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  1. Tigerton up by Wausau is closed for the year I think, but I think some local groups run events in the winter as well. Holly Oaks is a 6.5 hr drive from the Madison area, they've got some fun looking obstacles and a Jeep Badge of Honor trail to boot. They have the magna rock area too which is supposed to replicate some Moab stuff too. TN has two good parks, Windrock and Coalmont. Windrock supposedly has a ton of awesome options, all different levels of gnarly from gravel roads to "you might want 38s and lockers for that".
  2. YYYOOOOOOOOO I didn't know we had other 4x4 peeps here. I went down to The Badlands with my buddy a couple months back, had a blast! I'm trying to get a group together for a winter run at Holly Oaks, December 9th.
  3. Now that I actually have a garage space worth caring about (aka room for all of my shit), I'm thinking about getting something to protect the garage floor and make it look a little better. Anyone here have experience doing their own epoxy? Or has anyone installed those snazzy clip together plastic/rubber tiles? Epoxy would be significantly cheaper DIY, less than $400 for supplies + my time which is basically worthless. Tiles would be in excess of $1500.
  4. Who else here is a two wheel warrior? Recently-ish picked up a 2018 Street Glide and have been exploring the roads of Southern WI almost daily. Installed new pipes yesterday, intake and tune will be coming sometime later. Anywho, here's the bike: If anyone else is up for it, would love to put together a big ol group ride, go get some good eats, visit a museum or something, find a cool river to play in. I'm. Up. For. Anything.
  5. Guys. GUYS. I'm hosting a little race time at Sugar River Raceway and because I'm a terrible friend to you guys, I forgot to send out the FB invites to my BMW homies or post here sooner :( 08-05-18, from 3:15-5:15 PM, $80 person, well worth the cost of admission! This will be my 2nd time going this year, will probably have more later in the year as well! I've been there in years past and it's never been a disappointment! So far it's mostly my brothers and I and some coworkers. We have plenty of room for more people, up to 25 more to be exact! If you're interested, I sent those of you I'm FB friends with invites, so those of you that aren't friends with me (#AddMe Ryan Hipke), or let me know if you'd like to come and I'll mark you down :)
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