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  1. rampelsauce

    Need some hits of LSD.

    This is kinda what I've been hearing. Almost makes me more inclined to go the 3.73 route.
  2. rampelsauce

    Need some hits of LSD.

    Do you mean it soon wont be?
  3. rampelsauce

    Need some hits of LSD.

    Bump for.... please help me? Also considering 3.73's now.
  4. rampelsauce

    Tig/Mig welding and powder coating

    I'll be doing some of that myself. Lots of subframe reinforcements and what not on my 332ti project.
  5. rampelsauce

    Silly Winter Time Part 4 (or 5): The indoor gokart-ining

    Working with TJ to set a date. We're almost ready to plan a time to figure out when we will anticipate beginning to plan the day for this event!
  6. rampelsauce

    Tig/Mig welding and powder coating

    Let me know bud. My availability is pretty open most weeks.
  7. rampelsauce

    Silly Winter Time Part 4 (or 5): The indoor gokart-ining

    So who's up for this? What weekend seems like a good weekend?
  8. rampelsauce

    Secret Santa 2018!

    When are you free. I forgot again. It's not like we don't talk! Its in a nice bag and everything!
  9. rampelsauce

    chit chat thread

    Do it bud. Would make a great rally crosser.
  10. rampelsauce

    chit chat thread

    The main road is surprisingly clear for the 11ish inches we got.
  11. rampelsauce

    chit chat thread

    The M3 wasn't making it through the 4ft ice wall that the good folks of Ozaukee Co built for me.
  12. rampelsauce

    chit chat thread

    SNOWPOCALYPSE 2: THE SNOWENING Ready to wallow in the white misery fam?
  13. Apparently FVSCC is hosting a winter autox up on lake poygan. Since I havent had a chance to really beat the crap out of my M3, I figured this may be a good opportunity. Anyone else going or interested in going? It would be my first real winter auto x so that's exciting. I do have a gopro I can bring and let folks use as well. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/fvscc-lake-poygan-icex-2-17-2019-fox-valley-sports-car-club-845090
  14. rampelsauce

    Back from the dead or something.

    Test fitting everything in the M3 prior to the compact install. Traded some powder coating for a steering wheel. Nice fit with the NRG shorty hub. I believe it's a 100mm offset. 350mm wheel. Pretty comfy and no t rex arms. Next will be installing my Sparco seat. I have my side mounts and my harness now, just need the floor mounts. If I can't find some I'll have to sway @wasnt m3 to long term lend me his in exchange for money.
  15. I'm sure this has been posted before because its been for sale for half a decade. Not sure why it hasn't sold. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/spring-green-1981-bmw-320is/6807796394.html