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  1. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    I've always used Bosch with good results. Don't have first-hand experience with Delphi.
  2. suspenceful

    the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Are you going to run a turbo blanket on that thing? What's the reason for heat-taping the strut tower? Are there wiring/rubber/lines there?
  3. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    The only thing that really stands out to me is that your boost is under target by about 2psi. It's targeting ~12psi and you're seeing ~10psi, I think stock boost is ~8psi. Timing looks normal for 93 octane. You do have a few corrections on cylinder 3 & 4, but nothing to worry about. I'm sure the new plugs/coils will help this. Have you checked your charge pipe area yet? A boost leak test wouldn't hurt.
  4. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    Create an account on Datazap.me, upload it there and then post the link.
  5. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    Since you recently messed with the charge pipe and TMAP sensor, I'd start there. Check all charge pipe connections, check to make sure it is connected to the throttle body properly with the C-clip.
  6. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    If you plan to continue modding/maintaining the car, logs are a good thing to get familiar with. Wouldn't hurt to purchase that module if that's the case.
  7. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    Carbon buildup isn't as common on N55 as it is on N54, but still something to check. Spark plugs/coils might help, but it seems weird to me that you aren't getting any codes. Since you have MHD, can you share a log of a pull?
  8. suspenceful

    A purists nightmare - E46 drift build

    I swapped some OEM Xenon headlights into my girlfriend's 2002 E46 sedan that came with halogens. Just unplugged halogens and plugged in the Xenons. Everything functioned as it should, no errors lights either.
  9. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    It'll be another good learning experience. I've already learned so many things as a homeowner. Replacing a toilet, repairing the internals of a washing machine, removing/repairing an in-wall microwave, fixing leaking faucets, tracing down electrical shorts and rewiring outlets, the do's and dont's of tearing down and replacing a roof. And it's only been 3 years!
  10. suspenceful

    chit chat thread

    Finally starting to warm up around 9am this morning. Some of my water lines at home froze and one of them cracked last night. Never good when you hear running water behind one of your walls. Worst part is, it happened in my bathroom and I only have one bathroom. Not sure what I'm gonna do about that yet, never had to rip down drywall before... *
  11. suspenceful

    WTB: E46 M3

    I know red wasn’t in your color preferences, but this seems to fit otherwise. How can you not like Imola anyways? I kinda want it... https://www.facebook.com/groups/651269301636482/permalink/2115667385196659/?sale_post_id=2115667385196659
  12. suspenceful

    FS: 2013 BMW X5 35i M-Sport - Fully Loaded!

    It's a mirage of colors depending on the lighting I agree, the timing on this was short (4 months?), but I'm not in a rush to sell. It'll probably take a bit to sell as it's a unique car and you can buy a cheaper X5 if that's what you're after. I posted it in a few groups on FB, but I'll tag you and would appreciate the share!
  13. suspenceful

    FS: 2013 BMW X5 35i M-Sport - Fully Loaded!

    It's technically black, but yes, definitely has a blue metallic to it. It is the perfect E70 in my opinion, but now that I have a shop, I have the opportunity to cash out and invest the money there. I want to buy a cheap E9X to daily/build on a budget for my YouTube channel.
  14. suspenceful

    An E36 Investigation

    Find anything juicy during removal? Previous body work, accidents, rust, etc?