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  1. Ohhh yeah. I bought the special wrench tool for those after reading about how tight it is. Which made it an entirely non-issue.
  2. We took that for a bit! But most of the time was spent on backroads. It was about a 5 hour drive from Minneapolis to the pizza place north of Winona.
  3. Visited a friend in Minneapolis this past weekend and one of the days we drove the course of the 2020 OC Rally down to Suncrest Gardens pizza farm through western WI. All in about 1k miles over the weekend. I’ve done about 3500 miles on the car this summer with really no issues. On the X5 I replaced spark plugs, coil packs, air filter, intake duct, and fuel vent tube. Running awesome. 🤌🏻
  4. I thought that one wasn’t bad. I bought a long piece of really flexible tubing for my fluid extractor so I could stuff it down the fill hole. Worked really well.
  5. The TC and front diff both have fill plugs that are also for the fluid level and the transmission is the same way but you have to do the final fill when the transmission is between 40-50°c.
  6. Yeah, there just isn’t anything I can find on forums or groups about what I’m feeling. Low speed accel, turning, etc all seem to have others experiencing it, but coasting to a stop just doesn’t have much info. But people came out when I shared that info that they had that at one point too. The whole thing is pretty new to me. It’s my newest car I’ve ever owned. All of my “newer” cars have been Volvos and they’re completely different than this.
  7. Not sure how I accidentally included a video of my youngest daughter. Haha. Here was my transfer case fluid. Front diff fluid and transmission fluid didn’t look terrible, but they were pretty stinky. Tue front diff has a drain plug. Not sure about the rear. And getting the fluid out of the TC with a pump was pretty easy. I got a longer and more flexible hose from the hardware store for my little fluid pump and that made getting everything out of the TC easier.
  8. Getting familiar with this car. Transmission pan and fluid, transfer case fluid, front diff fluid, oil change, and eventually a tune up. Also new tires. So far found a cross threaded oil drain plug and JB welded fuel tank vent tube on the intake duct. Once the fluids are done I’ll order a new intake duct, valve cover vent hose, and fuel tank vent tube and then will do all the filters, spark plugs, and coils.
  9. I tried looking into this a lot given that my price range would be a higher mileage one. And I couldn’t really find any complaints of major issues other than the things you listed: n55 oil leaks, bags, and drivetrain servicing. Having air bags was a huge concern for me, but it seems like they’re pretty reliable and if a bag leaks, they’re not that expensive and replacing them is a very quick job. I have some slight shuddering/jerking as I coast to a stop. But I have everything coming to service the transmission, transfer case, and front diff. I’ve read of significant improvements in drivetrain feel after servicing everything. Also a new OBD tool that can reset adaptations.
  10. Looks good!!! I turn around and do a double take with the X5 just as much as I do with the e30. It’s a fantastic car.
  11. Thanks! Ironically my wife’s Atlas is also white on brown. Haha. I’m not sure. These are the only options I see tied to the interior Leather Dakota / Mokka S4DDFine-Wood Trim Fineline Pur SLEDELeather Equipment I was between this one and a 35d and I couldn’t find any reasons to get the diesel other than mileage. Everyone I asked their only reasons were MILEAGE AND TORQUE BABY! But this one had the m sport package and the diesel didn’t, so I went with this one. And I have zero regrets.
  12. They really are. This is my first SUV and I love how well it does everything.
  13. Finally picked up the new daily! After ruling out many of the other European SUVs, I kept coming back to the X5. After a lot of browsing I realized I wanted one with nicer wheels and either sport or comfort seats. The other features weren’t as important. There were some in Chicagoland, but driving down there with my wife and then driving two cars back through there with her by herself isn’t something I wanted to do. Fortunately, I found a strong contender to the north of me in Neenah. We went up there Saturday morning, checked it out, and bought it. 2015 Xdrive35i with M-Sport package. The PO also has an e70 diesel with m sport, an M650, e46 M3, and a new X7. He was selling the X5’s to make room for his new M3 Comp. So it was coming from someone who knew the cars and I really liked that. Anyways, I’ve only been driving it for two days, but it is so awesome. All three kids fit comfortably with three across forward facing car seats. The storage in the boot is great. The car in Sport mode is quicker than I thought it would be and the paddle shifters are reallly good.
  14. It certainly is. I'm really annoyed that I spent the time and money building one when I have one.
  15. I’ve been daily driving the e30 for a couple months now. Other than one scare when it wouldn’t start at work it’s been great! Thought the starter failed after I got to work one day but it was actually the engine to frame ground. I assume the starter is grounded to the engine block? Anywho. Anywho, here’s some neat pictures from cruising around the area last night.
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