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  1. My work in progress. Ps4, crappy thrustmaster t150 at the moment, full surround built into rig, play GT sport. Can't wait for 7. Ignore my equally work in progress basement and butt butt inprogress pupperino.
  2. If I'm in town I'll be there with a considerably quieter car.
  3. We out here! Also, we have an extra campsite somehow so if anyone was thinking about it, here's a $50 encentive to camp out.
  4. Loading up my trailer tonight, be at the track tomorrow morning around 9ish!
  5. Did something else. Still have the wagon, but got rid of the X3.
  6. 18x9.5 with 245/35s Bridgestone Potenza S007s
  7. Sorry for posting so much, I know you guys are sick of all the notifications. wheels and tires on the wagon!
  8. I have two campsites, I believe @wasnt m3has 3. Plenty of space to put up a tent or park your car to crash in. Shoot me a text if you want a little space. The more people the more fun we have.
  9. Maybe? Not sure if I'm just looking for sound, but it was a little throatier during an on ramp pull.
  10. Did some pm over the weekend. Weekends are short at the moment because I'm working up in Marinette on a navy boat. @155525 miles -new Bosch double platinum plugs -high energy coils from turner motorsport -wellness check on my air and cabin air filters -silicone turner intake boot (gets rid of the lame intake muffler) Still have a diff oil change kit, oil change kit, and all my 3 stage intake goodies waiting for next weekend.
  11. I'll post some more stuff soon. I have the full intake upgrade kit (from the 330i) plus lots of boxes of goodies from Turner and FCP. I haven't taken a good picture of my car just yet but I'm working on that, front bumper isn't great cosmetically.
  12. Oh hey. 2009 328xi in Platnum Bronze with saddle interior. 150k-ish miles. It's a normal car that I don't plan on making abnormal. However I will disconnect the exhaust after the headers for any meets because it's tradition. here's a bad picture. Okay, bye!
  13. Sorry that I'm too poor to be in daylight. I have a scuttle late at night to snatch up ramen noodles and PBR tall boys.
  14. Yeah, but TJ and I own the camp sites. So it would be better for us to coordinate, because I'll be at our site Thursday morning. I'm sure your thread was beautiful and well thought out, but I'd just like to go in a different direction at this time. I hope you understand this is a business decision, and nothing personal against you. You are a man of tremendous character. Thank you for understanding.
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