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  1. I put a hitch on the old man tan man long n tan just for this event.
  2. Just looking for two of the least desirable wheels ever made. Trade you a sixer of something decent.
  3. I'm in Fontana, CA working. This whole state is a shithole haha.
  4. I might be stuck in LA for the 4th so I feel your pain. Well shit Glen how you gonna hold on?
  5. It's time again for the best summer campout at the best racing venue. This year I have one site and TJ has two. I'm camping out of the wagon again so there's plenty of space available for anyone interested in pitching a tent or sleeping in your car. I'll be on campsite 202 just outside of the carousel by the Johnsonville bridge.
  6. You know if you're a cop you legally have to tell me. I've heard good things about E70 35d's. Just came here to harass you though.
  7. Wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm looking to talk to someone who's imported a car from Germany or Europe. I'm on the hunt for the next big thing in my stable and that might be the answer. I know a lot of the JDM guys swear by bringing stuff in themselves because you can buy cars ultra cheap and sell them to nincompoops for 4x American laser dollars. Resources, references, or banter about the topic are greatly appreciated. PFA (I saw this somewhere.)
  8. I opened my hood today, it was boring to my face. I started my car, it was too quiet into my ear. I felt a feel, then inspiration. wowie zowie. I chucked in the 'ol (new) Turner Motorsport intake on my n52. My review: Not even noticeable when you start the car and drive around town in a civilized fashion. Car wakes up dramatically over 3500rpm. Then, it howls like a banshee to redline. Feels good mayne. I have a video on Instagram if you guys feel like hearing what I hear inside the car. @rampelsauce . Also featured in the video, the sound of my coffee thermos rattling around in the passenger side footwell. More tinkering to come but I'm getting closer to having this car wrapped up. Exhaust and a tune should be the next and final major mods.
  9. Got an N52? I got a fresh new recall for you!
  10. A decision was made. The story goes like this. Had a clunk in my front suspension and popped off my LF wheel while still on snows and stock springs. Had a bent sway bar link from my romp on the lake. But mostly because in my haste I had put the wrong front strut on the wrong side. I'm a dummy, but no biggie, I'll get to replacing that when it's time for summers. Pulled off the right front when it was time to swap springs and put the summer setup on and was greeted with this. That's a big ope, fellers. I also put some meme scoops in to match my hotboi heat wrap job i did on my 3 stage intake. Like that, it will likely make zero difference. Ordered up the turner motorsport intake as well, so that's happening. Hoping to get to the exhaust sometime this summer. Also gonna start getting the wagon in better shape cosmetically. Front and rear bumpers are ugly with scratches and failing clear coat. The X5 got ceramic coated and front window tint to match. Gonna black out the window trim soonish depending on how motivated I get.
  11. I try not to bring my work home with me. Plus, getting high off pvc primer is a great substitute for other more illicit druggery.
  12. Topic revival. I got my sim working. Surround isnt hooked up but it's functional. I'll be on GT Sport and Project Cars 2 PS4/PS5. WIBIMMERS, add me. Also I haven't finished my basement because I'm lazy and that's fine.
  13. Anywho, here's some pics from Lake Poygan autox. And my perfectly average time across all classes for the day. Like absolutely half way. Not bad for running against a lot of cool shit/actual race cars. There's also video but you'll have to come over and I'll show you on my phone, but over my shoulder so I can pause it and give commentary.
  14. It was a photoshop, never happened.
  15. Sorry for posting so often. Anywho, the long n tan wagon has been busy. Did the cheese freeze rally and a FVSCC Lake Poygan autocross. Replaced shocks/struts all the way around and reinstalled the stock springs. I think I'm going to end up lifting the wagon permanently, going another inch or two up. For commuting it makes the shit Milwaukee streets bareable and makes for a great rally/winter autox vehicle. Doing research on the most efficient ways to lift it. It will end up being a half ass overlander build without all the bull bars and bull shit. More on that later. I'm having trouble posting photos at work, so I'll post some event pics here later. Here's a couple that uploaded for now from the cheese freeze.
  16. Got one of those for the x5 and it looks great, almost like there's no frame at all, but clean lines (especially on a black car).
  17. Haven't found anyone who does a flash for the 6L45 GM transmission my car unfortunately came equipped with. If you find someone who can, let me know.
  18. It's basically a signal booster that plugs into the pedal. It eliminates the factory delay by some sort of circuit wizardry. It really wakes the throttle response up.
  19. Out of the hole and out of corners the difference is pretty awesome. My biggest complaint about my wagon was that it would search for gears and hesitate while spirited driving and accelerating out of corners. Now the power seems to be right there as soon as you tap the throttle. From a stop even my fairly anemic N52 will make my head hit the headrest. I'd say it's worth the money, and I'm really impressed.
  20. Well, I don't know how yall do it in the big city, but down here in the south we do things a little bit differently. So I got some products in the mail from various reputable vendors today. Firstly, bimmerworld sent me some goodies, main part being the speed-buster pedal tuner. Installed it right away and looks great! wow what a change! Also, from the great state of Ohio comes a piece of tech I've wanted since I was a kid because I was that kind of kid reading dupont registry and dreaming of driving fast and evading the cops. Got a Valentine One gen 2. It has to do with a drive I'd like to do next year. Was a good day for mail. Still waiting for my Road America plates. Thank you for reading this, please send money.
  21. Yoooo! Just got my first one of two in the mail today!
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