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  1. Glad to see no one was damaged in the process!
  2. Does the dude chase money or....? Seems like an odd passion switch. Either way, neat car.
  3. Quincy, WA It's right before the western mountains start. The middle of Washington reminds me of Colorado in terms of soil type
  4. Center caps on Really digging the new wheels, and the tires are quiet which is nice. Next up is some exterior add on's I think! Fitment turned out very tidy for not having spacers or anything of the sort. Added some LED interior lights Added LED reverse lights that are actually bright And a random scenery shot for fun
  5. Haha, I give him shit for it all the time. It's actually a pretty sweet build, sounds like a Honda lol.
  6. Agreed The hinge mechanism he used / created is a lovely touch that I feel like many would just skip.
  7. Incomplete photo, but you'll have that from time to time. Fresh meats, fresh kicks. Old tires were worn out, and I like the look of 18's over 17's on these cars. Konig Hypergrams and some Federal Evoluzion's. Should prove to be a fun combo. The wheels alone weigh around 5lb less per corner when compared to the stock wheels. Centercaps were installed after this photo. Note that the front right corner is a bit lower than normal due to a slight driveway slope. This certainly isn't my normal style of wheel, but they look pretty good in person. Slightly blurry sunset picture off of the back of our patio tonight, just because.
  8. It's something that isn't commercially available, but would be a fun time to make happen. I could stare at RealOEM for awhile and probably come up with something. 2" is a reasonable amount
  9. Yeah this project was always intriguing, but has certainly caught more of my interest seeing things being modeled! The shear area on that upper shock mount seems reasonable if you've got good penetration welds on both plates. I think I saw the knuckles in a picture on a previous page, but are those a standard purchased component? I've always thought it would be cool to do a ground up build like this, so I really look forward to the continuation of this!
  10. Whatcha need from the PNW? I've been working with a company to get my car out there, so I may be able to get a car back as well.
  11. I am impressed how low these cars are from factory, but I cannot confirm nor deny my current browsings of aftermarket spring options. Funny note, stock suspension out here in WA lasts a long time, the roads are so good!
  12. I have done a good job of leaving this thing alone, largely due to the fact that I didn't work for a couple months. But now I'm back at it! Drivers side light works fine, passenger stops working when you have it setup as normal. Plugged passenger light into drivers plug, works great. Plugged it back into the pass. side, doesn't work. Tried a footwell module (FRM) reset with ProTools, but that didn't do anything, nor did the reset short fault. So I think this means I need a new FRM in the car to make things work properly, and it looks like I should be able to use ProTools to adjust the VIN on a new FRM. For the time I have just disabled the adaptive headlights (which I like and want to make work) and the bulb checks for the headlights so they stop yelling at me all the time. The tires are getting low on tread, and the standing water on the roads here makes that an unpleasant time. Tires shortly! But like, who buys tires for stock wheels?!
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