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  1. I finally made it to Mecca I saw the only thing I needed to see, and headed out
  2. It did for awhile, then it went missing right around when I got it. It's in my amazon cart haha. I question if the horrid old clutch in there didn't help the situation any, as it would chatter like a mother. Previous dude also speculated that it was ticking shortly after assembly, but not as bad.
  3. In what capacity? I have verified that the pump is still a pump, which is always nice!
  4. Bearings from rear most main cap, that'll do it. Crank looks fine, bearings didn't spin. Will be taking the crank out and redoing all the bearings and verifying clearance along with replacing the oil pump chain.
  5. The last job I was on satisfied the inner child in me watching cool trailers and big rolling cranes do their job. Lifted a new section of machine (100,000 lbs) into a mill using a 350 ton crane, then skated it into the building and picked it with the 50 ton house crane. I was playing erection supervisor / mechanical advisor for this job which is a little different than what I am used to considering this was a full tear out and replacement of the old section of machine, but it was a solid project overall. Shortly after lifting it, the overhead crane stopped responding to all contro
  6. I've been chasing down a tick from the rear of this engine for a bit now, and had some findings yesterday. The previous work I've done was removing the cams and opening and cleaning all the lifters, which didn't change anything. I then replaced lifters on cylinder 5 and 6, which did not change the noise. I tried heavier oil which helped reduce the noise a bit, but then was loud again, thin oil made it much worse. I am seeing metal in the oil so it was time to pull the pan and see what bearing I was losing. The piece upper right was from something else, but this is what was coming out
  7. The outside video made it sound very different! Edit: I guess it's about the same, but different.
  8. This also means that the new chassis will have a duplicate of your exhaust setup likely lol
  9. You always have the best sounding 24v's Keep on keeping on
  10. 250k on the odometer that is still functional, the carfax shows that most of those miles were put on within the first 8 or so years of its life.
  11. Since everyone else on here has white coupes I figured I'd join the crew! I was sitting in Oregon on a job site and came across a posting for an E30 from Cali, claimed one owner vehicle, with some mediocre pictures. Chatted with the seller, got more pics, a video or two, and I sent him some money to hold the car for me to arrive. Two days later I show up to his place in California with a trailer, worked out a deal, and left with the least rusty E30 I've ever seen. I was surprised on arrival to find two spots on the exterior with clear coat gone, but only on the hood and trunk which is
  12. I envy your SRD's, I have a soft spot for those and always keep an eye out. Glad to see this thing is still ripping!
  13. Oh, new wheels on. 595rs-rr's because RT660's were hella backordered. 225/45r15 Conclusion, lightweight, but 15's look meh in my opinion.
  14. Headliner was cleaned out and tucked back away for a later date . Cooling this engine had been sub optimal before, so I threw money at the problem. Stewart water pump, Z3m triple core, SPAL branded fan. Clearances are tight, but man does this help keep temps in check!
  15. Mods ( so BagelMan I guess...) polish off that ban hammer....
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