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  1. We've started moving things out of the apartment and since the house isn't entirely done yet, they are being stored in the garage. Which means the e30 is buried. 😔
  2. I grabbed 6 2x4x8's yesterday and they were $40. wtf. That's exactly what happened to us. We signed our contract before the prices went up and we ended up using our total framing/exterior budget on basically the rough framing. We still had to buy all the siding and all the carport material. It was awful and sent us quite a ways over budget very quickly.
  3. Okay. That makes way more sense. lol. I can have 8' boards sit right between the front seats and be completely in the car. And I was thinking there's NO way that my car is that much longer than yours. On a side note - how much have all of your DIY projects gone up in price with the price of wood being fucked? I started on our basement and have bought somewhere around 50 2x4x10, 20 8'ers, and then a variety of green treated stuff and what I paid now is SO much more than what I priced out 9 months ago.
  4. Are those 10' boards?
  5. The HF jack and the these stands have about the same max height. Around 24”.
  6. Thank you. It only took me about two weeks to complete the snail. One of my better pieces. They can still go significantly higher. I really like them so far. Car feels very stable. I don’t care what people say about the quick jacks, I couldn’t get comfortable working under them. Next on my list is a better jack. Looking at the HF extended ones.
  7. Yeah, it’s on the list to get a new vice for the work bench. The other one was falling apart and I tossed it. Lol. What’s peaked your attention this time? The jack stands? I highly recommend them.
  8. Floors are being finished/refinished this week in the house, so I have been exiled from my projects in there. Which means getting caught up on the e30. Getting a bunch of parts off for @The Full Banana and continuing my projects that I hard started in the garage. Bench top finished and built a shelf for above it with some lighting. Made the little TV stand there. Will get a TV for there and mount the speakers in the garage to use for music. Picked up this nifty power strip on amazon. Neat story. I know. I also decided I didn't want to do a 2-post lift in the garage because of how much room they take up and I don't really like the quickjack type lifts so I opted for some beefy jack stands that have some good height to them.
  9. That basement looks fantastic. It’s huge. I do wish ours was a little larger to accommodate some other things than just a playroom. My wife gave me the entire garage to do whatever I want to with, though. So I can’t complain.
  10. I think it was required. I remember pushing for shorter basement walls to save money, but I think they ended up being this size because of how the engineering came out. Idk.
  11. You have no idea. The original part of the house was built in 1900. My wife and I are 5’6” and we could JUST barely walk through the original basement without hitting our heads on the joists. I grew up in old houses, too. This is my first basement where I can walk freely without worrying about hitting my head. I circled where you can see the old part of the house in the new basement and the blue line is the bottom of the house/basement.
  12. It’s not framed yet. I’ll be doing that and will be framing 24” OC. And it will have 9’ ceilings. 6’ panels would give me fewer joints overall. I only have a 4x8 trailer, but I went on Menards and it was only $84 to deliver the drywall. Worth it IMO over taking the time to load and unload 20 some sheets. But your idea of scoring it and folding it in half to get it down is worth a try as well. They’ve since dry walled the stairway, but that’s the basement. New utility room and we had them rough in a full bath too.
  13. HA! When we moved into our house at the beginning of 2017 we repainted the whole thing. My wife loves white, so we painted half the walls in the house white. About a year in and she's like "there's too much white, I think". We repainted every wall that we had painted white to a color. Oh shit yeah. You smart. Right in the feels. Luckily we didn't have anything delay in material that slowed the progress of our house, but from contract signing to ordering, materials costs went up about 20%. We went through our framing budget before we even ordered all the siding or material for the carport.
  14. That looks fantastic. Our new basement will be 180 to that - a dedicated play space for the kids. lol. I forgot you were in the middle of a full home reno, too. How's yours going? I took on several projects to save us some money - laying about 1,400 sf of hardwood floors upstairs, building all the closet shelving, building the fireplace mantel, and building/painting built-ins in the kitchen. THEN, when that's all done I'll be starting on finishing the new portion of the basement. Which I found out when taking down the 4x8 sheets of foam board that they only fit down the stairs because they're flexible. All of the drywall will have to go down in 4x4 sheets. *crying inside* I feel like towards the end of 2020 the e30 was finally getting to a good point that I could drive it more than I worked on it. Excited for 2021 and the new stuff it's getting - but that is buried under a pile of house projects that I need to finish.
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