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  1. I’ve had my eye on these vinyl banners of vintage pictures at Road America for awhile now. Drove the E30 down to RA for the PCA event and picked one up while I was in the shop signing the form to get the RA license plates considered to be put into DMW rotation. 84”x48”, I’ll probably end up getting a couple more these when I have my own garage. I went with the Mark Donohue driven Porsche 917/30.
  2. How’s the Dinan BBK vs a Wilwood, StopTech, Brembo?
  3. First time seeing one in blue.
  4. Might have to fret creative and do some cutting and use some adhesive around the vents. Might be your best bet to get a tight fit. Or maybe ask an upholstery shop to give it a go?
  5. Major update: License plate frame I bought at RA during the vintage weekend. I have no tie to this city and I know Moon Eyes has no relevance to E30’s, but I’ve alway liked their branding and it’s red. Plus, I love trinkets.
  6. It definitely scoots. It looked really good after I did a paint correction on it however many years ago, but it sat outside that winter...
  7. It’s every time. I’ve only been able to very faintly get some audio to come through on an AUX to tape deck. Ben had suggested possibly ground issue. But my assumption is it could also possibly be the amp. My audio knowledge is very limited.
  8. This is a new avenue for me, so lots to learn. Thank you for the info.
  9. This is outstandingly horrendous.
  10. The look is a big thing lol I’m definitely going to be changing to a standard handle bar as the drops will be difficult when just getting around the track. As well as the shifter/brake position. Tube shifter will be tough around RA.
  11. My understanding is it’s essentially the Baja craze of cars, just with bikes. Turn road cars into off-road cars. I just want to change the bars and pedals into something more “mountain bike” like and then do as wide and tall of a tire with a more knobby tread pattern. I could probably convert to discs, but I don’t think I will need them for my application. And yes, you can change the gear sets for these, but the Shimano 105 should be good enough for my needs.
  12. Just what I needed, another project. 1987 Cannondale RS500. Goal is turn this into a “gravel” bike with its primary use for getting around Road America. Can’t complain for $125.
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