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  1. I'd think you're batter off looking at other cars I recall @suspenceful doing a thing like the sketchy raffles, I don't recall the format. Maybe we can griddle him about it Most of them seem to be a "buy a $150 T shirt" deal or something like that to avoid selling a "ticket"
  2. I assumed this would have been posted here! The new logo is just for branding / marketing. This logo is not to be used on cars. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/car-design/a31246945/new-bmw-logo-not-for-cars/
  3. Those are the people that are in for a real wild time once they graduate!
  4. I'm surprised to see the front lip still attached, and what appears like an un-taped sunroof seal! I look forward to seeing it with fresh paint though! I was just discussing with my roommate how I miss painting stuff, prep work is somehow very enjoyable!
  5. I questioned if it was a public pool of some form upon initial inspection! Photo looks great, those wheels are styled well for the car for sure.
  6. I believe I have a bag of (50) of them, but that may have been E36 clips. Another thing I can check on. Interior is looking clean!
  7. All we can hope for is that Les McBurney will be on scene!
  8. I'll verify that I didn't toss them It'll cost you one roll of TP, the new currency! Nah I wouldn't worry about currency exchange
  9. Turns out this does snow fairly well, didn't expect it to float on top but it did! Mountain snow is wild, and deep as hell.
  10. I have a spare or two hanging around
  11. These are wild! Please tell me you bought some
  12. Ha, I can't say I've ran into anyone that has determined common decency is no longer required. The airports sure have been an interesting sight lately though, from empty corridors, to people with full face shield can style respirators on.
  13. I'll be there for the Boogaloo, the secret hideout. Costco by me had a line to get in, I just left instead. Grocery stores are getting cleaned out, which is understandable with the quarantine talk, but the wiped out (pun intended) toilet paper and towel aisle is wild.
  14. 1 series mats are a dialed fitment for an E30
  15. Also worth noting, these engines are really good at cracking the head between the valves.
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