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  1. Constant shit talking and making fun of others decisions. Its always a hoot.
  2. "Milwaukee is too far" "I don't want to put miles on my car"
  3. You sold your 335i for this?? Lame... Jk cool car.
  4. He is also local too! From Minneapolis area!
  5. Ah yes, Cast iron headers
  6. 4 Days away... Anyone else? I am Staying from Thursday night to Monday Night!
  7. Guess my priorities are in the wrong order. But when I find deals. The deals get shipped directly to my house. I am a huge amber butthurt, So the tail lights and the side markers of the car kinda bothered me as they weren't ORANGE enough for me, Last week I was doing my weekly scrapyard search and a car caught my eyes... OEM AMBER LED TAILS???? Gave the scrap yard a call, for a measly $150 shipped they were mine. Well they showed up today in pretty good condition. Gave them a polish and a ceramic coat and they look nearly as good as new! While the tails wer
  8. Car made it nearly flawlessly down to the E30 picnic. Had a great time as I haven't seen most of you in over a year + at this point. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone and was able to help out at the picnic and sell some E36 M3 parts to @wasnt m3.. Only slight problem it had is it started getting hot in stop and go traffic with the AC on. So Shirtless Glen w/ Heat blasting was in full effect leaving the E30 picnic. I plan on throwing on the fan shroud to see if that fixes the issue. If not, Ill be looking into installing an OEM clutch fan/ AUX fan to fix the issue. I drove 4+ hours down to
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