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  1. Ryan...

    So, what are you listening to?

    Almost as good as Beibs.
  2. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    I've also been feeling some type of way due to my lack of running e30..
  3. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    Admittedly I don't wait for every red light either, especially when the light changes to red as I approach and there's nobody else on the road at 4am. Fuck that shit.
  4. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    Lots of state funded traffic grants going on at this time too... Some departments have traffic grants as mandated OT, so there's going to A LOT of policia out there patrolling the highways for speeders.
  5. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    Nice weather means they're out there in the planes, we'll be seeing a lot of them out there for the next 2-3 months.
  6. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    We'll miss you when the coworker snaps and ends up disappearing your body into a lake...
  7. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    Play the long game
  8. Ryan...

    E30 Picnic 2018

    Wish I could've made it this year, looks like a nice turn out!
  9. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    Refreshed everything plus a yellow Ferrari tach because I'm a child.
  10. Ryan...

    chit chat thread

    Day 2 of my work rotation, already counting down the minutes until my weekend. Hoping the e30 cluster gets back from Bavarian Restoration so I can put everything back together and get driving!
  11. Ryan...

    Ferrari mechanic, tho Bmw fanatic

    Welcome! Do you work with Curt, the body work guy? I think he still works at MPI.... Tis my uncle through marriage.
  12. Ryan...

    E30 Picnic 2018

  13. Ryan...

    E30 Picnic 2018

    Whoa, completely forgot about that lol Yeah if one of them is willing to take custody of that I'm coo wit it
  14. Ryan...

    E30 Picnic 2018

    Not gonna be able to make it this year