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  1. The 2008 and 2009 graduating classes were hammered by the state of the job market. Short of folks with degrees in health care or IT related fields, this class will also have it rough if not worse.
  2. This all sounds strangely familiar to the e30 startup stories from a few years ago. All will be listening/watching but the difference is we're not taking up a collection if the "head gasket" leaks...
  3. Funny if you do an online search you get everyone from new pundits to economists and physcologists laying out the assorted theories and explanations. I summarize a few of them here and add some of my own interpretations. The "herd mentality" explanation: I need to do it because everyone else is doing it and they know something I don't. This of course leads back to who is the TP hoarder "zero" and why are/did they start buying. The "control mentality" explanation: The world is spiraling downhill and buying stuff is an attempt at control. Yet this is too broad and still begs the question of why buy TP versus hoard something else.. The "basic needs mentality" explanation: if I need to stock up on food and water for a period of shut-in/dislocation then I also need to stock up on TP because in the most basic biological terms what goes "in" sometime later comes "out." Since we are not a land of bidet users (and the WI sub corollary: since it's winter and no leaves on the trees as a fallback option) TP is the answer. This argument has merit and is intensified by an array of family shut-in corollaries. -Basic needs Corollary 1: all the bathroom "business" I used to do at work, mall, etc I now will be doing at home, so my TP buying needs increase. -Basic needs Corollary 2: the kid(s) are home and not doing their daily "business" at school or at the neighbors or mall, so my buying needs increase. -Basic needs Corollary 3: at the risk of giving offense stop thinking like a "guy" and consider what may be gendered differences in consumption patterns in your household (be it female spouse/SO and or kids). Somewhat re the latter I remember my younger teenage sister and her friend visiting me in college at my off-campus apartment and after leaving them alone for the day I came home to find that they had gone through 4-6 rolls of TP. The point is given the potential "gender disparity in use" corollary to the basic needs mentality explanation, my buying needs increase. Individually or in concert, these explanations result in empty shelves.
  4. Interesting, I've had filler in the bolt holes of both of my e30s when I did the subframes. The bushings had never been done before so maybe that's the difference? Great suggestion on removing the sleeves if you've got enough sticking out. I've tried the big lag bolt approach with mixed results, and when it didn't work ended up using small flat bits and other drill bits just to ream out the sleeve.
  5. As a counterpart to some of the idiocy in the land of Covid-19, there are good people in the world: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-bmw-2002-10/
  6. I teach at Marquette. Spring break ends this week, and next week per today's announcement the excitement starts. A "transition" week starts 3/16 where we're still supposed be requiring assignments but no class meetings, and then following week until 4/10 everything shifts to online instruction. Students to stay away from campus from 3/16 - 4/10. I expect it will go longer as well. Interesting indeed.
  7. My best suggestion is to contact Bill. I know he has a couple of full prep and repaint projects in the pipeline as well as smaller projects. He can give you a much better sense.
  8. sorry folks, screwed up the number in the original post, the correct number is now listed: 414-531-5768
  9. Hey guys: A good friend of mine Bill Nicoud has opened a part-time shop "Bill's Customs Painting and Striping LLC" in Port Washington. Bill as some of you know is a BMW guy since the early 80s with a current stable that includes a white e30 M3, a recently restored blue 2002, and now a ZHP coupe. He has been in the custom paint industry for decades and does high quality work. His paint work on specialty cars for SpeedKore Performance in Grafton over the past several years has been recognized at SEMA and by Hot Rod Magazine. He is an active member of Pinstripe Legends and his striping work can be found on several cars of Badger Bimmer members as well as on charity auctioned specialty gift items ranging from tool boxes to wall art. He's already got a number of jobs lined up but if you're looking for some high quality paint or striping work you can reach him at 414-531-5768 [this is the correct number]
  10. No worries. Basically with BMW March is good: I figure I can celebrate 3/25 and 3/18 for the e30s, and 3/30 for the e46.
  11. Boris3

    E46 Things

    E46 was also back to back years (first when I bought it and then the year after). I used Wilde Toyota since it was close and fast and they had worked on the Tundra. They drove the car.... came back clean with no mileage run up so I guess all good. F150 last year was at a shop just west of Moorland on National Ave (north side of street). I think it used to be a Firestone or MIdas? No inspection pit, the bay they drove into was just a slab.
  12. Boris3

    E46 Things

    What did you get charged at Midcoast? And do they mount used tires?
  13. Boris3

    E46 Things

    Re PS fix. Well I'll be. Beats the zip tie fix on mine. Dorman part#?
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