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  1. GunMetalGrey

    Ummm.... So I took a chance.

    Looking forward to the Toys R Us (RIP) camera picture! At $250 you've got nothing to lose!
  2. GunMetalGrey

    Lifted E30 V2

    Am I doing this stanceboi camber trend correctly?
  3. GunMetalGrey

    Need some hits of LSD.

    This I have, it is currently wedged up in an E30 though.
  4. GunMetalGrey

    Lifted E30 V2

    Oofta. Realizations are harsh. Went to re-time the pump and noticed that the timing belt tensioner seemed to be in an odd spot. Grabbed the belt and realized that the tensioner hadn't been tight enough and slipped, relieving all tension on the belt. Super sketchy. I re-timed the motor again and ensured the belt tensioner was nice and snug. Firing it up resulted in a quieter motor (well, still loud, but quiet when considering it's diesel) but still got black haze at idle. The throttle response is better, and I backed it out and didn't have to touch the gas, so clearly things are better already. Driving was a bit of a different story, still feels like very little power down low, but once it gets up on the turbo things feel very good and it looses traction immediately. It's odd though because I couldn't get enough power down low to whip a 180° turn in a round thing. Things to do: Mess with the pre-booooooost fuel screw, I was driving in the dark so I couldn't see if the exhaust was hazing at WOT before boost (how it should be) Mess with the global fuel screw, this will affect idle (more fuel = more idle rpm) and see if that helps things in the low end. Aaaand the one I don't want to think about, check to make sure I didn't bend a valve. (about $50 a piece if I don't scavenge parts from my other motor) I do recall the shop telling me that the supply pump in the fuel pump was a bit lower than spec for feed and pressure (yes there is a pump in the pump, pumpception?) so I may get weird and try a "lift pump" inline with the feed to attempt to relieve that issue, and I'm sure that also helps with power along the way regardless.
  5. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Oh yeah, the other wheel bearing up front is starting to make noise. No surprises there!
  6. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    208700 miles Starter solenoid clicked on me a couple times the other day when trying to start it. It was fine since, but bought a new starter to not have to fear its failure. After buying the starter I looked up how to replace it, then ordered intake manifold gaskets because that needs to come off to get at it. Neat... Horrible ergonomics for replacing that. My knees hurt from pressing into the bumper while standing on a 5gal pail for extra height. Threw new manifold gaskets in and also replaced the spark plugs (also not that fun for the rear cylinders). Good news, it runs better, feels like it has more power back, and also cranks twice as fast.
  7. GunMetalGrey

    An E36 Investigation

    Just hanging out waiting for parts that Mr. Pat was so kind to help me out with! New interior pic to try out the new phone camera.
  8. GunMetalGrey

    Lifted E30 V2

    The saga continues... Things seemed good with the new injectors in so I got to swapping pumps with the rebuilt and twice tested (being told both times it was fine) unit. Frankly it's not that fun of a task, but it could be worse I guess. Remove all fuel lines (again) instead of just kind of smashing them out of the way, and then the pump comes out with a handful of bolts, nuts, and the removal of the timing belt and pump gear. Did the timing thing again, which involves a dial indicator, it's kind of an interesting process. I then played "bleed the lines" for a bit and attempted to start it. Surprisingly it started up pretty quick and didn't smoke too much. First thing I noticed; it's loud. Too loud. I also realized it was hazing black the whole time at idle, and idling very low. I took it out for a drive the next day and found things to be... wrong? Something about the firing / injectors is super loud, and it has no power. I killed it by simply trying to back out of a tiny spot of snow, whereas before I could idle it in 4th gear and it would be fine. Letting off the throttle while driving causes the motor to go silent, and sometimes accelerating (or trying to) causes motor silence as well. Plan is to check the timing once again, try more fuel on the global fuel screw, and if none of that works I call it quits on this pump.
  9. GunMetalGrey

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

  10. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    How do you know?
  11. GunMetalGrey

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Not to speak for him, but I assume a blanket will be in place. The heat tape on the strut tower is to keep the strut tower temps down, the exhaust runs pretty snug to it, and there is no need to have it hot.
  12. GunMetalGrey

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    That intercooler bracket looks sweet, nice work on that! I'm super curious to see how your valance fits considering you can stick a fan between the rad and the intercooler! Looks like you're really busting ass on this thing!
  13. GunMetalGrey

    Lifted E30 V2

    This thing has pretty much just sitting lately. It started leaking diesel again and the wastegate stopped working (no surprise for a $60 gate). I decided that I needed to test the new pump, and wanted to use the new injectors that I had in this engine. The ones in it were starting to seep, so I started by replacing just the injectors to ensure that those were functioning properly. Changing these things is a fair bit of work, and always involves a breaker bar with many feet of extensions. It looks like it's got 12 cylinders! Cleaned up the mounting surface and threads in the block and put the new ones in. They had previously been used so bleeding them was a very short affair, along with actually knowing what I'm doing with them. She fired up pretty quick and it took a second to push the rest of the air out of the lines and it sat and idled quite nicely. These injectors made a significant difference in the running of the motor, it is much smoother and seems quieter than before. I was running with the intake manifold off (always weird) so I didn't see how it drove, but I would imagine it's better than before. Now the plan is to swap the fuel pump to the new one to see if it works, or if that pump has issues. Hoping it works, as I will then have new injectors, a new pump, and a healthy motor.
  14. GunMetalGrey

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Man this brings back memories. Putting motor in or removing, turbo on or not. Option Number A: Leave turbo off, attach turbo in car, make custom wrenches and use crows foot wrenches to tighten it down as best as you can before your knuckles are at the bone. Option Number B: Leave turbo on, torque bolts well while out of car, hate yourself for leaving it on while lowering it into the engine bay. Option Letter 3: Take sawzall to that damn core support that is always getting in the way... I'm glad to see the clock marks were still visible on the cold side of the turbo, did you throw that snap ring in there? I see you already trimmed your alternator cooling duct, good work. Those lines will wrap quite snugly over the alternator, but it looks dope as hell once it's in there. - Put the front hose on first, then the one towards the rear of the engine. Fully tighten the first one before going to the second. I look forward to hearing this thing absolutely roasting the stock wheels wrapped in old snow tires
  15. This is actually a pretty neat design, never saw this when you first posted it.