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  1. I asked in the FB chat, but if anyone has any E30 rear i or is springs, I am looking for a pair. I need them so I can reassemble the suspension on the Calypso car so it can roll/get ready to sell the shell. Thank you,
  2. No, you got the right idea.
  3. Swapped the suspensions on the cars last night. Took awhile as I was essentially doing the job twice. Ball bearing separator is a tool everyone must own, best $20 I’ve ever spent. Think the height is just about perfect, need to get a spacer for the rear, maybe a 5 or a 10. Running a 5 in the front, having a little bit of running when turning going over inclines so will need to roll the fenders as I do not want to raise it. Found a little pool of oil under the car this morning. Knew it was leaking a little bit from looking under the car, but must have loosened it up a bit when I jacked the car up. Guessing it’s the oil pan gasket based on how it looks. JOMs ride pretty well for the couple of times I took it up and down the frontage road. Planning to run these for next summer and maybe the following as this car won’t be getting a ton of miles out on it and I’m not gonna be setting any hot laps soon. Money can be better spent else where at this time. @YoungCR, picture quality looks good. Thank you.
  4. I know this isn’t the right thread, but doesn’t seem worth it to revive the old one. Motor should be out tomorrow, everything is disconnected, just sitting on the motor mounts. Don’t have anything going on, so should have all day to work on it. Going to try and swap the suspension tomorrow. Current shop status: I don’t know why the quality of pictures is getting butchered when I upload them.
  5. 21X,XXX. Was pulled from @ChrisO car. If someone was interested I can provide the entire list of stuff that I have replaced on it. It's lengthy.
  6. Posting this here to remind me what fuses to check for half the cluster not working: The fusing for the E30 cluster is fuses 10, 12, and 21, all of which are 7.5A, brown standard blade fuse. If this is not the case, I'll check the coolant temp sensor to see if that is operational. Tach reading is pulled from the flywheel right? I'm also thinking that I am going to take the suspension off the Calypso car and put it on this one. Started pulling the drive train from the Calypso car last night. If you want a fully refreshed S52 with never used pressure plate, fly wheel, and clutch. 16" spal fan, CSF radiator, OBD1 intake and fuel rail, Kassel tuned ECU, etc. for $1500, let me know. Also, the shell is for sale. Brand new fuel system, M3 steering rack, smoked smiley Depos, Mtech1 rep wing, etc. I'll be making an official posting for these once I get everything pulled. Hoping to have it done this weekend. Getting gas last night in the red car.
  7. I always love coming across this video every now and then. It's also where my PF pic is from.
  8. https://appleton.craigslist.org/cto/d/menasha-2014-bmw-550i-drive-loaded/6997993027.html There must be some heinous electrical or mechanical issue with these. I get the E6X 7 series vibe from these. *or depreciation is a bitch. https://greenbay.craigslist.org/for/d/sturgeon-bay-1991-bmw325i-convertible/6998678467.html Not sure what he's referring to?
  9. What are you trying to move?
  10. https://greenbay.craigslist.org/for/d/shawano-1997-bmw-convertible-328i/6996477807.html Is this a new Instagram filter?
  11. https://appleton.craigslist.org/wto/d/hales-corners-bmw-oem-parallel-spoke-66/6989400934.html I'd be all over these if I had an E36 or E46. Dude's had these listed for awhile. Someone offer him $400 and be done with it. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/wto/d/milwaukee-bmw-rims-and-tires/6990790675.html Someone arrest this guy for even posting bottle caps for $300+
  12. This was in a parking lot just down the way from my place. It is very clean.
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