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  1. Gen 2 raptor is the dream for an unnecessary daily driver. Not a huge fan of the newer GM interiors, think the Ford ones are better. Funny enough a co worker has pretty much Raptor I want, in the same color as well.
  2. I plan to keep it. Train keeps rolling with the modifications. This one both functional and aesthetic. @patsbimmer1 has me able to actually see properly at night time now with these Alpharex LUXX LED protector headlights. I swapped the halogen bulbs for some LED ones in the stock housings when I first got the truck. Albeit an improvement, it was incremental. These headlights actually have a defined cut off point and do a great job illuminating the road. After driving my moms new Acadia that had good headlights, I’ve needed that for my own vehicle. I think the black housings, projector “eyes”, and DRL planks fit the truck well without looking overly aftermarket. I was very much against having to use an additional wire harness for the DRLs as I want to have as minimal intrusions to the actual functioning parts of the vehicle and to not have a rats nest under the hood. Think the tuck job came out well and was able to make a couple small notches in the fuse box for the trigger wire to run through that still allows the box to seal properly.
  3. I think you have to keep the white E30 now with having this. Think of the Instagram likes!
  4. I should have just started a thread for this. But here the wheels are on the truck. 17x9 0 offset VenomRex VR601BL with 285/75R17 BFG KO2’s. Offset and sizing is just right to give it that perfect almost flush/slight poke look. The look was exactly what I was going for and I am really glad I took a chance on the bronze, think they great on the truck. Wheel to tire to wheel well ratio is perfect IMO, no rubbing at all.
  5. It’s fun to try new things
  6. Eibach level kit was installed two weekends back. Truck rides great, the new struts and shocks really eliminated that hoppy and jumpy sensation the rear would get when going over bumps. Can’t tell a difference between this suspension and the factory stuff in terms of ride quality. Looks kind of dorky with the stock wheels and the level lol. I had the windows tinted with 3M ceramic because I didn’t realize how much more heat comes in with the larger windows on a truck. Really like the look as well. 70% on the windshield, 20% on the front door windows, and then 70% on the rear door windows and back of the cab over the factory window tint to even out the fronts. Two of the wheels have arrived, hoping the two others will be here tomorrow or Friday. Will get them mounted on the tires whichever day they come in and then hopefully on the truck that same night. Getting close.
  7. Is this the one that sold on here a few months back? Looks great
  8. Some other miscellaneous truck upgrades mods. Did a mechanical decon of the paint two weekends ago and did one layer of Jescar paint sealant and then two layers of Collonite 845 wax on top. Will keep me sane until I get the truck corrected in the spring and then coat it. Rear wheel liners. Minimize some dirt getting into places and just looks cleaner in my opinion. Before: After: Front struts came in. Ceramic coated front and rears. Bed decals removed. I was semi torn on this because I didn’t not like them, but I think with these fender badges having the red accent around them for the “sport” edition, it looked a little busy on the side. I like the way my parents truck looks with bed decals. Can always added them back if I want. Exhaust tip was crusty, was going to repaint it black, but essentially had to destroy it to get it off because it had welded itself to the exhaust pipe. Just bought an eBay one, looks good to me. I don’t know how far out it should stick? This looks fine to me, but maybe it needs to get pushed in further. Sold the truck cap a few days after getting the truck. Purchased a Truxedo ProX-15 bed cover. Like that it sits a lot more flush. These tonneaus are crazy expensive for some of the nicer one. This one fit the bill being about $500. And my ricer mod. Found these emblem decals on Etsy for $20, figured for that little it was worth a chance. I didn’t dislike the blue oval, but wanted to see what it would like in this color rendition. I like it, but don’t love it. Real way to do it would be to pull them out and disassemble the badges and paint them. They’ll do for now. Suspension installed hopefully soon. Just waiting on the wheels to come in, was approved for sponsorship on these new to market wheels. Went a little outside my normal comfort zone on the color, but I think it will come together nicely.
  9. I flew to Detroit Friday night after work. My brother picked me up at the air port as he lives in Ann Arbor and stayed with him for the night. He drove me to Charlotte, Michigan, about an hour west of Ann Arbor, right away in the morning. Picked the truck up and started the 6 and a half hour drive home. In the F30, after about an hour and a half of continuous driving, my legs and back would start to hurt, and closer to 3 hours I would not be able to drive for how uncomfortable I would be. Change of driving position in a truck makes things significantly more comfortable. When I got home I didn’t feel beat up or in pain from driving a long duration of time. 2018 F150 XLT “special edition” Has the better grille and the black line headlights, as well as the “sport” cloth interior. It came with a bed cap, which I just sold last night for $900. I took all of the decals off immediately, swapped to a shorty antenna, removed the mud flaps, added a tailgate assist, replaced the license plate and cargo lights with LED bulbs, and added some WeatherTech floor mats. I did replace the low beam, high beam, and fog light bulbs with some LED ones, but am having issues adjusting the aim of them. Either the additional wires and resistors from the LEDs tucked into the headlight housing is restricting the aiming, or my gear are stripped. Thankfully, Mr. @patsbimmer1 will be sourcing me aftermarket housings. I have an Eibach strut and shock leveling kit on order, the struts should be here tomorrow. Going to have a coworker help me install when the other portion gets here. I have some 285/75R17 BFG KO2’s in my storage unit waiting for wheels. Might be working with a manufacture to get a new flow forged line they are coming out with on the truck, but waiting to hear details on that. Have a Truxedo tonneau cover that I am waiting to have delivered to a local shop so they can install, should be early next week. How it looked when I first got it Decal and cap removal First wash at a friends Cargo lights Tail gate assist (shock connecting the bed and the tail gate) ters’ LED bulbs
  10. I should mention, I meant that in regards to their current availability right now lol They make good tires, just not the absolute top of the line. We sell more Nitto than any other brand.
  11. Tire availability will be an issue well through next year. Toyo and Nitto are absolute dog shit for domestic brands.
  12. I put a tick over 50K miles on it over the almost 4 years I owned it. Driving back and forth to Fond du Lac for my old job from Appleton will do that. I really don't think you can buy a better car for the money and I loved being in it every time I drove it. Car gave me almost zero trouble during the time I owned it. Sad to see it go but it went to some one who I believe will take care of it. I will provide more details and pictures of the truck after I pick it up on Saturday, but it's a 2018 F150 XLT.
  13. I sold my F30. I’ll be back in a BMW as a daily some day, but it was time to try something else as I’ve driven a lowered BMW for 8 years. Going to hopefully purchase an F150 on Saturday. Will be really nice to transport mopeds and other track items to Road America and general utility.
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