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  1. yup, Dave does great work. here is his e21 hood: and he printed vinyl for my e30 hood design: and if i ever run across another cheap e30 hood ill definitely be needing his help again!
  2. couldnt get a pic, but i saw a guy today in a mini cooper with WI plates: DOCPSY doctor of psychology or dr. pussy? you decide. paging dr. pussy!
  3. FYI adjusting some of the slop from the steering box is doable in a 6cyl e34. there are how tos online. you should be able to remove some of the dead-on-center feel.
  4. thanks everyone. was hard to watch it go, but it went to a nice guy who is a BMW enthusiast (not a local). he had previously bought an e30 convertible, and it wasnt quite the sports car he hoped. When he got in this thing it was about 1 min till he was sold that this is what he was dreaming about in an e30. thank you. put about 30,000 fun miles on it in 5 years. i've said this in the past, but if any of you ever hear or see me driving a mini-van, please just set it on fire for me. It'd be ok if I was still inside. looking like my future username is "ihopeyouhaveabigbackseatbecauseimputtingmycarseatinit"
  5. love many things in here, best is: I HAVE A WAGON
  6. Thanks Pat! We'll see, would love to get it out the door before snow flies!
  7. I've been waffling a lot about that. Prices of other cars being sold range from "yeah, that checks out" to mind-boggling. The market it crazy now, which is the only reason I'm selling - the cost of regular used cars is bullshit! took pictures last night at dusk because the light was great. Just organizing them now, organizing my extra parts and writing the ad
  8. do expound on the Garagistic part, please. given your car is no longer seeing daily or winter use, i dont see removal/reduction of seam sealer being a problem. i have no idea if the 30 year old seam sealer will give you a nice finish if you start grinding/sanding it though. there is definitely someone here that has shaved their e30 engine bay though, Sam with the drift car I think?
  9. interior back together including new ZHP shift knob valve cover gasket replaced, car washed, trim touched up, engine bay detailed, door jambs detailed, trunk carpet shampood new tires are getting mounted tomorrow. should be able to get pictures this weekend and post the ad
  10. when i did my shifter rebuild i never bought the rubber boot, but now i have to finish that up. i realized that in my adventures to replace sticking injectors i never did the fuel filter (duh moment) so I quick swapped in a new one look at that beautiful unrusty chassis. i also finalized my electric fan wiring, after 5 years. temporary test setup removed. the test setup worked except i believe the temp switch from the radiator kicks the fan on too late, temperature wise. I'm not sure if its because its the coolest part of the radiator, or the fact that the 24v swap in the e30 is slightly undercooled with the e30 radiator size, but it made me uncomfortable. so, i wired the relay to just turn the fan on with the ignition. BMW relay holder and relay used, mounted by the + power block in the engine bay. lastly, the interior. when i did the custom dye job with SEM products I certainly was wary of the longevity. It obviously came out looking nice, but would it be tough enough for a car that gets driven a lot? Here are some photos of the current condition, 4 years and 20k miles later. passenger seat is nearly perfect. passenger bolster drivers seat is a little more used, here is the worst of the condition on the outside bolster. you can just start to see the original color of the bolster show through. back seat looks great except any dirt smudges which did not come out with a gentle wash. drivers door card is good except where my foot apparently hits the map pocket quite often and has rubbed some of the coating off. the great part about using the SEM spray is that i can just hit the bad spots with another coat and voila its perfect again.
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