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  1. I removed all of my abs. The ecu, lines, module, and all associated wiring has been removed. I put in the Chase Bays abs delete brake line kit with the adjustable bias valve. Mine hasn’t worked for the last three years and the two rallies I did (which is exactly how I drive the car) it was never an issue.
  2. Those are one of the best looking M3's in my opinion.
  3. We're making things over here! ABS plug worked great and a spacer for the otherwise flat 944 booster. Played around in Cura and found how to make multiples and it placed them for you. Super neat.
  4. I removed this and replaced it with an oem joint and DSSR from IE. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t particularly care for the fitment of this. It was mostly because it was a bitch to install. With that said, it worked. And it worked completely fine and there was absolutely no reason for me to replace other than my personal vendetta with Garagistic. New this would all run you about $170. I’d ask $90.
  5. I keep making progress so I'm going to keep posting some pictures. It's a lot of fun to go back through all of these pages and remember where the car was and where it's going. I've actually forgotten about a lot of the things I've done, changed, etc. Things went in the other direction the other night. Switched the ratchet from loosen to tighten. Body harness going back in freshly re-taped and loomed. Modified Porsche 944 brake booster. If anyone is looking for a tap and die kit, the Husky kit from Home Depot is awesome. And affordable. Larger master cylidner. I'm going to print a small spacer to go between the 944 booster and firewall. This one is flat on the back and it's pretty tight with the clutch master hose. I bought new connectors and terminals and have replaced the coolant level sensor and brake fluid reservoir wires and connector. Will do the same with the fuel pump connector and wires. The fog light and horn connectors both crumbled this time. I have new hella oe style horns that just use spades and found some fog light pigtails on ebay. The side marker light wires fell apart. Fixed one and will do the same on the other side: Still looking pretty clean in there.
  6. I think I made my first thing in freeCAD. It's an ABS sensor plug. Based on dimensions from the sensor. I know I can buy these for pretty cheap, but I'm doing it more to teach myself. I'm slowly learning how all of the sketcher tools work, how the constraints work, when you make a sketch what can be padded and what can't be, combining shapes, slowly making my way into other workbenches. I'm slowly learning how to use the various tools in different ways. There's a definite learning curve here compared to sketchup. I always felt that sketchup was extremely user friendly, but getting something like this done in sketchup would have been much messier.
  7. Non car related. Scored some free cabinets from a house my parents' are renovating. Just need to build an exhaust hood and I'll have a place to keep all my brewing stuff and start doing that again! My wife got me the Northern Brewer electric brew kettle to make indoor brewing possible.
  8. Looks like a very nice unit! I received my new laptop last week and got a bed leveler and a roll of PLA filament today. I've been watching freeCAD tutorials in the mornings before work. Really excited to start playing with it. I have a couple pretty simple things I will try to make to get familiar with everything.
  9. Found what the red/yellow wire is going to the C101 connector. Just another power supply for the ABS. Which is good news because that was really the only one I was concerned about.
  10. Cut the ABS harness on the engine side and pulled it out through the firewall inside the car. A few wires left that go into somewhere else: red/yellow on engine side. appears to go to the ABS relay. however, it didn't go through the firewall and looks like it went into the twist lock connector that engine harness connects to. blue wire inside the car. wire diagrams says it makes it way to the alternator. green/red wire inside the car. power from the ignition. Red wire on the engine side. Diagram says it goes to the relay, but it seems like it goes straight to the power junction block where the main battery lead comes into the engine bay. The good news is that it seems like none of the ABS wiring is integrated into anything else. Other than receiving power from the car, it stands on its own. So these wires will likely get clipped and then heat shrinked over the ends.
  11. I’m sorry. I cut the wires. I never realized how much of this harness was for the ABS.
  12. I'm starting to go through the engine bay wiring harness from the fuse box, and there's some stuff I want to get rid of. For example this is I believe a brake pad wear sensor connector? IDK, it's never been connected to anything. But here is where it splices into the harness. Can I cut it, put a small piece of heat shrink over the individual wire ends and then another piece over the two and tuck them back into the harness? Similar question for other things - the ABS stuff that I'm no longer using. Can I cut the wires, cover the ends and tuck them away? Leave the wires in the bundle in case at some point in the future, after I'm long dead, my daughters are like, "Dad sure was a huge dum dum poopy face, let's put the ABS back in the car!". And a pic of the bay all painted and polished! Not perfect by any means. I believe I did not give the pre-paint prep spray enough time to evaporate and the first coat had some blemishes. But I said fuck it I'm going to gob the paint on and cover it up. Turned out fine.
  13. I think the bed leveler and improved springs are going to go on before I do more printing. As I do more reading that seems to be some improvements that make a lot of sense. Got a little nerdy with the printer enclosure. Put in some cheap led strips. I wanted to have light in there to help see what it’s doing since I also plan on putting one of my spare Wyze cams in there so I can watch it when I’m not in the garage, but, it also looks neat.
  14. The amount of resources available for 3D printing is awesome. And the Ender printers seem to have endless tutorials for them as well. My next step is to start diving into the actual slicing programs and understanding gcode. I started looking at bed levelers, but read that the CR Touch seems to be a slight improvement over the BR and they're so cheap. But I'll probably play around with the printer some more before I dive into adding things to it - although the bed leveler seems like it would be a great addition sooner.
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