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  1. I'm hoping that's his child not his girlfriend... Also, what is going on with that pic... it looks like two engines..
  2. Fixed The ball is in your court... Car looks awesome, I always like me a red vehicle, and the z4 with an s54 seems like the perfect combo!
  3. Ensure the coolant is able to handle Wisconsin winter, this can be done with a cheap "gauge" from a parts store. It's basically a pipette with a few balls in it to determine the freezing point. Outside of that, nothing too drastic to do. Those wheels look oh so good!
  4. Gentlemen, do not forget to stock up on essentials.
  5. GunMetalGrey

    E46 Things

    That was many contemporary references in one post! The low key rasp isn't ever bad, but when people straight pipe things and it is just an exhaust note of rasp; it gets rough.
  6. Woah, I've also never seen one in that color. Also apparently it does things for the body lines and a complete side shot make it unrecognizable in anything but silver lol.
  7. I'm almost afraid to ask, but what is this?
  8. That thing is quite thicc! Don't brake too hard! Looks like it should have plenty of cooling capacity though. What hoses are you attempting? Did the e36 hose have too much of a back bend to it?
  9. Yeah it's been a paperweight for the most part lately, will be good to have it back out on the road! Yep, that was good stuff for sure, minus the missing wheel cap.
  10. I know, I know, I know, I moved and abandoned everyone, but the car and truck both have WI plates so it kinda counts, right? The real reason is to keep track of things, and this forum format is pretty slicks. So, I bought another E30. Like any logical man I made sure to buy one that was thousands of miles away, and too low for any sanely priced shipping company to touch. Took my truck to WI to say hi to a few people, fly out to CA for work, then fly back to WI so I could load up the car on the trailer and head home with it. Nothing like a 4,000 mile round trip to grab a car! So the real question here is; why? This is a car that has been mentioned from time to time, a handful of you know it, but never had much presence on the internet or in person. This is the car that a friend purchased shortly after he saw me rebuilding my first E30 and thought it looked cool. I've been working with this car since day one, and know the details on all of it, so minimal surprises. He's owned the car for around 10 years, and it has seen an M10, M10 turbo (shortly), M50, and the current setup. It has been the bastard child of many projects, but what I really wanted was the current drive-line. Car Details: 1984 318i Rear euro bumper on, front in the car to be put on full late model brake swap houndstooth / black leather interior Koni adjustable suspension, poly throughout the whole car for bushings M3 steering rack Engine Details: S52 OBD1 Swapped 11.5:1 Pistons (bored over) MLS Head gasket (.01" taller than stock to compensate for block and head decking) Shrick Cams Bavarian CNC port and polished head Upgraded valve springs Solid lifters (?) M50 Intake manifold Riot Racing big bore throttle body 3.5" Euro MAF 24lb injectors Turner Underdrive pulleys ARP hardware throughout Ceramic coated headers, full stainless exhaust from Mr. Asparagus's NA setup Needless to say, the car can really get out of its own way. We rolled the car across a scale a year or so ago which was very similar to how it sits now, and the scale showed 2,400 lbs. Lightweight NA power is a whole different ball game from what I've known. The car needs plenty of clean up work as it has been "neglected" for many years, a lot of the finer details are not in a way that I appreciate. I'm excited to be back behind the wheel of an E30 that will actually be enjoyable to drive (the diesel noises were cool before, but the rest was strongly mediocre). Until next time!
  11. How dare you not use diet doc 360!
  12. Awesome work man! Those look great!
  13. So I had to take a trip into Idaho for work and drove the 128 there. I was about to head back home and was scrolling around the map on my phone, and this caught my eye. In my experience google likes to route through some random shit from time to time, so why did it not make this my primary route?! Turns out to be the windiest road in Idaho. Turns out to be excellent condition pavement, massive drop-offs on the downhill side, and a ton of fun. Made a couple laps of it! I haven't pushed that car too hard before, and I didn't really want to find the limit of it with the consequences that were present, but man that thing really maintains traction.
  14. Must be photos or mud packed, as they're at 15/32's or about 85% tread It was more likely the liquid encouragement along with passenger encouragement lol.
  15. It was a time trial setup on memorial day weekend at a friends place. Turns out I was going a bit quicker than I should have been.
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