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  1. Nick_F


    Yea I just saw your in menominee. that's pretty far
  2. Nick_F


    Germantown but will be around oshkosh this weekend if that's closer
  3. Nick_F


    I have 2 brand new 227 Kobalt piece tool sets that I don't need. It has never been opened and normally goes for 200 ( black Friday deal is 99). Here is the link for it so you can see what it all has.
  4. Nick_F


    Now this is something I can get behind
  5. That's a pretty interesting read. Yea, I just cant justify Snap-On prices just being a diy weekender so Blue Point/Williams definitely is more than enough for me. Maybe if I used them daily I would go Snap-On
  6. I just ordered a 3/8 socket set metric and sae and ratchet hopefully it gets here quick so I can put it to use before it gets too cold in the garage
  7. Did you buy the usa or taiwan William's? I wonder what the real difference is besides almost double the price. Yea I've been using zoro.com mostly because they have free shipping over 50
  8. Yea I would like a new box but my early 2000's craftsman box is doing the trick for now
  9. I'm starting to update my tool box from a mix of HF and the newer not so great craftsman to blue point/williams. I don't want to pay snap on prices but want something a little nicer than HF. That is an awesome deal for that snapon box
  10. Productive start to the weekend. Just finished oil filter housing gasket now taking hpfp out and did trans, transfer case, and rear diff fluids. Plus a new bms filter cap woo woo
  11. Seems like a good price too bad they are 17s https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/wto/d/milwaukee-bmw-wheels-and-tyres-make/6976204164.html
  12. They ended up getting picked up on sunday by P_roloff
  13. Yea, I was only at 70k so nothing was too hard to take off. I used the compressor since I reused the top hats and your right, I felt like I was diffusing a bomb haha Surprisingly the drive feel is much smoother than stock but I haven't hit any huge potholes yet so time will tell
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