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  1. Rekpoint

    New non BMW ride '05 V70R

    Woooo! Congrats. Cant wait to list my dads TI in the spring! Im gonna need a ride in the dadvan 😂😂
  2. At the time of me posting it the "Buy It Now" Price was $500 So either 500 or under
  3. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    Someone bought it
  4. Damn. if only something like this will come forsale in the summer. Good deal.
  5. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    So what happens if the winner of the bid ends up not wanting to pay what he bid?
  6. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    I really want to buy an e30... Hmmmm.
  7. So I know this has been posted before but its still forsale https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/cto/d/carol-stream-bmw-e30-318is/6779105111.html I wonder why he cant get a new title.
  8. Rekpoint

    Secret Santa 2018!

  9. Rekpoint

    New guy with E30 in Madison

    Checked his site out. Appears to have stuff way overpriced. My prices are better then that. 😂
  10. Rekpoint

    New Member

    Welcome!!! I plan on upgrading to a 335i in the next year. I will probably get a southern car too. Have not decided yet..
  11. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    I hope you're kidding.
  12. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    Silly me. Thanks for the feedback. Should be fixed now. I forgot to turn of the developer options for paypal. Use code : wibimmers at checkout for 5% off
  13. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    Im excited to announce my most recent project. As you may know I parted out a 95 m3 this past summer. I enjoyed it so much I made a website to sell parts off of. I plan on getting a few new parts cars in to sell off of. In the meantime check out my site! www.BimmerBreakers.com Note : I do price match!
  14. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    What happened to the SSL cert? Edit : It expired today. Let me know and Id be glad to help get you a free one. Pm me