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  1. That will be a huge improvement. The gap on the rear wheels is quite impressive on these in stock form.
  2. He said the synthetic fluids usually have an stop-leak additive to it. And he said this is fine in transmissions because most of the seals are either sandwiched between aluminum plates or have a metal component to the seal. So as they swell, they get to a point where they can't swell anymore and they stay there. In the steering rack, the seals don't have that, so they swell and continue to swell until they blow out. And he said once one side blows out, the fluid will travel through the gear to the other side and ultimately you get leaks at both ends. He said this is an ongoing issue and have been getting a lot of racks back that they suspect is because of this.
  3. To still use dex3 atf - but not synthetic.
  4. They're sending me out a new rack tomorrow. The guy there highly recommended against using synthetic dexIII ATF and suspects that was the issue. I just was used what the internets said to use. Anyways, on a more positive note. My wife ditched the XC90 for a 2021 VW Atlas with the second row captain seats. They are a game changer for hauling three kids.
  5. I’m running dex3 atf or whatever number it is that bmw requires.
  6. The car has been running great for the most part. One nagging thing has been about once every other week I’d get home with an empty PS reservoir. I always thought maybe there’s a large bubble in the system since I completely drained it. Confirmed today that’s not the case. Pried one of the boots away from the steering rack and it was so full of fluid that it squirted out. It was under pressure. Both seals are clearly blown out. Really disappointed with Rack Doctor. Will give them a call tomorrow but I can’t put on of their racks back in my car. I don’t trust them anymore. Will go with OE rebuilt unit from FCP.
  7. Much better. Had a huge air bubble reveal itself on my way home last week several days after installing the rack. Thought I felt the PS getting weak and when I got home the reservoir was empty. But zero leaks. Topped it off and it's been all good since then.
  8. Moved into an apartment this weekend. E30 is now an outside car for a while. We’re between Grafton and Port on Highway 32
  9. Anyone on here have access to Carfax reports?
  10. I can grab some pictures of mine. They look different in person, IMO. The red isn't quite as in your face as those pics make it look.
  11. How do you not do this on purpose? It has to be on purpose.
  12. Correct. Under the dash. It’s the hi line from inside the car that was leaking a bit and then the low side at the fitting between the evaporator and the expansion valve. It was a $10 UV flashlight from Walmart. Decided to grab that at the last minute but it was very worth it. Excited to say the car now has cold AC. It’s actually a little better than my XC70. That probably needs a charge - which I can now do.
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