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  1. Boris3

    e46 water pump recommendations

    Went ahead and ordered the Saleri along with everything else for a full refresh. Boxes of parts are here. Now just have to find the time to do it.
  2. Boris3

    2018 holiday sales, promo codes, etc.

    I've got their adjustable reinforced rear subframe on the track car. Worked well this season.
  3. Boris3

    2018 holiday sales, promo codes, etc.

    Garagistic sale just went live https://store.garagistic.com/index.php?route=product/special&utm_source=All+Customers&utm_campaign=c34b384f8c-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_11_16_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3b735b0908-c34b384f8c-3019345&mc_cid=c34b384f8c&mc_eid=8cd6c2fd20
  4. Boris3

    E36 upgrades and parts for sale!

    Wish I had an e36, lots of good stuff here. GLWS.
  5. Boris3

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    When the 1990 was still streetable I had the e21 transmission mounts (w/o cups) and the BW engine mounts (probably same as the e24 in terms of hardness) https://www.bimmerworld.com/Engine/Engine-Mounts/Heavy-Duty-E30-325-Engine-Mount-Set_2.html If you go with the e21/e24 combo watch for Garagistic's Black Friday sale coming up later this month, here's the current listing but they usually have some good BF deals. If you sign up with them you get early notification of deals https://store.garagistic.com/E30-hd-mounts-23711175424-11811132322
  6. Boris3

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Interesting and frustrating. Your R3v thread mentions PO had the same issue? Just a random list of a few more things: Plugs and wires tight, no oil in tps plug connector, any issue with air flow meter (try swapping), stomp test or code reader to see if any stored fault codes since you noted cel flashed, fuel related (does fuel level matter, something that is intermittently affecting flow: fuel pump wiring, crap in tank clogging screen, water in tank, fuel pump, etc)
  7. Boris3

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Does the cutout happen when you hit small bumps/road imperfections? If so maybe something is a little loose and gets jostled. If you haven't done so already make sure your battery connections are tight, also the connections to the power block under the hood. Are the three relays new and do they fit tightly in the carrier (main, fuel, 02), track folks often ziptie them down into the carrier to keep them from moving. Could be the electrical disruption is so slight that it doesn't show up in the cluster or by the time you look it's already passed.
  8. Boris3

    e46 water pump recommendations

    Nice pump! $166 at BW compared to the close to $200 elsewhere. Would likely do this if tracking the e46.
  9. Boris3

    e46 water pump recommendations

    Thanks. Typically replace the pulley as well?
  10. I have to replace my thermostat on the 330i and considering what to put on the "while I'm in there" list. For those that have replaced a water pump on an e46 any brand recommendations or warnings on which brands to avoid?
  11. I'd love to know the backstory on that collection.
  12. Boris3

    M20 Engine Oil (summer only)

    I do Blackstone regularly for the track car. It's good to set a baseline on engine wear and trace changes in metal content in the oil from wear, helps to see signs of gas or early indications of coolant in oil, as well as how the oil degrades over time/ use in terms of additive content and sheer. i recently did the test on 318is that I expect has well over 250k on the m42. Report came back clean which was a nice surprise.
  13. Boris3

    Awesome car videos!

    A little qualifying fun from this past weekend at BFR. We've got three e30s running in ITS class, which is one of several classes running in the small production race group (36 cars this time out). My perspective with @Merl on my bumper View from the third car on @Merl's bumper starts at around 0:42. He's running 225s and coilovers, compared to our 205s and SE30 suspension, which makes a difference but is also a very fast driver!
  14. Great find! Strange things can happen in parts finds. The hard top in my old 93 Miata was being used as a sled by some kids when the PO found it. He was driving by, did a double take, stopped and picked it up. A bit of fiberglass to repair some small cracks on the edges, new paint to match his Miata and good to go. I bought it from him and a few years ago sold it with the car.