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  1. Update. But not to the e30. Since we got Katherine’s Atlas, we don’t use the wagon for anything other than me going to and from work. So, the wagon is going and I got something more fun for a daily. Needs and exhaust and some other minor things, but, I’m very excited to have something more fun for a daily.
  2. Is this a redesigned heater valve? It’s the right shape at the pipes but the valve itself is different. Nevermind. Looks like it's a redesigned part. Apparently with lots of issues of them leaking but easily fixed. https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/forum/e30-technical-forums/general-technical/314152-new-late-model-heater-valve-part-is-different-than-old-late-model-heater-valve
  3. Shifter sold. Still have the headlights.
  4. First on my list of things to do. Second is going to the grocery store to yell about mask conspiracy theories and how they’re unconstitutional.
  5. $50 for the z3 shifter. Depos are in great shape. Had them for just one year. Paid $160 for them, I’m asking $140. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  6. Got my second vaccine shot today. Time to go rage.
  7. I don't think it feels like a cave. When I'm in there I don't really notice the ceiling at all because of it being black and because the shades on the new lights - celling kind of disappears. It is obviously nowhere near as bright in there as it was when the walls and ceilings were white and I just had bulbs on the ceiling and not downward light fixtures. But that's not the look and feel I was going for.
  8. Update: We moved back into our house at the end of March. Between the end of February and up to a few weeks ago the garage became a full blown storage building. We moved furniture from the basement of the house back into the garage to give contractors space to work and stuff that we boxed up at the apartment was put in the garage to make moving day easier. You could barely see the floor or move around in there. BUT, the garage is finally all cleaned up. I have a little bit of paint and trim to do, but I told myself I wouldn't touch the bmw until the wall with the overhead door was painte
  9. "Are you tired of things in your trunk being protected from the elements?!"
  10. I honestly think your better approach would be to go to their office reiterate that you are a taxpayer and you can do whatever you want on your private property. It's something that most public officials rarely hear and easily forget. So if you remind them, that you are a taxpayer and a resident of your community, they'll probably let you do whatever you want. If you don't believe me, I recommend watching this documentary that follows the lives of a branch of local government employees - it's called Parks and Rec. Idk if you've heard it before, but look it up.
  11. I mean...you're not completely wrong there. It typically is a bunch of old people who have lived in the community forever and feel like this is their calling. The people on our Board probably range in age from 70-85 and have been on it for years and years. The law regulating Variances comes from the State, but variance requests go through the local government (Zoning Board of Appeals). They're supposed to follow the laws from the State, but every community is different. I've seen MF grant some variances that in NO WAY should have been allowed and I've seen them deny ones that I thought w
  12. To be fair - variances are regulated by the State and for a municipality to legally grant a variance they have to prove that it isn't a result of a self-imposed hardship. Wanting a second shed where the current Code says you can't is a self-imposed hardship. But you're totally right, the number of people who just build the shed (me included) vastly outnumber those who do it the right way. Only speaking from experience - most Trustees, Councilperson, etc. doesn't know what's going on in the community unless someone brings it up. We've changed ordinances multiple times since I've bee
  13. I work in the Planning and Zoning Department in Menomonee Falls, I know all too well how that goes. In Menomonee Falls we don't limit how many Accessory Structures (sheds, detached garages, etc.) you can have, but limit the total square footage of all accessory structure to 60% of the finished living space of the home on the property. Which in most cases isn't an issue, but we have a lot of ranches here and that can really limit people what they want to do. And in Cedarburg it's not restricted to a number, but a lot coverage ratio. In my Zoning District we can have 30% lot coverage - inc
  14. I'm jealous. I ended up getting an 8x10 resin shed from Menards. But I was able to put it together in a few hours while our girls played outside. I left an opening next to it where another shed can fit, and my plan is to keep this one for a year or two while we wrap up all the other projects, build a nicer shed, and then sell the resin one with the base. It's at least a good temporary solution to put all of their toys/bikes in and is surprisingly much sturdier than I thought it was going to be. **Note that the base blocks and pieces of wood are temporary to level it
  15. Nice. I was planning on building one here soon, but we have so many projects to do on the house yet, that I'm leaning towards doing the same thing.
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