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  1. Bill Nicoud is parting with his e30 M3 white over red. Car just went live on BaT. Tell friends with big wallets!!! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1988-bmw-m3-112/
  2. Yeah, replaced my gears on the 318is... didn’t work. Got tired of pulling the cluster to check the install so just left it.
  3. Top down, fall colors, working heater = all good! Congrats on the new ride!
  4. Great purchase! Mine is my civilized daily though with working from home not getting much use. Check out the zhpmafia website and e46 fanatics. Also the50skid on YouTube has all sorts of e46 DIYs if you need.
  5. Hmm...I could just add a new base of 2x12x60”
  6. Thanks. Agreed on price especially compared to the lip. Easiest button is just leaving it off. I saw a used set of the 5’ ramps for $100 on Chicago CL that understandably sold quick and got my hopes up that more might be out there...but I expect that’s a unicorn. I had made a set of wood ramp extensions for my open trailer out of stacked 2x12s that are not long enough due to the ride height of the enclosed. Probably over built which explains the weight: base is 2x12x36” with a 22” top piece.
  7. I keep on tearing my is lip off the racecar when backing out of the enclosed trailer. Ride height too low for the lip. I could build some long wooden ramp extensions but at 4' to 5' length these start to get heavy. I figured I 'd put this WTB for the Race Ramps Trailer Ramps out here just in case, model RR-TR-4 or 5. Don't have to be pretty, only need them to be still functional. https://www.raceramps.com/c/trailer/
  8. Well that's frustrating. Hope the replacement effort works out! Search "RTIC cooler shipping issues" and issues similar to yours pop up. One source examples: https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/houston/profile/water-coolers/rtic-coolers-llc-0915-90041813/complaints
  9. Able to get back to wrenching on the ZHP this weekend. We found a little surprise at the alignment last fall. Drivers side lower trailing arm was a wee bit bent. New versus old in the picture. Replaced both sides. Access to the inner bolt on drivers side is certainly a pain. Joys of unbolting and shifting the diff to get to it. Passenger side is easy.
  10. Wow, that's so wrong on so many levels.
  11. Four, the package actually never made it on the final truck but was still listed as “delivered” ... and it shows up a few days later. In my case it was UPS and came the next day though. Hope you get it figured out!
  12. Boris3

    E46 Things

    Nice job!! We can talk rain lines in the future. There are deceptive places at BFR in the wet. Glad you were able to get some clean runs in. No agricultural excursions. All good!
  13. updated with prettier pictures. $30 for 13 Qts
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