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  1. axel rose's distinct voice singing a rock ballad tune would be pretty comical to someone who didnt grow up hearing the songs regularly.
  2. i like how you happen to have an mtech wheel and a can of dry moly just hanging around to hold down poster edges.
  3. what will the assembly process be? Are the two adapter bolts the last parts to be installed to bolt the column to the rack, or can everything be preassembled? can you just weld the screws into the adapter plate holes on the z4 joint side so you don't have to put a wrench on that side after final welding? or just weld a nut on that side and flip the fastener to avoid having to tap the adapter plate? i'm not sure what your main goal is here - professional fit/finish, ease of maintenance, or ease of fabrication, etc.
  4. looks like the original behr units had some foam there. (picture from internetz) looks like the one I isntalled in my e30 in 2017 is exactly like yours, and I left the gap unknowingly. *shrug* (picture from when I replaced mine). this could explain why my center console storage area right below the HVAC controls seems to get some hot airflow and gets pretty warm LOL
  5. i remember when the Prius hybrid was first being manufactured the consensus was that the negative impact of manufacturing the batteries was greater than the positive impact of burning less fossil fuel. however, that was 20 years ago and efficiencies in the manufacturing processes make creating EVs about the same environmental impact as creating internal combustion cars. also, a much larger (and still growing) percentage of electrical energy is now renewable.
  6. I think pre-orders on products to fund their actual creation is just a bad idea all around. People seem to be blinded by the razzle dazzle of something new and shiny and it just sets a bad precedent that companies don't need to have their ducks in a row. electric trucks are an untapped market for Tesla. I don't believe there are a ton of truck guys out there chewing at the bit to get an electric truck. maybe i'm wrong since the 'truck guy' demographic is shifting from guys who want a tough, functional vehicle to guys who want a truck for other reasons.
  7. the shaft is press fit into the u-joint? no weld or splines? although i know the resistance of a press fit can be astounding, that's a little disconcerting.
  8. selling your car on consignment is not much different from buying a car from a used car lot - you gotta deal with the damn salesmen. that business just attracts those lie-though-their-teeth kinda guys, no matter which end you are on. wish you had better luck.
  9. hideous. its nice to do something unique and all, but there are proportions and design concepts that are just unpleasing to the eye. musk is just the richest attention whore and will do what he wants.
  10. not sure how limited you want to keep the fab work on this but here's what popped in my head: leave a stub of the z4 shaft connected to the u-joint. cut a flat onto it and put a hole through the middle. key the flat into the adapter plate and put a bolt through to clamp the two parts together. a recess in the adapter plate could keep the bolt away from the flex joint.
  11. do you see the seats and dashboard behind the random shit in those photos? this car is not in 60k shape by any stretch of crackhead imagination.
  12. +1 on the integrale 😍 That 'one female owner' has a big house and fancy car and also can't construct a sentence. Super hot or english as a second language?
  13. glad you caught this now instead of later when your tank would be riding on top of your driveshaft!
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