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  1. straight6pwr

    Flat! Replace 2 or 4?

    1. Runflats - not designed to take air if they are flat, FYI. They are only designed to get you off the road, as they clearly did for you. BMW totes them as 'safer' since drivers dont have to change flats on the side of the road, which is true, but it just adds a different headache/more cost to the driver. It is most likely implemented by bmw to eliminate the cost, weight, and space taken by a spare. Not implemented to actually be better for drivers. although, I did find myself with a torn sidewall on a non-run flat tire, and that resulted in the car losing control and crashing into a freeway barrier at speed. So, maybe runflats could have saved my car. whatever. 2. Nothing wrong with replacing just two tires. Just don't go off and get two new tires with vastly different tread/compounds. Like super sticky summer tires matched with eco-tires, for example. However, you would be starting the cycle where you will be constantly replacing two tires at a time, instead of all four, since they are wearing at different stages.
  2. straight6pwr

    I Finally Bought an N55 Vehicle...

    that's a handsome truck. sad that the white on brown combo didn't pan out. breezing through this, three things caught my attention: 1. "girlfriend" - marry her already 2. "might wrap it" - don't you dare 3. "golf tee mod" - hell yass, glad this is a thing again. anyone who has rigged a cart to do donuts knows what I'm talking about.
  3. straight6pwr

    chit chat thread

    so if you register a car in a non-emissions testing county, then later switch it to an emissions county, like Milwaukee, are they going to make you go in for testing?
  4. straight6pwr

    chit chat thread

    Great shot Ben!
  5. straight6pwr

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    The rattle is worn transmission input shaft bearings. (if it only happens in neutral with the clutch engaged and disappears when the clutch is disengaged). A lightweight/single mass flywheel will make the noise worse. Don't worry about it - the Getrag will chug along 300,000+ miles that way. You could fix it, but that involves rebuilding the trans or finding one that doesnt already rattle. A previous m20 e30 that I owned started the Getrag rattle with about 170k miles on it. I sold the car with 250k miles on it and it was still fine/hadnt gotten noticeably worse.
  6. straight6pwr

    Attempt at Craigslist seller education

    although you're trying to teach algebra to a toad, i applaud your effort.
  7. straight6pwr

    Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    no, but its super easy to spray paint to black. or vinyl wrap it.
  8. straight6pwr

    Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    zhp knob > all. oem quality, good price, heavy feel.
  9. straight6pwr

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

  10. straight6pwr


    "presidential alert" they are trying to warn us about the president - a little late, no?
  11. i got excited and thought someone did an n57 swap in an e28
  12. straight6pwr

    Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    that motor looks good in there.
  13. straight6pwr

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today it rained

    right after it rains is a great time for night photography. i happened to have my camera late tonight after the storm rolled through milwaukee. (albeit only with a wide angle, so the variety of shots is not very...varied) also didnt have a tripod, so everything was hand-held and and shot wide-open, so the depth of field is not great. but i digress.
  14. i thought thats what you were getting at, but was making sure there wasnt another bit of e30 rareness I didnt know about.