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  1. It seems most of the european car sites use the Powertrain brand of rebuilt driveshafts - Pelican, FCP, Partsgeek, Autohaus AZ, etc. Pelican had it in stock and their overnight was similar to FCP, FCP was one business day out to ship it, and I have a 5%/10% off code that I can use on all my orders at FCP so they were a little bit cheaper. BUT NOW, I talked to FCP this morning and it's shipping out today instead of yesterday like it was supposed to, which means it MIGHT get here tomorrow but more likely Monday. And I leave early Wednesday morning. Not what I wanted to be doing right before I was supposed to leave.
  2. Drove it to my evening meeting at work on Tuesday and I got there and back without it dying! BUT, it developed a vibration that was very clearly coming from the tunnel down the car. Giubo was good. Everything was tight. The CSB was replaced in the last couple years. So I assumed it had to be the driveshaft. Once removed, it was very obvious the rear joint was garbage. Had "flat" spots and did not rotate smoothly. Over nighted one from FCP. Should be here tomorrow!
  3. gilber33


    Got one!
  4. Good call! I was pretty reluctant on the maxjax given that I didn't want to lose quick access to the garage, but with it on the lift I can still get in and out the door OK. And they are much easier to move out of the way than I thought they were going to be. But on the car - it's back on the ground. I have 12v at both power leads in the engine bay. It started right up (obviously not the first time because the fuel pump was repressurizing the system). But the following starts it cranked really strong and started up with much healthier sound than it ever has. New ground and power wires: Solder loaded battery terminals worked amazing. And the new fusible link. I also replaced the fuel lines because the ones that were in there had some cracking along the tops of the hoses. I didn't know there was fuel hose and then fuel injector hose. So I got proper hose this time. Anyone know what this blue connector is? It's behind the kick panel in the front passenger, it was unplugged when I opened everything up.
  5. Looks good! I like how that one is flush mount and is out of the way when you're not using it.
  6. Brief update: Still working on the new power leads. After receiving the incorrect terminals and messing up my first solder loaded terminal, I'm hoping to have better luck tonight so I can finish those. But I have done: New AC condenser more appropriate for r134. Mocked up the power distribution blocks. Swapped out the larger subwoofer/box for an under-seat subwoofer that I mounted on the backside of the rear seat. Now I have the full trunk. Replaced the super sagging muffler hangers. Installed new oem coolant temp sensors and thermostat. What's left: Power leads Grounds Oil change Coolant fill AC charge Replace soft fuel hoses in engine compartment The Recaro saga may soon be coming to and end. After the owner of shop only offered to refund me $300 or attempt to fix them again, I filed a dispute with my bank/Visa. Once that process was started and he was notified he offered to purchase the seats from me for $1500. I said he could purchase them for $1800. While I would love to save them, I think the grim reality is that it will cost me MUCH more than $1,800 to ever have those look like they should. While I recovered the cost of the front seats, I'm out the cost of the rear seats. Sadly this was an expensive life lesson and if there's a next time I know who I won't use and I know who I will use.
  7. lol. I got enough cable to replace the grounds so I'll be doing that regardless. But before I do anymore testing, I need to get the fusible link wire to have 12v in the engine first.
  8. I've had this one in the e30 for about a year: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07R1QZ8V1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Used it when we did the rally and it stayed in place the whole. Has never come off the windshield. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Wrapped up the suspension on the 850 last night and when I went to switch the cars the e30 wouldn't start. pushed it into the garage and the fuel pump isn't getting power. Jumping the relay doesn't turn it on. With the relay jumped there was less than a volt at the pump fuse. I've been reading a lot about the fusible link wire from the battery to the power block and how that specifically powers the main relay and ultimately the fuel pump. Tested the voltage at the power block and here's what I got at the main power block (please enjoy my fabulous pink sparkly nail polish from my 5yo a few nights ago): And at the fusible link junction: I'm assuming this is my main issue. My guess is that it's a combination of the not super great battery terminal setup installed by one of the PO'S, aging fusible link, and things being dirty. But I read several stories of the fuse getting old and causing issues. Does anyone know if this comes off? Here you can see the corrosion inside of it. The picture actually makes it look a lot better than it is.
  10. That's an awesome resource, too! Thank you. I got 20' of 1/0 gauge battery cable. I'm hoping to have enough to make a new battery to chassis ground and engine to chassis ground. I'll go through and clean up all other grounds, too. Some of the symptoms I'm reading in there sounds like something I've been experiencing. It mentioned pressing the brake pedal and lights dim. When it died the first time, I noticed on my way to work that when I pressed the brake pedal the temp gauge would twitch. It's gotta be some type of disruption in the power lead or a bad ground somewhere.
  11. I've never seen that before. That looks like something worth printing and framing to keep in the garage. I'm going to start with new battery power cable from the battery to the engine bay with a new distribution block. There are visible signs of wear at both ends of the battery cable and the battery ground is in poor shape. Once that's done, Tom gave me a link to a nice write up for testing voltage drop and other electrical thingers. The hard part is it died, and then it worked. I can't diagnose why it died when it's running completely fine in that moment. 🙄
  12. It wasn’t super tight. Maybe that’s what it was. I feel like this is a power issue. The ground is super grody and where the power wire comes into the distribution block in the engine bay is really corroded. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like these can be taken apart and cleaned and it needs to be replaced. I’m going to get some new power wire and distribution block.
  13. e30 died at lunch again today. It just turned off. This time it would crank and the engine would turn over, but it would not start. Yesterday when I tried cranking it the engine wouldn't turn over. I wasn't getting any goofiness with the gauges this time either. So I don't know if this is related to yesterday or not. It seemed like it wasn't getting any fuel, I pulled out the rear seat and cranked it and couldn't hear anything. Pulled the connector off and hooked up my voltmeter and confirmed it was getting 12v but at the same time the car started (it died right away because the fuel pump was unplugged). Plugged the fuel pump back in, car started right up and I drove it back to work with no issue. I don't know. I have no idea. I'm going to put some dialectic grease on the fuel pump connectors and see if there's some way to better secure them and maybe it was just a loose connection. What's been replaced: New DEM, fuel pump, and other orange relay in the engine bay New cap and rotor. The coil is only a couple years old. New OEM crank position sensor. I have new coolant sensors coming soon. Maybe one of them is getting too hot and give the ecu bad data. I don't know. I don't know why it's doing this.
  14. 8' plus a few inches for the curb that the walls are on.
  15. Alright. With that kerfuffle behind us. Back to business. It is amazing how much room I have to go higher but how much further it is already off the ground compared to jack stands. Some marks on the floor for next time. I’ll do the same with gray paint for the e30.
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