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  1. I’ve been daily driving the e30 for a couple months now. Other than one scare when it wouldn’t start at work it’s been great! Thought the starter failed after I got to work one day but it was actually the engine to frame ground. I assume the starter is grounded to the engine block? Anywho. Anywho, here’s some neat pictures from cruising around the area last night.
  2. Interesting perspective. The thought of whether the e30 stays in my garage forever has crossed my mind a few times lately. Mostly because of safety. I know my girls have been in the e30 numerous times, but I’m always worried about what would happen if we got in an accident with that car - either by myself or with them in the car. Idk.
  3. How reliable are the e70 X5 35i engines? I'm really drawn to the Audi Q5 of this same era, and honestly is my first choice, but the early engines have timing chain failures and really bad oil consumption, and it seems like each engine following that has similar issues. I don't mind replacing something that is a known failure, but oil consumption isn't an easy fix.
  4. Thanks! And likewise. 👍🏻 Thank you! And thanks for giving them something to occupy their time with. Haha. They actually seem to enjoy doing these things. My middle one said to me “I’m excited to see race cars! Regular cars? Nope. Just race cars.” I should really make the time to do one of the more personal get togethers so I can really put names to faces. In college my friend and his close group of VW/Audi friends would do dollar burgers at Bar Louie every week. It was neat to be a part of that. Title of the thread will need to be updated. Said farewell to the 850 today. Going to a cool Volvo guy who’s buying it for his daughters to drive. It was kinda sad, but I felt a huge relief knowing I only had one “project” car. For the first time in a few months I felt like I wasn’t thinking about what needed to be done on a car in the back of my mind.
  5. I’m working on getting rid of stuff I don’t need. Or stuff I don’t want to store to be used at some point in the future. First up: 18sf of sound deadening, 3.5sf of heat shield, and 12 sf of under hood thermal acoustic lining. $150 for all of it. I don’t remember what the new price is, but I know this is a lot less.
  6. Interesting. Thanks for the input! This wouldn’t be the primary child carrier. My wife has an Atlas with a 3rd row and we use that mainly. This would be occasional kids and mostly my daily. But I can see your point. I remember when I had my e46 wagon for a bit the rear seat was incredible tight with just two seats.
  7. Hey guys. I tried doing some of my own research but didn't have great luck finding the type of information I wanted. I'm going to wrap up the 850R and sell it. The e30 is at a point where I don't want two "projects" and I'd really like to scale back everything car related. So once the R is gone the plan is to find a small SUV - between a Q5 and X3. What are the main selling points between the e83 and f25? I know the obvious ones between the look and feel, but mechanically, are the f25's still easy to work on? I know there are some engines/years to avoid with timing chain guides, but are there other huge red flags with any other trims? Hoping to hear some of those that might have had first hand epxerience with them or generally know way more than I do about those engines and general ease of working on them. Thanks!
  8. Didn’t take any pics of the e30 at the picnic. But in case I missed you, I was the one with 3 car seats in the back!
  9. It’s just the Sound Ordinance low profile powered sub from crutchfield. It’s their house brand, for the price, it’s great. I would love to drive it and see how the 3.73 feels. I don’t do a lot of freeway driving but when I’m doing 50 hours of freeway driving for the rally this year, some taller gears would be nice. Mine is a LSD, so a straight I think could work if that’s what we’re both ultimately interested in. 👍🏻
  10. Just driving it an enjoying it. As soon as the 850 is done, I have a small to-do list for it: Remove amp and subwoofer and put back in the "underseat" powered subwoofer. O2 sensor. Investigate intermittent clunk from rear. I believe it's tied to the sway bars. Either the mounts or the unsealed heim joints on the aftermarket sway bar endlinks. That's really about it right now. Took the car to Green Bay and back on Wednseday and it did great. It was wet and humid and then cool at night and the headlights stayed completely dry the whole time. My only complaint is the car sitting at 3500 RPM while doing 70 on the highway with the 4.10 diff. But as I looked more into the 3.73, it sits at about the same if I were to go 80. I also read of a significant difference in feel of the car between the two, with the 4.10 being quite a bit snappier. I mean, it makes sense, I just didn't realize it would be as noticeable as others describe. So, I will probably save $1,000 and just go 10mph slower.
  11. What are these? Pedals for ants? Are these as tiny and tightly grouped together as it looks, or is the picture deceiving?
  12. gilber33

    3.73 LSD

    Anyone have one? Drive to Green Bay today doing 70 with the tach at 3500. Thinking I’d like to swap out the 4.1 for a 3.73. Thanks!
  13. Just make sure that once the seat is strapped in and snugged down, you give it a couple pats and tell yourself “that’s not going anywhere”. Only then, are you truly a dad.
  14. Hoping for some insight to better understand something. On my way to work this morning I did a WOT pull through most of the gears. When I came to a stop sign the idle was rough - rpm flucuating, the MPG needling swinging back and forth, the exhaust sounded a little lumpy. I started driving again and by the next stop sign a few miles later it was totally fine. Smooth idle, engine was smooth, etc. Got to work, turned it off and on a couple times and all was good. Listened to it idling with the hood up and reved it a few times. Sounded totally normal. What could have caused that? I will mention that a couple weeks ago the battery had died completely (left the doors and trunk open) and this is my first "hard" pull after getting the battery charged up and driving it again. I remember with my Volvo 740 wagon that also has a Bosch motronic system that after disconnecting the battery, it would usually take some time for the ECU to recalibrate. Is this perhaps the case here?
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