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  1. I bought these tires in October 2022 from Tire Rack, mounted them last week, and decided against 200tw tires for the e30. Never driven on. Paid $635 for them and am now asking $400. Great tire set up for a 15x7/8 staggered wheel set up.
  2. Hey guys. I tried doing some of my own research but didn't have great luck finding the type of information I wanted. I'm going to wrap up the 850R and sell it. The e30 is at a point where I don't want two "projects" and I'd really like to scale back everything car related. So once the R is gone the plan is to find a small SUV - between a Q5 and X3. What are the main selling points between the e83 and f25? I know the obvious ones between the look and feel, but mechanically, are the f25's still easy to work on? I know there are some engines/years to avoid with timing chain guides, but are there other huge red flags with any other trims? Hoping to hear some of those that might have had first hand epxerience with them or generally know way more than I do about those engines and general ease of working on them. Thanks!
  3. As I'm redoing my garage, I picked up two Husky 46" tool chests. These next to each other will become my work bench. Naturally, the floor slopes from the back to the front of the garage and the wall that these will be going against will have some of that slope. I have see some solutions where people install adjustable legs instead of the casters. But the casters add about 6" of height and there's probably a 2" height difference from one end of the ultimately 92" work bench to the other end. I'm not confident I'll be able to find adjustable casters that will give me that much height or adjustment. I think something like this would work best. Some square tubing that the boxes can sit on, and then legs either cut to fit my floor or close enough that I can than put adjustable legs on this. Looking for any advice or if others have their own solutions? I know I could just use some wood blocks and whatnot, but I would like this to be functional and look good at the same time. I'm putting a lot of effort into the garage for its remake and don't want to half ass this.
  4. Introducing myself and my first BMW. I come from a long line of Volvos but wanted something new for a weekend car. Needed to be RWD and manual. Found this e30 locally and thought this would fit what I was looking for. My plan at this point is to take care of all the oil leaks and replace all gaskets and hoses. Other than some suspension improvements, it will be staying stock. The engine is pulled and on a stand. I'll tear it down, most likely have the head rebuilt and will get everything small cleaned and blasted so it looks like new. And I'll paint the block. Here's my progress some purchasing the car on Sunday. Ill update it periodically. Since this is my first BMW, I'm sure I'll have lots of questions.
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