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  1. We're doing similar shenanigans...
  2. The gentleman doesn't want to (probably a PITA given the odd shape).
  3. Nice! The new F150s are impressive trucks, I liked mine quite a bit. The little 2.7 EcoBoost could really scoot when you wanted it to, and I consistently got 22-23mpg on my work commute with the 33" KO2s, and 19-20 with the 35" Ridge Grapplers.
  4. Gentlemen, do we know anyone in the Chicago/Tinley Park area, or anyone headed that way in the near-ish future? There's a set of handlebars I really want for my motorcycle but it'd be a 6 hour round trip for me. Would be stoked to work out a pickup deal in exchange for cash monies, back rubs, and expired Taco Bell gift cards.
  5. The Road Glide fairing took a long time to grow on me, and truthfully I really only like them in conjunction with the Special/blacked out look. I can't wait to get through the break in period, the 114 feels like it's ready to rip!
  6. I believe Harley only showed up with air cooled bikes, whereas that Challenger that was booking it was water cooled. I do hope it turns into something bigger, watching the guys wrestle those bikes around Laguna Seca was hilarious and impressive
  7. I guess that shouldn't be surprising, they've all been crashed 7x by now and the fairings are pricey = stunt bikes lol I loved the Battle of the Baggers! Apparently they're hoping to have 4 races in 2021 and may be inviting other brands to compete as well. My buddy with an Indian Scout and a whopping 320 miles of riding experience was quick to tell me how Indian smoked HD in the races as well 😄
  8. Yes, it absolutely does. Now you need only find a purple Katana. Shouldn't be hard to find one for about $400
  9. Well, last weekend I traded in my '18 Street Glide for this '20 Road Glide Special... Got stuck behind a train on the ride home, twas a brisk 42* or so if memory serves. Removed the side reflectors, warning stickers, added black axle nuts, and installed a Predator 3 extended reach seat.
  10. Thank you gentlemen, one of those two options should work!
  11. So a buddy of mine bought a VW GTI with a Golf "R" engine swapped in. Apparently he's having difficulty getting the car registered due to emissions reasons. Are there any low-key car friendly shops around for swapped vehicles and such? Feel free to PM if you'd rather not be advertising such information...
  12. Honestly, I'd almost buy another BMW just to put those seats in it.
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