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  1. UUC Evo 3 SSK installed. Unfortunately, the DSSR could not be installed as the shift knuckle off the back of the trans was the wrong one, thought my car had the right one, but guess not. Poly bushings where the bitch clips inserts and Turner poly carrier bushing were also installed. Shifter feels super tight, notchy, directional. Was worried the throw was going to be too short for my liking, but this is the perfect amount for my driving style. Only issues are that the shifter in neutral sits at maybe a 10-15 degree tilt towards the passenger side, not a huge deal, but a little annoyin
  2. Remote tuning is really the true win from the internet age.
  3. Tried to get him the Vorti’s which are the UHP tire but they didn’t have them in stock.
  4. Would run these on my car if they did.
  5. Pitching it as an investment instead of selling the car just feels wrong. But, that's where were at these days. Surprised this didn't got straight to BaT. Probably just wants to avoid the commission on it before it does.
  6. Trans is pretty grimey, but it’s honestly just something that I’ve wanted to do and even more so want to do after being introduced to dry ice blasting. Just having things cleaned, and knowing that they are really cleaned, makes me feel better. It also makes things much more enjoyable to work on when they are clean.
  7. Drove the car to Elkhart Lake Saturday as a scouting run for the up coming season. Couldn’t be more excited for RA to be 100% back this year. While I was on my way down, I was passing through Chilton and saw a woman waving me down just past the Kwik Trip. Wasn’t sure if it was a wave for the car or if I was doing something wrong, or something wrong with the car. Turned out it was the lady that I bought the car from. She texted me and we agreed to meet into New Holstein which is only 10 mins past Chilton. She was thrilled with the condition of the car and loved that it was with s
  8. Really looking forward to how this one works out. Hope the hounds tooth interior finds its way into this car. Feel like this one is going to deserve a nice set of wheels. Also, if you need someone to take that M20 off your hands and you happen to drive back to Appleton one of these days...
  9. Saw you cruising the ave last night. Car looked good.
  10. I think the electric steering rack numbness feeling is overblown, but I'm not exactly an authority of steering feel. But when I drive it I never get the feeling that it feels numb or "off". I haven't done really any mechanical maintenance on this car yet, but under the hood reminds me of my TJ wrangler that had a 4 cylinder. There's a mile between the front of the motor and the radiator. I would imagine basic maintenance is not a terrible experience to complete. In terms of the front bumper and headlight install. Really wasn't anything difficult, good amount of room to maneuver if y
  11. Daily mods continue. M Sport front bumper and projector angel eye headlights. Bumper was needed regardless with how chewed up my original one was. Body shop lost my headlight washer covers, so waiting for those to be painted and then will throw those on. Really like the changed it made to the front of the car. Went with piano black M style double ribbed grilles. Headlights were probably more of a drastic change. Not only do they look significantly better, and shave some years off the age of the car, they perform SIGNIFICANTLY better than the OEM halogens. Having fresh lenses also hel
  12. This is a really nice example and looks like its from a good home. I would love to own one of these some day, just think it's a very unique car. One's like this at this price point won't exist much longer if I had to guess. I'm sure maintenance is a nightmare, but V12 BMW. Also, other than the center console with the 3 head units, this interior has aged extremely well.
  13. Reading the comments, Alpina guys are just like Porsche guys... I think it's sick.
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