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  1. Love this. This is going to be great with cinnamon.
  2. If it goes to who I think itll go to Ill have to check it out THIS WEEKEND. @KaiserRolls Can I come over fam?
  3. Sounds like a great place then. Congrats on the new chapter! If you meet a guy named Salem. Aka Salami aka Afro man. Tell him FRSs are better then BRZs.
  4. Please don't leave us for wcec pattyman
  5. Listen. I dont want to stand out. Yellow screams look at me. Sorry if I offend people by saying that. But its the truth. Also Dakar on Modena dont go together.
  6. I am a very logical person. I think she needs a bmw and this is up her alley way. Also imagine having an E36 parts plug that does home delivery. Just saying.
  7. @KaiserRolls Brooke should buy this and sell the miata
  8. Hm. Its almost as if I already made a topic about this...
  9. Bump for a clean M3. Ive thought really long and hard about this one. If it wasn't dakar Id be all over it. 😕
  10. I need to paint correct my M roadster in a few weeks. 🤮 I also have a bavsound system in my E36. You wont be disappointed.
  11. Can you be my Certified Noob coach when I start AutoXing myself? ❤️
  12. Since I dont camp I am not sure where the wiboomers campsite is. The couch at the Osthoff calls my name every year. I am sure @wasnt m3 can share where the site is this year. Everyone is welcome. Tons of shit talking and bullshiting. I also plan on bringing my camera. I am not the best at photos but I love having my SD card full with bmws.
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