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  1. saw this in person today. much awesome, do want. didnt realize the z3 coupes had the same width rear as the ///m versions.
  2. Sounds like a great 1st project for a 3d printer!
  3. scramble. those are the best rounds of golf for sure! so much fun.
  4. golfer here. don't play as much as i used to, but always jump on an opportunity if someone asks. i drive big, but putt for shit.
  5. those wheels look great! dont forget to keep the appropriate tools in the car if you ever intend on changing a flat on the road. its a pain in the ass it is to remove the front adapters with a wrench/breaker once torqued down!
  6. crazy idea for you enginerds - any way to easily pull a vaccum on the system at the reservoir to hold the coolant so you can remove the plug without spillage? just literally attach a wet vac and cross your fingers? maybe a piece of duct tape between with a certain size hole to reduce the vacuum if its too strong?
  7. yeah, definitely only nostalgia. 🤣 i'll give it "run amazingly", though.
  8. only necessary group events, for us. I think racing can wait till next year.
  9. can confirm, daily volvos are fun! 850 looks great too!
  10. the movie 'Blade' is stuck in your deck
  11. i guess it depends on what your priorities are on form and function. its kinda the old 'pick 2' thing: 1. Durability 2. Aesthetics 3. Cost Personally, I'd never epoxy a floor in a state that is going to get frigid cold/snow & salt melt all over it. Spend all that money than in a few years you have peeling/chipping. That would be annoying. If I had fresh concrete I'd be looking at polishing it over anything else. A polished concrete is really not that slippery when wet, its actually rated as 'slip resistant' floor in commercial applications. It is slippery when sand or other small media is on it, but how often is that kind of spill in a person's garage?
  12. straight6pwr


    granny shifting, not double clutching like you should.
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