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  1. Clean car though a 325i would have been a better choice to sink the $8k into. This one is still an eta. The BaT records for the stock 325e have been in the $8-17k range. The two highest grossing have been a 1986 5sp 325e with 55k sold for $12,250 in April 2019, and a 1988 5sp with 62k just sold for $17k a week ago. That said e30s are getting harder to find, the sellers looks cleaner and is lower mileage, gas prices are going up, and some folks dig etas. Wonder if would crack $20k on BaT?
  2. Wow that’s clean! Congrats on the find.
  3. I’ll take the 12mm set if still available.
  4. Re pedalbox: maybe to help with heel and toe? Adding pedal extenders and bending the pedal arms for heel and toe was something some Miata folks would do. Depended on foot siize, cramped footwell, and all that.
  5. Looking for a used Honda Eu2000i or 2200i generator or other quiet reliable alternative inverter generator to take to the track. Figured before I look at new ones ($$$) I'd see if anyone here has an old one gathering dust they'd like to sell. Thanks!
  6. Another vote for hanging on to the forum. The mix of threads on car projects, other projects, and other things of interest works. Tech and diy information from folks who get their hands dirty, aspirational / inspirational projects, and local classifieds from folks you can trust are things to be valued. Covid hasn’t been mentioned but this has had a disruptive effect on gatherings and narrowed a lot of focus to home, increasing work demands if you’ve kept it, and all the needs and importance of family with school disruptions if you’ve got kids. Even though events still happened last
  7. Yeah thanks I did see this. I found a set of spares a while back so I’m good. But I also haven’t bought any used e30 spare parts in a while so I’m getting twitchy.
  8. Nice job on the weight! My e30 race car gutted and caged with the m20 is around the same. I could go lighter but need to make 2710 minimum with driver to be legal.
  9. Yeah I was also wondering about what jack would pair with those stands. Their “lowest” height is pretty high.
  10. So this means your kids get to drive yours when they turn 17?
  11. Wow flashback. 😁 Nice e21 pics! Guess I forgot to update, the 225 Hoosier R7s worked out well. 12mm spacers on the front to clear the strut tubes, 3mm in the rear to avoid rubbing on the inner wells (though still getting some on drivers side but that’s due to a trailing arm adjuster issue), serious fender rolling all the way around, and some pulling on the passenger side. Ended up not needing the flares. Grip on the R7s is impressive, I was able to carry some more speed through corners last season and still wasn’t near what the tires can handle. Need to relearn where the limits
  12. I’m slacking... no bar, my basement is just full of exercise gear, car parts and stacks of Hoosier r-comps.
  13. Beautiful work on the basement!
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