (mounting bracket epoxy let go) - Bleed brakes - Bleed clutch - Install giubo, CSB, e36 m3 driveshaft - Re-install heat shields and complete exhaust - Install rebuilt 3.15LSD diff with new condor bushing. - Connect intake to factory airbox or fab up a custom intake box. - Wire up horn/relay harness - Install 16" Spal pusher fan - Complete modified center console with VDO gauges, engine fan override switch, E36 window switches, and OBD2 port. - Modify ECU flash to eliminate speed sensor RPM limit, force emissions readiness, etc.
  3. m42b32

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    78.7k Friday was probably the first time the car has ever sat in below-freezing temperatures for an extended period of time. I started it up after work and it went like this: *ding* standard sub-37F 'its cold' reminder, *ding* TPMS malfunction (snow tires).........*ding* low coolant warning....*ding* brake lamp failure. Nice. Low coolant is likely just from thermal contraction, I haven't found any signs of leaks but topped it up and will keep an eye on the level. Turns out the brake light bulbs are some goofy type (P21W/1057/7506) that napa, o'reilly's, and even batteries plus bulbs didn't have, had to order new ones online. Driving around in the snow on Friday was entertaining and I didn't have any issues with grip when needed, I'm glad I went with the sportier RWD versus getting an xdrive. An xdrive on snow tires would be a beast though that's for sure. I also popped in a new serpentine belt and idler pulley on Saturday. The tensioner was replaced in the last year, but the belt and idler were original and definitely due for replacement. Next on the list is the valve cover gasket and water pump/thermostat.
  4. m42b32

    An E36 Investigation

    So far, I have found that the '94 325iS M-technic cars had this option (I checked the 3-4 vins I could find so far, all had it), but from what I recall they weren't offered with any carbon trim. Here is a low mile example: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1994-bmw-325is-mtechnic/ If you run the VIN it has similar options to your list including S779A, but the pictures show no carbon fiber bits. I'm not sure what it means as far as what is included with that option, maybe a black headliner?
  5. m42b32

    chit chat thread

  6. m42b32

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    78.5k With a couple inches of snow in the forecast for Friday I made the switch to the snow tires off the e36. I won't be raking in the Instagram points with these but thankfully it doesn't look as awful as I thought it would. I lost the screws for the center caps so I'll have to find some new ones. TPMS light is on (no sensors in the wheels) so I may look into coding that out, an emulation module, or just ignore it. Ignoring is the cheapest and easiest so that's probably what will happen. #fitment
  7. I'm pretty sure that's @wasnt m3's old car, still looks great
  8. m42b32

    Shop Life 2.0

    Oh ok, I was thinking you had the turbo on a manifold already! I think jakeb/classic daily makes an m42 e21 turbo manifold with his turbo kits, not sure if he still sells them (or sells them separately) https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=259174
  9. m42b32

    chit chat thread

    HEY. Don't forget Thanksgiving.
  10. m42b32

    2018 holiday sales, promo codes, etc.

    Any time I buy something from FCP lately I put it in my cart (while logged in) and let it sit for like 2 days, then you get a 5% off $199 or more coupon emailed to you. It's worked for my last few orders
  11. m42b32

    Shop Life 2.0

    Awesome!! Are you using an off-the-shelf manifold or custom?
  12. m42b32

    E36 upgrades and parts for sale!

    Alarm and amber corners sold, list updated!
  13. m42b32

    E36 upgrades and parts for sale!

    Corners are from a Coupe. I'm 99% sure all tabs are intact, I can verify tomorrow. Here is some great info on the OEM US keyless system: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1792200-The-ULTIMATE-US-OEM-Keyless-Alarm-Thread The one I am selling is the 3 button (better in my opinion, more features), should be compatible with all years. I believe it's from early models but I had it on my '99 M3 without any problems, direct plug and play.
  14. I have some parts and upgrades left over from my M3 that I'd like to sell. Everything is located just north of Milwaukee, send me a PM if you're interested in anything! Open to offers/package deals/etc, I'd like to make some space and free up funds for the E30. Posting here first and then it'll go to facebook/craigslist/etc. in a week or so. - E36 Racing Dynamics front strut brace. Could use a polish, fits perfectly. $125 - E36 x-brace. Some minor surface rust but nothing structural, comes with 4 stainless bolts/washers for attachment to the front sub-frame. Had been repainted a gray color a few years ago. $100 - E36 hexomat rubber floor mats. These fit the contours of the floor perfectly (and lay flat too) and cover a lot more than the standard floor mats. Don't move shift around at all either, I really liked these. Hex pattern on the front, dimples on the back. $75 for the set - E36 AKG weld in RTAB pocket reinforcement plates. New, never got around to it. $20 - E36 differential mounting bolt. This is the OEM revised bolt that is class 10.9 instead of the original 8.8 that is prone to breaking. $5 - E36 stock US headlights. Need a minor polish but not horrible. No issues otherwise. $40 - E36 stock coupe tail light housings, good condition. No back covers. $40 - Those fogs are crap, you don't want them. - E36 ASC throttle body. $Free.99 with purchase of something else. - S52 Uro aluminum thermostat housing. Used so needs a gasket, otherwise fine. $Free.99 with purchase of something else - E36 modular center console base and ashtray in good condition. $5 - E36 coupe trunk hinges. Good condition. $5 I have a bunch of new S52 parts to sort through including new timing chain guides, timing cover gaskets, oil pump sprocket, and a few others. I should have all that posted here soon. Sold items: - E36 complete OEM alarm/keyless entry system retrofit. Install is fairly easy and I believe all E36's are pre-wired for it. This is the system for early model cars, but works perfectly on all years. Includes module with antenna, necessary wire harness, glass break sensor/LED for center console, impact sensor (I think, looks like a relay), siren (with mounting bracket), and one 3-button remote. The remote has a new battery as of last year, though the part where it can be hung from a key ring was broken before I received it. SOLD - E36 amber corner lights, good condition, no broken tabs. SOLD
  15. They kinda look like reps to me... they're missing the gel M sticker thing and the ring around the lug holes