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  1. Yeah, I have VADIS. I had sent it in to xemodex for them to rebuild it and they called back after running their tests and said "you need to replace the pump or the warranty will be void". Basically, your pump is also fucked. So, I did it all. Job was actually pretty simple, just so much money, and seems so unnecessary. Mine failed by blowing the fuse for the AWD system in the trunk. Replaced the fuse and it blew it again instantly. Car had no communication with the DEM because it had no power (and couldn't power itself). But there was a laundry list of codes stored from it. But, drove it to work today and all appears to be well. I have an 8 gallon husky which is 4.8 scfm at 40psi which from what I can decipher is at the low end for a mid-grade hvlp gun to run efficiently, but it can be done. I will be moving stuff out of the garage that can be affected by odor (strollers) and will cover everything else. Going to get one of those rolls of plastic from Maynerds.
  2. They are the same. Since I replaced the pump all of the fluid was able to drain out, but the yes, the pump was $300 and the rebuilt DEM was $700. I have no knowledge of being able to purchase a DEM for $400 - since they are coded to your car. And then you have to take it for a drive, top off the haldex fluid, and then suck out 40ml. Once I get it cleaned up I will probably list it for sale and look for an 850 wagon. It's not the 2k clear coat, it's the more basic one. I intend to close my garage door just enough to wedge my box fan under the door and then seal off the gap and run the fan to create negative pressure. I'm hoping most overspray gets sucked out then. I have a cheap HVLP gun, however, I have a relatively small air compressor that I bought primarily to run air nailers and fill up tires, so I don't know how it will work with a gun. But I might get some of their premixed paint to give it a shot. I like the idea of painting, but it's not my favorite thing to do. The paint is in such bad shape that even if I get it to look OK, I'll be satisfied. But if this turns out fine, I'll also try their premixed paint assuming my air compressor can handle it.
  3. If I go beyond the trunk lid I would only paint sections where there is a seam so I’m not blending anything. Even if the color is slightly off between say a door and a fender, it will still look better than the paint that’s on it now.
  4. Got a box of stuff for the next little project for the e30. I’m going to attempt to spray the trunk lid and bumper. If it turns out okay I will probably gradually work my way down the car panel by panel. Non bmw but I replaced the module and pump that operates the awd on my XC70. Gave me a renewed appreciation for older cars. It was an expensive repair.
  5. gilber33

    '89 E30 A/C Stuff

    That would be amazing, thank you!! I am in no rush. I’m going to gather parts and address it over the winter when I’m not driving it.
  6. gilber33

    '89 E30 A/C Stuff

    I assume the r134a. Although that just requires modifying a couple of the valves from what I can tell. All of the lines, compressor, condenser, etc are the same. Of which I have none.
  7. gilber33

    '89 E30 A/C Stuff

    My e30 came with all of the AC stuff removed from it and I'm looking to put it back in. At this point I'm looking for anything AC related: Compressor Condenser with aux fan All the lines The hard line along the fender If you have some or all of this stuff, please let me know. Thanks
  8. I totally agree. I wanted this to be my fun car, but I also did things in a way that we could use it for day trips and everyone would still be comfortable. It’s a really good feeling when my family is in it. Ive also been dailying it for the past week while I give the wagon a tune up and repair the AWD. It’s been very pleasant.
  9. An e30 in a sea of minivans and SUVs. Took the girls to Bookworm Garden in Sheboygan. Excellent day for a drive in the bimmer. And both kids fell asleep in it on the way home - which I always consider an accomplishment.
  10. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my knob. Thank you.
  11. gilber33

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today I gave my car the shaft

    It’s loud when the windows are open. It’s loud when the windows are closed. I tell myself this is normal it’s an old car it’s supposed to sound all clunky.
  12. gilber33

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today I gave my car the shaft

    Backing out the garage and driveway is when it’s the loudest. I was planning on opening up the exhaust at some point. I can always keep the stereo cranked too.
  13. gilber33

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today I gave my car the shaft

    Thanks for the explanation! My drivetrain still has some noises, but nothing remotely similar to that. I think the car just has drivetrain noises and I have to learn to accept that. I believe it might be some excess lash in the diff (or maybe completely normal and I’m a paranoid psychopath).
  14. $114 for a shift knob is more than I wanted to pay, but I was willing to pay a little more something that worked well and that fit the era of the car. I would say the extra height gives it a little more “slop”, but I haven’t had an issue with missing a gear.
  15. gilber33

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today I gave my car the shaft

    What kind of clunks were you getting with the driveshaft? I.e. what was happening when clunks were present? And how did it destroy your CSB? Was the bearing toast? Did it rip apart the rubber surround on it?