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  1. That's your living room though..
  2. I actually vote HREs. But apexs are better then CSL wheels.
  3. Where it should be 🤩
  4. He plans on slamming it to the ground.
  5. Eh Didn't last long. Congrats on the new wheels @basedspider
  6. Like I've always said. Its ALWAYS in the small details like this.
  7. Copying and pasting from my FB post. Sorry Apex owners, Apexs have their time and place! Here are a set of BBS rc303s. They are the REAL Apex ARC-8 5x120 lug pattern 18x8.5 +38 These will look good on ANY bmw you put them on e36,e46,e92 ETC. Orginal BBS finish failed and they were sprayed silver with minimal prep work. I was planning on getting them redone but I scored a set of wheels I've wanted since I was 16. Tires should also probably be replace. With that being said there is no curb rash and they are ready to be refinished! Wheels are Located in Eau Claire Wisconsin. I live in Menomonie WI. If you come from MN I can bring them and meet you in Menomonie with a deposit. If you come from Southern Wisconsin I can meet you at my storage unit in Eau Claire. Price is firm $1300 Can also ship at buyer expense.
  8. You're right. I just had a major Brain fart.
  9. Beautiful Same color as your car! @wasnt m3
  10. Sup guy, How do you do?
  11. Cripple with a K to add some spice don't you know
  12. That sticker better stay there.
  13. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
  14. @wasnt m3 Hooked it up with an M wallet. (Preparing me for M ownership?) A sweet personalized BMW keychain with my user name on the back. And 2 vintage E36 mags. I definitely enjoyed looking though these. Going to have a lot of pages to scan and digitize.
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