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  1. seems like just enough for a james bond style oil slick. glws
  2. the thing is about those who do it to have 'haters': they actually like their terrible cars. but when they see no one else likes it, but gives them negative attention, they play it off all ironically. "LOL guys i'm not serious" and make it worse for more attention. my point is, either way that guy thinks his car is tits.
  3. an e60 m5 touring is like curry. it looks like a pile of poo, but it f*cks.
  4. i prefer my trunk lid swiss cheese'd for weight savings.
  5. i used 3M double sided tape for the ends of the e28 spoiler on my previous e30. still need to add it to my current one.
  6. post-processing filters. also, the motion blue in those race shots is enhanced. the back half of that z4 isnt moving slower than the front half. he's a great photographer, though! your right about the lighting and DOF. probably using a big 'ol $3,000 200mm prime lens to achieve those great blurry fore and backgrounds in his standard car shots.
  7. some people will be able to stay in, but not everyone. some people who need to be safe at home might now be forced to make the decision to go back to work and risk dying or stay and home and get fired. old people, immune compromised people, pregnant moms, etc have jobs too. currently, they can collect unemployment. if they are fired for not showing up for work, they cannot. you are smart enough to realize that staying away from people is indeed safer. you are smart enough to implement safe practices at you and your wife's businesses. its fantastic that you are doing that. the problem is many people are not. many people are idiots. stay at home was protecting us from idiots. the idiots will ruin it for all of us, no matter which side of the debate we are on. was a state wide shutdown an overreach? maybe. but we have laws and people in charge because the average citizen is like a 14 y.o. boy. - without direction and someone else in charge, he will inevitably set himself on fire or set his friend on fire. he thinks he knows what good decisions are, but most of the time he's wrong. if a customer showed up at your wife's salon and said "I have COVID and I want to come in for a haircut", would you let them in? Yes or no, those people are coming, and they aren't going to warn you.
  8. I agree that the stay at home plan that covers the entire state does not consider the differences in locations, and is not a perfect plan. but now we have NO plan. how is that better? https://www.wiscnews.com/bdc/news/state-and-regional/wisconsin-supreme-court-strikes-down-stay-at-home-order-dane-county-institutes-local-order/article_829ab356-62f2-51b5-985e-fe2bb9c582d2.html Rep. Senators: Go to court to Cancel Stay at Home also Rep. Senators: Believe people will do the right thing and be safe on their own People: Pack the bars shoulder to shoulder with no masks and no social distancing. Obvious outcome. Hopefully no innocent people get hurt. Meeting new people now is going to be like the Walking Dead. How many bars have you been to? How many masks have you worn? How many people have you killed? Why?
  9. input: that u-joint is f*in toasted.
  10. first shot is freakin me out. very similar to a photo i took a couple years ago. second shot is stunning.
  11. Does the resistance you feel go away with more speed? Any unusual pump noise? if you lock the rack to one extreme do you get the extra pump noise per usual? I had the power steering fail in a way that required Hulk-like inputs at any speed to operate the wheel. The power steering pump had failed internally. Symptom - stiff steering all the time, no returning to center. Pump had no external signs of a problem. It was easy to diagnose - i pulled the belt and spun the power steering pulley and it rotated with no resistance. I have doubts on the column joints, you'd probably feel a notable notchiness as the joint rotated past the seized portion. I.e. as you turn the wheel it would be stiff-not stiff-stiff-not stiff at certain degrees of rotation.
  12. Welcome! Where the hell is Neenah?
  13. you just repainted your car in your garage, I cannot comprehend how swapping some headlight electrical plugs could deter you. DOES NOT COMPUTE
  14. I was moved to working from home right before the lockdown. All client worked immediately stopped, except for a school client. My boss permanently closed our office and moved out in April. Our company was luckily to get the small business loan to help with expenses for a couple months. Future is unknown, but closing the office was not a positive omen.
  15. those shots do have great character! it fits so well with the e30, like you took that photo 30 years ago.
  16. i'd bet @visian is lurking show yourself Ian!
  17. there is a lot of ambient light in this area, so the exposures were from 5 to 15sec, at ISO400 f7.1 these were taken about 9pm. it was fully dark outside (besides the moon). in my experience, the sky is always blue in long night exposures. from what I read, there are several things that affect that - the moon, time of night, light pollution, etc. i've never had a greyish black long exposure come from the camera. shorter exposures do tend to look greyish black. my process is this - set the camera to an appropriate aperture (f7 to 9ish for 'landscape' scene) and low ISO and let the camera expose the scene. what will happen a lot is it will expose the maximum time (30sec on my particular camera) and the scene will still be underexposed. i then crank up the ISO until I get a reasonable shot. after getting a close exposure, i use exposure compensation to dial in the exact amount. that will make the camera add or remove a second or two from the exposure. if its REALLY dark out and there arent many light sources, you'll also have to crank the aperture open also a sturdy tripod and using the shutter timer (or remote) are 100% necessary for exposures these long. you still can handhold night shots, but you'll have to use a big apertures (like 1.8) and high ISO to get the exposure times down. for example, this shot was handheld. It was shot at f2.2 IS01600 with a 1/4 sec exposure. even at a 1/4sec i took several photos to get one steady enough to be sharp. and for funzees, here are some non-car long exposure night photos I have taken.
  18. happened to find the moon out last night This middle german 'style' building seemed appropriate. Fachwerkhäuser! Milwaukee buildings are displaying red white and blue colors as a display of hope that we will get through this pandemic. city lights white on white
  19. car looks great! jealous of your fully working cluster. i loved my m20, so smooth! its the right amount of power that you can wring it out without really going too fast. they also sound better than 24v, imho.
  20. i'm no better than you, we are just different, like I said. we both have a view on this issue that looks to help others, just in different ways. i'd rather more people be alive and struggling with life, than some people dead so that the rest of people can live their normal lives. (normal being defined as: how life was before this started) and my view is not narrow minded, i understand the possible consequences of the opinion i've chosen to support. Rich, so sorry to hear your news. It sucks this is hitting close to home for some of us.
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