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  1. I'm not super familiar with spring rates, but is 8/10K manageable for street use?
  2. Just curious if you still have these? Might be interested in changing up my setup come spring time.
  3. SteelBlue

    E46 Things

    I've said this before, but the amber turn signals look so right on this car.
  4. E46 has to be one of the best BMW interiors. Looks amazing with the mods you've done. I'm definitely getting coco mats for the E30
  5. Two bucket list cars in a day. Do not grab the door piston on the Senna when trying to close the door from the inside. Almost broke my fingers off. In my defense it was dark and my first time closing the door and the bright green piston looked like a handle.
  6. I think they just did a poor job of bringing it into the modern era. They actually have a great location being on the lakeshore and a stones throw from downtown. The old colosseum look of it was cool, but it looks like the parked a spaceship on top of it. It also holds like 62,000 people in one of the biggest metro areas in the country...
  7. Did you guys know that @patsbimmer1 is a Bear's fan? He also thinks Soldier Field is a better looking stadium than Lambeau. Can't believe I work with this guy.
  8. *I posted this in the wrong thread* I'm by no means a vintage Ferrari aficionado, but I feel like the 365 is like the 944 of Ferrari's. Aside from the obvious with the motor being in the front, they're both departures from the normal designs. In race trim, they look sick.
  9. Please alert the Appleton folk if this is going to be in the area again next year.
  10. SteelBlue

    1990 e30

    This might be on the few cars that would actually benefit from running one those Rocket Bunny Kits to fit enough tire under it.
  11. Wheel centers and the euro front bumper have definitely helped this car's appearance. Those are turbo tuning numbers in terms of gains. Understandably so, given what's in the motor. Looking forward to going for a ride at some point.
  12. You get a publishing deal for this novel?
  13. I would very much like to daily one of these after the F30 has served it's purpose for me. Black kidneys would be a nice touch.
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