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  1. Our company made a deal to employees on house brand wheels too good to pass up on so, so I bought a set for winter. But after seeing how it looks, maybe I should have done them for summer. I really like the black on silver more than I thought. Anovia Titans, 18x8.5 x 18x9.5 +35mm. Michelin Pilot Sport Aplin’s, 225/40 and 255/35. How the currently sits. Style 193’s on Michelin PS4S’s, 225/40R18 and 255/35R18. ST coil overs this coming spring more than likely, factory suspension is starting to feel a little loose.
  2. I can't tell if I like the street or over landing look more with E70's
  3. I plan on doing a full fluid refresh on my E90 as well. Seems to be doing fine with 102K, but just for a peace of mind thing. transfer case, differential, and transmission fluid with filter. I've seen you going to town on the X5 groups regarding the hesitation/shake you are feeling on decel lol
  4. Hadn’t seen the wheels on the car yet, didn’t have much to do today, so I did a test fit on one side. Between these and the style 225’s, I think the E9X had some of the best M sport wheels. Looking forward to these being on the car full time. Just waiting till winter(currently on snows as stated in previous post). Think I am going to do some ST coil overs next year to get rid of just a little bit of the wheel gap.
  5. Does anyone have some feedback on higher mile F15/E70's? I have been looking around but wondering if there are any larger issues that these cars face down the road? I know some of the general stuff like 3rd row cars with airbags, general N55 stuff, etc. I am kind of in your same boat with looking at an E70, but also seeing some higher mileage F15's for similar costs. I like the E70, but the F15 takes a huge jump in the looks. The Imperial Blue and the brown is a great combo.
  6. Haven’t really done much with this other than drive it, which is good. Would like to change up the wheels at some point, but these fit the car so well and there’s not a lot of options for 4x100, or they’re $5,000.
  7. Got some new wheels. Style 193's from a coworker who was moving and no longer needed them, got them for a good price. They came on Michelin Pilot Aplin winter tires. I am planning on keeping these off until winter, running them with the winter tires, and then next spring, swap the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S's I just got onto them to be my spring summer tires.
  8. Great color combination. The F15 X5's are incredibly good looking. Will be the most likely successor to the my E90 after it has served it's purpose for me. Or an E70.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/752684849440304/ I love these. Would be cool to have one that matches the E30.
  10. Just running off of the factory AMP and headunit? **Reading your previous posts now**. The stock Premium system in my car sounds decent, but wouldn't mind some additional punch on the low end. Really don't want to alter the look of the rear decklid speaker housings, so maybe these in the kick panel would be a good option. Maybe replacing the tweeters as well.
  11. Using an easy up as a paint booth frame is a great idea.
  12. Great color. What do these do for fuel economy? I would imagine pretty good.
  13. Bumper repair. Could I have left this alone? Yes. Does it look better than before? Yes. Does it still bother me? Yes. Just a temporary fix until I get an M Tech bumper next year and don't have a roached out bumper. What it started as: Disassembly: As this being a temporary fix, I did what I could to make it look presentable, but not have this take multiple days. Used 220, 400, and 600 grit sand paper. I chose not to use body filler with how flimsy these bumpers are and didn't want it to crack. And once again, temporary fix. Needs wet sand and polish, but looks decent. Polished up the side markers using the headlight restore kit. M3 style trunk lip added. Replaced the angel eye bulbs with LUX V4 ones. Tried my best to polish up the headlights, but they are still kind of pitted. Passenger side is cracked in the top, top corner. So it needs to be replaced anyway. Lenses look much worse in this picture than in person.
  14. I just rent the rug doctor from Home Depot. It comes with a handheld attachment. I'm sure there are automotive focused ones that would be nice to have, but it's like $40 to rent for 4 hours or something.
  15. Did a deep clean on the carpet Sunday because of the lack of humidity. Really wasn't dirty but wanted to just so I know that it's done. Seats pulled out and then I used a drill with a brush attachment and some interior detailer to first agitate the carpet, then went over it with the carpet extractor. No after pictures, but have some before pictures. Usual crumb and change accumulation, but really not much else. Under the rear seats had a pretty good accumulation of crud that was nice to clean out as well. Pulled the subwoofer covers and cleaned those as well. Also stripped, clay bared, and sealed my windshield. Used the following to do so.
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