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  1. suspenceful

    I Finally Bought an N55 Vehicle...

    Thanks man! 1. It'll happen, the engagement ring fund is a little smaller after purchasing this X5 though 2. But white looks so gooooooooooooooooooooood. It's not something I'd do anytime soon though, only if I kept the car for a while and got bored of the color. 3. I'm not familiar with doing cart donuts, but I was referring to permanently opening the second exhaust tip flap. Most exhaust noise ftw! Haha, I never thought I'd be fielding marriage advice on a local BMW forum. But yeah, she's pretty cool and puts up with a lot of my crap. I think I out-kicked my coverage...
  2. suspenceful

    I Finally Bought an N55 Vehicle...

    Better or worse in person/pictures? Lol The hitch setup is pricey to do right, but you can save a couple hundred bucks on a hitch that requires you to cut the bumper facia with an aftermarket harness. I'd rather buy once and cry once. I'm glad I held out for this one instead of that one in New York. I do prefer the Alpine White exterior, but this Carbon Black is a unique color in person. It's a very metallic blue during the day and almost black at night. I wanted to stay away from black cars because they're a pain to keep clean, but I couldn't pass up this deal. I could always wrap it if I really wanted to. I already ordered paint-matched front reflectors, gloss black grilles, LED fog lights, LED interior lights and an OEM ///M gear selector. More ideas include: Golf tee muffler mod Matching tint for the front windows Smoked LED side markers Very lightly smoked tail light tint Paint matched rear reflectors BMW Performance pedals H&R drop springs 22" wheels X5M gauge cluster BMS Stage 1+ tuner (+50whp/wtq) BMS air intake Tow hitch Remote start
  3. suspenceful

    I Finally Bought an N55 Vehicle...

    Thanks man! I will eventually pick back up on the YouTube stuff. It's a lot more work to put together videos than it seems, and I've been so busy. It's nice to relax and not have to worry about filming/editing sometimes. They sell tow hitches for them. I don't believe it was a factory package, maybe a dealer add-on. I'm not too sure, to be honest. I plan to install a hitch on it, but they don't come cheap. Looking at this one: http://execuhitch.com/tow-hitches/bmw-x5-with-m-sport-pkg-2007-current-invisible-hitch-and-oem-wiring-harness-2007-current-clone.html
  4. suspenceful

    I Finally Bought an N55 Vehicle...

    Longtime N54 fanboy checking in. With shame and excitement, I've recently bought my first N55-powered vehicle. I'm ready for this slight uptick in reliability. For the past month, I've been searching nationwide for what I consider the "perfect" E70 X5. That criteria included the following: Had to be the 35i (N55) instead of the 50i (N63, very unreliable) Had to have M-Sport Package (///M body kit, interior trim, etc.) Had to have Cold Weather Package (heated front and rear seats, etc.) Had to have Convenience Package (keyless entry/start, rear view camera, etc.) Had to have Technology Package (heads-up display, side view cameras, etc.) Had to have a heated steering wheel Had to have paddle shifters Had to be a 2013 (because LCI and this was the only year you could get M-Sport, heated steering wheel & paddle shifters together) Couldn't be silver, bronze or brown Couldn't have white or gray interior Couldn't have any reported accidents Mileage and location didn't matter Budget was $25k after travel, taxes, registration, etc. Well, I thought I finally found the one in New York. It was even one of my favorite color combos: https://www.balkanmotorsny.com/inventory/details/44641443 I coordinated a trip to see Niagara Falls and booked a few hotels. I asked my girlfriend's retired parents if they wanted to join us, the plan was that they drive out there and I drive the X5 back. I put a deposit on it and set out on the trip. Got there on a Saturday morning and took the car for a drive. Noticed it was at 75k miles instead of the 70k they listed it at, oh well. Then I immediately felt and heard some weird vibrations at 60-70mph. Salesmen assured me it was the tires, but I know what tire noise is and this was far from that. After inspecting it even further, I found that the whole front end (hood, bumper, both headlights) had been replaced. Body lines didn't match up. Going further down the passenger side of the car, the fender and both doors had clear coat runs on them. I opened the passenger door to find that none of the interior clips or carpet lined up to the door seal. Pulled up the door seal on the body of the car and saw tons of shoddy stitch welds between the chassis sheet metal with patch panels. Rear passenger door was the same thing. So much for advertising it as an accident-free vehicle (still listed that way too)! Not only had it been in an accident, it was in a brutal accident (see: CarFax). At this point, I was pissed and convinced that the noise was coming from something major that had been tweaked in the accident. At the time, the car was listed for $25k and I talked the salesman down to $20k, but I still wasn't comfortable with that price. Ended up leaving, without my deposit and losing ~$1,000 on the trip. If for some reason you ever find yourself looking at a vehicle from Balkan Motors in Rochester, NY, I'd suggest you turn the other way. At least Niagara Falls was cool. Got back home and was burnt out from the long trip and expenses. The search continued. I had been using CarGurus, which allowed me to get very specific with my searches. I also posted a "want to buy" thread on an X5 forum. Some people linked to cars that were close to my criteria, but didn't check all the boxes. I wasn't willing to settle on anything for this vehicle, as I plan to own it for a long time. Eventually someone shared a link to a carbon black X5 at a random Ford dealership in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. They had a single-owner 2013 X5 35i that met all of my criteria for $20k. I inquired and found out that it was on consignment through the dealership. The owner of the dealership was trying to help sell his best friend's wife's car. After running the VIN, I found it also had premium sound, soft-close doors and front/rear PDC. The salesmen at the dealership knew nothing about this BMW from outerspace on their Ford-only lot. I offered $18k, sight unseen. Got a call back from the owner of the dealership who said his friend was going to give it to his 16-year-old granddaughter if he got any less than $18,500 for it. I happily agreed to $18,500 and put a deposit down on it. Not wanting to waste the same amount of time/effort/money as I did with the New York trip, I arranged a quick 3rd party inspection through LemonParty LemonSquad for $200. The inspection report came back good, so I got a quote for transportation through a friend of a friend on Facebook (Tri-Logistics). $1,000 delivered to my door in an enclosed trailer? Sure. I arranged for pickup on Monday and he delivered it to my house at 11:30pm the same day! I didn't expect such a huge truck and trailer to show up at my house, I should've told him I was the guy waiting for the white Lambo He unloaded it and went on his way. I drove it for the first time yesterday and it's everything I was hoping it'd be. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. Now, let the modding begin!
  5. suspenceful

    Hello - New Member

    Welcome! I'm also curious how you'll answer this question.
  6. Yup - and could be flipped for $$$$ afterwards if you know what you're doing.
  7. I've kept myself from inquiring about this for the last 3 days. I want it but don't have a use for it. Figured I'd share. Loaded non-turbo E90. LCI, so it has the facelift. AWD with heated steering wheel, etc. Perfect winter car or daily. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/2009-bmw-328xi-6-speed-manual/6717900372.html
  8. suspenceful

    17 inch E36 wheels

    I sold these to you? Must've been a while ago! Last car I had with these wheels was like 5 years ago, lol.
  9. E36 with 211k for $20k... "need to sell now" https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/cto/d/bmw-328is/6718738682.html
  10. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    I inquired about it a few days ago because it's perfect... and only $20k... but it's sold
  11. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    Believe it or not, I see more cooled/massage front seats than heated steering wheels for the M-Sports. The combo I'm looking for is out there, I just have to be patient. I suck at being patient...
  12. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    I drove ~30 hours round trip to New York this weekend to pick up a 2013 X5 M-Sport. Turned out to be a polished turd that had been in a really, really bad accident at some point. After pointing out all the flaws to the kid that owned the small used car dealership, we both agreed it wasn't worth nearly what he was asking. We still couldn't agree on a price, and I drove back home empty handed. The trip cost me ~$1,000 and he wouldn't even refund my deposit. 10/10 douche. First time I've ever had to dispute a credit card charge. Just thought I'd share how crappy my last weekend was. At least I stopped at Niagara Falls on the way back home and got to see the falls illuminated while fireworks went off. That was pretty cool. If anyone has a lead on a 2012 or 2013 X5 35i with M-Sport package, cold weather package, convenience package, technology package, heated steering wheel with paddle shifters and heated/cooled/massage front seats... let me know. I know I'm looking for a unicorn, so I'll be looking for a while. Will spend up to $25k.
  13. suspenceful

    Plate Blockers

    This was a first for me...
  14. suspenceful

    N54 Turbo Install Recommendations?

    If you want to come up to the Appleton area, I'd do it for a reasonable price on a Saturday/Sunday.