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  1. looks like it turned out pretty dang well
  2. if it doesnt work you can send me the file and I can print it at work
  3. We gotta find a somewhat centralized location for who is in and make this official. So far we are at 3 so... who wants to start an event
  4. I think we should start an annual wibimmers scramble this year. I would definitely be in for that. And if anyone around milwaukee just wants to golf I wouldnt be opposed to it
  5. Yea I like golfing a little too much. I am sure Id have a lot of extra cash if I didnt try to make it out as much as possible. Nice upgrade from having to share which is never fun. We need a wibimmers golf outing
  6. This is my first time doing it. It will be a learning experience for sure but I'm confident I can do a decent job. I will be practicing on my buddies saab 9-2x first but I'm glad to hear that about bavsound. I went back and forth on them and Match for the last week
  7. Just in time for the long 11 day weekend. Gonna do some paint correction and upgrade my subpar hifi speakers in the f10
  8. Well my winter setup showed up today, ordered yesterday around noon, arrived today at 2. Tirerack is the amazon prime of the tire world.
  9. well I bought them and some pirelli sottozero 3's for half off. I should be set on tires for awhile...
  10. They are from tirerack
  11. I was looking at tire deals tonight and came across what seemed to be too good to be true. It might be. Bridgestone turanza serenity plus for 118 a tire, normally 310. Catch is they are 3 years old. You think a 3 year old new tire is still trustworthy? They also come with a 2 year road hazard warranty that covers 100% reimbursement if they are not repairable or 25 per wheel if they are repairable.
  12. That's one way to make a mini van cool
  13. Yup that was you. I just moved to the cranberry creek apartments behind the cop shop. How is it riding on the hr springs? I am very close to completing my order on them. Seeing that drop makes me want them even more, that drop looks perfect
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