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  1. congrats! plan? nah. i doubt your parents had a plan for you, look how you turned out. installing a baby seat for normal people: installing a baby seat for mechanically inclined people like yourself:
  2. my blue e30 shell that Jenny bought from me was there for a bit, so my assumption is she'd leave things there regularly. but, those are definitely the same car! i helped Chris pull the m42 out of it.
  3. Welcome back, Chris. Hope to catch you an the events this year. Cant wait to see what you do with the new e30.
  4. think all you want, but your brain power will not transfer to the morons of the world
  5. i see you are reselling DEPO kits. just a fair warning - their quality is subpar. I can tell you are dedicated to selling a really great product, and the DEPOs are not up to those standards. just have your customer service person ready to field those calls šŸ˜œ a suggestion: be willing to open a set of the DEPO lights and sell replacement parts from it if someone requests. no other vendor does this. you may actually get business from this alone, and it would also support your own product. youll have to learn to disassemble (and/or make some special tools) without breaking stuff, but it doesn't take much practice. what i've personally seen/experienced: 1. broken or stripped adjuster knobs (plastic is bad quality) 2. broken glass (thinner glass than oem, cracks easier) 3. leaking seals. (the gasket on the back bulb covers and the o-ring on the parking light are a joke)
  6. its gotta be at least 50% design/ 50% dont kill anyone
  7. not as bad as baldi, but still not great. i read the bmw.com article. an excerpt: it took them dozens of of engineers to vinyl wrap a car? and choosing colors is paintstaking manual labor? what a bunch of privileged buttholes.
  8. the welder has created a sim car cage with pvc. im ded.
  9. the real bees knees would be an entire 3D printed headlight housing that could hold one of the larger, better bixenon projectors. remove the glass and inner shroud from your original headlight, attached it to the 3D printed housing, and mount it into the headlight frames. as you found, the housing is too small to hold anything larger than the H1 mini projectors, which are an upgrade from stock lights, but far from the best performance bixenon.
  10. very awesome! there have been multiple attempts at prototypes for these but i've never seen any sold on the market.
  11. more than once I drove the e34 with a bungie from the drivers door pull, across my lap, hooked to the ebrake. these were like freezing rain/car wash in the winter scenarios. someone has probably mentioned it, but i wouldnt recommend trying to open the windows in freezing conditions either, unless totally necessary. the door regulator motor is so strong it can rip the regulator right off the bottom of the window
  12. love the parts setup pics! curious to hear your review on the LTW flywheel
  13. oh thank god! best holiday gift I could have gotten.
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