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  1. ^^^ I fully support this crazy endeavour!
  2. New Screamin Eagle pipes installed, and replaced the OEM tank badge with the classic Bar and Shield [/url]
  3. Ad is gone, but realistically any sort of enduro style bike would be perfectly sufficient for a 4 minute commute. Just get something that you can comfortably flat-foot for your own ease.
  4. Nice! Love the look of the retro Sporsters.
  5. Like Miley, I can't stop, and I WON'T stop... I would love to get me another Ducati or possibly a motorsport colored S1000rr. Right now I'm going to have a hard enough time making room for both of the Harleys in my garage spot next to the fiance's vehicle.
  6. If you have enough air in your Huffy you could easily keep up with some of the guys I ride with from time to time.
  7. Who else here is a two wheel warrior? Recently-ish picked up a 2018 Street Glide and have been exploring the roads of Southern WI almost daily. Installed new pipes yesterday, intake and tune will be coming sometime later. Anywho, here's the bike: If anyone else is up for it, would love to put together a big ol group ride, go get some good eats, visit a museum or something, find a cool river to play in. I'm. Up. For. Anything.
  8. The fiance and I made it out for a bit, met up with Jason and TJ, but apparently missed the rest of y'all (or didn't recognize you without your avatars floating above your heads). Hopefully I'll own a BMW product by the next meet up!
  9. I'm trying to make it out yet today! Obviously won't be there from the start, trying to convince teh lady fren that this is more importanter than what she had planned today...
  10. Sorry man, someone grabbed them last night!
  11. Off my old '95 325ic, worked when removed.
  12. Everything is finally settled, the fiance and I close on our house 6-17-19! Only drawback is the 2 car garage, so I need to figure out if it's cost effective (and if there's enough room) to add a 3rd garage spot, or just go with a parking pad next to the garage for my DD.
  13. Dwight Yoakam - Buenos Noches from a Lonely Room https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm8yTcgY-bE
  14. Not deep enough Someday I would still like a Miata, just to give it atry.. Thanks homie! It's been a struggle, and she's quick to correct me lol Thanks man! WiBimmers will be invited
  15. Big week boys, got engaged on Monday, put in an offer on a house on Wednesday, and just today the fiance said she misses me having a sports car. Best week ever? Perhaps
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