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  1. Yay! Glad you are back in business after that heartache..
  2. Fall started 3 weeks ago for us.
  3. How about I set up a fall cruise up by me next year? Hell I bet even @KaiserRollswouldn't show up.
  4. This thread needs a revival. I've been listening to some interesting shit trying to revive my childhood going to Vans Warped tour ETC. If anyone likes Alt Rock + Alt RNB these might tickle your fancy. Least I am not posting the Rap or Metal I regularly listen to....
  5. Ooof, Glad you and your son are alright. After seeing this I am adding uninsured motorist coverage. People are so selfish its amazing.
  6. Also, Some stuff to look forward to. I have a list of things that need to be purchased/done next spring. They go as follows from most important (More likely to be done to less) New Thermostat, Add an electric fan controller, + install OEM AUX fan Chrome Kidneys/Fender grills, Front bumper repair/respray, CSL 1x1 CF rear diffuser. New Wheels + tires (Between 3 brands. Undecided. BBS, FIKSE or Rays) New M3 floormats+trunk mat New nappa colby wheel, Bluebus bluetooth audio, F10 M5 LED ZHP knob Genuine CSL trunk lid (If price goes down more or I find a deal)
  7. Well, That was a fail. As probably seen on @pynacls build thread. He gifted me an Eisenmann Race muffler with 86mm Le Mans tips on the promise that if I ever go with another muffler setup, I gift it back. (That is Now on record for everyone to see) Turns out my stock muffler was welded to the section 3. Good thing we have a parts car to swap section 3 + the muffler right? Wrong. I undid 16 bolts to disconnect my section 3. Thanks @i_love_carsfor replacing those bolts as they came undone really easy. At this point Jake and I think to ourselves, This is going way too easy, we should check the parts car. Well turns out the section 3 bolts were both heavily rusty and rounded. So I had to put my car together and cry myself to sleep. Since the muffler was stuck on the parts car, I decide to repair the drivers side tip that was dented in the accident. I did alot of research and decided a tailpipe expander would be perfect for the job. I purchased one before I came and decided to give it the old college try. Ill let pictures speak for itself but I think its pretty much there. Just a hammer tap left and it is 99% back to normal. Will be paying a buddy to help me swap them at an Audi dealership with a lift.. The weekend wasn't all a loss because Pynacl and I went to the Imola Motorsports open house, He won a hat and I won the grand prize of a $500 2 year ceramic coating. (Will have it done this next spring.) I almost didn't win because I was too busy complaining that I wasn't winning ran up half way though them redrawing the number LOL. Today since this weekend didn't go as planned I decided to install some bits and pieces I've had laying around for months. First was the Never Done M3 badge sticker. The old one was very faded and peeled off without a heatgun with ease. 2nd thing I did was replaced the side markers with OEM E38 amber side markers as the M3 and E38s share the same markers. In the pictures you can see the before and after a plastic polish and before and after install. The car officially has 100% oem ambers. Yes, I am an amber butthurt, amber the world.
  8. Errrrrr, With how much I have been traveling this summer I think I am out. Hopefully next summer! Have fun fellas.
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