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  1. Awesome job out there! It's nice to watch that video and see how you took the course.
  2. I've been meaning to look into this more! Gonna have to check it out and see if I can get anything setup before auto-x on Sunday.
  3. I've been wanting to get an E36 again and you're not helping.
  4. I drove with stability control on for the first couple laps. My friends convinced me to turn it off for the last couple laps, but you're right, it's a lot of immediate torque to try to control. I talk about it in the video, but the S55 power comes on so abruptly. It's almost like an on/off switch... all motor then tons of boost/torque. It's not very predictable until you get a ton of seat time. I can see why someone crashed with it off at Blackhawk. Well I'll be at Shawano this weekend to give it another shot! I'll definitely keep all of those tips in mind. Thanks for the insight. Sounds like they'll be allowing ride alongs on Sunday
  5. I threw the stock wheels back on and took the car to its first autocross at Road America! This was essentially my first autocross as well, my only other time being a few laps 5 years ago. Was nice talking to @KaiserRolls and seeing him make me look like a n00b on the track. That being said, I'd love some feedback/tips/advice on my driving. I'm going to another autocross with it this weekend and would love to improve! I placed #74 out of 147 cars. My best time was 58.925s. First place had 53.322s and average time for everyone was 59.751s: http://fvscc.com/results/2020_Summer/Event1_raw.htm I have tons of parts ready to install on the M3 so be sure to subscribe if you enjoy YouTube content: https://www.youtube.com/jakespence135
  6. I must be a n00b because those stock wheels look just like the Style 5's you bought, lol.
  7. If you haven't already noticed, YouTube and Instagram are where I post most of my content. If you aren't already subscribed/following there, you're missing out That being said, I have exciting news I want to share! I know Brian already posted a thread congratulating me, but it makes sense to share it here too. First pass on 20psi ran an 11.29 @ 128mph with a 1.94 60ft. Second pass on 25psi ran a 10.53 @ 137mph with a 1.73 60ft. Third pass on 28psi ran a 10.36 @ 134mph with a 1.59 60ft. Log: https://datazap.me/u/suspenceful/1036-13409mph?log=0&data=1-3-4-11-25-26-27-28-29 I actually set a record on my 3rd pass with the 10.36 ET! Currently the fastest manual trans N5X BMW with stock chassis. Ghassan Automotive went 9.6 but they have a custom back-halfed chassis. I think I can run 9's as I was misfiring during my 10.36 pass, watch the video!
  8. Was looking at Groms on Facebook Marketplace and came across this, lol I trimmed the video, but c'mon
  9. suspenceful


    Thanks guys! Believe it or not, I already tried an even more advanced version of a clutch slipping device about a year ago. Clearly you're not watching my videos (kidding) Watch this video (I time-stamped it to start at the point I'm talking about the device): It didn't work as I wanted it too. Would slip too much even at the fastest slip point, and then would interfere with my shifting down the track even though it wasn't supposed to be. Great idea in theory, but I think I'll just try to train my legs as best I can. It'll never be perfect, but with these bias ply tires, I can almost dump the clutch like I did for my 1.59 60ft and the slicks will absorb the hit and propel forward. Completely different feeling than my radial tires, couldn't believe it 'til I used them. 1st. When I tried 2nd, it would bog every time.
  10. suspenceful


    Thanks @B C! Still on a piggyback tune tho Shooting for 9's by the end of the year. Will post more info in my build thread soon.
  11. Was nice seeing/talking to you there! Great driving as always. I have some work to do... Do you know if there will be photos from this RA event?
  12. The tires showed up and I mounted them right away! I am thoroughly impressed with the Falken Azenis FK510 tires. Tread pattern is extremely similar to Michelin Pilot Super Sport and the grip is actually better. Not an apples-to-apples comparison because the MPSS tires weren't new and were narrower, but the Azenis are super grippy! Very happy with the look, feel and sound of these tires. The fitment is perfect IMO. I have since raised the rear by installing the EMD rear spring spacer that I initially left out when installing the lowering springs. It now sits about 1/2" higher than in the video and photos below... will get some updated pictures of that soon. It didn't really rub, but I wanted the extra clearance for when I have a full tank of gas and 5 passengers. Let me know what you think! Reminder of the wheel/tire info... WHEELS: - Variant Argon wheels: https://variantwheels.com/product-category/wheels/argon/affiliate/jakespence - Other Variant wheels for your BMW: https://variantwheels.com/cold-forged/affiliate/jakespence - Use code BIMMERSTREET for 20% off and free shipping! TIRES (currently on sale!): - 265/30/20 Falken Azenis FK510: https://amzn.to/2ZLOqiH - 295/30/20 Falken Azenis FK510: https://amzn.to/2XGVnP4 Check out my initial impressions video (ignore the clickbaity thumbnail):
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