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  1. I've used both and the transactions were decent. Haven't dealt with Pelican since they were bought by ECS though (not because of that, just haven't as FCP has been my go to lately). If either sells a kit with the exactly correct O-ring sizes, I'd much prefer to use those in my opinion.
  2. Super clean E12 https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/d/lockport-1978-bmw-530i-e12-first-5/7012429409.html
  3. +1 on doing it with a puller tool. I had my old bushings out of the subframe in a matter of minutes with a crappy homemade tool (made from some square tube scraps) and a bit of heat from a torch to coax it free.
  4. I'd be very down(hill) for that!
  5. I'll refrain from commenting further until I know how many warnings can I get on my account before I'm banned
  6. I'd say I'm sorry but I'm not that sorry... getting excited for an early start to ski season!
  7. 156.8k I was hoping to get another few weeks of driving in with this car, but the weather had other ideas so it is parked for the season and will get prepped for the winter this weekend. Boo. With snow on the way it is officially entering build season and I'm excited to announce that I'm not participating in anything significant. The goal for this winter is to keep it very near running condition so that there is no "picnic or bust", only "picnic" in the spring. I do, however, have a hit list of things I'd like to accomplish: - Complete the e36/Mclaren F1 window switch retrofit - Re-do exhaust mid section - Finish horn relay/wiring - Diagnose/fix driver's front running light (currently no power) - Re-do water temperature sensor ground - Once the weather warms up in the spring, repaint all the faded trim and a few other things - Maybe some other stuff
  8. 91.5k Swapped to the snow tires over the weekend, which worked out well because the summers are completely cooked. Due for an oil change soon but other than that it's running great again.
  9. Luckily for me this car had the oil pan gasket done in Feb 2018 as it had already started leaking lol. If it hadn't been done so recently I definitely would've had my fingers crossed for a broken bolt or two!
  10. I was about to post a picture of the Kia Forte because that's exactly what it looks like. I hadn't opened the article you linked until just now and lo and behold, there is a picture of a Kia Forte right in the article. Its a shame that this is where they have ended up as the previous 2 series was apparently a decently fun car to drive and didn't look all that bad. Update: No manual option on BMW's cheapest sedan, that sucks even more
  11. 91.2k Got the car back Saturday morning! I didn't owe a dime which was extra awesome (surprise and delight!). Final diagnosis was loose bolts on the exhaust vanos actuator, thankfully nothing sheared so they didn't have to pull the oil pan. Intake actuator didn't have any issues so updated bolts were installed instead of replacing the unit. Work performed: - New exhaust vanos actuator - 4 intake vanos actuator bolts - Valve cover gasket (Mine was leaking, so this is a nice bonus)
  12. Forgot to post this one yesterday. The perks of setting up a 7am service appointment in the fall! The funny part about this picture is the e30 works and the e91 doesn't.
  13. Congrats on the new ride!!
  14. Thanks to some broken/loose bolts, it's getting fixed for $free.99!
  15. Excuse me sir, that's 4k RPM less than a proper race car should be operated at.
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