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  1. There's plenty of transmissions on car-part with similar mileage for ~$500. r&r, reseal and fluid change should be another $1,200. for ~$1700 you should be back on the road. less if you want to pull it yourself.
  2. World is kind of geared for a family of 4. Finding a car to fit a 3rd car seat starts to become a challenge. The 3rd row seat requires a contortionist to get a kid strapped in the 20point harness these days. So, you go out and get the "swagger wagon" for the whole family, and you windup having the wrong car half the time when you go get them from the sitter. just get the "Hoovie Van" and you'll be all set. As far as family dynamic the more the better. once you get past 4-5 the older ones help out with the younger ones. but, when it's just the 2 of you, the biggest change is from 2 to 3. it's a whole different ball game. you go from playing "man to man" defense to "Zone". You go from controlling the situation to just containing the explosion. good luck with getting that boy. You have a 50/50 shot. My grandfather was a farmer and wanted sons to help on the farm. He wound up with 5 girls (youngest is 2 years older then I) and 14 of 19 grandsons. I got 3 boys because my wife wanted that girl. Now that they are teenagers, she is glad 'cause she says she couldn't handle today's girls. so, god give you what you can handle.
  3. 1st one? you got plenty of time. We walked the halls for 18hrs with our first. by the third one,... he was practically giving me directions for the hospital. As long as they are healthy, everything else will work itself out. The whole nesting phase is more to calm and prepare the wife then the baby. Our boys spent their first month in a bassinet by our bed. good luck p.s. don't tell a women in labor "It's OK"
  4. Great progress, love seeing these getting some attention. Has the plastic pipe under the intake been addressed? They are notorious for leaking at the least opportune time. But, that's a project with an intake reseal, OSV update, heater valve and lines, and starter, in a shotgun parts blast. As you, we did the pump and hoses on my son's 330 vert, only to have the pipe start leaking a month later. Whoever decided that it was a good idea to replace a metal pipe with a plastic one that is buried under the intake should be shot.
  5. Why didn't they just copy the whole design the patent has run out a long time ago.
  6. Nothing like a road trip adventure with a new to you car purchase 😀 good luck and safe journey.
  7. Can I get one in a collector plate?
  8. It sucks that he didn't have insurance, but at least he stopped so you got his info. Most these days wouldn't. If I was you I'd go buy some lottery tickets, hoping your luck is still holding out. From reading your account of the accident. I would have figured the "M" was toast, and you had his bumper in the side from the rear door handle up to the roundel on the hood. You got lucky. I had a tangle with box truck about 30 years ago. Hit me in the same corner, but hard enough to send me spinning like a pinball, bouncing of 2 other cars and finally t-boned by a van. Wound up in a ditch with the van teetering on the edge ready to roll over on top of us any second. My Mustang didn't have a straight panel left and the passenger seat was ~9" wide. I'm lucky to be alive. Looks like most of the damage was simple bolt on stuff, and with a good paint match it will look better then new. Good to see everyone was OK, M is on it's way to healing, and the upgrades continue.
  9. If you guys haven't guessed, David is my teenage son. They say this addiction can be hereditary. I have 2 that can attest to that, and my wife thinks we're all nuts. We have a three E34 family among other BMWs. RobZR
  10. clean rot-free E36 Ti https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/260631952541380/
  11. Inflation must be sky high when a 300k mi E34 goes for 63k.😵 Mine should be worth at least half of that.😁 This build and auction has thrown the valuation of modded BMW's upside down. we all have learned for years, that you start a custom build on a high mileage shell is a recipe for financial ruin. Jason has shown us the right way to build and promote such a project. at the end of the day if you can't get a few people that really want what you have built in the room. it can be all for not. We've seen a few well built and promoted modded cars like RVAE34's lsx E39 touring and Mattymatt's E34 touring. But, the common theme is the touring brings in the money. Not since 540keith's calypso e34 has a non M5 E34 sedan brought in any money, until now.
  12. Since, the m60b44 designation was never used by BMW, and if a TU short block was used for the frankenmotor I could see their confusion. In my view, it's better without the vanos. I would venture the car has had a respray in it's life since it had north of 250k before the Frankenstein conversion/restoration. It's great props to Jason's restoration and the Socal climate that it looks this unbelievable now. The detail pics are just mind boggling. The black wood trim, the euro touches like the drivers glove box, etc. Who goes and reupholsters new racing seats with m-cloth and adds seat heaters on a tuner build. You have to know these cars well to see the little details.
  13. The Ultimate E34 is for Sale. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1995-bmw-540i-32/ one of these days I'll get mine that clean.
  14. RobZR

    Z3M Coupe

    Nice pick up, TJ another E30 to the stable.
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