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  1. SteelBlue

    chit chat thread

    It sounds like there is a good amount of people from here going so we absolutely should. I'll send a message to those that I know going.
  2. SteelBlue

    chit chat thread

    Nice, gonna be downtown Friday night?
  3. Is it just the shadows or does the front bumper look twisted? Regardless, this is a steal
  4. SteelBlue

    FS: Milwaukee 46" Tool Chest combo $550

    I have a Husky currently, it definitely feels a little cheaper in comparison to the Milwaukee. My Dad has a coworker who's husband who works for Milwaukee, might be able to get a discount through him. Otherwise, my parents offered to pay for half of the toolbox as my birthday present, so I will be doing that if the first option doesn't work out. Good to hear you liked it, when I first checked it out at Home Depot I was very impressed with my initial look. Doing more research and watching reviews I've become even more enamored with it. Can't wait to get it.
  5. SteelBlue

    Awesome car videos!

    Yep. Think I'm gonna try to go over to Germany before the event starts and then head to Sussex once it begins.
  6. SteelBlue

    chit chat thread

    Nice, I'll be on the look out. Getting there Friday morning.
  7. SteelBlue

    Awesome car videos!

    I will be going to Goodwood FOS. Would like to go next year. This Judd V8 E36 got me feelin some type of way.
  8. SteelBlue

    FS: Milwaukee 46" Tool Chest combo $550

    Did you like this tool box? I am likely going to be purchasing one very soon.
  9. SteelBlue

    Joined the Club Today

    Nice, likely will order the OMP when I hear back from @patsbimmer1. Does anyone know if these collars will work if I'm not using Bilstein's? Would like to replace mine as they got kind of chewed removing them. Or are these the correct option?
  10. SteelBlue

    E30 Sport Seat and Mtech 1 steering wheel

    I have a Mtech 1 Steering wheel I am looking to sell as I just ordered my new one. In okay condition, would let it go for cheap.
  11. SteelBlue

    Joined the Club Today

    Heat is mans best friend. First strut collar went without issue once I got the 24" pipe wrench around it. Second one put up a little more of a fight, heat and a good amount of persuasion and it came off. Anyone have a part number for those collars? The one got pretty chewed in the process of removing. Heat was also a big help in getting the ball joint stud out of the strut hosing. Once those were out I cleaned them up and got them ready for paint along with the sway bar and subframe. Painting last night: Continued drying out in the sun this morning: Today is my birthday(25, getting old), so... Not like I haven't already been treating myself with buying this car, an S52, and everything else for it. But that's besides the point... I bought this steering wheel. Think it will look really good in the car, especially when I swap the interior to black. Anyone have any steering hub recommendations? This OMP one looks nice.
  12. SteelBlue

    chit chat thread

    We will be camping right past the tree line on the right side when you go through the Sargento bridge intersection towards the Carousel.
  13. SteelBlue

    chit chat thread

    Next weekend for vintage?
  14. SteelBlue

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Well this car is an absolute dream. Great pick up.