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  1. Honestly, I'd almost buy another BMW just to put those seats in it.
  2. I accept your offering of smokey BMW video.
  3. +1 for WiBimmers scramble
  4. Heck yes, it lets me try to hit bombs without any real repercussion 😄
  5. I'm terrible at golf, but I do enjoy doing the charity games my friends like to participate in. Whatever it's called where you take the best shot from each round is where it's at, so bad players like me aren't holding the team back.
  6. Oooooo, I have off the 25th and 26th, I'll try to get the wife and I out there!
  7. We might be due for a user photo thread here so I can actually put names to faces, I saw people/cars that I'm fairly certain I knew but wasn't sure...
  8. Really good showing this year! Guy who owned the Aston was really cool, let me drool over it and had a nice long chat about his car collection. I'm hoping others post pics, and those McLarens 🤑
  9. I'm attending a work Farm Party the night before, where it is tradition to drink until you vomit. However, I will still be attending this E30 Picnic to see my friends (THAT'S YOU GUYS), and I will have a good attitude.
  10. ^^^ Very helpful list, thanks! I do like the point that you can bring the tiles with, I'd not even considered that..
  11. Heck yes, I'll give these a try then.
  12. Thought process is that my current tires are nearing the end of their lives, I want to do a track day at Blackhawk in a couple months and will want newer tires for that, and I want to try a larger size on my already low-ish car without committing long term. I think I'll do it, #THANKS
  13. Lots of good points being made here... I'm not necessarily confident I could do a quality DIY epoxy job. AFAIK my floor wasn't sealed, so maybe polishing it would be a nice option as well...
  14. Any of you cool cats or kittens ever played around with Federal tires? Looking at the Federal Evo ST-1, can get 4 of em in my oddball desired size of 235/40/19 for under $400 shipped. I'm assuming they're not fantastic, super sticky, long living tires. But, they might be a good stop gap for me to see if I want to go up to that size from my 225s. https://simpletire.com/federal-evoluzion-st-1-tires
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