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  1. My wife had one for a while. I really liked it. It was a blast for what it is and with the seats folded down in the back it was very spacious. The only drawbacks I felt it had was it was pretty bad in the snow even with snow tires and the doors are like a mile long. My wife and I are 5.5’ and if we sat in the car and the door was all the way open we’d have a hard time reaching the handle to close it lol Also, at least IMO, the interiors haven’t aged that great. The center consoles are a neat concept, but if you get a base model, they’re very plasticy
  2. Not really. I always go down these stupid rabbit holes of mundane things like what brake pads to get.
  3. Hey guys. So I’m going to keep the stock brakes but get a better pad. What’s your preferences? I’ve read a lot of back and forth between Stoptech and Hawk HPS but I always like to hear some first hand experience from people who have used various pads or something they’ve had good luck with. I’ve always used cheaper factory equivalent pads on my cars so I don’t have any experiences with performance pads. I’ve pushed this e30 harder than I have my other cars and have had a couple oh shit moments coming up to a turn.
  4. I got mine for garagistic. But I think they’re available from multiple places. Garagistic has them as a nice package and they have a diy on their site for them.
  5. It worked straightaway. Keep track of the gears as you take them apart - or take a picture before you disassemble. When I replaced my gears I also reset my odometer back to zero to reflect my rebuilt engine since the actual mileage of the car was completely unknown.
  6. I would order the whole odometer gear set. When I took mine apart all of the gears were mushy. If I only replaced one gear it would have failed instantly right away.
  7. I'd have to compare the HR Race vs IE springs. They seems to have the same rates according to that table, but maybe their heights are a little different.
  8. I'll have to look into how the IE springs sit more. While aesthetics are secondary, that would bother me to the point that I'd need to change them. I haven't had Konis in any of my cars yet, but I have had Bilsteins and they've always seemed kind of "crashy" to me. The car has, what I believe are Bilstien HDs with IE springs. But the springs appear to be really old and the HDs are quite blown. The car failed the bumper bounce test when I got home from the Rally. It currently has a front ebay sway bar. What's your thought on sways in front and back or just the front?
  9. I didn't even know those existed. My whole life...I've just been pouring it in like a moron.
  10. Since suspension is on the punch list for the winter - what are some of you running and how do you like it? I know there are some coilover options, but I will likely not be going that route due to the cost and that they're not a direct swap (and the ones that are a direct swap are even more money). I'm leaning towards Koni Yellows with Ireland Engineering springs. Something semi-comfortable enough to DD, but can take some punishment.
  11. I'm more concerned about the bikers and walkers after I turn the Ozaukee interurban trail into my personal rally course. That'd also help keep my donut holes from rolling out of my lap and onto the floor.
  12. To be honest, I think this made me want to do autox less. Back country driving with the windows down is what I have always enjoyed most and this was the epitome of that. I cannot say enough how idyllic the driving experience was. Autox would just be a let down to me.
  13. It was 100% worth it. And same as Tom, the best automotive event I've attended. I tend to find most car meets/shows unappealing as I generally don't like the crowds there - I always feel like most people are there to recruit instagram followers. But because of the nature of this event, people were there because they wanted to drive their car. To me, everyone there was great. All the Porsche guys we were following were excited to have us follow along and they loved the e30. Also, the noises made by following a group of air cooled 911s was nothing to complain about. And if we got lost, all we had to do was follow smell of exhaust and burning oil. This is the map of Day 1. Day 2 was a little more relaxed, but the same general concept from La Crosse to Prairie Du Chien.
  14. I’ll drive it some more until I have a window to put it in my garage. It’s currently blocked with building material that’s supposed to get picked up soon. But it ran strong and I think reaffirmed keeping the M20. Now I plan to redo the suspension, exhaust, and BBK.
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