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  1. Rekpoint

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    Thats why yall haven't seen much of me. Ill make a trip down for an MKE soon.
  2. Rekpoint

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    You went through my neckofthewoods!
  3. Rekpoint

    Official Sighting Thread

    Good looking E30!
  4. Rekpoint

    *PARTOUT* 1997 E36 M3 SEDAN

    This is just a copy and paste from my facebook post Parting out this 1997 m3 Sedan Everything but the steering wheel is currently for sale! Here is a list of prices and Info! All prices do NOT include shipping. Factor that into the price. All big pieces will be attempted to be sold locally before I offer shipping on that stuff! If you see something you want thats not listed PM me and we can work a price out! Style 42s (Need refinishing) 350 Rear Bumper 150 m3 trim 130 Mirrors 120 Tails 65 Engine 218k (rod bearings done within 15k DRVANOS stage 2 rebuild Oilpumpnut welded) + Trans + UUC m5 clutch with lightweight flywheel + M50 Manifold 2300 Bimmerworld 1 piece Driveshaft 600 Exhaust (K tuned muffler+ cat delete and headers) 400 Doorcards 250 Seats 75 Rear seats 150 Diff 3.15 335 Rebuilt Calipers (Powder coated black to match car) 200 Dash 50 Carpet 50 Reupholstered Black Headliner 150 Black Headliner accessory's 75 Doors 50$ a piece Side skirts 100 ECU With RKTune tuned for (headers, cat delete, evap delete, SAP delete, M50 manifold, 803 3.5" MAF) 150 Alarm System OBO m3 sills 100 trunk 100 zhp rack 200 Driver Fender 35 Gas Door 10 Delrin Shift Knob 25 Vents 65 Stalks 30 Cluster (Custom gauge setup for AFRs and Watertemp using innovate gauges) 300 OBO Center Cup Console 70 Door Speakers 85 Switches 20 OBC 40
  5. Rekpoint

    *PARTOUT* 1997 E36 M3 SEDAN

    Sorry I already traded the flat-brim for a sick Cummins to use to grab the car.
  6. Rekpoint

    *PARTOUT* 1997 E36 M3 SEDAN

    Good question I'll have to check with the PO!
  7. Rekpoint

    *PARTOUT* 1997 E36 M3 SEDAN

    Some of you may recognize this car. A friend had a little oopsie this winter. I went to check it out before insurance took it and I bought it today. I have a general list of prices. Ill start with some shitty photos and give my Wibimmer peeps 1st dibs before I post to the vultures of Facebook. Ill update this thread with better pictures tomorrow when its in my possession Everything is forsale but I have friends with dibs on certain parts.
  8. I bought another parts car. Ill post up some shitty pictures tonight
  9. Rekpoint

    '88 E30

    Will you take 1k and my slightly eatin sandwich? It's from Kwik Trip 😉
  10. Rekpoint

    Running from the Cops

    I ran from the cops once in my e36. Id take that.
  11. If you want some DS1s on your e30 I have a set in my storage unit I'd sell.
  12. I sent you a PM!

  13. Rekpoint

    Badger Bimmers Annual E30 Picnic -June 8, 2019

    Wish this was on Sunday so I could go. Take lots of pics!
  14. Rekpoint

    ‘91 E30

    Either or m52 are better for BIG BOOST
  15. Rekpoint

    ‘91 E30

    Might aswell throw a big turbo on it while its out.