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  1. We did Harrington earlier this year with my brother and his new camper. That's what started this whole thing. I enjoyed Harrington. The quarry and history is really cool and the beaches are nice. We'll only be there for two nights - I don't think I could stay at that one longer than that, but it's only 20 mins from our house so it's a good first trip with the camper. Overall I'm really excited to use it and for all of the new adventures we're going to have. And going places with the ability to stay for a few days at a fraction of the cost compared to getting an airbnb or hotel.
  2. I did a battery and a 120 hook up. It has electric heat and I'll put in AC this winter for when we have an electric site. Which I'll try to always have during the summer. But the electric heat gives us the ability to camp earlier and later. I may try to do solar for charging the battery, though. That's awesome! My kids are super excited. They play it in all the time. I have Harrington booked in a couple weeks for its test trip and Blue Mounds in November so we can do Cave of the Mounds, too. Next year we have WI Dells and Devil's Lake booked. I plan on doing Peninsula earlier in the year since all the electric sites are booked and Nelsen Dewey in August so we can check out Dubuque and Galena. Learning all about the games you gotta play to get some of the more desired parks.
  3. Huge photo dump. By the time I sold the e30 I was pretty well over it. The old car problems were enough for me and it was taking time and money away from other things. Ultimately, our family may be looking a little bit different in the next year or so and I wanted something that I could fully enjoy with my girls. I went camping with my girls for a weekend with my brother and his new camper and they absolutely loved it. So, I bought this complete and utter turd of a camper and have spent the last two months or so rebuilding in. It's ironic that one project leaves and another takes its spot, but this one is going to make so many memories and my girls are beyond excited to use it. My focus and priorities have shifted to them. A "racecar" will still find a new home with me someday as long as it's red per their requirements. Still got to put my 3D printing to use with this exterior box. The inside is 98% done. That's it for now! Hope everyone here is doing well and I've always been grateful for the wealth of knowledge here and all of your help during my ownership with the e30.
  4. Introducing myself and my first BMW. I come from a long line of Volvos but wanted something new for a weekend car. Needed to be RWD and manual. Found this e30 locally and thought this would fit what I was looking for. My plan at this point is to take care of all the oil leaks and replace all gaskets and hoses. Other than some suspension improvements, it will be staying stock. The engine is pulled and on a stand. I'll tear it down, most likely have the head rebuilt and will get everything small cleaned and blasted so it looks like new. And I'll paint the block. Here's my progress some purchasing the car on Sunday. Ill update it periodically. Since this is my first BMW, I'm sure I'll have lots of questions.
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