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  1. We used a hex socket, a wrench and another wrench for more leverage.
  2. That transfer case was horrible to do.
  3. I love the LEDs with my black interior because the car is so dark anyways. But I can agree, the original bulbs are the way with Cinnamon.
  4. He wouldn't let me take it for 4k cash. I just want to buy it so I can daily it in the winter like its meant to do.
  5. Fantastic FB find. Wish I could have joined for the pickup! Guess Ill have to buy one for a daily now aswell.
  6. Ouch, I would check out car-part.com to find a used trans. If you are doing it yourself, save money on labor and find a used trans for under 1k. Done deal. Then you can decide if you want to sell it or keep it!
  7. San Diego was pretty nice. Either that or I had too many free drinks. Either or. Content.
  8. I haven't been. Just got back from San Diego nearly dying from a shootout 500 feet from me. Living the life.
  9. Not looking good for me this year boys. My summer has filled up.
  10. I also have an m18 half inch impact. That thing is awesome for wheels, suspension or anything beefy. I'm just happy to no need to use it on small fasteners anymore as its pretty heavy.
  11. MVP out of this project honestly.
  12. Starter update, Started the job on Saturday. It took 2 hours to disassemble and remove the starter. (1 of those hours was just fucking with the intake manifold clamps) Finished the job up today as I had to wait for the proper intake manifold clamp tool. Took an hour to put everything back together and 3 minutes to re-install the manifold clamps with the proper tool. Way better then struggling for an hour. While the intake manifold was off I took time to remove the ICV and spray it out with some carb cleaner so the flap could move freely. Wasn't an issue more just a while I was in there type deal. I did the same by also cleaning the throttle bodies. They weren't too dirty but now they are fresh and clean. I also lubed up the throttle body springs + long metal thing with white lithium grease spray. AFE calls to re-oil your filter every 30k miles. The filter was no longer blue. So while it was out sitting I cleaned it with the supplied cleaner. Hosed it out, waited for it to dry and re-oiled the filter. I 100% credit how fast I did this to the new tools I purchased. Got an awesome deal on a Milwaukee fuel mini impact, ratchet and impact drill. The proper tool to remove and install the manifold clamps. And this crazy harbor freight T handle ratchet so I could reach the starter from on top of the engine bay. Besides looking like crap there was no visible failure on the old starter. Even the gear was solid, Just inconsistent. But took it on a test run today and the car started right up 90 degrees out and engine hot like it wouldn't have in the past. Muffler brackets will be here tomorrow. Will tackle that and my X pipe when I get back from San Diego.
  13. Quick little update, Returned from the Badger BMWs Spring picnic with an M3 loaded with 4 printer paper boxes full of 80s-2010s Roundel magazines and I also picked up a set of BBS RC300/301s from @i_love_cars off his new E39. Playing some Tetris we were able to fit everything into the car for the 4 hour drive home. Thank god for moving blankets. Now I need to find a daily they will fit on once the E36 gets cleaned up and sold. This weekend I decided to visit @pynacl have a ton of beer and work on a few projects. First on the agenda was to replace the valve cover gasket on the M3. When blasting heat you could smell a bit of oil though the vents. So glad to have that done finally, We also ended up installing fog lights. But an update on that will have to wait. Due to the connectors having junk in them. I need to pull them apart and clean them. Or just replace the contacts and reassemble. Also have OEM fog surrounds on order as my nice amazon once didn't seem to want to click in (They clicked in the imola parts car so they stayed on it). Enjoy some rare pictures of me ACTUALLY working on this car as its usually just me fucking around. The second major project I wanted to complete was to help wash & detail @pynacls Imola red parts car. He had never washed the car since he bought it and it was time to go to fund some house projects... Or another car, I know how it is.. Anyway, Id say it came out fantastic. We had a little argument on how much to sell it for. He was happy with 7k. I said list it for $8500 and accept 8k. After 150 messages at 8500 someone from Wausau came and bought it yesterday. Less then 24 hours after posting. Nice come up on a parts car @pynaclthe E46 m3 gods were looking out for you. Next on the list of things to do include a new starter, as I have started to have some issues in MKE. I bet @wasnt m3was ecstatic pushing my ass in the Walmart parking lot LOL. Order more headliner material + better glue to redo my butchered A+c pillar job, Finish up the fog install with new connectors, contact RADAR mirror to see what the ETA is on having my rear view mirror glass replaced, Source a full set of clear corners, sides and tails. (I know the ambers did not last long. But the car will look better with clears with what I have planned this next season) and last but not least buy some base and clear coat for a piece I have been sitting on for 3 months. Still no update from IND when my fucking Eisenmann muffler brackets will get here to repair my muffler. But once those are here I can start digging into making this a tiny bit louder.
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