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  1. It's yours if you want it! I will PM you I think that's fair. I'll roll it out to the curb, just put the money in the mailbox. It's the perfect kid transporter, the lack of rear doors is a huge upgrade over your standard child locks.
  2. I will be continuously adding parts over the next few weeks as I come across them, so if you like dirty old car parts as much as I do, make sure to check this often. Cleaning out my garage/basement/shed/etc. Prices are all OBO and do not include shipping if you need them shipped. I'd rather not ship larger items. - E30 sedan doors. Drivers front (complete), passenger rear (complete), driver rear (gutted, but I have the glass). Some rust, but no dents. Driver front door window regulator worked when pulled, rear door did not but could've been a switch or something. Glass in good shape. All doors are FREE. - Full set of e30 Girling brake calipers and brackets. They are a bit crusty, but worked perfectly when pulled. $20 for the set. - E30 passenger side front frame horn/bumper shock mount. No rust, can be used for damage or rust repair. Was taken from a late model vert, though I believe they are all the same. $10 - E46 330xi oil pan, axle seal housing thing, and oil pickup tube. No damage. Its oily and I don't want it. Free E30 airbag steering wheels (both from '91 318). They are both in decent shape. $5 each. E36 coupe OEM amber tail lights (removed from '99 M3). All mounting studs/gaskets/lenses are in great shape. Includes bulb holders (and bulbs, but I'm not guaranteeing they all work). $40 for the pair. E36 coupe rubber 'hexomat' floor mats (may fit other e36's too). These fit extremely well, lay flat, and don't move around at all. They were awesome in my M3 and cover a lot more of the floor than the factory mats. They are a little dirty in this picture but they are in perfect condition. $60 for the set. OEM E30 M3 front springs (I do not have the rear). These will lower a non-M e30 by about 0.5". Great condition, only some very minor surface rust on the bottom coil (rest is dirt). These are the 'original' M3 springs with one less coil and the green stripe (OEM 318is spring for comparison on the right). Unknown mileage. $120. E30 318is exhaust rear section. I have since cut off the rear muffler right at the flange (it was not original and cracked). Use it to replace a rusty flange/resonator and weld on a new muffler. No rot, only minor surface rust. Or you can scrap it, doesnt matter to me. free
  3. I can confirm, very satisfying
  4. Thanks! I figured the fit wasn't perfect, good to know if I decide to go that route. Couldn't agree more, usually I would suck it up and buy the real thing but its hard to justify $5-600 for a spoiler...
  5. Thank you to the mods for your selfless work keeping this essential service up and running during these difficult times. You are heros.
  6. When I saw it listed for $650 I knew it would go fast. An Mtech 1 steering wheel alone is $175-200 at this point. Did you put on the replica mtech 1 spoiler by the way? How was the fit? Been considering one since a real mtech 1 is hella expensive now and I don't want to drill the trunk for the e28 version.
  7. Windows go up, windows go down Cleaning the contacts worked great. I was able to get a thin strip of sandpaper between each contact in the switch to clean up any pitting and corrosion then sprayed them down with CRC contact cleaner to remove any oils/debris. Each direction went from many ohms (one was almost 200) to under 3 when closed. One of the contacts looks like it had actually gotten hot at some point so there was definitely a ton of resistance there. it turns out the write-up I followed for the wiring was wrong and my switches are backwards lol. That's what I get for not checking the pinout. After daily driving e36's for a number of years it felt wrong immediately, so I'll flip it around eventually.
  8. In my opinion the 5mm spacer fits the best, you'd have to smash the fenders to not rub with that 10mm fitment. I was wondering the same thing when I rolled mine, my guess is that they are rolled in the back half because of how the car narrows slightly toward the rear? That or they just knew we all were going to run some meaty fitment down the road and did us a solid by doing half the work ahead of time.
  9. Do FVSCC and CWSCC memberships overlap?
  10. "Few other changesNO RIDERS whatsoever. This includes instructors; no instructing available. Sorry.NO SpectatorsNO Hugging" Lol'd at the last one there
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