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  1. niiiiiice too bad with the reupholstery debacle. did they make any sort of recompense for the shit job?
  2. would you like this thread closed or? 😪 whats next?!
  3. right hand drive...check touring...check tds engine...check a kick in the nuts, should you ever need parts
  4. agreed - good climbers have crazy strength and muscle endurance! my brother is a rock climbing guide out in utah. leading a pitch can take him from 10 minutes to hours depending on the circumstances. Difficulty, if its a new climb that needs anchors placed, novice level of the belayer that will be following, etc all come into play. Maybe that guy was also still learning so extra time was needed (which is a good thing, because planning and safety are obviously critical in rock climbing) a story he shared with me re: safely leading a climb - he went a climbing/repelling adventure wi
  5. very awesome, welcome to the club. have to agree, my favorite part of this is the non-rusty chassis. its strange and delightful to remove suspension bolts with normal hand tools.
  6. that wagon is sweet! too bad rhd, definitely a deal breaker for anyone who realizes how much of a pain in the balls that would be.
  7. i find many things wrong with this. art is creative human expression. trying to remove the human from it seems sad to me. no emotion, no story, no heart, no intelligence or understanding of the effect the art could have. yes, a guy programmed a computer, but the point of the programming was for the guy to not have an influence on the art, just to get a computer to do it. the took an 'ai' program that already existed and plugged in other peoples art that already existed - not much of that seems original. and again, there is no actual car with art on it, like the last dumb bmw
  8. i like the decision to keep the rear 'doors'. it emphasizes the modification and makes it whimsical, versus just looking like a factory 2 door micro-car.
  9. I didnt realize it was a tow boat, it looks so small for the 3 motors I assumed it might be 900hp strapped to a crappy bass boat or something.
  10. is that transom going to remove itself from the boat on the first hole shot?
  11. build the shed. put a sign up that says "chicken coop". stick a stuffed chicken in there. leave a little chicken wire on the side. you technically have a building used to house a chicken.
  12. thats how you ger er done! i have not noticed a price increase in lumber, only because i have only bought in small quantities.
  13. chris: ding dong ditches himself. removes doorbell. square locked down. does this all have to be on a BMW or can it be any car we own?
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