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  1. 17k?! someone is getting boned. how is that thing so bad after only 71k miles>?
  2. liquid moly 75w-90 gear oil my diff is not making any noise, though. thats why i didnt bother with input or output bearings or clutch packs. thats for a future day. previous e30 high mile units i've had where making the typical whirring noise.
  3. i was going to upgrade to the newer e-torx style, but they are too spendy. $15 each! https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-torx-screw-m10x50-33211227279?ads_cmpid=1586641325&ads_adid=62615222609&ads_matchtype=&ads_network=g&ads_creative=298302774914&utm_term=&ads_targetid=pla-327620319311&utm_campaign=&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&ttv=2&gclid=CjwKCAjw95D0BRBFEiwAcO1KDJndtSYrmW2gVzH1ZTHoNQN6YiVLiusiAD8sJSQlXez5pOoxJWMZVBoCemUQAvD_BwE
  4. fo sho! got the output shaft seals replaced. one of the caps from my FWD bearing kit proved perfect for hammering out/in the rubber seal. and the diff rebuild is done. did some more cleaning. good enough for the girls i go out with.
  5. class of 2008 right here. i went to our department's job fair day and had 4 interviews with major milwaukee companies scheduled. in the first two interviews it came to light that the companies had no open positions but were interviewing people anyways 'for their files'. the 3rd and 4th interviews I opened with "do you have any jobs available" and after getting a no, I said thank you and walked out. ended up self-employed/own home business for many years after school, but it got me through!
  6. I never thought i'd see the day you beat me to DD rotation. paint that damn front lip already. just flat black for now or something lol
  7. nah, just another youtuber learning as he goes. some things to learn, with sprinklings of dumb. also heard in that video: "if this in the video then i did it, if its not in the video, then I didnt even do it, so you wont even see this" brilliant.
  8. oh, berty30. he said he's going to get 'race status' door panels 🙄
  9. I can take pictures of mine tomorrow
  10. you're gonna be pissed, huh? about your lease in Eau Claire? what is that like, $400/month? people are living in terror. people are going bankrupt. people are becoming homeless. people are dying. i think youll be OK if you rent a place and don't get your money's worth.
  11. bit of hope! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/e/2PACX-1vQpuJ2G20VVzGa_ic-dfwGVDDSv1hCA1n94mIm51GWA0SX74nYoiq4yn1H_o0N8doCFxmOL8E9jbPnW/pubhtml?fbclid=IwAR2Dh1GEdKXw100o9ON0zo609J3ejicHm-_8ZZvgcqYNXiC68s_C_a4pZBc# the projections are starting to plummet, i.e. "stay at home" may be starting to show its working! its gone from 200k to 40k to 16k for WI.
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