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  1. thats how you ger er done! i have not noticed a price increase in lumber, only because i have only bought in small quantities.
  2. chris: ding dong ditches himself. removes doorbell. square locked down. does this all have to be on a BMW or can it be any car we own?
  3. lolol i dont have video editing abilities so e30 text version: show e30 dashboard, insert key, start car, pan up to check control, push button, no lights, happy crying people, pan down to cluster, no lights, more crying.
  4. for rock climbing, someone's newbie skills will be a far bigger obstacle than their strength. (unless your strength to body weight is absurd, obviously)
  5. if you want the 4-post to be easily accessible without dollies or austin-powers hallway Y turns. yellow area = clear area. gives access for vehicles and equipment into both lifts, lawn area and storage area. also the "work area" with tool boxes and work benches are near both lifts the storage area leaves room for storage of one or two more vehicles in the inevitable event you have that need, and is also easy to just drive into (no jostling if the clear area is clear)
  6. yes, but the red one has been resprayed, but not full resprayed. maybe vinyl wrapped? The engine bay, door jambs, etc are still bronze.
  7. do you have a picture/dimensions of the 4 post?
  8. i stand corrected on the brightness! its odd that they've rated the color so high when they are clearly just as white as the 5000k stuff. the guy in the video is confused as well.
  9. i thought everyone was over with the purple headlight colors? 4300 or 5000k have like 50% more lumens than 7k and dont suck in the rain. imagine the jump you just had, double it for good 4000k bulbs!
  10. that checks out. anyone caught inside this car should be embarrassed. which is it?
  11. metal closet door top track (box style): https://www.cabinetparts.com/p/johnson-hardware-sliding-door-hardware-bifold-sliding-door-hardware-JH10072-p29164?gclid=CjwKCAiA9bmABhBbEiwASb35V_gvQ82HtRxUtxX-uosKcwr0wFqkYpvG2oQFB38EMm2pLr3NyPDSZxoCWDAQAvD_BwE + hook setup: big eye hook (pry open) with machine threads + 2 lock nuts + nylon washers/regular washers. maybe electrical tape or plastic dip to coat the hooks and not scratch your rims. or iron pipes with some sort of hook setup around the pipes. that industrial look is all the rage these days. obviously dont buy f
  12. wow, would have never expected 9' basement walls. in that case, scoring is pointless and 6' panels would be perfect.
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