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  1. Sorry that I'm too poor to be in daylight. I have a scuttle late at night to snatch up ramen noodles and PBR tall boys.
  2. Yeah, but TJ and I own the camp sites. So it would be better for us to coordinate, because I'll be at our site Thursday morning. I'm sure your thread was beautiful and well thought out, but I'd just like to go in a different direction at this time. I hope you understand this is a business decision, and nothing personal against you. You are a man of tremendous character. Thank you for understanding.
  3. Hey all, Between TJ and myself we have 5 campsites again on the outside of the carousel. I will be there Thursday thru Sunday. This year we have a golf cart as well! Bring a tent and a scooter for maximum fun. All are welcome to join in, just let me or @wasnt m3 know if you'd like to pitch a tent (hehe) in our area. Obviously youd have to buy tickets, and advance pricing ends the 15th. Let us know if you want to join us for arguably the best event of the year.
  4. Actual photo of me from 2025.
  5. Well, taking a little break from having a fast BMW. Sold the compact to @alexw and am just having fun with my '96 Volvo 850 daily. And I blacked out the kidneys on the X3. Excuse the filthy garage.
  6. Because I feel bad that it's taking up someone else's space because I have none of my own.
  7. Like most things, life can and will get in the way. I cant forsee myself tracking the car within the next year so theres no point into taking up storage space. Its bitter sweet.
  8. We're not supposed to talk about that. Plus I wont be buying a fun car til after I get a house, my wife won't let me.
  9. Maybe I'll pick one up after I sell this car.
  10. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/milwaukee-1997-bmw-318ti-s52-swapped/7136346124.html If anyone on here wants it let me know and I'll make a deal.
  11. If anyone sees my compact for sale, IT IS A SCAM! And by S.C.A.M I mean: Selling Car for Adult Matters I never claimed to not have ADD.
  12. You guys need to spread the rumor of my death, the IRS is on my ass.
  13. An inside source told me I was being talked about. You guys know I faked my own death, right? Haven't been up to much really. I just made my volvo slightly prettier. Other than that I'm gonna buy a house and maybe fix the exhaust on my ti.
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