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  1. Nice progress, TJ! Can’t wait to see this on the new wheels this summer.
  2. Can confirm, the garagistic selector joint is total bullshit. How they decided to release that is beyond me.
  3. You’ve done a wonderful job with this car. For my taste, it’s nearing non-M3 e30 perfection.
  4. I moved to Lake Mills this spring so I’m biased. Driftless to the west, Kettle Moraine to the east… life is good.
  5. Sounds fun! I would be especially down for a driftless area drive someday.
  6. I'm selling my daily driver because we just picked up a replacement X3 M40i to serve as our shared daily driver, given that my wife and I both work from home. This car has been really good to me over the past few years I've had it. It absolutely eats up the miles and the N55 + ZF8 package is pretty stellar. It's a 2011 BMW 535i xDrive in Space Grey paint over black leather interior. Most notably, and the reason why I jumped on it when I found it, it's equipped with Sport Package (shadowline trim, 19" wheels, sport seats, sport steering wheel are the highlights for this model year) so it looks a fair bit nicer than a lot of the F10 535's out there. Coming up on 145K miles and I'm the second owner. Before me it was owned by a CFO of a Financial Services firm who maintained it well (I have records of various services in the glovebox such as oil filter housing gasket, trans fluid change, front upper wishbones, etc). I haven't had to do a lot to it in the time I've had it. It sits slightly lowered on H&R sport springs with new OE shocks, struts, mounts. I also replaced one of the front axles after a boot tore and there was occasional clicking from the CV. I have the axle for the other side and it will be included, should it ever need to be changed. As seems to be common on these cars, there is a vibration around 70mph. It's been there since I got the car. In an effort to alleviate it, I put new Michelin Pilot Sport All Seasons on, replaced a cracked wheel and replaced a thrust arm while trying to figure out the source of the vibration, but it's still there. At this point, I've effectively chalked it up to a design flaw from BMW, and it really doesn't impact driving. I'm asking $9,850.
  7. New daily driver. 2019 X3 M40i. Damn this thing is a great little car. Time to clean up the F10 and list it for sale.
  8. Must be nice having a garage. Wonder what that’s like.
  9. You are a crazy man, Wojtek! Looking good
  10. Throwing a guess in for vibration resistance given that it’s all hardline
  11. This was an absolute blast and the e30 did wonderfully. Thanks again for letting me drive it--it was a pleasure! Hands down the best automotive enthusiast-related event I've done.
  12. Wood frame would be easy, and you could paint it to make it match nicely. Personally, i would try to have them close to flush with the floor. I hate how much dirt and crap accumulates under my work benches. The real ticket to be a baller is a stainless steel top (or discount baller solution of a $40 laminate countertop at Menards). Elevator bolts is a good idea for adjustability.
  13. I checked out a cars & coffee style event in Thiensville yesterday morning. It was put on by fuelfed car club out of Chicago, but was open to the public (for pre-1995 cars) so I popped over in the Volvo. Probably 25 cars total, but every one of them was interesting and all of the owners I chatted with were very nice, welcoming and surprisingly knowledgeable compared to the average car enthusiast. This was by far my favorite event I’ve been to in a while. Of the BMW variety, I spotted a e31 850, 2002, e9 3.0cs, and an amazing older BMW 700 that I’ve never seen or heard of before. Probably the coolest BMW I've seen in a while. Oozing with character.
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