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  1. Man I'm good at buying vehicles that had things living in them. Noticed some yellow/orange chips near the sunroof crank, and had been getting a more present animal smell in the cabin. Started pulling the headliner down around the doors and more foam was rolling out. Lovely. Add taking the current headliner out and replacing it to the list of things to do.
  2. It is a generalization Static compression ratio does not depend of camshaft timing, as it is simply using the volume of combustion area at the two most extreme points of stroke. The effective compression ratio certainly changes when you get into cam profiles and variable timing and things of that sort, which is not something I've delved into, as the static ratio of this engine has never been accurately measured, therefore dynamic is also speculative. When looking at adiabatic compression of the otto cycle, ~1 point of compression increase yields around 2 to 4 percent increase in efficienc
  3. The odd part is I've done nothing to reduce the weight! It's insane how light this car must've been when it rolled off the factory line sporting an m10 and an adorable drivetrain to match!
  4. Full tank of gas, I was standing next to it. Trunk tar in. My battery relocation to the rear requires a bit more work than initially thought. It's either an '84 thing or just early production, not sure. The rear battery tray area is narrower than a late model, so I will need a different battery. I also need to cut a hole for the battery cable grommet in the engine bay vs just punching out a blank plate. My weight bias isn't great (55% front) but it's not as bad as expected. For ref, this is an 84 318i with full interior, full stereo in place, and a complete 6cyl e30 driveline and su
  5. Man, vintage shot right there, pre-surgery glasses and just a chin strap. Wild shit
  6. Identical pic from the bay of e 1742010 is what is on the throttle boy. Ben Plz'd
  7. Increasing compression is only good for about 3% power gain over stock compression (when going to 11.5:1) but that combined with all of the top end work certainly made a difference! Thanks! Airbox has been slow as I debate how to do other various items that would impact the airbox layout. Yeah the fronts will be getting at least that much, possibly more depending on how close the tire is to the strut tube. Finally had a dry enough day yesterday to test for intake vacuum at WOT. There was none. Anyone want an M60 throttle body? haha
  8. Thank you sir! a I spent some time the other day with a clay bar and some paste wax. Certainly helped the paint out a fair bit! It's not perfect but it'll do. I bought some radiator mounts from a late model (~$18 from BMW) which turned out to be part of the core support so I cut them apart and welded them onto my current chassis. I realized the radiator had been resting on the fan and not the lower rubber bumpers like I had thought 😕 Solved that issue though, some dripping paint for the kids. I've found this specific chassis to be fairly terrifying to drive, the rear
  9. Went out wheeling the other weekend because a friend was looking to test out his Jeep. It started with driving right into a river that was not shallow and driving down the bank a bit. We laugh after exiting and ask him what the heck that was about. "It's usually just river rock along the bank, turns out it's water today!" We then proceed to drive to a spot where we've gone winter wheeling up a mountain before, and it started snowing as we got closer. We didn't see much for tracks going up, and this is a popular spot. Turns out that it had snowed many feet since the last people wer
  10. Quality seems solid, crisp lines, smooth clear over the top. The wheels I've wanted for this are finally in stock so I snagged a set, right after saying I was done with excessive spending for the rest of the month...😒
  11. Side note; data acquisition keeps getting postponed due to wet roads! I need full throttle full load for intake vacuum differential testing!
  12. Yeah I was eyeing up the golf boi... the current shifter is meh Yeah it is a Renown unit, figured I'd give it a shot. Everything feels nice and sturdy, price is appealing, shall see how it holds up! The tri-color stitching wasn't my first choice, but after ordering the black stitching they said they were out and it would be some time before getting any more. I think the tri-color is acceptable given the powerplant!
  13. Throttle body updates? Nah I determined I want to do some data collection before that regarding intake vacuum pre/post TB What I did do was replace the boat 3 spoke steering wheel with a smaller unit. Please ignore the lack of kick panel near the pedals, and the speaker grille. Gotta love early models for not having actual kick panels there.
  14. That's the ideal number of bikes!
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