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  1. haha best thing i've heard all day. But honestly, I won't have a problem. She knows I won't stop collecting cars haha. Ill just have to do a better job of hiding them in the future.
  2. You guys just solidified my idea of holding off on marriage as long as possible ha. My car addiction is much to strong to only own 3 cars for myself.
  3. Well the HPX maf would be my next switch, along with e85. Tune it yourself! its a lot of fun. But I swear I read online about partial flashes with obd2. You are using romraider correct? Odb1 tuning is very easy and much cheaper, but in your boat I would go MS3 if you aren't happy with the stock ecu. SOOO much easier.
  4. Awesome! What maf are you using? And cant you simply do partial flashes instead of sending an entire file?
  5. very confused why you did that. It should take around 2 hours to pull the engine/trans together. Do you have a load leveler/friend to help?
  6. I feel like I just read something out of my high school chemistry book ha.
  7. MLS and O rings are used quite frequently in the import world, most domestic guys think you are crazy doing so, but results don't lie. I would have you block decked, and still do the surface prep like you did with the wd40. Going to a larger stud (1/2") is a great idea, especially with the larger 87mm bore you are using, but if a goal of 5-600whp is all you want, I wouldn't waste my time. I would go with a simple MLS gasket and mirror finish on block and head. As far as re using your old rods, I would absolutely do so. They have unlimited life for the most part, and can almost always be fixed. I would be willing to bet you don't even need to get them honed or resized, simply swap out bearings. As far as pistons go, check for skirt wear and make sure your PTW is still in spec, mainly deviation between cylinders. I'm willing to bet they are just fine. Because of the crappy tuning youve had in the past, I would be inclined to hone your block and get new rings, depending on how the bores look. Lastly, because your block and head will be decked/milled, I would look into adjustable cam gears so you can degree your cams in. Pick a head gasket that maintains proper quench of around .035-.050, but don't buy that until your block is back from being decked so you can measure from the top of the piston at TDC. that should be all? Looking great though!
  8. You guys are much more fun anyways haha. Next year Ill show up in a bmw I promise! But awesome, glad its going to be an event like this. Spirited driving with people you don't trust is a not pleasant experience.
  9. Man some days I wish I lived near a city... I used to daily drive on e85, closest pump being 30 miles away haha.
  10. forgive my ignorance, but isn't that incredibly expensive for a rebuilt title car? of course its at least properly done and sorted.
  11. Will I get kicked for driving an evo? Ill slap on a wi bimmer euro plate
  12. R8 for daily driver duties e30 m3 for weekend driver evo for track rat. If it was only bmw E30 m3 street/race car maybe i8 daily... Not a big fan of most bmw awd systems which is a bummer e28 m5 street sweeper/ show car.
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