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  1. GunMetalGrey

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    I'd agree with this
  2. GunMetalGrey

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    I thought you had a heat shield protecting those? I would be concerned about not having that in place. Long res pics look real nice!
  3. GunMetalGrey

    chit chat thread

    I think if you can time it correctly (right when you know a song is about to start you override) this would be the most amusing and least suspecting option.
  4. GunMetalGrey

    New build! E90 M3

    Yep, I've dealt with that a handful of times on various cars. I too got two screws in one box at Oreilly. Must be a common thing.
  5. GunMetalGrey

    E30 M52

    I figured I would go on the "SnapPath"
  6. GunMetalGrey

    E30 M52

    Maybe it's the coolant vapors from the impending head gasket death that are causing premature wear, or your oil is toxic and your rings are shot so you are seeing too much oil through the manifold and it is wearing out the elbow, and don't forget the potential that your power steering pump is leaking and the pulley for it is flinging the fluid up and when you drive the air pushes the fluid back against the elbow.
  7. GunMetalGrey

    Lifted E30 V2

    My first non booked evening is Friday, so it's an ambitious plan. It also looks like rain saturday
  8. GunMetalGrey

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Easy chief! Is this because of your gender fluidity?
  9. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Yeah I found the lower pipe as a standalone from them this morning. I assume you are talking about the two small set screws in bungs on the upper pipe. I tightened them down, and could see that being a real problem if you didn't lol. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. GunMetalGrey

    Lifted E30 V2

    Easy gentlemen! I appreciate the words of not giving up, and you are all correct. I am not letting this win (just yet), but I want to drive the damn thing a bit, so I'm throwing the motor that works fine back in it. I will be building a rolling cart to put the diesel on so I can roll it outside and play and try to get it working. I don't need a chassis for that, which is quite convenient. The more I think about it the more I don't trust the pump. That's the only thing that makes it work, and the motor isn't working right. There is a running driving 524td for sale that I may go look at, a spare motor wouldn't hurt, and there is a chance it has a similar enough pump that wouldn't require a whole bunch of wiring. I have reached back out to Dave and Ivo to see if someone can find another pump. For the time being I think driving it with an M20 is more fun than not driving it at all! It does suck to be 3k deep into something that I'm taking out though lol.
  11. GunMetalGrey

    Lifted E30 V2

    I have thrown in the white flag. Time to switch back. Got more air worked out of the system but still doesn't want to idle or run normal, and then will frequently just rev itself up to 4500 or so and just sit there with no throttle input while smoking white (blue?) a whole bunch. Either the motor is toast or the pump isn't working right, with my suspicion more toward the pump.
  12. GunMetalGrey

    Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Did some preventative performance this weekend and installed a new pipe from the upper intercooler connection to the throttle body. Apparently these like to blow apart so I figured I may as well take care of it before then. Old one out New one in I also realized that the lower connection to the intercooler is plastic, so I will likely be finding a replacement for that. Picked up some heavily discounted inlets because I can't help myself. Those will likely go in some time this week. I also fixed the rusty plate holder that was dripping rust and had the plate held in with cable ties. Jake pointed out how spotted my rotors were getting, which isn't surprising given the fact that they seem to start vibrating fairly aggressively when hot, and the whole brake setup has never been that great in my opinion. I may end up changing out the pads and rotors. We shall see. I am pretty sure the exhaust gaskets I just did are blowing out again as well. Time to find MLS variants
  13. GunMetalGrey

    E30 M52

    I'm offering this as a contingency plan, in case you do verify that something is wonky with your head gasket. I'll show up with a case of water (that's what your drinking these days, right?) and we'll get the head off in an hour or two.
  14. GunMetalGrey

    E30 M52

    Remember to take the towels out before putting the manifold back on. Not that I would have any experience with that.
  15. GunMetalGrey

    1991 E30 M52, Yes im serious.

    We are Jim Carrey, Brian is on the ledge.