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  1. Did an oil change on the car last night at 134k miles, first time in my ownership. Went with the liqui moly oil change kit from FCP and was pretty impressed overall with the quality of everything. Im hoping when it comes time for the next oil change to utilize their lifetime warranty 😂 My car is too low to get onto the lifts at work so I just chucked it on the alignment rack and while the oil was draining I got a good look under it. Bushings for the front control arms look pretty junk which explains why the front end feels a tad loose, and it also appears my front main seal is leaking. Something to keep an eye out for.
  2. Well today I went to the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds for the CVSCC Autocross event! My first time doing anything directly motorsport related and was a good space to see how the car handles some stress and feel if there is anything with it that needs attention. My first real lap with the car I got a time of 58.9, but I was trying to feel out the course still and it had rained earlier so the track was still wet with a few puddles. By the end of the session I had gotten down to a 52.9 with 1 cone casualty. The drivetrain felt a little bit stressed, but with the current ride height in the front I spent a lot of time riding the fender liners, whoops! I also noticed the front end felt pretty loose and the rear end felt very much all over the place. Before the next session I went to adjust my dampening to all the way hard and noticed both front coils and the passenger rear dampening were all 10 clicks from the hardest setting, and meanwhile the driver rear was all the way soft 🤦‍♂️ that explained the rear end felt less than ideal. Next session came and I had my fiancée riding shotgun, by the final lap I had gotten down to a 50.2 with 0 cone casualties which I felt very proud of. The car had more speed in it, but even with the dampening maxed my front end still felt loose and I had cooked my brakes by the end. Plus I am sure my fender liners are worse for wear after all the stress they endured too 😂 I am going to be moving forward with upgrading the front control arms to ZHP arms, replacing tie rods, getting better brakes, raising the front ride height, and also rolling with a stiffer sway bar setup and seeing how the car goes forward with that setup. The cooling system has not had any hiccups /yet/ but I would like to work on that as well. Overall a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to get back out there again next year!
  3. Love them so far! They ride good for a daily setup on the softer settings, and when you go max-hard it stiffens up a decent amount. Ive noticed the front end still seems to be a bit loose, but that could be something to do with the stock sway bar setup or old bushings.
  4. Been a while since I have been active on this forum. My BMW ambition left me for a while, but now that this car is back in action I figured it would be a good time to reenter the community. So, a bit of backstory. June 2020, on my way home to get milk I got in an accident in my BRZ and insurance ended up totalling it. My '90 miata wasnt quite cutting it with no AC, and my truck gets a solid 11mpg on a good day so I went searching for another daily. Ended up finding this 2001 BMW 330i local to me: Not too interesting of a spec, 330i 5spd with the mtech1 appearance package. Sunroof, fine wood trim, silver on grey interior. I was told there was no mods done to it, which I later figured out to be untrue but I will get into that. It drove amazing and handled great, had really good maintainence history, and seemed solid aside from 1 issue... it had a bad throwout bearing. Price reflected such, and knowing that I bought the car anyway. Time to get to work. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew, and I took a hard left down that route right off the bat. I noticed looking under it one day and noticed that there was only 1 exhaust pipe going towards the rear, indicating that somehow the car had a 323/328 exhaust on it. To counteract, I ordered Active Autowerke catless headers and went Magnaflow the rest of the way back. Then I got to thinking, and after weighing my options for a new clutch setup I decided to go with an ECS single mass flywheel conversion kit and went to FCP for a trans refresh kit. On top of those things I ordered Fortune Auto 500 coilovers to pull the suspension together. Mind you, I ordered all of these things knowing I have never pulled a transmission in my life, let alone on a BMW. Well now it comes time to pull the trans. Start pulling the car apart and I notice the car has rear poly bushings which was a great surprise! Get the trans off with the help of some friends, pull the clutch/pressure plate/flywheel and noticed that it already had a single mass conversion done, and as expected my throwout bearing was trashed. Start working through the refresh, rear main seal, etc and once I am done with that I start going through the process to pull the headers. Comes time to pull the passenger side motor mount and since I didnt have my cherry picker at the time, I go to properly jack up the motor to pull it out and notice that since the trans isnt on the car I cant get it to jack up on that side, only jacks up the front. I made the decision to wait until the trans is back on to reattempt that. I start to reassemble and go to install the flywheel and realize the flywheel lock kit I bought was complete shit and I ordered one. Life happens, the car sits and I lose some ambition. Few months roll by I clean up the garage, get a nice heater, and get back to work. Get the flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch installed and its time to reinstall the trans. I have issues getting the starter lined up with the trans bolts I decided it was easiest to pull the intake manifold so that I can properly reinstall the starter and have easier access to some of the other top bolts. Take a day with beer and good friends and pull the intake. Then life happened again and the car sat for another month or two. Come back into the garage and see parts all over the floor (some of which i dont recognize at all), unlabeled bags of bolts, a trans missing half of the bolts, and an ambition level at an all time low. I say "uncle" and send the car unfinished to a shop with a trunk full of parts. A few hiccups with the shop later, last week it came home and in its best form yet. I got new tires and refinished the BBS RC303s I bought from @Rekpoint and the car has pulled together well. Now its time to dial the car in and clean it up a bit, and enjoy it.
  5. Beautiful car. Definitely a better car than that E92 was, even though it was kinda cool.
  6. As title states, looking for a 2001-2005 E46 330i midpipe and possibly a factory catback. Unsure if the 325i uses the same one but if so, that would be fine
  7. Its due to the sad combination of bad luck and being a complete idiot
  8. Hey all lol, its been a while. My E36 has been on jackstands due to life things. Hopefully will be cranking it out in the next couple weeks. Crashed my BRZ daily, so depending on if it ends up getting totaled I have my eyes on an E46 330i to be its replacement
  9. Got the brackets for the BBK back from the powdercoater today, they look great! Currently nothing has really changed about the car, Im still getting some parts here and there so I am kinda waiting to have all my ducks in a row before I really tear into it. But soon it will be time to start the project, and I will be uploading some videos to my youtube channel on the process in case anyone is interested.
  10. Hey all! Its been a minute since my last post, but ive been in the business of acquiring parts recently. I was very lucky to be able to pick up these throwing stars and a UUC BBK for my e36 from @ChrisO!! So for the throwing stars, they are 17x8 square off of an E34 M5. Also the wheel with the center cap pictured has a small crack, so I am hoping to get that welded up when I get the new tires mounted and installed. The SSBC calipers also seem to be in really good condition. I was very lucky because Chris was also able to supply the mounting hardware and brackets and Im planning on having all the stuff cleaned up before I get it on the car. I was also very lucky because @Rekpoint was able to find me this awesome Eibach strut bar for a pretty good deal! I have some more parts on the way, and I will make some more posts as stuff comes in
  11. When I said "before you ask, yes its 6spd the listing didnt specify and the pics werent great" I meant the knob itself, not the car haha. Im sorry I should have been clearer.
  12. So, I did some little stuff here and there. I picked up a new blower motor since it was desperately needed and I also got a new shift knob. (before you ask, yes its 6spd the listing didnt specify and the pics werent great) I also got a front plate delete! Then, as a little treat for myself I got a door cupholder. My old 325i had one when I bought it, and I absolutely loved it. I also purchased the shifter rebuild kit from @Rekpoint and hopefully picking up the z3 shifter tomorrow! Hoping to have the blower motor and the shifter done too.
  13. I believe its to prevent the shift knob from coming off. In my roommate jacobs 318 and my old 325 the knob would come off all the time while driving
  14. So here is the exterior. I am absolutely in love with the color, and the car is pretty clean except for the fact it looks like someone poorly buffed it and it has some hail damage you cant really see in photos. Doesnt bother me much since my main concerns were drivability related when I was purchasing it. The underbody is in pretty good shape, it does have some minor rust spots on the passenger sideskirt, and it has some bubbling starting on the driver side rear quarterpanel. Now onto the interior. Yes, the shifter was electrical taped on by the previous owner. But besides that, the interior is in really great shape. The previous owner definitely took care of it. It even came with weathertechs which was a very nice surprise. No rips in any of the leather. I have a BMW performance shift knob coming, and im picking up a Z3 shifter from my friend Tom this weekend. Hopefully @Rekpoint lets me snag his shifter rebuild kit, because my shifter is in dire need of new bushings. Now onto the engine/drivetrain. This E36 has definitely the cleanest engine bay out of all the ones I have owned. It runs and drives great too. PO had mountains of reciepts of work done to it, but for now I definitely need to replace the blower motor as it makes a pretty annoying sound. I was lucky because my friend Will had a spare that should work nicely. Also when I have the heat on it smells like coolant, leading me to believe the heater core needs to get replaced. But other than that, I couldnt be more happier with my E36! Edit: Also for those interested, I made a youtube video on going to pick up these cars. The video can be found here: https://youtu.be/IepdL5U0sc4
  15. I will be posting some exterior/interior/engine bay pics tomorrow No sport package For those interested in options, here is the vin decoder https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/ef51243
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