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  1. Boris3

    Back from the dead or something.

    I'm back in town. Diff is waiting, also have the rear subframe if you still need one.
  2. Great Lakes Sports Car Club and the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs are hosting a series of events at the Milwaukee Mile at State Fair Park in West Allis on August 23-25. All events using the infield and oval course. Event information is on Motorsportreg.com, or contact me and I can send you an info packet. Friday, August 23: HPDE and Track Day: 9am -5 pm. Currently planning five run groups (novice, int, advanced, competition license, open wheel race cars) but will adjust depending on turn out. Each group with a minimum of three 20 minute sessions. Cost $165 Saturday: August 24: test and tune sessions in morning, High Speed Autocross in afternoon ($150 members, $175 nonmembers). Early evening 2.5 hour enduro Sunday August 25: Wheel-to-Wheel 30 minute Sprint Races. Comp licensed drivers only. Practice and qualifying in morning, races in the afternoon. I should be here if I get an oil leak sorted out. Track entry: before 9am enter through gate on east side (back straight) After 9am guest enter through tunnel on west side of track. Registration is in the media center in the infield No charge for crew/guests (hint say you are a guest). Free parking in the paddock area.
  3. Boris3

    E46 Things

    Given that SMGs are pretty much always listed as manual transmissions on dealer site until you dig deeper, I've just started asking how many pedals does the car have two or three. Same thing when looking at interior pictures in FS threads.
  4. Boris3

    1st Gen Tundra Door

    Hah, I was looking for a front too when I had the truck but couldn't find one. Front skin was rusting off my front. I'd do national salvage yard searches for the past several years and maybe one would pop up in Canada or something or in New York. When I found the 05 truck at Rhine I thought I hit the jackpot but the front passenger door was gone or trashed. Never found out which. Just not available. The color is great but less common in the sea of other Toyota greys and silvers, 1E3 was only used from 03-06 in the 1st gens. But, if you need a front passenger door eventually you'll need a rear. Better to have one than not. 😀😀😀
  5. I'm thinking about moving up from my from my current steel deck open trailer to a used enclosed car trailer. Looking for either a 8.5'x20' or possibly 8.5x24'. Shopping list would be: no leaks, all lights work, electric brakes on both axles, axles not bent, ideally up to date on basic maintenance (hubs/bearings, brakes, breakaway battery, etc), empty weight no more than around 3600 lbs, 16 o.c. floors and walls (16 o.c. roof a plus), minimum of four d-rings, ramp door and side door in good shape, title in hand, etc. Budget is in the $3500-4500 range depending on condition.
  6. I've got a set of bottle caps with worn snow tires that hold air. Bought these from m42b32 when he was clearing out his old garage. Used them to store a car over winter but really don't need them. I'm not heading up to RA but maybe someone who is and can drop by my place in New Berlin to pick them up? I paid $40 and they're yours for the same.
  7. Boris3

    E30 Bilstein Sports: new and used

    Price drop on the NIB e30 Bilstein struts to $280 obo for the pair. As for the used rears, open to offers.
  8. Wow, I never knew that this was an option. Still prefer slicktops but learned something new this morning.
  9. Boris3

    1st Gen Tundra Door

    Yeah sorry obviously not BMW, but the 03 Tundra is gone and this is the last of the related parts I've got lying around. On the off chance that someone here might know someone with a first generation Tundra (2000-06) Access Cab, I've got a rust free passenger side rear door for sale, complete with glass and door card. Door is from a 2005 model, will fit any first gen Access cab (suicide door, what other folks call extended cab), and color is Phantom Grey Pearl (paint code1E3). Bought the door from Rhine Auto in Plymouth earlier this year. I've got it listed on CL for $100 obo. Would like this gone so friends of WI Bimmer rates apply. Assorted pics are here. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/new-berlin-tundra-access-cab-passenger/6943156423.html
  10. Boris3

    E46 Things

    For future reference who did the replacement?
  11. Boris3

    SOLD--e30 H&R Race springs

  12. E30 M20 Ireland Engineering windage tray/crank scraper and oil pan baffle. Both used from my old engine. Windage tray is steel, attaches between the oil pan and block (sandwiched between two oil pan gaskets). Keeps oil in pan on left hand corners. As for crankscraper role not as tight a fit to the crank as the Ishihara-Johnson teflon versions. Tolerances are loose so may need to do a bit of griniding to fit your engine. $50 new, asking $25 obo. http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/m20optray.html Ireland Engineering aluminum oil pan baffle bolts on top of the shelf in the stock e30 oil pan, or can be welded in. Again addressed oil pickup issues in left hand sweepers. Had to do a little grinding to get it to fit and it is slightly bent from the bolt-in install. $48 new, asking $15 obo. http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/m20opd.html Trying a different approach with the new engine so no longer need these.
  13. Boris3

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    My experience when I started the transition from parking lot autox to on track events at Blackhawk and Road America was that Hawk HPS were rotor friendly but overwhelmed by the speed of a stock m20, HP+ were better for a few laps and then dropped off quickly and also sounded like a dump truck when cold and chewed rotors. I switched to Performance Friction PFC-06s and then the PFC-08s still with stock calipers and rotors which has been great. When I was still driving the car to track events, the PFCs also worked well on the street. Chewed the rotors but no worse than the HP+ and at least you knew you could slow/stop the car...which is a comforting thought to have on the track. Not sure what brake fluid you're running, but ATE or Motul are popular options. Basic auto parts store off the shelf stuff will boil with what you're putting it through. All that said, with a 400 hp e30, maybe a big brake kit is in your future?