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  1. Duh! I'm a bit biased but space gray looks fantastic even when its super dirty, and an e91 msport is rare in any configuration. In my opinion, travelling for the right car (not necessarily that one) is worth it as it opens up lots more options, I went to New Mexico for mine for example. Though that's not as easy with the pandemic at the moment... just shoot me a text if/when you want to! Could help you decide if an e91 is ultimately what you want or not!
  2. You're welcome! Glad you like it! I was trying to think of the most useful tool I always forget about and a nice set of picks is definitely the answer. I picked (heh) up the same set of those Milwaukee ones not too long ago and they're amazing, have yet to damage one unlike my old craftsman set that have been destroyed, enjoy!
  3. Its got a bit higher mileage than you were looking for, but this 2012 rwd/m-sport is still available https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/292893695235206/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined My 2 cents on an e91: From what I've read while I was searching (I haven't driven an xdrive to confirm this), the xdrive cars handle noticeably worse than their RWD counterparts. You are welcome to take mine for a spin to compare while the other one is still fresh in your mind, it's rwd/sport/auto with 102k and basically stock (aside from the exhaust and a euro intake) for reference. It still has the original suspension and on soft snow tires so its probably not the best example ever, but gives you a decent idea. With decent summer tires, I think the rwd/sport combo handles really well and is also surprisingly comfortable for long drives. I've had zero regrets with it so far, typical BMW issues aside. The extra space and practicality of the wagon is worth the price premium and weight tradeoff in my opinion.
  4. Hey Guys, unfortunately the crack on my rear 225M is too bad to safely repair and I've had zero luck finding a replacement without buying a new one from the dealer. If anyone comes across a clean/reasonably priced set of staggered (19x8.5 and 19x9) style 351M wheels from an F10 Msport in the Milwaukee area let me know, looking to buy a set before the spring. They look fantastic on E91's in my opinion.
  5. Got a box just before Christmas but didn't open until after I got back in town as I didn't have my gift totally squared away yet. Opened it up and found a really awesome promotional poster for the first 318i (the other side has tons of cool info and pictures), an original sales brochure for the E91 (space gray one on the cover too!), and an 8 foot wide BMW Motorsport banner that will look excellent hanging in my garage! Thanks a ton @YoungCR!!!
  6. I've been having trouble with eBay/USPS as well (unrelated to secret santa). It's been "USPS awaiting item" since Dec 6th, and the seller said he dropped it off at the post office on Dec 7th... I also forgot to post a few days ago but I did receive my gift!! I am not letting myself open it until mine is delivered.
  7. @P_Roloff is right, m3 seats and vert seats are identical with the exception of the folding lever. They're all interchangeable though, I have vert seats in my coupe for example.
  8. m42b32


    I had no idea how stressed spokes were until I started reading about building wheels. I always thought they were just a metal stick, nothing special. Its crazy how much of a science you can make it with balancing spoke tensions, all the different types of spokes, nipple material, lacing patterns, etc.
  9. m42b32


    That tandem is awesome!
  10. m42b32


    Bikes are awesome!! I'd say my interest in bikes is about on par with my interest in cars. Those early morning Minooka laps were a great way to start the day, definitely doing more of those next year. That Trance looks awesome!! I'd say my bike interest lies squarely in mountain biking now, but I've been all over the place. I had a 2005ish Trek 4300 disc that I basically rode the wheels off of as a teenager. I had that bike for 14 years until I traded it to my brother to use as a commuter in Boston and it got stolen. I never really rode trails regularly as I just didn't have easy access as a kid, though my dad and I did take a trip out to John Muir a couple times. I did get the opportunity to ride some single track out in Oregon when I was in high school, that was awesome and I'd love to go back some day. For whatever reason my attention transitioned to vintage road bikes/fixed gears during late high school and through college and while mountain biking didn't fall off my radar it sort of took the back seat. Notable bikes from that time period (these pics aren't of my specific bikes): 1985 Raleigh Team USA. It was basically NOS, even had the original Raleigh tires on it. Fun to ride but too small for me. 1984 Trek 560 (I still own this, it fits me perfectly and I've upgraded a few things with parts I had laying around) 1991(ish) Pinarello Veneto, I had this set up as a single speed. This color was cool, really nice frame, but again too small. Once I got through my 'steel is real' days I realized that the most fun I've ever had on a bike is mountain biking, and so I ended up buying a 2018 Whyte T130S to get back into it. Here's some pics from when I first got it: I rode it completely stock for about a year, but have since upgraded a bunch of stuff as it wears out or breaks. Also because I can't leave anything alone and building things is fun. I crashed and bent the handlebars/broke the dropper remote so I replaced the bars with some answer pro-taper 780mm bars, ergon GA2 grips, and a wolftooth light-action dropper lever/sustain cable conversion for the rockshox reverb dropper post (the reverb is originally hydraulically actuated and is a giant pain in the butt). The original brakes were sort of meh, so I changed out those for a magura MT trail sport setup with 180mm rotors front and rear. Most recently I started having problems with the stock rear hub coming apart on rides, so I built a new wheelset with DT swiss EX511 rims, DT swiss comp spokes, hope pro-4 front and rear hubs, and maxxis minion DHF/DHRII tires. Building wheels is actually really satisfying. I'll post up a more recent picture of it at some point. My plan for this winter is to take it all apart and clean/service everything since it probably really needs it. The trails I frequent most are Glacial Blue Hills and Minooka Park, but I'll occasionally make it to New Fane, Pleasant Valley, John Muir, and Nordic Mountain. I'd really love to make it to Little Switzerland, Alpine Valley, Camrock, and the brand new trail system being built at Heritage Trails Park for next season! Another thing I was hoping to jump into this season is winter fat biking. Minooka, Pleasant Valley, Glacial Blue, and Heritage Trails are all reasonably close to me and are groomed for fat biking by the local trail organizations. I've been collecting parts to build up a fat bike but the frame I pre-ordered (RSD Mayor V5) is now delayed until the end of January, so hopefully there is still some winter left by the time I have it put together...
  11. I totally understand this and can respect the decision to move on to other things. I'll be sad to see it go!
  12. There's just something about an early model with euro bumpers, it looks so good. Amazing numbers! I bet it's an absolute riot to drive.
  13. https://uwm.edu/coronavirus/rapid-results-testing/ Was in and out in about an hour and a half (the computer system went down, would've been faster had that not happened). They do a rapid antigen test with results within a half hour, and then a confirmatory PCR testing (with results in a few days) if you test negative and have symptoms, or test positive and don't. Much better than waiting 3-5 days for any result with the other testing sites.
  14. m42b32

    ‘91 E30

    That looks super clean!
  15. m42b32

    1990 e30

    What rear caliper adapters did you use? Looks like it all fit together perfectly!
  16. Those are the most useless 'nice' car-for-sale pictures I've ever seen
  17. E36 parts will add at least that much unfortunately, though I couldn't find exact numbers
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