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  1. Wife and I had many discussions about the number of kids we want, and we settled on "anything more than 1." Wife was an only child and hated it, I had 5 siblings and loved it. I'm thinking 2-3 would be ideal, but I'd like at least one boy.
  2. My wife probably has pretty low expectations for me during all of this, so it should be pretty easy compared to some 😂
  3. Wife had an OB appt yesterday, baby is imminent aka next week. Much scared. No plan. Only read half a baby book. Baby seat still not installed. Looking for used BMWs instead.
  4. Link dead unfortunately, I'll probably be needing either an SUV or a wagon at the very least. Gotta be able to fit a baby seat and the big bear cub dog we own..
  5. @ Applesauce, I ain't tellin you shiiiii @YoungCR thanks for the helpful advice, unlike the OTHER guy... Higher mileage doesn't scare me too much if it looks and drives like they took care of it. I really don't want to get rid of the LR4, but the dang thing is just too bad on fuel to justify keeping it when I have too many other expensive hobbies 😕
  6. Hello frens... I'm looking for a do-everything kinda vehicle to replace my Land Rover LR4. With my commute going up to 45 minutes each way, 6 days in a row, that 13-15 mpg is starting to hurt. In 1.5 months I need to fit a baby seat in back as well. I'm considering a couple different vehicles that I want to keep in the $7-12k range. Mainly I'd be looking at either an X5, preferably in a diesel for maximum MPGs, or something like a 328xi. It's been a heckin minute since I owned a BMW or paid much attention to them, but in that time I've owned nothing but unreliable British or German cars, so I'm not completely out of touch. Would love to hear some opinions on the reliability and usability of the aforementioned vehicles. I keep looking at diesel VWs too, but I yearn to return to the BMW family in some capacity.
  7. Yes sir, I have those too already. I like my 19" wheel setup, but I wish I'd waited a bit longer to get my hands on some 18's. Unfortunately the dedicated 18s for these typically run $320-400/wheel before shipping, and you get like 3 options. Other option is to slap on some 30mm spacers and I just don't want that.
  8. They'll bolt up, offset works, but allegedly you need to grind off about 1mm off the inner edge of the caliper. Small price to pay to ditch 19" wheels and get all those beautiful 18" tire sizes.. The only real debate online is whether or not they'll properly work with the weight of a fully loaded LR4. Mine comes in at around 5800lbs with half a tank of gas and nothing/nobody inside. I think the X5 is close to 900-1100lbs less.
  9. I done posted in @Bassboy3313 OG thread, I want some vinyl bois
  10. Looking for something along these lines for my LR4 (D4). Specifically the middle part, but the sides are growing on me too..
  11. nice 2 see other new ppl here
  12. Looking for some cheap style 99s to test out on a Land Rover. The rougher looking the better as I intend to sand and paint anyway.
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