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  1. I just want to thank all the people who took me away from working on my car when I had time, the guy who stole parts off my porch, and of course Satan.
  2. I work on everyone else's stuff so I dont have time to work on my own stuff. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Dont worry, 2020 things are going to come together a bit more. Still loud though.
  3. 3 words: Hybrid Synergy Drive. That's right, its Prius swapped.
  4. Guys like one time I got married and in my vows I said something about racecars. Also, I cried but DON'T tell anyone.
  5. I'm gonna be there in my compact and hopefully I can just leave it there and not think about it til spring. I'll be there for the cruise, just not shenanigans afterward because I'm old and married.
  6. Realistic Daily: i3s Truck: 454 El Camino on spray Fun: I enjoy my compact Dream Daily: supercharged E38 Alpina Truck: Land Rover D110 Diesel Fun: Porsche 962 with a license plate slapped on it from a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick
  7. Hey all. Tomorrow night (9/19) there's a racecar parade at 5pm from the track into town ala the summer vintage. Anyone wanna go? Also I won weekend tickets from FCP euro, so the wife and I will be attending on and off through the weekend. What say you BMW of Wisconsin Enthusiasts?
  8. My wife would say: Backyard Messy, Work!
  9. No that's my wife. Shes freakin stoked.
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