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  1. what the ef is right! also, youre on a roll! more bonus points - there are at least 2 more cougars. (that i saw)
  2. you were not fooled by the misdirection! also, that bronco can be seen around town in different places for all the different years. we'll see if more pop up.
  3. This one is more of a Where's Waldo. This is Williams, AZ Somewhere within it (red boundaries), lies an e34 touring. Find it! bonus points for spotting: a bobcat a cougar OJ an m5
  4. anyone see the Progressive Insurance Park commercial with the bumper cars that cant bump each other and think of this? "Grumblegrumble, welp, we can't call this lot the American Family Insurance Gold Lot and have cars crashing in it on Saturdays"
  5. https://www.google.com/maps/@32.2856042,-110.9859556,3a,75y,131.78h,85.36t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipN8jWzITqAiza5CuZXzK37l0E-iQ3hxBJ8V64zY!2e10!3e11!7i9436!8i4718
  6. they hang these off the sides of trucks and everything is hunky-dory. i've never seen a semi truck on fire before.
  7. is your battery flopping around? does your car look or sound like a death trap? if you can answer no to these you're in.
  8. exciting! thanks for sharing. the small lot could be fun. watch out for curbs!
  9. another idea: put a hole in top of the trunk lid and put that tank in the trunk so you can see it. maybe leave the filler hanging out a hole in the lid or the fender.
  10. hmmm, not as hard as I had hoped. nice job!
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