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  1. loving the mood of your photography.
  2. welcome Rob! "non-sponsored" = sub'd! excited to see the progress.
  3. my enthusiastic car moments have been reduced to chores. got the winter wheels/tires on. just have to change the oil and shes ready for some daily duties.
  4. nice! i have been driving it as I work out issues before sending in the registration, but hopefully my wife feels the same as it will be her car for daily. hopefully we will see the same reliability! so far on the fixes I have done (motor mounts, spark plugs, filters, shock mounts) it is really easy to work on. no satellite radio, from what i saw. I will have to scroll through the inputs again to verify. thanks for the link, will definitely bypass if i find it. for my standards, not great. but I looked into each headlight and the reflector bowls on both sides are already worn out so that's the issue. not surprising at the mileage. seems like they would have been good headlights if new. they have active bending and auto leveling, which both still amazingly work. active bending is nice at low speeds around the neighborhood, auto leveling is handy for heavy loads. I bought a bad headlight from a swedespeed forum member in an attempt to open one and see about a retrofit but so far i have not been able to heat my way in, which aligns with what people have said online that the seal/glue volvo used is basically permanent. next step is investigating whether I can cut open the light and then figure out how to glue them back together. TRS has their black friday sale so I'm trying to figure it out quick to get my 20% savings if I decide to order a set of projectors. Sadly, i have extra D2S bulbs around but no D1S so I cant test fit a newer bulb to see if that helps with light output. dont really want to drop $60 to find out that it doesnt help.
  5. nothing has normalized yet, lol. but the 2012 x5s seem to be a few thousand more than the R-designs, but thats just with a quick search of x5s that i am unfamiliar with. i considered x5s, but the volvo drivetrains seems a bit more DIY serviceable that anything newer from bmw. registering and coding a new battery, fugget it
  6. thanks! was the most comfortable 13 hour driving day I've had, by a long shot. eats up the highway miles. the R-design seats are fantastic.
  7. Whelp, sold the Volvo bought a Volvo. Drove her back from D.C. this weekend - lets hope she's as reliable as the wagon! 2012 XC90 3.2 R-Design, Ice White w/Black interior Most of my drive was at night, but here's the dealer pic. Its a big honkin thing, but will keep the fam safe.
  8. Sold! To a car enthusiast who loves AWD/Manuals and wanted to get something bigger/faster than their suzuki sx4
  9. Nice looking car. Love the color! Why'd ya selling the touring? Also, Fish bowls 4 lyfe.
  10. I'm glad someone bought these, I would have bought them and just left them in my basement to dream about a car they may go on someday.
  11. Thanks! I think I've been selling too many cars if you've noticed this! 🙃
  12. 2005 Volvo V50 2.5T AWD (6-speed Manual) 158,000 miles (as of this writing) Passion Red, Black interior Factory options: Bixenon headlights w/headlight washers, heated seats, Premium audio Stock 17" Sagitta wheels Everything works, no warning lights. Located in Milwaukee, WI. SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello everyone, for sale is my V50. I've owned the car since 2019. At that time I searched high and low for a rust-free 6-speed v50, and found this one in Oregon at a used car dealership. Carfax history showed it was a California car. There were signs it was maintained at a Volvo dealership throughout its life, with Volvo branded parts found. It had a shockingly clean underbody and was rust free. Its been in Wisconsin (Milwaukee) now for 2 winters, with relatively low miles (work from home) so its still extremely clean underneath. There is lots of recent maintenance, check the list below. It also has great quality-of-life upgrades including retrofit Bi-xenon projectors, Grom bluetooth audio, trailer hitch receiver, Yakima roof rack, and extra snow tires. I love this car and will be sad too see it go. Best car I've ever owned for daily use. Condition: The car is in great shape. No accidents or major damage to the exterior or interior. Car drives, steers, and shifts amazingly. No exterior rust. There are various dings, scratches, and small areas of clear coat peel on the exterior. There is a clear bra on the front bumper, which is showing its age. It is 100% removable, should a new owner want. The interior has no rips or breakage or panels. There is light wear to be found in the normal places (by the shifter, the door grab handles, and in the cargo area). See the album of pictures for visuals of all of this. Maintenance (beyond oil changes): Fall 2022 - New tailgate shocks, new floor matts Summer 2022 - New front struts/shocks/top mount, new rear shocks and mount Summer 2022 - New rear brake calipers, new rotors and pads all around, new brake fluid Summer 2022 - Timing belt/water pump, upper and lower radiator coolant hoses Summer 2022 - Replace both engine mounts Summer 2022 - New tires on stock wheels, Kuhmo Ecsta Spring 2021 - Headliner replaced, rear sunroof drains unplugged Fall 2020 - Front sunroof drains unplugged, replaced 'trunk' drain at cowl, drivers side Summer 2020 - Rear wheel bearings replaced Summer 2020 - Battery replaced Fall 2019 - Replaced 6x ignition coils, spark plugs. Installed H11 fog bulbs. Extras: 17" Volvo 'Snowflake' wheels with Uniroyal Tigerpaw Ice & Snow tires Tow hitch with 1.5" receiver, hitch ball, 4-flat trailer wiring Morimoto Mini-D2S Bi-xenon projectors, with 3800k bulbs. Uses factory ballasts/ignitors. Lamin-x headlight protection film Grom bluetooth audio w/usb Yakima RailGrab roof rack bars Extra oil filter, extra panel clips, extra H11 fog bulb Rear headrests included (weren't installed at time of pictures) The Bad: Engine has oil seepage. Slow enough that it doesn't leave a puddle, residue collects on top of undertray. I don't spend money chasing minor oil leaks on any of my cars. Sometimes a bearing squeak sound on cold start-up. Goes away in a few seconds. All the accessory belts, tensioners as well as the timing belt and tensioner have been replaced so I suspect the AC or Alternator bearing are squeaking. Everything is working, so there was no point in replacing components.
  13. congrats! plan? nah. i doubt your parents had a plan for you, look how you turned out. installing a baby seat for normal people: installing a baby seat for mechanically inclined people like yourself:
  14. my blue e30 shell that Jenny bought from me was there for a bit, so my assumption is she'd leave things there regularly. but, those are definitely the same car! i helped Chris pull the m42 out of it.
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