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    any thing that has a engine
  1. Yes J that's the one pretty upset with my self and need help sorting out the lights whiting dash lights windows and its efi mirror and trans are 100% the rest not so much
  2. Hey so I mad a very poor choice and traded my perfectly fine e30 for a shit 5.0 swapped e36 runs and what not but need someone who is good with electionale and help me sort it out in the racine area
  3. some pictures i took last weekend of my 1990 325i and my buddies speed3 and the last one is the Bradley center
  4. Well just got Hellas for my e30 and love them no more sealed beams
  5. Thank you very much still new to the euro/bmw scene but so far loving it and every one is cool
  6. And thank you I love the color also
  7. I use too ride BMX miss my bike from time to time As for suspension yes I am getting race with belsting shocks and you sure can all I ask is you don't crop my photo so my water mark is still there
  8. hello i own a stock 1990 325I with a five speed. plans for my car are new wheels h&r loweing springs and shocks and my car is badly in need of exhaust other then that i love my car and all e30s
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