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  1. I bought these tires in October 2022 from Tire Rack, mounted them last week, and decided against 200tw tires for the e30. Never driven on. Paid $635 for them and am now asking $400. Great tire set up for a 15x7/8 staggered wheel set up.
  2. Sold the car without an interior?? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1612309969046719/permalink/3395332360744462/?mibextid=W9rl1R
  3. I just can't with those interiors.
  4. well well well.. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1989-bmw-325i-165/
  5. The upholstery project has been going better than I anticipated and is a lot of fun. The rear bench is almost done.
  6. gone Anyone interested in one of my 3V2’s? Upgraded fans, cr touch, Jeyers firmware, glass bed, enclosure, metal extruder. Prints reliably and consistent. Can’t think of having any failed prints with it. $200. Looking to only have two printers so I can get a workbench that fits two printers in my continued effort to get rid of stuff I don’t need.
  7. How are the factory bi-xenon headlights? Are they pretty decent?
  8. I've been watching youtube videos and my Dad gave me an upholstery book that he had from a long time ago. Which ironically enough has an e30 rear bench seat in it as an example. I thought if I can teach myself to paint a car, build an engine, weld, etc. etc. why not this? It won't be perfect, but I'd rather it not be perfect knowing I did it then it not being perfect paying someone else to do it.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I had two people that I started talking to about this project, very reputable places that I know do fantastic work, and then they ghosted me. I went to my typical state of mind of "If no one will do it for me then I'll do it my fucking self". Soooo I'm going to learn upholstery.
  10. And I believe their exteriors have aged extremely well. I wish the tech had aged better. I don't know if prices on the R-Designs have normalized yet, but when I was looking the ones I was most interested in were the same price as the X5. And that was hard to justify.
  11. Very cool! I was looking at those very seriously before the X5. Ultimately decided I didn't want another Volvo, but they are fantastic cars. My wife had a couple and it was always such a comfortable ride.
  12. Spotted: voting this morning at 8: 15. Wagon looks good!
  13. Thank you! I ultimately decided that I had gone too safe with the car and was kind of bored with how it looked. These wheels and seats should fix that!
  14. The euroweaves replacements got here. 🤤 I took out the rear subframe. I don’t know if you guys remember how much trouble I had fitting the RevShit RTA bushings, but I swapped those out for Condor and I’m really annoyed I didn’t use Condor originally. Fitment was 10/10. Also did the rear sway bar link reinforcements and rear sway bar mount reinforcements. Another great excuse to get the welder out. Not pretty but I’m happy with my twice a year welds. And the X5 looking dapper as always. I finally realized why I like this car so much and I can summarize like this: I don’t miss driving the e30 when I’m driving this.
  15. Houndstooth Recaros are gone. Euroweaves are gone. Replacement No. 1 here is here.
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