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  1. chatch10

    Hello from me and my new M3

    Thanks! I will do that for sure.
  2. chatch10

    Hello from me and my new M3

    Haha! I live in the same apartment complex as you. I have the blue E90. I take my dog for a walk and see your car almost every day.
  3. chatch10

    WI BIMMERS Fall Meet 2015 - Saturday October 24th

    I'm a maybe. I'll have to see if I'll be in town that weekend.
  4. chatch10

    Official Sighting Thread

    Yes! That car is beautiful man! I have a blue E90 so if you ever see it going south at that time in the mornings.
  5. chatch10

    Suspension Work?

    I hope not. One of the rear shocks broke in the first few miles. The bottom flange that goes into the lower mount snapped off and I needed to get another one ordered. Then the one of the bolts for the lower mount fell out and the top mount was loose causing my car to rattle over small bumps.
  6. chatch10

    Suspension Work?

    I don't want to say anything until I take it to another shop and get everything verified. I wouldn't want to slander anyone without knowing the exact cause of my issues.
  7. chatch10

    Suspension Work?

    Haha! I already use my stock 193m for the winter. I'd probably make the drive just to see your car though.
  8. chatch10

    Suspension Work?

    Not to get into the whole ordeal, but I have several times and I have them drive it and they tell me everything is okay. Also, it is a very reputable shop that most people know. I'm just having a hard time because I had them balance my tires and do an alignment after the install. I was told everything was okay, but I took it to another shop because like I said it didn't feel right and 3 of the 4 tires were out of balance and the alignment was very far off. So I'm just trying to find someone to maybe take my car for a drive and maybe take a look at it if possible because I have very little knowledge with suspensions.
  9. chatch10

    Suspension Work?

    The car is a 2011 335i with about 57k miles now. I had the front control arms replaced, bilstein b12 kit installed along with all new hardware (mounts, nuts, washer, bolts), and the alignment pins removed. I always felt something was off, but my thoughts were confirmed when I meet up with another forum member who did the b12 kit install himself and our cars felt totally different. So I'm assuming something with the installed parts isn't right or something else on my car needs fixing.
  10. chatch10


    Nice car! I also have a 2011 335. I would love to meet up to get your opinion on your mods and just see the car.
  11. chatch10

    Suspension Work?

    I recently had some suspension work done to my car and things just don't feel right. I now have a vibration in the steering wheel at 80mph and the car feels clunky and loose. I've had the tires balanced a few times by different shops and everything checks out. I've also had a second alignment done which helped, but the car feels nowhere as smooth as it should. I drove in another car with the same mods and his was so much better riding than mine. Just seeing if someone in the Grafton/Port Washington area would be able to drive in it my me and let me know or even take a look at the work done to make sure everything looks correct. Thanks!
  12. chatch10

    Official Sighting Thread

    I keep seeing a silver E46 M3 going north on I-43 between Good Hope and Brown Deer at about 7am most mornings. It looks slightly modded. Anybody on here?
  13. I just quit for the last few weeks because I'm training for a marathon. I'm stopping by Aaron's shop tomorrow to meet him and talk about some possible work on my car. I will try to swing through soon. It's nice knowing there is a BMW community up here.
  14. Sounds good! I will definitely stop by when I start drinking beer again in a month. What's the address?
  15. I just moved to Port Washington so this sounds awesome to me!