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  1. I know it goes against your core beliefs, but finding someone to dyno tune it is a really good thing in life. Then it runs / drives with a higher level of reliability and you can tweak from there knowing your starting point is strong.
  2. I too was anticipating an S65 in the mix here, but was pleasantly surprised by the rest!
  3. http://www.speedhunters.com/2022/04/e36-meets-e9x/ Bump
  4. Correct You want the lowest amount of spring force required to match the speed of the cam, as anything above is just added friction and wear. When you over rev the spring force is not great enough to accelerate the valve fast enough to follow the cam and you get valve float, which can in turn cause the valve to contact the piston if the discrepancy is high enough. I did supertech springs in my S52 head and the spring force change becomes VERY noticeable when you try to get the cams back in...
  5. What's better than having 5 vehicles? Having 6! A poor picture for intro, but its the only one I have right meow This was a spur of the moment decision, and is planned to replace my truck and 1 series. 2011 x5 35d Sports package, HUD, 360 cam, premium package, pano sunroof, and a set of snow tires + to go with it More details / photos later
  6. It's uncomfortable how easily everything comes apart on this thing... Parking brake lines running into the chassis came out without even pulling Tossing in riser bushings and new trailing arm bushings, rebuilding and painting the brake calipers, repainting everything, installing new brake lines, and putting it back in without a diff or axles (current ones lack grease, and diff is wrong for my application) Progress, not engine bay though, which I'm waiting for some warmth from the elements before painting.
  7. It was a very busy couple of days for the M3! At 109k miles I did the rod bearings and bolts, motor mounts, header gaskets, trans mounts, driveshaft center support bearing, trans fluid, and engine oil. The motor mount on passenger side was two pieces, and the drivers side was collapsed and the oil pan was resting on the sway bar. Bearings looked acceptable for the mileage, but good to have piece of mind that they're done. The motor had been replaced by the dealer at around 300 miles for a stuck injector, and it looks like they didn't do the header gaskets correctly... The drive after felt great, significantly smoother with the engine not rocking around in there and being properly isolated from vibrations.
  8. I forgot how much fun stripping seam sealer was!
  9. Cosmoline is a sealant / rust proofing that was applied to engine bays of E30's during transport. For the short duration it was on for transport no discoloration is usually observed, and dealers were supposed to wipe it out of the engine bays and apparently there was even a bottle of mineral spirits shipped in the engine bay to do so. Most dealers did not, and after the vehicles start seeing heat and use the sealant yellows and hardens, becoming very difficult to remove. Circa ~2005 BMW was still shipping cars covered in a heavy wax coating that was pressured washed off with high heat water.
  10. Engine bay cleaned up pretty nicely with some simple green and a pressure washer. I really wish the white cars didn't have yellow cosmoline. I would be tempted to not paint it but the yellow kills it so badly.
  11. Your insurance company (and all other drivers on the road) would like to speak with you.
  12. All good input In reality I have no idea if this system works or not. I have no reason to believe it doesn't work considering the AC was still functional. Finished pulling the driveshaft. The CSB seemed to be new which is neat! Wait... Found some performance parts hiding in it! Offset CAB's! Firewall sound deadening / heat shielding removed carefully. Not a single piece of messed up hardware. I keep waiting to find rust... Still no signs
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