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  1. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Mike buttoned up the driver's side pedal area. M5 dead pedal in!!!
  2. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Family road trip car so I want it pretty stealthy. Excited to get a gameplan in place and get this DONE!
  3. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Took it for a little test drive yesterday afternoon after bleeding the brakes again while activating the ABS/DSC pumps. It stops!! While on test drive I took the dirty girl through the car wash! It feels good to see this outside! Last night, we popped in the M5 fuel pump. Had to swap over the 540i top to keep the barbed fitting as the M5 has a quick disconnect. Swapped the mirror motor pins on the driver's side so pin 1 has the blue wire and pin 2 has the white wire so both door modules matched pin locations. This corrected the mirrors folding opposite ways when you hit the button. Bled the clutch again, The feel is still not 100% but it drives. Felt it was time to add the fresh M badge on the motor! Counting down the days to the exhaust shop!
  4. DrLeadFoot

    Official Sighting Thread

    I could only hear every other word of that phone call! Lol!
  5. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    I'm going to have Structure Fabrication and Design do the exhaust. Thinking 2 mufflers and high flow cats or 3 mufflers. Need something mild for family road trips!
  6. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    That's Bill! He came over to Mike's twice to kick it and help out a bit! Between Mike and Bill there is a lot of knowledge in that garage!
  7. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Finished up the cruise control, clutch interlock and M5 fuel pump relay wiring. Mike added a proper ground for the fuel relay. Pulled the fuel relay and cranked it over a couple times to prime the oil. Popped the relay back in and fired it up on the first try! Bled the clutch and brakes. Brakes felt great until we hit the gas a spun the rear wheels then the pedal went to the floor. We think it has something to do with the DSC pump not being bled properly. Started buttoning up the interior and finished the cabin filters and new M5 rear wire harness covers. So close to being done!! 20190518_144427.mp4
  8. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Not looking forward to bleeding that! Lol
  9. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Got the topside wired up, sport button and servtronic! Need to pop in new style fuel pump relay. Have run a ground wire to it and move a pin on the 540i female side of connector and the new style relay will be good to go. Pin 2 wires behind the cluster. One to the DME for reverse lights and the other to the clutch switch. Changed the trans fluid. Added oil. 10w60 liqui moly. Need to top off coolant, power steering fluid and bleed brakes/clutch. Getting close!!
  10. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    Sport button is wired up from the dash to the DME. Hijacked some steptronic wires for this. Blue & grey and blue & yellow wires. Swapped pins and we should be good! Fuel leak diagnostic and Brake light test switch are wired up. Hopefully we will get the rest of the wiring done tonight!
  11. DrLeadFoot

    FS: 17" e46/e90 fitment wheels

    I do! $125!
  12. Link to the craigslist ad. Discount for WIBimmer members! https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/6887504275.html
  13. DrLeadFoot

    SCHLEPN | The E39 540itA Story

    -Driveshaft in -Diff oil in -Clutch lines all buttoned up -Passenger side headers bolted up -Crank sensor installed It is ready for all fluids and wiring is next!
  14. DrLeadFoot

    The E46 M3 Journal

    Thanks! I'm liking it! 10mm rear with 255, 12mm front with 245
  15. DrLeadFoot

    The E46 M3 Journal

    Burning gas!