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  1. Saved me last fall when my fuelpump went out in my E36. And saved @DSMDane at road america last year when his ECU blew up. Although it didn't quite get him home and they wouldn't pick his car up from the racetrack either. Ended up costing over 500$? if I remember correctly. But it would have been more if it wasn't for AAA.
  2. If you buy AAA they have 3 free tows a year for what 90$ a year? But you need a week for it to go into effect.
  3. Should have told you to use Pynacls this link for 5% off at check out https://www.vr-speed.com/ref/24/
  4. Pony up an be just like @pynacl There is a guy on instagram selling HRE p40s for 1600$ His @ on instagram is Nickraft 1600$ for HREs is an incredible deal.
  5. Dont forget to wet your floor before painting! Itll grab dust and overspray!
  6. Exactly my thought too. Lets also not forget this one that sold for 13.500$ that was rolled. Id rather buy this one https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1995-bmw-m3-42/
  7. Also a side note. It was listed by the dealer on EBay for 2 months at the price of 35k. No takers at that price. It also had a cage in it
  8. AND its missing all the exterior LTW parts. Like the genuine spoiler, front splitter ETC.
  9. I'll live vicariously through this thread. Because I know this guy won't check it. If anyone's interested comment and I'll let him know someone commented.
  10. Looks great. Did you use the boot trick when installing the RTD? People take the stock rubber boot that seals off the trans tunnel and they turn it upside down and install it with the RTD
  11. Good news for everyone. But if this fucks up my summer plans ill be PISSED. I am planning on transferring to UWEC for the spring semester but Im on the fence about signing a lease for the summer if im just going to end up doing online classes.
  12. I need a ride after quarantine time ❤️ Sell me on an E30 mitch, SELL ME.
  13. I hope nobody put this in your radiator
  14. The first official Corona-virus virtual BMW meet? Im in.
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