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  1. rampelsauce


    I'm gonna be moving, so it doesnt look good boys. I'll catch you all on the flippity floppity.
  2. rampelsauce

    Hagerty BMW Price Guide (2019 Edition)

    No 318ti values. Must be off the charts.
  3. rampelsauce

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Didn't realize you knew how to fix shoes. Does that make you related to Micheal Schumacher?
  4. rampelsauce

    Back from the dead or something.

    I see what you did there. No I'm moving to the dirty dirty (west allis) at end of the month, just so happens that I have a compact with essentially just a drivers seat.
  5. rampelsauce

    chit chat thread

    Possibly! I was thinking about painting my new garage floor but if that stuff is heavy duty shit and wouldn't get all melty from grinding and Welding I might be interested in some.
  6. rampelsauce

    Back from the dead or something.

    I do it not out of necessity, but for science!
  7. rampelsauce

    Back from the dead or something.

    So, decided to swap the springs over from the M3 to the compact. Found out my struts aren't in the best shape. I did the rears first, because those are easy, took for a beat run and realized I absolutely had to do the fronts too. Prepare for side shots. Just rears: Fronts and rears done: Shes a lil raked out boys. But coilovers are coming when I have the spare cash. It's fun to drive like this, but I can really feel the shot suspension now while doing some spirited driving. Also, did you know a 318ti perfectly fits a dryer? I also stopped by my pals house who has a ZX14 swapped Fiat 124, and we went for a little spin. I told him to bring it to our next function. It rips.
  8. rampelsauce

    Back from the dead or something.

    Took a break from cleaning out my house for moving to spend some time in the sunshine on the ti. Pulled out the amp and stereo wiring and sent it to the front where it sits for the time being till I have time to pull the front carpet. Went to the car wash and gave it a nice little spring bath. Good lord is this thing scratched up. Ideally it will be receiving some kind of paint after rust repair and then a WIBIMMERS livery wrap of some kind.
  9. Showed this to my fiancee. We were looking at an E70 X5, but this thing is tits.
  10. rampelsauce

    Back from the dead or something.

    1. Ugggggggggh 2. S'okay The likelyhood of it being swapped by the picnic are slim to none. I'm shooting for July to be honest. If I can do it sooner, I will. Just need some extra hands *cough cough literally anyone cough*
  11. rampelsauce

    Back from the dead or something.

    Made a bunch of progress on my exhaust. It's kinda rice sounding. Gonna try to fix that by pulling an E39 and adding a scuba tank resonator at the back. It's a downpipe back 2.25" system with a center glasspack and a high flow muffler. All exhaust tubing from the downpipe (formerly cat) back is all new. Will post pics of system when it's complete. Heres a picture of the car as it sits now. Needs to be lowered badly. Working on that as well.
  12. rampelsauce


    Awwwww shit, cruisin Hwy? Damn son that'd be tyte shit my dog. Also I'd love to but that's my moving weekend. But I'm moving to stallis so I'll be a lot closer to y'alls. I will be monitoring this to see if I can break away.
  13. rampelsauce

    Moving discounts on welding/powder coating!

    Not a problem. One of my friends up in the UP regularly ships me parts for coating so I always keep packing material and boxes around.
  14. Hey all, I'm moving to a larger place at the end of the month, and will be shutting down operations until mid May. So up until the 27th I'll be offering deep discounts on welding or powder work. It's mainly a push to get more parts for the compact project before I move, so help support my build and get some guaranteed work for cheap!
  15. rampelsauce

    chit chat thread

    Yeah, something possessed me to lay in the snow and rip my cat out and build a header back exhaust for the motor I'm pulling out soon. Haven't tig welded in a minute, maybe it was that.