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  1. rampelsauce

    The HAWK! Five free coozie giveaway!

    Special contest because I've had a few. Anybody who's going to be here tomorrow come find me and race me on the go kart track, if you beat me you get a free hat.
  2. rampelsauce

    The HAWK! Five free coozie giveaway!

    Come find me. Site c67 with all the motorcycles. Let's go to the car show tonight!
  3. rampelsauce

    The HAWK! Five free coozie giveaway!

    Come and find me at my campsite at the hawk and get a free wi Bimmers coozie! Will be applicable to the first five people who come to my campsite. Sabine and I are hanging out in the carousel all day today so stop on by.


    What brand are the all black hats? I'm not exactly sure what size I'll need, but you can count me in for one.

    1. rampelsauce
    2. Ryan...


      Aight, imma see what I can see and let you know, dawg


  5. rampelsauce

    Hats, koozies, and iron on patches!

    I'll update the main post with prices.
  6. WIBIMMERS accessories are here. -8 blue truckers $18/hat -8 black truckers $18/hat -4 L/XL flex fits $20/hat -4 S/MD flex fits $20/hat -50 patches $6/patch -50 koozies $6/koozie Will be working to get them up on the store soon, but PM me in the mean time.
  7. rampelsauce

    I accidentally an E3

    Haha. Sorry. Will post some updates soon. Carbs are out and getting cleaned up. I'll get some more pics after I get everything re-installed and I get the car up on the lift.
  8. rampelsauce

    Wanted: Motivational Drinker

    Hey, I work in Grafton. I'll help you if you help me scream into the engine bay of the bavaria.
  9. rampelsauce

    I accidentally an E3

    Pedals and such?
  10. rampelsauce

    I accidentally an E3

    I took them off the chain to polish them up, but I assure you they are back on the chain at this time.
  11. rampelsauce

    I accidentally an E3

    Cleaned up my keys a bit at work. I'm still surprised that they used to do keys this way.
  12. rampelsauce

    I accidentally an E3

    This was discussed. Who knows what the future holds? I just want to get it on the road for now.
  13. rampelsauce

    I accidentally an E3

    M30B30 carbed. Apparently it runs. Just need to hook up a battery and give it a shot. I'll be keeping it auto at first. Flirting with the idea of 5 speed swapping but the priority is to get it running and driving, then cosmetics. Then possible trans swap.
  14. rampelsauce

    I accidentally an E3

    So I stumbled upon an E3 on Craigslist. The car is in fantastic shape. Supposedly needs a trans. Need to start digging into this one. Car is unbelievably rust free. It will be a crash course in carbed bimmers. And before you ask, yes the strap across the hood was the only one holding the car on the trailer.
  15. rampelsauce

    chit chat thread

    Kaiser's tech tips are my new favorite Snapchat related items. Sorry random boobs.