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This build suddenly got intense so I decided to start a thread to share with y'all and keep myself organized! 


The scoop:


The original goal was to turbo the S52 and run a .140 MLS at low boost, if I could contain myself, for a year then build the bottom end.  After removing the head the number 1 piston was shot.  Build time is now!


I just ordered:


- 9.2 CR pistons by Imagineering

- 135mm K1 Connecting Rods


There is a 4-6 week wait on the pistons.  The head is getting freshened up as we speak.  Intercooler is "semi" mounted. 


This is my first build thread so I will be editing/adding pics at my learning level so bare with me!

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Whats up with your #1 piston? It seems kinda hard to wreck one while running NA


All I can say is that your car is awesome enough as it is and now you just had to go and 1up yourself.  UNREAL!!!!
What will you be using for fuel management? stock OBD2 with a TRM tune? 


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wow that is some serious pre-ignition goin on there!!! Im sure the spark plug looked funny on that cylinder too. Maybe the injector wasn't spraying nicely and was running lean on that cylinder. gnarly


All of the marks were underneath the carbon buildup so it had to happen awhile ago.  Still not cool, breh.

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that cylinder got mashed the fuck up. Hopefully it didn't fuck up the block sleeving.

There are a couple of vertical scars on the #1 (the worst) piston.  I'm getting the block punched out so the scaring doesn't matter.


Holy shit bat man. This took of quickly.. How wide of wheels are you running?

I've been planning this for awhile but I'm pushing this project hard now.  Here is what Kamotors said:


"Kamotors Performance Parts


you are able to run 9" width at et10-12 up front safely and a 9" at the rear at et0 safely or even a 10" rim at offset 15 in the rear safely. Obviously a lot depends on tire size, in the front your not going to run into flare issues with a nice wide 245, but when you go to a 255 width you start rubbing other areas like the front bumper and rear fender liner.

I would run a square 245 tire setup for best functionality or a staggered 245 front and 265 (or skinny low profile 275) at the rear.

aim for 9.25" treadwidth up front and 10.5" tread width in the rear. "


From the previous owner the flares are already fiberglassed out so hopefully I can run a little bigger than what Kamotors said.


Following this thread for a god-tier e30 build.  This is going to be sweet.

Thanks!  I'm pumped!


I'm gonna like this.

Me too.

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Stopped by the machine shop to show dude my piston pics and talk prices.  I'm going to have him assemble the block including new crank bearings, rod bearings, get the crank/rods/pistons balanced and bored out to match the pistons/rings.


Can anybody tell me what flywheel I have?  It's a single mass that is as wide as a dual.  I need a new friction (?) plate because mine looks like the  San Andreas Fault, see pics.  I'll post some more pics of my block.

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