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  1. straight6pwr

    Need some hits of LSD.

    the 3.73 zings with the 24v/5speed. it be weird for awhile with the highway revs, but you'll get over it. those motors love hurdling at 3700rpms.
  2. straight6pwr

    Ummm.... So I took a chance.

    cool! hope she fires up with little effort. these storage companies must have decided that using a potato for a camera makes the purchase more of a gamble, therefore harder to resist.
  3. straight6pwr

    Misc e30 Connectors

    With most of the connectors, if you buy online you have to piece-meal it together. i.e. one part number for each pin w/wire, one part number for plastic connector, etc. Also, the e30 can be tough, some of the connectors arent shown in the RealOEM catalog. The coolant level sensor plug is one of them. @andyhundley I disagree, most times you pay $20+ for a plug/pigtail! The coolant plug housing is listed for e32/e34, but should fit the e30. Sadly, its fricken $19 to put this one together! Washer Fluid/Coolant level plug housing PN 61131378408 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-plug-housing-61131378408 Pins for above (2 required per plug)- PN 61130007441 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-round-receptacle-2-5-watertight-0510-mm-61130007441 ------------------------------------------- Fog light stuff. Again, hilariously $28 for each! Fog light plug housing PN 61131378418 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-plug-housing-2-pol-grey-61131378418 Pins for above (2 required per plug)- PN 61130007446 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-round-receptacle-2-5-watertight-1025-mm-61130007446 I guess you could go with the non-watertight version of the pigtails (usually for interior connectors) and just shrink wrap them yourself to save some money, but considering these connectors are in fairly exposed places, I wouldnt.
  4. straight6pwr

    Lifted E30 V2

    hahaha died at "pumpception"
  5. my sister has a 5 speed 80s toyota vanwagon. similar, but not as decked. pretty hilarious to drive with the super tippy feel, engine vibrating under your ass, and super clear view of the road ahead of you.
  6. straight6pwr

    e34 Touring

    you're damn right it did!
  7. straight6pwr

    Hello. My name is Dan, and today it rained

    well, i went to work on the e30 two weekends ago, and got a no start. it felt a lot like a flooded engine, which makes sense. i've had leaky injectors since I bought it, and have had a couple of pretty good backfire starts in the summer if i didnt drive the car for a week or more, suggesting there were some fumes built up in the manifold. i got back to the garage today to get the injectors and spark plugs pulled so everything can evaporate and I can swap in rebuilt injectors next week. sadly, the no start cranking attempts combined with the cold weather flatted the battery farther than my trickle charger could keep up, and i arrived to find a frozen, bulging battery. one step forward, two steps back!
  8. straight6pwr

    e34 Touring

    welp, when you plan a day to fix something, you gotta get it done. first time i've worked in a full-out snow storm. swapped the radiator (cracked) and upper radiator hose. also changed the oil.
  9. straight6pwr

    Secret Santa 2018!

    👍 its on display and holds my BMW spare keys.
  10. straight6pwr

    Secret Santa 2018!

    were they from 2M shift boots (Matt-B from r3v)? every time I order from him its a fiasco. if it were one time, i'd believe his excuses. but its happened 3 times. "my mom does my sewing and she broke her arm", "my grandpa is ill", "i thought i emailed you" blah blah however, i love the shift boots and keychains so I just deal with it. each order has taken about a month.
  11. straight6pwr

    chit chat thread

    port wash is certainly getting it worst. i have enjoyed this trend of 'CANCEL EVERYTHING!' because it keeps all the cars off the road...which is the only real reason the road is dangerous when it snows.
  12. straight6pwr

    1989 E30 325i Progress

    i have the chinesium fogs too - the quality and moldings are awful.
  13. straight6pwr

    So, what are you listening to?

    buddy showed me Greta Van Fleet last night. if you like Zeppelin, you will like them.
  14. first off, who the hell cuts the bulkhead at the rear seats?! its structural! oh yeah, that's right, homer glen guy would. he thinks he knows everything about e30s that car is way too crusty for 7k. the sunroof delete is taped on.