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  1. Et tu? I....don't know...
  2. It probably is 🙃 However, I choose to believe it looks like it came out of an F430
  3. I've really been practicing lately, I feel like my shifting is getting a bit smoother and I'm timing it better. I can only hope that someday I'll stop grabbing the wrong paddle
  4. Is anyone planning on hosting a WiBimmers get together this year?
  5. I aint finna drive all the way across the state if my homies aint showing up
  6. I'll be attending this year.
  7. It's already on the 'gram, duh. I'm allergic to greens so no thank you
  8. You guys didn't stop me now we here wut have i dun
  9. Yeah, Brian. I would like to see some sources for this action plan too.
  10. God I miss reading Kill Stories on forums... Was always fun trying to decipher which were entirely made up, which were stolen from movies, and which ones even had "opponents" that knew they were racing the storyteller.
  11. I made the mistake of test driving a '17 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI. Now I'm hopelessly enamored with it and must own one. Red '17 Ti with the paddle shifters for $23k. 33mpg, factory warranty..
  12. We only got a light dusting, hoping they don't overreact and pour another 2.5 million tons of salt everywhere... I'm ready for riding season dammit!
  13. This one is located in Illinois, so I don't know exactly how that works here. The more I think about it. He seems very open to offers as it's been listed for a while, but it looks clean for the age as most seem to have rusty hatches at this point in their lives.
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