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  1. Boris3

    WTB: E46 M3

    Snap, In case you're watching BaT trends might be interesting to follow this: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2001-bmw-m3-32/
  2. Boris3

    Full E30 Comfort interior

    fnf01, like you said if you've got the shop space and are not tripping over stuff, then certainly ask what you want and hold out to see if a buyer comes along. Jdesign's point is just to help with reference pricing as you start dealing with folks. E30 sport seats alone tend to go for high prices these days and actually get the high price if they're in good shape. The $500 tan set on CL is surprisingly low. Even trashed sport seats are pulling in a couple hundred or more. Sports in good shape are simply much harder to find than the comfort seats. Those folks on EBay and CL listing comfort seats as if they were sport seats (hey, e30 seats are e30 seats right?) are unlikely to get the high ask. Black will be a bit of a plus for you. I think I sold my tan comfort seats that were in good shape for around $100-150 for the pair to someone who wanted to replace their torn up comfort seats. The e30 rear seats are typically not hard to find, unless they have a ski pass through. Most rear seats tend to be in good shape with little wear unless the owner had kids or a dog. The most worthwhile interior bits you've got are likely the door cards, and you may get requests for them alone. Be careful with the seatbelt sale. I had an R3V buyer for a front belt who didn't know how to install them, I shipped, he argued that they didn''t work and demanded his money back. The occasional joys of R3V. GLWS!
  3. Boris3

    chit chat thread

    Always impressed with the level of seller detail on BaT. Great job!
  4. By comparison, this is a good deal for a very clean set of e30 sport seats. Anyone know the seller? https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/milwaukee-bmw-e30-leather-seats-325is/6789345940.html
  5. Woah, must be that gold paint and the VW emblems. I've sold sets to Honda guys for cheap, looks like I should have posted on VW forums.
  6. Boris3

    WTB: e46 3 Series Bentley Service Manual

    Yeah, no claim to youth here. Add up the age of both my e30s and I still win with some room to spare. I've already got the pdf version of the Bentley but I like having the paper copies and printouts of forum DIYs in hand. Both tactile in the ability to work through and check off the steps and easier to reference than scrolling through screens / using keys with crud-covered nitrile gloves. That said, when confusion hits I'm back on the computer for clearer pictures, forum web searches or on the phone for reality-check texts to m42b32, snap, straight6pwr, etc.
  7. Boris3

    WTB: e46 3 Series Bentley Service Manual

    Found one. I realize that the e46 is a different animal but was still surprised with the size of this brick compared to the e30 version. I got the 1999-2005 manual, approx 1400 pages 480 in electrical diagrams alone. Crazy.
  8. Sad car, delusional seller at $2k... https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/milwaukee-1987-bmw-e30-325imiles-needs/6787201504.html
  9. Boris3

    WTB: E46 M3

    Snap? Not an e46 and tan interior though https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ctd/d/milwaukee-bmw-m3/6787214304.html
  10. Boris3

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Just in case, check to make sure you installed the new setup's hoses to the heater core correctly (inlet/outlet). With everything else going on in a swap, mix ups can happen.
  11. Thanks again to HipMF for digging through his parts stash to find this. Added a little paint to it, installed, and everything's now sitting where it's supposed to be.
  12. Boris3

    New Member

  13. Boris3

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    Welcome to the site. Always good to have another member with an e30! Looks like BMW Rescue posts his stuff on the Detroit CL without prices, and on his website with high prices. Bad combination. Nice to see your addiction though that you're willing to make the long drive for e30 parts. You'll fit in here fine. Second to YoungCR's recommendation for visiting the Ford Museum if you happen to ever make it to Detroit. Be sure to take the Rouge Factory tour. Fun to just spend time and watch the truck construction process, and the dance between automation and people. Afterwards you'll have this urge to buy an F-150 but it'll pass.
  14. Boris3

    chit chat thread

    Firefox is happy now. All good, thanks Chris!