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  1. How dare you not use diet doc 360!
  2. Awesome work man! Those look great!
  3. So I had to take a trip into Idaho for work and drove the 128 there. I was about to head back home and was scrolling around the map on my phone, and this caught my eye. In my experience google likes to route through some random shit from time to time, so why did it not make this my primary route?! Turns out to be the windiest road in Idaho. Turns out to be excellent condition pavement, massive drop-offs on the downhill side, and a ton of fun. Made a couple laps of it! I haven't pushed that car too hard before, and I didn't really want to find the limit of it with the consequences that were present, but man that thing really maintains traction.
  4. Must be photos or mud packed, as they're at 15/32's or about 85% tread It was more likely the liquid encouragement along with passenger encouragement lol.
  5. It was a time trial setup on memorial day weekend at a friends place. Turns out I was going a bit quicker than I should have been.
  6. I forgot, I ran this into a tree lol Bought another XJ that night for $250 non running, pulled the front clip, cluster, and various driveline parts. Also got a CB in the deal Breaker 1-9 Picked up lockers for the new axles, will get those in process soon.
  7. I'm running a set of those exact tires on my 128, it's my daily so it doesn't get the crap pounded out of it, but when I do lean into the corners hard I've been pleased. They have quite a bit of grip, have good feel / breakaway characteristic, and seem to be doing okay on tread wear (though a bit early to tell). For the price I figured it was worth a shot.
  8. Should've waited till you were on the way back from the picnic to address this
  9. Some RS 069's eh? Edit: 0-6-9, she's so fine ...... go low, go low, go low
  10. Hey man, HF is always there to help drop your car down to the ground real quick!
  11. 100% why I ordered stuff to make my own lines, though you had the exposed silver end on the turbo so it was a bit of a wash anyway lol. It's crazy to think the motor has seen 12k miles! I look forward to seeing many more updates after many more miles!
  12. The last one you did looked stellar, I look forward to the same result on this one.
  13. I will never forget you chattering your way down copper harbor then blowing random parts off that thing! Good times, good times.
  14. Man, you've always had the best sounding E30's. New wheels look great!
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