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  1. Literally took 15 mins to get the engine from outside and bolted up inside. Extremely fast!
  2. Can confirm was a shitty URO part, Wasn't going to work unless modified either URO is never the answer anyways.
  3. Live look at the abandoned m3s battery tray
  4. So happy you finished this. What's next? Putting everything else on?
  5. Car still missing. He was arrested because @basedspiderrecorded the phonecall.
  6. IDK How often he visits. This is the only update as of yesterday. https://www.leadertelegram.com/news/front-page/police-two-men-implicated-in-theft-of-bmw-threatening-the-owner/article_444824b1-29b2-533f-8ba8-f85cc2185355.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share&fbclid=IwAR1Otjctm4X1EtTaKcSf1G3ON-TdQTijCm32RXDs8EygBpP7JbnHog1tl4Y
  7. So Hardys new album is pretty sweet. Not really a country guy but, his new album is extremely good.
  8. KONI shocks are a ton better then Bilsteins.
  9. Legend has it this car was abandoned in an unfinished garage and not driven last year.
  10. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-1-4-3-8-1-2-in-E-Torx-Socket-Set-HETX13PC/206031060#overlay
  11. This might help. https://www.bimmergeeks.net/downloads
  12. Nice eye, Yeah its a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger MKII, (Not an alpine Clone lol) My dad has owned it since the early 80s and parked it in the 90s. He wanted an AC Cobra but didn't have Cobra money at the time. So he settled with the next best thing. Weird car as Sunbeam was acquired by Chrysler. So Ford V8, in a British car. With Chrysler Stars on the seatbelts. From what he has told me in the past they made just under 700 of the MKIIs and way less then half are left as everyone totaled them. It was originally a BRG car and he plans to start restoring it when he retires, If he ever does.
  13. Here is a long past due update. Back in August I decided it was time to switch out the Amber Corners/Sides/Tails to clears in preparation for what I thought was coming this next year. I also did an oil change with OE BMW oil as they switched back to Castrol. Took a Blackstone test that I also haven't sent out yet. First week of September I got the exhaust back from the machine shop new brackets were welded up very nicely. So both the Eisenmann Race + SuperSprint X pipe were installed! Sounds so much better. OEM+ Tone deeper and not too loud either. In September I participated in another CVSCC Auto X at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair Grounds. Ended up winning First in F street Class and 10th place in PAX time. 11th overall time. Fast Forward to yesterday I picked up a full Imola E46 M3 interior from @wasnt m3. Couldn't resist that will go in the car in the spring or whenever.
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