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  1. Anyone signed up for the Monday school at Blackhawk? If so stop by and say hello.
  2. I've got this up on Craigslist but just in case anyone might be interested, or knows someone who might be, I'm listing here. Description: OMP 6-point harness with camlock, used for only one race season (2021), FIA tag valid through December 2025. Harness consists of: 3" clip-in pull-up lap belts, 2" clip-in sub belts with attached camlock, 2" shoulder belts (KEY these are for use with HANS only) can be set up for clip-in or wrap around mounting. Shoulder belts expand from 2" to 3" at the camlock attaching point. All mounting bolts and clips that came with are included. Asking $175 obo on CL. Reason for selling is that the pull-up lap belt adjusters didn't work well with my seat in the e30 cockpit. Replaced them with a new pull-down RaceQuip set.
  3. Saw this, pricey but maybe room to negotiate with the seller? https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/oconomowoc-bmw-e30-seats-door-cards/7486733891.html
  4. I'm looking for a used Pit Pal cabinet to reduce to reduce tote clutter in the enclosed race trailer. New can get pricey and used are hard to find. Figures I'd just toss a WTB here just in case someone has ideas. https://pitpal.com/cabinets/?msclkid=f10f8762c7d311ecbd7737a242d096a0 maybe something like a model #323 or?
  5. 2022 Schedule: Blackhawk Farms (June 6), Blackhawk Farms (August 12); Road America (September 30 - October 2) Event #1: Blackhawk Farms Raceway Driver's School! Monday, June 6 All students and instructors get four 25 minute on-track sessions. If you have questions about the event email David Burman (DEC@BadgerBimmers.org). Please read the requirements for the event before registering. All participants at our DE events must be members of BMW CCA. Registration and event details: Blackhawk Farms Monday June 6, 2022 (motorsportreg.com) Note: entry fee for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced is $260 through May 1; $275 starting May 2; and bumps up to $310 on May 23. Registration closes May 31.
  6. Racing my e30 down at Blackhawk that weekend (un)fortunately. ๐Ÿ˜ Will miss seeing folks at the picnic. TJ has been doing a great job and the new location has plenty of room. More BMWs that turn out the better!
  7. Agreed, great idea and would be useful for accessing the Koni's in my e46. Looking forward to see how this develops.
  8. If you can't find one let me know. I may have a horn ring one from a Momo hub in a parts bin somewhere.
  9. Great video. Good luck with the sale, and here's hoping for bidding wars!
  10. Exhaust removal can be a pain. Start spraying down assorted exhaust bolts/nuts now with penetrant of choice.
  11. These have been swag free giveaways at the Badger Bimmer holiday parties the past few years. I have a few if anyone is interested.
  12. I owe an apology to someone, not sure who. Wet last Monday night (the 21st), around 8:30 pm, I94 westbound coming up on State Fair park. I was in the faded red 318is. Someone pulled alongside me (blue/black?) and stayed there for a bit, I was focusing more on the sheriff tucked away up ahead off to the right and doing my typical minding my own business so didn't look over. Saw the roundel when you passed and I followed over to and on 894SB until I pulled off at National.
  13. Boris3

    Z3M Coupe

    โ€œI had to buy an entire e36 M3 to get them...โ€œ Perfect!
  14. Handy syringe, where did you pick that up?
  15. I was using the West Allis office at Oakland and HWY 100 so different players. But I do know who you are talking about at the New Berlin post office. That one does have its share of characters working the counter. The lady behind the counter at West Allis kept saying I needed a correct street address and I kept trying to explain to her the street layouts in Dousman and that the necessary information was already on the label. After a while she tweaked the address in computer and marked "Highway 67" in ink on the mailer and said OK we're good. I figured if worse came to worse the actual delivery person who does the route daily would figure it out. Crazy world. Hope all of you folks get your deliveries without drama!
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