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  1. Once again not having storage spaces saves me. Sigh.
  2. I'm storing the car up with Dan up at Traq Car Rental's shop and Merl's e30 is there as well with the 225s he ran last year, so we'll be able to do some test fitting. The passenger rear is aggressively rolled already but cutting the inner layer will make it easier to pull a bit more. Good point on tire limits. Since I'm still running the stock m20 and a max 15x7 wheel, the 225 will do.
  3. Surprising. Looking at the bidders, the winner had no track record of any other bids at BaT. None of the other folks had been solely BMW focused or bid on earlier auctions of the same/similar cars. So much for the science of it all. Congrats on the sale!
  4. Just 15x7 et25 with 225/45/15 Hoosier R7s. Class limited on the 15x7s. I would have no fitment issues with a clean car but broadsiding/bouncing off a concrete wall at Road America in 2014 was not kind to the passenger side of the car. I had to raise the ride height with the SpecE30 GC suspension kit (525/700 springs) last season to keep from rubbing the outside passenger rear sidewall with 205/50/15s Hoosier SM7s. Moving up to a GC race suspension with 900lb rear spring this season will help a bit but with the wider tire I'm pretty sure I'll have to do some cutting. The ECS and KA motors flares both look good and the latter would be my choice for a street car. But I'm probably going to go with cheaper Ebay flares because racecar.
  5. I'll come in at $7000 (though I think straight6pwr has probably nailed it at $6800) You've already done better than two prior sales at BaT, and since yours is higher mileage the one that sold for $14k is out. As for the ones that didn't sell: two reserve not met cars were $3100 (137k, but yours is cleaner), and $7200 (129k)
  6. KA looks like a good option. I talked with them yesterday. Decided though that I need to do some test fitting first before I move on this to what I actually need.
  7. I'm considering going for a wider tire on the race car and may need fender flares. Anyone have experience with these for an e30 or other models? Sources from a quick search: ECS sells Clinched brand flares ($380 set of four, 4cm), and other vendors with their own include KA Motors ($265 set of four) and DTM ($395 set of four). Pricey little things.
  8. DIY: I use a $40 Donjoy Iceman Cold therapy unit (cooler and built in pump) bought used off Craigslist in the race car. Cut off the electrical plug end, connect to toggle switch wired to my old cigarette lighter wiring. The Donjoy hose fittings plug right into the hoses of a regular Coolshirt. Fabbed a bracket and strap setup bolted to the passenger floor for the cooler. Total "system" out the door for less than $200 (biggest price is the shirt). Lasts for about 30-40 minutes on a 80-90 degree day due to the small size of the cooler. Plenty for sprint races, lapping, autox. Esp when you're stuck in grid, baking in a three-layer race suit while they clean up the mess some idiot made in the prior session.
  9. Picked them up today. Thanks again Mitch!!
  10. Still could use this if anyone has one.
  11. Boris3

    Secret Santa 2019!

    Sorry about that! Still in inlaws decompression and playing catch up. It's a great card!
  12. Universal problem in any shared space unfortunately. A free rider plus moral hazard situation: if folks believe that "someone else" takes care of stuff they don't take the time to check or take care of things. Worse if folks believe that such tasks are beneath them.
  13. Boris3

    Secret Santa 2019!

    All good and apologies for the delayed response! I just got back in town a hour ago after being away for many many days at the in-laws. Found a hand delivered "gift wrapped" package leaning against the front door, that survived days outside evading the porch pirates. Very cool surprise inside: E30 wall art. Thanks Dan!!!!
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