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  1. Iโ€™m slacking... no bar, my basement is just full of exercise gear, car parts and stacks of Hoosier r-comps.
  2. Beautiful work on the basement!
  3. I havenโ€™t been but a racing friend of mine was/is helping to run them.
  4. Wednesdayโ€™s are usually BFR self-run events. MCSCC events are weekends, Badger Bimmers are Fridays and Mondays
  5. R3v search says yes the front sport seats are the same in the coupe, m3 and vert, and in sedans the sport seats are also the same but donโ€™t fold forward (but can be modified so they do). The seat difference between the vert and other models is with the rear seatsโ€”still work but the seat back is slightly different
  6. Dave, I had to check on the Autobahn one to be sure since I've always just run the south course. After the drop off post on Sunday I figured Chris had paired us up. Glad you like the key chain. I remembered the "Bassboy" correction from an earlier thread involving assorted fish pics. ๐Ÿ˜ Rich
  7. Me next. This is fantastic!! Man cave wall art: Framed 3D printed (?) racetracks--Road America, Gingerman, Milwaukee Mile, Autobahn Full Course, Blackhawk Farms. Plus a "Boris" (from 007 Golden Eye). Thanks Santa!
  8. Boris3


    I've wondered if there is a magic combination of proper frame size and seat construction/positioning that can make things more comfortable?
  9. Ah well, thought it would go for much more. No high 5 for me. ๐Ÿ˜ž Congrats on the sale!
  10. Agreed!! Come on, the guy is trying to sell a car and folks are using the comment section for a chat fest.
  11. So there's a lot of chatter on BaT but no bidding. If you can, you might want to post to gently nudge this back on track with something about how you appreciate all the interest, you're here to answer any last minute questions, love the car, looking forward to seeing this ti ending up in a good home, etc etc.
  12. The pattern seem to be either a) steady bidding followed by mad frenzy, or b) a first wave of bids-a bit of quiet-then a second wave at the end. The fact that BaT keeps on extending the 2 minute window at the end if a new bid is posted has changed the the whole old style poaching strategy. Might as well wait rather than show your hand though a big statement bid can scare folks off (for example if the next bid is $10k). You've got several bidders all within range of each other, and the ti supporters are saying good things. Second wave should be fun. Meanwhile we can wonder if the seller with the 1957 BMW 507 is worried over waiting to break $2 million?
  13. Hang in there. The idiots will crawl out from under their rocks as the auction progresses. It was crazy in some of the e30M3 auctions earlier this year. If youโ€™d click on the user names of the biggest trolls with their โ€œexpertโ€ opinions most had never bid in an auction or put something up for auction. It got so bad that BaT finally started deleting and banning posts from some of them.
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