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  1. How much does a shop space like this go for(assuming you are renting)? Looks a lot nicer(and cleaner) than my current setup lol
  2. Did you say that you were going to dye it? Forget what you said in the FB chat. I think it took like 4 cans of the duplicolor stuff to do mine. Like others have said, black floor mats will cover the wear parts. I just bought these ones. I rented one of the carpet steamers from Home Depot before hand, worked really well, makes a huge difference.
  3. These are good. Feels like it would be at home in front of an artisanal coffee shop in Madison as well. Skeuomorphism has a weird place in the world of manufacturing based business logos.
  4. Can you isolate the text from your pictures more on the landing page? Text kind of gets lost in between the images.
  5. Oh shit. Is this glass or some form of plexiglass? How'd you get the bend? Oh...is this a shop?
  6. Are you still planning to make a copy of that roof with the large window?
  7. Parting E46 M3 https://appleton.craigslist.org/pts/d/greenville-2005-bmw-m3-e46-parts/7048563876.html
  8. I did not realize this had BBS LM's. Favorite wheel of all time. Didn't know they made this in 4x100. 17" or 16"?
  9. https://madison.craigslist.org/pts/d/dane-bmw-323i/7035851149.html Want
  10. Whats the difference on the diameter of the throttle body?
  11. This site is a great resource and also a paranoia echo chamber. I thought my car was going to explode every time I drove it for no reason.
  12. Probably time to get a buff chick wrap from BH2GO
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