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  1. gilber33

    Rear Exhaust Manifold M20B25

    Just like the title says. Hopefully in the Milwaukee area. Thanks!
  2. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Started tearing into it tonight by removing the exhaust. Back half is toast. And then snapped one of the studs on the rear manifold. Soooo, if anyone has a rear exhaust manifold for an m20b25, let me know!!!!!
  3. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Well, car has been parked for a couple weeks now and last night I noticed a small wet spot on the ground towards the back of the engine. And of course there is oil coming out of the weep hole on the bottom engine cover piece. I guess I'll add RMS to the list for the winter. I had replaced it while the engine was out, but I'm going to use the OEM seal this time. It's annoying, because I would check it almost every time after I drove it and never noticed any leaks back there.
  4. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    So my front bumper was always a little out of alignment. The PS stuck out further and there was a gap. Can see it here kind of. Took it off and found these with the mounts. Looks like someone was a little too aggressive when towing the car at some point. After beating on it with a sledge hammer it's much improved, but still a little ways to go.
  5. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Good night sweet prince. Put it up on jack stands for the winter to address everything. Also trying to figure out the culprit for the p0171/4 code on the e46. Not the disa valve! Every time I look at these pictures I find the Volvo flag ironic.
  6. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    I ordered the e21 and e24 mounts. I think they'll do the job. I would like to get into some autocross next year, but I'm guessing it will be fine. I intend to almost daily this next summer, so I would like it to be as comfortable and quiet as it can be while still being great for a spirited cruise.
  7. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    To those who have installed engine mounts: did the poly engine mounts or rubber engine mounts feel better in your hands?
  8. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    lol. I have noticed that many of the cars here are on jack stands. I should rephrase that question: To those who have driven their car at some point while in their ownership...
  9. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Garagistic does offer a ton of sales, so that's a good idea. I saw their kit and was going to get that, but found the same mounts (searching part numbers) on RM European for $8ea.
  10. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    That's right. The relays were another thing I read to replace. I will replace those as well. I had also powdercoated my CPS bracket, it might have made the issue worse, but I believe the bracket was still a little messed up before powder coating. I am ordering a new bracket. The e21 transmission mounts and e24 engine mounts appear to be the go-to HD stock engine mount substitute. Probably best to go that route. Goodnight.
  11. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Switching gears here: To those with e30s who drive theirs pretty frequently with the occasional spirited driving session and maybe some autocross: what engine and transmission mounts do you have? I currently have the condor solid engine mounts and poly 80a transmission mounts and the vibrations/noise they transmit is too much for what I want the car to be - a comfortable spirited daily driver for the summer with an occasional autocross. I would like to go back to stock engine & transmission mounts but hoping to get some input on that.
  12. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Yeah, the PO said he experienced it too every once in a while. New plug wire and they are all tight, spark plugs were torqued down to their recommended torque settings. Stomp test was not useful because the ECU doesn't store codes; only active codes. Crank position sensor bracket being out of alignment might explain this. I replaced the crank sensor and it still happened, so if it was a hardware issue, and not sensor issue it would make sense. It really doesn't feel fuel related, but I may replace the ignition coil and fuel pump this winter just for good measure since they're both original. Unfortunately I parked the car for the winter to address some things, so I'll just be refreshing some of the parts and then come Spring, we'll test it again! lol
  13. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Will do! I've read that as a possible cause. I'll message you that info and maybe if it's the same, we can group it with the carpets. No, road imperfections make no difference. This has happened wot in 1st gear and it has happened while cruising in 5th on a smooth road. There is zero consistency to it.
  14. I will have a pair of Condor Speed Shop engine mounts and Garagistic 80a transmission bushings for sale. Together they are $65 plus shipping new from each place. I'm asking $55 shipped, or $50 picked up. I live in Cedarburg and work in Menomonee Falls. I have new bushings coming, but wanted to throw this out there that they'll be for sale.
  15. gilber33

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    I jumped out of the car, tracked him down, and had a stern word with him. He said he was sorry and wouldn't do it again. After driving it briefly this fall. The next plans are to ditch the poly engine and trans mounts and replace them with e21 engine mounts and stock transmission mounts (I have some new ones that I didn't put in). The Condor solid engine mounts and poly transmission mounts are too much. Also add a provent oil separator to the factory breather system. Found some oil in the throttle body. And of course, fix deer stuff.