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  1. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Peculiar offsets. 18x9.5 rear needs a 62 offset
  2. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Update: Wheel options for these is extremely limited.
  3. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Lol, the outside spot?
  4. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    I sold most things, but still have the diesel swapped E30 sitting in Appleton and I will have it shipped to myself soon.
  5. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    The auto was decided on due to traffic and my intended use for the car, but who knows, maybe I'll end up with a manual one soon. Wheels and tires are something I'm currently looking at. Arc-8's in hyperblack or hypersilver seem like the move. Backordered tho... As far as tails go I gotta figure out what to do about the all white rear bumper. Oh yeah, I moved. I live in Washington now.
  6. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    So it's been a lot of truck stuff lately, but we're back to the BMW way of life. I enjoyed seeing Jake's car hanging around, and I am getting sick of driving a crew cab long box truck around in the Seattle area, so I was on the hunt for a new and smaller daily. So far the chassis feel is awesome, and it corners a lot better than the truck.... It's just a 128, but that seems like the move for now, reliable, good gas mileage, and overall a bit easier on the budget. Sport seats and the sport steering wheel coupled with the paddle shifters make it aight. It's got something that sounds a lot like the BMW performance exhaust on it, which sounds just fine. Cars our here are super awesome due to the lack of rust.
  7. GunMetalGrey

    The truth about overheating BMW engines

    I always thought thermostats were nothing but freeloaders! I'm glad you got to the bottom of things.
  8. GunMetalGrey

    2007 335xi For Sale

    That's an impressively cracked windshield! You may benefit from running the VIN on a decoder site and listing packages / options that it has. Looks like it needs some TLC, but could be turned around fairly easily! GLWS
  9. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    You must not have any E36's
  10. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    How's your glovebox looking?
  11. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    I hope they used a material that would degrade in a few years. Something about E36's with door cards falling off just feels right. It'd be like owning an E46 without the A or C pillar cloth falling down, ya know?
  12. GunMetalGrey

    Jake's Epic BMW 135i Build Thread! (5+ Years of Ownership)

    I had always questioned the accuracy of it, but the dragy app compared to the time slip really proves how accurate it is. Impressive stuff for sure!
  13. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    There aren't always clear answers on a fix Start with the easier stuff to fix / diagnose, and move to the more complicated stuff later. The internet tricks us all into thinking that we will find exactly what is wrong with out car, with one simple search. The internet is a great tool for narrowing down issues, and confirming common ones, but diagnosis on your own vehicle will always trump what you read online.
  14. GunMetalGrey

    Shop Life 2.0

    Only one way to find out if the clutch works. That way is burnoutttsssss
  15. GunMetalGrey

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    I was hoping you would be there! I suggested Mr. Veggimus speak with you / see if he could steal some of your knowledge.