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  1. This is what I was trying last night - ear muffs with earbuds in. But when I put on the ear muffs, they "distorted" my ears and then the earbuds didn't sit in my ears flush and the sound was pretty awful. They were the larger earbuds with the the padding on them, so maybe a slimmer design would work better. 3M makes an earmuff with bluetooth connection. I wonder what would provide a better sound protection - earmuffs with bluetooth and not as great speakers or an over-the-ear headphones with better speakers.
  2. I believe it is, yes. This one is my Dad's he's letting me borrow for a while. I have an old-school one he gave me a while ago, but unfortunately I messed it up somehow when I was switching the polarity on it without paying attention and did not ground it out. When I have a chance, I plan on picking up the Eastwood 135.
  3. I need some type of ear protection that has music. I have ear muffs, but I need sound. 3M makes Bluetooth ear muffs but the sound is apparently subpar. So maybe a set of over the ear headphones would work okay but they’re not designed for sound reduction. I have read that noise canceling headphones aren’t really designed to cancel everyday sounds but more if a constant low frequency like you would find on a plane. Any suggestions? With what would be better? Right now I’m leaning towards a pair of over the heat headphones from Amazon.
  4. Spent some time sanding the car tonight. This is all 150 on the car and 220 on the trunk lid. And then did a little bit of filler on some dings. I’m not taking the car down to bare metal, just smoothing it out and will primer right on the existing finish.
  5. Yup. That will be done whenever I order a grommet kit.
  6. That’s the plan. Really no going back now that I’ve messed up the fender and door. I’m going to go around first and sand down the small dents so I can add a little filler to smooth them out. But up next I will be removing trim from the car, mirrors, taping off some edges, and masking off the engine bay to keep the dust out of it. The new compressor setup did a pretty good job keeping up. I won't be able to sand non-stop, but it seemed that it would keep up while taking normal breaks - i.e. readjusting, changing sandpaper, moving to a new spot. I'm doing this late at night, so I'm not sure how loud it is outside my garage. With it being fully insulated, I assume the sound is carrying to intensely to the neighbors' house with the outside ambient sound. At the same time, this is payback for my neighbor's stupid diesel super-duty the he parks in his backyard right next to our house that he needs to let idle for 17 hours before he drives it anywhere.
  7. Both ball joint threads ended up being trash so it has new outer ball joints. Most other stuff done isn’t really noticeable - brake line to the rear is in, control arms back in, interior back together for the most part. Both front abs sensor harnesses were pretty cracked up and falling apart so I fixed those. And then I started playing with the sander tonight to get the hang of it. Not really sure what I was expecting from it, but using it was very comfortable and I’m excited to move on to the next phase of the project.
  8. How do you control between the two fluids? I've never heard of that before.
  9. Excellent. Where are you located? Would you be able to pick up at either place?
  10. I have an extra set of front Zimmerman rotors. Returning them to FCP wouldn’t be worthwhile. Brand new. Unopened. $33ea, asking $50 for the pair. Pickup in Cedarburg in the evenings or Menomonee Falls during the day. Can maybe meet or drop off depending where you are and if we as a family are doing something in that direction. Link to them at FCP: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-brake-disc-zimmermann-34111160915
  11. Thank you for the info! I have it with me today to see what a shop would want for it and to make sure they can do it.
  12. Car is coming back together last night (other than the control arm coming out as stuff was going in). Struts repainted, new mounts, new dust caps, new wheels bearings, brakes, calipers, and Chase Bays hard lines. Bumper and fenders loosely bolted into place.
  13. From what I can find, these are just pressed it, right? There’s nothing special about them. A shop with a basic press should be able to do it.
  14. Reinstalling the struts and everything and j realized the threads on the outer ball joint for the DS control arm are cross threaded. The control arm assemblies are relatively cheap, but I can’t find a great how-to for removing the lollipop without the assumption that you’re going to be replacing the bushing. Any pointers?
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