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  1. i’ll have to make sure to bring something a little more fun to drive for the next cruise I did have a good time coming out Thanks for the invite
  2. I’ll assume I’m the only one that received shorts in the mail then............
  3. Will do! I’ll have to place an order for them this weekend and I’ll have to get my father on just because he is a hard core Buick fan.
  4. Got the shorts I ordered today. They look great! The wife likes hers also. Kids where not so happy they didn’t get one though
  5. Jeff

    E30 M52

    You better make it to that e30 picnic. I want to check it out. I’m planning one getting out there in one of our cars.
  6. Nice work! Glad this ended up getting done. Is it only available in white? Just wondered because white is not very small kid friendly. Available in woman sizes?
  7. I reset my password again and deleted tapatalk account. Hopefully I can be free to lurk in the shadows again without having to reset the password every time.
  8. I get the e mails not too long after I change a password. I deleted tapatalk and still have the issues. Should you just delete my account?
  9. Here it says you have a security issue at the top fo any password changes.
  10. Here ya go... was locked out of my account I have no fire fox at all only safari. Not really sure what happened here. Potentially get rid of Tapatalk?
  11. Jeff

    E30 M52

    Sounds beautiful does it drone in the car?
  12. Where does the money get sent?
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