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  1. I dislike the phrasing that ECS used for their lift, as there is no height issues limiting tire size. The limit to tire size is the front spindle design, the control arm ball joint mtg is over the tire instead of behind it. You are physically limited to a 31" OD tire unless you completely redesign the front suspension or run a large spacer. They're less sidewally than I wished for, but the brakes limit me to an 18" wheel, and the upper control arm / spindle limits me to a 31" tire without getting wild. I looked at the rabbit hole that was "Stuffing 33's" under it and doing what it took, but at the end of the day it's my daily driver so I should avoid that. For now
  2. Fixed the offroad issue with some 18's and 31" all terrains (Falken Rubitrek) I dig the look, and will enjoy it even more once I get the 20mm spacers in the rear! I've got a bit of clearance work to be doing, but nothing major!
  3. Considering the limited quantity of prep that was done on this I'm pleased with the way it turned out.
  4. Seams sealed Hoping to shoot paint Saturday or Sunday
  5. Summer out here makes it hard to work on cars when there are so many awesome other things to do! Finally laid some primer down in the engine bay
  6. What have you guys been doing for proper fluid level? The BMW procedure is quite... intensive Though at least you have a lift!
  7. Now that's a color! I Nice find, you'll enjoy the torque even at stock levels. The F15 and E70 seem oh so similar in many aspects, so for similar price you made a good move.
  8. Hitch installed Nice an easy access to get that one installed....... Got a bike rack after much deliberation. Settled on a 1up Recon 5 vertical rack. 5 places for bikes, pivots out of the way of the hatch, and weighs a cool 95lbs! I've been enjoying it vs the truck Did some light off-road driving in Whistler to car camp after a day of biking (full size mattress fits perfectly with the seats folded down) and found I need to get rid of the 20's as soon as possible. Went up to Mazama to visit a friend, rock climb, mountain bike, and go for a hike and brought the X5. On the way back got an error for oil level over max, which I thought was odd as I had checked it after purchase and the oil level was near the top, but not over. Checked on the dipstick and it was indeed over the max mark, meaning the oil level sensor was intact. The oil smelled like diesel so the hunt was on. After pulling up the coolant temp and driving around a bit I found that the thermostat is stuck open, and am trying to find when the last DPF regen was as it likely got up to temp to be able to do a regen while climbing the mountains, but then cooled down and just dumped all that extra fuel into the oil. I can't get the coolant temp to go over 150 on the highway, with 140 being the average. Running temp is to be in the 190-195 range, so I'm getting plenty of fuel past the pistons. New thermostat and EGR delete on the way! Of course with an oil change in the next couple of days.
  9. Amen brother I will say the E9X platform has been one of my favorites over the years, it just seems like everything is streamlined in the interior, no big screens or anything clouding the space, simple lines inside, but classy. Chassis dynamics are great, with solid engine options to boot. The fact that you enjoy this more than the F30 says a few things to me
  10. I know it goes against your core beliefs, but finding someone to dyno tune it is a really good thing in life. Then it runs / drives with a higher level of reliability and you can tweak from there knowing your starting point is strong.
  11. I too was anticipating an S65 in the mix here, but was pleasantly surprised by the rest!
  12. http://www.speedhunters.com/2022/04/e36-meets-e9x/ Bump
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