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  1. Twas thinking about a bike pump as well, but having a compressor at the house for tubeless tires and various other things is never a bad thing. Cigarette lighter pump is likely too loud to use for boost leak testing That was one place I didn't look (somehow) and the extra $10 is likely well worth it! Thanks gents!
  2. Why do people on FB think used air compressors are worth their weight in gold?! I'm trying to follow a budget, so the boost leak testing hasn't happened yet, but I think I'm going to grab one of these guys. Anyone have experience with one of these? https://www.harborfreight.com/8-gallon-15-hp-150-psi-oil-free-portable-air-compressor-64294.html I haven't run air tools in a long time because electric tools are so good these days, but don't want to go to a pancake compressor. I feel like this one would be convenient to stick up in the rafters and hook a reel to it.
  3. I think I know a guy... "WHAT'S UP YOU GUYS?! This is Jake Spence.com here at C2S!" Just sayin'
  4. Hahahaha, entirely defeating the point of the alarm. Not saying I haven't done it, just amusing to read.
  5. Not bad for your first site! In your "What we do" and "Our work" section the photo swipe feels aggressive, almost made me dizzy. I also didn't have enough time to check out what you do in each photo! "Whether we are designing new assemblies in SolidWorks, 3D Printing parts, or Prototyping your ideas, we will get you what you need." Something about the "what we do" statement on your homepage was bugging me. I still can't pinpoint what it was, but that's my thought on it. Nice looking building! I always enjoy seeing other engineering / design / fabrication setups!
  6. Hit the nail on the head ^that is just me not want to admit being wrong Anyway, don't slice your hands with tools, though I do enjoy a nice red stain!
  7. That face is awesome! I hope that it doesn't end up completely covered. Also, I fully expected you to be making these with a hand saw, hand planer, and some form of hand drill after having seen your car projects completed with basic tools!
  8. Turbo is doing everything it can to make pressure, but the lil guy can only do so much. It does actually make about 10psi, but is not opening the wastegate, you can hear air escaping somewhere. I took each part of the intercooler circuit apart and everything looks fine and mouth tests fine. I left plenty of things behind in WI thinking we wouldn't have enough room in the truck to bring them along, but that truck was pretty empty! Oh well!
  9. It sure does have a switch for them lol. The stock E28 does have a controller for them, but in going manual and not fully caring about electronics I didn't concern myself with pinning the flywheel and finding the injector that has a sensor in it to tell the ecu what is going on. I am flying completely mechanical at this time.
  10. Was this guy somewhat local to the valley?
  11. I forgot to update this, but the car got shipped out to me many weeks ago. It has largely just sat here so far, but the other day I got tired of trying to start it and decided it was time to try different things. It started with a "lift" pump for the fuel feed from tank, which is for this specific engine which I found weird. Didn't really change anything. After that I started thinking about glow plugs. I have never really known when they should be on, so I decided to leave them on and see what happened. Well put a stick up my rear and make me talk, the damn thing started immediately after having the plugs on for about 15 seconds and leaving them on during cranking. I shut them off after it started and it missed a bit again so once again I turned them on for 15 or so seconds and everything was ducky. I have repeated this process a couple times over the past few weeks and it is always working which is cool. Since the car has arrived back in my possession it no longer makes full boost per a one run test. The turbo screams away but only musters up 5 psi. I need to verify this again, then buy an air compressor I think to be able to check for leaks, though I would think something that is allowing that much air out would be evident! Beyond that I'm unsure what the fate of this car is.
  12. Stincils! lol Those are pretty sweet!
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