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  1. Well, I don't know how yall do it in the big city, but down here in the south we do things a little bit differently. So I got some products in the mail from various reputable vendors today. Firstly, bimmerworld sent me some goodies, main part being the speed-buster pedal tuner. Installed it right away and looks great! wow what a change! Also, from the great state of Ohio comes a piece of tech I've wanted since I was a kid because I was that kind of kid reading dupont registry and dreaming of driving fast and evading the cops. Got a Valentine One gen 2. It has to do with a drive I'd like to do next year. Was a good day for mail. Still waiting for my Road America plates. Thank you for reading this, please send money.
  2. Yoooo! Just got my first one of two in the mail today!
  3. Oh hey buddy. You must be new here like me.
  4. Now that the roof rails are gone, I need a better front bumper. From the side profile it's painfully pedestrian appearing. And I almost kept my roof rails but decided that I don't really need to haul anything on the roof of this car.
  5. Couple more pictures not inside my lil garage.
  6. Huge transformation taking place over here. wow. I'll be hitting up a couple pals this coming weekend to possibly do some more sick mods. Also, Speed-Buster pedal commander thingy coming in the mail, and finally pulled the trigger on a valentine one gen 2. Also took a look at my winters and need to replace two that are fried from the wonky shitbox M3. Nothing too exciting, but stuff is happening.
  7. Time to sell stuff. Fully reinforced E30 subframe with a full set of unused condor bushings. This includes the eccentric RTABs they sell. All the hardware is there. For you guys, throw me an offer, I want to send it down the road.
  8. Took some pics, trying to figure out next things to do on the wagon. I could do the RoundelWerk header (identical to the active header but actually in-stock), do a tune for my 3 stage intake mani, get a cold air setup (either the turner CAI or the AFE Stg2 which is fully enclosed), or do cosmetic stuff that needs to be addressed. Honestly cosmetics are not really that important for my daily driver, and I feel like performance and maintenance should take priority over looking like a cool cucumber. There's some goofing around I'd like to do under the car, just visual inspection type stuff, but I need to find a friend with a lift so I can do it in relative comfort. Anyway, here's some pictures.
  9. I couldn't come up with anything better, so a statement of fact was in order.
  10. So Road America plates came out, and I checked to see if I got my personalized option. The results are in!
  11. I'd make the drive because I care. Also, isn't fall in like August for you guys?
  12. If Glen wanted to participate, he would have showed up. Clearly he doesn't care about the community or about the friendships he's made.
  13. After my vanity plate is accepted I'll do my plate reveal here. Wife is just getting a numbered version for the x5.
  14. He got a volvo 850. Lol. Thanks for your input fellers.
  15. Get yours! $15 extra for a numbered plate, add an extra 15 for personalized. https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/dmv/vehicles/title-plates/RAM.aspx Wife is mailing out ours this morning. Pumped!
  16. Not on the road this weekend so I'm a for sure yes!
  17. The kid has no taste, doesn't desire the long roof. What is wrong with these kids.
  18. The kid's pretty set on a bmw it seems. Yes, it's technically a bimmer but it's not "cool" and it doesn't "slap" and whatever else the kids say. It's a bummer that 2k runners are so rare now. I lived off those things forever.
  19. So, I made a deal with my wife's nephew that if he bought a bmw I'd help him do all the work. It's an awful deal for me, but here I am. He has 2k cash in hand, wants an e36, and I won't allow him to make it a fuck boi welded diff special. That being said, anyone have a lead on a cheap runner E36/E46 that likely needs brakes, interior, exterior, tires, etc. $2000 is the cap. Hit me up with cars in this price point, and shitboxes are accepted, we all had to start somewhere.
  20. My work in progress. Ps4, crappy thrustmaster t150 at the moment, full surround built into rig, play GT sport. Can't wait for 7. Ignore my equally work in progress basement and butt butt inprogress pupperino.
  21. If I'm in town I'll be there with a considerably quieter car.
  22. We out here! Also, we have an extra campsite somehow so if anyone was thinking about it, here's a $50 encentive to camp out.
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