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  1. Rekpoint

    A 1997 e36 M3 that I shouldn't have bought :/

    Another updated. Checked the system relay all is well. I shall keep researching and digging!
  2. Rekpoint

    A 1997 e36 M3 that I shouldn't have bought :/

    Pulled the ECU in the rain today. Hoping that it would be my problem. There was a decent amount of dirt and grime in the ecu compartment but when I cracked the ECU open it looked fine. My next thought was the DME relay. Tested just fine. More looking tomorrow. Hopefully it isn't down-pouring.
  3. My dad has an identical 318ti. But in collector condition. We are going to be listing it up on Bring A Trailer in the next few weeks!
  4. Rekpoint

    A 1997 e36 M3 that I shouldn't have bought :/

    Yep! Chris mentioned that to me. I'll hit you up on FB if that is my problem. I'll start digging into it tonight!
  5. Hey when was the last time you were at C&C? o wait... 😛 to be fair the same people show up every-time essentially. Besides you...
  6. Rekpoint

    Fall colors meet/cruise

    Are you telling me I shouldn't bring my beer funnel? Jk Jk
  7. Rekpoint

    A 1997 e36 M3 that I shouldn't have bought :/

    Yes I have a multi-meter. It is getting fuel. Just no spark. Before I bought it I tried putting new spark plugs in and that didnt work either. I have a feeling an ecu ground/fried or a cam/crank position sensor. Leaning more to an ecu problem. Gonna try some stuff tonight. Probably drive it for a few weeks but ultimately I bought it to flip because the price was decent.
  8. Rekpoint

    A 1997 e36 M3 that I shouldn't have bought :/

    It has a full set. (Not very good condition) But we couldn't get one of the style 32s off because a lug was stripped. (Walmart tightened them to hell) so I'll have to return them to him eventually.
  9. A few days after my parents not letting me buy @m42b32 e36 m3 (They want me in something newer) A 1997 e36 m3 sedan popped up on CL Had engine problems Only an hour away so I took a look. After spending 4hrs looking at it (Literately) I determined it had no spark it cranks and such. After consulting some friends.. Thanks @wasnt m3 @KaiserRolls @ChrisO I figured it be worth it. Worst comes to worst sell it for what I paid.. Here are some basic facts about it 220k miles with 160k mile motorish and manual swap K&N CAI light weight clutch + flywheel max-speeding rods coils ds2s Black interior Also has a muffler delete A bit of rust. It was owned by a guy who had a bunch of friends into e36s but didn't know too much about them himself. Nice guy tho Had to pay off his loan and get a release. I plan on fixing the problems and selling it as a drift car or something. So hopefully I didn't buy myself into a hole or anything LMAO Here are some pics. More tomorrow!
  10. Shit. a mcdouble looks better than that! LOL
  11. Rekpoint

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    Oh no! This thing is going to sound even more KILLER?!? 😁😁 Shame.... 🤣🤣
  12. Rekpoint

    Fall colors meet/cruise

    Ill have to check my schedule in the next few days but I think I am down! @KaiserRolls @ChrisO You fellas interested in coming?
  13. Rekpoint

    E46 Front license plate mounting options

    On my E36 I haven't run a front license plate since I got my m3 bumper. The cops in town are sticklers but haven't pulled me over yet. The worst thing about having no front license plate I've encountered is having to walk into kwiktrip and pay before I pump.