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  1. straight6pwr

    New Ride: e46 330i ZHP

    you can't divide by zero.
  2. straight6pwr

    Re-engaging in the community!

    use the bearing opening in the trailing arm (or the existing bearing if its still in place) to figure this out. the 1.8 has a smaller bearing. z3 2.5 6cyl - Angular ball bearing 42mm x 75mm x 37mm z3 1.8 4cyl / 318ti - Angular ball bearing 39mm x 72mm x 37mm (inside diameter x outside diameter x depth)
  3. 1.e46. and never anything over 6 cylinders. 2.no. its easier! you can still buy the great old cars, and the internet knowledge-base is a godsend. 3.can we trust/believe anything VW has to say anymore? i think the at some point we will realize the net gain on the environment for electronic cars is slim to none and IC will live on. 4.i find live updates for Teslas f*in terrifying. "cold dead hands" applies for me. 5.cars arent expensive. our expectation of what 'stuff' we deserve in life is too high.
  4. hey guyz, dont miss this smokin deal on rare rare rare 14x6 limited edition miata bbs wheels! only $2,400. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Set-BBS-Rims-1993-Miata-Limited-Edition-German-w-removal-tool-center-caps/171399398812?hash=item27e833459c:g:BbcAAOSwQItT14U3
  5. this. most people wouldn't even take a free Frankenstein project
  6. straight6pwr

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today it rained

    just don't forget to enjoy the car between all that work. 😉
  7. straight6pwr

    E30 Tail Lights

    humbug, vinyl can work fine. i wrapped the corners of mine (which are the most difficult portion) with red clear vinyl and have none of these bubbles you speak of. https://www.wibimmers.com/board/index.php?/topic/4560-hello-my-name-is-dan-and-today-it-rained/&do=findComment&comment=73984
  8. straight6pwr

    chit chat thread

    yeah, McCarthy has been a terrible game manager for a long time. Rodgers and the team were good enough to (sort of) cover up the terrible play calling. i have to say though, I was pleasantly surprised when McCarthy went for it on the 4th down near the endzone in the 2nd quarter. Normally he would have pussed out and kicked the field goal.
  9. straight6pwr

    Joined the Club Today

    i've bled a few clutch slaves and/or clutch masters in my day. ive never bench bled anything, and I've never had a problem. you will need a helper though, and your process is correct. i did have one that seemed a bit soft after initial bleeding, so i used the gravity bleed method - i.e., top off the reservoir, crack the bleeder open and walk away, periodically checking it. the 2nd bleed attempt worked fine then.
  10. straight6pwr

    Secret Santa 2018!

    will turner? cool gift!
  11. Theres a few more upgrades to consider like M3 front seats, properly done flares, x3 drivetrain, etc but I agree. I think a similar s54 swapped touring went up for sale for 12-15k not long ago
  12. straight6pwr

    E34 Front Driver Door

    brilliant 1990 in Shorewood, IL. cannot tell condition of the drivers door, though, from the pictures. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/pts/d/bmw-ei-part-out/6757768400.html
  13. holy shit balls mother of god. IMHO, this is the pinnacle of a daily driver. love that he stuck an s54 on an iX drivetrain https://denver.craigslist.org/ctd/d/2001-bmw-e46-m3-s54-swapped/6758146934.html
  14. straight6pwr

    F30 328i N20 4cyl Turbo

    buy a nice e46 6-popper, and pocket the extra cash for repairs.