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  1. Theres a few more coilover setups past these. That are way more then just a different strut and spring combo.
  2. Once I get my E46 Touring back on the road we'll have to meet up again!
  3. I don't think I'll ever own one. Sadly. But never know. Might win the lotto!
  4. try googling sir! You'll find tons of results All gorgeous as hell. If I got my hands on a set of 3 piece bottle caps. Unf
  5. I vote green glow. Although. I'm preferable to Red. I want my trucks gauges to be red.
  6. Someone enlighten me on the undersides of an older lambo.
  7. Honestly. I'd have both. Too bad the Countach is significantly more expensive then the 'rarri. Although: > Would have been a better comparison then the 'Rossa.
  8. I'd sooner own a Ferrari (depending on model) over a Lamborghini. I'd like a lamborghini. If I had future plans of going UGR on it.
  9. That's coming along very nicely! That's gunna be super nice for the M5 to sit in there! aswell as the raptor!
  10. Brian.

    GTA V

    I agree. I won like.... 50Mill. Spent a bit of it, and have like nothin' now.
  11. Brian.

    Toyota FT-1

    a poochy motor (for todays "futuristic supra"), it's a good motor an all. But seriously. Toyota will need to match or go beyond their prior plant in the supra chassis. I hope they go the S55. If not something else.. IDK I'm just sayin'.
  12. Also, spotted a dumped E30 sedan in Oshkosh over the weekend that was loud as fuck. Sounded like shit. but was loud as shit.
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