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  1. Evolve Medusa headers installed! Mike and I had to drop the engine to get the stock manifolds out and the new headers in. Rawspeed welded up a new Y-pipe and 2 high flow cats to bring the new into the rest of the custom exhaust. Was running 1 high flow cat but that was choking the system at the old Y pipe. It is a whole new car! Really feeling the added POWA!
  2. They were just too loud. I'm going to stock shock mounts as well. Thing sounds like it is rattling loose when it is super cold out.
  3. M3 time!! New cross drilled and slotted CSL front rotors, crossed drilled and slotted rear rotors, new front PFC pads, pulled poly RTABS and replaced with OEM BMW, alignment, avant radio installed and driver's side ignitor.
  4. Had Mike pop in new front oem wheel bearings. We removed the oem grease and packed them with Redline's CV grease to help avoid premature wear. Replaced the leaking power steering pump as well.
  5. Trans started slipping so got it replaced with a 94k mile trans out of a 325xi. Got the starter rebuilt, new trans filter/gasket. Tensioner & idler pullies replaced. New oil filter housing gasket and hood latches. Mike also made the rust dissappear by the rear wheel arches. Not bad for a napa rattle can! Now we just need some snow! All work done at 212k miles.
  6. VAC rear sway bar reinforcements installed. Yay!
  7. It just started doing that once I installed the Avant head unit. No clue! Lol
  8. That's about right! I felt like I haven't really driven it too much until the last month. Lots of lake country showings!
  9. Oil and filter change. LM 10w60 & mann filter. Added some new pilot sports 4S in the rears mid summer. Put a lot of miles in this thing while the wagon was under the knife. Love this car!!
  10. Oil & filter change. 10w-60 Liqui Moly & Mann Filter. Installed: Repaired sunroof with new OEM rebuild kit. Black suede headliner, a, b, & c pillars. Black Nappa leather m5 front seats, front cards, lower dash and center console. Black carpet. Still need some grey items swapped to Black but getting there. Endless Detailing polished the turd up today! I'm loving it!
  11. The rack doctor steering rack we replaced in 2018 blew its seals and was leaking badly. Utilized their lifetime warranty and got a new one. Did an oil and filter change as well as a fuel pump; fuel filter and regulator. Added e46 M3 RTABs also. All OEM BMW.
  12. It's been a while! The wagon has been clocking the miles like a champ all summer. The front diff mount reinforcement has been on the radar for a minute and with the stars aligning with my schedule I pulled the trigger. Mike has done all of it solo as real estate is booming and my free time is spent with the family. The list: -M5 subframe bushings, dinan front diff reinforcement kit, powder coated subframe gloss black, all new bushings, new lower control arms (left is on back order from Germany), M5 ladder bars powder coated gloss black.
  13. The T56 that I had in the car started popping out of 3rd gear & reverse and grinding going into 3rd. Time for a new trans! RPM transmission level VI was ordered and, while I'm in there, I popped in a Monster dual clutch in case I wanted to add more power. Should be good up to 700hp/to. Also got a bolt in roll cage from Mitch. (Thanks for delivery relay, Mitch & TJ!) Powder coated it gloss black and bolted it in. Nitto NT01 rear tires mounted as well. 255s.
  14. A couple new pieces for the M3!
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