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  1. Boris3

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    So I've got a side mirrors and reverse question. My passenger side mirror tilts down to the point of being useless when I shift into reverse. Doesn't matter where I have the mirror selector switch set, over to driver side or passenger side. Take the car out of reverse and shift into 1st and the passenger mirror makes noise and might slightly adjust about a 1/4" up but still pointed down. I have to use the switch controls to get it back to the regular position I want for driving. A bit annoying so I'd like to figure this out or ideally just like to turn the "lower in reverse" option off. But as I said it happens in every position of the mirror adjustor switch so there is no "off" I've found. I'm probably missing something simple here. Insights welcomed!
  2. Boris3

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    Been a while since I'd done that trip. It's a haul from MKE! Pretty part of the state, especially views of the Mississippi.
  3. Boris3

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    New suspension installed on the car, Koni yellows with the stock sport springs, new Lemforder control arms, fcabs, sway bar end links, strut tower reinforcement plates, heavy duty rear shock mounts, rear shock tower reinforcement plates. Much better ride now. Everything I removed was original with 155k and bushings, shocks and struts we're all trashed. Conti extreme sports need to replaced since they're worn and howl like 4x4 mudders. Did a back and forth run from MKE to Hudson, Wi this weekend. 600 miles rt. Cruise in 6th gear at 70-75, roughly 34 mpg. I could get used to this. Next up: tie rods, new tires, and passenger front window regulator is making bad crunching noises. Need new lenses for the AL headlights. PS line(s) has a weap and also the OFH.
  4. On the plus side you wouldn't need a picnic table at a car meet, that front kit could hold a lot of plates, beer, a cooler etc.
  5. Oh my. Does anyone know the car? It would be a shame for someone to lose it because of hard times. If owner unknown, someone publicly stake a claim so that folks here are not bidding against each other. And what exactly is that lurking in the passenger seat?
  6. Thanks. Her's has the ZKW lights? I think the ballasts on these aren't interchangeable with the AL/Bosch.
  7. Selling a set of facelift e46 sedan ZKW bi-xenon headlights for parts. These came on my 2004 330i and have the classic ZKW burnt projector bowls issue, plus as you can see from the pics the top mounting tabs on the housings are either missing or broken/repaired (only one good tab out of four). Useful parts include the ZKW bi-xenon projectors, ballasts, black interior trim, headlight lenses (newish), adjuster tabs, rear covers, bulbs, other bits. $100 obo for everything.
  8. Boris3

    e30 H&R Race springs

    Checked my records and realized that I bought these used in 2010 with around 2k in street miles already on them. Price adjust $200 obo.
  9. Selling a pair of new-in-box e30 Bilstein Sport struts (part # 34-003350): $300 obo. Bought these as spares and never used them Also selling a pair of used e30 Bilstein Sport rear shocks (part #24-020275). Also fits the e36 318ti. 22k on these with a lot of track time, dirty but no leaks, still have some life left: $80 obo for the pair.
  10. Boris3

    Badger Bimmers Annual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    Agreed! It was really interesting to be able to compare the builds. I have a greater appreciation and better understanding now of all the little things that go into a clean swap.
  11. Boris3

    Badger Bimmers Annual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    Great to see everyone and all the progress on the builds. Nicely done guys! Cool mix of stock, swapped, and forced induction e30s; coupes, sedans, verts; garage queens, weekend beasts, and dailies with assorted levels of wear; and the mix of owners from old school purists to younger innovators. Each year this keeps on getting better.
  12. Boris3

    Badger Bimmers Annual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    Hope he's ok.
  13. Boris3

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    Good job!! Looking forward to seeing it in person.
  14. Boris3

    M20 885 head

    Never mind... looked into engine condition a bit more today and we're moving on to full "heart" transplant. Still an m20 because racecar.
  15. Boris3

    M20 885 head

    Yeah well... I obviously sold my spare way to cheap