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  1. If I am not able to get it through my insurance and just call for a tow with a flatbed. I appreciate it. The only real issue with towing the car is finding the right trailer for it. I am able to use my parents to tow the car, it's just getting a hold of low car friendly trailer that isn't a dolly.
  2. Well, after a long hiatus, the car will be finally getting some attention again. Here's your dumb fuck move of the day(well, 5 months ago now). After pulling the JOMs off the Calypso car in preparation to swap them onto the red car, I broke the oil pan. In my haste I jacked the car up by the oil pan instead of the subframe. I know, stupid, I just completely over looked this and put the jack on at nearest flat spot I found to put the jack on when it went under the car. Fast forward to now, I contacted Auto Clinic in Neenah, the place where the previous owner had the car maintained the entirety of her ownership. To add to that, the two mechanics that have worked on the car the entire time she has owned it still work there. And on top of that, the one guy is also an E30 guy(wanted to buy this car as well). I would normally do this job on my own, but dropping a subframe to replace the oil pan on the floor, on jackstands, with the motor suspended in the air above just sounded like a better idea to pay someone to do it. I've talked to this guy on a couple of occasions and had gotten a quote on the labor to do the job(will be supplying the pan myself, thanks @patsbimmer1) and was very pleased at the price I was quoted for the work. Just glad I can have the car worked on at a business that knows the car and has people who knows the cars. To conclude this long winded post, I'm hoping to trailer the car over to them next week at sometime. Either dolly it and take backroads or have my insurance flatbed the car( @ChrisO hopefully no issues). Helps to be friends with a guy who rents them to me after hours for a "discount". I just want it to be ready for when the weather starts be nice on a regular basis. I'm stupid.
  3. Blast from the past. I remember following this dude a long time ago. Had the super wide steel blue matte wrapped E46 for the longest time.
  4. He’s like the only one that does E30 content, unless I haven’t come across them. All the other videos are from like 8 years ago recorded on a microwave.
  5. If you need a second shooter, lmk. Can’t really do anything on my own car at the moment.
  6. I think RTD is the same one that @suspenceful has? Maybe a different model, but the feel of his is like a bolt action shifter, feel was awesome.
  7. Could use some Alzor wheels. Looks good though. Wheres all the other goodies?
  8. I personally like the stock wheels when the car is lowered and they are spaced out a little. Auto rev matching feature is neat. Trans/shifter/pedal still have good feel despite from what I've read. Same goes for the steering.
  9. Are these the E46 floor mats? I haven't even driven in my car with my eBay mats, but they look like trash compared to these.
  10. I think you live in the apartment complex across the street from mine, or at least I've seen your car there. They redid Evergreen which was nice, but now Cherryvale Ave is starting to deteriorate. Can't wait for the construction on that...
  11. What's the one @straight6pwr has?
  12. The Chinese are fully in the HiFi realm(not that they already weren't). Good audio is getting cheap and cheap audio is getting good. If you're interested in improving your listening experience but aren't looking to drop hundreds of dollars, there are a lot of good options out there. These are amazing for the price($20), KZ ZST. And if you are looking for a better version of the previous, KZ ZS10 Pro ($50). Bought both of them, both of them sound great. Going to return the ZST as the build quality and sound of the ZS10 is better. Not an "audiophile", just like to listen to music/media as best as possible(while not going broke).
  13. How much does a shop space like this go for(assuming you are renting)? Looks a lot nicer(and cleaner) than my current setup lol
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