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  1. I'm very excited that the wibimmers alpine white 24v coupe club is growing! The underside looks super clean.
  2. Welcome to here! Love the msport e90! I'm biased but I think the LCI E90's are such good looking cars. I have a PE on my e91 (though it's an N52) and the sound is perfect, highly recommended if you can source one.
  3. That print quality looks really nice, what printer do you have?
  4. That sounds like a very good time!
  5. 158.7k Well, it's officially this car's 30th birthday yesterday. For the last few months I was certain it was built 4/27/1991 and I got it out for a great drive in the nice weather to celebrate the occasion. Well, I looked it up this evening and it turns out it was the 26th, lol. Oh well, its the thought that counts.
  6. Who doesn't love the charm of dated suspension geometry, rust, crumbling plastic, NLA parts, and multitudes of rattles and squeaks that come with older cars??
  7. Nice driving!! USAIR is awesome, looks like a fast course!
  8. I'm not sure on a value, but I love that color combination! Also I would think a manual would add value over a similar car with an automatic if selling privately.
  9. I'm a fan of black or dark ceilings (in the right setting) for this exact reason. I'm likely doing a black (or darker gray) open ceiling whenever I re-do my basement. It seems to make the room feel taller too, especially if it's well-lit.
  10. All it needs now is some zoomies!
  11. Notice any sound difference with the intake muffler thing taken out?
  12. I agree on the classifieds style. I like the forum style format but that could be just what I'm used to. I find it useful to be able to ask/answer questions and have everyone see it. I usually post everything car related I sell on wibimmers since forum people tend to be much more reasonable/reliable than the average person on marketplace.
  13. Sheds are very under-rated, I think mine is a similar size and it's the best!
  14. Good point, there is a ton of value in in-person meets and I really enjoy them but they do take a lot of effort to organize (and thank you to those that take the lead on that)
  15. Facebook's format is horrible for useful car information. The revolving door of stupid questions and stupid answers is basically all it is. No useful way to post a DIY, maintain a build thread, search old posts for info, etc. I like forums the way they are to be honest, but we do seem to struggle to maintain new members. I don't have any useful suggestions to make improvements though, maybe the twerking suggestion has some merit? @YoungCR is right about the main group of members here focusing on not-car-stuff at the moment and making it seem like the forum is dying, myself included (see:
  16. m42b32

    E46 Things

    People pay a lot of money for that feature on Jeeps! Stock sway bar?
  17. Yeah I was surprised they went through the effort to have a whole different wheel with a 2mm offset difference. They are available new, but are $600 each. Cost... home renovations are expensive, gotta pinch those pennies for now! It's not ideal, but it works. I also want to see how these X1 wheels hold up, so its sort of a long term experiment.
  18. Ah bummer, the nut trick only seems to work well if there is some of the bolt sticking out. Would be very counter productive to accidentally weld it to the car haha.
  19. No dice on welding a nut to it? Or is it too far recessed into the frame?
  20. 104.1k Summer mode! After about 4 months of searching and not finding any good alternatives, I finally sourced a 225m rear wheel. It is the rear wheel from an X1 m-sport so the size is 19x9 et41 vs. 19x9 et39 for the e9x rear wheel. The new wheel has a date stamp from 2014 whereas the old wheel is 2009, and appears to be a revised casting so we will see if the barrel holds up any better than the very crack-prone e90 variant. Its not necessarily ideal, but I solved the offset issue with a 5mm spacer on the X1 wheel, and a 3mm spacer on the e90 wheel. The concavity of each is exactly the sa
  21. That cleaned up really nicely!
  22. @Rekpoint at least @B C will know where to deliver it!
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