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  1. I agree next time a harbor freight gun is the way to go. Buy 2 1 for primer and 1 for base/clear. Naked Gun by Klean Strip to clean them out. They are good for a bunch of uses as long as they have been cleaned correctly. People give the harbor freight guns shit all the time when in reality it usually isnt the gun. Its the painter. Make sure you get an air regulator and an oil/water separator to prevent greasy air from getting into your paint. This is for next time.
  2. Rekpoint

    E36 M3 roller with brakes, diff, trim

    2 steps ahead of you
  3. Rekpoint

    DSMDane's DINAN e39 540i M-Sport

    Shifter bushings have been replaced and it had a dinan short throw. So it's good. Definitely the trans dyncros
  4. Rekpoint

    DSMDane's DINAN e39 540i M-Sport

    1 and R is a clunk for @DSMDane For 1st and R he has to hold the lever in and release the clutch slowly. Its weird.
  5. Rekpoint

    E36 M3 roller with brakes, diff, trim

    I saw those. The plan is supposed to be building one. But currently there is nobody who wants to take on the project. 😕
  6. Rekpoint

    The One That Didn't Get Away [100K Mile E30 325is]

    So. Whens the S52 swap coming? I have one for sale 🙄 Clean S52 swapped E30s are pulling some hella numbers. Ask @wasnt m3
  7. Selling the rear seats. I dont expect anyone to want the bottom so that will probably go in the bin. But generally everything is in OK condition. There are black spots on the sides of some stuff. Mostly pictured. I think they just need a really good deep clean. As I was able to wipe some of it off. One small seem tear pictured Its OBO and Im selling everything as a whole. Willing to ship at buyers expense. HERE ARE PICTURES. PM with an offer https://imgur.com/a/PQf5Kqi
  8. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    There is a reason everyone repaints bronzit. Do Viper Red
  9. It has 75,000 miles. Just buy 2 western union transfer cards at wallgreens for 500 each and its yours. Ill PM you for more details.
  10. Rekpoint

    The One That Didn't Get Away [100K Mile E30 325is]

    I think I have some if you want
  11. Rekpoint

    The One That Didn't Get Away [100K Mile E30 325is]

    Wow! Looks great! 1 owner?
  12. Not my car so I wouldn't know 🤔 I just stated that Im in the market for an e36 m3 too. But probably wont be in my price range.
  13. Rekpoint

    ISO e36 M3 BBK

    Saw this on CL yesterday. Might fit your needs. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/pts/d/woodridge-bmw-e36-custom-brembo-brake/6955711897.html
  14. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread

    Wondering why Im seeing Green coolant coming out of the new supra engine? Rip to the cooling system
  15. Rekpoint

    chit chat thread