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  1. I'll pop some 5mm spacers on the rear to get it a little better stance.
  2. Not too much fun. SCHLEPN tires & wheels back and forth from Stallis and trying to keep up with this crazy Real Estate market! It's still going strong! I agree! A birdy said you're the go to guy for a suede headliner. Let's talk!
  3. Structure Fabrication cut out the rot/rust on my passenger rear jacking point and rebuilt/over built it back up looking as close to stock as possible. Rust proofed it all. Pretty big job as they had to pull the gas tank. They found some old bondo from a hack job fix from years and years ago. Glad they got in there to cut out the cancer! They also popped on my new snow tires on the "new" wheels! 245/18/40 Blizzaks on some 6 series wheels. Not sure which style code they are. 18 x 8.5 et14 if I remember correctly.
  4. Confronting my fears, face to face. 🤣
  5. Just can't let go of what once was. Using it for a vacuum gauge at the moment but maybe next year. We are saving for a house so going to hold off on winter projects and just focus on getting the wagon closer to perfect.
  6. All engine lights are off! Running great. Have an appointment to get the jacking point fixed due to rust on Tuesday. Also have a right rear speed sensor waiting to be installed. Body and interior are next! Priorities are to stop the rust and fix the sunroof rattles.
  7. A little wider than I'd prefer but I like those wheels too! Thanks!
  8. 206,XXX miles Got the winters tires on. Running the 5 series wheels that I ran on the wagon last year.
  9. @e30dad on Instagram did the cluster and zeroed out the milage. The odometer does stick sometimes so the milage isn't 100% correct. Probably should be around 4k.
  10. Oil and filter change! Put some miles on today. Hopefully will have 1 or 2 more days of fun until it goes away until winter.
  11. Mike did the rear brake lines. They were bad! We also put in 14" rear braided lines so there was some slack on the line when you jacked up the car. The DMTL light seems to be off for good now. Had to swap some wires on the pump wiring. Next up is some rust repair on a jacking point & Dinan rear diff reinforcement!
  12. 205,XXX miles -Airbag light fixed. -New oem BMW 325xi rear springs installed. Monster truck status renewed! -ebrake is back up and running.
  13. Took the "Four Door" back to Mike's to have him pop on some braided brake lines, fix the pass. side seat belt tensioner that is throwing an airbag light and install the ebrake hardware that I forgot to get. Needed the 330i shoes. We both forgot that the hardliners for the brakes were pretty rusty. Almost all hardlines replaced! He went around the fuel tank, with my blessing, to cut the labor time in half. (The wagon will get the tank out line replacement soon!) He also found the vacuum line on the fuel filter was rotted off. Better MPGs here I come!
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