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  1. GunMetalGrey

    I Finally Bought an N55 Vehicle...

    Neat car! The pictures look nice! It's always amusing seeing the pictures after seeing it in person. Sweet jesus, $1,000 for a hitch and ball with shipping? The wiring they provide with it sounds nifty though.
  2. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    Yeah I saw you showed up there, and thought it was amusing that once again we unintentionally avoided crossing paths!
  3. GunMetalGrey

    17 inch E36 wheels

    Just here trying to help
  4. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    Took what I'm assuming will be my last bike trip for the year, went up to Marquette, MI and rode with a couple non broken friends. Got this shot, which I find pretty neat. Trail gaps always look cool, and I had a friend ride the trail below for some context.
  5. GunMetalGrey

    Lifted E30 V2

    This thing made it to the meet, and that was cool. I need to clean some botched work by the PO with the cooling system, but everything went well on the trip. The turbo is obnoxiously loud on the highway and earplugs are damn near required. The diesel will be on hold / beater duty for a bit while I get a couple other cars finished up. I've got some work ahead of me! Should be fun!
  6. GunMetalGrey

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    All oils are categorized by API standards, and that's the easiest way to determine what oil is "best" or equivalent to OE standards. At this point in time I would be willing to bet that all oils that you can buy off the shelf are better or equivalent to what was available at the time when these motors were designed.
  7. GunMetalGrey

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    Not here to argue anything, but to simply point out that this logic isn't exactly sound. This would be the case if you were to have the whole surface of the bearing being an oil passage, but it is instead adding oil into the bearing area to provide a fluid film. It's not uncommon to see 6-8psi oil pressure at idle, and if you were to be worried about the direct force acting on it you would never see oil going into the bearing. But I agree, 20w50 is far too thick for that motor, only M30's seem to need that kind of honey in the summer. You could add some zinc additive to the oil if desired, I know @snap should have some suggestions in that department.
  8. GunMetalGrey

    Joined the Club Today

    The E28 mounts are cheap and work just fine. If you want to try to get a rip in before winter I would order a set and toss em in.
  9. GunMetalGrey

    1999 M3 104K miles, 5 speed

    This thread lacks.... a lot of things.
  10. Don't do it, I don't know who in their right mind would lift a BMW.
  11. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    I replaced the hood cables (all) this weekend and cleaned the latches so that they actually hold the hood. Threw the other wheels on now that I bought the lug tool ($5 on Amazon). I replaced a handful of bulbs in the tail lights so those work properly now, added some new buttons back onto the HVAC controls (they were missing), just some general stuff! Next thing is to put fresh oil in it and replace the brakes, then drive it for a bit and re-scan codes to see what stayed!
  12. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    Haha, I wish that was the case, but that is just dust from sitting around forever.
  13. GunMetalGrey

    Get some Grip

    Fuck man, I'm out of breath reading that.
  14. GunMetalGrey

    Joined the Club Today

    We are true keyboard warriors today. Torque spec on that (proper to the thread) would be 70 ft lb+, so I would just snug em up real nice like by hand and call it a day. Especially if a lock nut or lock washer is involved.
  15. GunMetalGrey

    Joined the Club Today

    That ain't right, unless they're concerned about bolt/stud pull through on the mount. Those studs are at minimum M8 (13mm wrench) and that yields a 22 or 30 ft lb torque spec (8.8 vs 10.8) Edit: This is no way helps you figure out how they align properly.