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  1. Doesn't fit up with the coupe rear window. Here is a mock up picture. I ran the number on the back and it came back to being for a sedan.
  2. I have 2 main problems. 1. There hasnt been one that I can find sold the the last 2 years. So I cant go with the market or anything. and 2. Im not to sure if I want to let it go just yet. All these parts are on the rise but cash speaks to me LOL. I dont like doing it but in this instance it kinda has to be done. All these ACS parts I come across are weird in the pricing category.
  3. Giving locals first dibs before I list everywhere/ebay. This is a rare genuine ACS rear window spoiler for an e36 sedan. Its in good condtion. A few scratches here and there. It probably needs a cut and buff for the paint on it. Or just repaint it to match your e36 color. PM me offers, as sedan ACS window spoilers are very uncommon. Sorry guys cant put a price on it just yet
  4. The style 42s I had were also heavily oxidized and corroded. That might play a difference. But its better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Before removing the bolts make sure to heat them. The guy who bought my style 42s told me that almost every one snapped, even with heat.
  6. In my personal opinion with the rust its priced way to high. But what do I know.
  7. HELLO!! @Earl Edit : shit. no zf. nvm
  8. How easy was posting the car up on BAT? My dad and I are selling our 318ti in the spring and plan on posting it up there after we get it detailed and such.
  9. 7,400 We playing by jeopardy rules?
  10. Looks like @Earl and we have wondered where the black car has been all this time.
  11. Had the same thing happen to me! Nice it has an SSL cert. Big man points right there.
  12. That feeling in your stomach when you ruin a perfectly good part and can never go back to stock again Looks great though! But that feeling though :"D
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