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  1. straight6pwr

    chit chat thread

    tj's e36 is like a white harbor porpoise. its only spotted once per decade.
  2. straight6pwr

    Finally Joined the Longroof Club

    white e30... gray touring... next you'll be buying kayaks to go bass fishing
  3. straight6pwr

    Give me ideas to get the moisture out of my headlight

    headlight terrarium. youre a genius. maybe toss a gecko or two in there.
  4. straight6pwr

    Give me ideas to get the moisture out of my headlight

    i'd imagine they do, maybe take a peak to try and find them and make sure it isnt plugged. fully sealed lights are uncommon, as any water that does get in has an impossible time getting out with the heat/pressure differences.
  5. straight6pwr

    Joined the Club Today

    removal of my e34 stuck collars: ' the wheel/tire is key. you can stand on it while you turn the pipe wrench.
  6. straight6pwr

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    didnt realize there was an e60 m5 touring because I give zero shits about the e60. you also couldn't get the e34 m5 touring in the U.S., but that irrelevant to which is best.
  7. straight6pwr

    Give me ideas to get the moisture out of my headlight

    i deal with this shit all the time on my retrofitted e30 lights, but am unfamiliar with e36 ones. do they have an open vent on them? in the past, when mine got soaked real bad I would do what you suggested and pull them off the car, pull the bulbs and blow a hairdrier into the housing for a while.
  8. straight6pwr

    My New Daily Driver...

    handsome truck. any plans to lower it? they look so good dumped.
  9. straight6pwr

    Which M3 is Best M3?

    easy: e34 m5 touring, because, well, its the only m5 touring.
  10. straight6pwr

    Plate Blockers

    big thumb chevy https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/1993-chevy-silverado-cheyenne/6636265615.html
  11. i'd drive a convertible if it were this one: https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ctd/d/2000-beck-1955-porsche-spyder/6640832990.html
  12. straight6pwr

    2018 AutoX Events

    it sounded amazing too!
  13. straight6pwr

    2018 AutoX Events

    Thanks for sharing your pics @HipMF some tips if you need 'em for nikon cameras: If your lens has the VR switch, turn it off. it wont play well with camera panning or moving objects. Set your Autofocus mode to AF-C and 3D tracking. it predicatively changes the focus based on your subjects movement, to help catch focus on cars coming towards you. finally got around to my photos
  14. straight6pwr

    Joined the Club Today

    stuck nut: you don't want to reuse that nut, so you could just cut it off with a dremel stuck spindle: heat up the steering knuckle around the spindle, then strike the knuckle (not the spindle/threads) with a bfh. secondly, if you are ditching your cruise control, can I have it?
  15. straight6pwr

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    try listing every bit of work you've done since the car was last started. this may narrow down what has changed, and may be causing the issue.