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  1. straight6pwr

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today my car is actually clean

    thanks guys! wasnt sure about the sepia thing either stubby version? sold!
  2. straight6pwr

    Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    the fact that all the lights that are out are in the same circuit leads me to believe the cause is one wire in that circuit. (causing all of them to not have power or ground.) i'd pull the cluster/knee panel/etc to start following wires from start to end to inspect. the cluster is easy to pull. more time consuming if you have an airbag steering wheel. i can swap clusters in about 5 min with an non-airbag wheel. there is no risk to damaging anything if you don't pull on stuff like He-man
  3. straight6pwr

    "It's Hard to be Humble" BMW T-Shirt (and others)

    the Clarkson 'Power!' and ASC 'I like to party' are classic!
  4. straight6pwr

    "It's Hard to be Humble" BMW T-Shirt (and others)

    fred's got slacks!
  5. straight6pwr

    Joined the Club Today

  6. straight6pwr

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today my car is actually clean

    and an update to my project list: find oil level wiring, or add it. SKIPPING THIS. I HAS DIPSTICK. find washer fluid pump/sensor wiring, or add it. reconnect washer tank to hood hoses. replace windshield with used OEM glass. wire in electric fan correctly. https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=210783 permanently mount elec fan with bracket kit. DONE Buy ignition cylinder/key to match VIN. Fix my antenna. z3 or e36 mast. Shadowline window trim. Replace rear subframe bushings. Soft poly. long term wish list adjustable trailing arm bushings bigger sway bars dedicated set of auto-x wheels/tires.
  7. straight6pwr

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today my car is actually clean

    the one time each year when the car is actually clean. into daily driving duties she goes! also, i saved a trapped baby bunny during this photo shoot. highlight of my week.
  8. straight6pwr

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    for the record, you're better at photographing cars than me! 👍
  9. straight6pwr

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    a horse apiece. really, we're just using two different buttons to change the same setting. i find it easier, with the same results, in priority modes - so that's what I roll with.
  10. straight6pwr

    Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    manual? 🤨 do you carry a pocket meter? there's really no point in that with Aperture and Shutter priority. (maybe you are considering those as manual.) i shoot in Aperture priority 99% of the time, and only switch to shutter priority when trying to capture moving subjects. one thing easy to glean from his posts is to shoot at dusk. some people call it the golden hour. some call it camera sexy time. whatever you call it, its great for car photos. shadows are soft, and the blue-orange glow reflects beautifully in car paint.
  11. straight6pwr

    Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    ooo, good idea! could easily be missed i wish you were closer so i could look at this myself. I found this on r3v: (they suggest to check the grounds)
  12. straight6pwr

    Tossed a different set of wheels on the 240 today...

    its boxy. it has round headlights. if you average the #of cylinders for available e30 motors, you get 5. i think no one will notice.
  13. straight6pwr

    1999 M3 daily driver running log

    on e30s, problems with the central locking 'disagreeing' with locking is caused by actuators that have gone bad, or door lock/latch mechanisms which are a little sticky and make the sensors in the actuators misread due to the extra resistance. i'd try lubing all the mechanisms first and see if you see an improvement. not sure if this applies to e36s.
  14. straight6pwr

    WTB E36 Hitch or a BMW with a hitch.

    A class 2 or 3 hitch bolted to your frame should support/pull more weight than what an e36 is safely rated for. I wonder if you can find one the same width as the e36 frame rails and just drill some holes vertically through the frame? Since you probably don't care where the receiver protrudes through the bumper I'd guess that's the easiest way.
  15. straight6pwr

    E30 M52

    noice! just apply tape with corrected numbers.