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  1. Ryan...

    E46 Transmission quesion?

    You's guys R da bess ❤️
  2. Ryan...

    E46 Transmission quesion?

    That's not too promising, but hopefully a fluid change will give him a little more time! He's recently stuck a lot of money and time into refreshing the suspension, new tires etc..
  3. Ryan...

    E46 Transmission quesion?

    We've reached the point where there's so much info out there it's hard to tell what's accurate nowadays, but even with that, I still can't imagine thinking lifetime fluid is a real thing lol
  4. Ryan...

    E46 Transmission quesion?

    My dear youngest brother axed me to cross post this here. I know absolutely nothing about the E46, nor BMW automatic transmissions... I basically told him that if FCP says it's correct, tis correct, but he wanted it posted anyway... Correct Transmission fluid for 2000 323i? Crossposted from Ask Mechanics (self.e46) submitted 45 minutes ago by Benjaja Hello everyone, I have a 10/1999 produced, 2000 sold model 323i. 145k miles bought second hand, owned for 20k miles. I've been getting a gear light coming on in the dash that's made me nervous. It always resets if I restart the car in neutral but I'd like to be proactive. I looked underneath and have the GM transmission, not ZF. Is this the appropriate kit for my transmission? https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-transmission-service-kit-24117560575kit I can't afford to put in Dexron 4 when it needs 6 or something else completely. I need to keep this baby on the road for my 30 mile commute to work. Ben H.
  5. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    Noooooooooo Definitely not a good idea.. I found more info on in it on FChat, a couple guys there have looked at it an gotten the scoop. Would be something where I got a PPI before hand, and I know already based on other's info that it's due for a major service and the obvious interior refinishing. General consensus is, if you can drop the rear subframe that cradles the engine/trans/rear suspension you can save a lot of money, and if you don't need something pristine it would be a great driver's car. I'm under no illusions it would be cheap, or fast, or smart in any way. Heck no, it's already got a 9.2 second 0-60, why ruin that performance with a cheap American engine?
  6. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    I'm considering giving life a good old "fuck it" and buying myself a $20k headache... 1982 Ferrari Mondial, red, 77k, $19,950. Showed the girlfriend and she said, "It's ugly, I don't care." which is a thumbs up in girl-speak! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1982-Ferrari-Mondial-Coupe/223356693574?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  7. Ryan...

    $3800 -- 2000 Ducati ST4 F/S or Trade

    Probably the least crazy offer I've received so far!
  8. I wanted that thing hella bad, almost listed the Rover and went to look at it. A LSB M3 is the first car that ever actually caught my eye, and the reason I'm into cars, specifically BMWs, today.
  9. Trades = would be interested in possibly trading for a manual, not completely rusted out vehicle. Could add some cash on my end, not afraid of project cars either! 2000 Ducati ST4 (916cc) 25,xxx miles Corbin seat with backrest ($$$$) Matching hard case saddlebags ($$$$) Forza carbon exhaust ($$$$) Carbon accessories (clutch cover, tank cover) Recent maintenance: New timing belts @ 24,500 Valves checked @ 24,500 New battery @ 24,900 Oil change + filter @ 24,900 New headlight @ 24,900 *** have receipts for belts, battery, and oil. Valves were checked, did not need adjustment *** Bike is parked inside, on a battery tender. I'm the 3rd owner, last owner bought it sometime around 2003/2004. The original battery finally died this past October right before I parked it for the year. Rides beautifully, has all the charm of a dry clutch Ducati This bike feels every bit as strong/quick as my old 916, and these look fantastic in yellow! No test rides without cash in hand. I've been burned before with people crashing my bikes on test rides. Less
  10. I know nothing of these cars, what's a realistic price for it? Wasn't it listed a while back for much higher?
  11. I just recently started having the issue as well, giving me a (sign_in) error...
  12. Ryan...

    Volkswagen Help? - rear brake sticking

    I've listed it for sale lol Lots of interest, seems to be priced right, now if I could just get someone to actually show up when they say they will that would be great... I'll likely find myself in a GTI at some point, I actually enjoy this car quite a bit, but I'd rather have the money for 1) a ring and 2) house down payment so I can quit my second job..
  13. If I find out if these can fit an e46 323i, my brother would likely scoop these up!