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  1. Now I need to buy one for myself Glad you like it!
  2. My gift got delivered on friday. Everyone check their mailboxes. Hoping the porch pirate didn't get to it
  3. Rekpoint

    S54 Cam Tools?

    I have a set for e36s but from what I see on google it doesnt look anywhere close to being the same
  4. Too many consignment horror story's for me put it up on Bring A Trailer!
  5. I would love to develop my own polyurethane bushing brand.
  6. Rekpoint


    Damn. too far
  7. Rekpoint


    Damn where you located?
  8. Driveshaft was sold a few months back to a guy in a beautiful Estoril Blue E36 m3...... With paint matched trim 😣 Engine is still in my garage waiting for a new home. @KaiserRolls Get your ass out here fam.
  9. Almost sounds like the EWS system took a shit like they usually do.
  10. In the spring we are going to be selling our x3 3.0 6speed. But I assume you are looking for something RIGHT NOW.
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