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  1. Anyone have a pair of e30 (4x100) 3mm wheel spacers?
  2. Just in case anyone has been thinking of next level track fun. Andrew, the seller, is someone I knew from my NASA Midwest days. Buy it and come race it as is with us ex-SE30 folks in Midwestern Council's ITS class at events at BFR, Road America, Milwaukee Mile. Or drop an s52 in it and join in the transition to the revised ST classes. Rich ---------------------------- Info from the seller: I hate to do it, but the time has come to sell my Spec E30. I haven't raced the car since June 2018 and with the birth of a second child, I don't see any time in the foreseeable future that I will be able to race. This thing needs to be on track! I built the car between 2008 and 2010. I competed in a season and a half of autocross, a couple years of HPDEs, a few years of Time Trials, then raced Spec E30 from 2016 on. The car saw roughly 4 race weekends per year. The car has a NASA logbook valid through the 2018 season. Some highlights below: -1987 model year car with diving board bumpers -SE30 Ground Control coilover suspension -Momo Daytona seat that is expired but has a back brace -Belts and nets good through 2022 -Rogue Engineering steering wheel quick release -Mobius camera with dash switch included (flip the switch to start/stop recording) -Fire bottle -Spec E30 exhaust -1 mismatched set of wheels and 1 matching set of Dforce wheels -Random spares included -Hardwired AMB transponder included -Vorshlag camber plates -Unknown mileage engine -No ABS -Probably not good for drivers over 5'10" with the current harness bar (seat is almost against the harness bar, I'm 5'9" and it fits me fine). -NASA Logbook (last inspected for 2018) The car ran flawlessly for me throughout its time as a race car. I did a stock rebuild in 2010 but never had it dynoed. I was able to run mid pack with it pretty easily. The car does burn oil, but it always has. It has never been crashed, though there is a small front fender wrinkle. It just needs fresh tires, a fluid flush, and brake pads. Asking $9k. You can reach me at dandrewgilbert@gmail.com or 614-218-0622. -Andrew Gilbert
  3. I don’t remember the details on the engine build, my guess is at least cams and overbore. He’s been driving that car for years and always improving it. Ran ITS before EP. ITS weight minimum is 2710 so it’s wild to think of pulling 500 pounds from my car.
  4. That’s Tim Schreyer in the white EP BMW. The car is light (somewhere in the 2300 lb range I think?), a built m20, and stupid fast.
  5. "The car had an updated 250bhp while only weighing 970kg." Yeow!!!
  6. Don’t know, sorry. The information about the whole weekend is in a pdf packet. You can access it from the link I posted. There should also be contact info. In addition to the Friday events, Saturday is a wheel-to-wheel race drivers school all day. Sunday is the wheel-to-wheel sprint races. Finally!!! April and May races were all cancelled. I’ve been going stir crazy.
  7. Midwestern Council is finally up and running for this season: Friday, July 3 at Blackhawk Farms has HPDE in the morning (three run groups, three 20 minute sessions each) followed by three hours of high speed AutoX runs (by class) in the afternoon. $200 for the full day, or $150 for only the morning DE sessions. Info is here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/midwestern-council-summer-classic-hpde-hsax-1-blackhawk-farms-raceway-056695
  8. I've got a full set of used m20 wires with loom, don't remember mileage but maybe somewhere in the 150k range? Might be OK for tracking down an issue. Otherwise I'd suggest just picking up a new set if yours are sketchy.
  9. Much appreciated! I'll contact the seller and see if they're up for the potential plan.
  10. Wow, sorry to see this. You were making good progress.
  11. Thanks for checking. I found one up in Green Bay on CL in the 318i part out listing. Bit of a road trip though for a $10 used part. New one from FCP or ECS is about $25 so I may end up just adding it to a next parts order.
  12. If you need a small case to play with I’ve still got my old 4.10 open from the e30 318is.
  13. Boris3

    ‘91 E30

    Yep that's why I asked. I was curious. Per the latest rule set: test "at the center hub nut, using a 30mm or 32mm socket and commercially available ½” torque wrench. The car will be placed on solid pavement, the right side of the car will be jacked up until the right rear tire is free from the pavement, the transmission will be placed in neutral, and the parking brake, if present, will be released. The torque wrench will be placed at the nine o’clock position with the socket on the center nut. The torque wrench will be set at 65 lb.-ft. and pushed down.If the differential does not breakaway prior to the torque wrench “breaking away,” a second and similar style torque wrench from an impartial party shall be used in a second test, immediately following the first test. If the differential does not breakaway using the second torque wrench, the car will be disqualified from the preceding race and the DQ will be noted in the car’s logbook." I replaced my original after a wreck in 2014 with a used 3.73 only to find that it tested at 44ftlbs. Not good. My current one is a used Korman-built 3.73 that tests at 65ftlb. Much better.
  14. Boris3

    ‘91 E30

    What was the breakaway #?
  15. Wondering if anyone has an e30 driver's side door blank tweeter panel (e.g., no tweeter) with all the mounting pins intact?
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