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  1. Could be he's being creative and using a plate from another car as a temporary "solution" to not having a title.
  2. Looks like the eBay range with brackets, bushings and sonetimes endlinks is $99-140 shipped. I can use my new stock endlinks, reuse stock brackets, figure I'd need new bushings anyway so looking local for a bar in good shape. Something in the $75 range or less would be great... or trade for a Tundra door 😜 Still have this stupid thing. Anyway if you've got one let's talk.
  3. I'm looking for a suspension bump for the ZHP, anyone have a used e46 M3 front sway bar? Thanks.
  4. 🙄 Yeah, that just didn't come across well even with the KaiserRolls save. FWIW I'll be on a "cruise" ... just looking at the same scenery for a 50 lap stint at Blackhawk with a lot more tailgating, divebombing, and noise.
  5. Have fun folks! Last race of the season this weekend so unfortunately I'm out. Still want to see the garage / barn digs sometime.
  6. Thanks guys. Sways it is.
  7. So I went with Koni sports and stock ZHP springs, Lemforder front control arms and CABs, sway bar end links, added the front shock tower plates, and rear tower reinforcements. The suspension looked to be original at 156k. Shocks were all shot and FCABs were absolutely trashed. Tie rods are next up when I get some time... along with replacing a leaking OFH gasket, a leaking PS hose, and the crunching passenger front window regulator. I'm happy with the ride height and the ride with one exception. Still wallows/body rolls on entrance/exit ramps more than I'd like which is not a surprise given the stock ZHP springs. Is there a streetable e46 spring step up? I have the H&R sports and Bilsteins on the 318is and it's a blast on curves but you jarringly feel EVERY expansion joint/road imperfection which I don't want for the 330i. I know that sways typically come after springs to fine tune, but to address body roll I've have been thinking of doing a slight step up for now from stock bars (23.5/18.5mm) with say an e46 m3 front sway and e46 vert rear bar (26.5/20). Anyone gone this route, or more does anyone have these bits lying around? Car will not be tracked so don't need a big step up in spring or bars. I guess I could just drive slower but well you know...
  8. Thanks. After all the sight unseen "what's the lowest you'll take for it" and low ball offer emails ("it's not worth it me driving out to look if you won't take my offer"), it seemed that the few serious folks that passed on it wanted something that could carry more weight. I ended up adding more detail to the CL ad on dry weight and load capacity to try to address this. The guy that bought it contacted me by email with a name and number to arrange a meet, made no mention of low ball, drove down from the Fond du Lac area, looked it over, asked if I might have some price flexibility, I said make me an offer, he met my minimum (tired of dealing with this) price, counted out a stack of $100s, signed papers, hooked it up to his truck, done.
  9. Yep, what can I say too practical for my own good. Figure might as well dream of garage space. For better thread fit though I'll dream of million dollar garage space.
  10. Since this thread is wish list anyway I'd want the three car or larger garage...and then I'll figure out what to put in it.
  11. Boris3

    E46 Things

    Interesting, not where I thought the off occurred when you mentioned it. Looks like compared to the prior lap he was into the rumbles on exit from T7, got on the gas while on the rumbles and hooked to the right onto the tire wall. Text mentions he had the traction control off. Wonder if he had done this from the outset or just for this session. Typically keep the nannies on for folks starting out.
  12. You could just put a tent on it... instant "camper" that also hauls cars.
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